The Familiar Patterns of Slow-Burning Societal Control

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Recently, after watching the news, I detected some patterns in the slow-burning societal control happening around the world. The global food and fuel scarcities are oddly familiar. I have also begun to monitor what has been happening in the UK. Maybe the causes are different. However, the result, a disruptive effect on the food chain supply, is the same.

Disclaimer: this is my humble vision of the worst-case scenario. It may not necessarily go that way, and we can’t allow ourselves to lose hope for a much brighter future. After all, as preppers, we saw it coming, and we prepared for it.

First, a preamble…

Some of us have made our living by detecting patterns. It’s hard not to do it when you already see them everywhere. Metallurgists have a special kind of training in materials science. For example, we learn that a minimal change in an alloy or composite material completely changes the properties it exhibits. Add a few parts per million of alloy compounds (known as “doping” elements) and the mechanical resistance of the material will be much higher. 

Thus, we have to associate these small changes in the microstructure with the large-scale properties that make the alloys suited for their intended purpose. Corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance, wear resistance, and so on. We train a lot for this: it’s an entire process that goes through the microscopic identification, chemistry, posterior heat treatments, etc. We have a very developed ability to understand how some things in the “micro-world” work and associate it to the “macro-world.”

Why this entire preamble?

Because the latest news of the fuel scarcity in the UK and the surge of domestic violence in Australia is, for me, the definitive proof of societal control in progress. And, it is seemingly going “under the table” in the big picture. Furthermore, it’s happening in Australia, supposedly a “first world” nation, and people seem to be unaware and utterly ignorant about it.

On US soil, the elite are taking over the farming land, aka the entire food supply, to make society bend the knee in the near future. Is it a “coincidence” that this wealthy guy, who comes with an “interesting” precedent of population growth control, owns more than 269,000 acres of farmland across 18 states farmland? Some of that farmland produces onions, carrots, and the potatoes used to make McDonald’s French fries.

And, of course, there is the vast fuel scarcity in Venezuelaone of the wealthiest countries in the world (as in “land/resources,” not as in “societies.”)

So, why am I concerned enough to launch myself in full-time research and write an article?

Because I have a strong gut feeling of what comes next

And I don’t want that for anyone because it’s the plain, regular, just-like-you-and-me people who will pay the toll. Not the politicians. Not the corrupted, paramilitary armed forces, private armies led by psychos whose loyalty they have bought. It’s the thousands of uninformed, clueless, nerdy, harmless Jose-like guys who will end up in line for food to feed his kids. Kids who are going to be screwed in the coming decades if this continues.

What I see coming is Crime, Inc. using the government tools of the developed Western world to become police states in practice. And, if that happens, the world as a whole is screwed. 

Stop sitting so close to the screen!

Everybody knows what happens when we sit too close to the screen back in the day of the old movies. In the 50s or 60s (at least in Venezuela), you were barely able to see anything if you arrived late. (There were no numbered seats! Those were things of the developed countries)

I am using this to try to explain the situation. It’s happening, but under the radar, and people don’t see it yet. Most of them are sitting too close to the screen and can’t see anything.

Why do I find the above-mentioned wealthy guy’s behavior so suspicious regarding the farm landing purchasing at a steady rhythm? Easy:

  1. Using “shell” companies seems to be covering something. I know a bit of how this works: they must keep management somehow independent to avoid monopoly laws, lower taxes, maybe get company benefits for local companies that bigger national firms will not be able to get, and so on. However, it looks like someone hopes to avoid the public from noticing—no Bueno.
  2. Remember what happened the last time this person was involved with a company with a high impact on public health worldwide? Let me remind you: A disease spread throughout the world and gave the world’s governments an invaluable opportunity to treat their citizens like cattle.  

Which is the lesser of two evils: an aggrupation of corporations or the government?

In this article: Food Insecurity in Advanced Capitalist Nations: A Reviewwe have scholars attempting to convince people that an aggrupation of greedy corporations is behind ALL the recent global eventsInstead of analyzing the much more evident and palpable example of a leftist regime gone rogue in South America. That leftist regime made ALL of its citizens (including THIS ONE) get in line for a food handout controlled by armed military personnel.

The scholarly authors of the above mentioned laughable fiasco are “sociologists.” If they can produce something useful, I am yet to see it. My experience with these scholars in Venezuela is a sad one. 

