Some Unpopular Opinions About the Migrant Caravan (and How to Prepare for Its Arrival)

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I have some unpopular opinions about the migrant caravan.

I’m probably going to offend both “sides” of this discussion simultaneously. Anyone who has followed my website for a while knows that I question everything and I recommend that others do the same. But questioning everything also means questioning the things that support your opinions on a topic, and I’m not seeing much of that with regard to this whole migrant caravan circus.

The group I have on Facebook is usually really peaceful and pleasant. We manage to stay away from politics and focus on preparedness. But with the migrant caravan, all bets are off. Tensions are incredibly high.

And this doesn’t serve anyone – at least not anyone whose goal is to be prepared.

Should you be aware this is happening and get prepared if you live near the border? Absolutely. That is common sense. It’s what preppers do.

Should you work yourself into a frenzy reading meme after meme? Um, NO. That doesn’t serve you or anybody else. It just scares you and half that stuff probably isn’t even true.

I know that telling people who are worked up to calm down is generally counterproductive. But for the love of Pete. We need to think this through rationally and not just react with evergrowing panic.

Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking.

Are we making a mountain out of a molehill regarding the migrant caravan?

I love a good conspiracy theory and I’m always ready to question the timing and presentation of events that get folks worked up. Often, it seems like the things people are focusing all their energy and outrage on are a distraction from what we should really be watching.

I’m not saying that this is the case with regard to the migrant caravan. Thousands of people pushing their way through a border despite attempts to stop them is something that should be watched carefully. (Assuming you believe in sovereign borders – which I do, despite my lack of worked-uppedness about this topic. But this article isn’t about border policies – not really.)

While this seems to be the biggest caravan from Central America to the United States, mass migrations are actually not unusual. Literally, hundreds of thousands of people have entered the US as refugees from Central America since the 80s, during the Reagan administration.

Because it’s happened before, of course, doesn’t mean that this time will happen in exactly the same way – that people will peaceful seek to enter the country and claim asylum. This is yet to be seen. But the important thing to note is that this is not a one-off situation. It HAS happened before and we didn’t even know about it.

Could this be another case of a bunch of people walking together for safety and support? Sure. But I don’t know for sure and neither do all the people condemning those who want strong borders, going for the sympathy support for the poor beleaguered “women and children.”

Could this be an invasion of people who aren’t actually Central Americans? Sure. But I don’t know for sure and neither do all the bloggers and news outlets who are breathlessly scaring the crap out of people.

That’s the point. WE JUST DON’T KNOW.

And most of the people saying otherwise are lying to you. Maybe not deliberately. Maybe they think that they are telling the truth because they saw an unsubstantiated report that sounded accurate to them.

Nobody knows and nobody is going to know until they get to the border.

Here are the things that don’t matter when you’re talking about survival.

And another thing.

Let me give you a little comparison here.

Every time there is a mass shooting or some horrific terror event and I write an article about what you can do if you find yourself in the situation, there’s a chorus of smug comments about how it’s a false flag so we don’t need to know what to do.

Ummm. YES. Yes, we freaking do. If someone is shooting at you, whether they’re a government flunkie wearing plain clothes and pretending to be a Russian or whether they’re legitimately batcrap crazy and just opening fire on a church, you need to know what to do to protect yourself and the ones you love. Bullets don’t care who’s firing the gun. They will pierce your body regardless of the trigger puller. And all you will care about at that moment in time, should you find yourself in the midst of a mass shooting event, is staying alive. In the moment, you won’t give two hoots and a tinker’s damn about whether it’s a false flag event.

The same thing is true about this migrant caravan.

Everyone is talking about how “George Soros” is behind the whole shindig. Is he? I have no idea. It kinda sounds like something he’d do. But will that matter if a horde of hungry people is beating down your door? You could say, “I denounce you in the name of George Soros! There, you’re busted. I know your game and you can go now!” But I doubt that this will give them any pause.

People are also talking about how “there are cars driving people.” Are there? This is evidence of nothing except that some folks got a ride. Why does this matter? How does this change your preparedness plan?

Do they all have horrible diseases? I’ve read quite a few articles about the diseases that the migrants might be carrying. I mean, it’s possible, but I can’t imagine someone with active cases of most of those illnesses could walk 1600 miles. Practice good hand hygiene and take all the other steps you’d normally take to prevent illness until we have more details.

Are the people walking to the US gang members or ISIS soldiers? I don’t know that either. Maybe they are. But again, right now, these are just assertions.  Does the picture of this guy holding his fingers strangely provide “definitive proof” that he is a member of the MS13 gang? About as much as that Coast Guard guy who got busted on TV and then fired for holding his fingers strangely is definitively a white supremacist. COME ON, PEOPLE.

There are criminals and radicals everywhere, including in the United States. Statistically speaking, it would be more unusual if there were no criminals or radicals in a group of 4000-14000 people walking through Mexico. Do we want more criminals and radicals in the country? Of course not. But they’re allowed to walk through Mexico. Our ability to put a stop to their entry begins at the border. Getting hysterical about it now serves no purpose whatsoever.

Will the members of the migrant caravan be angry and just burst through the border and overrun the place?  I cannot speak to their states of mind. I can tell you that when I forget to eat lunch, then it’s time to go pick up my daughter and then I get stuck in traffic and dinner is delayed even longer, I get pretty riled up. I would be highly tempted to take that Reese’s peanut butter cup that’s just sitting there on the top of her bag because she HAD lunch and she’s just taunting me with it. I, for one, get hangry (hungry and angry).

Now, think about walking 1600 miles – walking – and then you’ll probably have a general idea of how they’re feeling and how much they just want to rest and get something to eat. That might affect their temperament somewhat. Perfectly nice people, like me, get cranky when they skip lunch and they’re tired. Think about walking 1600 miles and perhaps not having much to eat and it is reasonable to assume they’ll be a bit tense.

Will the members of the caravan try and sneak through? I can tell you that a crowd of however many thousand people there are will not just “sneak” through. They’re going to be met, most likely, by our military. At that point, I hope that all involved will dip into their pools of common sense and that a peaceful interaction will occur, with people legally seeking asylum and being given the opportunity or not at the discretion of the Border Patrol.

How will it happen? Again, we don’t know. There are no crystal balls. But I haven’t been able to find any accounts of those involved in mass migrations breaching our border by the thousands.

If you’re concerned these are the productive things you can do.

If you live near the border, you might be feeling very concerned about all of this. I don’t blame you. I would probably feel concerned too. But now is your chance to be productive and practical, instead of hitting refresh on all of the websites that are feeding your panic.

This should be treated like any other Rawlsian Golden Horde. If you’re not familiar, James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog fame has a very reasonable theory that in the aftermath of an event that leaves systemic failure in its wake, there will be an exodus from the cities of frantic, desperate people who will do frantic desperate things in their search for food and shelter. Mr. Rawles writes:

As the comfort level in the cities rapidly drops to nil, there will be a massive involuntary outpouring from the big cities and suburbs into the hinterboonies. This is the phenomenon that my late father, Donald Robert Rawles–a career particle physics research administrator at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories–half-jokingly called “The Golden Horde.” He was of course referring to the Mongol Horde of the 13th Century, but in a modern context. (The Mongol rulers were chosen from the ‘Golden Family’ of Temujin. Hence the term “The Golden Horde.”) I can remember as a child, my father pointing to the hills at the west end of the Livermore Valley, where we then lived. He opined: “If The Bomb ever drops, we’ll see a Golden Horde come swarming over those hills [from Oakland and beyond] of the like that the world has never seen. And they’ll be very unpleasant, believe you me!”

