Are These Mainstream Media Reports on the Looming Recession a Political Ploy?

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You may have noticed lately that the mainstream websites look an awful lot like alternative news sites, trumpeting the economic demise of America. For years, we in the alternative media have been warning our readers to look out because we never really recovered from the 2008 “Great Recession.” We’ve said, “The collapse is already here” only to be blown off by the mainstream as kooks. “Don’t worry,” they said. “Everything is fine,” they said.”

But now…

Only in the past year has talk of recession begun to break out, and only in the past couple of weeks have outlets become aggressive in pushing the notion that a financial crash is just around the corner. The reality is that if one removes the illusory support of central bank stimulus, our economy never left the “Great Recession” of 2008. (source)

This is not to say our economy is in good shape – anyone paying attention knows that we’ve had bad signs for the economy for years, such as stores closing and people being unable to pay their bills. However, as the 2020 election draws near, it’s certainly politically convenient to announce the advent of another recession.

What evidence is there of an economic crisis?

There are all sorts of things going on right now that would make even the most steadfast non-worrier break a sweat. Michael Snyder outlined 11 of them in this article, but four in particular, are of note.

Last week, the “spread between the U.S. 2-year and 10-year yields” turned negative for the very first time in 12 years.  An inversion of the yield curve has occurred prior to every single U.S. recession since the 1950s, and this is one of the most important economic signals that we have seen yet…

…Just like we witnessed in 2008, fear and volatility have returned to Wall Street in a major way.  In fact, so far this month we have already seen the 4th and 7th largest single day point declines in U.S. stock market history…

…According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the probability that a recession will happen within the next 12 months is now the highest that it has been since the last financial crisis

…President Trump is suggesting that the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates by 100 basis points and that the Fed should restart quantitative easing as soon as possible.  Both of those moves would be considered to be “emergency measures” that should only happen if a major economic downturn was imminent. (source)

There are other issues too. For example, just as President Trump added a whole bunch of tariffs to imports from China, our farmers have had a devastating year due to weather. We can look for food prices to climb dramatically as soon as this fall. Photos from all over the country show empty gaps on grocery store shelves. Families are barely getting by and all it takes is one unexpected expense to send some into a tailspin of poverty. The most-searched-for article on my website for the past 2 months has been this one with the post getting hundreds of hits per day from people who are clearly struggling.

Why is the recession becoming “official” now?

As we head into the 2020 election cycle, it would certainly be convenient to pin an economic disaster on President Trump. Back in August of 2016, Brandon Smith of Alt-Market called exactly this. (Emphasis mine.)

I submit that there is in fact a wider economic crisis on the way, and that the elites plan to use the Brexit and Trump as scapegoats for this crisis.

I have stated this before, but I think the idea needs repeating:  The globalists need the economy to turn unstable in order to create a rationale for a centralized economic authority and a single global currency system.  This is why they have consistently called for a “coordinated global central banking policy” after the Brexit.  This is why they continue to warn of a fiscal crisis even though stock markets remain at all-time highs.

If Hillary Clinton, a well known globalist puppet deep in the bedrock of the establishment, wins the election only to have the economy tank, then the globalists will get the blame.

If Trump is either allowed in office, or is placed in office, and the economy tanks, CONSERVATIVES, the primary enemy of the globalists, will get the blame for the resulting crisis.

To reiterate, the globalists have created the conditions by which an economic crisis can be triggered at the time of their choosing (within certain limits).  They are then either supporting the success of seemingly conservative based movements and candidates, or simply refusing to interfere with them.  This is being done so that the globalists can then blame the crash they created on conservative movements.

This allows them to demonize not just conservatives, but the conservative philosophy in general; labeling it a poisonous ideal akin to fascism.  Their solution?  Erase all elements of conservatism and sovereignty from society for the sake of the “greater good” of the collective.

This is part of the long game. (source)

Note that the article above was written when everyone was pretty sure Hillary Clinton would be the next president. Heck, most of us were absolutely stunned on election night when Trump was named the winner.

The timing of this hullabaloo sure is convenient.

So why in the world is the MSM finally agreeing with the alternative media that we’re on the cusp of a crash? Well, it’s certainly convenient timing as we head into the 2020 election cycle. And I have to quote Brandon Smith again because whether I agree with him politically or not, there’s no doubt that he is absolutely brilliant when it comes to these types of predictions. (Emphasis mine.)

