Selco on Immigrants: Stop Arguing About It and Prepare for It

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Note from Daisy: When I recently wrote an article called “Some Unpopular Opinions About the Migrant Caravan,” a few readers suggested I ask Jose and Selco their feelings about the whole thing. Here is Selco’s opinion and Jose’s is coming soon. Selco is a survivor of the Balkan war in Bosnia, and his opinions are based on his own experiences.

Author of The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival and the online course SHTF Survival Boot Camp

Talking about immigrants or refugees is close to me because here in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have cities that in last 2 months got into the situation where illegal immigrants have become 1/3 of the population.

In 2 months time only.

And yes we, too, have endless discussions about what to do with them, to deport them, to accept them, to like them or to hate them.


In the meantime, their numbers grow. They are becoming a problem for an already poor society.

The US is having problems with immigrants, too.

There is something similar happening in the US these days, and there are furious debates in survival forums, Facebook groups, and elsewhere about whether you are “pro or con” immigrants. And it gets so heated that I think if it was happening in a real-life place, like on the street or in a coffee place, people would literally fight over the topic.

Let me ask you a question: when a tornado, hurricane, or flood is coming, do you discuss is that bad or right or do you just prepare for it?

Do you lose your nerves and time by hating the storm or you buy candles, extra food or whatever?

So does arguing about the topic “who likes or who hates immigrants” or “should we help them or not” make you more prepared in any way?

Or do you think that your opinion will change anything when it comes to the fact “are immigrant coming or not”?

I am sorry, but in events like this, your opinion (nor mine) does not matter at all.

But still, we push so many people about seeing their opinion and conforming our opinion to theirs like that is gonna change things.

Those kinds of events usually happened way above our “circle” of influence and no matter what we do those events will happen on a way that somebody much more powerful planned.

We are nothing in those decisions. Sorry.

My opinion about these events (here and there)?

People who do not want to contribute in my land, adopt the way of living that we live in my country, play by rules of my country should not be here. That’s it.

They should be returned to the place where they come from and push their life philosophy there, not in my backyard.

Am I going to help a kid who is hungry among those immigrants? Yes, if possible I will. I will give him food, or a blanket or clothes…

I was raised like that.

Are they playing on my feelings, or playing me like a violin?


Am I going to hate all the people who want to go there (or here) including those who want to become part of this society, to work, to contribute?

No of course not. There are ways for becoming a member of new society, adapting, integrating, “investing yourself in it.”

Aren’t we all coming here (wherever here is) from somewhere (wherever somewhere is) through our past generations who made it home?

The main takeaway here (here and there) is that we are getting divided over events that are being played on much higher levels.

Do you really think it is impossible to stop the immigrants from crossing the border? Of course, it is doable. It is doable even here in almost destroyed societies. You just implement laws and that’s it, Borders are here for reason. If a country cannot control its own border what’s the point then?

You follow laws and policies, set a few examples, and that’s it.

Folks, this thing is probably outside our circle of influence, it is a sad thing to hear but it is probably the truth.

Unless you can lead 500,000 people on the street making demands for something you do not have influence.

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Prepare for immigrants in realistic ways.

I see people waiting for waves of immigrants and preparing for them but their prep is to argue with people on FB are they pro or con.

It is better maybe to set up a system where you can really quickly reinforce your door and windows, with a fast way to install plywood board maybe, or steel bars and similar.

If these “hordes” of immigrants show up at your door one day, do you think they will appreciate your opinion about “pro or con immigrants”?

They will appreciate your will on how you deal with them in one or another way, good or bad.

The immigrants aren’t the worst part of what is happening.

What is even worse here, I can see such bad division and polarisation, that I believe people will have rioting most probably and fights between people who are “pro” and people who are “con” immigrants.

It gets so heated.

Immigrants might not even show up or be a problem, but because this you might end up fighting (real fighting – not arguing on the internet) because you got so divided over topics like immigrants between left and right, wrong or right, light and dark, or whatever.

The real question here is does somebody actually want to divide people so much that anything is possible?

To divide people over topics like immigrants so much that you actually hate your neighbor hard and he hates you? So there are factions and militias and parties and at the end something like war?

As I mentioned before, as I grow more old I tend to believe that some things do not happen without reason, or chaotically, or randomly.

Very often we are puppets in somebody powerful hands, and our reactions, and us being mesmerized with things are often used to “sneak” something in.

Everything is possible, but please, do not get yourself to involved in general hate. Deal with possible consequences, try to be more prepared for things that might show up from events like this.

And I hate to say but again, immigrants problem can be solved easy more or less if there is a will for that. But if in your own society divisions between your own people (or fellow citizens) gets so bad that you actually hate people, or groups of people (political factions, views, or similar) so bad that you are blinded then very bad things are possible.

I have been there. My neighbors became my enemies without any real and logical reason.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. He is currently accepting students for his next physical course here.

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.



Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • The suggestion was to ask Selco if when his countrymen bailed at the start did they wave flags when they crossed the border?
    I was there and that answer was no. Selco feel free to answer.
    It’s one of the differences in immigration and invasion.
    I am preparing for it. Not by boarding up and hiding but by preparing to ensure that my grandchildren have something.
    This hide and wait it out is a joke. At some point you have to do something.
    We intervened in the Balkans because the wait it out approach got millions killed. Only after action was change possible. And no it’s not comfortable action. Get passed that quickly.