…Here is a mental exercise: Put yourself in the mind set of Mr. Joe Sixpack, Suburbanite. (Visualize him in or near a big city near where you live.) He is unprepared. He has less than one week’s food on hand, he has a 12 gauge pump action shotgun that he hasn’t fired in years, and just half a tank of gas in his minivan and maybe a gallon or two in a can that he keeps on hand for his lawn mower. Then TEOTWAWKI hits. The power grid is down, his job is history, the toilet doesn’t flush, and water no longer magically comes cascading from the tap. There are riots beginning in his city. The local service stations have run out of gas. The banks have closed. Now he is suddenly desperate. Where will he go? What will he do?

Odds are, Joe will think: “I’ve gotta go find a vacation cabin somewhere, up in the mountains, where some rich dude only goes a few weeks out of each year.” So vacation destinations like Lake Tahoe, Lake Arrowhead, and Squaw Valley, California; Prescott and Sedona, Arizona; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Vail and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; and the other various rural ski, spa, Great Lakes, and coastal resort areas will get swarmed. Or, he will think: “I’ve got to go to where they grow food.” So places like the Imperial Valley, the Willamette Valley, and the Red River Valley will similarly get overrun. There will be so many desperate Joe Sixpacks arriving all at once that these areas will degenerate into free-fire zones. It will be an intensely ugly situation and will not be safe for anyone. (source)

In my opinion, should somehow our border be breached and thousands of hungry, angry migrants come pouring in, a worst-case scenario could be something like what Mr. Rawles describes above.  How do you prepare for something like that?

A few things to consider for those near the border are:

  • Talk to your neighbors and join forces with like-minded people. You can’t go it alone against thousands of hungry people. Or even dozens.  There’s strength in numbers. I’d suggest avoiding the militant type who have lost their grasp on reality and are calling it “war.” Those guys will just make things worse.
  • Increase your home security. It’s very likely that if a bunch of people broke through the border, they’d scatter to be more difficult to find. Harden your home so that it’s more difficult to get into. Make it look uninviting. Check your fences. Maybe even add barbed wire if you’re really worried.
  • Be armed. I’ve written before about the importance of being armed and this, to me, seems like the best time ever to have a firearm that you know how to use. Be cautious, though. If you are greatly outnumbered and you run through your ammo shooting at people, you are just going to tick off the ones you didn’t hit. And you’re going to have a really bad time because perhaps you just killed that guy’s brother or best friend. Not good.
  • Lay low. If things get crazy, it isn’t a great time to walk the dog or go for a scenic drive. Stay home and away from the chaos. Make sure you have the supplies to hunker down for a while if you need to do so.
  • Bug out. Alternatively, if you’re really scared, it’s okay to leave and go stay with friends or family for a while when the caravan gets closer. Bugging out is an option. This is not the Alamo and you are under no obligation to stay and defend your home. It’s a personal decision that everyone must make for themselves.

Don’t panic though. Panic causes us to do stupid things and make terrible mistakes that we can’t undo.

This drama is just feeding the division in our country.

The thing about this that burns me up the most is the way it is feeding the division that is already horrible in our country. Nobody – NOBODY – seems to be able to scroll on past when someone else mentions the caravan. I know that my group is just a teeny microcosm of it all, but what I saw in there concerns me greatly.

Folks have gotten so wound up over this thing about which we do not know all the facts that they have pretty much lost their dang minds. There’s no reason. There’s no humanity.

I saw an informal poll on social media in which 51% of the people agreed all immigrants should be shot at the border. SHOT. What a bunch of bullsh*t that is. And it isn’t original either. Last summer some people in Oregon had a conversation on social media about what a “great idea” it would be to save us some money.

Are we really so terrified of people who speak Spanish that we’d shoot mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers without knowing anything else about them? Without being threatened? If people were to enact such a hateful policy, how long would it be before innocent people with brown skin who are here in the country legally became victims?

I have been an immigrant when I married a Canadian. My daughter has immigrated to the United States after her dad died. I’m certainly thankful no one decided to shoot us on sight.

We have a process for dealing with this, and hopefully, it will work. I don’t want to see the military open fire on a bunch of people who just walked 1600 miles.

And it isn’t actually the members of the migrant caravan whom I’m concerned about with turning the US into a war zone. It’s Americans who can no longer find a way to get along. It’s the people who think that anyone who wants strong borders is actually Hitler in disguise. It’s the people who think that immigrants are something less than human beings. It’s the people who can’t have a peaceful conversation about how to prepare for this situation without devolving into the virtual version of a hair-pulling fight.

The real problem is our inability to get along anymore in this country. The real problem is the propaganda that is just widening that rift further and further apart. The real problem is our inability to have a freaking conversation and actually listen to the other person’s potentially valid points.

The real threat isn’t a few thousand people at the border, but the tens of thousands of Americans who will react in outrage no matter what happens at the border with regard to this migrant caravan.

And I’m talking to YOU. The conservatives. The liberals. All of you who just can’t seem to find any kind of common ground anymore.

This issue is not black and white. There are many shades of gray. I fear that no matter what happens at the border upon the arrival of those seeking asylum, that all hell will still break loose in America in response to that. So even those of us nowhere near the border need to consider preparing for widespread civil unrest. It’s probably going to happen and it’ll probably be a much greater threat than the migrants themselves.

My advice is this:

  • Be a decent human being
  • Treat others as human beings
  • Don’t get sucked into the manufactured hysteria

And be prepared for anything.

What are your thoughts?

If you read this almost 3000-word rant, I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please try and keep it civil and focused on what we can reasonably do to be prepared.

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  • One of the four mandates in the US Constitution that the government has to do is protect the country from an invasion. The US of Has been invaded for the past 50 years from the south. The government, presidents and congress, have done NOTHING because they benefit for this trash. There are about 40 million here in the US illegally taking jobs, sponging off the system, the government kisses their ass and does nothing to stop them. PLUS both side are to blame. My opinion: line the southern border with the military, if anyone tried to cross without the proper paper work or permission: shoot to kill, leave the bodies to rot. The message will be sent.

    • And I’ll wager you call yourself a Christian, too. I don’t know the answer to this problem but I’m pretty sure it’s NOT wholesale murder.

      • Really? If you are the target of a successful home invasion, do those people become your family? If you or yours is killed by any criminal, do you treat it like a lightning strike and move on?

      • Now that is just not fair. What in his comment led you to believe that person is a Christian? True followers of Christ do not believe in outright murder whether or not you know that. Sounds like you just want to get your bashing in on Christians and has nothing to do with the subject.

        • Isn’t there also a difference between “outright murder” and self-defense, even for Christians? Followers of Christ know that He never suggested, much less mandated or commanded, His followers to stand by while “neighbors” are being harmed, stolen from, defrauded. No Christian is permitted to initiate — start, “hit first” — violence, even lethal measures, but no Christian is required to allow himself or anyone else to succumb to those who initiate these violations of “do no harm” to your neighbor. The “strongman” in Jesus’ parables was securing and guarding his home and family (and neighbors) from those who would steal and murder, yes?

          Did you invite all these people here? Are they politely requesting permission to come in, and for you to take care of them?

          If not, then please don’t pretend any of the rest of us owes any of these people anything. They are presumptuous invaders. Against whom, according to Christ, His followers are supposed to protect themselves, their God-given honestly earned and acquired possessions, their families, and their friends and neighbors also under threat.

          If you feel, as a Christian, that you must meet the needs of these people, then by all means do. You. Yourself. You have no right to demand anyone else do so who does not also choose to. And to hide behind “government” to force the rest of us to do so is criminal, and NOT Christian.

          • Wow. Not sure if this comment, GreyCat, was for me but cannot see what other comment you were referring to. But, let’s clarify anyway. Nowhere did I state what I believe on the subject except for outright murder which does not include self-defense of any kind. I simply was commenting on how the person got a dig in on Christians without reprimanding them in 3 or more paragraphs. So, if your comment was directed at mine, it was unfounded as you were going off on something you were given no insight to, which is my opinion. I, actually, agree with everything you stated. But, this has reminded me why I have never commented before and probably won’t again.