The odds of this aggrupation existing are quite high. However, (as I step back and visualize the big picture), that group is most assuredly aligned with an alliance of politicians with ties to commies. And that alliance has been going on for at least the last 55 years. These agents insist on drawing to the world, in a desperate attempt, to keep going on with the Cold-War-Binary-thinking of “capitalism-socialism/communism duality.

I do not see things like that anymore. There are just crime-sponsoring states and the other ones.

So what are the patterns of slow-burning societal control detected?

The pattern I’m detecting here is getting the people used to scarcity and submission by force if they protest.

They won’t get people’s favorite corp-owned business in a heartbeat. (Like taking their donuts, coffee, and ready-to-eat salads that rely on a JOT chain supply.) I sense a strong, shady influence behind all this, making slow-motion changes until it’s too late for people to realize what happened. It’s the communist Fabianist way to re-engineer societies slow and steady. Chinese rulers used these methods, one technique after the other.

I’ve concluded that the UK fuel chain supply disruption is just test balloons to measure people’s reactions. The reasons may be temporary, but this doesn’t matter. The iron hand with soiree glove will strengthen the grip slowly until citizens worldwide are subject to the domination program.

However, what seems to be much worse is the small-scale farmer excluded from coordinated supply chains. “Globalization” works as long as there is fuel to power the tractors and ships and turbines to power the refrigerators. Don’t forget about peak oil and what we know of the electrification process, though.

What do you think about slow-burning societal control?

If the food and fuel shortages continue to worsen, sheep will be happy to get in line for a bag of bread, some milk, and maybe fruit. Hopefully, they never have to experience much taller, stronger, and aggressive soldiers (with limited vocabulary who never remove their masks) guarding the lines.

Do you see similarities in how this is going down around the world? Do you see the patterns of slow-burning societal control too? What similarities and differences stand out most to you?

Let’s discuss it in the comments.

About Jose

Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela.

Jose and his younger kid are currently back in Venezuela, after the intention of setting up a new life in another country didn’t  go well. The SARSCOV2 re-shaped the labor market and South American economy. So, Jose decided to return home, and make a living as best as possible. But this time in his own land, and surrounded by family, friends and acquaintances, with all the gear and equipment collected, as the initial plan was.

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J.G. Martinez D

J.G. Martinez D

About Jose Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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  • Glenn Greenwald just had a long, interesting article about how billionaires back/support media. This particular billionaire was/is the single source for The Intercept. He agreed to not get involved with the journalistic practices/editorial, even if it was something he disagreed with.
    For awhile it worked well.
    Then 2016 and Trump happened and things changed.
    In 2020 election, the senior editorial staff tried to edit/suppress/censor Greenwalds article critical of then presidential candidate Biden.
    Greenwald quit the media outlet he helped create.

    Now, the above does not have much to do with fuel or food per Jose’s observations.
    But it does reflect how small groups of people with a lot of money can influence a lot of people, push a narrative, and make people believe a given point of view.

    There was a WaPo op-ed where the author was of the opinion that we American’s should learn to lower our expectations in light of the recent empty shelves we are seeing at stores.
    Does that not sound just grand? Not Make America Great Again, or Build Back Better, but Lower Your Expectations! If everyone will just get on board, not fret or fuss over empty shelves, just deal with inflation eating into your purchasing power there by lowering your standard of living, all is well!

    So, I expect to see more of that kind of narrative in the coming weeks/months.

    • My response to that so called “journalist” named Michelle Maynard?


      This filthy liar has never missed a meal. Doubt me? Here is a picture of this heartless scumbag

      This is NOT about “whiny Americans”. This is about bare shelves in grocery stores all over America. We adopted our two boys, and they were skin and bones, emaciated when they joined our family. So when they see these empty shelves, its a knife through their hearts.

      A fear not shared by that out of touch self righteous karen

      • Sammy,
        I have an ad blocker, so I never seen her pic.

        However, as SawMan notes, we as a society have been lowering our expectations for quite some time.

        In another article, Krispiemae asked, “Will hard times help young Americans develop the grit to do what needs done?”
        I do not think it is limited to young Americans alone.

