If Political Prosecution Can Happen to Trump, It Can Happen to Any of Us

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April 4, 2023 will live on as the day that America officially became a banana republic. We became a nation that persecutes and prosecutes political foes in the most public and propagandous way possible in order for one party to shout down the other. Wrongthink is officially a crime now.

Sure, they’ll get you for some other infraction. Sort of like how Al Capone went down for tax evasion and not his other crimes. But make no mistake, if you don’t follow the rules, you, too, are guilty of thoughtcrime.

Criticizing presidents and other politicians is what I do and what I should do. In the least biased way possible, holding our politicians accountable for their actions, be they personal bombast or political malfeasance, is the job of the media.

Anyone who has read my website for long knows that I’m no fan of former President Donald Trump. I don’t like Biden either, nor Clinton, nor Obama, nor Bush One or Bush Two. I’ve been heartily disappointed in the actions of all these presidents, and I’ve never made a secret of it. In fact, I regularly compare our election choices to “Which disease would you rather have?” much to the dismay of certain readers. I’ve long thought we could do better when it comes to the person who holds the loftiest office in the United States.

I stand by this. Most of our officials holding the highest positions in the land are in it to enrich themselves and their families, to wield power like a sword, and to surround themselves with the adoration of the masses. Meanwhile, they’re nearly all responsible for getting us involved in wars that are none of our business in order to fight others by proxy. War is big business, peace is for suckers, and the increasing lack of prosperity for average Americans doesn’t really matter.

But indicting a former president on ridiculous charges to keep him out of the next race is a bridge too far.

The presiding judge of a kangaroo court

Add to this that President Trump is facing a kangaroo court, presided over by the father of a young woman whose consulting firm worked on the campaigns of Vice President Harris and Representative Adam Schiff (who led the charge to have Trump impeached). New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan has already ruled against Trump’s interests and allies in several cases. Fortune reports:

Merchan has already gotten a taste of cases involving Trumpworld. Starting in January, he oversaw the grand jury that indicted Trump Thursday, after he handled the almost two-month-long tax-fraud trial in which two of Trump’s companies were found guilty of 17 felonies. He also presided over a case in which Weisselberg, Trump’s longtime former chief financial officer, pleaded guilty to his role in a 15-year-long tax-fraud scheme.

Weisselberg got five months in jail, with the judge saying: “The entire case was driven by greed.” He fined the two Trump companies $1.6 million, the maximum penalty.

A court spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Merchan is also assigned the criminal case against former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on charges he cheated contributors to a privately funded US-Mexico border wall out of more than $15 million.

Even Politico has said that this judge has “already rocked MAGA world twice.” How can such a judge be impartial? The American Bar Association clearly states that a judge should disqualify himself if he “has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party or a party’s lawyer, or personal knowledge* of facts that are in dispute in the proceeding.”

There is a clear history that should have Judge Merchan recusing himself, and yet, here we are proceeding like this is irrelevant.

Why is President Trump being prosecuted when the Biden family is unscathed?

Obviously, that’s a rhetorical question. We all know this is a politically motivated prosecution, much like people in third-world countries with openly corrupt judicial systems incur when they run afoul of those in power.

Meanwhile, the numerous crimes of Hillary Clinton have gone largely untouched and suspected crimes aren’t deeply investigated. The email investigation showed gross negligence yet was closed without charges. Also, during her time as Secretary of State, she let people die in Benghazi and wants to “move on” from it. Accusations of pay-for-play went uninvestigated when political favors seemed to correlate with millions in speaking fees “earned” by her husband. Where is the ambitious Alvin Bragg when it comes to Clinton?

Then, of course, there’s the Biden family. They, too, seem to have profited greatly over the years that the current president has held public office, and they appear to be beyond the law. While Congress is investigating the family, so far, no charges have been laid, no impeachment has taken place, and they seem to be untouchable.

