The Senate Report on COVID-19 Origins Disregards the Most Important Question

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A Special Report by Brian Duff and Daisy Luther

Slightly more than three years after the name “COVID-19” was coined for a novel coronavirus that infected the world, we still have more questions than answers. A bombshell report has just been released by the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. The report, Muddy Waters: The Origins of Covid, is the result of an almost two-year, bipartisan investigation into the origins of the COVID virus. The group was led by U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. (R-Kansas). You can read the entire 302-page document yourself at this link.

Here’s what it’s all about. From Page 1, Paragraph 2:

Experts have put forward two dominant theories on the origins of the virus. The first theory is that SARS-CoV-2 is the result of a natural zoonotic spillover. The second theory is that the virus infected humans as the result of a research- related incident.

The information contained in this Source Reference Document reflects 18 months of extensive research and accompanying analyses of these two plausible hypotheses. This document was the product of a multi-disciplinary effort by medical, scientific, legal, political, and general policy analysts to catalog open-source (unclassified) information relevant to the respective theories.

Both hypotheses are plausible. The natural zoonotic spillover hypothesis is weakened by the absence of key epidemiological and genetic data from the Huanan Seafood Market. However, data required to support a natural zoonotic source is dependent on information provided by China, and that is incomplete or contradictory. The preponderance of circumstantial evidence supports an unintentional research-related incident.

But wait a second. Read this part again. required to support a natural zoonotic source is dependent on information provided by China, and that is incomplete or contradictory…

We’re being told the release of COVID-19 was unintentional, but the sentence directly before that conclusion says that it’s “dependent upon incomplete and contradictory information from China.”

So, there are NO FACTS that support this. There are only circumstantial, subjective beliefs. The unintentional release is reminiscent of all the other “This is the way it is—establishment facts/narratives” that have been pushed.




Gain of Function.

The list could go on and on of what we were told were facts, only to learn later, were not proven at all. In fact, we discovered in many cases, the opposite of the so-called facts was the truth.

So, in this case, if the opposite of an “unintentional” release was true, that would mean it was released intentionally. And, if the true desire is to sort out the origins of COVID, the intentional release theory must be examined.

And why wouldn’t we look at an intentional release, since everything the system is pushing is the “unintentional” theory? After all, isn’t the scientific method to prove a hypothesis wrong? If so, then why are they not trying to prove the “unintentional” theory right or wrong? It’s merely an assumption they are presenting as fact.

In his video, Dr. John Campbell (who has discussed the problems of the COVID-19 narratives on his YouTube channel) states that he believes the virus was likely to have escaped due to a lab worker selling an infected animal. That would then merge the lab leak theory with the wet market theory. However, is it just a coincidence that the virus was out in the public and surging, as we’ll show later, at the same time the World Military Games and Event 201 were happening?

Let’s take a look at the timeline of what we know.

2017-06 (Genetically Engineered Virus Experiments Begin)

EcoHealth Alliance and COVID Virus

According to the Bulletin, scientists at the Wuhan lab – working on a project under a grant from EcoHealth Alliance – tested genetically engineered coronaviruses for experiments between June 2017 and May 2019. Among the experiments, they joined one virus with the spike proteins of another on “humanized mice” – mice that had human cell receptors. In some cases, these genetically engineered or “chimera” viruses made the mice sicker than the unmodified virus. (Source)

2019-08 (Virus Research Peaks)

According to the Muddy Waters report, sophisticated coronavirus research peaked by August 2019. (Source Page 14, Para 4)

2019-09-18 (Emergency Response Drill in Wuhan for Novel Coronavirus)

According to the U.S. Muddy Waters report:

“Wuhan officials conducted an emergency response drill on September 18, 2019, at its international airport that included identifying and responding to an arriving passenger infected with a novel coronavirus.”

This seems significant. Why would Wuhan officials conduct emergency response drills for a passenger with a novel coronavirus? This, incidentally, occurred exactly one month before the World Military Games kick off on October 18, 2019, in Wuhan, China. The 18th of October is also the same day that the Johns Hopkins novel-coronavirus pandemic exercise called Event 201 began in New York.

2019-10-15 (Vicious Flu Season Noted in Wuhan)

According to the Muddy Waters report, U.S. Embassy personnel stated that

“By mid-October 2019… the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan knew that the city had been struck by what was thought to be an unusually vicious flu season.”

Eyewitness accounts, media reports, epidemiological modeling, and additional academic studies further support October 28 to November 10 as the window of emergence. Diplomats stationed at the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan have attested to observations of what they believed at the time to be the early onset of a ‘bad flu season.’ The Deputy Consular Chief recalled:

“By mid-October 2019, the dedicated team at the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan knew that the city had been struck by what was thought to be an unusually vicious flu season. The disease worsened in November.” These observations were reported to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing during this period. (Source Pg 7 Para. 4)

The important point here is that according to the U.S. Embassy’s Consulate in Wuhan, by mid-October, Wuhan was already in an unusually vicious flu season. That means that before this date, it had been building up to a particularly intense flu season, which doesn’t happen overnight.

It was reported on Page 6, Paragraph 4 of the Muddy Waters report, that an increase in adult Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI) accompanied by negative FLU test results was significantly higher than reported in the previous five years. In other words, there was a flu-like illness running rampant through the population—a flu-like illness that when analyzed, was not the flu.

2019-10-18 (World Military Games Begin in Wuhan)

US Military Entering the World Military Games

The World Military Games (think of the Olympics, but for military personnel only) began on October 18, 2019.

The location of the games—Wuhan, China. 110 nations participated, with 9,308 athletes in attendance from the world’s militaries. (Wikipedia)

If you wanted to spread a virus throughout the world, what better way could you find than at a global event hosted by some of the most transient people in the world right before global religious observances? After exposure to COVID at the games, the military athletes would all return to their bases. They’d interact with their fellow military personnel on their home base, then the majority would head home to visit their friends and families for the holidays.

The World Military Games (WMG) ended in Wuhan on October 27, 2019.

What are the odds (just coincidence) that the World Military Games kicked off in Wuhan on the same day as Event 201 (discussed next)? If not coincidental, then of course, the world governments would want a meeting to discuss how to handle the infections that were going to be spread as a result of the ground zero vector of infection at the World Military Games in Wuhan.

Adding credence to the potential of the WMG as the vector for the start of global COVID infections are statements from Mr. Zhao of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). According to ABC News (2020 SOURCE), Mr. Zhao stated that “…the US Army brought the pathogen into Wuhan during its participation in the 2019 Military World Games in October.”

It is worth mentioning that the same 2020 article quotes Mr. Zhao’s spokesman as saying, “I’d like to remind you that the World Health Organization has repeatedly stated that there is no evidence showing the virus was made in a lab.”