The media should have been reporting on economic crisis dangers for the past 2-3 years.  But, they didn’t give these problems much credence until recently.  So, what changed?

I can only theorize on why the media and the banking elites choose the timing they do to admit to the public what is about to happen. First, it is clear from their efforts to stifle free discussion that they do not want to let the populace know too far ahead of time that a crash is coming. According to the evidence, which I have outlined in-depth in previous articles, central banks and international banks sometimes engineer crash events in order to consolidate wealth and centralize their political power even further. Is it a conspiracy? Yes, it is, and it’s a provable one.

When they do finally release the facts, or allow their puppet media outlets to report on the facts, it seems that they allow for around 6-8 months of warning time before economic shock events occur. In the case of the current crash in fundamentals (and eventually stocks), the time may be shorter. Why? Because this time the banks and the media have a scapegoat in the form of Donald Trump, and by extension, they have a scapegoat in the form of conservatives, populists, and sovereignty activists.

The vast majority of articles flowing through mainstream news feeds on economic recession refer directly to Trump, his supporters and the trade war as the primary villains behind the downturn. The warnings from the Fed, the BIS and the IMF insinuate the same accusation. (source)

If the financial walls come tumbling down under President Trump’s watch, pretty much anyone could beat him in the next election. And this could be a very dramatic change with very real and personal results. If you think you’ve got trouble making ends meet now, just you wait. If you think our laws are restrictive and Big Brother is all over us now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Will this put a left-wing extremist president in office?

If things continue in this vein, I can’t imagine that President Trump will get a second term. And his potential replacements could be anathema to an independent American way of life. (Emphasis mine.)

The fact is, the hard data shows that economic conditions in the US and in most of the world are far more unstable than they were in 2008.  We are not looking at the crash of a credit bubble, we are looking at the crash of the ‘Everything Bubble’.

The pace of the narrative is quickening, and I would suggest that a collapse of the bubble will move rather quickly, perhaps in the next four to six months. If it does, then it is likely that Trump is not slated for a second term as president in 2020. Trump’s highly divisive support for “Red Flag” gun laws, a move that will lose him considerable support among pro-gun conservatives, also indicates to me that it is likely he is not meant to be president in 2020.  This is another sign that a massive downturn is closing in.

As events are unfolding right now, it appears that Trump has served his purpose for the globalists and is slated to be replaced next year; probably by an extreme far-left Democrat.  There are only a couple of scenarios I can imagine in which Trump remains in office, one of them being a major war which might require him to retain the presidency so the globalists can finish out a regime change agenda in nations like Iran or Venezuela.  This could, however, be pursued under a Democrat president almost as easily as long as Trump and his elitist cabinet lay the groundwork beforehand.

As in 2007/2008, it is unlikely that the mainstream would admit to a downturn that is not coming soon. Using the behavior of the media and of banking institutions as a guide, we can predict with some measure of certainty a crisis within the economy in the near term. Clearly, a major breakdown is slated to take place before the election of 2020, if not much sooner. (source)

Let’s remember quickly what happened in Venezuela right before all hell broke loose there. It was in 2012, only 2 years before the economic collapse became evident to everyone when the Venezuelan government confiscated people’s guns. Shortly thereafter, the government cracked down on “hoarders” and silenced dissent. And we all know what happened next.

What’s next for the United States of America?

I was talking to my 18-year-old daughter yesterday and it was the saddest conversation.  The America I grew up in is certainly not the one that she inherited. She said:

When you were going to school, kids had guns in the back window of their trucks in case they wanted to stop and shoot dinner on the way home. Now, we all know that anyplace we go, we could be shot at any time because that’s the world we live in. We live somewhere that you can’t even go to Walmart or a music concert without risk. You and your friends didn’t have to think about stuff like this when you were my age.

If you politely turn down a boy when he asks you on a date, he blows up your phone with messages calling you a b*tch and a wh*re. He tells you you’re fat and ugly and he threatens you. It happens to me and my friends all the time. You may think that is limited to a certain area or a certain type of boy, but look at the Incel movement and that guy who used his van to run over a bunch of women. [source] And you wonder why people my age date less than when you were my age.

None of my friends have any hope for the future. The food is poison, nobody is healthy, there are very few jobs, and there is a constant threat of violence. You guys joke about Giant Meteor 2020 but we actually hope for it.