Last fall, Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley said that the FBI has “significant, impactful, voluminous evidence of potential criminality” in matters relating to the Biden family. Grassley wrote a public letter to the FBI, alleging the following:

“Notably, the Justice Department and FBI have not disputed the accuracy of the allegations that I have made public since May 31, 2022. The Justice Department’s and FBI’s continued silence on these matters is deafening and further erodes their credibility. Simply put, enough is enough – the Justice Department and FBI must come clean to Congress and the American people with respect to the steps they have taken, or failed to take, relating to the Hunter Biden investigation,” Grassley wrote in a letter to FBI and Justice Department leadership as well as the Delaware U.S. attorney.

In the letter, Grassley attached a contract, signed by Hunter and James Biden and three other business associates. The contract was part of an arrangement designed to funnel $5 million from the Chinese communist government-connected CEFC to Hunter and James Biden to compensate them for work done while Joe Biden was vice president, according to an FBI interview summary of Tony Bobulinski. But other records held by the FBI reveal frustration by the Bidens about CEFC’s payment being delayed. Records previously released by Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) show James and Hunter Biden ultimately profited from a $5 million payment from a company connected to CEFC via a separate arrangement.

Other records held by the FBI shed light on Hunter Biden’s business and financial relationship with Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky. These documents include specific details about conversations by non-government individuals relevant to potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden. These documents also indicate that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter Biden’s business arrangements and may have been involved in some of them. It remains unclear whether the FBI took appropriate steps to follow up on this information or passed it to the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office.

During the election, Hunter Biden’s laptop provided the world with comprehensive evidence of multiple crimes. Any mention of the laptop resulted in banishment from social media and mockery as a conspiracy theorist. Yet here we are, with the ownership of the laptop being confirmed and still, no charges against anyone in the Biden camp.

This is both an embarrassment and an outrage.

If it can happen to Trump, it can happen to any of us.

This is what happens now to those who dissent in America. If you have the audacity to seek a different kind of America than the circus freak show in the Biden cabinet, you’re painted as a “MAGA Republican.” In nearly every speech, the president manages to utter those words, although he seems to have difficulty keeping other things straight.

Since when is it the American way to completely demonize every single member of an opposing party? Why can’t we hold our opinions, vote (fairly), and then all go for beer afterward? The media and the left has willfully destroyed being American. You must be THEIR KIND of American or they wish bad things upon you.

To be absolutely clear, I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Conservative.

But I believe that justice should be impartial, that our system was built on checks and balances, and that speech should be free, particularly when criticizing our government. We should criticize our government and hold the members of it to the very highest possible standards. And if the members cannot hold up to that criticism, then we should take action to replace them with someone who can.

But this perversion of our judicial system shows us that to speak out, to differ from the desired status quo, to dissent paints a target on all of us.

We saw this with the treatment of those involved in the January 6th “insurrection” when Tucker Carlson released video footage that had previously been hidden from us. These people were not treated like the people who recently barged into the Kentucky Congress and took over the floor or the people who rioted in the streets, causing untold financial damage, in the name of racial justice.

We’ve known this for a while, as we watched ourselves be painted as hate-filled outsiders, banned from social media, and our reaches throttled. Our websites that encourage critical thinking are rapidly being purged from the internet as we get demonetized and blacklisted for our audacity in speaking up and refusing to toe the favored line. You may think this doesn’t affect you if you don’t have a social media account or a website. It affects you because soon, the only opinions available will be the government-approved ones. Sort of like China. Is that the country whose level of freedom to which you aspire?

Alternative media has been targeted repeatedly. I wrote years ago that when Alex Jones was targeted, we should all be worried whether we liked Jones or not.

Love Alex Jones, hate him, or feel utterly ambivalent aside from an occasional eye-roll, he has been the most notable victim to have been thoroughly erased from the public eye as far as the large social media outlets are concerned. He lost his voice on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Google. Even his email service provider dumped him.

I’m not personally a huge fan of Jones, but I do believe what happened to him was collusion between social media giants. Big Tech got together and now Alex Jones has to find new ways to reach his very large audience. No one is going to stumble across him accidentally in a Google Search anymore. No one is going to see his videos embedded in another website anymore. Like him or not, he has the right to exist publicly.

