Carbon Calculator Credit Card Lets You Know If You Exceed Your “Personal Carbon Allowance”

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2021. Have you checked your Personal Carbon Allowance allotment lately?

No, really.

Discussions floated around within various “academic” journals expressing the need for a “Personal Carbon Allowance,” or PCA. [source] Some argue that PCAs are the ultimate means of battling climate control.

How is a Personal Carbon Allowance to be used in climate control?

Well, each individual on the planet has a set number of Personal Carbon Allowances they may use per day. Once they have met that threshold, force is used to keep them from going any further.

So, for example, let’s say you are permitted 10 Personal Carbon Allowance each day as an American. The rest of the world gets 20, but, hey, such is the new world. Think this is just tongue in cheek? Nope. Giving some countries fewer PCAs than others has already been discussed. How do average Americans tend to fare with international treaties? [source]

What if you drive too far to visit your elderly mom, heat your house too hot in the wintertime, or use up too much healthcare and bypass your daily limit?

Authorities would “do something.”

Possibly impose a hefty fine, or specialized thugs would show up to your house to arrest you. Whatever the “something” is, authorities will force you to bend to their will. 

How is it determined how much Personal Carbon Allowance somebody has burned through already?

Well, it starts with the financial system. And, with the new DO Black credit card, we’ve just taken a massive step towards Personal Carbon Allowance becoming easier to implement. In Sweden, where the crime rate is through the roof, and people insert microchips into their hands, the decision is that “carbon cost” be attributed to daily life goods. This decision has resulted in the creation of the Carbon Calculator.

Utilizing the Aland Index, Carbon Calculator allows patrons to see the daily carbon footprint they’re leaving on the planet. Let’s say you go to your local coffee shop and buy a latte. That may cost you 1 PCA. Then you go to the gas station and fill up your truck. That’s 6 PCA. By the time you’ve finished your run to the bank, grocery store, and post office, you’re well over your 10 PCA daily limit.

And so, your credit card shuts down

At least, that’s one option available with the new DO Black. Two different cards are available to the public (in Sweden alone, at the moment); the shut-off card and a more “educational” card that only alerts patrons about what their spending habits are doing to the environment. 

Personal Carbon Allowance allotments are not as far away as you might think.

Coming soon to a Great Reset near you… 

It doesn’t appear as if the rest of the world will have to wait long for this technology. According to Mastercard, they have integrated the Carbon Calculator across their global network. Mastercard Chief Digital Officer Jorn Lambert seems to give further proof we will see this technology soon by saying,

“Companies, consumers, and communities must work together to make the significant changes needed to effectively address climate change.”

“New research on sustainability, commissioned by Mastercard, reveals a marked increase in consumer passion for the environment as a result of COVID-19. More than half of those surveyed across the world (54%) see reducing their carbon footprint as more important now than pre-pandemic.”

Lambert’s words seem to mesh perfectly with Klaus Schwabb’s statement: “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

Mastercard further claims 85% of those they’ve surveyed say they’re willing to fight on a personal level against climate change. 

Several big-name major players favor the DO Black Credit Card

For starters, the World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwabb. According to the WEF:

“While many of us are aware that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, advice on doing so can seem nebulous, and keeping a tab is difficult. DO monitors and cuts off spending when we hit our carbon max.”

We’ve heard from the World Economic Forum about their plans for the world before. Remember this article about how we won’t own any property by 2030?

The UN has also jumped at the opportunity to encourage the use of these new types of technology. Manager of the Global Climate Action at the UN Climate Change secretariat (how he gets that title to fit on a placard, I’ll never know) Niclas Svenningsen said:

“What’s really key here is the availability of information. One certainly can’t expect people to change their behaviors and take climate action if they do not know what their climate footprint is or what their consumption represents. With this data now easily accessible thanks to the partners’ excellent work, citizens are empowered to make smart decisions and act responsibly, and it can provoke a significant cultural shift around climate action.”

How long will it be before ALL cards adopt the PCA measures?

Combine the Carbon Calculator and the DO Black Card with the UBI, a cashless society, and social credit system and we will see the largest, most effective police state ever known to man. A society where any criticism or resistance of the government will result in an immediate shut down of credits and the trespasser being frozen entirely out of society.

