If You Think Covid Decimated Society, Imagine What a WORSE Pandemic Would Do (VIDEO)

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Regardless of your thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s pretty difficult to argue with the fact that the very fabric of our society has changed over the past year. So many things that were perfectly normal in 2019, like going to the movies and grabbing some popcorn and a Coke, traveling, or meeting friends for lunch at a restaurant are now either different, difficult, or even impossible.

Add to this the economic crisis that began when our country shut down for “two weeks” just over a year ago.

Covid destroyed entire economies

Businesses have closed, never to reopen. Jobs have been lost, never to return. Once in a lifetime events like births, graduations, and sadly, even deaths, occurred in isolation. Personal finances have been destroyed and many people may never recover their former prosperity.

And this all happened for a pandemic that, while a truly miserable illness, was not overly fatal if you look at the percentages.

So what would happen if a worse pandemic occurred? The Black Death? Ebola? Something nasty we haven’t even heard of yet?

I’m not downplaying the loss of life or the seriousness of the illness that occurs when you contract Covid-19. But just imagine if we had a plague-y-er plague, something that caused people to hemorrhage from their orifices and drop in the streets?

If the world’s reaction was to self-destruct our economies over Covid-19, what on earth would happen with something more serious?

This video discusses the grim possibilities.

Imagine the response if we had a TRULY ultra-deadly pandemic

So what if we had an ultra-deadly pandemic with an extremely high mortality rate?

Would people even believe the government and begin to take precautions early enough? Do you think preppers would scoff like many of them did at the Covid pandemic? How much more difficult would it be to get people on board with hunkering down?

Perhaps Dr. Fauci was The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Maybe the response he led could cause people to simply roll their eyes the next time the media announces a deadly pandemic. Because after the past year of lies, exaggerations, outrageous mandates, and false numbers, American trust in the government is not at a particularly high level.

Can you imagine a zombie-apocalypse level pandemic that nobody believed was real until it was too late?

Don’t let your guard down

Every prepper knows that a true, deadly pandemic IS a possibility but have we become numbed by the two weeks that turned into a year?

I’ve had Covid and was very ill. I had to follow up with a pulmonologist for months. Despite that, I’m against the mandates that have caused our economy to collapse. I object to our medical freedoms being taken away, and our lives to be upended.

Despite this, I think it’s important not to let your guard down. Don’t let this governmental overreach allow you to disregard the fact that the next pandemic could be far more serious. That would be like not boarding up your windows when a Category 5 hurricane was headed your way. You know, because the last one was a Category 1 and not that big of a deal. If a hurricane is coming, you get ready, regardless.

Your pandemic preparedness should be the same. Don’t let this past year cause you to lower your guard.

What do you think?

Do you believe the possible over-response to Covid could cause people to be less likely to cooperate if a more serious pandemic came along? Are you continuing with your pandemic preparedness plans? Do you think pandemic preparedness is overblown or that a more deadly pandemic is unlikely? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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  • The only improper over response is thinking the government needs to do everything.
    It’s individual responsibility that’s called for.

    Did I over respond? Absolutely and I’m damn proud of it. We were safe, fed, in a good spot and ready. That’s all that matters.

    Did I make mistakes and fall short in areas? You betcha.
    This was a warning shot. It’s only made me better.

    If it is a truly deadly then all clothing, gear and especially mask must be treated as a piece of NBC gear. You do not wad up contamination and stuff it into your purse/pocket and touch the outside then handle everything else.
    Many will die just from improper handling and procedures that had yet to learned if it’s a deadly substance.

    Financially it crushed many. I’m hopefully and pulling for you to climb back up and beyond where you were. For some it’s time to re-evaluate your position as you found yourself unneeded or unnecessary during these times. Look real hard at that and now is your opportunity to fix it. For some you prospered and don’t squander it all. Use some of it wisely to prepare for other things. Enjoy a little but don’t blow it.

    I called a family meeting in January of 20 and told mine to prepare. I told them then I didn’t think it was the end but it was gonna change our life. I told them safety vs personal freedoms would be a huge fight. I told them to have alternative plans because services like trash and water might stop if enough died. I called for food and things to get stockpiled fast.
    Some became my greatest allies, some listened with reservations and some thought I was a nut. Many attitudes have changed now.

    We do the best we can with what we have. Daisy is preaching and teaching because she wants to see folks stay safe. Now is not the time to slack off.