Jones has a lot of money so this may not be the end of him, but for most website owners, this would be the absolute end of our ability to do business. And to be able to bring the information we bring, we do have to run our websites as businesses. It’s far more expensive than most people realize to run a site. I know that my own operating costs every month are more than $2000. A site as big as Jones’s would be many times that amount. When all your avenues of monetization are cut off, it wouldn’t be hard for a site – and the dissent and information they share – to cease to exist.

If nothing else, dissent is the American way.

Alex Jones is just the beginning of this purge. It’s going to get much worse.

And here we are, five years later, at the point where our opinions are threats to our livelihoods; our social acceptance; our ability to rent homes, get into colleges, and get jobs; and, if Trump’s prosecution is successful, our very freedom to exist outside of a cage.

Don’t think that it can’t happen to you because you aren’t “important.” They start with the big fish and work their way down to the little ones. That’s how it’s happened in every purge in history.

You don’t have to like Trump to see danger ahead.

I’m currently outside the country, traveling in Europe. I can tell you right now what the American media is presenting to you is not the video footage I’m seeing here. Many MSM reporters are letting on that just a handful of people were there in support of Trump. I can tell you that in the footage I saw, the streets were jam-packed with both protesters and counterprotesters, and people on both sides are furious. The large crowds were loud and unruly, and the media is lying to you about it, downplaying it, making it seem like Trump’s support is greatly diminished. It’s not. If anything, this will make him more popular than ever. A Robin Hood of sorts who took one for the team. If you have a VPN, set it for a less restrictive country (can you believe Americans have to seek a less restrictive country?) and do your own searches.

You don’t have to be a “MAGA Republican” to see that this threat is a threat to all of us who aren’t very “woke,” who believe in the Constitution, and who just want to be free to hold our opinions, raise our families, practice our religions, and build our own versions of a successful life.

We don’t live in the America of our youth. It’s a new America, one that is restrictive, dangerous, and where dissent is brutally crushed. Today they want to ruin Trump. Tomorrow, they’ll want to ruin the rest of us.

If you’re silent now, be prepared to be silenced in the future.

What are your thoughts?

Let me know what you’re thinking about all of this. Do you feel that Trump should be facing prosecution? Do you believe it’s politically motivated, or do you think it’s justified and reasonable? Do you think this will trickle down to the rest of us? How can we reclaim our freedom? Is there any way out of this horrifying cycle?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    • They absolutely will, and have. Democracy died in the good Ole USA long before Jan 6. This trumped up (pun intended) witch hunt on #45 should scare us all, libtards, conservatives and everyone in between. Yesterday’s indictment and arraignment of a former sitting president of the United States was blatantly politically motivated. And don’t ya know , some people will still be blinded to this fact.

  • I started using Yandex (Russian) as one of my search engines six years ago. It is excellent, and gives you many times more search results than Google or Duck Duck Go do, and more wide-ranging on the political spectrum. I highly recommend it!

  • It’s unbelievable what’s happening in our Country. Yes, I believe it can happen to all of us eventually if something doesn’t give. Trump has repeatedly said that he’s standing in the way of them coming after us. With every passing day, that seems more and more likely to be the TRUTH! I’m honestly embarrassed for our country at this point. The world is laughing at our tottering president and watching us lose our freedoms ??

  • Yes indeed I am greatly concerned of what will come. Hope I go fast & don’t suffer long since I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. 🙂

    I’ve been noticing a lot lately that I can’t even find health articles/authors from my extensive alternative health researches online even on Brave (Duck Duck Go trolls much like Google). And if it even comes up it claims well respected long time health research heroes are ‘conspiracy theorists’! Just unreal. I seriously never thought this would happen in 2023. This has taken such a drastic warp speed leap in 3 short years.

    You would think a thinking person would wonder just what is so terrible about this guy?! Like him or not, how was MY LIFE going during his presidency?? And how is it going NOW under a different president? Evil blinds people. This is truly a fight about good vs evil (not the person but the vision); darkness vs light. Darkness hates light.

    I wish conservatives would start playing the game (legally, nonviolently of course). Stop turning the other cheek…take off the gloves & start playing the way the other side does for a change.