Those not willing to comply with these climate actions are acting “irresponsibly” is likely to be echoed even more in the future. And for how long will such a measure remain voluntary? At what point will we see more and more cards adopting these measures? Will governments rule by decree that ALL must take these measures? Could some form of climate emergency be issued, with new lockdowns, new payment methods, and new regulations?

It’s all about control. Are you looking for ways to stop feeding the government control monster? Get our free Quickstart Guide to Starving the Beast right here.

I would argue it’s only a matter of time. Look at the hysterics and hatred produced by vaccine mandates and “public health” regulations. Multiply that by THE FUTURE OF HUMANKIND OMGOSH!!!!!

The DO Black Card: Leave Home Without it

What are your thoughts on being given a Personal Carbon Allowance? Do you feel the DO Black card and the carbon calculator are beneficial or just another piece of the Great Reset? How can we avoid being swept up in this particular net? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

About the Author

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Reducing our carbon footprint?
    Yeah, what they do not mention is, just like the recent COP26, is the those in power or super rich will still be allowed to fly on their personal jets, have their mega-yatchs, or mega-McMansions all of which have massive carbon footprints. But being the rich and powerful they are entitled for they are doing the work for us unwashed masses.

    What you do not hear for those pushing the New Green Deal, if they were really serious about “reducing our carbon footprint,” then they should be the ones leading from the front: Give up their cell phones, the internet, cars, limit their homes to 900sqft (I just made that number up) etc.
    FYI, the IT industry to include streaming, uses up the same amount of energy as the entire airline (pre-COVID) industry did, worldwide. And it is only going to get bigger.
    So, not only could you see your heat, or AC get cut, brown outs for your home, maybe even your vehicle, but your internet/cell phone usage.
    Long story short, might suddenly see your range distance from your home become quite limited.

    I also suspect (for arguments sake) that if they did a realistic, objective study into what it would take to meet the various cutting carbon emissions goals they propose, the whole world would have to go back to a pre-Industrial Revolution lifestyle.
    Suggest that to the pro-New Green Deal types and watch their heads explode.

    • Sounds a bit like N Korean leadership and Pyongyang: Wealthy and prosperous while the rest of the country is in abject poverty.

  • I called my bank over a month ago and asked if they planned to use the carbon footprint mastercard. Our bank uses mastercard. They knew nothing about it. I don’t have a debit card, but my handicap husband does. We will cancel the card if the bank goes that route. Cash is still king. I know a lot of people are buying into crypto, but what can be created by a key stroke can be deleted by a key stroke. Remember silk roads? The government broke in and stole all his bitcoins. It is not secure as people claim.

  • The work around solutions to this are: Bartering, using Cash (while it is still around) or precious metals and stones, even Co Op’s or community resource centers that would ” lend out” , certain
    high Carbon items, that could be later returned or repaid over time,( businesses will have a much bigger allotment).

    In the long run, I would expect any such Carbon Credit program, individual carbon program to fail.
    In America. it would end up like “Prohibition”, the “War on Drugs”, It will just go to underground marketing (black markets) and no make much of an impact. Or like the ” drive 55 MPH” , it will just be ignored until it becomes a joke and totally unenforceable.

    The bigger problem is not in these programs, but the fools who think them up.
    They have no grasp on reality or on what people are willing to put up with and do. Just because some people might agree to a concept in a poll, that does not mean they will accept whatever rules you want to burden them with.
    What is even worse is that even if their evil plans get implemented, they will not last very long.
    They do not know how to make reasonable plans but always go overboard with their authority.

    Their very thoughts and actions are a threat to normal, people trying to live normal lives.

  • done fairly, i would accept. ie, everyone gets a fair share. why should i have more than you? but the devil is in the details, and what is proposed may never happen.