    • My takeaway from what Selco wrote is that we’re being played by forces beyond our control.

      You can discuss the politics of “global warming” until you’re blue in the face but it won’t stop a hurricane from engulfing your home.

      Likewise we can all be social media warriors but that is not going to keep you safe when our society is overrun by people who desperately want what you possess.

      We’re all being played by forces that benefit from chaos and societal disruption.

      The storm is here. Get ready, or get assimilated.

    • Hi, Matt – I was referring to a different suggestion. But this is a great question, and I look forward to Selco’s answer.

    • Hello Matt.

      When my countrymen bailed during the war, to EU countries and even to US, they did not wave with flags, they run from the war, mass rape, private prisons, tortures, leveled houses…

      They wanted to save their lives, I think after experiences they went trough they did not care about flags, unless there s flag that could offer them normal life without all above mentioned.

      Yes, by great majority they integrated, have jobs, become part of something that is better, much better then here…

      I could mention “internal” wave of imigration in that time, yea, sometimes it happened with flags, machine guns and destroying “others”.

      And now these years there is new level of immigration from my region, usually to Germany, or Scandinavian countries (but to Canada and US too) because horrible economic situation and very probable perspective of new wars.

      This wave of emmigrating or leaving countries go in form of waves too, but in a way that nurses, physicians, IT folks, truck drivers and similar leaving the country after they find job in above mentioned countries, and after companies in those countries provide papers and “invitation” for them… then they integrate, and usually do not want to have anything with this region, never.

      Which is good idea anyway.

      They want to be part of something different, and they are happy to adapt.I think in last year or two around 200 000 people left the region after they find job in EU or elswere, usually one of the above mentioned jobs. Now it is huge number if we are talking about region with couple of million people.

      And there is last example of “immigrants” that coming in waves too, but they are coming here. Usually from Pakistan, Lybia, Afghanistan, Syria…

      And I do not see in majority of them reall will for adapting and integrating.

      Hope this answers you question about flag waving.

      And I do agree that at some point you need to do something, actually that point was long time ago, but I do not see how raging on internet on your “neighbour” can help here, which was one of the main point of article.


      • As always you’ve told the truth. There wasn’t any flag waving like there is now. It’s different.
        My strong opinions bother you and many other passive types. I get that. I won’t be a bother again as our opinions are to far apart.
        I won’t lose my country without action. I saw how that worked out in the 90s first hand.

  • joan of arc was told by God that nations are part of His plan borders are good and each nation is set up to function for itself otherwise it is chaos everywhere
    only God can save us, so while prepping pray for our nations and for the governments that God’s men will be leaders and we can resist evil
    if we do not plead with God in these times when we see trouble surrounding us there will be absolute chaos.
    as you prep, pray for protection, especially for those of us who have no ‘tribe’ and no means to prepare.

  • Yep, they ARE PLAYING you like a fiddle and have your emotions so screwed up you don’t know whether to take a dump or go blind. Your supposed Christian beliefs, will be the downfall of America because you not only do not have the resolve to guard against your aggressors, you give up the store so you could go to your supposed, HEAVEN. If those migrants eat you out of house and home, don’t come looking for me to bail you out because your ribs are showing.

    Our country needs to be protected by the only thing that can protect it. BULLETS AND LOTS OF THEM !

    • May I tell you sir/or ma’am, that THIS COUNTRY you live in was founded by Godly men and based on Christian values (God’s values)….The United States of America IS one country under God, our laws were written with Christianity in mind. I am a Christian but I will tell you, if hordes come down my street they will be met with resistance (of any type necessary). Being a Christian doesn’t mean we don’t stand up for what’s right, or for our own rights given to us by God AND our United States of America. Christians have values and those values do not include allowing mayhem, rape, pillage and surrender. Our founding fathers stood up and fought for life and liberty and so will I and the rest of Americans!

      • The Crusades were not an expansionist movement, they were defensive measures enacted as a response to the Moore’s invading western Europe through Italy, Greece, and Spain. (Not unlike the current “migration” from the Middle East and Western Africa.) It was the Christian resolve that repelled that invasion, and be it religious or otherwise, it is that same resolve which is lacking today. The challenge is not just “migration,” so much as a lack of assimilation to the cultures of their newly adopted lands. The Muslim “culture” is circumventing Western Judeo-Christian ideals, and eradicating them from their own indigenous lands. Bidden or Un-Bidden, this is a religious war. Look at how many Sharia courts are operational in Great Britain. Christian churches are being appropriated and turned into Mosques. If this doesn’t end fairly quickly, it most assuredly will not end well for indigenous populations of Western society.

  • Hi Selco,
    Did your country have any issues with diseases breaking out (epidemic or pandemic) when the immigrants/refugees flooded your borders that no one expected?

    • Hello Trish!

      For now majority of problems are let say still not so complicated, lice, diahrrea, scabies… and similar issues that go from poor hygiene and many people being packed together.

      But as numbers are rising, and as system that “takes care” about that issues getting more and more loaded I am definetly expecting more serious health issues.

