In Defense of “Crazy” Conspiracy Theories

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By the editor of The Conspiracy Files: “Crazy” Theories That Turned Out to Be True

Conspiracy theories. What to some is a sign of critical thinking is, to others, a sign of dangerous insubordination.

I was taught by my father that a good argument can stand up to criticism and that finding someone who disagreed was a fine way to test your theory. I’ve never been too bothered when folks disagree with me. In fact, I’m eager to know why. I want to learn whether or not I’m missing something.

But these days, it seems that I’m in the minority.

The “danger” of conspiracy theories

The term has long been used in a derogatory fashion to belittle the ideas of a person who doesn’t necessarily accept that everything can be taken at face value.  These days, it’s used to denote a train of thought that is downright dangerous, even an existential threat to civil society.

What’s everyone so afraid of?

Normies – folks who aren’t big questions of the status quo – used to just shake their heads and smile at the “quirky” conspiracy theorist in their life. They considered it a harmless past-time, an eccentricity.

However, now we have the media breathlessly warning people of the innate deadly danger of conspiracy theories and the people who espouse them. Outright FEAR is being stoked. Let’s take a closer look.

The FBI warning

Back in 2019, the FBI said that conspiracy theories posed a domestic terrorism threat:

“The FBI assesses anti-government, identity based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely motivate some domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to commit criminal and sometimes violent activity,” the document said. “The FBI further assesses in some cases these conspiracy theories very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the likelihood of violence against these targets.”

The document continued to say that the bureau reached its conclusion “with high confidence” and based on information it obtained from other federal agencies, open source information, court documents, FBI investigations, and human sources.

Yep, this is the same FBI whose own documents concluded that they had investigated the Trump campaign without justification. The one whose director was caught violating DOJ policies and breaking protocol in a lackluster investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Pardon me if I’m not too worried about what the FBI thinks.

The academic warning

Then we have the people who consider themselves smarter than the rest of us: the academics. The website “The Conversation” boasts that their content “is written by university scholars and researchers with deep expertise in their subjects, sharing their knowledge in their own words.”

So it must be true, right?

Anyway, a postdoctoral research fellow in philosophy warns us of the “dangers” of conspiracy theories. He kindly dumbs it down for the peons by comparing it to “the floor is lava.”

When a child declares that “the floor is lava,” few if any believe the declaration. But that child, and others, begin to act as if the declaration were true. Those who do may clamber onto furniture, and repeat the declaration to others who enter the space. Some children play just for fun, some play to show off their climbing and jumping skills, and some play to appease the child who initiated the game.

Some kids quickly tire of the game and wish to stop playing, but like or respect the child who initiated the game, and don’t want to upset that person by stopping. As the game progresses, some take it too seriously. Furniture is damaged, and some get injured while attempting to leap from one raised surface to another. The lava is fake, but real things get broken.

More seriously, when Donald Trump claimed that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged,” some officials and ordinary citizens acted accordingly. Whether out of sincere belief, partisanship, loyalty to Trump or financial opportunism, many Americans behaved as if the 2020 election was unfairly decided.

Some people acting as if the election conspiracy theory were true assembled in Washington, D.C., some stormed the Capitol building and, behind the scenes, some developed a scheme to submit fake slates of electors supporting Trump’s reelection despite his loss at the ballot box. The people involved in these activities could count on the support of others who endorsed the rigged election claim, even if these endorsements were largely insincere.

The costs of acting as if the 2020 election were rigged are no doubt greater than those for acting as if the floor is lava. The costs of acting as if the 2020 election were rigged led to millions of dollars worth of damage to the Capitol building, led to hundreds of arrests for Capitol rioters, led to multiple deaths and imperiled American democracy.

My goodness, that’s a lot of rhetoric, isn’t it?

I guess he missed that documentary 2000 Mules, huh? Of course, a journalist on NPR said that 2000 Mules is a “wild tale” and a “conspiracy theory” with “absolutely no evidence.” Heck, it’s downright “extremism.”

But the film is the latest in a long line of movies that use the tropes and signifiers of documentaries to gain credibility. In recent years, documentary style films about the 2020 election, the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines have spread conspiracy theories and recycled debunked lies.

“Documentaries have been used for decades to try to make bad actors and folks who are trying to push conspiracies or push disinformation or push a specific political agenda look more professional, look glamorous, look like something that you can believe,” said Jiore Craig, head of elections and digital integrity at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which tracks online extremism.

My question is: what makes their conspiracy theory more valid than the original conspiracy theory?

The “assault on democracy” warning

The Economist interviewed Nancy Rosenblum and Russell Muirhead about the “dangers” of conspiracy theories. They are the co-authors of the book, A Lot of People Are Saying: The New Conspiracism and the Assault on Democracy. Nancy and Russell call it “conspiracy without the theory,” claiming it’s all nothing more than baseless accusations and somebody ought to do something about it. (Emphasis mine.)

The new media—social media, of course, but even basic things like internet message boards—challenge the traditional gatekeeping function of editors and producers. Today anyone can say anything to everyone in the world instantly and for free. And because validation of conspiracy claims takes the form of repetition and assent, even the most casual “likes” and “retweets” give authority to senseless, destructive charges (“a lot of people are saying”). We are seeing the political effects of this change and one of the first things we’re seeing is the spread of a politically malignant form of conspiracy without the theory.

Can the same technology that disseminates charges like “fake news” or the “deep state” also disempower it? Can political representatives and citizens who grasp the effects of conspiracism, the way it delegitimises democratic institutions, exile it again to the fringes of political life? No one has figured out how to do this yet, short of some form of public- or corporate-censorship of egregious conspiracy-entrepreneurs like Alex Jones or, what is now unthinkable, censoring irresponsible political officials who endorse conspiracist claims.

Nancy and Russell believe we need to defer to the scholars.

The counter-force comes from the authority of knowledge-producing institutions (that is, courts, expert-staffed agencies, research universities) on one side, and democratic common sense on the other. Wherever conspiracism is reshaping public life, two preventatives are vital: to defend the integrity of knowledge-producing institutions and bolster confidence in the ballast of common sense.

After all, it’s only “rational.”

Interestingly, painting women as irrational and hysterical was a tool that was used to oppress them for centuries. But I guess it’s A-OK to do that to political opponents.

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The thing is, conspiracy theories are often more valid than the “news.”

When you read those arguments in a bubble, they sound perfectly reasonable. It’s only when you look at them through the lens of the things going on in the United States, and heck, the world, that you see how stifling it is.