  • We live in urban suburbia (right outside a horrid medium sized city), and it’s a typical little American suburb. Lots of two parent, 2.5 kids, family dog(s), etc. We were and are the weirdos; four boys, three cats, home schoolers. As one might expect of someone raised by older parents who lived through WW2, I have always been on the frugal side. Hubs is too, but more by nature than by nurture…and he’s gotten more so as he’s aged. With four hungry mouths to feed, we have always bought in bulk and as cheaply as we can. I taught myself to can and garden and dehydrating, which helped lower our costs even more.
    I had sisters who were hippies and very “environmentally conscious” back before it was a thing, so I used to worry about that stuff from time to time.
    I stopped worrying the day my husband pointed out that our family of six was on once a week trash pickup (with six large bags allowed)…and did not even have ONE full bag of trash some weeks. The neighbors around us are all on twice a week pickup with those big containers that are always stuffed to the gills and overflowing.
    The people they are penalizing with this stupid crap aren’t the problem. It makes me livid to listen to this baloney anymore!

  • What a tremendous control mechanism for the elite to keep their serfs in line, or the serfs pay the fine.
    Our climate is always changing, always has, usually 4 times a year. IMHO, the “climate change” blather is all about population control . It wasn’t too long ago the predictions were that the ice caps would melt and coastal cities would be submerged and in the 1970’s we were facing an ice age scenario.

  • If implemented, expect the ridiculous and nebulous concept of “carbon offsets” to come into play, allowing the wealthy to continue flying in private jets and heating 10,000+ square foot homes. Wouldn’t want them to have to abide by rules for the peasants, after all.

  • This is called global tyranny.”We the few are going to control YOU,the masses”.These criminal globalists are going to find out the hard way that “we the masses will NOT be controlled”.The parallel economy awaits us.Ours shall thrive and survive,while theirs collapses into chaos and ruin.
    As it collapses,people will realize the wrongs being committed by the globalists against them.The people will leave the globalist system in droves.

  • Are we preppers here, or not? Do you think that climate disasters may be coming to your area, or not? And if you don’t, honestly, what kind of prepper are you? A real one or just a poser? When disaster comes for real, posers tend not to survive, you know.

    You may have a discussion about what you want to personally do about climate change, and that may include nothing at all because you don’t think you can do anything. Fair enough. But starting the discussion by having an argument about freedom may not be the way of going about it. Freedom is useless to dead people. Start with: let’s survive, and then: how much wiggle room do we realistically have? Because maybe the amount of wiggle room is really little. In which case, you are demanding freedom today in order to be a more miserable slave tomorrow.

    What kind of prepper are you? If freedom is important to you, ask yourself: what would you be willing to do to survive? Because you can bet an awful lot that there’s other folks out there that would do even more.

    Maybe they would even write articles in prepper sites to distract you deliberately from the main issue, which is that climate disasters are coming more and more to you.

  • A few of my thoughts on the subject (and some off-shoots)

    1st: Overall, it will fail, as all elitist generated operations due because the elitists are not only arrogant and egotistical but also highly over-confident and believe they are superior, smarter, better educated, more experienced, craftier, more capable, and far wealthier. Therefore, they must win, as there is no other outcome possible. Despite all these traits that they believe they have, and do have in some cases, the overwhelming majority of people will, eventually, see that the elitists have exempted themselves, and their cronies, from everything they are mandating everyone else do and will start rebelling. In other words, the worm will turn, and the elitists will feel the effects. Not before millions of people suffer, with many of them dying, often by force from the authorities.

    2nd: The plans that have been offered up simply are not workable. Too complex, too many people that want them, but have widely divergent opinions on the who, what, where, when, and how of setting them up and implementing. Any given plan that does make it into society will be attacked by not only those that it harms the most, but those with alternate plans that they think are much better. There will be infighting between those that want this.

    3rd: There are as many, if not more, crafty people than those that implement the plans that will come up with workarounds, alternatives, sabotage methods, subversions, and other methods to not do what they are mandated to do, but also to destroy the system, and those that support it.

    4th: There is a very good chance that the very opposite of the basis of these plans, ie: global warming, will occur before they can be implemented. That is, the projected long, deep cooling trend that was forecast in the 70s, by actual climate scientists, using actual, well-documented data, using accepted forecasting methodology, (not the pseudo-science and straight out opinions stated with an agenda in mind) will occur. And people will be screaming for more CO2 to be produced, primarily by using fuels that produce it, but also produce the energy required to keep people warm.

    Now, if anyone wants to needle the people that are in favor of the personal carbon footprint responsibility enforced by draconian means, ask them:

    1) Where do we get our food? (The answer, from people with even a spark of intelligence and knowledge will answer from plants and animals. With the corollary that you might have to add, that the animals eat plants to grow so we can eat them.)

