The Numbers for the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Just Don’t Add Up

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When researching the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, things feel a little bit “off” to me. Let’s look at some numbers that just don’t add up.

900 confirmed cases, 26 dead

According to official reports, there are more than 900 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world. Of those confirmed cases, 26 people have died.

As of Friday, more than 900 people have been sickened and 26 have died since the start of the month, according to an NBC News analysis of data collected from China’s National Health Commission, province and city health departments, China Central Television, and the People’s Daily. China Central Television is a government-run station and People’s Daily is Communist Party-run. (source)

Today it was reported that a healthy 36-year-old man was among the dead. Up until this point, the deaths had all been people between 48-89 with pre-existing health conditions “including cirrhosis, diabetes, high blood pressure or coronary heart disease, China’s National Health Commission said.”

 He had no chronic diseases or other existing health conditions, and had been treated with anti-virus medication and antibiotics since being admitted to a hospital on Jan. 9. (source)

There are numerous suspected cases around the world, and people are being tested across the US and other countries to see if they have the coronavirus. When you’re reading articles, be sure to watch for confirmed cases – not suspected ones. Most of the suspected cases have returned negative results for coronavirus.

As of the publication of this post, there are confirmed cases in China, South Korea, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Macau, and the United States. Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US have people awaiting test results for suspected coronavirus.

35 million people are now under quarantine.

Yesterday, we reported that 20 million people were under quarantine in China, but today that number has expanded dramatically to 35 million people.

As the cases of coronavirus exposure increases, officials in 10 cities in China’s central Hubei province have suspended public transportation. Bus service has stopped in the cities of Chibi, Xiantao, Zhijiang, Qianjiang, Xianning, Huangshi and Enshi, according to the Reuters news agency.

Officials have also closed public venues in Zhijiang city, excluding hospitals, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, gas stations and drug stores. (source)

The number of people under quarantine raises a number of questions. I suspect the numbers we have been provided are inaccurate for a few reasons.

People are being turned away from Chinese hospitals.

It’s being reported that many people with potential coronavirus symptoms are being turned away from hospitals in China because there are no beds. Due to censorship and a brutal Communist regime, most of the less-than-flattering information is being shared anonymously.

This alarming report appeared on CBS:

A resident in Wuhan, the quarantined metropolis at the heart of the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak, told CBS News Friday that he waited overnight at one of the city’s overwhelmed hospitals to get treated for the illness but couldn’t access a doctor.

The man asked not to be identified as Chinese authorities struggle to show they’re in control of the outbreak, which has now killed 26 people in China and infected more than 800. He said he was diagnosed with the virus Thursday at the Red Cross Hospital in Wuhan, and that he has passed it to his mother.

He waited from Thursday night into Friday morning at the hospital for an injection he was told he needed to treat the illness, but never managed to see a doctor to have it administered.

The man said he saw patients at the rammed hospital on Thursday falling to the ground “one after another,” but there was no room for more patients to be admitted. Videos posted to social media have shown patients laying on the floor in Wuhan hospitals, some crying out for help. One, which was removed from China’s popular Twitter-like platform Weibo, purportedly showed dead bodies covered with sheets on the floor near other hospital patients. (source)

The story above is not the only one out of China that casts doubt on the official numbers.

The doctor told BBC News that scores of citizens had lined up at Wuhan hospitals in panic.

“The hospitals have been flooding with patients, there are thousands, I haven’t seen so many before,” the doctor said. “I am scared because this is a new virus and the figures are alarming.”

The doctor told the BBC that many people had to wait for hours before they could see a doctor and that little information was available to the public because of the novelty of the disease.

The doctor added that the typical incubation period of the virus was about seven days, meaning people could pass along the illness without showing symptoms…

…”It is spread through human-to-human transmission and there are also medical-staff infections,” the doctor told the BBC.

“We were told two days ago not to go to work at the hospital, because of the risk of the virus spreading,” the doctor added. (source)

And not everyone is getting tested, either.

Mimi Lau, a reporter for the Post, said there had been a shortage of quick test kits for the coronavirus, which is apparently delaying diagnoses. She added that patients at Wuhan hospitals likened getting a hold of the test kits to “winning lottery tickets.” (source)

Here’s a video of the scene in a Wuhan hospital. Patients are being transported in bubbles. Also, note the level of the Personal Protection Equipment being worn by hospital staff.