            Daisy, you are awesome and thank you for putting yourself out there in bringing us a look at both sides on issues. I will continue to read your articles but think I will go back to staying away from the comments, unless it is on a subject of preps and people are giving ideas. Otherwise, it can be toxic, not to any fault of yours. Keep up the good work.

            • Hi, Dee.

              Yes, your comment gave a great opening for why the “if you don’t blindly welcome all these people in, because Christ said ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ you’re a hater.”

              Please forgive me for seeming to direct my intolerance of that lie at you.

              Please continue to comment; part of the problem with all this PC lies and insanity is because too few like you, who seek to correct some of it, do not wish to get involved because of the push-back. Forgive me again, but it’s way past “safe time” to stop the steamrollering of the rest of us who know that the cultural Marxist agenda is deliberately malevolent and though it uses “Christian” words, it is very anti-Christ and anti-Christian.

              Your contribution is very needed.

              It is truly said that for evil to triumph good people must be silent (paraphrased). Don’t be silent, please.

              Again, I apologize and ask your forgiveness for my own presumption against you. Please forgive me.

            • And there it is in a nutshell. Why are Third World countries such crapholes? Because they’re run by exactly the same kind of people as those trying to come over the borders of First World white nations to live off the backs of white tax-payers. There is no power available to even the most stubborn optimist to make equal what nature did not. People are not products of their societies; rather, societies are products of people. If we import the Third World, we shall become the Third World in short order.

    • Isn’t it different an “INVASION” from “PEOPLE SEEKING REFUGE” ?

      An invasion you will feel completely threatened because they invaders want totally to displace you, kill you, steal your resources. Something like the big power countries have done for ages on other countries.

      A refugee is calling for your kindness as a human being to attend someone in big distress.

      Now these refugees have all gone through whole Guatemana and whole Mexico, which are very biig masses of lands. People have attended and helped them to eat and stay and refuges cause they don’t have the guts to just leave people to die and rot on the streets.

      The US is even bigger mass of land. Their situation is very unfortunate, but they don’t want to hurt the americans. No matter what they tell you or if they are manipulated by some obscure unidentified source. But I think it is more plausible that they are just doing it by their own motivation and desperation.

      So will you try to make it easier on them as a conscious human being, or receive them with violence because it is very plausible, people in the US are very heavily manipulated.

      Greetings and light to you !

      • I live further up the coast. If they bust through and start moving in country as a mob I will be prepared. I’ve got lots of steel and ammo, food and water. Don’t come near me….

  • No one decide to shoot a LEGAL immigrate. It’s not the same. If you can’t see that then you are the issue.
    Thousands of flag fliers isn’t immigration it’s an invasion.
    What’s your military experience?
    You’ll listen to Selco so ask him when his countrymen fled did they fly their flags into Albania or Macedonia?
    I was there and the answer is NO.
    It’s different. Get off the X and grasp that what you seeing isn’t immigration it’s something different.
    Hiding with your supplies isn’t going to leave a future for your children or grandchildren.

  • Since when did America run out of poor people and criminals?

    I am DONE being told that America has to send our people around the world to bleed and die to fix other peoples problems. I am equally DONE with those problems being sent here.

    We cannot afford the billions we spend on military bases all over the world, and gold plated weapons we don’t actually need for our defense. We also cannot afford to pay for yet more hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who see America as being one big ATM.

    Most of all, we cannot afford the smug arrogance of those who look down their noses at us from inside their gated communities, sneering at us for “not caring”, when THEY will never see any of these illegals unless they get let inside to cut their grass and clean their toilets. Funny, they claim America “doesn’t need a wall”, yet the likes of them ALREADY live snug and cozy behind walls and gates and 24/7 armed security.

    I care about the poor people we already have here, in abundance. We need to actually take care of our own first!

  • “Catch and release” is a failure of Homeland Security to do their job but expedient due to lack of facilities and a reasonable rate of influx.
    14,000 at a pop and as many as 3 more caravans forming is an [in yo face] “invasion”.
    They can try barbed wire and tear gas, but just shooting unarmed people is not a option.
    It would appear that ‘concentration camps’ would be in order…and all on the front lines informed that they may be spending a few years ‘detained for clearance…according to existing law’
    My bet is that most would prefer a walk back home [could offer a bus ride?]
    A reasonably comfortable camp can be set up in a mere few days. [preferably within sight of the border to the invaders” can see it.]
    Paid for out of the International Aid funds no longer lining the pockets of foreign officials.

    • There are options available between shooting (mostly) unarmed people and welcoming them with food stamps and taxpayer-funded welfare handouts. Active denial crowd-control weapons are currently in the USA arsenal. The option to spray sedatives over the crowd and load them into a plane and fly them back home is another option. A third option is to do as an earlier commenter suggested and use temporary internment camps until the thousands can be sorted and vetted or deported as appropriate for the individual. I agree that the people who have been deceived by hateful forces (whose goal is to destroy the USA from within) should be treated with dignity until their true nature has been determined. After that, the armed, angry militants who walked (and often rode) 1600 miles with the goal of inflicting crime and suffering on the USA must be dealt with severely, while those who were merely gullible and/or easily manipulated due to their desperation should be treated humanely.

      That said, I’ve seen families three generations here in the USA illegally, using schools, hospitals and other government-provided services, never even trying to learn English or to become citizens, preferring to live without taxes or paying into the government programs they’re milking. I’m absolutely DONE with that. The way the increasing use of the Spanish language has encroached upon the ability of citizens of the USA to meaningfully communicate with each other is criminal and should have been dealt with decades ago. The aforementioned offenses are not the fault of these migrants, but any future people presenting themselves on the borders of the USA must be prepared to make themselves useful and not plan to merely milk the system while sending their money out of the country.

  • I think the way that people act on Facebook is not real. It’s kind of like people talking bravado to their friends in a party while drinking beer. Most of the time if you get those people out by themselves in the store or driving and they can see people faces they react differently. I understand that people can get quite emotional on Facebook and due to the censorship there I am phasing out of Facebook. That and the unthinking emotional responses makes me tune out of dealing with people on Facebook. I almost did not read this article because I wanted to hear more about preparedness and less about dealing with people on Facebook.
    I would rather hear how people in Europe have dealt with that similar situation and compare that with the differences in cultures. Our culture here has much more independent thinking people.

  • As always, great analysis. I agree with every work except the one phrase, “This isn’t black and white”. It IS, either the law is obeyed or it’s not. If not, then there are prescribed punishments that should be applied. I don’t have all the facts either, and probably never will considering the state of the main stream media in this country today. Sites like yours are badly needed islands of sanity that are probably one of the few places where people are given pause to reflect on what you write and HOPEFULLY to some serious soul searching and determine if their positions and proposed solutions are based on fact and objective evidence and rational thought, or the typical reactions that you have so clearly identified. Keep up the good work! Thank you.

    • Until the immigration laws are updated and changed to fit America’s needs these caravans of poor people, mixed with bad people, will continue to invade our borders. A family or a bus load of poor people seek asylum; thousands of people invade.

      The cost to the US taxpayer is some where between $35,000 and $65,000 per year per asylum seeker or immigrant; no one seems to have an accurate dollar figure; but it just keeps getting higher every year. This is not just South Americans, but also Syrian and other middle eastern refugees. Some get apartments, job training, medical care, monthly allotments for food, clothing, etc. We have thousands of American citizens that need this type of help.