    2) What do plants need to grow? (The answer, that some might know enough to give, otherwise will need to be clued in, is water, sunlight, and CO2.)

    3) Besides water, food, shelter, etc., what do humans need to stay alive? (Some may and some might not know the answer to this one, as there are some other possibilities, but the primary one, even long before needing water, is oxygen.)

    4) Where does oxygen come from? (Primary answer, probably with an angry laugh, will usually be ‘The air, you idiot.’)

    5) How is the oxygen created, though, if we breathe it in and breathe out CO2? (Some may know, and because of the entire exchange, more may remember their high school science, if they had it, and will, probably slowly and reluctantly, say, from plants that give off oxygen as they grow.)

    6) In that case, if we reduce the amount of CO2 in the air, especially by using extraction plants that then sequester the CO2 as a liquid deep underground (this is another subject), how are humans, you and me, going to keep breathing and eating, if the plants cannot grow to feed us and the animals and produce the oxygen that we breathe? (Main answer here will probably be angry accusations, stuttering perhaps, angry cursing, mean looks, and then stomping away in anger. Possibly threats of bodily harm and/or arrest for not following the law.)

    Just my (a little bit) provocative opinion.

  • My dear preppers,

    So many of the above thoughts I agree with. I made the decision as a business owner to acknowledge the “sustainability/carbon footprint” thing as a matter course to fend off the wolves.

    I’ll tell you in truth my family’s experience in this matter. Fending off wolves is the same as feeding wolves. The “Sacrifice this lamb to save this flock” mentality. Eventually you run out of lambs.

    I have opinions of the average American consumer of food, and out of politeness, I’ll keep it to myself. It’s an individual decision based on economics and I can understand that.

    What I can’t understand, is how naive folks can allow themselves to be concerning the overwhelming evidence of economic sabotage being perpetrated upon them from every angle.

    Fifteen years ago I was a member of a now abandon wilderness/preparedness/survival forum. Many of the biggest of the now big names were all involved there. It was a tight group. On that forum (fifteen years ago) the subject of lab grown meat came up. I told everyone it would fly and gain acceptance as long as one thing happened, economic collapse. Now here we all are commenting on this article and this I have to say on it.

    It will fly. Because people just will not admit to themselves this truth. Outside of disciplined and courageous preppers (leaders) the lot of society just can’t handle self determination and the responsibilities that come with that.

    I don’t care if one wallpapers their living room with Gadsden flags, most folks notion of survival is like George Carlin’s old line, “do what you want to the girl, but leave me alone”

  • I think if you asked most middle aged people who have had completely enough of the nonsense this country has devolved to, this would be an abject fail. Buuut if you look at the next few generations that 50% of them think Marxism is a good idea, they would eat this up just so they could show how green they were on their Instagram story. Just wait until the MBA’s in advertising try to pretty up this pig and they’ll be lined up down the street to sign up. A decent example is that people are actually willing to plug a probe into their car so the insurance company can monitor their driving habits and give them a score, people actually VOLUNTEER for that to get $20/mo back on their insurance. It’s over baby, that’s why I’m here figuring out how to prep for the end days.

    • BlazinBobby I’ve said the same thing about the snooper they want you to plug into your car when it first came out Great Minds Think Like! You got that right brother prep for the till the end.

  • Written in 2019

    The Origin of Climate Change.