      • Thank You for answering my question on the minute possibility of epidemics/pandemics from the mass amount of people coming here. 🙂

  • It’s already happening. Last year I had a neighbor drop by unannounced (and technically uninvited). As we were talking in my very rural front yard, this person “explained” to me how the Bible was a work of fiction and that the Constitution was a dead letter of no more consequence than toilet paper.

    I explained that a civil war was coming to the U.S. and that when it did, they would find themselves on the opposite side of the fence from me. Lo, and behold! Here we are.

    Then my mind hearkens back to a conversation I had with a young man while working in construction in 1985. This apprentice told me how “a revolution is coming in this country”. I laughed in his face and told him he’d never live to see it, because someone like me would summarily shoot him if he started any such crap as that.

    Fast forward to today, and I have no idea whether that idiot is even still alive. I have, however, no doubt that I may end up confronting his evil spawn (or someone else similarly evil minded) with the promise I made him.

    The only question remaining is “when does it go hot?”. Trust me…when that moment arrives, you’ll know it. In the meanwhile, prepare yourselves for combat.

    Stock up. Inspect and repair your equipment. Form a plan of action in event of civil war and or martial law. Keep peace as far as it is possible, and be prepared to contend for your very life.

    “What is coming is NOT coming. It’s HERE.” – Steve Quayle

  • wow, that was a wake up call. either way it is a no win solution.better to prepare instead, like he said it really is out of our hands so to speak. i sure don’t like the idea of them coming in illegally and really so many at one time, and more on the way!

  • STOP calling foreign trespassers “immigrants”! Immigrants enter nations via legal channels, the others are criminals. Americans need to have that mindset when voting for their political administrative represetative servants…and that’s another mindset Americans need to have. Unless foreigners can be vetted as trustworthy and productive, useful to society, then we don’t need them here. We aren’t at war on our home soil, not yet, but this ongoing foreign trespasser issue America has could lead there. Time to build the Wall.

  • It has been fairly obvious since the last of the Blue Dog Dems were forced out. The current Dem party has a single goal: Replace the voting population of the USA to ensure an unassailable majority forever. All the other arguing points are related to that single concept.

  • Obviously, based on what Mattis has stated, this Illegal Alien Horde Invasion will make it into the US as did the previous one several months ago. The troops are only there for logistical & other support allowing the Border Patrol to do their job, meaning the troops are another EMPTY threat! Over 95% of the earlier caravan is still in the US! Since we now know the Mexican police are actually facilitating transportation for the invading horde, they will probably be at the borders just prior to the Midterms!

    Prepare? Yes, of course. The political demographics are purposely being shifted to the left, these ILLEGALS are replacing our voice & our votes, silencing us forever. In addition, each ILLEGAL ALIEN costs US taxpayers approx 45,000.00 per year, we already have well over 22 MILLION ILLEGALS in this country. April 12, 1861 is upon us once again.

  • Selco
    The illegals are here in our community and a year back took over a ranch from a family that doesn’t come to their ranch often, armed with assault riffles walking the road and ranch daring anyone to try and enter the property, thank God it ended with no one hurt, but this is what is here and more are coming. I am more interested in how to protect my family and homestead by doing things I can do now to be better prepared.
    Thanks so much

  • For those who want to come to the US, let them come legally. Otherwise, stay where you are. If you have something of value to bring, that will be a plus. If all you have is an open hand looking to become a welfare parasite, stay where you are. We don’t need you nor want you.

    I think we should close the border tight as a drum head. Nothing in nor out. Stop them while they are in Mexico and let Mexico deal with them.

    I fully support the posture by Theodore Roosevelt. Here is the actual quote:

    “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an
    American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.
    But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.”

    One flag, one language, one loyalty, one people. All others leave and don’t come back.

  • It seems that it is inevitable that the people are going to come to the USA and that many are fleeing from from very bad conditions. The USA people can be caring, compassionate people, but when they are threatened with their loss of life, property and peace, things are going to change negatively. In reality, the incoming people need to keep the USA people intact and willing to help them.
    I would propose that a camp be established at the border to house, feed and educate these people to allow them to become contributing citizens of the USA. This would require that they learn the English language, work to get their citizenship, and practice good society behavior. That would include working in the camp keeping the peace, cleaning, and helping raise and educate the juveniles. The whole goal would be to let them become a legal, productive and law abiding citizen. I suspect that it would not take long to find the one that do not want that, or who are criminals, and then deport them back somewhere. We do not need the trouble and expense of supporting those people in a prison. However, if we could use that money to help people become good citizens, and relive their suffering, it would be worth it. They in turn could contribute to our society and help us. This is the old saying of a hand up and NOT a handout. It also is not a takeover of our society.
    It should be made very clear to all that are headed this way that this is the deal and if you can not work with that, then DO NOT COME.

  • We should expect from illegal immigrants/alien criminals what they’ve previously shown us they want from us, immunity to our national, state, and local laws, and free housing, food, transportation, and pocket money. Instead of making their own country better – fighting injustice and corruption, they want to come and ruin ours and make us pay them to do so. When people cross a border en mass and uninvited, that’s not immigration, it’s an invasion.

    The fedgov has two constitutional mandates, one is to protect the borders, the other is to regulate internal and external trade. None of these invaders should be allowed into the country and I hope Trump makes sure they don’t.