      • Wow, classy. Someone suggests that maybe we should be OK with, say, 10 different kinds of coffee to choose from instead of 30, or that demanding food be delivered to us in pre-Covid timeframes, and you attach her appearance, calling her a pig etc.

        What’s wrong with being realistic? The shelves aren’t empty; it just means that instead of penne pasta you might get farfalle instead. Cry me a river. I wonder what the folks in Venezuela would think of our “empty” shelves. It’s all about perspective, and we are all losing it. A private business requiring you to wear a mask to enter, or a grocery store that’s out of Gatorade, is not exactly an impingement on your constitutional rights as an American citizen. How about exerting some graciousness as a member of the human race, and understanding that things are tight, stressed, and stretched right now across the board, and we’re all just doing our best. Besides, aren’t you guys preppers? Why so much whining? If anyone should be prepared, it’s you.

        I’ve missed things too. I miss movie theaters and restaurants, theater and concerts. I’ve found it impossible to find certain products (canned pumpkin, anyone? Gatorade Zero?) Do I have a temper tantrum and act like there has never been such a grotesque violation of my rights? Hell no.

        I am no better than anyone else in the world. Nor are you. So, just who do you think you are? If the MAGA people who want to make America great, if what that was really all about was to have full shelves and infinite choices, sorry, that’s whiny, entitled brattiness. This is just the kind of thing that much of the world dislikes about our country.

        I think Buddha was credited with the saying that the source of all unhappiness is unmet expectations. Sorry that the world you thought owed you so much turns out to have the same deal for you as for everyone else. Adjust, or mope.

        Lastly, I’m sorry your sons (how old are they now?) came to you starved and probably having been through something terrible. I’m glad they’re presumably in a better place and not starving anymore. But to say that we can’t lower our expectations of unending plenty and abundance because it hurts them to look at the shelves is, sorry, not a good argument. Is there PTSD for people who were hungry once to look at shelves with bare spots? IDK. But if there is an argument to not “settle for less,” that’s a rather flimsy one.

    • You and me both.

      I read that op-ed you mention. I started laughing so hard because, all I could think about was that old Mad tv skit called “ Lowers Expectations “. Ripping on dating sites.

    • My wife and I are preppers. Have been for nearly 40 years. We are (again) taking an inventory of what we have, and might need in the next 12 months of SHTF at both our primary residence and out BOL. Our son is on the same page with his family, but our daughter is operating with the “Wegmans will deliver it” mindset. Cricket & ant thing.

      • Dear Marc M,
        Hopefully she will jump on the bus, eventually. Maybe getting a few extra for her and family would be nice.

  • The signs are everywhere, and have been for some time. Whether it’s the governments attempt to get the banks to report on any transaction over $600, or their new scheme to tax “Unrealized Capital Gains.” Most people hear these things and don’t really pay attention to what they mean.

    The $600 reporting means that if you sell your used lawn mower to your neighbor for over $600 dollars the government will know about it, and you will need to report that money as income. What that does is put the government in a position where virtually anyone can be found guilty of tax evasion, and have their assets seized by the government. You bought your wife a $700 necklace for Christmas – did she declare that as income?

    As for Unrealized Capital Gains. The government says that this is to keep billionaires from hiding there wealth. That it doesn’t apply to the average person. BUT IT WILL! You bought your house 20 years ago for a good price. It’s gone up in value. You now owe the government taxes on the difference, on the profits, even if you haven’t sold it or made a profit on it. They now want to tax you on future earnings. On money you haven’t even made yet. At a time where most people are having trouble paying their mortgage and their bills, the government now wants to find a way that they will owe even more money. This will again put a good percentage of the population in a position where they are now slaves to the government because of money they owe to the IRS.

    These are but two recent examples of ways in which the government is trying to “enslave” the population so that the government can take control of pretty much all privately owned property, and in effect make us slaves to a “benevolent” landlord.

    • Dear Lone Canadian,
      Taxing revenues that have NOT been made, it´s UNBELIEVABLE. I mean, my country was looted and 700 billion dollars were stolen. But…how many “Unrealized Capital Gains” taxes will be in the future if this is allowed?…
      It is INSANE and a real threat. It´s something designed to slavish people, indeed.