  • On April 4, 2023, ex-President Trump was falsely charged with a 34 felony count indictment in a New York City Courtroom. A quick read should have been enough for any real judge to toss the charges as FRIVOLOUS.
    Cornell Law School defines this as:
    Primary tabs
    A frivolous claim, often called a bad faith claim, refers to a lawsuit, motion or appeal that is intended to harass, delay or embarrass the opposition.
    A claim is frivolous when the claim lacks any arguable basis either in law or in fact Neitze v. Williams, 490 U.S. 319, 325 (1989). That means, in a frivolous claim, either: “(1) “the ‘factual contentions are clearly baseless,’ such as when allegations are the product of delusion or fantasy;” or (2) “the claim is ‘based on an indisputably meritless legal theory.'” Livingston v. Adirondack Beverage Co., 141 F.3d 434, 437 (2d Cir. 1998).
    If a court decides a claim is frivolous, the court can dismiss the case, order the party which files the frivolous claim and the party’s attorney to pay any reasonable expenses, including attorney’s fees incurred as a result of the frivolous claim. …
    [Last updated in June of 2020 by the Wex Definitions Team]”

    The claims made by New York City and encouraged by Joe Biden is Article III injury in fact to ex-President Trump,
    1) Baker v. Carr 369 U.S. 186 (1962) @ 204, 208
    2) United States v. SCRAP 412 U.S. 669 (1973) @ 471-474, 476
    3) Whitmore v. Arkansas 495 U.S. 149 (1990) @ 154-155
    4) Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife 504 U.S. 555 (1992) @ 560-561, 574-578
    5) Northeastern Fla. Chapter, Associated Gen. Contractors of America v. Jacksonville 508 U.S. 656 (1993) @ 663-664
    6) Arizonans for Official English v. Arizona 520 U.S. 43 (1997) @ 64
    7) Vermont Agency of Natural Resources v. United States ex rel. Stevens 529 U.S. 765 (2000) @ 771-773
    and open to major civil actions wins for him personally.

    When you read the 34 counts, that begin in FEBRUARY 2017,
    a month AFTER Trump signed away his business control in over 400 companies
    (the 19 page document being)
    the case is immediately a FRIVOLOUS one. Exclamation that!

    The Donald Trump Revocable Trust is on page 19 of the companies Donald trump was cut off from as of January 19, 2017,the Donald Trump Revocable Trust being third from the bottom of that 19 page document of the last hyper-link above, being one of the companies Donald Trump was no longer associated with after January 19, 2017.
    Remember that date. January 19, 2017, as you read all 34 counts of the indictment claims of falsifying records well AFTER that date.

    The first 4 counts of the PHONY indictments by the Soros funded political opposition, District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr., lists February 14, 2017 as the FIRST date of offense, pretty much almost a FULL MONTH LATER; so all 34 indictments IMMEDIATELY are clearly out of the scope of Donald Trump’s association – participation – oversight of the same.

    Count 5 involves the attorney Michael Cohen at the Donald Trump Revocable Trust on February 16, 2017 and a false business record entry on March 16, 2017 which appears to be tied in (on its face) to the March 17, 2017 issues of counts 6 and 7 of the phony 34 count indictment.

    Count 8 again involves Attorney Michael Cohen, now on April 13, 2017 for the second 4 of the 34 counts as being the lone felony law breaker at hand that any indictment could or should have been made.

    Counts 9 and 10 deal with 2 more falsifying business entries that allegedly happened on June 19, 2017, a full 5 months after Donald Trump was fully separated by association – participation – oversight of the same; and it is attorney Michael Cohen who is to blame.

    Counts 11 and 12 then appear to be founded on the premise of counts 9 and 10, but happening a month earlier on May 22, 2017, where it involves attorney Michael Cohen’s invoice. So why isn’t Cohen charged here? He is now involved with Counts 5 through 12 of these indictments as the sole pain in the ass alleged falsifier so far.

    On and on we go, all through the rest of the 34 counts, it is attorney Michael Cohen who falsified business records, until the end or 34th count on December 5, 2017. The 34 counts read as if a turning of State’s Evidence, MANUFACTURED to read upon an innocent party or client for the sins of a crooked and CONVICTED Attorney.