While Zhao lied about the virus not coming from a lab, that doesn’t mean his quote about the military games is entirely false. Perhaps the false part is the part about the US coming to spread COVID-19 in China. Instead, the part that seems more likely is that it was spread at the World Military Games. Could blaming the US be a cover story to shift blame from the Chinese?

Then the issue becomes who spread it? More on that later.

2019-10-18 (Event 201 Begins, NYC)

Event 201 Logo

On the same day that the Military Games began in Wuhan, Event 201 began in NYC.

According to Johns Hopkins:

“In October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted a pandemic tabletop exercise called Event 201 with partners, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently, the Center for Health Security has received questions about whether that pandemic exercise predicted the current novel coronavirus outbreak in China. To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction. Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very severe pandemic. We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people. Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019.” (Source)

(Additional Johns Hopkins Source)

Is it just coincidental that Event 201 was held at the very same time the World Military Games were kicking off in Wuhan? If it’s not coincidental, that means that the US government and the World Economic Forum, etc., knew about COVID before it officially happened.

2019-11 (Early Nov. – WIV Researcher Becomes Ill)

In August 2021, a veteran Washington Post policy columnist reported that at least one of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) researchers became ill in early November 2019 and exhibited symptoms highly specific to COVID-19, including the loss of smell and ground-glass opacities (signs of COVID infection) in his lungs.

Was this being used to show that the virus was from an accidental lab leak? With COVID running through the Wuhan population in early October, this is perhaps more indicative of a person who was exposed in public. After all, the virus was out and running in the Wuhan society since before mid-October.

2019-11 (China Develops COVID Vaccine)

According to the Muddy Waters report (Source Page 47, Para 3) China began work on the vaccine before the world knew about COVID.

“Based on public announcements, vaccine patents, published vaccine-related reports and analysis by this investigation at least two of these vaccine development efforts began no later than November-December 2019, prior to the recognized or announced COVID-19 outbreak.”

The report states “no later than.” In other words, the process was already started prior to November. Governments just don’t flip a switch, and things immediately happen. There are meetings, discussions, and lead-up time before anything happens with big bloated bureaucracies such as the Chinese Communist Party and the US government.

2019-12 (NIH Reports Show COVID Was Already Present in the US)

According to the NIH, COVID-19 was present in the US in December 2019.

From the NIH:

“A new antibody testing study examining samples originally collected through the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program found evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infections in five states earlier than had initially been reported. These findings were published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. The results expand on findings from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study   that suggested SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was present in the U.S. as far back as December 2019.” (source)

This proves that COVID was already circulating in the US prior to the dates we’ve been shown as part of the official narrative. And it would make sense given the exposure and infection occurring at the World Military Games in October.

2019-12-01 (Mike Czaruk Dies of Flu-like illness)

Mike Czaruk

From a personal observation at the time, I had numerous friends and acquaintances here in the US who became ill with a mysterious flu-like virus in November and December of 2019. There were so many friends seriously ill that, being sensitive to viruses due to three bouts of malaria and witnessing cases of hemorrhagic fever while deployed in Africa, I chose to avoid contact with people at the time.

Tragically, one of those friends—a fellow co-worker from my time while working for North American Rescue’s Education and Training division died of the mysterious flu-like, non-flu. That person was a young, fit, and healthy paramedic Mike Czaruk, who, if memory serves me correctly, recently returned from a brief paramedic job overseas.

At the time, a local Las Vegas news report stated:

Michael Czaruk felt under the weather, but he was still healthy enough to propose to his girlfriend last week. Less than 48 hours later, the 36-year-old Las Vegas man died, possibly from the flu. (SOURCE)

(Additional Obituary Source)

There are other sources out there, and the bottom line is that in late 2019, people were becoming seriously ill with an unknown flu-like illness that was spreading all over America.

2019-12-08 (China’s Official COVID Infection Start Date)

China’s official position is that the COVID-19 outbreak began no earlier than Dec 7, 2019. (Sources: Wall Street Journal and the NIH)

2021-01 (The House Foreign Affairs Committee Releases an Addendum to the Origins of COVID Report)

In January of 2021, the House Foreign Affairs Committee released an addendum to its original report about the Origins of the COVID virus. This addendum highlights the fact that both Chinese and US personnel worked to cover up the research being conducted at the Wuhan lab. In summary:

The addendum outlines evidence that points to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) as the source of the outbreak, and outlines some of the many steps researchers at the WIV along with Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance took to cover up the research being done there. It also breaks down how scientific papers written by researchers at the WIV not only prove the WIV was doing dangerous genetic modification research on coronaviruses at unsafe biosafety levels, but also that WIV researchers had the ability to genetically modify coronaviruses as early as 2016 without leaving any trace of that modification. (source)

Keep in mind that alternative journalists had espoused the lab leak theory as early as February 2020 and were harshly quashed. For example, the popular alternative news website Zero Hedge found themselves banned from Twitter for “publishing a conspiracy theory and doxxing a Chinese scientist.” In fact, the information about the scientist that they shared was his publicly available CV.

2022-08-24 (NIH Terminates Some Funding to EcoHealth)

A Bulletin of Atomic Scientists article titled NIH to terminate part of EcoHealth Alliance grant after its Wuhan partners refuse to deliver information on coronavirus studies was published. (Source)

“Between June 2017 and May 2019, scientists working on EcoHealth’s grant tested genetically engineered coronaviruses with the backbone of one virus and the spike proteins—which bind to host cells—of another on mice that expressed human cell receptors. In one case, the NIH reported last fall,  one of the chimeric viruses caused mice to become “sicker.” EcoHealth reports show that in the infection experiments conducted in years four and five of the grant, chimeric viruses replicated faster in mice lungs and killed a higher percentage of mice than the unmodified virus.”

The NIH is The National Institutes of Health, which is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If the NIH is able to terminate EcoHealth’s grant, then this shows that EcoHealth was funded, at least in part, by the US government.

2023-01-25 (OIG Audits EcoHealth)

U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General issued a report titled, “The National Institutes of Health and EcoHealth Alliance Did Not Effectively Monitor Awards and Subawards, Resulting in Missed Opportunities to Oversee Research and Other Deficiencies.”

The audit’s 1st paragraph confirms that the US National Institutes of Health did fund EcoHealth Alliance through grants. It shows, in paragraph four, that EcoHealth, sent funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It also shows that EcoHealth directly funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s study of coronaviruses.

In effect, the US government, through grants from the NIH, funded the coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

2023-02 (Department of Energy: COVID came from Lab)

The Department of Energy, which has 17 of its own bio-research facilities, believes the COVID-19 came from a lab.