If these reports are accurate, then the numbers we’ve been given are absolutely not accurate. If there are people collapsing in hallways who are not being treated or diagnosed, then it stands to reason that they’re not going to be included in the official numbers of how many people are sick with the coronavirus.

Things are so worrisome that they’re building a hospital specifically for coronavirus in just 6 days in Wuhan.

“To address the insufficiency of existing medical resources,” Wuhan is constructing a hospital modeled after the Xiaotangshan SARS hospital in Beijing, Wuhan authorities said in a Friday notice. The facility will be a prefabricated structure on a 25,000- square-meter (270,000-square-foot) lot, slated for completion Feb. 3. (source)

The situation at the hospitals is so dire that Beijing has called in the military to help.

The economic ramifications for China

The economic ramifications of this broad quarantine will be vast for China. Think about the money being lost when you lockdown 35 million people during the biggest holiday and tourist season of the year. Here are some of the things being shut down.

  • Shanghai Disneyland has closed its doors indefinitely. (source)
  • The state-run Beijing News said the capital had canceled events including two well-known lunar new year temple fairs. (source)
  • The Forbidden City, the palace complex in Beijing that is now a museum, announced it will close indefinitely on Saturday. (source)
  • Schools in Hubei province, due to begin the spring semester after the holiday, will not open their doors as planned but will wait for further guidance from health authorities. And the Education Ministry instructed universities around China to delay their opening dates if necessary. (source)
  • Production companies have postponed the release of seven blockbuster films that were to be released over the holiday, prompting Chinese cinema companies to close the country’s 70,000 movie theaters. (source)
  • All ride-hailing services in Wuhan were cut off from midday Friday in attempt to stop transmission of the virus, and only half of taxis are allowed on the road every day, alternating between tags ending in odd and even numbers. (source)
  • China Southern, the country’s biggest airline, had already canceled all flights in and out of Wuhan airport on Thursday. The other two main carriers, Air China and China Eastern, said they would cancel all Wuhan flights from Friday to at least Feb. 8, (source)

Can you imagine the economic repercussions of such a shut-down? Particularly during what is arguably the biggest holiday of the year in China? Zero Hedge reports:

“Drastic steps, such as city-wide quarantine measures, can be a double-edged sword when it comes to market impact,” ING senior rates strategist Antoine Bouvet wrote in morning note. “On the one hand they signal the authorities are taking the problem seriously and help containment, on the other hand, they help paint a dramatic picture to investors unfamiliar with dealing with this sort of risk.” (source)

The numbers just don’t add up.

When I look at the official numbers, I have questions.

  • 35 million people are being restricted and/or quarantined.
  • Approximately 900 people are officially sick and 26 people are officially dead from the Wujan coronavirus.
  • That is an awful lot of people being quarantined and restricted for something with such a low death toll, don’t you think?
  • That’s a lot of people being quarantined for an illness that has been diagnosed in fewer than a thousand people, isn’t it?
  • This is costing China a ton of money in lost tourism revenue, entertainment revenue, and travel revenue, isn’t it?
  • Millions of people are out of work during this shutdown – those who work at tourist destinations, those in the transportation industry, those who can’t get to work.

This is a costly, extensive quarantine for fewer than a thousand sick people. Getting prepped for the possibility of a deadly pandemic seems to be a wise course of action, given the dramatic response by China.

And it begs the question:

What does China know that they’re not telling the rest of us?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • We thought the same thing when we heard about the quarantine. The numbers do not add up. Something serious is going on in China and it’s not being shared openly.

  • China’s most likely lieing about the numbers. The Morbidity and Mortality figures are likely much higher as well as the virulence of the coronavirus.
    Someone’s not telling the whole story.

  • In my state we have the 1st confirmed victim as well as the monitoring of potentially 43 more. Just saw that a 2nd case was reported in Chicago. If China is quarantining entire cities to try to stop this, what does that mean for all the people that these 2 contacted on their ways to and from the airports, the people on the plane and the people those people contacted? This could potentially spread into a pandemic very quickly

  • This is really scary because so much of our goods and food even come from China. My husband is a big Wish shopper and that is stopping. He has one order left that will get lysoled and chloroxed when it gets here if it ever does. Kind of scary with Walmart since everything they sell came from China. 40 years ago I worked in a Neisners distributor and even then they would open overseas boxes with dead rats, snakes and tarantulas and sprayed everyday for fleas and bugs. Viruses can’t even be seen so I would’nt want to be on the receiving end as a ups, fed ex, USPS or walmart worker right now. With the real picture coming out of china thru social media and the government being so in denial, the numbers infected have to be higher than is being reported.