For a decade, I’ve written about “conspiracy theories.” I’ve shared information and suggested that while it might seem innocent at first, it’s a slippery slope. Then people call me crazy, and then the next thing you know, we’ve slid down that slippery slope, and when we’re in a pile at the bottom, nobody steps up and says, “Whoops, I guess you were right.

Instead, they memory-hole (thanks, Orwell) their initial (incorrect) arguments and gaslight us, acting as though they never disagreed with us in the first place.

That’s why I put together a PDF book this week with many of the “conspiracy theories” I’ve written about over the past ten years. The Conspiracy Files: “Crazy “Theories That Turned Out to Be TRUE is a limited run – the book will only be available this week. It discusses propaganda, censorship, Covid-19, the Ukraine war, the election, the Great Reset, dangerous technology, and much more. It’s 543 pages, and I think, if you are a conspiracy theorist like me, you’ll find it very interesting how many of these “crazy conspiracy theories” turned out to be true. You can get your copy here, and it’s name-your-price.

Repeatedly, we’ve seen our theories and opinions publicly mocked, the purveyors of those opinions defunded and shunned, and the people who believe them belittled and degraded. Sure, some conspiracy theories are truly nuts – but the beauty of free speech means that we can decide for ourselves through research and reason what we believe to be the most accurate portrayal of the facts.

If you think about the scientific method, it all starts with a theory. Then the person tests it and holds it up for examination to see whether or not it’s true. Why are conversations looked at differently? I should be able to provide my evidence and converse with someone who provides evidence to the contrary. Nobody should be cast as a villain for that, but it seems rather villainous to silence people for daring to believe something other than what the media tells us is true, without question.

Of course, I guess us thinking for ourselves instead of believing what we’re spoon fed is what makes conspiracy theories so darned dangerous.

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What about left-wing conspiracy theories?

The argument that conspiracy theories are dangerous often overlooks left-wing conspiracy theories. All of the things below have been proven objectively WRONG but nobody seems to think these are dangerous.

  • That conservative kid from Covington was disrespectful to the Native American guy
  • Donald Trump colluded with the Russians
  • The Covid pandemic started in a wet market because someone ate a bad bat
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop didn’t exist
  • Covid vaccines will keep you from getting Covid

There are a whole bunch more and most of them are about President Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, he didn’t say that neo-Nazis were very fine people and he did not tell folks to drink bleach to cure Covid.

Nobody in the mainstream media is running around calling these attacks on the former President a threat to democracy. Nobody in academia is calling the nonsense about Covid that destroyed our very economy dangerous. In fact, you have to really dig to find out anything about those subjects online and a lot of folks still believe them.

I’d say that there was a coverup of left-wing conspiracy theories but then I’d sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist.

What are your thoughts on conspiracy theories?

I’ll proudly wear the tin foil. I refuse to just “absorb” the opinions of the mainstream media. Conspiracy theories give me another perspective, another way of looking at the world. And it’s a way I’m free to take or leave. Just like I should also be free to take or leave what passes for “news” these days.

I’m not saying you need to be delusional, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with questioning things, coming up with a theory, and having a conversation about it. Obviously, you shouldn’t use those questions to harm others. Folks who act in violence based on a conspiracy actually are crazy, regardless of whether that is a left-wing or right-wing conspiracy theory. There will always be crazy people out there. But most people don’t do that. They just discuss it and ask questions.

Long live the conspiracy theory and the freedom to discuss things.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Are you “dangerous?” Do you think those conspiracy theories are something that should be silenced? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

About Daisy

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at SelfRelianceand You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I think I saw this on John Wilder’s blog:

    What’s the difference between conspiracy theories and the Truth?
    About 9 months.

    And as to being considered dangerous?
    If you aren’t already on Someone’s List, you aren’t trying hard enough.
    h/t Aesop.

    Theory vs Govt propaganda? I go with theory every time. If a politician’s lips are moving, he/she/whatever is lying. Even the “good” ones have an agenda. The Truth lies in “how do they vote?”

  • ZH writers compiled a little more comprehensive list last night.???? A partial list of conspiracy theories our left leaning brothers and sisters gobbled up as truth.

    On the right leaning side of the spectrum there was the Q crowd that hoovered up Q crap with an equally embarrassing appetite.

    My barometer of a conspiracy theory being close to, if not completely, accurate is the amount of opposition and attention it gets from .gov and the MSM water donkeys.

  • The problem with Conspiracy Theories is that many of them turn out to be true, or contain a lot of truth. You don’t have to be a Astrophysicist to question an Election where there were many Shenanigans pulled, and despite the claims that it was the most secure election in our history, when there were obvious breeches of that security. Especially when the party that comes to power immediately begins seeking to change Election Law in their favor.
    The examples of CT’s that turn out to be true are many, and as Daisy has done, fill a book. The question still remains what’s true and what’s not, and how to we discern the truth when the experts, the Media, Politicians and Academia have lied to us so much in the past, one’s a Fool to trust anything they spew forth?
    Sure, we can vote the miscreants out of office, or attempt to, but when the vote is manipulated on so many levels, there’s no guarantee the reprobates will be removed.
    Right now, with this current Regime, the US resembles a Banana Republic more and more every day. Next Tuesday’s Election may very well decide the fate of our country.

  • Back in 2020 Daisy posted this excellent article

    7 Things That Used to Be “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” Until 2020 Happened,
    by Daisy Luther, November 23, 2020

    Plus 61 Comments.

    Two of those comments were mine which I’m reposting here:

    A little history of US government conspiracies

    The US government through its many management changes starting in the early 1900s has been a nonstop generator of conspiracies they have predicably denied ever since. From the time that secret British money was sneaked over in 1912 to fund the Ross Perot style of a Teddy Roosevelt third party challenge to knock Taft off to guarantee the British favorite Woodrow Wilson would get elected, being lied to by government has been the order of the day.

    In 1915 German intelligence learned of the illegal munitions on board the Lusitania that would be carrying many Americans from the US to England, and attempted to warn Americans via about 30 US newspaper ads NOT to sail under such high risk conditions. The Wilson administration managed to get all but a couple of those ads killed. Though many Americans were killed when German torpedoes sank that ship, it was not enough yet to push America into that European civil war as the British had hoped. Possibly the assistant secretary of war then, FDR, learned his lesson that such damage needed to be far greater when he planned the Pearl Harbor disaster beginning in 1940.

    But before Pearl Harbor there was the great forced vaccination of American GIs in training in 1918 prior to shipping off to Europe. The Rockefeller Institute took advantage of the US Army’s adoption of a mandatory vaccination system that dated to 1911. The GIs at Ft Riley, Kansas had zero choice about taking that jab of a poorly tested horse vaccine. They began getting sick immediately. That didn’t stop the Rockefellers from selling that vaccine to several other countries. The damage was so bad that estimates of deaths from what became covered up as the “Spanish Flu” ranged from 50 to 100 million people worldwide — including more German deaths than they suffered in combat. That deception has continued even through today.

