New Zealand Baby Denied Surgery Because Parents Demanded mRNA-Free Blood

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper

I’ve talked before about why I think people with upcoming medical procedures need to start considering banking their own blood.* It appears that other people are now thinking the exact same thing. An unjabbed donor matching service has now started up – Safe Blood Donation.

They don’t store the blood. They just match you to somebody who is willing to give you unjabbed blood.

Here is an example of why this is important…

A baby was born in New Zealand. The little squirt had a heart condition, however – pulmonary valve stenosis – a hardening or narrowing of one of the valves in the heart that helps squirt blood to the lungs. It’s a fixable condition requiring surgery that the parents were desperate to get for their child.

They love their baby. They want the best for it.

And because of that love, they told the hospital that they would like to use unjabbed blood for the transfusion for the surgery. The parents knew the facts. They knew why.

But the doctors refused.

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The baby still hasn’t had the surgery performed yet, and this is why.

The government soon got involved, as a lawyer stepped in to appeal to the Auckland High Court for the baby to be forcibly taken from the parents, turned over to the state, and then to let the surgery proceed with whatever blood the hospital chose.

According to that lawyer, “a child with this condition would have been treated by now.”

In that, he’s absolutely right.

A child with that condition would have been treated by now, but that lack of care is not the result of the parents. That is a direct result of the healthcare “professionals.”

The parents were forced to get a lawyer who says that doctors at the hospital are saying the parents are conspiracy theorists and are dismissing their concerns.

There were a number of protestors in the area advocating on the family’s behalf. Reports indicate that 30 of them were unjabbed matches of the baby’s blood type and actively desired to give blood to that little baby. The healthcare workers are refusing to accept it because they claim these types of donations should only be done in special circumstances and it wouldn’t give them the blood they would need for the baby’s surgery.

How can 30 grown adults not provide enough blood for a four-month-old baby?

[Update: Current reports are now stating that there are no available donors who match the baby’s blood type.]

Check out some of these headlines to see the way this story is being spun.

[Update: the baby was taken from its parents and placed in state “protection” for the surgery to proceed with whatever blood was available.]

What has happened to healthcare?

  • What happens if a patient says that they do not eat pork? Do we shovel bacon onto every plate they get?
  • What if a patient says they only eat halal? Do we just give them whatever we decide they should eat?
  • If a patient asks for a Christian chaplain, do we then send up a druid?

Why are we being selective as to what type of care we give to certain patients? Since when did this become okay?

What on earth is the point of all that HR-mandated “diversity” and tolerance training if this is the culmination of it all? Is this tolerance of people with differing viewpoints? Or when we say “tolerance” now, do we really mean, “Shut up and abandon everything you believe in and be okay with everything that we do?”

Regardless of what you think about the jab, why, as a healthcare worker, would you want to force something on a patient that they do not want? Doesn’t this set a terrifying precedent?

Food for thought

So, again, if you live in the United States, you may want to consider banking your own blood if your health permits and you have a medical procedure coming up in the near future.

(There are clinics for this. Don’t pull a Kramer and put it in your freezer.)

If that’s not an option, then Safe Blood Donation sounds like a potential alternative.

Considering that the Red Cross, where 40% of donations come from, doesn’t label blood as either jabbed or unjabbed, nor do they believe that jabbed blood is unsafe, that’s really the only option I know of to ensure that you end up getting the “status” of blood that you would like. (In case you were wondering, you can bank your own blood at the Red Cross.)

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What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think the hospital was in the wrong or the parents? What would you do if a medical professional was trying to force something on a loved one that went against your beliefs? Let us know in the comment section below.

*None of this is medical advice, of course. If you’re looking for that, find a doctor that you trust.

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Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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    • You are absolutely right. I think the process started in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I remember stuff coming out about kids that died because their parents didn’t believe in medical care. The parents were fringe, cult type individuals but that was used to make the populace view anyone who doesn’t go along with the “mainstream” medical opinion appear as fringe and cult types. It was used to align the populace with the doctors and the “authorities”. Taking children away from parents who disagree with doctors over medical opinions has become so popular that it has a name: medical kidnapping. and Health Impact News are excellent resources on this topic.

  • Sadly this situation demonstrates two unfortunate realities.
    1. Parental Rights are purposely being eroded around the world.
    2. Patient’s Rights are purposely being eroded around the world.

  • What a sad world we’re seeing transpire right before our eyes. And this will be the norm over here in the US soon. Parents don’t have rights. Everyone does’nt have rights unless you group think.