    • Viruses require a living host. They do not survive long on environmental surfaces. You really do not have to worry about buying items from China.

      • Not sure where you received your information on viruses? RSV can live on a surface, soap dispenser and things like grocery store cart handles etc. for up to at least 10 DAYS!! I am sorry, that is a long time to live on ANY environmental surface. It a very virulent virus that can make young children very ill!
        Not a germaphobe but perhaps you should NOT be putting inaccurate info out there like that, please.

  • At this point we know that the mortality rate for this virus is around 3% vs SARS 10-15% and Ebola 50%. What’s high is the morbidity rate – how many % of the population it affects. This could be anywhere between 50% to 100% given no one has any antibody. I guess Beijing did the sums and decided on the lock down because:

    1 billion population x 50% morbidity rate x 3% mortality = 15 million dead if the virus is allowed to spread out of Wuhan.

    Either this or the virus has a mortality that’s why way beyond 3%.

  • nice to see the shout-out to (which is how I found The Organic Prepper in the first place :-).

    I am not sure where on the internet I originally saw the information, but apparently this coronavirus is as contagious as the 1917 influenza virus.

    apparently there’s a contagiousness factor assigned to such illnesses; most flus are 1.0, this chinese coronavirus (and the 1917 flu) have a contagion factor of 2.0.

    if there was ever a reason to prep, this is it.

    I expect this to sweep the USA by summer.

  • 8 major cities under quarantine so far. If the Chinese government wasn’t lying about their numbers this would be too extreme a response. But I’d assume they are lying. Therefore, something far more serious is going on than they are letting out. Just speculating, but maybe an escaped biowarfare bug?

    Daisy, thanks for another excellent, up to date article. I’d like to use this in the next edition of my Dying Time Newsletter–with proper attribution as always.

  • Clearly the virus is loose. How deadly it s hard to say. Most viral and bacterial epidemics grow in virulence with progressive spread and as they infect new host animals. All of the Chinese precautions are appropriate it seems. All the people at the hospital may be a panic reaction but we won’t know for a week or seven days.

  • 1. I’ve heard that Wuhan is the site of a bio weapon lab where research is being done on particularly deadly viruses like Ebola. So there’s some speculation that this is an escaped bug.

    2. Have Western journalists confirmed in person that the reports are accurate, and not just what’s reported in the US by official sources?

    3. Is there any chance that this is being hyped up to make Chinese imports less attractive?

    The last two world pandemic scares we’ve had were blown all out of proportion to what was really happening, so it wouldn’t be unthinkable for this to be the same.

    • #1 is confirmed. The journal Nature in 2017 published an article about the new deadly-pathogen laboratory opening in Wujan.

      #2 is negative as of this writing. “Western journalists” as a group are mere mouthpieces for CIA talking points anyway, and it’s a rare bird who is brave enough to do any fact-checking before reporting. Globalist news sources are cripplingly poor sources when keeping up with the news is a matter of life or death.

      #3 I won’t say there’s no chance, but I will say that’s not the driving motivation for people sharing what they know, no matter how preliminary. Survival is a major motivator, and debunking hype regarding survival is a close second.

      I recommend checking in regularly with Jon Rappoport on his blog, [I’m not Jon Rappoport and he hasn’t approved of this message]

  • Let’s face facts here.
    This Chinese ‘wet market’ culture is thousands of years old – WHY is this virus appearing only now?

    Probably a good 10% of Chinese in this country are conducting espionage of one sort or another.

    The Chinese are aggressively expanding into Africa and other areas of the world, and rattling sabers in the South China Sea.

    The Chinese are known for playing The Long Game.

    Notice the stock market today? DOWN hundreds of points due to the news of this virus appearing in Chicago. My gains for the year were wiped out today.

    The Chinese are butthurt over losing Round 1 of this trade war to Trump.

    Now tell me why this virus cannot be the product of a deliberate effort in biological warfare, with the deaths of some Chinese expendables to make it look like a natural phenomenon, and then deliberately imported into this nation, taking advantage of our stupidly lax laws, to wreak havoc and cost us billions. Due to political correctness, it has a 50-50 chance of reaching pandemic level.