    Before Pearl Harbor FDR’s Wall Street backers wanted both war in Asia and in Europe. By August of 1940 FDR’s government had located a Navy intelligence officer who as a little 4-year-old boy had been stationed with his parents in Port Arthur, Russia at the time to witness the Japanese surprise navy’s assault which destroyed the Russian fleet in 1904. Robert Stinnett’s book “Day of Deceit” tells how that young officer devised a plan in August of 1940 that would force Japan to commit that same act against the US. FDR followed that plan exactly and the bogus “surprise” attack on Dec 7, 1941produced the results that the Wilson government couldn’t achieve with their treachery on the Lusitania. And of course the few who learned the truth and published it were trashed unmercifilly in the captive media of that day.

    In 1963 two weeks prior to the JFK murder, two US Army trained crypto operators who were stationed in France and Scotland (and who did not know each other) independently picked message traffic about planning the JFK hit. Part of that discussion involved whether they would blame the killing on a communist or a negro. Both of those guys reported to their superiors what they had learned, and both were suppressed into mental hospitals [Stalin style]. It should be no surprise that the CIA slapped a classified label on those details which remained sealed until only a couple of years ago when Trump declassified it.

    Oh, one of many ways that JFK had crossed swords with the military-industrial complex (to use Eisenhower’s label) was to shut down Operation Northwoods which was a plan that the highest level of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had approved … to attack targets in Miami to be blamed on Castro to justify a full scale invasion of Cuba (which could have risked a war with Russia). That was one of the few such conspiracies that was actually shut down in time.

    Since that time the details of more recent conspiracies are more well known. After the OKC bombing of the Murrah building to be blamed solely on Timothy McVeigh and the slow speed explosive ammonium nitrate in his truck, Ret General Benton Partin (who had been a munitions development specialist for the USAF) came on short wave (that I was privileged to hear) to explain that the cutting of the vertical steel girders in that building could ONLY have been done with high speed military explosives. Of course the investigating grand jury foreman (who was pushing for further investigations beyond McVeigh that the federal government opposed) was replaced to keep that investigation within federal limits.

    In even more recent times, is there anyone who yet does not know that in the 9/11 destruction that WTC 7 was never hit by an airplane but came down on its own footprint some seven hours after the others? It normally takes about two months of skilled work to set up a building that size for a controlled demolition to produce such precise results.

    Little wonder that the late CIA director William Casey in an early February 1981 staff meeting in the Roosevelt room of the West Wing of the White House was witnessed to say that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Is there anybody left who does not believe that the US government lives and bleeds on conspiracies?


    Shortly thereafter I also posted this observation:

    In defense of Daisy’s article, (with global reach and credibility) just reprinted her entire article this evening at 8pm, Eastern Time:


    As of today (Nov 5, 2022) the earliest snapshots of that reprint still appear on but without any of the comments. Then zerohedge created their “premium content” (fee-accessible only) section which means you can’t see Daisy’s article reprint there without paying zerohedge first. So Daisy’s original link for that article is still the best and most complete resource.


  • It depends some times about the credibility of the messenger; when Pierre Jovanovic, independent journalist on his website said 5 years ago that: “The banks want to make disappear cash in the hands of people” , he was surnamed by the journal Le Monde “the Pope of fake news”, but a few months ago, the same newspaper Le Monde said the same thing, no excuse towards Pierre Jovanovic for saying the truth, just the mindset: “Business as usual, nothing wrong on that, people, get used to it!”

  • “I need new conspiracy theories! All my old ones keep coming true!”

    I think the difference in “conspiracy theories,” has changed, or the socially accepted definition of what “conspiracy theory,” is has changed.
    Used to be you could be talking with a group of friends of a given topic, and think out loud about a alternate possibility that was not outside the realm of possibility. Friends could say they could or could not see the possibility. Generally lead to lively and interesting conversation. But it was food for thought.

    Then there was your old uncle at Thanksgiving, after having three or more (likely 9 PBRs) in him, starts ranting about dimensional beings taking over key world leaders, scientists, and CEOs of major companies, while they promote to the unwashed masses a sedentary lifestyle consuming highly processed food stuff, distracting mindless entertainment in forms of TV and gaming, dumbing down society as a whole, and even getting them to question reality and their own common sense . . . wait a minute . . . I might have to pay closer attention to uncle come this Thanksgiving (that was a joke).

    Regardless, in the past we could easily identify what was a wwaayyy out there conspiracy.

    Now, you even suggest a possible alternative, and you get slammed as a (insert whatever here) denier.
    A poll showed 16% of people would of changed their vote had they known more about the Hunter Biden laptop, the one that MSM and social media did everything they could to keep it out of the news. So, in a sense could that have been rigging the election?
    A recent Democrat whistleblower went on record, signed a sworn affidavit that illegal ballot harvest has taken place for years in African American communities in and around the Orlando FL area. My question is, if this was going on in Orlando, has it been going on in other major cities? Enough to affect election outcomes?
    In light of this information, is questioning the 2020 election still being an “election denier?”

    Frankly I find the recent push by everyone from academia, to politicians, the MSM, and world leaders to censor free speech, and blindly accept whatever it is they say, as truth. “Free speech is a danger to democracy!” they proclaim.

    Kinda sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t?

    • Okay, 1stMJ, you had to know I’d comment here.
      1: You quoted one of my favourite memes.
      2: Dimensional beings tells me that you’ve more than likely read David Icke at some point, even though you claim it was your “uncle”.

      Personally, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I really believe that the term was coined by those in power to denigrate people who have the audacity to challenge their narrative. And let’s be honest, the left has become the masters at marginalizing those that don’t toe the line. (Cancel culture anyone?)

      It’s become harder nowadays to NOT believe in some kind of conspiracy theory. When you have the people in power standing up in front of the nation telling you outright lies, and expecting you to believe it, it’s hard to not become suspicious of their motives. When their attitude becomes, “don’t believe the facts, but what we tell you!” It has to make you question what is happening, and what their end goal is? The preponderance of “gaslighting” has only led to more and more theories – conspiracy or not.

      I find it very funny that we can have public figures stand up and claim, “I’ve never said that!” Then when video PROOF comes out that they did in fact make that statement, the MSM will not cover it, or even ask them about it. They will double down and state even more vehemently that they never made that statement. And the scariest thing is that a large percentage of people will believe them, rather than the hard evidence to the contrary.

