History is Being Rewritten. Are You Prepared?

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History is being rewritten, and the past two years are all the evidence we need of such.

Obama’s reign proved to be a catalyst for the destruction of America, and we are now seeing the fruits of his efforts. Our republic is no more. We no longer live in the land of the free. And a part of living in a slave state means that the right to free speech has disappeared.

For years now, we’ve witnessed the deplatforming of individuals who have fought against the globalists/communists.

In 2018 we had US Senators saying that the only way “to protect our democracy” was censorship. (When your politicians start calling your republic a democracy, you have a problem.) We’ve covered the global book burning of “alternative” – aka, true – news here before.


Public Domain within USA

We watched the freedom lovers of the world flock to Parler as their own social media posts on other platforms had been banned. And then Parler was destroyed.

But these were all private companies!” people cried.

Let us not forget we’ve had the White House flagging posts for Facebook to censor. Strange behavior for a private company, is it not?

We’ve got DC talking about how if you’re banned from one social media platform for “spreading misinformation” you should be banned from all social media platforms.

How much further of a logical step is it to say, “No, these people shouldn’t be allowed to say anything online at all.”

We’ve seen a bit of this at play here at The Organic Prepper already, when we had our ad revenue destroyed by the Global Disinformation Index – an organization based in the United Kingdom which receives funds from government sources.

We’ve discussed here before how virtually every country on earth – even the United States – has an internet kill switch, which they can activate at any time to shut down voices of dissent. You can say, “But I’ll just use my ham radio!” but even that’s not safe, as we’ve seen evidence of jamming of such in Cuba.

The point is this: history is being rewritten as truth is being silenced.

Globalists are attempting to silence us, and there are numerous reasons you should be concerned.

It was because of this threat that The Organic Prepper decided to put all of our content onto a USB drive available for purchase.

And here’s why:

We’ve catalogued historical events extensively here at The Organic Prepper ever since our inception. When something happened of note to American freedom, we kept record of it.

For those familiar with the novel 1984 (which has seen a huge spike in sales this year, by the way. Funny timing, huh?), the concept of a totalitarian government going back through historical records to “fix” them is nothing new. In fact, we’ve seen this before in real life. One only need to take a cursory glance at any book on the Soviet Union to see this at play.

Personally, I’ve witnessed several interesting articles of the past two years go the way of the 404 error message when I attempted to return to them for research purposes.

Twenty years from now, as the fragments of the US squabble amongst themselves, if you want your children to know the truth, an accurate record of what has happened will help. Our USB archive can help you to do just that.

Prepping is being demonized.

Consider as well that Facebook is now giving out warnings in case you know of somebody who is “becoming too prepared” in reference to preppers.

Prepping is being demonized, and those who prep are apparently being watched.

This should come as no surprise.

Preppers, by nature, remain independent. They don’t have to depend upon government handouts for food, electricity, water, and the like. And as such, they retain their freedom.

Consider that it is this freedom that is under attack. Totalitarians crave power, and the way to get that power is to destroy your freedom. If you are free, then that tyrant has less ability to force you to bend to his will. Thus, preppers are the enemy.

With that being said, prepping information could easily disappear from the internet at some point as well. Perhaps this may seem far-fetched, but let us not let normalcy bias cloud our vision. Consider that in 2019 if you had described the world of today nobody would have believed you. People then would consider today’s world too far-fetched.

Read the warning signs, and tell me, what do you see?

Having ready access offline to vital prepping information can not only help you to keep yourself well-stocked with prepper information but can better help you to gift that knowledge to your loved ones as well.

That all being said, check out our USB archive of The Organic Prepper. This is a fantastic way to not only keep an accurate historical record of what has transpired, but to keep yourself in stock of prepping advice for just about any facet of prepping you can think of.

Get your USB archive now!

2022 is not looking friendly.

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  • Well I do know one thing, People in campers and mobile home do NOT have the proper storage space to prep. They may want to prep but they have NO room to do so. Storing food and water containers and all of the other basics is just NOT something that I (for one) can do…Must be nice to have a house and a garage and storage sheds to store things for hard times…I wish!

    • Unless you are on the move you can rent a storage unit. Preferably a heated and cooled one. Was an article about that here in the last couple of months.

    • If you are in a mobile home on your own property, (ie not in a mobile home park) you might consider a shipping container for storage of certain preps.
      We have a very small house, not quite tiny house small, so we bought a 20′ shipping container which sits on a pad above the driveway. All of our outdoor equipment is stored there, along with overflow preps that won’t fit in the house.
      They are more expensive than a shed, but are much more secure.
      As to RVs, our small motorhome has horribly little storage space.

    • If you have a dehydrator you can shrink the amount of food for storage and put in sealed mylar bags or mason jars. May not be the greatest solution, but it is something to consider.

    • Living in a mobile home in a mobile home park( i assume that is what your referring to ) is challenging, but can be done. i know have done it for 21 years. my husband enclosed our den and dry walled it. made it nice and cool inside.put up shelves all around on the walls with a few stand up bookcases . had my freezer in that food room too!

  • The Life Of Joseph
    In a very Good Book is the Truth about WHY you become a
    Prepper .
    Many Who can see an Hear can sort out The Noise of this world and see and hear that SHIT HAPPENS

  • Which history? The one that says the OKC bomber was just those two? The one that says the civil war was only over slaves? The one that claims they didn’t give us pills for anthrax during desert storm? JFK? The one that erased the first 45th infantry symbol?
    I can go on and on

    • You are Correct Matt we live in the Disunited States of Unamericunts the Majority of which are Covidians, Sheeple, Mental Slaves & Not worth Saving under Any circumstances. I Trust that you are living FREE as the Minority of Us left in the few Free Republic States are doing. Cheers!

  • I know why we are losing and you mentioned it in the first part. It really is all about race but I get censored even here if I mention it.

    I even mention it correctly as known and not the ethnic slur everybody uses nowadays and i get censored.

    It shows the indoctrination and brainwashing are complete and until you realize what it is about they are cleverly using against you to silence your screams you’ll get snuffed out.

  • YOU ALL will be SLAVES SOON,so tell your children,FREEDOM was a present you have no value of,you love SATAN and his minions more then anything.(the police gangs and military)WHO will be going door to door killing those to weak to fight back.AND you can chase them down the street waving your american flag of a country that no longer exists,….

  • What most people don’t know, but will soon, is that the entity called the “United States” itself is a foreign-controlled PRIVATE corporation. search “american states assemblies” for more info. There are over 3,000 short articles on the associated website exposing the fraud (from 1860 forward) and showing how to get out from under it.

  • Human governments don’t make you free.. Only YEHSUA sets you free… But the West has all but forsaken HIM.. Judgment is here, so deal with it… The church needs to be purged and refined.. Don’t fight it, return to the LORD and obey what HE says..

  • I see the road to Civil War getting shorter every day. It’s coming I accept it, just as I accept I won’t survive to see the end of the conflict. It will be bloody and brutal, and make the last Civil War look like a skirmish. The only question is which President it starts under.

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