In the DOE’s assessment, COVID originated in a lab. This serves as further confirmation of the findings in the House Foreign Affairs Committee August 2021 addendum to its report on the origins of COVID-19, which concluded that a preponderance of the evidence shows the COVID-19 pandemic was most likely caused by a lab leak at a Wuhan area research institute. (SOURCE)

Dr. John Campbell states that the DOE has “17 biological laboratories, including bio-research labs throughout the U.S.” This is confirmed by this DOE website.

2023-02 (FBI Director Wray States It Was “Most Likely” a Lab Leak)

Adding to the US government admitting the virus came from a lab is the February of 2023 statement by FBI Director Wray. In his statement, FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed that it was their assessment that the origin of the Covid pandemic was “most likely a potential lab incident” in Wuhan, China. In an interview, Wray told Fox News that many of the details were still classified.

“…the FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan,” he said.

Wray added that he believes that Beijing has been working to undermine the investigation from the United States and other members of the international community.

“I will just make the observation that the Chinese government, it seems to me, has been doing its best to try to thwart and obfuscate the work here. The work that we’re doing, the work that our U.S. government and close foreign partners are doing. And that’s unfortunate for everybody,” he said.

So, Was This Release Intentional?

It’s a fact that we, the supposed crazy conspiracy theorists, have been proven right time and again throughout the pandemic. Despite being correct over and over again, we’ve been persecuted and censored for being the purveyors of logic and fact. Remember when the book about the virus published by Daisy and written by Cat Ellis was removed and banned from Amazon without notice?

In reality, that makes the people and organizations who pushed the actual false COVID narratives on behalf of the establishment the true conspirators, doesn’t it?

These, the establishment purveyors of misinformation, are the people who actually pushed racist commentary about Chinese people. “Oh, they’re disgusting, and they eat bats.” “Oh, in spite of being highly educated and trained scientists, they run a shoddy lab, they are amateurs, and they sell infected animals.”

So if all their original narratives have been proven false, what does it say about the current narrative?

Unintentional Release

The notion that the release of COVID was unintentional is, as stated before, purely subjective and speculation. Is it possible? Yes. And, for that to be the case, we must assume the Chinese are more slip-shod than intentional and qualified scientists.

If the facts aren’t there (and they’re not) to 100% state that the release of COVID was unintentional, then we must assume that the complete opposite of unintentional is true and that at the very least, the potential for an intentional leak exists. That’s called a hypothesis.

Intentional Release

If we are to assume that the scientists at a US Govt funded, Chinese-run BIOSAFETY Level 4 lab are professional, then we can also assume that an unknown/unreported “unintentional” leak isn’t likely. After all, if the lab was professional, an “unintentional” exposure to COVID would be reported.

Therefore, in the absence of concrete evidence to the contrary, we must examine the potential of an “intentional” lab leak. In that regard, we must ask ourselves the Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How questions of an “intentional” lab leak.

Well, we know the What—COVID-19. We also know the When—late summer or early fall of 2019. We know the Where—Wuhan, China. And we have a pretty good idea of the How—to use the World Military Games as the vector for Ground Zero infection.

That leaves us with the Who and the Why.

The Who

No, not the rock band, and yes, it may likely involve the World Health Organization (WHO).

However, if we break it down into its individual parts, there are three likely candidates.

The first likely candidate is, I believe, the least likely intentional release candidate—rogue actors.

For this, I’m classifying anyone as a rogue actor who did not have direct influence over the goings-on in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That means other State actors and individuals who had the motive and means to place one or more people (scientists and staff) into the WIV and into a position where they could cause an intentional release of COVID.

The problems I have with that possibility are that it hinges on the fact that the Chinese government (CCP) is one of the most intrusive, authoritarian governments in the world. And the supposition is that someone placed a person willing to unleash a biological weapon onto the world into one of China’s highest level, most (supposedly) secure Level 4 BIOSAFETY (BIOWARFARE) labs. At best, I believe that’s a remote possibility compared to the next two.

Two Possibilities

The next two possibilities hinge on who controlled and influenced the lab. And, when we look at the facts, what do we know about who controlled and influenced the lab?

Well, we know that the Chinese (obviously) ran the lab. However, we also know that the US government, through the EcoHealth Alliance, funded the lab. So what does that mean?

That means that both the Chinese and the US governments alone, or in collaboration with one another, are the WHO. Both had control and influence over the lab. So, if the leak was intentional, then one or both of them is to blame as they had the means, access, and know-how to make an intentional virus (bio-weapon) and unleash it upon the world.

The Why

Next, we need to consider the reasons why the intentional release may have happened. There are several reasons both the Chinese and US governments could have been motivated to release COVID into the world.

A Distraction

First, when it comes to China, the Free Hong Kong movement started in March and escalated through the summer. The movement was gaining worldwide attention and becoming seriously problematic for the CCP. (SOURCES: Wikipedia and Reuters)

For example:

  • by June 9th, more than half a million people were protesting in the streets of Hong Kong.
  • In August (14th), police and protestors clashed at the Hong Kong airport, disrupting flights.
  • In Sept, protestors trap Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, in a stadium.
  • On October 1st, police shoot a protestor, and over the next month, police shoot more protestors.
  • By April, police begin arresting leaders.
  • By May 2020, the protests have been crushed by Beijing.

In short, the release of COVID distracted the world from Hong Kong and gave room for the Chinese to crush the protests, which, if I remember correctly, we’re bleeding over into Mainland China (Need to Find a Source), and we’re gaining the support of the world.

Power, Control, and Money

The next reason, which is applicable both to China and the US, is power, control, and money. The pandemic, as is obvious, allowed both the US government and the CCP to instill censorship (as shown in the Twitter Files and through Stanford’s government-supportedVirality Project,” etc.) and elevate other aspects of authoritarianism.

In turn, that gave power and control to the governments and their establishment ruler: lockdowns, censoring social media apps, removing people from banking, etc.

Financially, (SOURCE)  the pandemic facilitated the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history and further crushed the working/middle class of everyday Americans. It wasn’t mom-and-pop businesses that largely benefited from government handouts. It was the large corporations and companies who grabbed the never-have-to-be-repaid loans.


The final reason both governments would benefit from the pandemic is that both were hampered by President Trump. When it comes to China, Trump was beating them on the world stage and imposing trade policies that benefited the US. President Xi needed Trump gone.

As for the US, the economy was booming. People were happy. While the Left despised Trump, the center and the right were largely on board with his policies, if not him personally. In late 2019, Trump appeared to be on the way to becoming a two-term president. Jobless rates were the lowest in 50 years. Under his administration, the GDP soared from 2.3% TO 33.4%. According to the Census in 2020, median household incomes also increased from $62,898 to $68,703, and households living in poverty decreased from 40.6 million to 34.0 million.