That’s the mindset of people who are 18 years old and live in small-town Virginia. We’re not talking about kids in an inner-city ghetto who feel hopeless. That’s the world they’re living in. Is it any wonder that promises of student loan debt forgiveness and safety are appealing to these kids? They have lived their entire formative years under a cloud of school shootings, vile behavior on the internet, and watching their parents struggle financially. Is it at all surprising why they are looking for something different?

Add to all of this a looming economic catastrophe the likes of which we haven’t seen since The Great Depression, and many adults will join my daughter and her friends in wishing for that asteroid strike.

A “paranoid conspiracy theorist” would get stocked up on food, lose his or her guns in an unfortunate boating incident before they get red-flagged, and get prepared for an economic collapse and a constitutional crisis all rolled into one.

As the rash of hardcore censorship continues to increase, rest assured that you will only get the information those pulling the strings in Big Tech want you to have. As has happened throughout history, we’ll see an increase in the division between people who love freedom and people who love “the greater good.”

Things are going to change and it probably won’t work out well for those who treasure independence.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Another good thought provoking article.

    We have a difference of thought on the topic of caching your firearms in advance of being red flagged though. The way I see it, once they’ve disarmed you there is absolutely no limit to what they can subject you too. I, for one, am not willing to roll those dice.

    To quote Emilliano Zapata, “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

    Or Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty or give me death!”

    I could go on and on. This frame of mind is not an aberration or some sort of mental illness. It is a heartfelt belief of everyone that Founded this nation. Sadly, it is lacking in the character of far too many who claim the title “American”…and that is why we will fall.

    John 12:
    25: He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

    To summarize and paraphrase in closing, I feel a great swell of pity for anyone bringing trouble to my front door.

    • Be aware, the authorities have gotten smarter in recent years. Nobody is going to kick down your door in the middle of the night to seize you and your weapons. I’ve read accounts of subjects being closely watched, and when they leave their homes and get into their vehicles they’re boxed in by undercover cars and heavily armed/armored LE surround the vehicle and the subject is ordered to call anyone inside his home and direct them to unlock the doors and not resist in any way. One CAN refuse, but would they?

      • Good advice, but I think it’s going to depend on which scenario we go down. If Trump doesn’t get re-elected, or if anything should happen to him, there’s a good possibility that the blue helmets will roll in under the Kigali Principles. In that event, the godless Leftists would gleefully provide them with the red lists and buses with armored escorts would be rolling through communities rounding up us deplorables for relocation to one of Hillary’s “happy camps”.

        If he does get re-elected, there will be riots in every major city escalating to civil war followed by foreign invasion from the East, West and South.

        But sticking to the smaller issue of red flag laws that you are referring to, just a few weeks ago in Maryland the cops shot and killed a man at his own front door at 5 AM serving a red flag warrant to confiscate his guns. So it DOES happen that way. Still, you’ve given me something to think about. And with respect to your scenario, a motor vehicle is a far more deadly weapon than a firearm. My point being is that you always have a choice. I’d rather live, but I’m not afraid to die. We’re all going to do it eventually anyway. I’ll live and let live as long as the Commies allow me to. But when they decide they want to dance? Well, we’re goin’ to the prom!

        • You’re right about the red flag shooting–but in the case I recall, the suspect’s motor vehicle wasn’t likely to be a deadly weapon because the undercover car cut him off and stopped, while another rode up to his rear bumper and others slid up to either side to keep him contained. While he didn’t roll down his windows and start shooting, it wouldn’t have done him any good if he had. By caching arms off-site, his wife could open the door and let them in to take whatever their warrant(s) covered, and he–or his family– would still have some possibility of defense at some point in the future. Just because Emiliano Zapata is dead doesn’t mean that you need to be…

  • Nothing the MSM has thrown at the President has stuck. So, now they are going with “recession”. Not to mention the NYT saying they are gearing up for pushing his racism next.
    The Left knows they can’t win on the issues. They know they can’t win against a President that has a good economy going. So, now they are pushing the “coming recession”.
    I’m not convinced that there will be a major one, but I also think we should all prepare for whatever comes.
    If Trump wins again (and I suspect he will) things will most likely only get worse.

    • “If Trump wins again (and I suspect he will) things will most likely only get worse.”

      Right you are, but the other side of that coin is…if he LOSES things only get worse.

      What that leaves us with is the inescapable truth that no matter what happens politically, things are going to get worse. I feel sorry for the people who still don’t see this coming. And if there IS a way out of what’s coming, I’ve yet to hear anyone lay it out for me.