      I’ll end here with another prime example. “TRUST THE SCIENCE!” But then you come out and tell me there are 92 different genders. That’s NOT science – that’s feelings. Science (biology) tells me that genders are denoted by XX and XY chromosomes – and there are only two. But when you continue to push your agenda as science, as truth, in spite of facts, it has to make people wonder what’s behind such a blatant lie. Is that a conspiracy? I don’t know. What I do know is the more blatant lies you tell me, the more likely I am to believe exactly the opposite.

      • The Lone Canadian,
        Good post.
        I think a lot of cancel culture, gaslighting, the narrative being pushed is due to the general public loss of faith and trust in not only the press, academia, and the government.
        Funny thing is, they blame everyone (to include the public) but themselves whereas they did it to themselves.

    • “I need new conspiracy theories! All my old ones keep coming true!”

      And the other golden oldie: “Conspiracy Theory = Spoiler Alert”

  • Conspiracy theories are a two edged sword. They must be taken that way, as they are just theories.
    They can also be Propaganda designed to stir you up and give false perceptions. So one must be careful with them.

    Unfortunately lately so many of them seem to be coming out as Truth. But that still does not allow one to throw all caution to the wind and wildly embrace them as fact or at face value. Most are based in some kind of a basic truth. Then they expand into imaginary scenarios, based upon that scrap of Truth.
    So they need to be handled with extreme care. No matter how much we want to believe them.
    Similar to them, are the many SHTF scenarios that people prep for. Scenarios that currently have nothing more than a scrap of truth to them.
    The Yellowstone Super volcano erupting is one of them. Scientists have shown that its erupting has the probability of 1 in 730,000 or 0.00014 percent. A person has a 1-in-15,300 chance of getting struck by lightning in their lifetime.
    A far great chance of being struck by lightning, but few people prep for that.

    Could a Yellowstone eruption happen? Yes. If a full scale eruption occurred, it would be catastrophic and no amount of prepping would save you, if you lived in the West or mid Western US. Yet people still cling to that theory and prep for that eventuality.
    There was also the Y2K Doom, the 2012 Doom scenarios and others that people have fallen for. So falling for bad theories is not just relegated to Conspiracy topics!

    Beware and do your own independent research and don’t get sucked into this stuff.

  • If I may indulge in a bit of nitpicking regarding “If you think about the scientific method, it all starts with a theory”…

    The scientific method starts with a hypothesis. It becomes a scientific theory if it is found to make sense through the use of experiments and observation. That’s why you have the Theory of Gravity, the Theory of Evolution, and so on.

  • A different take: Recently The Atlantic (yeah, I know) posted an article titled “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty.” In the piece, the author argues they didn’t know, uncertainty abound. Everyone one should forgive and forget.
    Yet those who favored the lockdowns even if it meant job losses, destruction of small businesses, loss of lives by moving those with COVID back into nursing homes, calling for the unvaxxed to be refused healthcare, etc. they called those people “conspiracy theorists!” “Science deniers!” “They want to kill grandmaw!”
    So, what about now?
    Pandemic amnesty. Forgive and forget.

    I dont think so.

      • I read it. It’s pretty. It’s heartwarming. But personally, for me, it’s not realistic. Apologies (and we haven’t heard any of those) cannot make up for the willful ignorance practiced by a large percentage of people, and the acts that they committed in the name of public safety. THEY discriminated against us, attacked us, and attempted to take away our rights and destroy our lives. Now we, the victims, are supposed to just forgive and forget. I notice that nobody asks a murder victims family, or a rape victim to just forgive and forget.

        Now, two years later you want to come sucking up to me after you treated me like shit. I know I’m not a very good Christian when I say, “fuck ‘em”.

  • Conspiracy theories are, by definition, created when there seems to be a lie, or a coverup of the truth. When the narrative does not match accepted facts. With our present government and media feeding us blatant lies on a daily basis, is it any wonder that there are more conspiracy theories flying around today than ever? Daisy talks about the many conspiracy theories that have come true. Did they actually come true, or did the preponderance of facts just finally win out – facts that were there all the time, and often plain to see.

  • Yes yes yes, agree, agree, agree…lol is that a conspiracy lol…, All said here’s One that will literally BLOW our minds (maybe not some minds) so tomorrow is 11/6 2022 AND if you know ‘their’ number usage you’ll realize that 11 (November) 6th (tomorrow) equals 11/6 = 66 and 2022 (year) as well adds a 6 to our calculations totaling 666

    There is so much more to this but Guarantee tomorrow will NEVER be forgotten whoever you are this will then no longer be conspiracy but Fact.

    Anyone wants more TRUTH directions, ASK, I’d love to chat more.

    Sincerely’N’TRUTH d’Anthony

  • Many conspiracy theories are like a dog chasing a car … even if you “catch” it, there’s nothing you can do with it, except bark at it.

  • Of all the wild happenings of the last couple years, I think what has surprised me most is how peaceable the MAGA and other conservative people have been. After Jan 6, the Deep State promoted many other gatherings hoping for another false flag. We were warned, nearly all stayed away, and the few that went were not violent. I am not a bit surprised that most Conservatives realize that violence is the fastest way to lose. I am surprised that they haven’t been able to fool the craziest hundred out of 100 million.
    “Democracy” is another matter. The glory of America was a REPUBLIC, not mob rule, which is what the Left is working for. The Truth promoted by Conservatives and other Truthers is indeed a threat to “our Democracy” meaning by a tiny elite with the help of screaming dumbed-down masses. Not a violent threat–the violent threat is the Left.
    I do get furious reading about “baseless” claims of election fraud after the mules (some of which have been arrested and charged), the thousands of Arizona “voters” who did not exist, the election videos showing sudden losses of votes on Trumps side (really? a few thousand votes can disappear?) and reappear on Biden’s side, the vans showing up at 3 am and on and on and on and on. Those “baseless” parroters have TAKEN AWAY MY RIGHT TO VOTE. Our immigrants taking a citizenship test have to say the right to vote is the most valued American Freedom (not to me), and then we can’t demand any integrity in it?
    But fixing the sundry horrors cannot be done by violence. It takes searching for election information before you vote, and refusing to cast any ballot without knowledge. It takes “starving the beast” by using cash for all possible transactions and lawfully cutting one’s tax obligations. It takes making friends with your neighbors and only sharing information they can accept. It takes persistent announcement of facts like what the madicines (lol–that was a typo, but too true to correct) really do.
    Our enemies are screaming. That means we are winning. Keep it up Patriots–Responsible adulthood, tell the truth, calmly starve the Beast, pray and worship the Creator as you see fit.