    A Google Search on April 4, 2023 gives the quote:
    “On December 12, 2018, Cohen was sentenced to three years in federal prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign-finance violations.
    On February 26, 2019, he was disbarred from practicing law in the state of New York by the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division.”

    So now, the sins of the convicted and disbarred attorney are to be projected onto an innocent client, far removed in time, in access, in oversight, in involvement with the alleged offenses?
    This case should never have been allowed to advance to ANY Grand Jury indictment on just the legal lack of merit, if nothing else.
    Further, the New York City District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr., should do us all a favor…step off a high rise Manhattan Building and go splat!

  • I’m a decorated and disabled US Army combat veteran and veteran political campaign professional, and I must respectfully disagree with the sentiment expressed in this blog post.

    First and foremost, political persecution is not a new phenomenon in the United States. Throughout our country’s history, political figures and activists from all sides of the political spectrum have faced persecution and prosecution for their beliefs and actions. Examples include the Palmer Raids of the 1920s, where the government arrested and deported thousands of suspected radicals without trial, and the McCarthy era of the 1950s, where individuals were targeted and blacklisted for their alleged communist sympathies.

    Furthermore, the claim that the media is lying about the level of support for former President Trump is not accurate. In fact, numerous reputable sources have reported that the crowd size at his rallies and events has significantly decreased since leaving office. While it is true that his core supporters remain loyal, it is also important to recognize that his divisive rhetoric and actions have turned many Americans away from his message.

    Regarding the question of whether Trump should be facing prosecution, it is not a matter of political motivation but rather a matter of accountability. The events of January 6th, where a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election, were a direct assault on our democracy and must be met with consequences.

    It is also important to note that the prosecution of political figures is not unique to the United States. Many other countries, including those in Europe, have prosecuted their leaders for various crimes. The pursuit of justice and accountability is not a violation of freedom but rather a necessary component of a functioning democracy.

    To sum up, while it is understandable to have concerns about the state of our political climate and the potential for abuse of power, it is important to recognize that political persecution and prosecution have been a part of our country’s history and are necessary for upholding the rule of law. Rather than seeking ways to escape or reclaim our freedom, we must work together to ensure that our democracy remains strong and resilient in the face of challenges.

    • Dear Mr. Tanner,
      After many reflections, thoughts, and positive and negative experiences, I understand why you express this. However, I must tell you how the so-called “left” parties deceive and manipulate the facts. If you don´t believe me, research and see where the sadly famous “Bison Man” is now. If that mob were “Trump supporters” looking to “overturn” the results of an election, then you should admit that your country must be in worst shape than my own country, Venezuela.
      Why do I say this?
      Because in the peaceful demonstrations, with over 20K-40K people, the “socialist” party,ruling with an iron fist, sent undercover thugs fresh out of jail, with a new identity, a gun and a badge, to shoot and kill demonstrators, in an exercise of State-induced terrorism.
      It´s not me saying this: it´s the International Court in The Hague. These terrorist practices include imprisoning people just for tweeting on social media their disagreement, and yesterday in the town of Piritu, Anzoategui State, (Venezuela) a woman, a CITIZEN, made uncomfortable questions to the major of Piritu and is now IN JAIL facing charges of “public turmoil” or whatever other nonsense. The leftists are the masters of the deceiving and the half-truth. They won´t disclose openly and will cast the darkest shadows to avoid their responsibilities. The lack of transparency in the countries they kidnap and occupy is legendary. Hundreds of uniformed patriots in Venezuela, just like you, are right now in the dungeons, without access to any Human Rights organization.
      Don´t let your judge be clouded by the deceives of the international gang disguised as “parties”. They obey one and only one master: the Globalist Elite. That´s our common enemy.
      Stay safe!

      • “Don´t let your judge be clouded by the deceives of the international gang disguised as “parties”. They obey one and only one master: the Globalist Elite. That´s our common enemy.”

        Precisely, and well said.

    • You are surely dizzy now from all that spinning and turning half truths into out and out falsehoods.

      Plenty of former presidents have committed unethical acts. NONE have ever had charges filed against them by a marxist-funded charlatan and beenarrested. That’s banana republic behavior and now it’s here. And what’s even scarier is that people like you are defending it.



