How to Survive World War 3: Prepping for a US Mainland Conflict

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the course Bloom Where You’re Planted

Originally Published May 15, 2017.

Aside from everyone nuking each other into mutually assured obsolescence, the World War 3 worst-case scenario for Americans would be if the conflict reached the American mainland. An invasion. A massive assault. The ideas seem unlikely, considering that the last time there was a  full-on war on the American mainland was during the American Civil War. Previous to that, there were some foreign invasions but our land has been protected from battles against other countries almost two centuries.

But is it really so far fetched?

There is a great deal of debate about whether it could happen. I can’t predict the future, but I can analyze the possible threats and make suggestions for preparing for such an event. In parts 1 and 2 of this series, I wrote about surviving if war erupted on distant shores. Part 3 was some predictions about how it could go down. In all of this uncertainty, one thing remains sure: it would be an entirely different ballgame if the battle came to us.

Why have we been safe in previous World Wars?

There are many theories about why the United States has been safe during previous conflicts. Here are a few reasons that foreign armies haven’t invaded.

  • The Second Amendment: Americans are armed to the teeth. Most other countries on the planet do not have an armed citizenry. The fact that almost half of the country is armed and that there are more than 357 million civilian firearms (and that is just the number of guns that are registered – unregistered estimates boost the number as high as 600 million) means that a foreign army on the ground would face major resistance. However, in certain anti-gun strongholds like Chicago, New York City, and Southern California, the risk of resistance would decrease accordingly. As well, an unfortunate downturn in gun ownership also weakens us.
  • Trained and organized forces: We already have an organized military, from our armed forces to the National Guard. Add to this our police forces, sheriff’s departments, and our veterans, and there are many trained people on our soil at all times. Many states have citizen militias that train regularly as well.
  • Geographic isolation: A stealthy invasion would be very difficult due to our isolation. A land invasion would have to come through Canada or Mexico. Canada would most definitely resist, although Mexico could be a wild card, especially with our strained relations. And crossing the Pacific or Atlantic with enough soldiers for a physical invasion of a country with millions of people wouldn’t exactly be a subtle process either. Our advanced warning systems would detect breaches in airspace or waters of any force large enough to do this. Add to this the fact that our Navy is almost triple the size of the next biggest naval force on the planet. (China)

This doesn’t mean a mainland conflict is impossible, though.

While this appears to be the least likely scenario for World War 3, it doesn’t make it impossible.

During a chat with a military friend, he said that if he were going to invade the mainland, he’d collapse the economy first. As preppers, we all know that an economic collapse would lead to internal strife. Our on-the-ground military and police forces would be busy trying to maintain some type of order. Martial law would probably be declared.

Then, incoming forces would be able to sway the minds of many people with the idea of freedom from this martial law. Think about how easily many people in the younger generation have been co-opted by idealized notions of communism or socialism, and you’ll realize this isn’t such a far-out concept.

An invasion like this would be a psychological operation (psy-op) more than a typical battle.

And, as much as we’d like to believe it is, our airspace and waters are not 100% impenetrable. There have been near-intrusions into both in recent months. Back in February, a Russian spy ship was reported only 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut. In early April, increased Naval aircraft patrols sparked concerns that a Russian or North Korean submarine might be lurking off the coast of California. Later in April, Russian military planes were flying uncomfortably close to US airspace near Alaska for 4 days in a row. Those types of intrusions indicate the possibility of attack rather than invasion. If we were crippled by a massive attack, the invasion part would probably follow closely behind.

What are the most likely scenarios for World War 3?

These things nearly always start out with a shocking event that no one saw coming. Think back in history to the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the German invasion of Poland in the wee hours of the morning. No one went to be the night before expecting all hell to break loose the next day, with enemy soldiers overhead or encroaching.

Nuclear Attack

Border and coastal areas would be most vulnerable to initial attacks by air or sea. Nuclear weapons are likely to be used in such attacks. Those living close enough to potential targets need to get their nuclear preparedness plan in order, just in case.

Kim Jong Un can’t shut up about his plans to nuke America and Russia recently backed out of a disarmament agreement, failing to dispose of enough weapons-grade plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear warheads. The North Korean leader keeps doing unauthorized missile tests to prove his nuclear potential. In fact, yesterday, one of his missiles landed a mere 60 miles off the coast of Russia.