  • Whenever someone labels it something as a conspiracy that’s a sign that it is something worth looking into.

    These people always tell you what they are gonna do and now where to look. Too funny, they are.

  • Jesus told us in the bible history that “there would always be lots of conspiracies.” The Satanic conspiracy against the faithful “children of the seed of the woman” has been running from the very beginning. “The fake Jews” Jesus told us about were the ones who crucified Him. They are the same blood line families (old money) that are behind everything still going on today. But PPL don’t really believe in Christ, and they quit listening to the church with the big split. It was after this time that their plans against the church went from attacking the church from the outside to infiltrating and corrupting everything from the inside. They attempted the takeover in 1903 and failed. They succeeded in 1958 and we have not seen a valid pope to this day. Money control and taking over countries was their first priority and they succeeded. Destroying all the Catholic kingdoms and the only ones that remain are the Satanic ones. They are so interbred that they are all psychopaths! There is a big split between the Jews PPL have missed because it happened when the temple was destroyed in 70 AD. The Tora (books of Moses) Jews and the Satanic Jews, the Jews of the Talmud (writings of the high priests) teaching- “Mary was a whore. And Jesus is up to his neck in excrement in hell.” That we are the same as cattle and we and this whole world are their inheritance. Every jubilee (7 years) they forgive each other’s debts and return all stolen property. But not for us! This is how they have retained their wealth threw out time. They have set up charitable trusts and use them as their private banks. They own nothing and pay no taxes. We trust the liars that they are really spending the $ for good and trust accounting #’s that they feed us. They call us crazy because we find their conspiracies and seek proofs. And as they are discovered they scramble to pass laws that corrupt our God centered laws to protect their actions. They deny the words of Jesus that there are conspiracies. The church decreed that NO Christian could join a secret society, communism, or freemasonry under pain of mortal sin and excommunication and barred from heaven. All these societies are Satanic controlled at the top. The average person cannot believe that they are all connected and working in unison. How is that possible? They cannot believe because they don’t understand evil, they don’t believe in Jesus, and they do not hear the church and all her warnings. They have believed the lies because they are veiled in pretty little feel-good promises. Social justice v spiritual personal good works. The fellowship or brotherhood of man. Again, denying Gods teaching of the first brothers- Cain killed Able! This is the true brotherhood of man devoid of God. The Bohemian grove Satanic ritual of the death of care is a satanic curse to silence what conscience they have left to the evil they will do in the coming year. Like killing us. What part of “kill, steal, and destroy” do we not understand. Many so-called Christians say they believe in Jesus but do not believe in a real devil. They do not see the different levels of sin. I have heard repeatedly “God loves me just the way I am!” That “baptism forgives all sins.” “Once saved, always saved.” Sorry, that is a lie from the pits of hell. Baptism is not a free ticket to heaven. The covenant has rules! We are not to tolerate public known sinners in our midst. The lemmings of Satan are forcing us to not only tolerate sin but to elevate it, sanctify it, and force it on us under laws. God demands we fight against evil laws. But christians turn on believers when we warn that our first duty is charity (love) to God. That we are to turn them out to be chastised by Satan or if they harm society to execute them. They pervert charity. Correcting, chastising, and applying Gods principles are replaced with celebrating the sin and sinner. It doesn’t look like all churches are coming together under one roof, but they are. This is spiritual. The one world religion has taken shape under the harlot’s decrees. “All religions lead PPL to god.” ” it is now a sin to proselytize anyone to the true faith.” And at the top they have sacrificed children on the bones of Peter at the Vatican. Prior to 1958 the valid Popes began to write their decrees not to the bishops but to the Laite. Why the change, who caught it? Because the infiltrators had surrounded the Popes, they could not do what needed to be done. And all they wrote were instructions to the lambs on how to survive in these tribulation times. Yes, all real Cath’s are post trib! Those who believe otherwise will lose the faith or go crazy. If you don’t have the true apostles’ teachings on how to view the words of the bible, you will get things wrong. 1 error will pollute everything in understanding. The harlot, the apostate bride of Christ. The true faith! A traitor to Christ. The beast= error. #7=complete. Heads of beast= deadly sins. The 7 deadly sins! Only the cath church has a governmental structure set up to deal with principalities. And that hill to power was climbed when the Poop Frances declared the church was on board with the UN agendas. You see all church leaders signed on in the 70’s to lead their Laite into the agenda. The pastors signed a satanic contract with the NWO. It is only now that the true teachers of the faith, who have been forced out or fled the church, are now calling us “out of Her!”. In the 1500’s many left the true faith to bring back divorce and joined the forces to destroy the family. Convert or die! Moses permitted it because of the stubbornness of the PPL. Not bc God approved. God doesn’t change! God say’s “my children know my voice.” So how do we know when He is calling us out of the harlot? He said to the apostles ” he who hears you, hears me!” How many today believe there is 1 true church and care about the valid apostles teaching line? Not many. Satan has spread so many lies, 1/2 truths, and perversions against the true faith that everyone believes- it all must be true. So they refuse to seek or even approach. And today with the horrific public sins of the traitors and infiltrators sullying the brides’ white robes, how to overcome the lies? Who will stand still for 2022 years of history and corrections. We are all praying for repentance and conversion to save this country and peace for the world. But will God hear our prayers? When He tells us He will not look on a soul in sin! Baptism only forgives original sin and all personal sins up to that point in time. Then without the sacrament of the confessional (the power of the keys to forgive or not forgive sins) is denied by most today. Just like the forever Priesthood God promised us. “You are a Priesthood forever by the order of Melchizedek.” 12 tribes- 11 had blood sacrifice, only Melchizedek did the bread and wine. Porten of the perfected sacrifice to come. The gravest lie from hell is God is not present in the bread and wine, against Jesus own words. Well, they are right in a sense. Only a valid Priest has the power to call down God into our daily bread. So memory alone is idol worship. Ooh a biggy! Yes, Christ died once and for all. But that sacrament goes backward and forward in time for all. The sacrament is the unbloody memory of the bloody sacrifice of God. That is the memory 1/2, the whole is all in your definition of the word “IS”. “This is my body and blood!” “Most walked away.” Every split off-walks away! “If you don’t receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ, you will have NO LIFE IN YOU!” Another lie PPL believe is no good god would send anyone to hell. Where do they get that? Maybe the miss translation where Jesus descends into hell after the cross and brings up the dead as ghosts. It was the place of the dead (in the faith) not hell! The imperfect sacrifices of the jews were waiting for the perfect sacrifice. Or we could call it by its new name- purgatory. PPL always say there is nowhere in the (bible only) the church called Catholic. Well, there is too. Jesus prayed for the apostles that they be one. And universal in faith. Catholic translated back is universal. And apostle means student of the rabbi. When Christ ascended, they were no longer students. Rabbi=teacher. Jesus ordered them to teach the whole world the faith without change. They were taught, elevated to teacher, rabbi. Bishop. It’s all in the teachers you chose! Wolf, hireling, or the ones sent! I blame no one. Hundreds of years of satanic lies have done their work. If you are still seeking only God’s truth the Holy Spirit will lead you home. But if you are of the mind that baptism, does it all and your shit don’t stink then you are doomed. Many new order, new faith catholics (small c has meaning) see the errors but do not leave bc they are attached to the world and the buildings. That the church must be visible to the world, so they remain. But WE are the church who retain the true faith, not a building or imposters. The world now sees a Pope the world can love. He now acknowledges us and accepts our divergent teachings as valid. “All roads lead to Christ.” But they teach that all men are Christ and religion is for men, not the worship due God. Not a sacrifice but a celebration meal. Devoid of life or the forgiveness of sins. But soon