      I have lived in many foreign countries and most do not give foreigners anything. Until a few years back foreigners could not own land or houses, they could not get a job unless they have a special visa, they could not start a business unless 52% is owned by a citizen of that country. Your bank accounts could be frozen and drained by any politician or policeman. Any foreigner could be arrested without anyone knowing about it and end up in a foreign jail. If you needed an emergency doctor or hospital you had to pay thousands of dollars up front before treatment and then you must provide your own sheets, medicine and protection while in the hospital. Most Americans flew back to the states rather than receive emergency treatment from the in-country medical system.

      My family was asked to take in a less fortunate foreign family from south of the US and help them get started. I had my reservations but my husband convinced me we should be kind and help and teach these people how to become Americans. First, no one spoke English so it was pictographs to get along. They had to be treated for several diseases before they could go to school or job training. They were not used to indoor sanitation and had to be taught how to use a toilet, take a shower, brush their teeth, and wash their hands. They had no education or useful skills and had to be taught to clean (vacuum, dust, empty trash) in order to be hired to clean office buildings. They had to be driven to all their appointments with the refugee people because they could not read English to catch a bus and the refugee office did not come to transport them around the city.

      They did know how to use a TV and immediately found the adult stations. They did know how to use a land line phone and call their other family members at a cost of several hundred dollars before I found out about it. The children had to be taken to the doctor for examinations and vaccinations before they could be registered for school. We also had to meet with school officials because the children were older than the grade they needed to be in to learn; meaning a 10-year old was in a 2nd grade class. Only the youngest children were happy; everyone else yelled and cried most of the time. When I caught them stealing from me and my neighbor I called it quits and turned them back over to the refugee organization.

      What I learned from this is being a kind and accepting person got you taken advantage of. I also learned that a sponsoring family needs to be of the same nationality as the refugee. They at least can communicate and learning is faster and easier for the refugee.

      Now, multiply all this time, money and heart-breaking effort by 7,000 people and what you get is pure chaos!

  • It is sad we call ourselves a United country when we truly are divided…”Thou shall not kill” pretty self explanatory…”Love thy neighbor” also pretty self explanatory…we do not get to judge others until we have walked in their shoes…we are spoiled as Americans getting to work for pay, choose our meals and eat when we want, live fairly safe in a home that is warm in the cold and cool in the summer, drive vehicle of our choice…stop and imsgine as a refugee none of the above stated things are a part of your daily life…these people deserve what we have as Americans, we as Christians owe it to another human being to help those in need…I’m saddened that we feel as Americans we are better then those less fortunate…yes there are bad people in the world but we do not need to judge others so quickly…I pray that those refugees are treated with the respect they should be given, leaving family and Homeland behind for one must have been devastating but then to walk with everything you own on your back all those miles is just sad to me…show some compassion be the better person…

    • Good call sis. Love thy neighbor. Definitely more people should do this and a lot of the evil in the world would dissipate. Maybe some big power players benefit from the division and suffering of less fortunate. But the higher moral is to do unto others what you want them to do to you. If someone is suffering and you can help, there is only one humane option.

    • Read the comment from “oldwhatshername” above for a dose of reality. Don’t lecture others about compassion until you’ve hosted a “refugee” family for several months.

    • So all of those good things you feel are unfair for us to own and enjoy “selfishly” just fell out of the sky for you, but somehow not for the people in the “caravan,” who also “deserve” them?

      Does the idea that “love your neighbor” is directed specifically to individuals, and not to “governments,” at all occur to you?

      You nor “the government” have a right to force anyone else to give up their hard-earned money or possessions, no matter how “compassionate” you feel you’re being. It’s not yours. And it’s not theirs. Therefore, it’s not yours or “the government’s” to “give.”

      If YOU feel you need to walk in their shoes or otherwise empathize with the people making up these “caravans,” then by all means, do. You. Yourself. As an individual. Then give whatever YOU, yourself, can, to personally help out anyone you choose.

      But there your “compassion” and “empathy” stop.

      If you truly believe in “love your neighbor.”

  • This caravan is an invasion. We would not allow this many people into the country if they were Russians or Chinese. Any one coming in this fashion does not have the best interests of the US in mind. We cannot allow all the rest of the world to empty their slums and dump them on our shores. We cannot support them . It will just make us another 3rd world country. The US tried socialism, in The 1600 And most of the people starved to death. When the new Governor arrived. He saw people working and people sitting in the porch. And said, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. That should be the focus. Not the Obama focus of take it all away from the ones who do worm and give it to the free loaders. We cannot physically, financially, or emotionally support these people who “demand”.
    We are made up of a country of immigrants that wanted to be Americans. That is no longer the position of immigrants coming into this country, so stop them.

    PS you don’t know enough about dairying, either goats or cows, so either stop with the disinformation or talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.

    You give a lot of good information, in General. Thanks

  • A very thoughtful, well-balanced approach to the issue. My only comment: why does this mass movement of immigrants so remind me of Raspail’s “The Camp of the Saints”? I pity the military stationed at the border.

  • Wow, that was great, Daisy. I would like to copy this and read to every person I know!… sadly, a number of them would not hear me because they are so riled up.
    This episode in our history just reinforces my need and urgency to pray and prepare and… encourage the voice of reason.
    Thank you for your service to the rest of us.

  • Good thought stirring post Daisy.
    We need to remember that we are humans too and someday might need someone to have some compassion towards us. However, given the current political climate and world affairs this “caravan” is most likely not just something that has happened before. It pays to be informed and prepared but the real payoff is to keep a cool head about things. The powers that be are banking on being able to manipulate emotions and get ordinary folks all whipped up. It’s working from what I can see. Mob mentality is a very violent and scary thing. Any common sense and compassion evaporates.
    You ask some really good questions and really, how can we KNOW for sure what is truth and what is more circus? (rhetorical question)

    Just found out that our poll workers are being instructed on a “few” changes for the coming elections.
    Check these out:
    1. Voters are NOT allowed to take a picture of their own ballots after voting-no cell phones! Reason they were given- someone might post on FB!
    2.If a voter asks what number they are or how is the turn out, they are NOT allowed to actually tell them anything!
    3.Voters are to be strongly discouraged from visiting and hanging around the polls after voting.
    4.Paper ballots are highly discouraged because all voting will be done by machine soon.
    5.Here in Missouri some sadly ignorant judge decided that asking a voter for PHOTO ID is unConstitutional to the tune of a $25,000 fine and loss of voting privileges for life!
    What I see is a bunch of folks being set up for countless confrontations and tons of stress for the poll workers. More whipping up of emotions. I asked my poll worker friend what she thought was going on. She didn’t really know and landed on the fact that she was just doing what she was told to do!

    When I came home that night to tell my hubby, he actually started to recite what my friend tried to tell me!! Unbelievable how so many good people how just swallowed
    the rhetoric without stopping to think what is being lost. So few question status quo or stop to just ask “why”?

    Now I am asking what is up with all of the increasing secrecy about voting? Growing up my folks always said don’t ask a person about their religion or politics. Wasn’t considered polite. People had some manners.
    Today, however, if a person chooses to share how they voted or talk politics is their own business! Right? Since when can big brother dictate what an American chooses to talk to others about? Sadly this has been escalating in the recent years. Even my folks were being manipulated and didn’t see it.

    Interesting timing that all this fuss around the “caravan” occurs at voting time AND at a time when we (US) are being pulled out of the last nuclear arms treaty AND the fed is still hiking the interest rate AND the stock market is still faltering AND we in a trade war that is really hurting the common folk. There are more AND’s I’m sure!
    Think someone wants to control we the people’s focus?
    Something is highly rotten in Denmark!!
    Just sayin 🙂

    • Funny about not being allowed to take pictures of the ballot to post on Facebook, I can see how that would be a big concern in today’s social media. The original reason for not taking pictures of your ballot was so that you could not sell your vote. Not sure why you can’t say if a lot or a few voters have been in, that answer doesn’t give away anything about how the vote is going. I often will chat with the folks in the polling place and often say “has it been this busy (or slow) all day?”