Cyber Attack

A cyber attack could take many directions, but the most likely would be crippling the internet and/or the financial sector. It’s possible that US Defense computers could also be affected. Any of these would cause chaos in the day-to-day affairs of many people. Last week’s Ransomware attack would only be a drop in the bucket compared to the havoc that could be wrought.

  • You might not be able to use bank or credit cards, causing business transactions to grind to a halt.
  • You might not be able to complete your work (most places rely on the internet for at least part of their business activities.)
  • The market would potentially crash or shut down, causing billions to be lost in a day.
  • If defense technology was hacked, we might not be able to see or prevent a physical attack.

Grid Attack

Something that would definitely cause our country to grind to a halt would be an attack on the grid. Whether through an EMP or a cyber attack, anything that shut down our ability to use electrical power would be crippling.

Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs, predicted that a full 90% of Americans would die. R. James Woolsley, chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, testified to the committee of the potential ramifications:

“It’s briefly dealt with in the commission report of [2008]. There are essentially two estimates on how many people would die from hunger, from starvation, from lack of water, and from social disruption. One estimate is that within a year or so, two-thirds of the United States population would die. The other estimate is that within a year or so, 90% of the U.S. population would die. We’re talking about total devastation. We’re not talking about just a regular catastrophe.” (source)

It would be an easy thing for nearly any invading force to come in after something like that.

Biological Attacks

A biological attack could take many forms. It could be the release of a virus, but this would be risky for the enemy country as well, as these things are difficult to contain. It could be something released into water supplies in large metropolitan areas.

The Department of Homeland Security provides this description:

A biological attack is the intentional release of a pathogen (disease causing agent) or biotoxin (poisonous substance produced by a living organism) against humans, plants, or animals. An attack against people could be used to cause illness, death, fear, societal disruption, and economic damage. An attack on agricultural plants and animals would primarily cause economic damage, loss of confidence in the food supply, and possible loss of life. It is useful to distinguish between two kinds of biological agents:

  • Transmissible agents that spread from person to person (e.g., smallpox, Ebola) or animal to animal (e.g., foot and mouth disease).
  • Agents that may cause adverse effects in exposed individuals but that do not make those individuals contagious to others (e.g., anthrax, botulinum toxin). (source)

Attacks from Within

In what just might be the most chilling prospect of all, an attack from within our own borders could be devastating. This is a scenario that seems more likely in a place like Germany, where unchecked immigration of young men of fighting age leads to the potential of a fighting force of millions already in place.

However, look at our own civil unrest since the election of President Trump. Have you ever seen the country so divided? As Americans fight with each other, would it be so difficult to imagine the different “sides” aligning with other powers? Regardless of whether you think the pro-Trump people are the worst or the Antifa people are, this divisiveness and hatred weakens us as a country and opens the door to foreign interference.

When you add to this the suspicions that some of this division is suspected to have been funded by professional sh*t disturber George Soros, you need not look very far back in history to see that Soros has a record of promoting unrest and destabilization for financial gain. And when you consider our own media has aligned itself against the President, an attack from within isn’t a huge stretch of the imagination.

Take that scenario a bit further and consider the proxy war being fought in Syria right now between the US and Russia. Should all hell break loose within America, even if other countries aren’t directly involved in starting it, you can rest assured that they’ll be choosing sides and fanning the flames of conflict. And then, someone will be there to sweep up the pieces and “help” us.

How on earth do you prep for something like World War 3?

Prepping for the unprecedented is purely theoretical, but nearly every disaster has some potential occurrences that we can base our plans upon.

Disruption of transportation

Regardless of how the event goes down, it’s likely that transportation would grind to a halt. This means that stores wouldn’t be restocked and the “just-in-time” system would ensure shortages within the first 48 hours. You wouldn’t be able to order stuff online, because that wouldn’t be able to get through, either.

In a case like this, what you have on hand is all you have. You need to be prepped for a long time between grocery store trips with shelf stable supplies. The fastest way to build a supply is by purchasing buckets of food, but it isn’t the most economical way. This book outlines how to build a supply of whole, healthy food on a tight budget.

Keep in mind that it isn’t just food you’d run out of. Here is a list of 50 non-food stockpile essentials and here is an article about what they ran out of first during the collapse of Venezuela.