      • This tax has been the norm in America for years. Children do not want to run the family farm, business, finances, orchard, you name it they have sold it instead to Land Developers, donated to the states for parks.
        They brought on the onslaught of urban living, decimation of livelihood, family, society all in the name of pursuing what they believed to be a better, easier way of life.
        I watched for years in agony as families in Ca. destroyed their lives for a fortune in fiat currency. I now reside in East Texas and am watching the slow decay of many houses as the inheritors leave them to rot. I know childhood was tough for many, but to Forrest Gump it and knock it down in hopes of making it better only allows the worldwide manipulators to keep manipulating as future generations are programmed since Oshma’s presidency to “To accept less, do not expect to have what your parents had.”
        This has been here, everywhere since the deception of the beginning of time, every earthly kingdom failed for the same reason.

  • Yes, “aggrupation of companies” vs Big Guv is a false dichotomy–it is one great Cabal of Big everything–Big Ag, Big Corporations, Big Pharma, Big Government, and all the other Bigs I forgot.

    The proper question is how to defeat it. And this is one of the biggest astonishments of my life. From the Fourth Turning books by Strauss and Howe, I was expecting violent civil war. And yes, I would kill in a heartbeat to prevent the monster outcome desired by the Cabal. To my amazement, that is a losing strategy. The Deep Staters have worked hard to push the Patriots to violent rebellion and have consistently failed because we understand their game.

    This one thing where you can and should “do your own research.” Look up “Operation Lockstep” on Duck Duck Go. One thing you will learn is that citizen pushback was predicted ten years ago, and part of their plan.

    We absolutely must push back. Public marches and chants that got turned into “Let’s go Brandon” are part of it–but the Big Filth want and prepared for that.

    What they did NOT predict or expect was the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association; calm, peaceful persistent demands for a real election audit; LOCAL political activism; or the most important one–uniting with your opposite party neighbors.

    “Liberals” understand the Evils of “Capitalism” by which they mean not Free Enterprise, but utterly unrestrained corporate greed. We need to teach them that the other Bigs are part of the same monster. And we need to overcome the desire to call them “Libtards” and such and ask them questions that get them thinking. And we need to let them know that when things get tough, we will be as poor as they are but we do KNOW some things that will help them survive, such as how to make hydroxychloroquine.

    We will be there for them. Pondering what you can offer unprepped neighbors is your most important prep. Alas, it cannot be food or toilet paper, or they will tell each other that you are Mr or Miss Moneybags with enough to feed the whole state. But you can do something. What will it be for you?

    • Hi LadyLifeGrows, I did as you recommended and looked up “Operation Lockstep” on DuckDuckGo. Initially, it was difficult to locate the original document. I was actually hoping the annotated version of the document I had found was a fake. However, by using the WayBack Machine, I was able to find the original (yes, published in May 2010) with a chilling and detailed description of our current predicaments. At first, I didn’t want to believe it, but I think reading the original version of “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” by the Rockefeller Foundation (on their website 2011) is worth it. Inside, you will find that “Lockstep” is one of the scenarios described in this larger document.

      A great companion to this document is the “SPARS Pandemic 2025 – 2028” published by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, ummmmm…..back in like, 2017. Happy Reading!

    • “What they did NOT predict or expect was the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association”

      sure they did. long ago. “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed.” that’s the battle plan.

  • We have been taught to lower our expectations for decades. From no one loses in kids sports to participation trophies, to schools and even the military lowering their standards which we are told helps people succeed. As a society not have we only lowered expectations we have altered also changed and in some cases totally reversed societal norms. As far as Jose’s observations go in my opinion there has always been a connection/cooperation between politics (politicians), crime and large corporations (big business) with small businesses and Joe Six Pack & his family being totally outside any sphere of real influence.

    To maintain the perception that the “normies” were actually participating the the “system” every few years you got to “vote” for the candidate of your choice who was actually chosen by the corrupt elite and if your guy didn’t win well there always was “next time”. All the while no matter which side of the uni-party won things always got worse and more freedoms were lost. that’s why the big cry or should I say the big lie is forget the 2020 election being stolen, focus on winning back the house and senate in 2022 and then the presidency in 2024. They say focus when they are really saying f**k us. As George Carlin famously said, “It’s a big club and you and I ain’t in it.”