    It’s nice to think immigrants want to come here for a better life of their own making if they just had the opportunity, but those are few and far between. The Bosnians who came here fled their own country out of cowardice instead of fighting for their own caliphate, and what did they bring with them to the USA? Islam. Islam is diametrically opposed to the American way of life. The Syrians, Afghans, and the rest of the recent glut of “refugees” are mostly military aged males who ran away from their own countries instead of fighting for their homes, I don’t think cowards deserve asylum, much less my taxes. I don’t think there are any doctors and nurses in that grouping, just a lot of future jihadsters looking to rape and kill infidels. Look at how it goes in Europe as soros destroys each eu nation one by one.

    Now as to the caravans of “refugees”, no one takes weeks to walk from Belize or Honduras to Mehico especially with children, no, they were provided transport and kept fed and watered. Who was paying for all this? What does the fund source gain from spending all those millions? During the w bush regime, some huge contractor got a contract to set up and maintain huge detainment camps near our southern border. Apparently we’re going to need them if these foreign troops are allowed into the country.

    You can think the illegals are coming for a better life all you want, I think they’re coming here to take what we owe them according to their own minds, and to make us live like they did back home – rampant murder and constant petty crime. The other day, ice busted some moslom Bangladeshis trying to cross from Mehico, don’t think isis and other jihadsters as well as ms13 and outright communists aren’t in those caravans of opportunity seekers.

    I don’t owe them a thing, do you?

    • Hello Josh!

      Thank you for your short expertise about what happened here, and who fled from here and why during wars that actually lasted here (if we include the NATO bombing of Serbia) for almost 10 years.

      Your expertise is like mine would be if I wanted to explain the history and reasons and aftermath of the Vietnam war to US Army Vietnam war veteran who was on the ground the whole time, including being captive, and if I wanted to do that in few sentences.

      In other words completely out of the picture, and a bit insulting.

      But I would listen to his advice very silently, and ask a lot of question about survival on the ground.. in that hell.

      Do you think I would know who was a coward on the ground there, Americans or Vietnamese, and who fled and why?

      No, honestly I would not, and probably I would not find it in the mainstream media in the way that I want to know.


    • Josh, that is an unbelievably arrogant accusation. The fact that you are insulting the Bosnian who has generously given his time to us and calling him and his people cowardly stuns me. I have always appreciated your well-thought out comments but the lofty ignorance in this makes me cringe.

      It’s pretty easy to play armchair quarterback from the comfort of our homes – or even from the well-fed American military camp nearby – but unless you have lived through what Selco has, your commentary on his countrymen’s bravery or cowardice is both rude and useless.

      I guess the folks who came over here on the Mayflower were also cowards in your eyes. They probably should have stayed in England and fought instead of “fleeing” over to the New World. I’m truly disgusted that you would speak to a guest on my website – and my good friend – in this way.

      • I didn’t say or mean to imply Selco himself is a coward, think I read he’s still over there, and it takes bravery to deal with what was given him and keep the will to live. However, nothing will shake me from the belief that a able bodied man fleeing his country instead of fighting for it is anything less than a coward. Case in point, Mosul was a largely christian town in Iraq that had over 250k people in it. Isis attacked Mosul with only a few thousand jihadsters and instead of the men of Mosul rising up and fighting for their homes and families, they fled and let isis walk in. It’s so shameful it’s laughable. Also, I can’t see the similarity between pilgrims who trekked across an ocean to a wilderness and started their own country out of dirt and sweat where none existed before and parasites waging economic jihad on a existing 1st world country or fleeing their countries fight. I guess Americans are the only ones who will fight for what’s right.

        • So . . . you would sacrifice your family, and the families of others, in order to appear “courageous” in your own eyes and avoid appearing “shameful”?

          You do not know the motivations of those who correctly assessed the odds and their consequences in the reality of the situations they found themselves in, and chose to leave and make sure their families were safe rather than make one more senseless pile of dead bodies that carried no significance after the smoke clears.

          Perhaps the ancient indigenous Christians of Mosul were more familiar with the actual teachings of Christ than most of us Americans are. And they chose peace and the survival of their families and community rather than stand and fight what they have known for centuries are the ways and consequences of the followers of Islam toward Christians. It’s not really about the numbers, after all.

          You weren’t there. You weren’t there to help those Christians or Selco and his people. You weren’t there to fight alongside them and for them. You have no idea of what their reality was, nor the forces behind their antagonists.

          As Selco suggested, be prepared for seen and unforeseeable possibilities, and humbly sit at the knee of those who come here forced from their homes by true war, and learn their stories and lessons.

          Be prepared. But don’t underestimate the invaders, and don’t view with contempt the forerunners, like Selco’s countrymen, from other such situations who made a different decision than you think you will make.

          We wouldn’t be here if only “Americans” ever fought for “what’s right.” (And there’s not a single “right” thing American soldiers are “fighting” for right now outside our own borders and coasts. Not one. The U.S. government and its military have been marauding across foreign lands from the beginning of the 20th century. As Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, the original “Devil Dog” of the U.S. Marines, said, and wrote a book titled, “War is a Racket.” [You can find it online, for free, or pay for a bound copy. All Americans — in fact, all people everywhere who care about individual freedom, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, peace, and prosperity — should read it and take it to heart! We could all then cut the strings of those unseen puppeteers over us!] After 30 years thinking he was being patriotic and loyal to America, he realized and had the courage to state the reality: no war, other than specifically defending our own borders and coasts from actual physical attack, is a “just” war, but a phony aggression at the behest of wealthy oligarchs to enrich themselves at the expense of others’ lives. THAT is shameful.)