Widespread civil unrest

We’ve already seen unrest in small areas scattered across the country, and it got ugly fast. This trend could become much more widespread, with looting, vandalism, and sheer chaos. Here’s a checklist to help you get prepared for this potential. In such a situation, you must also be prepared to defend your family. I strongly recommend that you get armed for such a potential scenario. Of course, it’s not enough to just be armed. You’ll want to also be trained. Shooting is a perishable skill and you must practice diligently. Your life could depend on it.

Another aspect of civil unrest would be hungry people beating down your door because they know you have food. It is of the utmost importance that you practice good OpSec for such a scenario. If others know that you have supplies, they will expect you to share. If you refuse, things will get ugly. There is a fine line between working together and giving away all your supplies to those who did not prepare.

(This very real possibility is all the more reason to check out what Selco has to say on surviving this aspect of the apocalypse. He’s been there, done that.)

Martial law

In an all-hell-breaking-loose situation, martial law is almost a given if the government is still operational. There can be just as much risk from your own government as from foreign powers.

In a highly charged situation like this, police and military are trained to use the most efficient methods to speedily shut down a conflict. These methods can include tear gas, sound cannons, and outright physical assaults on citizens. It’s important to note that fear can be a powerful motivator when deciding how much force is appropriate when addressing a threat. Cops are just as subject to fear as the rest of us. 20 cops with shields and batons would be quite reasonable to fear an angry mob of hundreds of shouting people.

Your safety when interacting with officials during a martial law situation does not rely on the intentions of police officers and military. It really doesn’t matter if they are trying to crush your rights under a jack-booted heel, or whether they are trying to benevolently keep people safe and re-establish peace and harmony.

Here are some suggestions to help keep you safe when dealing with cops and soldiers.

  • Avoid crowds. If you are in the midst of a crowd, you’ll be considered part of the crowd and treated exactly like everyone else in that group. If they get tear-gassed, so will you. It’s guilt by association. If the crowd is violent, and you are part of the crowd, you will also be considered violent, and you’ll be dealt with accordingly. Legally, you are actually guilty if you are part of a group that is violent. GO HOME.
  • Be polite. If you have to interact with officers, be courteous. You won’t restore the Constitution by arguing with them or threatening them. It’s fine to assert your rights – you don’t have to allow them to search your house without cause, for example, but do so civilly. Belligerence will get you nothing but a beat-down.
  • You don’t get to explain. In a highly charged situation, the cops probably aren’t going to listen to you when you try to explain that you’re just taking that baseball bat in your hand over to your nephew’s house so he can hit some balls in the backyard. No matter how innocent your intentions are, if you’re walking like a duck, you’re going to be treated like a duck. Training will kick in, and perceived threats will be immediately neutralized by whatever means the cops find necessary.
  • Stay home. It really isn’t worth risking your physical safety to go see what’s going on.

Underneath the uniform, cops are human.  This isn’t me justifying the brutality or the methods, but an attempt to shed light on their motivations. Cops are just as likely to be swept up in a herd mentality as thugs are during a high-stress situation. By understanding this, you can be better prepared.

Nuclear preparedness

Most people picture a nuclear attack as something that results in a nuclear winter akin to that grim, awful movie, The Road. While that isn’t impossible, it’s more likely that the attack would be a smaller one on a designated area. If you are outside the immediate blast zone, the event is completely survivable if you are ready for the possibility.

Here’s an overview of what to do in the event of a nuclear strike.

Some things to keep on hand in the event of a nuclear attack are

Biological preparedness

General pandemic preparedness will help you to be ready for the potential of a biological attack. Whether the instigation of a pandemic is deliberate or not, the safety measures will be the same. This article gives you an overview on pandemic preparedness and this book provides thorough detail of what you should do in the event of a pandemic, including vital information on different types of pandemics.

As well, download and print out this fact sheet about different biological threats and proper responses to them.

Make a gray man plan

In nearly any situation, your ability to avoid notice will keep you safer. As mentioned above, you don’t want all of your neighbors to know that you are stocked up and armed to the teeth. If you’re in public, you don’t want anything about yourself to stand out and be memorable. Here’s a great article by a former surveillance operative to help you blend in.

Band together

If you have like-minded neighbors – even if they aren’t preppers – there is safety in numbers. Get to know the people who live nearby and think about who you could trust in a difficult scenario.

This doesn’t mean that you need to tell them what kind of supplies you have. It just means that by building relationships now, these could be the people who have your back when crazy things go down. If your neighbors aren’t a good gamble, consider an exit strategy for getting to your extended family. Selco of SHTF School, when talking about the occupation of Bosnia, says that people survived by living together in one household. Consider it now – who could you depend on if your town turned into the Wild West? What skills do you personally bring to the table?