    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    According to Strauss & Howe we are currently in another fourth turning in their generational cycle viewpoint of history, a period of great crisis and change. Their viewpoint is that while nothing is new under the sun each generational cycle follows roughly the same pattern, but are not identical in how they unfold or in outcome. If they are correct then we haven’t yet seen the worst of the coming global crisis which may last until 2030 or even beyond depending on exactly where you set the beginning of this fourth turning. A world wide conflict may well be on the horizon as the world is standing on the potential precipice of war in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and in Asia.

    Across the blogosphere I see many so called “patriots” & “liberty” minded folks calling for action. A new revolution or counter revolution to take back the country and a fight against globalist socialist elites. That just might be part of what finally happens in this 4th turning, but it is war that will have no winners, just a lot of suffering all the way around. It is said that it must happen for the freedom of our children when it is the children who will probably suffer the most if that is to happen.

    Here at Road’s End Sanctuary we sit and watch, prepare and pray. If it is in God’s plan we hope to make it to the other side this 4th turning and be part of the remnant that just might then help forge a better future. Sometimes you do not win, you just survive and do your best to move on from there.

    A beautiful fall day here in the mountains of NC after a much needed rain last night. Today’s chore is to fill the 20 five gallon pails & Mylar bags with assorted grains, flour, beans and pasta and then seal them with O-2 absorbers for addition to the long term storage pantry.

    Psalm 118:24
    This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

    • sawman, your post is very insightful….
      A good read is Jeremiah chapter 7. A direct word to ancient Israel, but in principle it applies to us.
      A nation will reap what it sows…
      I had a dream/vision in 2015 that we indeed (USA) have crossed a point of no return….a hot war, designed by powers that be, is in our future. USA is not exempt. Governance will completely change.
      We are going to increasingly learn to totally rely on God, those who seek the LORD will live (spiritually)
      in the faith life, we get no guaranteed free passes out of suffering or physical death, in fact Yeshua says expect trials and tribulation but take heart I (Yeshua) have overcome the world. John 16:33. Also remember those who are in Christ are not left alone, but with the indwelling Spirit of Truth who will guide us into all Truth. He will tell us of things to come, and bring glory to God. May you and those who read here, know the Saving Power of Yeshua, the LORD is my Light and my Salvation, the LORD is the strength of my life…” Psalm 27:1 Peace and Wisdom to all amen

    • SawMan, I would love to do what you are doing, but I cannot even order 5 gallon buckets because they are out of stock. So getting grains and beans has to wait because they will sit on the floor. If you’re able, can you share your sources of buckets and grains etc.? lyantach at

      • I order my buckets and lids from Lowes on line with free shipping or store pickup. The local Lowes here had 32 food safe pails in stock for pickup but no lids so they will ship free to my home,. The pails have almost doubled in price from my last order about 8 months ago. They are just under $8.00 per pail and just over $2.00 per lid. It cost around $10.00 per pail &lid now compared to $6.00 last spring. But the price isn’t going down any time soon. The mylar bags and O2 absorbers I order from Amazon just because it is easy and cheaper than other outlets online.

        • I get 3 and 5 gallon buckets with lids from a friend who makes goat milk creams and soaps. Her supplies come in these buckets and paying her a few bucks each has her saving them for me and gets them out of her way. Maybe you can find someone like her at a farmers market or a bakery that has no room for storing empty buckets OC lard, etc.

          • Mind you, these are invaluable pieces in the Venezuela of these days…people uses them to sell everything edible. Just wash, rinse and done.

      • “So getting grains and beans has to wait because they will sit on the floor”

        walmart et al frequently sells those large metal bins of popcorn or other snacks, you could look into those. they’re not sturdy but they’ll do for temporary.

      • Lisa,
        You can get 5 gal. buckets at firehouse subs for $3.00 each. They smell like pickles but you can get the smell out eventually. Cheaper than home depot and they are food grade.

        • Just fill them with water, maybe add some bicarbonate and let them stall for a few days. Or you could empty them and throw in a few coal pieces. They should absorb the odor quite good.

    • Thanks for this great post sawman. you summed it up. We’re part of the remnant and this has all been predestined.

    • “To maintain the perception that the ‘normies’ were actually participating the the ‘system’ every few years you got to ‘vote’ for the candidate of your choice who was actually chosen by the corrupt elite and if your guy didn’t win well there always was ‘next time'”

      it’s fascinating, isn’t it? a tool for political change has been perverted into a tool for preventing change. honestly, you have to admire the brilliance and sheer genius of the people (and others) behind all this death and destruction.