          We’re here because countless scores of Europeans fought for their rights and freedoms and cultures long before “America” was ever a gleam in anyone’s eyes. And that same history is strewn with the victims of Europeans who also presumed to rule their fellows unjustly. And the “courageous” men who fought for them, too.

          “Patriotism” doesn’t matter to the “invisible” vainglorious human beings who think they have a right and are qualified to rule others, who are pulling the strings of world events. They mean no one well. They are behind everything going on in the Western world today, including what happened in Selco’s country. They are who Selco is warning about. And even you can’t defeat them by only openly “fighting for what’s right” by force of arms. We’re all trying to fight them otherwise, not least by objecting to and trying to block every new and further encroachment on those innate individual freedoms, morals, and values you and I — and Selco! — stand for and love.

          We wouldn’t be in this situation right now if America didn’t have perhaps more of its share of these evil people roiling the otherwise relatively peaceful existence of not only every other country in the world, but right here, too. This is what Selco was trying to warn us about.

          Listen to Selco, and try to curb your contempt for those who choose not to end their lives for the sake of your idea of “courage,” but to start again, for the sake of their families, in a totally foreign country and culture, filled with its own difficulties and risks. And they came via the proper channels, not by illegal means and invasion.

          Your “courage” and “patriotism” to sacrifice your life needlessly are of no use to your surviving wife, mother, sister, daughter, even grandmother, left behind to the tender mercies of your enemy. Ask Selco about that, what he’s seen when families don’t have their protector and provider between them and their enemies.

          Ask some of those able-bodied men who chose to get their families out of a hopeless situation that would have only meant the sacrifice of those helpless family members to the false glory of “dying for their country.” Do you believe they had no idea of what the consequences to their families would have been, having seen it all around them?

          There’s more than just you and/or a “country” to consider, able-bodied or otherwise, unless you don’t have a family. There’s a difference between wisdom and weakness — between cowardice and wisdom. “The better part of valor is discretion.”

          If you’re a Christian: James 2:5-13, and 3:13-18 (actually, the whole of James’s letter is worth deeply mulling over).

  • From Selco above, “And there is last example of “immigrants” that coming in waves too, but they are coming here. Usually from Pakistan, Lybia, Afghanistan, Syria… “ .

    Do most of the countries sound familiar?

    The Brookings Institution Reports had a word for forced war refugee mass migration, “spillage”. Ron Paul used the word “Blowback“ to describe what goes around comes around. Destroy a sovereign nation and this one of the effects that comes back on you.
    Historically where the British drew a line or boundary on a map war followed. Yugoslavia was formed after WWI as a line on the map regardless of cultural or ethic differences with a built-in obsolescent. William S. Lind talks about the collapse of the Westaphalian order of international relations and the rise of non-state actors into the vacuum, meaning when states fight each other with old second/third generation warfare there are forces released that have no borders called fourth or now fifth generational non-entities. The mass migrations you see now are an example of that. Except what was a human slave trade or drug route is now a deluge of immigrants with roadmaps and instructions where the social services are in what country and a plan to overpopulate you. The nation-states are shooting themselves in the foot as they did during WWI. Or you can read Miles Mathis for a different take on that. Barabara4U2C, a young lady who drinks a lot of caffeine, reports what is happening in that region. East Europe, Hungary, appears to have a will. And on, and on …

    Basically, the cold reality is and has been, there is always someone wanting you to be their slave. While you bicker amongst yourselves and after you’re both exhausted, they’re move in mop up. Worked for WWI and WWII with controlled opposition.

  • For all of you who calls on the government to stop the invaders/immigrants: have you ever thought that the government and the people who control it are actually behind these huge movement of people?

    Let’s for a moment avoid the discussion about the wars that are inflicted on many countries and the political interference in the affairs of others that cause suffering and poverty among the population. Let’s focus on the logistics of all those people moving around.

    7,000 people assemble in Honduras and start marching toward the USA. Did they organize themselves by word of mouth in a couple of days? Hardly believable. So my question is: the US embassy in Honduras was sleeping? Do we have FBI/CIA/INS agents there to keep an eye on the situation since what’s happening is nothing new? Did State get wind of this but did nothing?

    Then the caravan moves and get to the South Mexican border. Why didn’t the US government try to do something to help Mexico to keep those people out of their country? Maybe because our relationship with Mexico as with the rest of the world is based on bulling rather than mutual respect and cooperation?

    Next the caravan moves, a 1,600 miles march. You do not march for 1,600 miles without at least food and water. They might find water but who is feeding these people? 7,000 is an awful lot of mouths to feed and southern Mexico is not a rich area. So, where is the food coming from?