This is a concept you’re going to want to study up on.

Have a long-term survival plan that is already in effect

If you are already accustomed to being self-reliant and living frugally, it will mentally be far easier to transition yourself to wartime survival. Trying to learn to do all of these things when you don’t have any back-up from the store is a risky situation. I wrote about some of my own farming failures in this article. This is why you have to live the life now.

  • How will you collect and purify water?
  • How will you grow food?
  • Do you have the supplies and gear to grow that food?
  • How will you raise livestock?
  • Do you know how to preserve what you grow?
  • How will you protect your little farm from 2-legged and 4-legged critters who want to eat it?
  • How will you heat your home in the winter?

Remember, once things go down, you won’t be able to purchase the supplies to make your rain barrels and outdoor cooking pits. Do these things now.

Consider an evacuation plan

If it came right down to it, is your location survivable during a year-long (or longer) siege? Large cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles would not only be targets for foreign occupation, they’d pose great survivability issues if they were blockaded or if the grid went down. Smaller towns and cities could be better bets, or rural areas with neighbors that aren’t too far away. (After listening to the advice of some people who have lived through dire situations like this one, I completely changed my own long-term survival plan.) Above all, you need to have your team, as I mentioned above.

If you live in a place that would not be survivable, it doesn’t mean you have to pick up and move right away. It means that you do, however, need to have a plan that doesn’t make you a refugee. Know where you’ll go, how to get there, and ensure that you are expected and welcome.

Are you prepared for World War 3?

If you knew that World War 3 was going to start tomorrow, what would you do today to ensure you are prepared?  The global tension doesn’t seem to be easing. An attack on the mainland is not impossible.

Maybe it’s time to make stop putting off those things you know you need to do.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • You know, a country as large and as well armed as the United States of America would be a very difficult nut to crack. Even if all the cities fell, there are massive rural areas with millions of armed people willing to fight for their country (remember Red Dawn?). The various alliances the US possesses (NATO, ANZUS treaty, one of the ‘Big 5’ on the UN, etc. etc.) would also ensure that crippling sanctions would go onto countries that either were attacking or supporting the attacking nation. Even if the deluded far left youth start the attacks, there simply isn’t enough of them to pose a real threat. The left is not full of deluded people, whatever you may think. An invasion would be bipartisan. The US might get into a WWIII situation, but the millions of citizens (including an estimated 3 million Preppers, which is more than the US military), as well as the most advanced military in the world would prevent any successful invasion, regardless of what happens (including disease, famine, EMP attack, nuclear war and biological attacks). If you think the US is going to allow an invasion, then you haven’t met its citizens, its military or its allies. Stay safe, and keep prepping 🙂

    • I don’t disagree that attempting to invade mainland US would be extremely difficult. But if WWIII does start, you have to remember that wars have their own momentum, and enemies attack even when an impartial observer would have deemed it totally irrational. Hitler attempted to invade Russia in spite that any military advisor would have told him it was a terrible idea.

  • Geese, I almost don’t know where to begin, but I’ll start with your nuclear scenario where you say: “Border and coastal areas would be most vulnerable to initial attacks by air or sea.” Do you seriously think that a nuclear WWIII would be limited to strikes against costal areas? China and Russia each possess sufficient warheads to wipe out the U.S., and we possess sufficient land and sea based retaliatory nuclear warheads to turn their countries into ash. If you were intent on attacking the U.S. with nuclear-armed missiles, why would you not wipe out the industrial and agricultural capacity that is located within our country, away from the coastal areas?

    Next: Trained and organized forces: You apparently do not realize that a significant portion of our military is stationed overseas. If WWIII broke out, how do you think these forces would be able to return to our shores? And by the way, we are already at the lowest point of military numerical forces since before the start of WWII, thanks to Obama. Moreover, the operational readiness of Air Force, Navy and Marine aircraft is shockingly low.

    I could go on, but this is a very poorly crafted article.