    • Tanner,
      I respectfully disagree. The only reason for the indictment was to remove and stop Trump from becoming President in 2024.
      Thank you for your service.

  • I am disgusted with the media it is so evident the hatred they have for TRUMP, this morning just happened to have NBC and they had Gutherie interviewing Trumps lawyer. You could see the hatred in her for him and the questions that were asked. The Media is so biased and bought with all the lies we have been fed for years. Wasn’t sure about supporting Trump again for president but now I am more than sure he has my vote and many that I know feel the same.

    • It’s because the media are owned by the global elitist criminal nazis who are pulling the strings behind the politics in most western countries now.

  • Years ago I spent a month in Spain. The news there was reporting on the Rose law firm (HRC’s firm) and their shady dealing with a nursing home. When I got home I scoured various news agencies here for info on it – crickets.
    The MSM here in the US has been corrupt for years.

  • News is out that the judge in the Trump case is a Biden contributor.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Al Jazeera posted the remarks from other countries in an article this morning and Mr. Trump does have more support around the globe than our MSM will ever report. Example…

    Nayib Bukele
    Think what you want about former President Trump and the reasons he’s being indicted.
    But just imagine if this happened in any other country, where a government arrested the main opposition candidate.
    The United States ability to use “democracy” as foreign policy is gone.

    For the last three years it seems on a daily basis I am finding myself shaking my head in disbelief to not only what is going on but that more people do not seem worried about it. Things are spiraling downward quickly now.

  • Happy Birthday Daisy!

    We live in scary times! The globalists in power are ensuring that Western nations (and their citizens) are scrambling from one catastrophe to the next, all the while ostracizing, prosecuting, and persecuting any perceived threats. The coup de grâce will be the collapse of all fiat currencies which will destroy every economy and force Western culture to trade in barter only. How will these people pay for utilities like electricity, water, sewage, and waste disposal? All of these services will go the wayside, because they cannot accept a dozen eggs in trade for these things. The globalists won’t have to employ an EMP to return our culture to the 18th century, just continue to destroy our financial system.

    In spite of the world being upside down and inside out, I sincerely hope that you have a fantastic Birthday, and that you’re spoiled rotten by all whom you love!

    • You make valid points. One point to note is that civilizations ALWAYS find some forms of currency (accepted, trusted as fair, & available paying and trading recording symbols) to do the business of surviving & trying to thrive.
      The dollar won’t instantly vanish, whether it changes to rapidly devaluing paper or a brand-new electronic or any governmentally established unit, because in USA there’s no other viable national legal means of exchanging goods & services. So, the dollar or other American currency units won’t just disappear. Whatever stands for “measuring & holding value” whether currency, real estate, investments of some sort, valued practical items & skills, etc., will find means of functioning even after an EMP or national disaster etc.
      We’re all in for a wild ride. Local and national and global systems will flex, maybe crumble, and certainly be reinvented to meet the unavoidable needs of survival. What’s important is that the currency & organizations for exchange be reinvented as fair, unbiased and not exclusive to or excluding of ANYONE for ANY reason.

  • I have no faith in any of the players at the Federal level.
    I’m a Conservative who voted for Trump twice.
    I will not forget nor forgive that Trump handed over the presidency to Fauci who devastated our economy by shutting it down and “advised” people to harm themselves with isolation, masks, injections, etc. Trump’s still patting himself on the back for Warp Speed, and continues to cheerlead for the poison jabs.
    Has the government overstepped its bounds on some of the charges against Trump? Yes.
    And as far as I’m concerned it’s all theater to goad us into violence.
    Our fraudulent government, which has been inflitrated and overthrown, would like nothing better than to impose martial law.
    The Trump case is a great distraction as well.
    The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) system is coming at us like a bullet train, and too many are completely unaware of it. Those bank failures? It’s part of the globalists’ Great Reset plan to destroy our economy completely so they can “build back better” with CBDC. Much of the world is already on its way down the CBDC road. In the US, the infrastructure for the system, “FEDNOW” will begin being installed this July. CBDC is the end of privacy and freedom. It’s a 100% slavery system.
    I wish people were getting half as riled up over this as they are about Trump.