  • Just yesterday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) had a panel on COVID vaccines.
    The four big points made were:
    1) Deaths in young and middle-aged people jumped around the same time the vaccines were administered.
    2) Side effects of heart inflammation, or myocarditis from the vaccines.
    3) Young people are at little risk to COVID. The same conclusion the scientists who wrote the The Great Barrington Declaration came too. Note, a FOIA request uncovered Fauci colluded with members at the CDC to discredit those very scientists.
    4) No strong trials have been held.

    In light of that, why would rational people question or be hesitant?

  • We are currently facing the possibility of my hubs getting a liver transplant due to a hereditary thing that we are in the process of confirming. I know there are places that won’t do transplants without The Poke. Given his medical history, neither of us will consent to that.
    I am very worried about the path we’re headed down, both as patients as well as a society when we are denied the right to decide what is best for ourselves (and our children). My sons are all in that “myocarditis window” of age. I absolutely will do whatever I can to protect them from it, even though they are Adults. Thankfully they all keep well informed–as their mama taught them. 😉

  • It’s a depop agenda of all ages now, not just the elderly. Vac have always been destructive. Here’s a link to a great article predating the big con. Anyone following this from the beginning knew that (dress rehearsal event 201, 2010 rockerfeller scenarios for the future).

  • This tells me the baby will be given tainted blood which will kill it, thereby negating the life-saving operation’s good effects. Evil agendas are no longer hidden.

    • I am not sure this blood will kill it–at least not right away. We don’t really know what mRNA will do in babies, but that’s the point. Since current varieties of Covid don’t seem to be a death sentence for kids, it makes sense to avoid experimental vaccines since there is a possibility there might be future negative reactions. We don’t know whether there will be increased inflammatory diseases (like asthma or arthritis, etc.) Perhaps nothing will happen at all.

      However, it is a reasonable concern and since this is not an emergency surgery (in which case the hospital might need to use whatever blood is on hand), it should be workable to use donors. I find it horrifying that the healthcare system could not accommodate this request.

  • This is so wrong at so many levels that it is not possible to make a rational comment. I’m out of words. That happens when the State is not working for the citizens anymore, but acting like if they are public property. New Zealand is now in my “Places I’m Not Going Now” list. Their loss.

    • Many of us won’t be going anywhere in the near future.
      No vax, no international travel
      UK is working an internal vax passports. No passport, you can’t leave your neighborhood.

  • New Zealand! The western world’s communist china copycat!
    I don’t understand why more folks haven’t left there.
    And I’m so horrified for the baby, and its parents.

  • I disagree with the parents here. Any surgery has an element of risk including the available blood supply. Do a cost/benefit analysis: will someone be more likely to fail due to lack of the procedure versus the tainted blood used? The jab is bad for some but most people keep going without blood clots and exploding hearts. Don’t fall into cult thinking.

    • I just did a cost/benefit analysis of you based on one post.

      May you never reproduce. Society will be richer for the void.

      • Cia, I’m not sure you’re getting the point. The baby can have the (non-critical at this moment) surgery with the donated non-vaxed blood. The hospital is refusing as it might create a disliked precedent. This is about total disregard for parent’s rights to make medical decisions for their kids, and to establish the local medical establishment’s right to control every aspect.

  • And now it begins, “we don’t like your choices, so we won’t treat you.” Isn’t this just another form of bigotry, Idiology rather than race.”

  • the med folks want the baby to die. full stop. then the vermin want to penalise the parents to pay for the baby’s death. med folks who continue to promote such care want their patients to die and for their estates and survivors to pay for such care.

  • I’m in New Zealand and this headline is incorrect. The baby has never been denied surgery, it’s the parents stopping it due to wanting unvaccinated blood. What has been pathetic is our blood donation service saying’it would be too tricky’ to use blood from the people who have volunteered their blood. It’s a total cop-out.

  • This is not ok. The parents are being denied their God given rights to love and protect their child as they see fit. They are doing nothing wrong. God helps us all.

  • Anyone remember Justina Pelletier? She was shoved into psychiatric intensive care because Boston Hospital believed the parents were abusive and her stomach pain was all in her head. BH monitored her letters, visits, and phone calls with her parents.It turned out she had mitochondrial disease, from which she still suffers. Her parents sued BH & lost as the jury said that BH wasn’t really a meanie and did the best that they could. ???? The world has gone crazy.

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