when Satan is revealed he will no longer permit you to worship self. Every knee will bend and ever person will know without a doubt who they are required to worship or die. Feel good man centered religion is what walks today as organized religions. Only after Vatican II did the true Bishops begin to call the Laite out of her. Massive error to the faith- impossible with the protection of the Holy Spirit. It activated all the warnings and protections, the instructions to the laity to preserve their faith. PPL see things are wrong, but they are not willing to say we are in the end times. They don’t have the Catholic teaching on revelations. What is God’s calendar? John on the Island of Patmos had a vision of woman w/12 stars above her head. The dragon at her heal. And about to give birth to the child king. No one is sure what that really is mean to depict. God told us He would use dreams, nature, and the stars as our signs from Him. In Sept. 2017 that star sign was seen in our skies for the first time in human history. And the king star exited her womb after circulating for 9 months and the dragon appeared as He birthed. We can now say that sign has come to pass. God’s calendar. Computers tell us this star sign will never be seen again in over 7000 years. The apostles asked Jesus when the end times would come. He said when you see these things happen (as they have throughout history of a kind) this generation will not pass away until all is finished!” PPL have thought He meant from the time of the apostles onward. No. He spoke to a generation, one life span. We are it! He also said in the end times no one would be saved unless He personally intervened. He is doing that right now big time with the Jews and Muslims. Personal conversions, even Satanists! He also tells us some of us will not see death but be lifted up to return and fight the last battle with Christ. That is the rapture. We will go through the hell and most of us may die. It’s how you live; is how you die. The church gave us walking orders on how to save our souls when there are no teachers. When the Holy mass is taken away. “The abomination of desolation”. How to receive spiritually. How to get to perfect contrition for sins with no confessors. How to proceed in the walk to perfection. The meditation on the life of the Holy family in the 15 mysteries of the rosary. And to pray for all the virtues our lady had perfected in her life with God. “Do not pray for your wants and needs, God knows what you need.” “You do not pray correctly.” Pray for the spiritual and all else will be given to you. God is not the great banker in the sky! And riches do not depict your greater faith. On the contrary a charmed life is a satanic curse! Now that most of you hate me, I ask you to think back to your early ancestors who were all Catholic. Our lady, our mother, our queen has appeared to the church in these later years. The woman destined to crush the head of Satan! Not the man as mistranslated in most bibles. She has told us most PPL spend about 40 yrs. in purgatory, so there is a good chance you have lots of ancestors praying for your lost butts to come home. Cooperate with the blessings and graces that are coming to you. Fight off all the brainwashing that is deeper than PPL realize. Deeper than what these Satanic bastards do to their own children. If you are baptized, then you are a child of God and Jesus is your God, Lord, King, Savior, and Brother. If He is your brother, then Mary is also your mother! Who made you to fear or even hate your mother or deny her? In Israel the kings’ mother is always the queen. In her last apparition at Fatima during WWI she told us special power had been granted to the meditations of her rosary for these end times. Pick it up. She also said if the world did not convert and repent a worse war would break out. We did not and WWII began. The last valid Pope failed, and communism spread throughout the lands. She also relayed that God would use Russia to chastise the world! So it’s time to rethink the situation of the globe and Russia’s backing. Look back to the miracle at Nagasaki when they dropped the nukes on Japan. Like Fatima uncirculated by the MSM media. A Cath. church at ground zero survived. And all within who said the daily rosary survived as well. For those still living are tested annually by scientist (not reported on) for any signs of radiation. They all had no effect to this day. Miracles still happen within the true faith, but no one looks or cares to. They never ended. No look, no see. “My children die for lack of knowledge.” The bible also says there will be a man the whole world looks to, to fix all her ills. But he will not be able to. Is Trump that man? God asked the king of France to consecrate France to his sacred heart. They refused and 100 yrs. to the day the king lost is head and the country was taken over by freemasonry and communism. Our Lord at Fatima in 1917 requested the Pope to consecrate Russia to our lady’s immaculate heart for their conversion. That the next war would be averted, and we would be granted a time of peace for the world before the end times. It was to be public with all the bishops of the world together. It never happened. He was threatened but tried twice publicly- alone. And a third time in private. Not perfect. Our lady told us the pope would do it, but it would be late. She did not say the bishops would do it. So, no time of peace, the WWII starts. Russia does an imperfect conversion to a stigmatic branch of the Cath. church. Communism will spread like a virus across the globe and the tribulations begin. And God will use Russia to chastise the sinful world. Our lady’s star sign seen in the sky’s 100 yrs. from the request of heaven at Fatima. To finally honor our mother by putting her heart next to Jesus’ heart. The woman chosen before creation. Gifted and prepared to be the spotless ark of the new covenant. Unlike Eve to perfectly exercise her free will to cooperate fully with Gods graces. “Mary full of grace!” The only human to attain perfection in this world, and we should not honor her? We should not follow her example. We should not flock to her for protection when she is the one to crush Satan’s head for her seed. In all of the churches history they have called on Mary as the last humiliation to the devils to drive them out in exorcisms. Not because Christ cannot, but because he chose her for this job. That God would give power to man (woman) over Angels that refused to serve Jesus as a man. Usurper Prot. churches will not get you to heaven. Your salvation depends completely on your walk with God in your struggles in the perfection of the virtues. The church has always taught this! The Cath. faith will not save you. She is only the treasure house of the revelations from God. She has condemned all the errors that are now taught under the roofs of churches. You must know the faith as well or better than the wolf to know a wolf! What Jesus taught the apostles was not written in the bible, it was shown to them in actions and words and filled out with the power of the Holy Spirit and they gained the mind of Christ. It is for the Priesthood. Later codified and written down to train new apostles of Christ. But now refused by all who claim memory alone and only the bible. “Do not throughout tradition.” They refuse tradition! Bad men, bad Priests, bad Bishops, even anti-popes don’t invalidate the faith. St. Malakie’s prophesied list of popes was discovered a while back. He described their coat of arms to identify them in order, up to the last pope before Christs return. Incredibly accurate. John Paul II stands out big time with the solar eclipse prophecy. He was born and died during a solar eclipse. Poop Francis is the last on the list and called Peter the Roman. But they can’t find that in his coat of arms. So they try to refute all the rest. What PPL don’t understand is Francis has refused the title of pope! He signs everything only as Bishop of Rome. He slaps PPL who try and kiss his papal ring on video. Peter was first Bishop of Rome for those who may not know. The dumbing down has been across the board, not just in the schools. There are a lot of great saints who have been given knowledge for us in the end times. There are a few good books that have compiled relevant info into one place. The church has approved many as allowable to faith. A surface read will not prove to you the accuracy of the prophecies. Fatima is the best place to start because it is the only one where modern cameras and newspapers captured and reported on the miracle of the sun. Book “song of Nagasaki” is another. Pictures of the bomb site and church. Interviews with the Priests, Laite, and scientists who performed the tests. So many highly suppressed by the traitors in the church. I had always wondered why Prots. thought the pope was thee anti-Christ. In my studies I found out they got it from the Cath church herself. The church always taught Rome would lose the faith until these last few hundred yrs. Why else would the last few valid Popes begin to warn and teach the Laite that they could judge a heretic Pope. That would mean there are no valid (or enough) Bishops to do that job. That leaves the Laite to know the true faith well enough to judge. We are called to judge- another lie. “When you have done all you can, then just stand!” In the faith. Alone with Christ if that’s all you have. “When Christ returns think He will find faith?” Which faith! Study.