      They don’t want a lot of people hanging around because it could get confusing, and too many people and noise might bother some people who are thinking about their voting choices.

      Elections can be funny things and if you don’t know the process, people say things that confuse the issue. For example today President Trump said that the Republicans are doing very well in the early voting. Not sure how he knows that because the early voting ballots are secured until election day and then run through the voting counters. The people in the election offices know how many ballots but not who voted for whom. Absentee ballots are treated the same. The goal is to have all those ballots read before the polls close so that winners can be announced.

      We have paper ballots here where we fill them in with a #2 pencil and then they are read like a scanner, very much like you would treat a test.

      For national elections, the East Cost polls open as early as 6am EST and the California (and other West Coast) polls close as late as 9pm PST. California (and other PST states) complain that sometimes the winner is declared before their polls close and they feel like they don’t count.

    • All of the changes at the polling place you mention add up to massive voter fraud. In the 2016 general election, and even before that, many people video-documented their votes being changed from one to the other party. I watched documented incidents of votes being changed both ways – from R to D and from D to R (different instances). The changes being implemented infringe on people’s ability to observe the election process to ensure its proper implementation. Poll observers have always been a part of our election process, and that’s to ensure that no fraud happens at the polling place. The more secrecy at the polling place, and at the county election headquarters, the more likely that fraud is planned and will occur.

      I have worked on election boards in three states, in every position on the bard as well as being the person who delivers the counted, sealed boxes and results to the county offices. I assure you that secrecy has no place in this process, although it’s fundamentally important within the voting booth. Challenge anyone who opposes you (peacefully) observing the polling process at any level.

  • Something not mentioned that I feel is important is the intelligence of most of the caravan. These are not the best and brightest those central american countries have to offer. These folks will be the lower iq, lower economic status people.

    I feel we should be bringing US service members home and use them to protect and defend our border for a change. Shoot to kill orders to the avg infantry grunt would be laying a huge responsibilty on his shoulders that he does not need. Which is why we have a command structure in place.

    Layered approach may work best. Overflight dropping leaflets in multiple languages that they will not gain entry. Loudspeakers announcing the same. Warning shots into the ground, followed by rubber bullets and then as a last resort, shoot them.

  • In the 1970’s a book called “Paper Money” was published that highlighted the role of Saudi Arabia becoming a big player in the American financial system. The FED is now controlled by nameless and faceless entities, which also appear to control mainstream media and numerous other politically powerful organizations.

    I suggest that the toxic, totalitarian and barbaric ideology of mohammedism is using their control of money to intentionally foment division between Americans through the promotion of group identity politics to weaken the greatest country in the history of the world by turning us against each other.

  • Daisy, you’ve really hit the nail on the head with this article. The “manufactured division” in this country is a huge problem. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get people to wake up to this, and I’m afraid that most simply won’t see it. All the signs are pointing to some sort of mass violence getting closer by the day. There are so few folks left who will try to see things from both sides, or who actually examine facts and think for themselves instead of simply swallowing whatever they’re handed by the side they listen to. Dangerous and difficult times are coming. On a fast horse.

  • Thanks Daisy. I too hope common sense will prevail! Not counting on it though. .. This could be the perfect firestorm to set the whole country ablaze …

  • I agree with your article one million percent. We don’t know, and making blanket assumptions helps no one, and only further alienates people into their preferred camps. I have seen some of the most ugly views come out over the last few years, including a few of my own. I can honestly say my circle has gotten a whole lot smaller because there are some people who no long have a place in my life.

  • I agree. We need to examine the whole picture, not just a snapshot.
    We were not welcomed here by the Natives, but here we are.
    If the country’s leaders took care of their people, they wouldn’t need to come here – put pressure on them to run their country in the best interests of the people.
    We need to stop the division – be informed, do research, open your eyes. Yes, be prepared but the enemy might just be your next door neighbor – not the people trying to get a better life.

  • Thank you for a common sense discussion of the issue. Most refreshing to read a calm, rational author on the internet,there are very few of us remaining. Good job and God bless your efforts at encouraging civil discourse.

  • I agree with a great deal of what you’ve written throughout your site, but I can see both sides of some of what you’ve said in this article. I’m very much against these people illegally forcing their way into the US. Hell no, I don’t want anyone shot (unless they are threatening life/loved ones, no matter where they’re from), but at the same time, I’m not understanding or sympathetic that a huge group of people are heading here, attempting to, essentially, commit a crime and break into the US.

    I don’t care if it’s a man or woman, adult or child. I’m absolutely against it, and while I am not panicking, I would (and would have every reasonable right to) if my home and family were in their path. I don’t want to put up turrets at the border, but if a big wind came up and blew all of them clear back to whence they came, I’d be relieved and yes, happy. Giddy, even.

  • If you want just the facts on this caravan, read

    Judicial Watch has been in Guatemala all week speaking with Pres. Morales and others, as well as many of the caravan participants.

    “It has been a delicate and complicated task, Guatemalan officials say, because the caravan is a very organized movement that has been well orchestrated. There are rest points along the route with food, water and shelter for the migrants as well as medical care in some areas. “It’s very strategic and extremely organized,” a Guatemalan government source told Judicial Watch. “It is very complex, not a simple march. There is nothing spontaneous about it.”

    “During a visit to the Guatemalan-Honduran border this week Judicial Watch interviewed multiple migrants who repeated the same rehearsed line when asked who organized the caravan, insisting it was a spontaneous event even though there were clearly organizers shouting instructions in Spanish and putting select persons in front of cameras for interviews.”

  • I live relatively close to the border. In fact, we see Border Patrol often in our neighborhood. My husband and I had a discussion just the other day about our response if we are invaded by unknowns. I pointed out to him that we won’t know who they are really. Are they just poor and tired and hungry, or will they do us harm? Not a fun question to be left with.
    BTW. I have Border Patrol in my cell phone.

    I have three relatives in my family who were foreign born. They came here legally and waited a long time to become citizens. I even was the sponsor of one. I love them all. Our family would not be the same without them. So, these illegals that get all the perks of living here really make me angry.

    Several years ago we and some other families had a deer camp. Each family had a small travel trailer to live in during the season. Off season many were broken into by illegals. We actually started leaving water and canned food in a box outside with a note in Spanish to take it, but please leave the trailers alone. We were compassionate then. But times were different then. I have no illusion that today that note would not even be read. They would take everything they could carry and destroy the rest.

  • Neither the border patrol nor the Army can legally shoot into Mexico and once a ‘migrant’ sets foot on American soil they are accorded the rights of refugees. If the Army is called to the border, all they can do is assist the border patrol in maintaining order. They aren’t going to kill civilian men, women and children. The ‘migrant caravan’ is coming through, like it or not.

    • no gerald, in order to attain “refugee” status, one has to present oneself to authorities and request asylum.

  • well i am mostly prepared to defend my home but that has nothing to do with any alleged migrant caravan.
    if there really is a migrant caravan and they actually cross the border into US then it will be all trump’s fault because as POTUS his main job is to protect US from invaders.

    • James, I respectfully disagree. I think Trump is actually trying to protect us from this, but he has ineffective laws to work with. I hope Congress will eventually change them to make it easier to protect us. If you and I and a lot of other people make our wishes known, then maybe it will happen,

  • This march does not appear to be at all a “spontaneous” surge of refugees looking for a better life in the U.S. Photos indicate that it’s almost identical to the “spontaneous” invasions of Europe. Most of the alleged refugees are young, military-age males. A large group of true refugees would include many more women and children than young men. It’s a certainty that they will bring the same types of problems to us that their counterparts brought to Europe, some of whose countries have been almost destroyed. This is OBVIOUSLY an invasion!