Trump was a thorn in the side of the establishment because he wasn’t controllable. He failed to get us into any additional wars. When he tried to pull us out of Syria, and he openly stated the war in Syria was about oil (source), the establishment attacked him. The establishment couldn’t risk another four years of Trump. So, they needed an insurance policy to get rid of Trump.

Is there any reason other than his bombastic nature that the establishment opposed him early on in the pandemic when he suggested travel restrictions to China? Of course, by the timeline presented above, COVID was already in the US by late 2019—well before the first news of COVID hit the public in January 2020.

Brian Duffs Mind4Survival Bool Link

Could China, the US, or Both Intentionally Release COVID?

While we know the Chinese government has killed millions of its own people, you may be thinking to yourself, “Surely our own government wouldn’t do something like this.”

One would hope not, but unfortunately, our history tells a different story. We urge you to remember that our own government…

  • Slaughtered Native Americans by the millions. (source)
  • Interned more than 100,000 innocent American citizens of Japanese descent during World War II. (source)
  • Deliberately withheld treatment of hundreds of Black men with syphilis in the name of scientific research. (source)
  • Conducted mind control experiments on its own people. (source)
  • Killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens and millions of foreign citizens in repeated unconstitutional (aka illegal) conflicts.
  • Waco, Ruby Ridge, and so on…

So, can you honestly say that our government is better now than it was during these atrocities? This isn’t to say that they’re necessarily guilty of the current crime against humanity, but that history tells us that it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

While we have our suspicions, at this point, we don’t know for a fact whether the release of the virus that upended the planet was intentional or not. But there’s certainly a long series of coincidences that make us scratch our heads. Even bringing up the possibility that it may have been intentional or that our own government might have had a hand in it is risky business in these days of censorship and de-platforming.

But in a free society, questions have to be asked. If our own government is not accountable to us, the people who put them into office, then are they actually a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? If this was unleashed upon the world by an enemy (for whoever did this truly is an enemy (foreign or domestic), then shouldn’t there be a reckoning for those responsible?

What do you think? Do you believe this virus was an unintentional lab leak or a freak accident? Or do you think that something darker was at play here? And if that’s the case, who do you believe was responsible?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Brian

Brian Duff is the author of the upcoming book, Mind4Survival: How to Face Any Crisis, Minimize Unwanted Struggle, and Live Your Best Life. He’s also a former paramedic, Army Ranger, and international security expert who runs the Mind4Survival blog and podcast and is a co-host on The Survival Preppers YouTube channel.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • ‘Congressional Report’? Congress is a tool of the rich and their corporations.

    The United States so-called ‘government’ co-funded the gain-of-function development of the Covid virus, and had access to it. The United States so-called ‘government’, to distinguish it from the People of the United States, released the virus during the 26 nation Military Athlete Games, held in October of 2019, in Wuhan, China, in a false flag blow back operation to point the finger at China. The virus, which is only half as deadly as the annual flu, was used in a campaign of fear and inflated numbers to disrupt society, sever social connections, cause millions of small businesses to close, never to reopen, and most importantly, encourage people to accept the mRNA injections, which are not vaccines, and are 100 times as deadly as the virus. Millions have been killed by these injections, and in the next 8 years many millions more will be killed by the injuries caused by these injections, which will be denied and attributed to other causes.

    Population reduction is not a new idea, Plato, 2500 years ago, advocated killing the poor and replacing them with people bred from the Elite. Malthus, 300 years ago, proposed killing the lower classes. The Elite consider themselves to be our owners, we, their livestock. The problem has always been that there are more peasants than rulers, and peasants are more troublesome than livestock, harder to control. Now, the Elite have the means, lab created pathogens, whether presented as threats or solutions, and the technology to replace us to do the labor. They are within reach of the millennia-old desire to reduce our numbers, all the ‘investigations and reports’ dance around but never touch on the truth, and they are continuing apace with their plans.

    • Obviously, thinking I knew everything already, I didn’t read the article first, and missed some important info. And made mistakes like thinking the Military Athlete Games had 26 participants, instead of 26. I embarrass myself. Where I had pieced together bits of information from here and there along the way, Daisy and Brian wrote a very well researched and reasoned article. I believe it was an intentional release, but obviously, well before the games. I don’t believe there are governments anymore than I believe there are political parties. I believe there are People, and those that want to keep them distracted and divided, to manipulate and exploit them. I believe there is a Global Group of Elite that decided to release the virus world-wide. To see an example of a False-Flag, Blow-Back operation, obtain the first season of ‘Condor’, where the plan is to release a virus at the Haj, and blame it on a Muslim scientist. ‘Condor’ came out BEFORE the Plandemic…

      • And I continue to embarrass myself. In my defense, I have a stuffy head cold. Number 26… Number 26… If you add 26 enough times, it comes out to 110… sort of. The correct number of participating nations in the games. A very well researched and written article, Daisy and Brian. I be using it as my go to, in the future.

  • Initially I questioned both the wet market theory and the lab theory.
    But at the time, we knew very little. Needed more information to confirm one other the other.

    Again, initially the lockdowns seemed like a good idea. Again, we knew very little. But as time went on, it became obvious this was not a virus with a high mortality rate with a survival rate of 99.999% for most. By that time the whole thing had become politicized. In October 2020 The Great Barrington Declaration was announced. It made sense. Protect those who were vulnerable. And was written by some very great scientists/experts. And through a FOIA request, emails between Fauci and Collins discussed how to discredit those very same scientists/experts.

    Now, there were some cases (like Michael Czaruk mentioned in the above) where a seemingly young and healthy person died.
    Same can be said about the flu.
    Does that make it better? Of course not. But we cannot live our lives in a bubble. We take a risk every day we roll out of bed.

    COVID being here in as late as December 2019?
    In early December of 2019, the wife and I traveled to Chicago for a family get together. Later, Christmas day to be exact, I had a sore throat and then had something like a mild flu for about 2 weeks. Could I say with certainty that is was COVID?
    But thinking back on it, I would not rule it out.
    Obviously I survived. And I think I got it again in September of 2020. Survived then too. Lasted about 3 days that time. Very mild.
    Every once in awhile I will hear a PSA on the radio about getting the COVID shot or booster and roll my eyes.
    While most now consider COVID over, and they should, the question is what is next?

    Brian and Daisy,
    A well thought out and backed with sources article.
    Reads like a great crime novel but in fact real life.
    Well done.

      • Yes, it certainly does read like a global crime novel.
        It could turn out to be an historical crime story.