  • Daisy, what is your book format please? PDF or one of the other eBook formats? (My vision is such that I can’t read or use Kindles, MOBIs, etc). If you have a PDF version or paperback, I’d be delighted to purchase!

  • I have a cartoon with the caption:
    “Does anyone have any new conspiracy theories? Mine have all come true.”

  • I remember several years ago reading about a couple of different theories(on alt. media outlets), and I’m thinking no way(whatever the story was about) and two weeks later, it came out on MSM.

  • Here’s how the JFK assassination actually happened, and how various truths were discovered. The right shoulder wound bullet fell out on an exam table when X-ray technician Jerrol Custer was moving JFK’s body around for X-rays. It had nothing to do with the neck wound. Details below. Jim Jenkins was at the same Bethesda autopsy and helped Dr. Boswell remove JFK’s lungs and heart. They sat the corpse up on another exam table and found the bullet had only penetrated about an inch and a half, not even penetrating the pleural membrane around JFK’s right lung. See the Jim Jenkins interview in Valuetainment for example. Again, the bullet into the shoulder had nothing to do with JFK’s throat or neck area.

    Here is how the shots fell:
    (1) Zapruder frame 155– a signal shot with pyrotechnic color sparks was fired into the pavement (left rear of limo) to signal all shooting teams the assassination was a go. Notice how the front left tire is abnormally thick on the yellow car– poor retouching of this frame. JFK heard the shot and glanced left, then put his head back forward without worry. This head turn is censored out of the Zapruder film.

    (2) Z206– JFK is shot in the shoulder, behind the sign, and exclaims (heard by SS Agent Kellerman) “My God! I am hit!” so we know his vocal chords were still intact as in he was not shot in the throat yet. The purpose of this shallow underpowered shot (prepared by Chauncey Holt at the CIA specialty arms shop in Goleta, Calif., near the airport) was to get JFK to flinch up and hold his head high, above the windshield. The same is done by Saudi sword executioners– they prod their victims in the shoulder with a sword tip to get them to arch up and extend their necks. In Saudi Arabia, it’s to make it easier to do a neck chop. For JFK, it was to get him to raise his head high for the next shot. We know from Jim Jenkins’s eyewitness reports that the bullet came down at an angle from the high rear. Assassin angle #1.

    (3) Z222– JFK is shot in the throat by mistake, from the front left (details to follow). Count the frames, times 0.055 seconds per frame, from Z216 to Z222. The two shots were 0.088 seconds apart. The fastest the Mannlicher-Carcano bolt can be cycled is two seconds, plus aiming time. It is physically impossible for one person to make both shots, not to mention that the Z206 shot was from behind and the Z222 shot was from the rear which proves two shooters already. Look at Willis photo #5 and you will see the traffic sign that covers JFK between Z206 and Z222 didn’t cover JFK in the real world = the genuine Willis #5 photo. You can see Zapruder’s lens line of sight went UNDER the sign, i.e. Zapruder’s camera saw JFK and his car go under the sign. Also, from Zapruder’s pedestal, the traffic sign could only cover about a third of JFK’s limo at one time. But in the faked Zapruder frames you can see 99% of the limo covered top to bottom and left to right. This was to conceal the close timing of the two shots and hide their origins. The throat shot first went through the limo windshield a little to the driver’s left of the rearview mirror. Backtrack the angle from the throat back out the windshield hole and you see the shot came from the southern grassy knoll, where Tosh Plumlee was close enough to hear the shot made and he even smelled the gun smoke. Obviously the shot was not intended to go through the windshield but it dropped low. Probably due to silencer problems (stretched lumen from prior firing with 7.62×39 ammo which is cheap and of variable diameter, whereas higher quality 7.62×51 ammo would be more likely used for a professional hit). A stretched silencer bore or lumen would mean a quality .308 = 7.62×51 shot would be artificially and unexpectedly underpowered due to lost blowby gases. The shooter was a professional and right on target for centering his shot, but it must have been a mechanical problem that dropped the shot low from JFK’s head into his throat. We know from Evalea Glanges and George Whitaker (Ford employee) that the hole was there, conically from front to back. Windshield expert Whitaker knows the original was destroyed to hide evidence, and two replacements were made. One windshield to repair the limo, and the second windshield as a fake for the museum, with a phony crack inserted in place of the destroyed-evidence hole– to hide the fact this shot was from the front. Notice a shot from the southern grassy knoll at Z222 lines JFK’s head up with the book depository. This shot was likely intended to be the final headblaster finishing shot. The autopsy fakers at Bethesda could then enlarge the entrance to make it look like an exit wound (with the true exit lined up with the book depository as if that had been the origin), and then that would have met the conspiracy’s needs. But fate intervened. Further, notice that in Willis photo #5 we see Umbrella Man was really standing on the Zapruder side of the sign (in back of the sign’s rear) and about 10 feet away from it. In the faking done for the Zapruder forgery, Umbrella Man is supposedly standing alongside the sign and on the other (frontside = street side) of the sign. Once Umbrella Man could see JFK’s head was not blasted to hamburger yet, he jerked his sign up and down to signal downhill for more shots. Notice also that in Zapruder frame Z220 the upper right corner of the sign is cut a little blunt from botched cutting and pasting of the grotesquely enlarged sign. In the other frames the upper right of the sign has a more carefully cut rounded corner. Notice in Zapruder that the jerking of the umbrella has been censored out. JFK is still alert and sitting upright with raised hands and arms, in pain until Z250 when he was rendered unconscious. Jackie had by this time seen his left elbow fly up (she couldn’t see his right arm) and was tending to him to try to figure out what his problem was. Between Z222-Z255 (1.8 seconds) he had a quizzical look on his face and could only make gurgling noises. Jackie heard zero shots the entire time due to motorcycle noise at her immediate left rear.
    (4) Z250– JFK was hit from the rear with a horizontal shot (not steep high rear as in the Z206 shoulder shot. We now have three shooters) an inch to the right of the external occipital protuberance and up a quarter inch. This is known from Dr. David Mantik’s examination of photos from the Harper Fragment of JFK’s skull. We know from Dr. Boswell’s notes that this bullet ended up between JFK’s vomer bone (rear of the nose) and his right eye orbit. This instantly obliterated JFK’s consciousness, and you can see his hands then arms start to drop away in subsequent frames. See Costella Combined Edit for example. He is hemmed in by the car and by Jackie, but despite those constraints you can see he is developing what neurologists call decorticate posturing– due to the serious brain damage. Extravasated blood is starting to pool inside the right half of his skull.