    It doesn’t seem crazy to think that someone is paying for all of this. So, where is the investigation on the funding of what is portrayed as an attack on the USA? We put sanctions on Russians because they farted in our general directions. On North Koreans who are trying to defend themselves. On Iranians because Tel-Aviv wants so, but we do not seem to be able to find out how a 7,000 people “invasion” is paid for. Not to mention that we never found out how 9/11 was paid for and how an army of 30,000 Nike wearing, American trucks driving ISIS combatant suddenly materialized in the ME.

    The same questions can be asked for the European migrants who invades Selco’s country. Have you ever picked up a map and looked at how far Bangladesh is from Europe? How many countries, many at war, have to be crossed to get to Europe? And have you seen how big the Sahara desert is? No help there neither? Sure no stopping the money flow either.

    My point is that Selco is right that we have to be ready for what’s coming but we have to identify and fight who is behind this as well, otherwise we will be overwhelmed. Especially so if the government that is in charge of defending the country is actually undermining its existence.

    • Apparently there is an aged man, one of the richest men on the planet. Could this person be doing anything he can to destroy our United States of America and make it into something unrecognizable to the rest of us. Apparently, he funds groups that want open boarders (for political votes?). So guess what? Those boarders will opened by the hordes of “who knows what” crashing through them regardless of who gets hurt in the meantime. Sad…………..

  • Thank you, Selco, for your wise, measured, and reality-based take on this.

    It is NOT “hate” to be practical and realistic. I don’t see many of the people who call those of us who insist on open eyes and situational awareness “haters” here today. For obvious reasons.

    “Trust, but verify.” “Hope for the best, expect the worst, and take what comes.” “Be prepared.” “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”

    None of that means that because you use proper caution in preparing for whatever those you know nothing about may bring — only based on their past behavior and your experience of the accumulated results of their presence — you “hate” any of them.

    Being realistic and prepared to defend oneself, family, friends, and local neighbors against possible hostilities does NOT mean you hate anyone. But we all definitely should hate hostile meanings, intentions and behaviors of others, and protect ourselves, family, etc., from them. There’s nothing wrong with that, and those who would condemn you for it for not being “compassionate” are not your friends or allies, much less “compassionate” themselves.

    Where do those calling us “haters” get the right to give to others via coercive government what is ours and not theirs to give? Where do they get the idea that it is not criminal or unjust — hateful — to forcibly take from their fellows to give to anyone else? Why do they believe they are being “compassionate” doing that, but if you object you are a “hater”? Who is your neighbor, anyway? Why are “others” their neighbors but not us?

    Who says, and why, that what I have is “owed” anyone else? Who says, and why, I am a “hater” or not “compassionate” because I insist on my inalienable, God-given right to say who I may help and who I choose not to, for whatever reason?

    When did “I” meld into “you” or “we”? Who says, and why? When was I asked whether or not I wanted to be melded into “you” or “we”? I never was. And no one else has the right to make my decisions for me or take from me what is not theirs, for any reason.

    They are not “compassionate,” they “hate” me because I do not allow them to do that to me. They do not understand and know what their ideas have done to people, especially in the last 100+ years. Selco is absolutely correct: these things have been deliberately set in motion by powerful people who, in their inhumane delusions of grandeur, believe they have the right to do to us what they will, and bring about the destruction of Western civilization because they can’t control those of us who believe we have the God-given right to rule our own lives and make our own decisions, in freedom.What they believe is Marxist socialist Communism, and it murdered — deliberately, cruelly, brutally, sadistically — well over 100 million people. That’s at minimum over one third of the population of the United States. Does that matter at all? Those who do not know this truth need to learn, but they refuse. Selco and Jose have personally lived through some of that, and are trying to warn those of us with ears to listen and eyes to see, and intelligence to understand..

    I have learned. Selco and Jose have lived it and know how evil is the lie. Jose and Selco are trying to warn those who will listen and see what the Truth and Reality are, and what the lie really is. The lie is not “compassionate.” It is deceit. It is misery and murder, and the complete and horrifying expression of depraved inhumanity.

  • I find his answer agreeable and intelligent. I was expecting him to succumb to the immigration problem. But Selco, like me, is a REALIST. He knows we can and can’t.

    It’s just here. DEAL WITH IT. But in what way? He correctly states forces more powerful than we are in control and unless we show we are more powerful the problem will not abate. Just getting real like Selco.

    And I agree with him they should be sent back. That is the real solution. But for some reason or another, that’s not the answer anyone wants to hear or do at this time.

    I also agree that this was planned. But what I don’t understand was how quickly we succumbed to the traitors up there and still have done nothing. Many people should be hanged for this betrayal.

  • Bottom line: If they are illegal, deport them. Period!
    If they came here legally and went through all of the hoops to do so, welcome them with open arms.
    Pretty simple when you think about it.

  • Those in power are trying to erase our borders,confuse our language and change our very culture.The end result is no country.

  • The following is my opinion to some comments made above. Hopefully it won’t be viewed as bickering, and something can be taken away that will help regarding the article above. Note, I don’t have a solution.

    As Selco wrote above, “Do you really think it is impossible to stop the immigrants from crossing the border? Of course, it is doable.”, but it takes WILL. Meanwhile, there are influences beyond our control or we can see.
    Batten down the hatches is more than an expression.

    If I was living in the countryside I would initially plan by studying memoirs written by the former Rhodesian Selous Scouts, ie. Peter Baxter and others. Can’t find the link but there are South African farmers now organizing by developing a hierarchy communication structure, radios and road maps, etc., for their situation. Some tactics and ideas might apply to your geography.