    • The “wet market story” is bogus.

      Do a youtube search of Dr. Paul Cottrell. He will explain exactly what I have been saying for days:

      This is a weaponized virus, accidentally leaked from the Level 4 bio weapons facility in Wuhan.

  • Even at a 2% kill rate, and given a population of 330 million in the U.S,. we would be looking at about 6,600,000 dead from this virus . Not to count riots, food/fuel storages, who knows what?

    Keep on top of this Ms. Daisy, you are doing all of us a great service.

  • Have you seen the original series of SURVIVORS (1975 – 1977) ? The story line is dead on for this China thing. When I saw the first mention of the current China virus the old series came to life.

  • Okay, you do know there is a level 4 bio lab in that city? San Antonio has three of them, but most Texas citizen don’t know that. Soooooo, what is the likelihood that something escaped or was released into the air? It is just to quick for them to identify the “new” virus and where it came from.

  • better to prepare, when it comes to you & your loved ones, be smart avoid excessive exposure to largely populated events.. This seems to have all the marks of a serious pandemic outbreak, reports are coming in from several other countries Europe, UK, Canada,South America of suspected cases.. This Business Insider report of simulated dress rehearsal event, causes one to question, Wth did they know 90 days prior that they do not want us to know?

  • 01/24/2020 we’re told what may or may not be a correct number but considering the level of laboratory the’re in whuhan it is potentially a weapons grade virus. That is what is scary about it. Tests for the virus were already available so I can’t believe it is as unknown or new as we are told.

  • Hi, I am coffee swigging but hate guns. I am non-American but have worked in Houston for 3 years..enough of USA for now.

    I am worried about the Wuhan virus and it can be a new and more dangerous SARs. China has never quarantined tens of millions, not even during SARs. Why this drastic measure?

    Just two weeks ago it was reassuring…it will not spread by casual contact, it is not SARs. These from experts, not politicians. The same experts are now in panic.

    What if it is a new and more deadly plague that will kill millions? The story is changing daily. One fact remains …the virus is mutating. Nature is more powerful than all scientists put together.

    How many more undiscovered corona viruses are there? How come China, USA and EU are not testing bats, snakes, civets, etc regularly?

  • There are so many variables in this whole scenario: weapons grade bio lab in the original city, numbers of sick & dead don’t add up, now the Chinese Military is involved while the Chinese Communists are willingly losing millions of dollars a day. The entire situation spells terrifying pandemic, anyway you cut it. This is what really worries me: the Spanish Flu epidemic was a world wide disaster. It wasn’t the “flu” that necessarily killed people. It was their immune reaction to that strain of flu. Immune systems became so reactionary and uncontrolled that it attacked its own body. To this day, if you walk through old cemeteries, you will see entire families that died. Grandparents to babies were all gone within 2 weeks. ( Who knows how this virus causes the body to react?

  • I’d like to offer at least a crack at an alternative viewpoint. We’re not scared or worried one bit.
    Just think of the other “scare” pandemics. Bird Flu. Swine Flu. H1N1. Whatever they were called.

    Keep in the back of your head that “Fear Sells!” And who might benefit from the worry that happens as a result. Seems like these fear stories come out on a regular basis – and the reaction from the populous never changes. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Yes – it pays to be prepared, and so on. Lots of “what ifs?”

    But since the track record of previous modern-day scary stories is pathetic – what does a sane person do?
    Continue to react exactly the same way they did previously?
    Say “not this time!” only to get screwed if THIS ONE TIME they were correct with the fear?

    This is why we don’t watch the news. However, even all the alternative sites are gobbling up this story, so we can’t avoid it!

    Be well!

  • Our Chinese immigrant friend would agree with you, Daisy. He said that two or three zeroes should be added to all their numbers to make the proportions of their actions add up.

    • He also said that the new Chinese rich have a booming appetite for “rare” foods. These are part of the animal kingdom that are out of the ordinary eating — stuff most people wouldn’t touch much less put in their mouths. This is stuff that is so special that only the rich can afford it and have enough pride in this kind of status-eating to sustain the market. Who knows what kind of yuck lives inside these critters. Could be weaponized. But nature has enough to make us sick if we eat or drink foolishly.