    • Well said Matt in OK.
      We called the ball Feb 3rd: Upped our already well stocked pantry, procured PPE gear (real N95s, gloves, more medical supplies, disinfectants, bleach). Now, we just rotate the stock.
      Pulled out of the stock market a few weeks later. That move saved us from a double digit loss. Got back in later for a double digit gain higher than the would be loss.
      Otherwise, this year we are expanding the garden. Noted more than a few people around who are either gardening for the first time, or have expanded their gardens too. Good for them.

    • Matt, well said. in my 70s, not best health (strength, lyme, arthritic, etc (not as bad as some)), so I usually have “stockpile” stuff, learned from the 60s, my dad always made sure we stocked. before covid shutdown, I was aware of yall, and started stocking more. glad I did and doing it again. have gone over yall’s suggestions, lists, etc. adding things I overlooked, as much as possible. unfortunately, things that are really needed like solar, any bigger items/more money, husband disregards as not necessary. have the generators, gas, extra, tarps, tools, all that stuff, but as for water source/storage, solar for recharge, etc. he’s not interested….”not necessary”….unhuh….anyway, we do have a inground pool, a well (just to fill pool and water lawn). I’m assuming we can use a filter to filter the pool water if needed (its salt), but no pump to pull water from the well. he wont put out rainbarrels, thinks I’m nuts for any of these things….then complains when I buy bottled. oh well, thanks to yall’s suggestions/lists, done the best I can do for right now…any other ideas? thanks, oh yeah, need to get busy on more medicinal stock; did put in few tomatos, herbs, celery, carrots, beets, but my gardening is limited. stay well and safe.

      • “solar for recharge”

        check out 4patriots dot com, they have a pocket-sized solar charger that works pretty well, $30 for one $100 for four, might fit your spending money budget.

        “my gardening is limited”

        try potatoes.

      • While this won’t solve all of your issues, it will help with lighting. We purchased a bunch of $1 solar lights for power outages. I keep them indoors in the sunny windows to keep them charged. As a bonus they act as night lights when not in use. We did buy more expensive solar lights awhile ago. They have their own solar chargers and look like a light bulb. They can screw into a socket or they have a hook that you can use to hang them.
        Back around 1961 my Dad and Grandad started building the house I own now. I remember my Grandad asking mom if she had enough water until they got back from work. He would take a coffee can on a rope and lower it down into the well and bail enough water for her for dishes, washing, cleaning, ect. He fashioned a piece rubber (probably from an inner tube) and it kept the bail clean on the way down. The rubber flap opened letting the water in and closed again on the way up, keeping the water clean. Look into some of the old ways and see if you can find some that fits your situation.

    • Left, right, prepper, denier, government, anti government, doesn’t matter. A real plague will “have it’s way”. There are things in nature people/government can not stop, prevent, avoid, or prepare for.

  • At the onset of this whole thing, I think it was prudent to take some degree of caution, as we did not know much about it.
    Protect the very young and very old, or those with compromised immune systems, right. Common sense right there.
    Health care system getting overwhelmed? A possibility. Did not quite pan out as they expected, but that is good news. They never needed to use the Navy hospital ship in NYC harbor.
    Two weeks to flatten the curve . . . has turned into 1year + later.
    The science then began to come in. It is not as dangerous as it was predicted, and some of those predictions were based off bad models.
    Our illustrious leaders and experts did not help either and politicized it. The MSM jumped right in gleefully. The leadership and experts are still not doing so well with it. Some even profited off it. Some may have even been responsible for some dying in nursing homes and conspired to cover it up. MSM is not doing so well either. They seem to want to keep the fear hype up (Ratings).
    Despite so called “Neanderthal thinking,” why is Texas numbers declining after re-opening while Michigan still under lockdown has the highest infection rates? That is a real scientific question I would like to see answered. With real science and not a WAG.

    How would we do or react next time? If it is something “new” or a new mutation, dont panic, but be cautious until more is known. People dropping like flies in the streets, across all ages, then yes, lockdowns and masks may be warranted. But not some knee jerk reaction by the government. Not some fear mongering reporting from MSM. Not fear laden people running for the hills or panic buying toilet paper in the stores.

    I am of the opinion that some of those in leadership positions or experts rather than admit they are wrong and try for a different course of action, they rather double down on being wrong. And some seem to enjoy their power over forcing people to do as they say, but not as they do.

  • I think the biggest difficulty when reflecting on the handling of this pandemic was the abundance of wildly varying and conflicting information. How do you discern what is correct? I remember the newsreels coming out of China with people literally dropping dead in the street. Did that really happen or was it misinformation? First responders say teasing out accurate information during a crisis is really hard.

    We, too, began preparing early and continued as supply chains were stretched.

    It’s my opinion that the next pandemic will be met with an even more divided response since we couldn’t trust the information coming out the first time.