    Regarding the Immigrants in Europe, rapes, group and groping, are reported not by their MSM or government but by people on the internet, so females and boys need to train what to do to protect themselves. The “immigrants” form their own urban ghettos the local police are unable to deal with for various reasons, one being no support from their government, and drug trafficking and gangs are a problem. Most of the immigrants are men in their twenties, expect them to be organized and know what to do. Probably they’re have their own underground economy. Human trafficking may be on the table since it was there before they arrived in mass. Children should not be allowed by themselves or be unattended.

    The immigrants already know what social services exist and how to use them before they even arrive to their destination that they take in more “income” then the country’s average citizen makes per year. The economy will not be sustainable. (Misc.,William Mount has some videos on that in the U.S., Barbara4U2C in Europe. Search specially for their immigrant videos. There are other commentators too).

    The immigrants probable know your legal system better than you do so if they are even arrested, say for murder, and deported they will be back. A disadvantage is they probably know more about your culture then you know about theirs, even though they’re not going to assimilate.
    How are organized? It may be a little off but watch the movie “The Battle of Algiers” about the French, Blackfoots, indigenous population and the end of colonization. While the French Foreign Legion did a good job against the male insurgent’s cells it was the women who won the battle since they could not be touched by the Infidels at the checkpoints and carried the bombs though. How many immigrant cultures will you be dealing with? Is the immigrant culture matriarchy or patriarchy? Does the female rule inside the house while she defers to the male in public? And, as in the movie don’t attack the poor knife sharpener who has not anything to do what is happening, out of frustration. Identify the wolves.

    A while back I lived in a student co-op next to a mosque only to wake-up one day to find we were to be evicted because the mosque quietly bought the building we were in. The immigrants are thinking in the long-term, generations. They openly brag about outbreeding their host country by a ratio of one to twelve because of negative birthrates in various countries. I don’t think the parasites give a heck about sovereign nationality or if their host country disappears (it sorta reminds of a Monty Python skit where a group of men want the Romans out of their country except since they like their wine, they’ll keep the wine … and the aqueducts and clean sanitation, etc, etc…). It’s already been brought up; various diseases will be appearing.

    That’s enough words, but the longer the immigrants have moved in, the more entrenched they will be, just don’t expect any help from your government.

    And to anyone who thinks a population can rise-up overnight and fight like soldiers should read Lt. Col. David Grossman book “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” that explores the psychology of the act of killing. It just doesn’t happen like that.

    Only one in twenty people can kill. Even in the military during battle only one in four will shoot at the enemy while the other three will either shoot over their heads, run, freeze or support the fighting one by reloading their magazines.

    A soldier lecturer once said he fought in various wars and conflicts but it was only after eight or more years of fighting did he feel he was ready for Vietnam and then he only expected to live between one to years tops. Sending drafted inexperienced eighteen-year-old “kids” to fight with only a few months training in a tropical jungle they have never been in, against an enemy that had been fighting for a while, was a bad idea.
    Personally, that’s one reason I can’t stand people who talk bravado, they get other people killed.

    You pick your battles.
    And, as the expression goes, maybe live to fight another day.

    (Ps., the original colonists were indentured servants, slaves, bound by a State Corporation Charter that stills exists today.
    And speaking of bailing, after Vietnam and Somalia, tribal vs. the best equipped army in the world, guess who were considered worldwide as a cut-and-run army? For the record, I was drafted, did not go to Canada or Sweden and now in hindsight have no concerns about that. The only thought I have now is “What the h*ll was I thinking of”.)

    Regarding the breakup of Yugoslavia, from what I read of the censored news at the time, there was an arms embargo on Bosnia but the opposing forces could get all the arms they needed coming across from Hungary plus the fact they were the old fully equipped Yugoslav Army, mostly Serbian Eastern Orthodox Catholics, with tanks, planes, etc. In addition, they had the armament factories where amongst other things the Yugoslav AK-47 was made.

    Initially only one in four Bosnian defenders had a rifle, so three defenders went into combat without a weapon. And they still managed to drive back the invaders into a retreat until UN observers, General Rose I believe, would intervene and stop the Bosnians since according to his opinion it was an unfair fight. Kinda like stopping a mugging to make sure the victim didn’t have anything to defend themselves with. They had their hands tied behind their backs and still fought on two fronts, north and south, without help.

    Again, from what I read during the Sarajevo siege there were civilians going into mountain sides and fighting . The cowards were in the mountains killing defenseless trapped civilians. And the snipers who killed children when they could have shot adults instead only because it broke up the family unit and left survivors to grief for the rest of lives. These invading ‘soldiers’ were animals.

    From above, Matt, “We intervened in the Balkans because the wait it out approach got millions killed.”
    Well, someone admits the carnage took more than the 250,000 dead that was propagandized in the MSM during the whole time the war was going on. In the first year that figure froze at a quarter of a million and until the end it never changed. Odd.

    Also from above, Matt, “Only after action was change possible”
    After waiting four years when it could have been prevented initially. Germany had the balls to say something, why couldn’t others have? It would have made a difference. An example from another war, on July 1990, eight days before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Saddam Hussein asked U.S. Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie if we would do anything if he invaded Kuwait? No. So, in effect the U.S. gave him a green light to proceed. By not making a firm statement and waiting the same happened in Yugoslavia.