    The spontaneity aspect is shown to be a lie merely by asking who is feeding them, who is providing the vehicles also seen in photos, and who is organizing the march (it is obviously well organized) . It’s unlikely that the countries they’re marching through are providing these services as well as basic hygiene services because those countries can barely provide the same for their own citizens. So before anyone is allowed to cross the border, the real debate should first be about WHO is financing these people and for what purpose. Then should come the question of what countries are they really coming from. After that would come the question of whether or not to let them in.

    The strength of the U.S. has traditionally come from the contributions its previous immigrants brought to our shores, and we should continue to bring in new blood. Invasions, however, should NOT be allowed.

  • Good analysis. However–since the first 100 miles of the US border with Mexico–and I live with this 100 miles in desert far west Texas–is also the “constitution-free zone” (as per UN-Agenda21-Agenda2030 dictate…heck I’ve seen Mexican cops along I-10 between Sierra Blanca, where there’s a checkpoint, and El Paso), perhaps the whole idea is to find an excuse to bring in the military and declare martial law, not because of illegals, but because Trump or “the Deep State” wants to perhaps keep us in? That this so-called “wall” is to keep us in, not keep illegals out? And I’ve heard this from liberals and leftists as well as “patriots” and right-wingers. Just “conspiracy theory,” right?

  • Thanks, Daisy, another thoughtful article. I am prepared but not panicked. I am an older female living alone about 35 miles north of the border. I have food, and other preps. I refuse to let the ‘orange-man’ or any others make me become hysterical.

    • I’m an American who lived in Canada for a while when raising my children with my Canadian husband. When he passed away, I returned to the US with my dual citizen daughter.

  • Thanks for a thoughtful, well-reasoned article that I believe really gets to the heart of the matter. I don’t understand why this caravan is working up so much steam among people. (I suppose the nightly rhetoric on cable news doesn’t help.) Both things are true: the US has a right to protect its borders, AND these people are looking for a better life–and that’s true even if someone like George Soros is behind them, and they’re pawns in a larger game. Think what it would take to drive human beings to do this–it’s hard for Americans to imagine, because few of us have ever been that hungry.

    That the US government has methods for dealing with masses of immigrants is a good thing to remember. Maybe all the hype is more about ratings and stirring all the unrest in this country? I don’t know. But even if I lived near the border, I think I’d still be leaning toward compassion for these folks rather than fear of them. Yes, even if some of them are criminals. Let’s hope the immigration police can sort all of that out and do the right thing. As Americans, we have far more resources, options, and power than a caravan of immigrants. Fearing them just seems kind of silly at this point.

    • According to photos and observations, most of these people are not typical refugees, but are military-age males–the same type of caravans that are invading Europe and destroying several of those countries. Angry military-age males are not usually looking for a better life. They’re looking for a fight. They’re actually flying flags that proclaim them an invading force. Don’t waste your sympathy on them; save it for REAL refugees.

  • I agree Daisy we SHOULD be able to have convos with all points of view.
    That hasn’t been reality in the US regarding the Citizens and elected Representatives for over 10 years. I’d like us all to talk things out, but that won’t happen and you know it.
    We can’t change what the Feds will do, even tho they should represent US.
    Agree we should prepare for the worst, but think about this….
    Why would 7-14,000 people decide to WALK here? Their country isn’t a warzone is it? No one walks that far unless there’s something waiting for them.
    If MEX is helping them pass thru, why aren’t they giving them what they want?
    You spoke on how all those migrants came here during Reagan…were there this many, at ONE time?
    Not that it matters but, my goal to prepare is based on this not being accidental nor chance but intentional and permanent.
    They aren’t just going to turn around and go home, “Well gang, it’s closed today.”

  • We. Don’t. Know…. Yet. They are coming from Socalist/dictator lead countries. They won’t arrive here with the “soul” of Americans. Depending on who you believe, they are “Poor and huddled masses, yearning to breath free” or MS13 stooges ready to slice throats, or… People needing jobs to feed their families, or Bernie Sanders clones, ready to recreate their failed countries here in the U.S.. If they were well off where they came from they would not be in the Caravan. So are we getting lettuce field worker types, skilled computer programmer types, freeloading welfare recipient types or, probably, a mix. Here’s a thought-after the first Gulf war, the Iraqui army was suddenly without a command structure. Iraqui “grunts” walked back home in bare feet with zero job prospects, ready to take any pay for any job. The U.S. had no official endgame so these military trained men were swooped up and hired en-mass, by ISIS or the Taliban. We are still fighting these same men over there. We have to do SOMETHING with the Caravan mob. Turning them away would be unwise. Train them to, I dunno, combat global warming or to sing Kumbyya. Keep them together and give them something to do or they will be recruited by organizations with goals contrary to ours.

  • Daisy, there is definitely something to fear in this. If the government lets this traunch in, there will be a line from Tierra del Fuego to Brownsville of people who “want a better life” but don’t want to pay the price to replace their corrupt governments. Why should they put their lives on the line to fix their countries when they can walk for a couple of weeks and move into better housing, better food, better medical care and education FREE!. And please don’t tell me that these illegal invaders aren’t getting government subsidies or welfare. They must be or their dead bodies would be on the streets from starvation because they can’t legally work.

  • I’m Mexican and have worked construction with these Central Americans before and they bring crime and poverty.

    They are lazy and steal…They are uneducated and allllllllllllllll those women with 3-8 children in tow will NEVER WORK but they will need help from the American Taxpayer.

    In fact, they did a study on Refugees from Central America and after 20 years in the US almost 80% were still on some sort of Government Aid.

    Honestly, I’d close the consulates, not allow ANY refugees, no more daca and EVERYTHING be based on Merit.

    We don’t need to import garbage or leeches.

    Remember in the old days you had to be medically cleared, you had to bring proof of education and your notarized criminal clearance from your country’s law enforcement agency…You had to waive off all aid and have someone willing to sponsor you.

    This rolling parade of garbage is DEMANDING that and more like we owe them something.

  • Hi, Daisy.

    What do you consider simply coming together to talk about this issue? How does that look? What for you means that gray areas get cleared up and thus proper responses can happen? What would those proper responses look like, and why?

    Does it matter what their own countries are really like? Why or why not? What does their men – the vast majority of those making up this “caravan” – carrying the flags of their own countries mean? What does it mean that when they think they may not have all their demands met, they burn American flags, as they very publicly and defiantly have? Where are all those American flags waving denoting their sincere peaceful intent to come to America and become American by actually working, contributing to OUR culture any way they can, and NOT getting welfare or other freebies? Have you seen anyone waving American flags and honoring them?

    Have you seen any of them in rags, looking half-naked and dirty?

    What for you actually is “asylum”? And from what, exactly?

    If you’re in any way a Christian, and actually familiar with the Bible, especially the New Testament, can you please point out where in all the New Testament Christ’s followers were instructed that their governments have the responsibility to meet the needs of indigent people? To care for and feed and house them? (Using what resources? Where does any government get its “resources”?) Where is there justification for any government to steal from – coercively tax – the people to do “compassionate” deeds? Who is the whole of the New Testament talking to – governments, or individual people? I think there you have all your answers.

    Who feeds the multitudes? Who does Jesus tell to feed them — His disciples or the Roman government or the Sanhedrin? What’s the lesson we should take away there?

    In Jesus’ parables, are there no limits, borders, walls, fences? Who sets them, if there are, and what are they for? For instance, in the parable of the wedding feast, what is the lesson? Was just anyone allowed in to the celebration, or were there rules and expectations of the guests?

    What did Jesus come to earth and allow Himself to be unjustly tried, tortured, and murdered, for? Who benefits, and are there any conditions on the benefits?

    Does He ever teach in terms of all are entitled to everything everyone else has? If you think so, please point out where He does; quote Him. Does His telling the “rich young ruler” to sell all his possessions in order to be “perfect” mean that perfection is in being destitute and begging? What is the reward, the reason, for selling all his possessions? Is there an injunction against his ever again acquiring any material wealth? What is the meaning of what He told His disciples when they questioned Him about it?