    • Yep! Smoke & mirrors.

      And to say God fearing conservatives are violent while we all watched cities burn for the Summer of Love by the cowardly face hiding left. Unreal. Again, they are goading conservatives & Trump supporters were strongly encouraged to not take the bait.

      I just cannot fathom how people believe these lies.

    • Accurate assessment about distraction, the global elitists and their agendas. Destroying the food system, the energy system and the economic system is all part of their plan. Yet too few people see it coming. We are still being called “conspiracy theorists” in spite of the fact that they continue to tell us exactly what they are doing. Incredulously, too few believe them, in spite of their evil track record. Instead, most people around me want to scroll their phones and worry about what Kim Kardashian is doing this week, or that nutjob ladyboy advertising beer. Or maybe if some people are slightly more literate, they’re worried about Trump vs. Biden, which is also a red herring being used to distract us. And it’s working. Hardly anybody I know bothers to actually look into what is going on. There is, in reality, no right or left remaining. It is only the elitists vs the people. But too few people see that.

  • This is the WWE of political theater ?… and ditto to everything SMH stated above ( or below ) Plus, I am still waiting for Hilary to be indicted, ‘member DJT’s campaign promise where we all clapped like seals.. Then he praises her at his inauguration ?.. Who is in prison now? Innocent Americans, some who have committed suicide.. Like George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!” ….
    Much bigger fish to fry ahead!

  • The Empire is going down and lashing out at perceived enemies foreign and domestic in its death throes. Looks like Chy-na and (((the usual suspects))) are well on their way to crashing the system and all human relations in the West. Question is whether they will destroy each other before they go all Samson on the rest of us.

  • I was charged with something I didn’t do but I didn’t have millions to defend myself so I took a plea. I suffered for five years. Pray for the January 6 victims in jail right now accused of things they didn’t do. This country is not the land of the free anymore. Find a good hiding place you just might need it.

  • Let me count the ways and I’m not including Jared getting billions from the Saudi’s and I forget how much from Qatar. Lest we forget Jared’s daddy went to the slammer courtesy of Chris Christie (like him or not politically, he is an excellent prosecutor).
    Fraud in NY.
    Two phone calls in GA looking for someone, anyone, to “find him votes”. If the Ga house rep hadn’t already died, this might have done him in.
    Inciting an insurrection – not a riot, an insurrection. No FBI, Antifa present.
    Not only intentionally removing classified documents, refusing to hand them over then lying about handing all of them over.
    I wonder if old gym jordan and other similarly situated realize they could be soon on the hook for obstruction?
    How long before the judge issues a gag order? If it happens, what is the Vegas line on how long trump takes to violate it?
    Tune in next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel.

    • Wow.
      What a bunch of lies.
      You really bought into what MSM feeds you.
      But you are perfectly fine with all the Biden influence peddling, Hunter being on a company board getting paid thousands of dollars and not having a ounce of experience. His laptop detailing and even a former associate testifying his involvement in influence peddling, or wire transfers of money going to the Biden family through a lawyer from the China government.
      Oh, yes, for you that is perfectly normal and a-okay.
      You, and people like you are the reason why the county is in such dire straits.

      • You nailed it! And thank you. I no longer even read her comments. They always leave a bad taste in my mouth. “You, and people like you are the reason why the country is in such dire straits.” Absolutely. Evil has a smoother road to killing this country because of their apologists. I was trying to say the same thing to Tanner.

        All opinions/parties/viewpoints aren’t equal nor are they valid. One side wants to pervert children and mutilate their genitals, thus making them forever infertile. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Oh! No, Selena!
      A member of the Federal Election Commission ejected the Manhattan district attorney’s indictment of former President Donald Trump as a violation of federal election laws.
      He even lists why the Election Commission and the DOJ dropped the case against Trump. Because they both knew it was bogus.
      But you are a-okay with that. What do facts have to do with it, as long as it is “get Trump!” right? Better to be a banana republic, than justice, right?