      The best answer I have is stay away from crowds and stay armed 24/7/365.

      • If he loses, expect every gun owner in the country to be “red flagged”, following which antifa goon squads will roam the streets at will, smashing heads and inflicting terror like the Taliban wanna bes they are

        • Yes indeed. And I am fully prepared for that contingency. As my fellow Virginian, Patrick Henry once said, “is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! ”

          The reason I have so much respect for Selco is that I’ve been in some very similar situations…although not for that length of time. My mettle has already been tested and I know what I’m made of.

  • You didn’t mention the rise in gold and silver. From what I read gold goes up based upon fear. That was true during the great recession. But, it wasn’t the case in 1979. That was a market manipulation, by the Hunt brothers of Dallas.

    Also, recession and boom times run in cycles. Personally I think that booms run until investors realize that the emperor has no clothes and things then crash. But, I suppose it could be that these are manipulated by the deep state.

  • If we have a bad economy. The truck traffic doesn’t show it. The amount of freight moving. On I-10 and l-25 sure don’t show it. Count the trucks that you see in a mile.

    I believe that that says something in itself. Remember if you tell a lie long enough folks will eventually believe it!

    • Remember under Obama, when we were told about the “new normal”? We were being told that we had to get used to having less. The so called “elites” weren’t going to tighten their belts; oh no, that was just for us deplorables. We were supposed to work harder for less money and pay more taxes, because that was our “patriotic duty”. Joe Biden said that, and the rest of those self righteous pigs happily agreed.

      And oh yes, we were supposed to pay for illegal aliens to have free health care, and we were expected to foot the bill for self important bozos who wanted to go to college to study blind left handed queer 19th century French deconstructionist poetry. Our own health care bills were going through the roof, and we found out NO, dammit, we couldn’t keep our doctors, just like there were never any “shovel ready jobs”. Pompous Hollyweird slobs were free to spit on our values every damned day on TV and the internet, but they still expected us to go watch their crap movies or their moronic TV shows. And if any of us dared to express anger at being treated like crap, they were going to slander us with labels and sic the Thought Police on us.

      And of course, if another “blue” city got slammed by terrorists, they expected for us to cough up our sons and daughters to go fight their stupid endless wars for them. Funny how they always appeal to flyover country when they want to start another war. Guess we’re not too deplorable then, now are we?

      Its only NOW, after We The people finally stood and said “ENOUGH!!!”, its only now they’re trying to talk down the economy.

      Puh thetic!

      • Good rant!

        I cut the cord back in 08′. Dont miss it.
        Last movie I went to was Godzilla, King of Monsters. I grew up watching the old Japanese movies, so I gotta see the big guy on the big screen.
        Otherwise, Hollywood seems to have lost their ability to be creative, and just re-hash, reboot, or remake old movies, usually for the worse.

        • Well, I speak from the heart. I think that for way too long, way too many people in this country have been abused and mistreated, then laughed at by those who torment us. I thank you for your service, but in the event some big “blue” city gets hit by terrorists, MY BOYS AIN”T JOINING UP.

          Screw ’em. They can get their rainbow flag trannies to fight their battles. The heartland is DONE being cannon fodder for people who wouldn’t cross the street to shake hands with any of us.

  • If Trump is actually on our side, ie a constitution abiding American, he might be waiting to do something to the fed that will end its career. If the fed messes things up so bad Trump can replace it with treasury dept issued US notes that bear debt to no one and remove fed notes from circulation, our most pressing problem other than sin is reduced. Trump is already reducing the level of rape the chicoms have enjoyed over the decades, and I’m sure more countries will also see their decdes of rape of the US economy coming to an end. But the greater evil will be eliminated with ending the fed.

  • The haters tried “russia, Russia, RUSSIA!”. And that didn’t work

    Then they screamed “Dat’s raycisssss!!!”. But that didn’t work either.

    Now they’re bellowing “RECESSION!!!” 24/7. Even though, by every measure, the economy is better now than it ever was under Obama.

    This won’t work either; the only thing it does is reveal the bigotry of the “hate America” crowd. Bill Maher is not alone in publicly hoping we have a huge recession, to get rid of President Trump. Think of just what a sick, heartless bastard he is, to say such a thing! He’s perfectly fine with millions of people getting fired, companies going bankrupt, families losing their homes, just so long as he gets what HE wants.