    What about the parable of the “strongman” or owner of the house vulnerable to burglary?

    The point is, common sense is not to falsely extrapolate Christian principles to government/rulers. And certainly no one who does not read and honestly study the Scriptures is entitled to tell others what they mean. Jesus called that “the blind leading the blind,” and they all inevitably fall into the ditch. It is to:
    1. Be prepared to share your faith and why you have it with everyone.

    2. Be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” Why are serpents “wise”? What does having to negotiate grasses where you can be trampled by the feet of large animals and people entail? Are doves so “gentle”? Do they also stay around to be injured or killed when they can escape by simply flying away? They may offer no harm to anything else, but they don’t put themselves needlessly in jeopardy. When did Jesus give that simile, to whom, and why? What was the context? And so, what about “shaking the dust from your sandals” remarking about the condemnation of intolerance of the people and/or the house and/or the village who reject your message, and moving on?

    3. Be prepared to defend yourself, your house, your possessions. There are doors and windows to be secured against uninvited breach; there are borders and fences around the vineyards of the kings and princes and estate owners and farmers. Ownership of oneself, clothing, houses, land, animals, all other possessions, is taken for granted in God’s scheme of things, and also taken for granted is their inviolability: the owner gets to decide what to do with them, whether to sell them, give them away, trade for them, and/or keep them, AND the owner gets to decide TO WHOM and for what purpose to do any of those things. No government or other organization is involved. Person to person. Individuals face-to-face with individuals. Even to caring for the sick and injured, the weak, prisoners, the hungry.

    4. Be prepared to meet genuine needs of someone else, personally. The Good Samaritan has glaring lessons: the good Samaritan personally rescued a man beaten and left for dead by highway robbers. The Samaritan addressed the man’s wounds, carefully and personally transported him to a place he could be properly cared for and recuperate, and paid for that “hospital.” And, he promised to pay any extra expenses that could possibly arise in the course of the man’s recovery. Personally. Then he went on his way. No calling for someone else to do it. No welfare. No trying to be “compassionate” with other people’s money for multitudes. Just one man caring for his neighbor. Not plural.

    5. The NAP: Non-Aggression Principle. Do no harm. Do not steal. Do not presume on anyone else. Deal justly, personally.

    6. Every “Christian” is an individual; no salvation is possible without confession of sin and repentance for that sin, giving your life over to Him and His Way, and efforts made to avoid sin from then on. God has pearly gates to heaven. What does that mean? He has borders between those who go to His side, and outside are all those who do not wish to conform to His conditions but also wish to avail themselves of all that is inside those pearly gates. No matter what — no matter how good they are or how hungry or needy — they don’t get in. There’s an impenetrable fence, barrier, surrounding Heaven. No one gets in who is not qualified to. No one inside is not qualified to be there, according to the “rules of the house.” Every one of us has those same rights and responsibilities. No one has a right to breach your fences or walls; it’s called “trespassing,” No one has a right to enter your house or apartment without your express invitation; that’s called “breaking and entering,” burglary, invasion. It’s criminal. You have a right to repel by any means, even if that includes lethal means, such trespassers and invaders.

    The “caravan” fits all the qualifications of an invading army. It is lawless. It is deliberate. It is not peaceful, but demanding of goods and services of the land and people it is expecting to come into. It intends to squat and steal, whether openly or covertly through taxpayer – coerced – funded accommodations. Because you don’t see tanks and military-grade weapons you believe they’re peaceful? Then why haven’t they already turned around and gone back to their own country, whose flag they march under, to work for it and help make it better for them all? If the countries they’re marching through have found them to be harmless, why aren’t they offering asylum? They speak the language and are of the same culture. Why is it only the U.S. that must accommodate these “refugees”? What is Mexico’s justification for not accommodating them but allowing — allowing — them to pass through to the U.S.? Perhaps that is something that should figure into assessing the validity of this situation, along with the reason their own country isn’t accommodating them? And what of those men seen paying people to join this “caravan”? How to account for that?

    We have a right to repel these invaders. We are under no obligation to “wait and see” while ignoring the clear expression of their intentions.

    So, what do you propose constitutes “polite conversation” between ourselves concerning this approaching mob of marauders? Why isn’t the government accessible to us so to effect our decisions about this? So what if not ALL of them are dangerous criminals? Wouldn’t they be going another route, physically and mentally, individually, rather than joining a mob?

    What’s the point of putting pregnant women, young children and babies through this, otherwise? They’re bringing up the rear, of course, and they’re far outnumbered by the physically fit, healthy men forming the head of the column. Why do reasonable and reasonably intelligent people think that is? No, it’s not “desperation for a better life.” Sorry. Look deeper. There’s an expectation of free services and accommodations, and photo ops and human shielding if the men don’t quite force themselves through whatever barriers may be at our border. If they were beggars in their own country, they’re expecting not to have to beg when crossing our border. What does that tell reasonable and reasonably intelligent people?

    If there were no “government” to hide behind, might you see these deliberately encroaching people in a much different light? Do you have locks on your doors? Do locks on doors come before or after violation of the house? Do you wait to be invaded and violated before deciding locks might be a good idea? Are you armed? Why? Do you wait to be assaulted and pinned to the ground, unable to reach your weapon, before you decide to show it and/or put it into use?

    What do Jose and Selco say about this? Which side are they on, and why? If they’re excellent sources of survival skills and personal experience, why, if they see this invasion for what it is, regardless of the “cause,” isn’t their assessment, based on their personal experiences, valid for this issue? Is their assessment political or practical, and what would you say makes the difference? I notice you never mentioned anything about their assessment of this “caravan,” who it is that makes it up, and their demonstrated intentions. Why is that? Because you want to give these people intending to come into the U.S. unlawfully more benefit of the doubt than Selco or Jose do?

    I remember Selco especially warning something to the effect of don’t melt into a stupid puddle of feelings for anyone who appeals to your compassion. Yes, be compassionate where appropriate, but don’t jeopardize everything else because you don’t pay attention to reality. “Situational awareness:” what does that tell you right now? When do you appropriately act? Isn’t that the bulk of the message he and Jose bring, every time you post one of their articles? What takes this situation out of that realm?

    And so, how do you propose to deal with them? You. Personally.

    I don’t want my land and home unlawfully and criminally invaded and stolen and ruined. I don’t live far from the southern border. I don’t want my family put at risk just for someone else’s politics. God gave me the intelligence and common sense, and the inalienable right, to own what is mine by honest means, and to protect and defend it, myself, and my family.

    It is not “unChristian” to do so, nor is it uncompassionate, nor is it selfish. What is unChristian, uncomassionate, and selfish is to expect “taxpayers” to accommodate, without their consent, what is an unlawful, uninvited, hostile foreign-flag-waving mob.

    No government has a right to put anyone in such an untenable position. If we must have any “government” at all, it is incumbent that it protect and defend us against situations like this, not make us sitting ducks for anyone else for any “reason.”

    “You know who rules you by what you’re not allowed to criticize.” – or use common sense and protect and defend against.

  • If this was a loose group of people just getting together for safety on their walk north, it would be one thing. Many, maybe even most, are being supplied with food and other supplies. Some are even being paid.
    This means it is not a group of ordinary people.
    This was planned my a person or group with very deep pockets to affect our election.
    Much like the “bombs” sent to various democrats.

  • Daisy I am sorry to say that even after people read your level headed words that hate and evil are still being spoken. I for one TOTALLY AGREE with your thoughts on this subject!! Thank you for your common sense.