      Another thought: If I remember junior high science correctly, plant life needs CO2 to survive and create oxygen for us. Why are we trying to reduce our carbon footprint then if the trees need it? Add to that all the fires in forests around the world and most recently in Australia and dying oceans around the world. The point I’m trying to get to is that the refresh engine of our oxygen supply is being depleted at a rapid and even intentional rate. If I understand viruses correctly, they proliferate in a non-oxygen (anaerobic) environment. It wouldn’t surprise me if viruses begin to take over. The real prep for that would be to be fastidious about our immune systems. Oh, Science people, please tell me if I extrapolate incorrectly.

  • I think that’s a very valid point daisy. I do believe we are not being told the whole story to save A worldwide panic

  • I suspected something like this–not because I’ve seen anything different from what we’ve been told, but because I already knew our so-called “Free Press” no longer gives us facts about our news. I believe NOTHING the Lying Leftist Media says!

  • Your Chance Of Developing Symptoms Or Dying From The Menacing Coronavirus That Now Threatens Global Human Populations Is 0.0000017482% Symptoms/ 0.0000001137% Death
    By Bill Sardi

    …Yep, the coronavirus is just a common virus that infects your nose, sinuses and upper throat and produces the same symptoms as a cold. But the fear that is being spread by public health authorities and the news media would make one think the earth is in the middle of a historic human pandemic…….

    ……Just in case you are worried, out of a population of 7+ billion people on Earth, your chance of developing symptoms from this corona-shaped cold virus is ~1 in millions and for death ~1 in hundreds of millions. However, risk dramatically increases with advancing age and among malnourished populations such as in Asia where deficiencies of essential nutrients, namely zinc and vitamins C and D, are often prevalent….

    more at link

  • Yes, responsible people would answer all our questions to prevent a pandemic. How lethal is it? How long does it live on surfaces? Is it simple aerosol or true airborne- capable of traveling through air ducts without local contact? Unless WHO pulls their heads out of their bums, and tests those outside of China, we’ll never know the answers.

    Unfortunately, if you’ve never lived there, you cannot conceive of the mindset of the public in China or the actions of their government. There is no concern for anyone but the Chinese, and even they are expendible for political gains. People are indoctrinated from preschool that the government is the beneficent father who will care for them, but also the authoritarian dictator who is always correct. There’s no independence to make any minor decisions as everything is top down. The doctors cannot institute any health measures without first consulting local government leaders who are being instructed by those in BJS. You’ll never know the true numbers of this epidemic or what really happened to start it…they can’t let you know.

    The local leaders are as good as gone, maybe even executed, because the outbreak embarrasses China. “Lost face,” is as horrible as actual injury. Chinese are taught ,”We’re the oldest civilization so we’re the best.” Any evidence that doesn’t support that mantra is eradicated. If they could, they would literally destroy the entire city, dig a hole, bury it, and pretend Wuhan never existed.

    “Keeping social harmony” is the utmost social goal. The public willingly believes what they are told, because you’ll live longer… dissenters are whisked away to black jails, tortured, or outright killed. Your family will be ostracized, unemployed, or also taken to the black jail. The medical staff die of exhaustion not because they’re dedicated; they can’t leave, because if they do, they’ll be killed for desertion and so will their families. The hospital gives the appearance something is being done…good enough. The higher ups know that if the public ever collectively riot, the whole country will go up in flames.

    Social Media is a favorite propaganda tool to ensure blame is laid elsewhere. The fact they have two biohazard labs in Wuhan, one from 2018 studying SARS and ebola is immaterial. There are claims the USA did it despite the fact they covered up cases since mid-December, because of the upcoming month long Spring Festival. Centered on Chinese New Year, it’s the largest human migration on the planet. Happens annually as everyone returns to their parent’s home so people from all over travel to/from Wuhan or through it as it’s a transport hub. The horse is stolen, screw the barn doors.

    Remember the Chinese shop for food every 1-2 days as they are taught to eat fresh. There’s no food in or out of cities of millions- how long before food shortages hit?

    Culture allows horrible sanitation everywhere. The fact the open meat market is never washed with disinfectant or the butcher never cleans his hands or the knives where the animals are gutted is standard practice. Those who purchase meat come up and stick their unwashed hands in the carcass then instruct them which bit to cut off. Young children openly defecate/urinate on sidewalks in front of Gucci shops. Spitting on the floor happens in elevators, buses, 5 star restaurants…doesn’t matter if it spreads the disease, they won’t stop.