        I believe that the China lab personnel f***** up, and then they and our traitorous bastards have done their level best to cover it up. The tragedy has, admittedly, thus far served them both well.

        May the tide soon change.

  • Our entire family (about 35 of us) that were at family Christmas eve party in Houston Dec, 2019 ALL came down with weird flu pnemonia crud for about 3 weeks. I went to ER twice for it when I got back and both times they could not figure out what it was. My youngest son, whose never sick, had to go to clinic and dr said he had no clue. My brother said a few years ago that around Oct – Nov 2019 is when “they” unleased this on the world, 1 country at a time.
    This congressional report is a farce. These evil people knew what they were doing and none of this is coincidence. This was just the beginning of their master plan, to make us all live in fear and force feed us panic porn. I will not subscribe to their madness

  • Anecdotally, I was in Montenegro in early January of 2020. My father-in-law passed away suddenly, and I had to get a last-minute flight back to the US. It ended up having several stops with a long layover in Zurich, which is a major hub and flights from around the world stop there. Someone on the flight over the Atlantic was really sick, coughing violently the entire time. The entire family was unwell, but the little girl seemed to be especially bad.

    A few days later, I was coming down with what I thought was a mild case of the flu as I helped with funeral arrangements, driving people around, etc. I got sicker after the funeral and much to my chagrin, a number of people who’d been at the funeral also became ill.

    This bug hung around for a couple of months, turned into pneumonia, and I had the “shattered glass pattern” in my lung xrays. I kept telling doctors in January and February that I’d been on multiple international flights and should be tested, but they scoffed at the idea I might have the mystery virus. By March, when I was finally getting better, the clinic called and told me they thought I’d probably had Covid. It was too late for testing at that point, but I really believe I had it early on.

  • In addition to the “Get rid of Donald Trump theory”, which I have long suspected, recall that China has a big problem with its aging population. After decades of one-child policy, China’s population is overweighted with old, unproductive people. Culling some of these people with a virus engineered to be especially harmful to the elderly would benefit China economically. The same can be said for many other countries, including the U.S. According to Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, the unfunded liabilities for Social Security in the U.S. are roughly twice the size of the official U.S. debt. The unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Medicaid are even higher, close to $100 Trillion. With reproduction rates falling below replacement levels everywhere but in Africa, the burden of supporting a large elderly population falls upon a dwindling supply of young, productive people. With Covid-19 now petering out, don’t be surprised to find another on its way in the next decade or two.

    Why are the reproduction rates falling so dramatically? That’s above my pay grade, but I do know that the most effective way to lower birth rates is to educate girls/women as long as possible, thereby delaying childbirth until their later years. Then, of course, they want to work for a few years to make money to pay back their student loans and to use the education they paid so much to obtain. And those student loans make it more difficult to afford children.

    And if all the measures taken to reduce young peoples’ desire to have children don’t work fast enough for the depopulationists (climate change extremists) then introduce a virus that requires an mRNA vaccine to treat. Wasn’t there a former VP of one of the big pharmaceutical companies who claimed early on in the pandemic that the vaccine would somehow (I don’t know how) interfere with pregnancy? He was excoriated for his comment, of course. Remember that this need not be an all or nothing effect; if it reduced viable pregnancies by some small amount, it would still be a step toward their goal, and a small amount might escape detection or at least give the apologists ammunition to attack the “conspiracy theory”. Most people are innumerate, and their eyes glaze over when experts start talking about “statistically significant effects”.

    • “Why are the reproduction rates falling so dramatically?” People used to be concerned about GMOs and Glyphosate. And still should be. A study showed that rats fed GMOs had a 50% stillbirth rate. And of those that survived, 50% of their pups would be stillborn. GMOs were introduced into US stores in 1996. Anyone born in that year, or after, has been eating GMOs their whole life. US birthrates started falling in 2016, when those people would have been 20 years old. I read articles saying the economy and financial problems were why people were ‘waiting to have children’. I don’t believe the Lame Stream Media. Glyphosate is known to induce infertility. Wheat, oats, and other grains are sprayed with glyphosate to make the whole crop dry at one time. People have been distracted by Covid. ‘They’ are still pushing GMOs just like they’re still pushing mRNA Boosters.

  • Daisy, if we really want to go down the rabbit hole, then what would you say if I told you this was intentionally released and it was done with the support and OK of many developed nations?
    Here’s is why.
    What groups are the greatest drain on any developed nation’s Health Care Resources? It’s the Elderly and the Chronically Ill (who are often in both groups). It doesn’t matter which developed nation you pick, if you look into the numbers, those two groups are across the board, the biggest consumer of the resources.
    Globalists, also believe the planet’s overpopulated, and that a reduction in the population needs to occur.
    So Scientists in China, with the aid and support of who knows how many governments, but at the very least the US, develop a Viral Pathogen with not only a High Morbidity rate, but also a High Mortality rate specifically targeted the Two groups that are the biggest drain on resources, the Elderly, and the Chonically Infirm.
    The High Morbidity Rate means just about everyone will catch the Virus, but the Targeted Groups are the people dying from exposure. Sure, a few of the Untargeted groups die, but nowhere near the level the targeted groups die from the pathogen.
    China, has the exact same problem with the two groups that other nations have, so releasing the Pathogen In Country isn’t an issue for China’s leadership, anymore than it was for most of the rest of the world’s leadership.
    The Globalist Cabal fully approved of this measure, because not only does it relieve the burden on Health Care Resources, it also addresses the Overpopulation Belief Globalists ascribe too. It also explains why the Cabal was so intent on supporting the whole Natural Mutation Theory. A theory that actually doesn’t explain the presence of Genetic Markers strongly indicative of artificial manipulation.i

    I’ve suspected this from the very beginning of the Pandemic.

    Certain individuals within our “Leadership” did this, and did so with malicious intent from the very beginning.

    That’s how deep this rabbit hole goes.

  • What everyone on all sides continues to ignore is that this “virus” has never been isolated using Koch’s Postulates or any other means. There’s no proof that “SARS-COV2” even exists.

    • Exactly.
      Over 200 FOIA requests have been made to institutions worldwide for samples of “covid” to study. None are available anywhere.

      My question to those who believe the “gain of function” and “lab leak” stories, is where did those theories come from? Let’s consider the source of that information: it’s what our fraudulent government told us via the criminal alphabet agencies like CDC & NIH.

      These are the same agencies that told you the PCR test could detect “covid” (it can’t), that” vaccines” will protect you (they won’t and they aren’t vaccines – they’re bioweapons), and masks and lockdowns will “stop the spread” (more BS).

      They have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark about what they’re really up to. In short, what the government tells us is what they want us to believe. It has nothing to do with the truth.