    Why? I don’t know. As Selco wrote above “Those kinds of events usually happened way above our “circle” of influence and no matter what we do those events will happen on a way that somebody much more powerful planned.

    We are nothing in those decisions. Sorry.”.

  • I do not agree with what is happening at our border and many other places but it is happening. I have no control over it. All I can do is prepare for whatever comes our way. One thing I can do to change our country is vote and that has minimal effect if any. What I can do to improve our country is raise my kids to be patriots and do the right thing. They are grown now and have kids of their own. Now I try to teach my grandkids to be patriots and do the right thing. These problems have not happened over night. They have been brewing for generations. The way to fix it is to teach the younger generation.

  • Ps. Sorry, more words, just opinionated words, not recommendations.

    This is an afterthought, I referred above to the Rhodesian Selous Scouts tactics, while they used low-quality transport planes to great advantage I doubt if the average person has a small fleet of planes. But using drones for forward intelligence gathering is feasible. Of course, it’ll also be used by the other side until (sic) it’ll escalate to drone dogfights and ground to drone missiles, hijacked transponders (anything with a computer chip probably has a backdoor built into it by the manufacturer). As of 2016 there are drones made for human transport.

    Niccolo Machiavelli wrote that the difference between European and Islamic organizations is the European model is built like a middle ages’ cell structure, destroy one feudal cell* there’ll be many more cells to confront while the Islamic structure is based on a pyramid with one head or leader. Deal with the leader rather than waste resources.

    Study the British how they deal with various nationalities. For example, after capturing a leader of an insurgent sect, rather than make a martyr they put him a vat of melted pork and then released him. His followers shunned him because he was “unclean”. Never underestimate the English
    Dogs. Dogs are useful in combat. Since “immigrants” probable will have their own indigenous foods, train the dog to recognize those food odors.

    “A barbed wire fence was erected in 2015 along the border as Hungary cracked down on migration. It effectively blocked the route to Germany, the destination of many of those fleeing the crisis in Syria. Budapest said a second fence would make the barrier stronger and hold back migrants while their asylum applications are reviewed.”.

    If the EU requires the immigrants be feed while waiting, then
    “What’s for lunch?”
    Cultural assimilation.

    Josh, above post, make a comment I agree with,
    “Now as to the caravans of “refugees”, no one takes weeks to walk from Belize or Honduras to Mehico especially with children, no, they were provided transport and kept fed and watered. Who was paying for all this?”

    Watching the videos, you’ll not notice any seventy-pound knapsacks, same for the European videos of immigrants. Follow the money trail. Same goes for any public records of social benefits, etc.,.

    *” Feudal cell” as in a medieval Kingdom, not the sort of “cell” the French Foreign Legion dealt with in the movie “Battle of Algiers”. It was a three-person group that if they captured one member they had twenty-four hours to get to the other two, or they would move and reform somewhere else. The French were criticized for their techniques but they were effective. Unfortunately for the Legion the French public gave them mixed support in Indochina, as well as the U.S… Later we made the same errors but on a grander scale. But that’s another story.

    To dovetail back to Selco’s article, consider the technique “controlled opposition” as applied to the former Yugoslavia. I mentioned the original Marshall Tito had fingers missing while later he had all fingers intact. Go figure? It doesn’t matter since ..

    “We are nothing in those decisions. Sorry.”

    Batten down the hatchets, hip, hip, (sic).

  • Border security got better under Bush, Obama greatly reduced illegal crossings, now T is tightening it up more. A caravan of even 10,000 migrants headed to the border is nothing like it was in the old days, they’re not going to overwhelm anything. A few dozen might eventually even get asylum. The fools in our government need to sack up and pass some laws that will allow the people we need to come here and live and work legally.

  • Some people, even those whop are American citizens, sadly, want us to roll over and let the nwo do whatever they wish with our country and leave our poor politicians alone and not protest this affront to our country. To open our hearts, homes, pocketbooks to these poor downtrodden masses.
    I don’t think that will happen.

    What will happen is more and more Americans will buy arms and ammunition in preparation of the shitshow that could be foisted upon us by those who want us to shut up and not resist as our country is stolen from us.

    I can definitely see a time where places like cali, chitcago, and ny secede from the US in order to become socialist caliphates, and that is fine by me, go in peace and forget we were ever brothers. However, they will invite the un in “for protection” and the un won’t just want to take over cali, chitcago, and ny, they want the US of A. The enemies of America will line up to take part in the rape, if we let them.

    I can also see a time, after or coincident to Russia taking Europe, where Kosovo is retaken by Serbia.

    I’d like to be wrong about this, war is the dumbest thing we do.

  • The difference between preparing for a natural disaster and an invading horde is that the natural disaster will eventually pass. Even a swarm of locusts will eventually move on or die out and won’t be a threat for another seven years or so. But an invading horde stays. It continues to transform the landscape and degrades the culture. It diminishes resources. It brings diseases that were eradicated long ago. After a hurricane or locust invasion, you can always replant and rebuild. How do you do that when disaster is constant and persistent?

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