    The official CCTV channels, etc. will continue to spew the lies that everything is fine, and people will continue to fall over dead in the streets. Guaranteed when there are enough bodies, they’ll send front end loaders at night to collect them into dump trucks and have a mass burial or cremation. We’ll never know as the Internet will be cut off at that point.

    As the Chinese on a micro-level are very resistant to rules and don’t give a crap about anyone, but their own friends and family, those with fevers and coughs who’ve beaten the system and escaped, brag about it on Social Media. Since bribery is standard practice, the quarantines are pretty much a joke for anyone with money.

    Just to verify my statements, strongly recommend you view this YT video by 2 ex-pats who used to live in China for a number of years and married Chinese. They have lots of DM info as well as videos from friends supporting these things.

    The Chinese are tragically trapped by virology, culture, and government stupidity. Let’s hope they don’t take the rest of us down with them. There’s no good outcome.

  • The parting question in the article asks what does China know that they are not telling the rest of us?

    Considering that this has the largest quarantine lockdown in human history, this bears paying attention.

    A few days ago, an online acquaintance of mine said it well (hattip to Potemkin):

    “Watch what governments do, not what they say.

    It is the middle of Chunyun in China. (Travel for the Lunar/Chinese New Year)

    It takes a lot for the Chinese government to restrict travel at this time.”

  • Just plan on getting the coronavirus and stock up accordingly. Stop any kind of smoking! Stop over-eating sugar and salt. Do eat garlic w/honey, ginger w/honey, citrus, multivitamins, 1000+mg vitamin-C, preferably liquid vitamin-C, or Halls Defense drops, vitamin-C gummies, and Emergen-C packets.

    When I quit smoking, colds/flus were lasting over 45 days! Five years later, I have caught three flus in the last two years that all lasted less than two-three days.

  • I have relations in China. My Niece is married to a doctor who practices both Chinese and Western Medicine. When I contacted them, the ONLY reply was , “The government says it has everything under control.” Because I was stationed in China, when I hear statement such as this, it is strictly the party line which includes a vast cover up. Remember Chinese value FACE more than they value TRUTH. And as one friend i n China told me regarding their news paper, “The only thing you can TRUST in the News Paper is the Date and Weather. The ratio of infection vs death (speaking as a scientist) is now 2:2. Within a 30 day period there shall be at this rate of infection over 24 million deaths predicated upon known science.
    I gave one of my Friends about 4 hours ago, a study regarding the progression of maladies. Unfortunately, I erased it. If he still has it, please post it on this blog. This is another but not as well put together. The only thing, I detest the bolshevik frontage of sanders which can be clicked off. But numbers at this point are very irrelevant, because reporting and not reporting, the progress of this pathogenic material I believe does NOT read any news papers. If not stopped, it will thin out the earth’s population greatly. Riots shall ensure, and I believe it could be the down fall of the communist party in China, the same as in the USSR with Chernobyl, which two years later, the USSR turned into dust. So it may be a good thing in the later years.

  • Its RNA includes HIV segments pointing to manmade. Its origin is from a city with a bioweapons lab. Not farfetched to conclude it is a bioweapon. Maybe accidently released, maybe not. One way for Communists to gain control over pro democracy movement in their own country. Trim population numbers. No matter, our own government would be reluctant to reveal the truth. Economic effects, panic, ect. All we can do is boost our immune systems and wait and see. My whole family works daily with the public. No way to avoid contact. 2020 is going to be interesting…

  • I am commenting on the “This is not a drill” article which linked to this as there was no place for a comment there. Three percent means 3 of every one hundred people, not three of ten! Percent means per centum, and centus means one hundred in Latin. Making an elementary mistake like that seriously damages the credibility of the author. Please fix it!

    • Hi Susan, as the author of that article, allow me to reassure you that I’m well aware of how percentages are calculated, including the Latin word origins. However, I believe you are conflating the 2-3% estimated case fatality rate, which is a percentage, with the R0 (should be a zero in subscript there), which is not a percentage. The R0 measures how transmissible it is. The quoted material is about how the R0 is estimated to be between 2 to 3, and is not a percentage. That means, if a person infected with COVID-19 walked into a room of 10 people, that 1 sick person would be expected to infect between 2 to 3 more. I know it’s confusing with the WHO also estimating a case fatality rate of 2% to 3%, but those are two totally different metrics.

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