      “Covid” was a monumental psyop that was brilliantly executed. The propaganda was so widespread and so compelling that there are many who still believe the jabs will save them. And too many who believe “covid” was real.

      The globalists didn’t need to concoct a “virus”, which isn’t possible anyway. All they had to do was tell us a story about a “novel virus” whose appearance miraculously coincided with the seasonal flu. And the world fell for it.

      In our defense, we’ve all been primed to believe the myth. We’ve grown up being taught about “viruses”. It’s what doctors have been taught to believe. It’s what Pharma wants us to believe. The few who question it are criticized and marginalized.

      And the folks who think they had “covid” can’t be criticized for believing that. After all, that’s what a psyop does to people. In 2018, 80,000 Americans died from that year’s seasonal flu. No one batted an eye. In 2019-20 the flu was renamed “covid”. The world lost its collective mind.

      You might want to listen to Drs. Mark & Samantha Bailey, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Stefan Lanka (German virologist) and Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer’s Respiratory and Allergy Division on the subject of “covid”.

      Depopulation could never be so easily achieved through a massive “vaccine” program unless the world was convinced of a horrifying “novel virus”.

      Now that our compliance with the madness has been proven, the globalists are ready with the next stage of tyranny, which is what “covid” was always about – CBDC.

      This is a 100% slavery system, from which all the prepping in the world will not save you.

      We got played with “covid”. We must not get played again with CBDC.

      • Yeah but ‘gain of function’! I heard it on the news. Hahaha. IKR! Are you reading these comments and the things people have convinced themselves of with just a few bits of suggestion? Filling in the blanks to have exact names and dates and locations. Yet 3 years later nobody can produce one purified isolate of the most prolific, global pandemic ‘virus’ ever. It’s priceless. I have written Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and told them I would drink an entire glass of any virus or bioweapon they could produce live on air AND GIVE THEM 1 MILLION DOLLARS for the opportunity. All they had to do was prove that what was in the glass was a virus and only a virus. Could be anything, SARS, HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis, etc. Produce it, prove it and I’ll drink it. I also offered the same to Jim Jordan whose dog and pony show in these congressional hearings is an embarrassment to rational thought. And wouldn’t you know that for all their bluster and none of these frauds needs a free million dollars. Well the offer stands. So to any readers here, who believe these nonsensical fantasies you all are posting, I’ll offer you the same. Produce me any purified isolate of any known virus in any concentration, and I’ll drink a glass of it right in your face and give you a million dollars. No matter the outcome. Any takers? Of course not. Because viruses aren’t real nor do they cause disease. The catch 22 here for all the clueless idiots is that no virus has been completely isolated and purified and verified in the history of science. Period. Fact. So whatever the f#$& y’all are talking about, you got completely played and someone else has complete control of your mind. Should you disagree don’t you dare tell me words. Produce the virus and put my money where your mouth is. Otherwise STFU. You won’t take a free million dollars for being right? Then why would you be talking at all? And yes I am dead serious, this million dollars is real and I can verify it’s existence and we can even sign a contract guaranteeing you get it. So bring your nonsense theories and let’s just see who knows what they’re actually talking about. Kudos SMH for being the one thinking person here.

  • My sister worked for an optometrist in the fall of 2019 in an area of many international students. She was a college kid and got horribly sick, coughing so severely she had to go to the doctor because she couldn’t eat or drink. They ran every test in the book and told her she had some kind of virus they’d never seen before. Three months later, Covid arrived. I am totally convinced that’s what she had.

    Thanks for the breakdown– nice to have everything in one place 🙂

    • If you or them can prove anyone has ‘seen’ any virus ever in the history of time, I’ll give you and them a million dollars. Neither of you can. The offer has stood for years and nobody has taken it yet. Enjoy the rest of your life in this prison of false belief.


    Deagel Population Forecast Sees Nearly 70 Percent Fewer Americans by 2025
    Deagel population forecast of nearly 70 percent fewer Americans by 2025 is starting to look prophetic

    Guest post by Leo Hohmann

    All of the globalist policies over the last three years are driving toward one thing, mass depopulation. Yes, they want to kill us. Until you understand that, you will never understand what’s going on. You will never make sense of it.

    I’ve known it for some time, maybe 20 years or more.

    Population reduction is not a new idea, Plato, 2500 years ago, advocated killing the poor and replacing them with people bred from the Elite. Malthus, 300 years ago, proposed killing the lower classes. The Elite consider themselves to be our owners, we, their livestock. The problem has always been that there are more peasants than rulers, and peasants are more troublesome than livestock, harder to control. Now, the Elite have the means, lab created pathogens, whether presented as threats or solutions, and the technology to replace us to do the labor. They are within reach of the millennia-old desire to reduce our numbers, all the ‘investigations and reports’ dance around but never touch on the truth, and they are continuing apace with their plans.

    I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but reject it at your own risk. Those who live in denial will get duped, again. Many of those duped the first time lost their lives, or ended up with life-long health issues. Some even offered their children to the military-biomedical-security complex.

    I’ve known about vaccinations maybe 25 years and avoided them. The mRNA injections are not vaccines. They changed the definition.
    I like to revert back to the analysis done by Deagel Corp. in 2014, forecasting massive global population declines out to the year 2025, especially in Western countries.

    Deagel’s founder was a military contractor who had sources well positioned in the deep state. The Deagel Corporation is an offshoot of US military intelligence which collects data for high-level decision-makers and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations and the World Bank.

    According to the Deagel forecast, America’s population would plummet from just over 310 million in 2017 down to just 99 million by the end of 2025. Western European nations, especially the U.K. and Germany, were forecast to see similarly drastic decreases in population, as were Canada and Australia.

    If the Deagel calculations turn out to be even close to accurate, the most unsafe places to live over the next three years will be the United States, Canada and the U.K., followed by Germany, Australia and the rest of the E.U. nations. This population forecast was so controversial, showing population reductions of 68.5 percent in the United States (from 2017 levels) and between 25 and 70 percent for almost every Western European country, that the study mysteriously disappeared from Deagel’s website in March 2021.

    But not all areas of the world will continue to decline. Some will actually have larger populations by 2025, according to the Deagel forecast. The safest places to be living would appear to be Central and South America, Yay!, China and Africa.

    Interestingly, Russia came in as neutral, not gaining or losing population.

    I think Ukraine might put a dent in them…
    Is this Deagel forecast map a prediction of who will win World War III?

    Until the impact of the Covid “pandemic” and resulting mass vaccination campaign, many researchers were scratching their heads as they reviewed the Deagel calculations. But now it’s beginning to make sense.

    Add in the rising potential for another manufactured pandemic, a manufactured global famine under the guise of fighting “climate change,” and the race toward World War III, and suddenly Deagel’s forecast becomes even more plausible.