    Satan: “So….my devilish cohorts. We have a few thousand years to take over the house. Ideas please?”
    Armaros: “Oh great and mighty heinous One, perhaps we should make them all pay a tax.”
    Satan: “Fantastic idea, my malodorous minion. So my fellow deviants, what aspect of their miserable lives shall we punish?”
    Chazaqiel: “Allow me, your eminent Wickedness. These carboniferous creatures, be they sheep or be they goats, have one thing in common.
    Satan: “Yes, get on with it, I don’t have eternity.”
    Muffled coughing.
    Chazaquiel: “They all breathe to live. Let us tax their breath. They all exhale carbon dioxide which is unavoidable. The carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plant life. It is a symbiotic relationship.”
    Satan: “Clever, intelligent almost. Who designed that?”
    Satan: “Holy…er I mean, Unholy shit! That is a diabolical idea. Why didn’t I think of that?”
    More silence.
    Satan: “Actually, yes I did. Have Chazaquiel locked up for speaking out of turn. So it is agreed, we will tax their breath. We will get our greedy thugs in big business to create immense amounts of carbon dioxide and blame it on the masses. We will ensure that the scientists are paid to corroborate our findings and then we will declare a salvation tax for humanity. We will call it the Carbon Tax. Those who do not pay will be labelled as haters.”
    Azazel: “How will we collect the tax?”
    Satan: “Do not underestimate the ingenuity of your leader, you insignificant iota of flatulent malfeasance. We will create a global communication network called the spider’s web, no, the Internet, and gradually trap, I mean connect everyone into it. When the network is perfected, we will destroy their fiat currency and implement a subcutaneous crypto-chip that aligns them with our quest to save their sorry planet. The goats and the weaker sheep will be on board in a heartbeat. The other sheep, we will hunt down.”
    Baraquel: “But isn’t all that in the Bible? They’re bound to figure it out.”
    Satan : “Nonsense. Nobody reads that any more. They think it is a work of fiction. Not even their so-called holy people have a clue any more. They are too busy collecting money and seeking preeminence. Their people are like sheep without a shepherd. I will lead them into captivity, er..I mean the promised land. I will give them a charismatic leader, a son from my very own bloodline, and they will never know until it is too late. None of them seek truth any more. I have given them politics, religion, never-ending sports, porn, consumerism, entertainment, drugs, computer games and television. They are all practically mine.”
    Evil cackling fades gradually.

    Meanwhile in the eternal dimension that transcends time and space….

    God: Gabriel, how is the plan going to perfect the sheep?
    Gabriel: Perfect, Your Majesty, although You already knew that. (God chuckles) The wicked ones fell for it, hook, line and sinker. The rotten ones will turn, but the good ones will be found worthy.
    God: Excellent. My Son deserves only the best.
    Gabriel: Amen.
    Holy Spirit: Husband, the preparations are ready for our Son’s wedding feast. How much longer?
    God: Soon, my Beloved, soon. Our Son will not have to spend eternity alone. When it is time, I will give the command to bring them home. It is almost time for the harvest. When you see the earth enveloped in total and evil darkness, the true Ones will shine brightly.

    Angels burst into rapturous praise. Light explodes around the throne of God. Music is heard that no human ear has ever heard. Jesus smiles.

    • The Lyrics in the Beatles song From the” Revolver ” album there is a song Called Taxman all these years later the words fit what the government is doing today.
      “if you walk the street ill tax your feet, if you drive a car ill tax the street, if you get too cold ill tax the heat.

  • This is really bad and sinister and a sort of prank to get control of something that is really about NOTHING but showing the hypocrisy of the left and their hatred of you and your independence.

    For all pushing this fly their private planes and drive their limos everywhere SPEWING tons of carbon on the rest of us yet we have to pay for their indulgence?

  • In my refuge, we’ll collect roof top rain water run off, put mini-hydro generators on the streams, use photo electric cells, grow food in wood chips, keep chickens, rabbits, and bees. Withdraw from Their System.

  • In response to the idea of special troops showing up to arrest or fine you for your affronts, the world already saw that. It was called the Soviet Union. The author Solzhenitsyn had something to say about that.

    Sadly, I think that is where we’re going to head. Either that, or things completely collapse first.

  • We homestead in Maine. We grow more food and raise more meat than we personally need. We also grow our medicinal herbs. We set up a barter system a few years ago and constantly add people to it throughout Maine, who are interested in barter. Our barter system is not only for real goods, but for trade in skills and work hours. We know what’s coming and are working around it, as much as possible.

  • Use good common sense with everything you do and the rest will fall into place. Use cash as much as possible, barter, live below your means, grow what ever you can, be as self reliant as possible. And the so called elite will choke on the carbon credit cards as the hypocrites fly their jets to their fake phony summit meetings.

  • We are carbon based life – no carbon, no life. WTF – how can carbon be bad? There’s a miniscule amount in the atmosphere and it MAY have grown by a miniscule amount. This is more hysterical fear mongering by the left who haven’t said one true thing about the environment ever, as far as I can tell.

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