    • I don’t disagree with your conjecture regarding ability to obliterate the US, BUT I will say this; as a red-blooded patriot and older American of some knowledge of geopolitics, IF there is any sort of major conflict, it is likely that it will be because we provoked it, i,e, because we HAD to push confrontation with Russia over Crimea, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Korea or any number of countries where we, the US have been meddling, by way of USAID, NED, or any other attempt to overthrow governments. I, though extensive study and blogging/commenting on many websites have come to the conclusion neither Russia or China is going to Nuke us as a first strike. If anyone is going to 1st strike, it is us, since the deluded Neo-cons in Washington think we can take out one of them in a first strike. Since Russia has submarines off shore and has bases near Alaska and Aircraft off our airspace, such an idea is sheer lunacy or MAD as the acronym states. US needs to pull it’s horns in before they get us nuked! Don’t worry about so-called Russian aggression-ain’t happening. Ditto for China. Pakistan, maybe (they have nukes) (so does India). Best way to prevent this is with talks and treaties and mutual trade, not so called insistence on world military supremacy. (Neocons and old generals)

  • If Kim even dared to attack the US, he must understand that he would die rather quickly. That would create a power vacuum in North Korea – as I’m not sure who would even replace him.

  • Why is it assumed that the only threats come from outside the country? The internal ones are more dangerous. For starters, the secret government (deep state) has long had plans to annilhilate U.S. sovereignty in favor of the NWO, severely depopulating us en route. Check out the forecasts on Why have FEMA camps, coffins, and foreign military already been prepositioned all over the country? Why are there 22 Muslim compounds scattered throughout, practicing military manoeuvers? Research “Islamberg “in the New York Catskills. If these were compounds of patriots they would have been closed down long ago. Although we certainly SHOULD anticipate retribution for all the horrendous damage we’ve done worldwide, it looks to me like our real enemies are within, and if our present rioting, Soros-funded Bolsheviks don’t do the job right, then the outside world will have to finish us off.

  • Mexico is no wild card, Russia , China will promise them a piece of America. From South America to Mexico, the South of the border people will come with weapons in hand to get their land. Russia and China will come through Alaska. Canada will do nothing…

  • Good starting points, Daisy – and thank you also to my fellow readers who have already commented. What I don’t think anyone has brought up yet, is the possibility of non-nation-states doing Bad Stuff. It may not be Iran that nukes us, for example, but a rogue group of idjits from that region, stealing this item from one country & that item from another until they have what it takes to do that job.

    In addition to the low-IQ, unethical people who will band together outside of a specific nation, we have the Illuminati/Elites/banksters/whatever they are called this week. Some examples include Bill & Killary Clinton, Geo.Soros, etc. Fortunately for us, the factions quarrel amongst each other; if they didn’t, we’d have been toast long ago. As it is, some (among the far east? chinese perhaps??) have intentions of (as one example) using the deep-sea port at Haiti, Port-au-Prince, as a jumping-off place for an invasion of the US. Jealous South Americans would be exploited, I expect. The visions seen years ago by Youngblood and others all agree on some basic things: first, or early on, comes a major natural disaster — such as another New Madrid earthquake, multiplied many times. This physically splits the nation almost completely in half. Then our enemies/creditors come in to take advantage of the chaos and grab what they can to compensate at least some of the debt we owe them.

    For now… I have been told to get acquainted with the character of the 10 neighbors nearest us, to find out which (if any) can be trusted in a SHTF situation. Since people are busy, this takes a conscious and repeated effort. I do not expect people to reach out to me; instead I take the initiative; I reach out to the, I go next door/down the street, I initiate conversations, i offer help with yardwork or news of a great deal at walmart etc. A neutral comment about current events can gently probe for reactions to see what sort of person is standing in front of me. As a starting place, one can look online to see who owns what property nearby, (this is public information) & then check social media to see what sort of things they post to the public.

    I do not know whether the great earthquake will occur in my lifetime. I only know it is coming and will be a big factor in things.

    Some of these things are shown me in visions, dreams, etc, and I do not expect people to simply believe me without knowing me or my character. I just mention them because others have done so, and perhaps this will resonate with other readers.

    As one of my online heroes says, “Build tribe, train.” Acquire allies, get ready, try to get healthy, practice stuff. I’m no fan of bugs but I camp once in a while just to practice my fire-building skills. 🙂

  • Wow! I don’t know who is doing your graphics, but they are great.

    Just my opinion, but we are already being attacked from within by Chairman Brandon and his nut job loons. Who’s pulling his strings? China, Russia, the WEF/Schwab?

    • It´s the very American elites I´m afraid, Seminole Wind. Even the population is watching/divided/sleepwalking into it. Otherwise, there´d be a revolution.