    And as I say, he’s not alone. Whether its “journalists” like CNN’s Fredo Cuomo, grandstanding politicians like that self righteous poser from Brooklyn, or the scum mayor of Portland who turns a blind eye to masked communists smashing people’s skulls, they do not merely hate the President, they hate “We, the People”.

    They laughed when we were called deplorable, because that’s exactly what they think of us, as people who THEY think shouldn’t even exist. If it was in their power, they’d treat us lower than dirt, take our children from us, fling us in jail or even have us all murdered.

    We the people need to stick together and stand up for our rights, no matter what

  • Their timing is perfect to hurt Trump in the election. They will do anything to get him out of office. Evil people.

    • Just remember, its YOU they hate the most. Because you dare to vote for The Wrong Candidate. And think for yourself. And just want to live your life, and not be told what to feel or think or believe or say out loud.

  • Of course that is what they are doing and no doubt some big money Marxists are doing stuff (selling stocks and sowing fear) because they hate you and me and the USA and love power.

  • It’s hard to miss that there’s an agenda meant to make us feel gloomy and miserable about the future. That’s the demoralizing part of all this. But even so, thank you for saying what needs to be said, Daisy. We must be alert and prepared for the best chances to survive what is coming. My personal outlook is even gloomier because I don’t think the economy will be the only way America will be diminished. We have big question marks over the timing of every other kind disaster both foreign and domestic. It will take much more than the economy to subdue the spirit of a people who justifiably love their freedom. I believe we are in for a one-two punch. Even three or four punches.

    There are times when consequences catch up to a society who have employed the Piper to get rid of their rat problem. As we can now see, we’ve got a rat problem that won’t quit and have used our children as collateral to boot.

    We’ve been had but we’ve got to get over that part quickly so we can discern our survival.

  • Don’t confuse WALL ST Markets, with “THE ECONOMY”. That’s where most of the pundits are getting it wrong now.
    Main St is thriving.

    • Depends on where you are… I’m on Cape Cod. The season was WAY off down here and local retailers had very soft sales across the board. Restaurants were effected too…I don’t know anyone in the hospitality industry anymore to know if occupancy in the hotels was down, but I imagine it well may have been.
      I do know someone who works for BED, BATH AND BEYOND subsidiary Christmas Tree Shops – their profits from the past year were so bad that they have had a major upper and middle management shakeup with many terminations.
      I hope you are right, but I don’t see it myself.

      • Also, most retailers are getting the bulk of their stock from China, because it’s so much cheaper than American made product. What with the “trade war” with China, how do you think it will effect American retail, and the consumers?
        Look at the label on anything in your house or office…odds are that it was made in China. Clothing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, appliances, books, school supplies, tech.
        A trade embargo will disrupt the entire economy, as will a global climate catastrophe like a solar minimum caused collapse in the food supply.

        • Some Chinese friends tell us that it is cheaper to buy products made in China here in the USA than it is in China.

          Crazy ol’ world.

        • “Made in India”, if you can afford it.

          Of course, Trump has fired warning Tweets at India, so “Made in Bangladesh”

          And on down the list of SE Asia, then there’s Africa, plus stuff made here but by robots.

  • Part 1 (of 2)

    The Michael Snyder article, while accurate, does not cover the wider historical perspective that helps to understand the governing criminality involved. The Federal Reserve was jammed through Congress in late 1913 to bring across the Atlantic the institutionalized counterfeiting racket that England had relied on since 1694 to help fund their foreign wars. Such counterfeiting (euphemized as “inflation”) is a covert way to steal additional purchasing power from the helpless population — compared with the overt and highly risky outright theft by taxation.

    This is also about the hidden reason why central bankers and corrupt governments despise gold — because they can’t counterfeit it in order to separate (and steal) the purchasing power from that money, like they can from paper or digital money. The Fed’s first crash was in 1921, after the 25% “inflation” resulting from World War I spending, See this book about it:

    Then we have on record two different former Fed chairmen (Bernanke and Greenspan) who confessed that the Fed caused the 1930s “Great” Depression: This is just one of many links documenting that:;wap2


    (Part 2 to come…)

  • Part 2 (of 2):

    The point is that the counterfeiting Fed has been in the racket of counterfeiting money ever since its disgraceful and deceitful founding. That’s why the US dollar has lost around 96% of its value since the Fed was created. That’s why a first class US postage stamp that cost 3 cents in the 1950s was just jacked up to 55 cents this Spring of 2019.