    • “How do you discern what is correct?”

      by looking at hard data in controlled circumstances. the data from the cruise liner “diamond princess” told the whole covid story right from the beginning.

      “newsreels coming out of China with people literally dropping dead in the street”

      china’s a big place with a lot of stressed-out people, there’s always somebody dropping dead in the streets somewhere.

      • I remember the Diamond Princess incident. It was treated like the Ship of the Dead. As I remember the mortality rate was just under 2%.

  • “Could our economy and civilization handle another plague?”

    handle the plague, sure. handle the government taking advantage of the crisis to seize further control, maybe not.

  • “So what if we had an ultra-deadly pandemic with an extremely high mortality rate?”

    civilizations used to live with endemic polio, smallpox, cholera, plague, fatal infections, and everything else. in truth is any “response” really necessary? given that .9 of medical conditions are readily treated now, is the goal of 0 mortality worth the cost?

  • “or that a more deadly pandemic is unlikely?”

    a natural pandemic in the modern medical environment is unlikely to have anything like the mortality rates that have been seen historically.

    a deliberate tailor-made pandemic, however, is quite possible, and in such a case there will be little effective defense.

    one aspect of after-THE-END-OF-THE-WORLD planning that never seems to be addressed is how to handle re-contact by communities that have been biologically isolated but are now mixing and sharing diseases again.

    • The plandemic is the new warfare. China hates us and wants to conquer us. Trump stood up to China, and they did not want 4 more years of him in charge. Instead of invading us with guns and bullets (knowing that patriots will defend our country) they used a microscopic weapon, bought off the MSM and succeeded to kill our economy (Trump’s biggest achievement). Now we have “mandatory” vaccines that are untested and unapproved by the FDA. Another plandemic could be on the schedule to finish off our country and could be worse if the vaccinated have compromised immune systems. “Our” government does not represent us.

  • Duff and Dale bashed Trump all the time. He said something in the beginning of this video that was patently FALSE. He said our hospitals were borderline overwhelmed at the beginning of the “pandemic”. If you watch CNN and read the Washington Post you would believe that. You would not be aware of the two most obvious examples thst this was a lie which are that the two hospital ships made available on both coasts of our country were not used and sat in the harbors empty. And that the Javits center in NYC ALSO sat virtually empty when the fear porn mongers all told us hospitals would be overwhelmed. “For Profit” prepping and patriotism need to be analyzed objectively with thorough research. Quit buying the garbage they are selling, both tangible and intangible.

  • Three million dead worldwide. And are you guys watching the news from India? C’mon. This is a real pandemic. And variants can bring worse. So if you’re not gonna vaccinate, at least mask up when around public. Some of us would prefer not to have our family members die of Covid. Ain’t political, just practical.

    • Sorry, you sound like a cultist. A true believer in the lies of sociopaths.

      No virus is proven to exist. People get sick and die all over every year – nothing worse is happening this year, they’re just relabeling things “Covid.”

      The PCR test is a fraud and spews false positives. Even Fauci has admitted this – it’s no good if you run it at more than 35 cycles yet the FDA, CDC, and WHO have all directed it to be run at 40 to 45 cycles.

      Masks are pure psuedo-science. If it could stop a microscopic virus, it would stop all airflow too and you’d die.

      Good luck with your liability-free vaccine for the virus never isolated or proven to exist.

    • I totally agree but plenty of Ron White poster boys and girls out there – you can’t fix stupid. Just like there is no stopping the demographic change in the US, those who refuse or be vaccinated will be part of the shrinking pool. Corporate America will help isolate the non-maskers/non-vaccinators. The number of medical providers allowing the aforementioned is very small. In the meantime, we’ll wear our masks even though vaccinated. And it wouldn’t surprise me if new variant sends us back to square one.

    • No offense intended, but you should make an effort to educate yourself regarding this mask business. MASKS DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST VIRUSES! All they really do is make people obediently wearing them look like the ignorant sheep that they are.

      • I am quite educated thank you very much. Let us know how any surgery you have works out when the medical staff doesn’t wear masks.

    • PD: The Hong Kong flu of the late 60s and early 70s was a pandemic flu and killed 4 million on a much smaller and overall younger and less unhealthy population base. Yes the WuPox is a serious pandemic. No it is not a population killer; although ‘our’ response to it is likely to kill, over next few years, far more indirectly than the Xivirus killed directly.

    • India….there is now information coming out from India (see Armstrongeconomics.com click on blog)stating it is possible that people are dying from the VACCINE – not a covid variant. If this is true….it is beyond horrific. The next week or so we should know, I hope, whether this information is true or not.