      But it´s highly unlikely at this point, especially now that they´re already taking it to war. Proxy war for now, but war nonetheless. Another one.

      The rest of the world is not far behind, but for Americans the frame of reference is America that´s whay it´s so stupefying and confuse. Unfortunately, but this is the End-Of-Empire scritp. Everyone goes nuts.

  • If I hadn´t read the Deagal report nor witnessing how eagerly US is trying to start (yet another) war, this time with a serious enemy, I´d say this nuclear talk is pure doom and gloom juice. But not, if they´re correct.

    And in that case, there´s only two or three years to move out of US, UK, AU and maybe Europe. Not that other places would escape unscathed from a conflict of such scale, but SHTF is never evenly distributed so there´s that.

    Hope this is just another period of instability, fear and crazyness like we´ve lived through the 80´s, and soon everyone come back to its senses.

    • I agree, Nuclear war is just more doom and gloom juice. China needs more land to feed their people, so nuking us won’t happen. The Deagle report can come true just from the growing deaths from the vaxx, plus the add on deaths from the resulting confusion and destruction of the supply chain (food, medicines, fuel, and materials). A nuke EMP would result in 90% death rate, according to congressional testimony. Why actually have a full blown war with the resulting radioactive pollution?

      • I agree, an EMP seems more likely than nuclear bombs raining down all across the US. China wants our resources (as do others,) and these resources would be much easier to gain access to if our population was decreased drastically, and if the conquerors didn’t have to worry about residual radiation and destruction of our resources.

  • Like a fine wine, this article aged well!

    Only in hindsight will we (or should I say historians if there are any around/left) will be able to look back and say when/if WWIII started. That will be debated as to if US/West foreign policy (Eastward expansion of NATO) was the soft start, or the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was hard start.
    Right now, who cares.
    Fact is we are seeing the effects of the conflict happening half way around the world here, Mainland USA. In two days, I have seen the price of gas go up $0.20 cents. I dont think it will stop there. Inflation was already, to include fuel, on the rise. Civil unrest/strife I think are more of a outcome than a invasion from Russia (they seem kinda busy right now) or China (Taiwan).

    A year from now, we might look back as these were the good ol days.

    • 1StMarine, absolutely.

      The economic (and social) SHTF will come before an eventual nuclear SHTF, if that ever happens. I don´t think it will, but I´ve been wrong before many times.

      Either way the trainwreck in finance and economy, that´s already going off the rails and speeding. There´s no escaping it no matter what.

  • What do you mean “if” there’s an invasion. The invasion has been going on for decades. Asymmetrical warfare. The people aren’t carrying weapons, they ARE the weapons.

  • One thing to note, I live in an “anti-gun stronghold”, eastside Los Angeles. While it’s true that the actively voting majority are liberals who hate guns, there is also a HUGE population of gun owners that is often overlooked.

    There’s no doubt LA is rough, and that’s exactly why many households outside of the liberal pockets (hello Westside) own weapons. The more rough the neighborhood the more likely they are armed. The well-armed include the large populations of Mexicans, Koreans, Chinese, and Armenians who call many parts of LA home. People who came from places where self-defense was key to survival, or where the sting of oppressive governments remains fresh.

    I wouldn’t count out the rough pockets of good people who want to be left alone but will defend theirs by any means necessary.

  • An actual invasion of North America would be extremely difficult from a logistical standpoint alone. Even if an invader could get a sizeable enough force across the ocean, Keeping it fed, fueled, and resupplied while trying to subdue a huge landmass is almost in the too hard to do box. The Democrat Party is their best weapon.

  • WWIII started at least 2 years, 4 months ago. We are at war, but unlike previous wars, we are not at war with other countries, but almost every countries leadership is at war with it’s own people. The US has already been conquered thru subversion and people don’t even realize it. They will continue to make fake wars, release biological and chemical weapons, and start famines, all in attempts to drastically lower the worlds population. The vaxxed are dropping like flies, and that will only get worse, you can already count out 50% of them due to debilitating illnesses and death.

    Why? Because we’re entering into an ice age and have too many “useless eaters” that don’t benefit the globalists, and they will be a danger to the “elite” when they realize there is no food, supplies, or energy to keep them alive during this 50+ year event that is already starting. See Catherine Austin Fitts, or Clif High, or anyone who is really awake and willing to talk about it.