  • I think that something we can all agree on, regardless of political preferences, is that this ‘caravan’ is an assault on our country, regardless of their motivation (or who’s behind it). People tend to forget that our forebears were immigrants. I bear no ill will towards ppl who immigrate here through the proper channels. You raise very valid points, Daisy, there is A LOT we just don’t know about this situation. And that tends to scare ppl. I can ‘armchair quarterback’ from my home up North. My reaction would be very different if I lived on the southern border. If I did, I would be touching up my preps, just like any bad weather scenario we face up here regularly. Or preparing to bug out if need be. I also worry about the spread of disease such a group could bring in, where such an influx would be housed, the cost for housing and care while they are processed (which all taxpayers will eventually share), as well as the ‘criminal element’ that could be part of the ‘horde’ (because regardless, in such a large group, there WILL be some ne’er-do-wells). I think those are legitimate concerns, and they needn’t be turned political, they are just facts.

  • Daisy, you did a fantastic job of presenting all this with a good balance. As you stated, there is a lot we don’t know about this caravan and we won’t know until they are close to or at our border.

    This migrant caravan started in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. A city with the horrid reputation of being the murder capital of the world where 20 or more people are murdered every day. San Pedro Sula is also an area of poverty where most people are unemployed and have little hope for employment.

    Just like our ancestors, whether they immigrated in the 1600’s or just recently, the people in this caravan are looking for hope. Hope for a new home where they can find jobs and feed their children. Hope that their children can get a good education and become more than they could in their home city or country.

    About 3,000 of the immigrants have reached the end of their journey with a combination of work permits and asylum status in Mexico. About 500 have decided to return to their homes. Thousands are going to walk another 4 to 6 weeks to reach the US border. Not all will make it to the US border. Maybe some will get work permits and asylum in Mexico and some will return to their home country. The question is how will we greet the one who make it to our border? By following the legal process that we have in place for refugees? Or by the US Military meeting them with loaded guns?

    I hope we greet them with kindness and compassion. Not all seeking asylum will have it granted and then they will have to go back home. Hopefully we can send them on their way healthy and well fed. And welcome the ones who are granted asylum as neighbors.

    • You can greet them with kindness as they blow your head off. There are very few women in this group. Mostly young men and many others belonging to isis and ms13. They will not reciprocate your kindness this time, guaranteed.

  • Yes, this issue will cause controversy no matter which side of the political (or any other) fence we find ourselves on. This is a case of damned if you do, and, damned if you don’t do something. And the political and media people will be make a HUGE freakin’ deal out of whatever happens!! So whatever happens SOMEBODY IS NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME!!
    And I’ll blame this catastrophe on both sides of the political sidewalk for creating such a volatile situation in the first place. It’s all about who can shout the loudest and the longest, with or without all of the facts. And I’m so tired of all of the news media (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, etc) vehemently barking like a bunch of rabidly vicious side-show barkers about the issues and who is right and who is wrong during BOTH of the election circuses we’ve gone through. All of them pointing fingers at everybody they think is to blame. The finger pointers are just as guilty as the people they are pointing fingers at. Do we have ADULTS running this country or do we have spoiled rotten CHILDREN throwing temper tantrums because they didn’t get their way.

  • There is 2 things at play here ,Globalism & social engineering or you could add stuff like white genocide, nwo ,population control ,club of rome ,matrix,Sunday law,masons,synogogue of satan ,hegelian dialectic,

  • America can not shelter the world. The more third worlders we take in, the less of America we will become, until we resemble the countries the immigrants were running away from. I work hard and sometimes struggle to pay my bills, so yes, I resent people who aren’t even citizens coming over here and getting things for free.

    To me, even a handful of ms-13 or cartel members is too much if they happen to slip across in the middle of 7k non-gang members. The viciousness of the murders they have committed already in this country is beyond my comprehension. Those in states that don’t see large influxes of the immigrants, or the rich that hide in their homogeneous, gated communities don’t care about the states that DO see negative impacts of taking in so many people that have no idea how to live in a civilized society.

    America has been so compassionate for so many years, but at this point, her situation is becoming like that of someone trying to save a drowning person. Instead of saving them, she’s in danger of going down with them.

  • Here you are saying we won’t know this or that until they arrive….

    False. You talk as if we’re not in the Information age and that there aren’t independent journalists on the ground. You act as if people in those countries aren’t talking.

    You are once again letting your altruism cloud your judgement and ignore reality.

    YOU are the reason women cannot and will never build countries and maintain them.

  • Well done. While it matters what the LAW is, it matters more that people behave and act rationally in a given situation. And Rawles was a perfect reference. During a military exercise two years ago, Rawles was the voice of reason and it was good to know someone else took into consideration the facts available and used reasoning and patience to wait and see. Am I concerned about what ‘might’ happen IF they make it to the border? Yes. Am I glad we are re-enforcing the border? Yes. But with military? Not so sure. One question I do want answered is, WHO in the hell TOLD them to attempt this? Several thousand miles, on foot, with children, yet not enough supplies? Is this a case of mass insanity? I can’t help but feel that this deliberately makes the USA appear as a nation of insensitive creeps. Information is missing and I can’t avoid the nagging sense this caravan was somehow instigated. Consider.
    Several THOUSAND people suddenly just get up and say ‘we are going to America!’.
    They know us as the land of opportunity, yet they don’t HEAR ANYTHING about how illegal immigration is a serious objection here? And all that effort and time may for naught? Because we will stop them at the border.
    I do not believe these people are stupid. So WHERE did the idea originate to just up and walk to America?

    When Pelosi, Coumo, Sanders and Pocahontas let squatters use THEIR properties to live on and be no-go zones, then maybe I’ll listen to the other side of the argument.
    Yet as long as they invoke the LAW of no trespass for private property(theirs) and NOT NATIONAL SECURITY, (ours), we NEED to get of them as well.

  • I agree with Darkwing that government has done NOTHING because both sides benefit. Other than that,Darkwing is a wingnut. I live in Arizona not too far from the border. I’m worried. I have friends in Cochise County,ahop,skip and a jump from the border. I told them that I’m a phone call away if they need ANY KIND of help.They’re scared and no one from the government is listenimg to them. Love ya like a sister,Daisy,but we’re scared,and it will take only one incident or rumor of something bad happening with these’migrants’,and S will Hit the Fan.

  • Mexico allowed them into Mexico. They are Mexico’s problem.

    They absolutely need to be prevented from crossing the US border with the least amount of force required. THEY will determine what that level of force is.

  • AT LAST….a voice of sanity. I thought they all disappeared.
    170 times in the Bible it says “Fear Not.” Remember when this was a Christian country that followed Christ’s words, “Do good to your enemies.” (not to mention fellow citizens).

    Would you require that we actually meet in person before I propose marriage??? : )

  • The latest is we are going to put them in tents, I hope in Mexico. So, we are forced to pay for this invasion with money we don’t have for our own, living in the streets with ripped up tents and tarps and eating garbage? Nothing about checking for weapons (notice all the backpacks) as we get molested at our airports, nothing about checking for disease. This is a well planned invasion.
    They are not walking all the way, some get rides.

  • We have had “legal immigration” laws on the books for years. They should be enforced. Our country has been invaded by “illegals” for decades and now we face an attempt at more on the border within days of today. This is mostly politically motivated by those who wish to see the downfall of the US. My suggestion for the border is:
    Line the border with razor wire and use the Active Denial System (ADS).
    The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military. This will back them up.
    Do not allow any of the caravan to enter the US. Do not process them in any way. Turn them around.

  • I certainly would believe my sources before I believe your maybe, possibly, statements.
    Do you think the films of the “migrants” tearing down the gate at the Guatemalan/Mexican border was fabricated? The shooting at the Mexican police by the “migrants” is false?
    Yes, many people have immigrated over the years, LEGALLY!!!!! This group is comprised of people from many other countries besides Central America. Far, far away countries.
    This is a serious situation….a serious threat to the US.

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