    • Dear sawman,
      The scary thing is, that connection/cooperation scheme seems to be evident in EVERY country I´ve been in. To a lesser degree maybe in some, but it exists, nonetheless. And yes, I believe this weakening of the world economy is the initial smoke screen for a blow that would unchain some sort of a world wide conflict. To top it off, those illiterates mor0ns trying to rule this land, being the ignorant herd they are, very likely will try to engage with the USA, foam in mouth. I´ve mentioned this possibility to some guys here and, as usual, their response is “I don´t think so…”.
      After all they´ve done, I´m not willing to receive more “surprises” from them…

    • First thing: panic.
      I am kidding.

      Keep an open mind, and question everything. Dont accept only one source of information, especially MSM. Critically think about everything.
      Get more self reliant and resilient, namely when it comes to food production.
      Get frugal and out of debt. I know, easier said than done, but it can be done.
      Form a plan, a back up plan and a back up plan to the back up plan. But dont be so locked into a plan that it makes you ridged. Sometimes you will have to improvise, adapt and overcome a situation when Murphy rears his head.
      The OODA loop. Observe the situation. Orientate yourself/others/things in the situation. Decide what is the best course of action for you. Act on that decision. Repeat as often as it takes to resolve the situation.
      Network locally and if possible, find like minded people.
      Do a objective self-assessment of not only your preps, but you skill sets. What are your assets, liabilities.
      How would the evil, villainous, billionaire bag guy try to control you? Without going full on Rambo. At that point, all bets are off on either side.

      Matt in OK has a great signature line: “Knowledge is Power, Practiced Knowledge is Strength,Tested Knowledge is Confidence”
      With Power, Strength and Confidence comes the mental will to accomplish anything.
      Get some!

    • Depending on your preparedness level, there are several possible actions.
      * Increasing your energy self-sufficiency (usually a good idea in countries where winter is cold, and power is expensive)
      * Get supplies with added value (canning supplies, for instance: a bag of salty fish with save me like 40$ of canned tuna)
      * Team up with like-minded neighbors. Learn some 1st aid stuff. Work on improving your overall health.
      * If you need some surgery/treatment try to get it now, I am suffering the consequences of not doing it when I had a full-coverage insurance and regretting it heavily.
      * Evaluate your life goals. This may sound odd, but depending on those, you will see much clearly what to do next.
      Stay tuned!

  • Thank you for another thought-provoking article, Jose. I found your metallurgical metaphor of “doping elements” and slow-buring change to be quite powerful. I hope that you and kiddo are doing well and that your parents are also well. Wishing you the best! From Happy Homesteader

    • Dear Happy Homesteader,
      thanks for that 🙂 yes, we´re living, not too much stress, and planning our next moves. Which they could be very well to be homesteading, as well.

  • I think you are probably putting the cart before the horses. Which is understandable, because when two things come hand in hand, it’s easy to get confused about what came first. I think scarcity comes first, societal control later.

    From a prepper point of view, why should you care which came first? Because if things are going bad, the last thing you want is to waste your time on stuff that won’t work. If you think societal control comes first, you may waste your time trying to fight it, instead of seeing it as pretty much a foregone conclusion once scarcity reaches a certain point. If you think scarcity comes first, then you focus on preps that help everyone have a bit more, like encouraging people to grow their own food, repairing using local tradesmen rather than buying new stuff, etc. And you’ll know that societal control is likely to be a bit less brutal in an area where people feel they have a little more.

    • Are we not seeing to a degree societal control now? (I.e. mask/vaxx mandates, social distancing, lockdowns, various political issues/narrative)
      As a result, we are now seeing scarcity, empty shelves.

      Right you are about people feeling empowered with their own production or control over their lives vs handing it over to the government.

    • “I think scarcity comes first, societal control later”

      nah, they’re the same thing, instigated by the same people.