  • I don’t even know where to begin.
    First and foremost, take responsibility for your own health. The modern medical system does not have all the answers and generally treats symptoms never getting to the root of an issue. No one is ever diseased from a lack of pharmaceuticals!
    We have to stop relying on the various gov’t systems to save us. As a system they do not care about the plebs ever other than for profit.
    “I am from the gov’t and I’m here to help” is still BS to me.

    Yes, grow food, stay local and get used to trading stuff or services. Stay sharp and pay attention to what’s going on around you. Consider what you can do without in tough times. Don’t let the boogerman take up residence in your head or your home. Be thankful and be kind. Be tough when necessary. Mind your own business.

    Mostly, stop worrying so much and take one day at a time and appreciate the blessings each and every day.
    Not saying there wasn’t something making people sick. I still don’t have reliable taste or smell from the mild flu-like deal I had. Something was/is out there and it’s called evil. Lot of hubris from science and politics anymore. Be very suspicious of anything the powers that be say you have to have. They do not have your best interests in mind.

  • Obviously a pandemic with even a proven mortaliy rate of 10-15% would cause far more upheaval than what we experienced this past year. The .gov types would likely impose martial law in that case and then your stored preps, like your food supply in particular would be sorely needed and wise to have done. In Wisconsin when I live 8% of the 6 million state residents caught Covid, and about 6500 died. Any death is tragic of course but statistically that death rate was minuscule overall. And the economic impact varied widely. Clearly hospitality and restaurants were most affected. Other industries like manufacturing barely skipped a beat. Take out and food grocery stores thrived. I had no friends that lost jobs or went to food banks to survive. Most went virtual. My own wife taught school virtual and loved not having to drive in every day and deal with rowdy student behaviors. No burden there so the next pandemic would have to be far deadlier and impact the food supply to be totally disruptive and cause chaos and societal breakdown. I’m doing what I have been doing since 2011: continually beefing up my food, medical and security preps.

  • This pandemic is completely fake so maybe you mean, what would we do if a real pandemic came along?

    I think that’s unlikely.

    But for those who think it’s not fake –

    Fauci has admitted the PCR test gives false positives if run at 36 cycles or higher. The FDA, CDC, and WHO have all recommended running it at 40 to 45 cycles. All case and death numbers are fake (for many other reasons too).

    The virus has never been isolated or proven to exist.

    There’s no proof that it’s anything other than flu, tuberculosis, common cold, pneumonia, and other illnesses being relabeled as “Covid-19.” There’s tons of evidence for why doctors and hospitals have been incentivized to do this relabeling.

    Nobody has done any real science to prove what happens when people are zapped with 5G radiation, which could be another part of the equation. It’s been rolled out in Wuhan, New York, and many places right when “Covid-19” got really bad. At the EXACT same time. Over and over this has happened throughout the world – 5G comes online and “Covid-19” explodes in that location.

    They’re obviously lying. Fauci and the Surgeon General gave great explanations of the futility and pseudo-science of masks for stopping viruses before someone ordered them to say the opposite a couple months later. You can’t do a total reversal on something that significant and be trustworthy and honest.

    And the vaccines have zero liability, barely any testing, have been admitted by Fauci and others to not prevent you from getting and spreading Covid-19, and they’ve also said social distancing and masks will have to continue possibly forever. Yet the vaccines are being mandated everywhere possible no matter that this violates all sorts of laws and treaties.

    Isn’t it convenient how this is all being said by globalists like Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and so many others to be the “perfect opportunity” to make the whole world into communist/fascist China? What luck for them!