  • You can love him, or you can hate him.
    Does not matter.
    Fact is, the charges are a load of crap. Many in the legal profession all think it is a load of crap even some of Trump’s biggest critics like Mitt Romney.
    What the Democrat party has done is make America a laughing stock globally. They have single handled turned America into a banana republic all in two years, aka the Biden admin.

  • The pendulum of history swings both ways. Now that the gummit has normalized the prosecution of former executives, the precedent has been set. A coven of criminals still hold the reins over the West, barely, but they may lose it all after the next black swan event lands on their doorstep.

  • I don’t even like Trump, but this is a witch hunt, plain and simple. How have the Bidens and the Clintons gotten off scott free all this time? Simple: they’re being protected because they’re part of the establishment. The battle is NOT between right and left. It is between the establishment and the rest of us. The sooner everyone realizes that, the better.

  • After President Trump being indicted, it’s clear no one is safe from unlawful persecution. God help us all.

  • Happy Birthday, Daisy!

    Like you, I’m no great fan of any of these political figures. Just like you, I see what they are doing to Trump as horrifying and wrong.
    As someone who grew up outside USA, part of my education in Modern History was to learn about the 1950’s McCarthy “witch-hunt trials” here, in which anyone and everyone was accused of being a Communist and put through a show trial. (Or at least, that is how it was presented to us. These days I’m wary of the agenda in EVERYTHING, including my own education!)
    I see the potential for this to grow. It’s a well-known tool to clear out your enemies or those who dissent. Yes, they may well come for the small fish too. And here we are still commenting online…an easily trackable breadcrumb. But if we are afraid to even do that, we have already completely lost all our free speech, and will be steamrolled completely…and will not get it back easily.
    Stay vigilant and brave and strong everyone!

  • guy’s, just be very careful of what you post online. online posts are forever, and they never go away.The Utah Data Center (UDC), also known as the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community that is designed to store data. please check this link out before you post anything.
    being a grey man is as important now as ever, good luck.

  • Daisy I hope you’re enjoying Greece. It’s always been on my to do list. I would love to dive there.
    Back to the subject of the article. I am a registered Republican but definitely not in love with the GOP. I am a mix of conservative, libertarian, Constitutionalist and a bit liberal. I was raised by Conservative Democrats of the Silent Generation (I’m a Gen X guy) and I wish I could ask my Dad what he thought of the Democrat party now (he’s been gone since 09) and seeing as he was a WWII vet if he could see the parallels between then and now. I would venture to say he would be physically sickened by what the US has turned into.
    The far left hasn’t known boundaries for a long time and it appears that they just don’t give a damn now what it looks like. I’ve spent years in Africa working and have witnessed better run elections in true 3rd world countries (they all had specific voting IDs too). Sadly things are going to get far worse and in short order. Trump stirred the very sleepy conservative base that had been lulled and beaten into silence by decades of us having to work ourselves to death to support the other half of the country that’s on welfare. He gave the common guy a voice for once and now with the kangaroo court Trump is facing the base is getting beyond angry and things sadly will get ugly.
    Due to my work I occasionally get glimpses behind the curtain and it’s terrifying to know the mindset of those that are driving the train and affecting our foreign policy. It should terrify all of us. If you think you aren’t a target you’re making a horrible mistake. All of us are. ALL OF US. The amount of hate that is in our government for conservatives is truly daunting. I could tell you stories that would rattle you. We are all being targeted it just depends how high on the list you are due to your “offenses” to the powers that be. There are jackets on everyone that has voiced an opinion against the “status quo” trust me.
    Our “GOP” is a joke as well. It’s full of RINOs and jacklegs that have no spine and could care less about their constituents. There are very few who fight for the Constitution anymore.
    So if you think that they won’t keep coming at Trump until they “get” him. You’re wrong. They’ll never stop.
    As for a solution? I constantly wargame options. I don’t see any peaceful solutions anymore. There’s too much rot on both sides of the aisle and far too few that will stand for the people. I don’t advocate violence in anyway. I’ve seen war and I don’t want to see it again but I have 3 grandkids and I want to leave them a country that they can have a childhood to grow up like I did. All I can say is button up it’s going to get bumpy. Y’all have a good day and stay safe. Stay the course and keep your eyes on the horizon.

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