    There’s a lesson worth remembering from the German Weimar government’s financial collapse in 1923 from hyperinflation in an attempt to pay impossibly high war reparations. The financial vultures, knowing that was coming, created a Wall Street fund to swoop in and scarf up valuable properties for “pennies on the dollar” — to which the largest single private investor in that fund was Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) — from a banking family that fully understood such racketeering.

    Wall Street continues to play that racket. After the 2008 crash, a Wall Street fund was created to buy up foreclosed commercial properties that regulated banks were funding. Such banks were pressured by the regulators to build up their cash reserves quickly, even to the extent of fraudulently trying to foreclose on borrowers that had never missed a payment. I personally knew one such borrower and long time property developer with a perfect payment record who spent $100,000 in legal fees to successfully fend off his bank’s four fraudulent attempts to foreclose on him.

    In our lifetime the Fed has continued the boom and bust racket that cycles through about every decade. Some probable reasons for the agitprop media suddenly publicizing the recession (already underway) are not only the “kill Trump at all costs” mentality, but also to accelerate the stock market dumping by dumb money holders since the insiders have likely all arranged their financial bets, called “puts”, that will pay off handsomely when those stocks sell at a huge loss.

    This is not an analysis that you’ll ever find in any public school’s government-approved textbook for suckers. Nor will you ever see the history of the collapse of every fiat currency over many centuries. Almost always, uncontrolled spending from an obsessively warfare / welfare government leads to replacement of that government’s world reserve currency by the “next kid on the block.”


    • Correct Lewis. This is a planned demolition. The global depression going into the multipolar world economy and the US hegemony dominance will be horrific for all that have not educated themselves on the end of empires and the control of world central banks ie. the IMF, The Bank of International Settlements – our fiat currency (the petrodollar ) The Global Debt Crisis , Zombie Corporations – What is Money. We – meaning those who work for a paycheck all over the world are the peasant slaves to the Royal Court of Banksters/Globalist Corporation heads who have been controlling every aspect of our lives- The mega gov’t controlled corporations working in conjunction with the banks will own every ounce of food production, water resources ect. ect.. The feudal system – the haves and the peasant slave system is upon us. The only thing one can do is to be their own central self sufficient (food, water,gold,silver,barterables, no debts on anything (if you do not hold it in your hands you do not own it ) along with enough gold, silver to pay your slave masters their taxes on the property you own for the rest of your life. Its going to be really bad folks and its coming – we are already in the 8th inning. God Bless and Good luck- Get to work on educating yourselves quickly. A few good ones to listen to (Me being a political atheist ) both parties are playing the divide and conquer game so get that out of your heads ok. Listen to Gerald Celente (Trends Journal ) – Greg Mannarino – Lynette Zang for starters there is much to learn…A really good book is The Fruits of Graft by Wayne Jett .. many more – So many are blind , so many will die ..even the very well prepared are scared.

  • “Are These Mainstream Media Reports on the Looming Recession a Political Ploy?”
    Let’s see…….. does Water run Downhill?

  • People say they want a living wage for everyone.
    We need good paying jobs, here in the USA. I think it was Trump who recently said we need companies to bring production back to the USA.
    But NO ONE wants to pay for USA made products that pay a good wage. Those products are too expensive compared to the same product made in China.
    Everyone, regardless of party, given the choice, will buy the cheaper product.
    So, when someone mentions putting the USA first, they are accused of being a nationalist.
    Unless it is big government doing it, via the Green New Deal/socialism. Then it is ok.

  • More rich people telling us unwashed masses what is best for us (see link below).
    I have to wonder, will Maher pay everyone’s rent, bills, food, healthcare, etc. when they are out of a job due to the recession he says we so badly need to save democracy?
    Based off the platforms of the current Democrat candidates, they want to replace our democracy with socialism.

  • As to the “recession”; the MSM (Mentally Sick Morons) tried Russian collusion. It blew up. Then they went Racist/White supremasist. That hasn’t worked too well. Now they are on to the next attempt. Ressesion.
    While the economy isn’t roaring. it is doing better than we could hope with all of the negativity being spread around.