    Deagel’s predictions seemed so far-fetched in 2014 that some folks accused Deagel of engaging in a psy op. But maybe Deagel had good sources to back up its analysis. After all, the eugenics-loving Rockefeller Foundation had published its “Lockstep” analysis in 2010, all but guaranteeing that major pandemics would wipe out tens of millions of people, and Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, was well into his vaccine phase by 2014 as well, having shifted his focus a few years earlier away from computers and into the more profitable injections.

    We also had the Georgia Guidestones to serve as a continuous reminder of the elites’ plan to drastically reduce the global population, to cull the herd, as they say.

    The first “guideline” etched in the Georgia Guidestones monument stated “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” representing a reduction of more than 90 percent of the earth’s people in typical Malthusian manner. That’s a goal that seemed outrageous until the full scope of the poison death shots and then the prospect of global famine and World War III started coming into view just beyond the horizon of the daily news headlines.

    Then, the Guidestones were mysteriously bombed in the early morning hours of July 6, 2022. Just hours later, at around 6 p.m. on July 6, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation completely destroyed the damaged monument. This was an astonishing turn of events executed with lightning speed and then the state’s bizarre action quickly fell off the news cycle. Nobody was ever arrested and we hear nothing about any continuing investigation. Did it become necessary to get rid of the granite monument that stood as a testimony to the elites’ plan for mass depopulation of the world?

    In fact, their plan may already be far enough down the road that it’s impossible to reverse. Humanity is being culled, whether we like it or not.

    The globalists need to kill us off in order to fully enslave those who remain. Why? Because they have two basic disadvantages in their war against humanity. First, they are vastly outnumbered

    and, second, many of us still have the ability to think critically and independently of what we hear or see on their totally owned and controlled media outlets.
    Sun Tzu, the brilliant Chinese military strategist on the Art of War, said that the smart warrior attacks his enemy’s strengths at his weakest point.

    If the globalists are following the wisdom of Sun Tzu, they would cull the population and reduce the level at which they are outnumbered, and they would poison those of us who remain so that we are weakened and unable to think critically and independently, at least not to the level that we could organize any meaningful resistance.

    The Covid Blog has put forth an interesting analysis on the global population after more than three years of the bioweapon that came out of Wuhan and more than two years of the related bioweapon that has been injected into people’s arms.

    There were approximately 7.84 billion people on Earth in January 2020 when all this started. The United Nations reported that the global population eclipsed the 8 billion mark in November 2022.

    But here’s where it gets interesting. The Covid Blog’s article points out that there have been 40 million births and 20 million deaths, for a net population growth of 20 million thus far in 2023. But the sources of this information are the same ones who tell us to believe that men can give birth, gas stoves can kill us, and vaccines are safe and effective.

    As of March 2023, there are two jobs available in the U.S. for every one unemployed worker. The blog continues, adding:

    “You don’t even need the ADP Workforce Vitality Reports to know that wages have been at all-time highs since Q4 2021. Just look around your local area, and you’ll see McDonald’s, Kum and Go, Circle K, Walmart, and all those former minimum wage jobs hiring at $15 per hour and up. They are forced to offer higher wages (or hire illegal immigrants) to entice what’s left of the U.S. workforce.”

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce acknowledged the ongoing labor shortage earlier this month. The corporate mainstream media have for two years blamed anything but the vaccines for the sudden deaths of young, healthy adults, even super-fit athletes and teenagers.

    The bottom line is that millions of Americans have died or are severely maimed from the lethal mRNA and DNA injections. They can physically no longer work.

    U.S. birth rates, meanwhile, are in free fall, as are global birth rates. In 2021, birth rates were the lowest since World War I in the U.S., with Russia, China, and all the European countries similarly reporting a dearth of new babies being born. Sperm counts in men have fallen to the lowest level since such things started being measured. You cannot find a straight answer anywhere as to why this is happening.

    So, the COVID Blog says it is confident in declaring that the global population has dropped from 7.8 billion in January 2020 to approximately 6.8 billion today – about a 13% drop in 28 months.

    A billion people in two years
    “The powers-that-be will never report the truth on this, and will do everything to conceal, manipulate and distort the real numbers. So all we can do is crunch everything we know to determine the progress of their goal – 500 million humans left on Earth by 2030. Former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fearlessly blew the whistle on the depopulation agenda in 2015.”

    The Covid Blog put forth five trends to back up its theory that the world’s population is already in free fall, according to the stated plans of the elites. Here are the first three:

    1. Governments across the world reported record increases in excess deaths in 2021 and 2022, and/or reported historically low birth rates. “In other words, a lot of people are dying and few are being born.”

    2. There’s no way of knowing exactly what’s happening in the world’s two most populous countries, India and especially China. “We know that China is dystopian hell. What we don’t know is how many people are being killed by the government and dying from the injections.”

    India started injecting its population in January 2021, mostly with the Covishield/AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injections. As of March 2023, 95% of Indians age 12-plus have received at least one shot.

    Covid Blog reports: “By April 2021, truckloads of dead bodies being transported to morgues were so full that bodies were falling from the trucks on the roads. In Delhi, someone died every five minutes that month, according to one report. The mass cremation videos from India in 2021 are very disturbing.”

    The corporate mainstream media predictably blamed “COVID.” The only reason the deaths slowed after May 2021 was because India started adopting Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine protocols.

    Neither India nor China are particularly good about recording and reporting deaths, leading the Covid blog to conclude that “based on the foregoing, our educated guess is at least 350 million excess deaths in China and India from January 2020 to publishing today.”

    3. The kids die anonymously. Deceived parents allow their children to be injected multiple times and/or they feed their babies vaxxed breast milk. The child dies. Most of these delusional parents play along with the mainstream narrative and blame anything but the vax, while only a tiny number of parents do the right thing and warn others not to get their children injected.

    Never comply. Never submit. Prepare mentally, physically and spiritually as we head into uncharted waters.

    “Why are the reproduction rates falling so dramatically?” People used to be concerned about GMOs and Glyphosate. And still should be. A study showed that rats fed GMOs had a 50% stillbirth rate. And of those that survived, 50% of their pups would be stillborn. GMOs were introduced into US stores in 1996. Anyone born in that year, or after, has been eating GMOs their whole life. US birthrates started falling in 2016, when those people would have been 20 years old. I read articles saying the economy and financial problems were why people were ‘waiting to have children’. I don’t believe the Lame Stream Media. Glyphosate is known to induce infertility. Wheat, oats, and other grains are sprayed with glyphosate to make the whole crop dry at one time. People have been distracted by Covid. ‘They’ are still pushing GMOs just like they’re still pushing mRNA Boosters.