      • I’m new the site, but have been following these trends at least a dozen years.. Here’s my two denarius worth…

        A wonderful Bibical example of scarcity first, then social control after is found in Genesis, starting with chapter 41 and onward. This then one about Pharohs dream, Joseph’s interpetation and events following.
        After Joseph got the dream correct, Pharoh made him “Vice President” of all Egypt. Those first 7years, with all the bumper crops were stored in vast warehouses across. But then the 7 years of famine came, and those made the bumper years forgotten.
        But there was a lot of food! Great! But in those 7years, how did it get distributed to the middle class? Let’s look at it…
        Year 1: Big famine, and the Egyptians has money to buy bread.
        Year 2…still had money, but not as much. All money went to Pharoh.
        Year 3: $ gone. Cattle for food implemented. Cattle,, flocks, and horses were also part of Cattle for Food poprogram. It all went to the government.
        Year 4 and following…lands for food. Everyone gave the government their land in order to have food
        Year 5: There was now nothing left for the Egyptian working to give except their bodies. They all became slaves. They worked for him…
        AND THEY WERE ALL TAXED 20% Of what they did grow for themselves!

        Wow! What racket? Just saying…!

        • “They all became slaves”

          yep. bought them with their own grain.

          I’ve pointed this out before. didn’t go over well.

  • The November 2020 election was a coup by the Far Left Elites. Now they are making economic warfare on the people of The Republic. John Sossle has an eye opening video @ The Bongino Report that compares the goals of our Communist Left with those of Jose’s Venezuela . Bottom line, same/same.

    What we all have been prepping for is now happening.

    • “What we all have been prepping for is now happening”

      nah, not at all. what preppers were anticipating was “the end of the world” and a resulting rwol where they could be free to open fire as they pleased. NONE of them anticipated a venezuela scenario where a fully functional and deliberately hostile government remained to be deployed against them.

      heh. none of you are ready for this.

    • Dear Seminole,
      That was on of my intentions. A little bit of perspective, and with some differences here and there, but in the macro picture, in the general scenario, things in the USA are headed the way the communist world needs.

  • “Which is the lesser of two evils: an aggrupation of corporations or the government?”

    same owners, same problem.

  • “The scholarly authors of the above mentioned laughable fiasco are ‘sociologists’. If they can produce something useful, I am yet to see it.”

    they do, you’re just not looking at it the right way. consider this: they don’t work for you, they work for someone else who finds them VERY useful.

  • “So what are the patterns of slow-burning societal control detected?”

    could start with fiat debt currency, like what was implemented in the u.s. in 1913.

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” thomas jefferson

  • Okay…Tin Foil Hat squarely on head…as the great Admiral Akbar said, “It’s a trap!;” and he would know.
    This has all been planned out. No other possible explanation. So let’s ride the train to the last station!
    (Reynold’s Wrap hat off now)
    I love me some rice and beans! I bought a “seal a meal” with the pint and quart jar attachment. So using mason jars with 200cc oxygen absorbers I have been creating my future “south of the border bonanza” – oh and putting copious amounts of hot sauce and two ply for those days as well! 3 and 5 gallon buckets can be had at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Atwood’s, Tractor Supply, and Azure Standard. Lids can be sourced same places, but are more difficult to find. Have not checked Walmart in awhile for those items. I “round robin” all of them and usually can get what I need. Mylar bags in various sizes from 5 gallon on down and oxygen absorbers are still relatively plentiful. I put all grains in Mylar with oxygen absorbers so buckets are more for physical protection and light. Palm shortening last a long long time and is a good fat source. I freeze butter (I have solar) and I have some Red Feather canned butter, but I bought that when we had 2 incomes (it’s expensive). I use Ghee, Olive Oil and we strain all the fat from our bacon when we cook it. Hard Red is a lot cheaper the Hard White right now. 45 for white and 30 for red (50 lbs) at Azure Standard. I am buying “chicken wheat” for making our own chicken feed (combined with other grains – it’s cheap. Bulk popcorn is also good to have – make sure to get a “Whirly Pop” – best popcorn maker ever (can use on open flame). Black beans are still cheap (only beans my wife will eat). Instant mash potatoes and instant milk are good to store – buy and transfer to Mylar bags. Rolled Oats or Oat groats – need a mill to turn groats in to rolled oats! Maple syrup – Walmart or Costco. Rotel – cases of it. Wolf’s chili – cases of it. Pallet of water – cases of 40 (stack better) usually get 4 cases every other week. Palabra Arriba!!!!! (word up!)

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