  • Foushieesqe mandates make believing WDC spokes persons even harder. Don’t mask. Do mask. Double mask. Get vaccinated but still mask. Don’t meet up with friends or family. Stop hugging. Go shopping but don’t eat out, dont get your hair cut, dont go to school and don’t go to church! Don’t sing… hmmm.
    Dont go out in open spaces where you might be 1,000 feet from another human. If you must go once its allowed to be there… double mask and keep you hands washed.
    Vaccinated? Still mask up. And don’t forget its really an annual flu shot so buck up and repeat.
    Yes I’m still prepping for the just in case scenarios. I always have thank you. Thats how I was raised. Fladhlights and fresh batteries. Food to last from harvest to harvest and grow a garden. I grew up learning to can and sun dry my food preps.
    I’m 16 miles from the nearest store so yes I have more than one case of chili beans and more than one roll of TP on hand. I have gone shopping once or twice a month this past year. Good practice to actually see what we need more or less of.
    I caught covid in April of 2020. No one was masking when I got sick. I was using hand sanitizer. I was too sick to get a bottle of water from the fridge for myself. I had to tell my husband with alzheimers to put bottles in and when to get bottles out for us. My neighbor took my grocery order by phone, came for the money set at the door. Then he shopped and set it inside the front door and left. MostIy I had him get pre-made sub sandwhiches from Walmart which is our closest source of food. My husband set them in the fridge and would get one when I told him to. I barely could eat then for ten days I couldn’t eat at all. When the fever broke in mid May I’d lost over 40 lb. That was the only good thing that came from covid.
    Now its get vaccinated but not if you aren’t feeling well. But then do it anyway. Be careful if you have reacted to vaccinations or medications. Get vaccinated anyway. Wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated or have antibodies. Still double mask. Go to school then don’t go. Finally we can go to church.
    I was afraid he’d get covid too but he got as far as a dry cough and diarrhea then fought it off. He was 81 and in poor health. I was 73 and in pretty good health with fibromyalgia pretty controlled by diet. Covid was a tough thing and year later I’m still recuperating. It isn’t a fake disease but it want worth loosing our freedoms or destroying our economy over it.

  • The problem was not covid, it was the unconstitutional, illegal and blatantly stupid over-reaction by governments at all levels.
    If we are ever hit with something really serious, all I can say is heaven help us because government has already shown they don’t have a clue.

  • I had it twice once asymptomatically early on and the second time moderately with lingering issues. I maximized immune system response and heavily supplemented based on Dr Mercolas suggestions and I am back to a normal.

    What I did do was rewatch the dozens apocalyptic films I have and love to stir the thought process of what I may need to do different next time.

    Few will tell you that prepping of the mind can be so entertaining but yet be so critical to smart response. So many films are ready made case studies. Let me know if you want the definitive prep movie list Daisy!

  • In the beginning, I believed just about everything I was told. I TRUSTED. Now, a year later,I wouldn’t believe the govt if they told me it was raining during the monsoon. Too many half truths and outright lies. Self serving decrees,and more flip flops on whether to wear a mask or not,or maybe,or under certain conditions. Ridiculous shut downs and lock downs. Let’s face it, this whole covid crap was political from the beginning. If some other plague comes around, I will decide what precautions to take.

  • COVID, a Corona virus with over 99% survival rate, didn’t wreck anything. Globalists and wanna-be tyrants used COVID as the excuse to wreck our economy, destroy small businesses, and exert control over millions of Americans through lock-downs, closures, quarantines, and insane non-scientific mask mandates, and docile indoctrinated Americans allowed it all to happen. Now they are printing money hand over fist and doing the “dump and pump” that will destroy personal wealth through inflation and devaluation. A more serious pandemic is a ‘maybe’, like a meteor strike or the Yellowstone Super Volcano blowing. How people will pay their bills and maintain some semblance of their current lives over the next year or two is a much more immediate threat.


  • Early February 2020, the Chinese were showing people keeling over with a disease that hit so suddenly that they died on their feet. They welded doors to apartment buildings shut. They claimed a high death rate. We were told that it was still “over there”. At that time, I got really sick, a cough like none I ever had before, a body so painful that I could get out of bed only on handrails next to the bed, and a fever. I didn’t eat for a few days, so I don’t know if I lost my ability to taste. At that time, I didn’t make the connection to that disease “over there”. That was over a year ago. By the time that blood antibody tests were locally available, it was too late to test for me.

    The Chinese did a masterful job of terrifying the world with what is for the most part a dud of a disease. If it weren’t for all the deaths falsely attributed to that disease, it would hardly be noticeable.

    With all the lies from the self-admitted liar Fauci and other media outlets, if they announce another “pandemic”, I won’t believe them. I think there are millions like me.

    As for immunity, the T-cells remember for the rest of our lives. Therefore to say that those who have recovered from this CCP-virus are required to have the shot is absolute bunk. There’s good reason to believe that the shots are themselves a bioweapon designed to kill off many Americans. I won’t take a shot. Just as I have never taken a flu shot. And I recommend that everyone refuse this shot.

    There are other diseases that are really nasty. Ebola is just one example. If liars like Gates and Fauci try to palm off another unknown “pandemic” on us, why should I trust them?

    As for preparing for the next pandemic? Without knowing ahead of time what it will be, what can be done? Other than preparing for a time of lockdowns and keeping in as good a shape as possible, eating healthily and developing communities, what more can we do? Isn’t that what we are already doing? But if some researchers are correct, the next pandemic could be a wave of auto-immune reactions to the Covid-19 “vaccines”.

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