    Move to a southern state, preferably not at sea level, buy some property, plant lots of trees, start growing food, learn some skills, marry an unvaxxed person, and make babies. Grow your tribe, and your community, because the next 50-100 years will be a time of hardship, when we will grow as a people, and you children/grandchildren will come out the other side.

    Or, stay in the cities and die a cruel death.

  • A real WW3 scenario is a bogyman, who lives under your bed or in your closet. Very scary, but not real.

    Now there are elements that are listed in the article that are possible as stand alone events.
    The world today( whether we like it or not) is based upon a global economy. No one nation or even a small group of nations can survive for long with out being a part of that economy. One of the two biggest imports /exports of this global economy is food and Petroleum products (mainly crude oil). No nation is self sufficient enough in both these areas to stand alone, with out crippling it’s economy and risking a civil war.
    Corporate interests and Globalists control world politics. A small regional war like Iraq or Ukraine is good for business. Lots of arms sales, new military technology is sold. And after it is over all the reconstruction projects mean big bucks. A world war is a big loser, every business suffers and if it gets really nasty with Nukes or biologicals, it could be the end of all their business and money making.
    What drives today’s world is a far cry from the national politics and empire building of the old days.

    The one thing we should learn from these smaller wars is; civilians would be smart not to remain in the cities or expect to bug in in any location.
    Both sides will mistreat you, possibly kill you outright and consider will you as collateral damage, not as people who deserve to be respected and allowed to survive. Artillery, bullets and such, do not make exceptions when it comes to killing people.
    So you better not be in their way or be where the fighting is going on.

    An internal war, or Civil war is a far more likely scenario than a World war.

  • Our government has already been invaded by illegal COUP and taken over. Many of the things that could happen in the article has now happened and they just declared war on Russia.

  • There’s no question that world war III has started. China is desperate for food, thanks to a cooling climate that has resulted is greatly reduced harvests that last couple of years. Moscow wants to recover control of all the lands they had under their thumb after World War II as well as take the rest of Europe. The main thing that stands in the way of both Beijing and Moscow is the U.S., so there’s no question that we’ll be attacked, by nukes then invasion. The main question is when?

    First of all, nukes are not as deadly as many people make them out to be. There will be many people after the nukes hit who will look at the mushroom cloud wondering what happened? Why are they still alive? Secondly, there are many places where nukes are not effective, mostly due to terrain. Third, many locals are too small to merit a nuke, places like Muleshoe, TX. Yet taken together, those places house millions of armed Americans.

    As for the invasion, the enemy must have physical presence on the land in order to conquer it. As large as is the PLA, they can land with only a certain number of troops, because they need to keep some behind in China to keep the population under control. They also need to guard against India. While that doesn’t guarantee victory, it puts the odds in our favor. Don’t be surprised if they land with a couple of million troops. They have already smuggled in weapons and supplies for their army.

    Both their nuclear attack and following invasion depend on stealth and surprise. I expect it this summer.

  • We have already been invaded from within, and don’t forget all of the male refugees that were flown in from Afghanistan. There are 45 of them in my city alone. I am sure they are just waiting for the go signal. How do I know this? I am friends with the hotel owner who was paid handsomely to house them. He told me that our government paid him more than what he profits in an entire year just to take them in. “The money was just too good. I could not turn it down.” I said, “You do not realize what you have done!” I just wanted to choke him. I’m now living in Mexico.

  • The Biggest threat to the American people is from our own Government and those Technocratic Fascist Corporations they collaborate with. They are already here on our soil and in the process of carrying out their planned demolition of our Country and freedoms for the globalist’s control. Prepare for more internal distractions and false flags. Finally admitting this is the main problem, can we begin to counter their objectives. Solution to this is to “Starve the Beast, and demand Congressional Term Limits”

  • If an outside force attacked the US you can bet your last cent it will come from Herr Turdo. Turdope has all ready had Chinese troops in Canada and also recently brought over either UN, NATO or Chinese troops to crush the truckers convoy. You can see these troops in full view if you watch some of the streamed Youtube vids. Turdope loves China and is dedicated to destroying Canada. Much like the current “president” of the US is dedicated to destroying the US. Look at the actions and words of Shitty Pants and Blackface, these are evil, stupid pieces of flesh devoted to evil, chaos, destruction. Adrenochrome addicts are ruining and running the planet right now.

  • Revelations 17 and 18 in the bible. Babylon the Great. Get right with the lord it is all we have left. The end times are here.

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