  • If I haven’t mentioned it here before, the thing I’m worried about is the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum. We are already looking at the worst crop failures in decades, not only here in the US, but globally. China recently came out and said that, according to their own studies of solar cycles over a period of several hundred years, that we are looking at a Maunder-level minimum. This agrees with Zarkova’s recently published findings on the subject, amongst others.
    What this means for us is that food prices will go up, assuming that there is anything available. This will have a domino effect across the economy and the world. It’s not just our problem, but we will be effected by it worse than some countries because our heads are in the sand on this issue. China is already taking steps to gear their economy away from manufacturing to agriculture. They are also investing heavily in agriculture in Africa and other parts of the world that may not be effected as badly as others.
    Information about this can be found at Grand Solar Minimum, Ice Age Farmer, and others.

    Start stockpiling NOW! And brace yourselves….the manure is about to hit the rotating blades….I predict we’ll see the beginning of it by Christmas. We’re seeing the opening salvos now.

  • News flash folks – corporate america has been tightening its belt long before the OP suggests. Of course they made full use of the tax cuts to buy back stock but did make sure to give a few scraps to the workers to make it look good. Only time will tell if they continue to parcel our their PAC monies as before. Some day I’ll post the snow job pitched to worker bees as to why we should give to our corporate PAC. To those smart enough to not drink the kool-aid, it is a quite humorous.

    As to Incel – mothers are the problem – yes, a valid reason to point the finger at mothers. I’ve watched friends, family, and classmates of my children (talking children born in the 80s and on). Stay at home “moms” who pretty much parked the boys in front of the TV – be quiet and don’t bother me. Very little outside time, heaven forbid they get dirty. Some of these boys had little if any interaction with other kids until they started school. Watched mommy cover their butts, all the way thru high school (run their homework and/or lunch to school cuz precious forgot it). I watched mommy visit college and clean precious’ dorm room. Call precious EVERY morning to wake him up. But the WORST was Fed-Ex-ing precious the latest video game. WTF.. Growing up, males and females were outside playing, making noise, getting dirty. High school boys chomped to the bit to drive, be a part of something at school (sports, Ag, shop class, cars), check out girls, and have some beers. I’ve said it more than once – not every women should have kids. Throwing money at kids (male or female) as to not interfere with what mom/dad want to do is part of the problem. Rarely is it a poor kid who goes on the murderous rampage.

  • Daisy, I was really taken aback with your daughter’s social scene. It grieves me that we cannot give our children and grandchildren the kind of world we knew growing up — while not perfect, it was at least civil. Young women are wise if they will choose from among well-known and proven friends. A date these days means sex to a guy. Pressure and expectations run high so to refuse a date is the worst kind of rejection for insecure males out to prove their manliness with conquests. So much rubbish. Girls have the right to set their standards and if the guys don’t like it, maybe some serious introspection will lead to a more profound respect of a girl’s personhood. Maybe. All you girls, stand your ground! If a guy calls you names, he is only hurting himself in the long run. Guys (and girls) have got to respect the parents also. Rant over.

    Part of our preparedness should include our fingers on the pulse of our culture. An unravelling economy will only accelerate an unraveling society. All I have to do is drive down the road a little ways to encounter unraveling drivers. Yikes!

  • Since the economy is already in recession, MSM is just being MSM, late as usual (if arriving at all) to the real news.

    Although, since the MSM only services white-collar liberal types, it could be a signal to those groups to buckle up now.

  • For another take on things from an alternative perspective, consider this:

    “We are not headed into a recession in the near future and there is little in the way of a threat of a stock market crash in the near future. Indeed, if anything it appears we are heading for a G. William Miller-type explosion in money supply growth.” …

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019
    Trump Continues to Pressure the Weak Fed Chairman Jay Powell
    By Robert Wenzel

  • Michael Snyder might talk about the yield curve being “100 %”correct in the latest post here at T.O.P., what I don’t see mentioned is, wHAt is THE FED doing? That is far more significant. I’d comment at Michael Snyder’s website, but you gotta sign up for the big four tracker-jacker outfits (DFbirdpoopG) to do so. Forget, that. Disqus can kiss my grits.
    Anyway, I’d hoped for a few responses to my above comment, however; I have hope sum people at least read it and went, “hmm”.
    E.P.J. called the reflation of the housing bubble in 2012-2014 or so when so many others missed it (and a few other things) so he seems on target to me. Just thought I’d pass it along to the those who follow what seems to be a fine website.

  • I wish more folks were paying attention to what’s really being said and done in our economy and our lives.
    Your articles are well written and researched.

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