  • It never was a virus because viruses don’t exist except as psy ops for trade or money wars. C-19 is bacterial, not viral. It is a panic, or emergency, only because we no longer have any antibiotics to protect against a simple wound causing staph bacteria to enter the blood (blood poisoning, also called Sepsis) and death. The deadly pre-antibiotic period has returned because antibiotics are simple bright color pigments that poison bacteria. But the body is now more immune to such antibiotics due to resistance and repeated over prescription of antibiotics wiping out good bacteria to protect from sepsis shock.

    No virus, no lab leak.

  • Hahahaha, I really enjoyed your last article on the Dunning Krueger phenomenon, but to follow it with this article shows a huge lack of self awareness. And no I don’t expect you to have any meaningful grasp of genetics or genomics, as these are complex topics. But I do say shame on you for being so stupefied by things you already know are lies. Then concocting some annoying semantical conclusion that, honestly, is the dumbest take on COVID I’ve heard to date. You have been completely railroaded on the facts and science and are too Dunning Krueger-ed to accept that you are completely 100% wrong about everything.
    The is no SARS CoV 2 virus. There is no SARs CoV 1 virus. Neither caused COVId 19 because there is no COViD 19. There are no biological weapons either. And the proof of all of this the same as the statement itself and dead simple. They do not exist because there is no proof that they exist and nobody can produce proof that they do.
    Now cue all of you going apoplectic because you think watching TV is the same as doing science. Because you think the people on TV even know what they’re saying when they talk about science. Because you think the person who summarized the science for the talking head who tells you about it knew something about science. But none of these things are true nor has anyone even claimed that.
    I could fill 10 pages with the follow up on how and why I know for a fact that this virus doesn’t exist, has never actually been seen, does not meet the definition of a virus, has not met the basic standards of a virus, and is not in the possession of anyone anywhere. I could give you a college course in PCR so you understand that there is no such thing as a PCR ‘test’, never has been and never will be. Yes there are ‘PCR based assays’ that work well but the claimed COViD PCR test is pure scientific fraud top to bottom and literally cannot be anything else. I could even point out random things like how you can talk about you ‘lab leak’ all day on social media but the second you suggest there is no virus(es) you get banned. But I’m not going to bother. I’m simply going to ask you reader, whoever you are, what is the thing you believe to be proof that the virus even exists at all? Is it the TV or internet? Is it many people bleating the same mantra ad nauseum? Is it the social pressure? Did some random nurse or doctor, obligated to to tell you it’s real at risk of their licensure, tell you it was real? Do you think any of these things constitutes scientific proof? Do you think in your Dunning Krueger mind that is this simplistic? That we can ignore the rules and definitions if the TV yells at us alarmingly enough? That the determination of truth and facts are this fickle? There is no virus, nor is there anything posing as a virus that has met the most basic definitions that he been in place for over 100 years. If you believe otherwise then prove it. There is a yet unclaimed prize of 1.5 million Euros if you can. But nobody has. Not Jim Jordan, not Tony Fauci, not Rand Paul, not Lester Holt or Tucker Carlson, nor Rachel Maddow, Robert Redfield nor Fravis Collins. Not even the idiot from Pfizer who claimed they were doing ‘directed evolution ‘ 2 seconds before Project Veritas imploded in the wake of the story (somebody got played). Do you not want or need 1.5 million Euros? Don’t they? Doesn’t anybody? Does it seem odd to you that out of the billions of people who allegedly were full of this virus, not one person has been able to sneeze a single copy of the virus onto a microscope slide in exchange for a cool 1.5 million Euros? Does it seem odd to you that masks full of a deadly pandemic virus are laying in Walmart parking lots? Because the $5 trillion COViD relief bill wasn’t enough to pay for $10 disposal bins (but could pay for social distance training stickers for the grocery store floor). And notice how our pols were clearly never scared despite their poorly put on mask theater. Nor did they require each other to get vaxxed like you (not me) were made to. How dumb are you? Really. You’ve all gotten so played that now you’re arguing reverse logic about some made up fairy tale like you’ve discovered some big ‘gotcha’ point. Well newsflash: YOU got got. There is no virus and never was. Nor are there biological weapons. That’s just a front for money laundering just like every other government program. It’s why normal people go to Congress for 4 years and come back with $50 million dollars somehow. Where are biological weapons 50 years later? They don’t exist and even if they did, a minor cold with a 0.07% death rate would be an epic fail. Have you seen what they’ve done with phones in the same 50 years? How gullible are you. Your Stockholm Syndrome seems to have now progressed to the point that you’re now running for mayor of Stockholm. None of it was ever real. Sorry. Maybe it’s time for a little soul searching rather than searching for things that don’t exist and never did.

  • Why am I the only person I know that didn’t see Dr. David Martin of M-CAM expose the fact that Pfizer patented the SARS-CoV-2 in 2002?

  • One curiosity that has never been explained and was quickly scuttled out of corporate media was the early reports that Italy and Iran suffered particularly heavy outbreaks at the beginning of 2020. I never checked the list of participants in the world military games but that could offer one explanation. I found it suspicious that there were high case numbers in Iran since it is a stated geopolitical adversary of the U.S. government.

    The other thought I would like to offer is in terms of motive for the release you have to examine who stood to profit. In purely monetary terms, obviously Pfizer and other pharma giants benefitted immensely. Other mega corporations like Amazon and big box stores that were allowed to remain open while small businesses were forced to close opportunistically hoovered up the consumers left without a choice in a market with extremely reduced competition.

    That particular circumstance of an artificially limited market replacing a much more free and fair one accompanied by the immense upward transfer of wealth certainly implicates the globalists of the Davos crowd and the central bankers of London and Wall Street. Their predecessors in the Fabian round table and UN circles have shared similar plans of centralizing power and control going back at least a century. Nobody will accept a great reset if we are not first devastated by a breakdown in all of our support systems. This includes food, energy, money, health care, community, etc.

    Finally, in terms of centralizing power and control, of course all states across the globe were allowed to use fear and propaganda to exercise a consolidation of their power in collusion with their corporate counterparts (fascism is not hyperbolic here). Powerful governments continue to use full spectrum dominance to force the citizens of the world into a neofeudalistic surveillance state where they control every aspect of our lives .

    Many parties’ agendas were benefitted by the circumstances. That doesn’t necessarily implicate collusion but it can’t be ruled out. The obvious result of Covid-19 has been the reduction of our freedoms and the advance of a track, trace, database totalitarianism like the world has never seen before.

  • Outstanding piece of work. Takes the many loose threads of thought I’ve had over the last few years and ties them up into a cohesive, well defined tapestry. Thank you for giving your hard work to the world.

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