    (5) Z290– JFK is shot through the right forehead above the right eye at the hairline. His thick shock of hair kept this entry wound from being seen at Parkland, but was seen by mortician Tom Robinson and also by photo expert analyst Quentin Schwinn as a 7-8mm diameter wound. If you look at a high resolution copy of the Mary Moorman photo, you can see the exit hole from this wound. It is about 2×2 inches, shaped like a stubby crescent, and high at the back peak of JFK’s head. Comparison of camera angles and the positions of motorcycle cops and JFK’s head and lens positions reveals that the Mary Moorman photo was taken at Z316. This exit wound hole is dark due to the noon sun angle but not totally black due to ambient light, and at its edge you can see (in high quality Mary Moorman photo copies) the thin jagged line of white that is the edge of JFK’s cracked skull bone material, as blasted open by the exiting of the bullet. By the time of Z290 JFK’s head is drooped down due to the unconsciousness of his collapsing from the Z250 shot. Backtrack the angle from the exit to the entrance to where the bullet came from, and you can see this shot came from the curb as an upward shot. There is nothing there but a storm drain hole. Obviously this shot had to have come from the storm drain hole which explains why the storm drain hole is airbrushed out of the Nix film version of the JFK shooting sequence. Read up on Jack Lawrence and you will see why he is Suspect #1 for making this shot. Lawrence also was a pal of George Senator, Jack Ruby’s apartment roommate. Consult the Roberdeau maps of Dealey Plaza to see why this shot had to have been made at Z290, give or take a frame or two. Sergio Arcacha Smith was one of the two team drivers who tried to kill Ramblin Rose Cheramie on their way from Florida to Dallas to kill JFK. When Smith’s apartment was searched, he had engineering blueprints for the storm sewer drainage system of Dealey Plaza. Dr. David Mantik has an X-ray showing how the Z290 bullet tracked from front to back and left particles along the way inside JFK’s head. Particles that look like mercury globules that would have been leftovers from being packed into a hollow tip dum-dum bullet. We now clearly have four assassins, considering the physical evidence of the wound angles and sniper angles. More wounding also means more blood leaking out of JFK’s blasted brain tissue into the excavated bullet tracks.

    (6) Z313– This was the headblaster shot made right in front of witness Bill Newman. It was a larger caliber explosive bullet, likely loaded with mercury fulminate. It created an exit flap out the right side of JFK’s head, hinged at the bottom like a small breadbox door. Newman saw that the blasted hole was hollowed out and big enough to place a baseball inside JFK’s head. At that point he grabbed his wife and kids and dove for the ground. He didn’t wait for the springiness of the connective tissue to shut the flap. Jackie has still seen no blood at this point because everything has stayed in JFK’s body so far, or been blasted out the rear or the right side where she cannot see. Jackie is still puzzled by her husband’s strange motions. The entrance for this wound was the right rear occipitoparietal region, and will soon be obliterated by the next bullet. Now massive amounts of loose blood are pouring into the hollowed out right side of JFK’s head, as if from a garden hose, for the next 1.65 seconds. Owing to the rear angle of attack, we can’t tell if this hit is from another sniper or is a second hit from a previous sniper. The sniper count remains at four, minimum.

    (7) Z342 to Z343– JFK receives another explosive headblaster from the front right, nominally from the grassy knoll fence. This means the evidence demonstrates, from the sniping angles and wounds, a minimum of five snipers. You can see a chunk out of JFK’s head (backed up by Jackie’s white glove to highlight it) at the right rear exit. Mortician Tom Robinson and Parkland Dr. Robert McClelland put the entrance as a 5mm hole in the middle of the flap that formed in front of Bill Newman’s eyes at Z313. It was at JFK’s hairline halfway between his right ear and right eye. The exit was right occipitoparietal skull, forming about a 4×4 inch exit that blasted away the entrance from the Z313 shot. Robert Schorlemer was one of the first medical personnel to tend to JFK at the Parkland Emergency Room and he said that by this stage of wounding JFK’s right skull was blasted almost entirely loose and held on by nothing more than a flap-hinge to the rear. Note that Jackie is not screaming as late as Z342 but gets vocal by Z343. She has just seen huge masses of JFK’s brain and blood spraying like an explosive fountain all over the trunk (where they are falsely censored from the Zapruder film) and this is when she starts to stand up, then turn around to retrieve pieces of his brain from the trunk. As Clint Hill and Dr. Marion Jenkins (anesthesiologist) said, she was trying to fetch pieces of his brains so the doctors could hopefully put him together again. In the Nix film, Jackie crawls back almost to the rear of the trunk. In the Zapruder dummied up version she only travels about halfway back. There is more fakery involved in the films and the faked testimonies involving the Warren Commission, but this write-up has to end some time. There were more than a dozen other bullets, mostly from rifles equipped with silencers. Which is why most witnesses heard only 3 shots, give or take.

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