Covid-19 Containment Efforts Appear to Have Failed: What Happens Next?

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As confirmed cases of Covid-19 pop up around the United States, it appears that containment efforts have failed.

Over the weekend, the number of confirmed cases in the United States rose to 88. People have tested positive for coronavirus in the following states:  Washington, California, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Florida, Texas, and Oregon. Two people in Washington have died and it is believed that the virus may have been spreading through the state undetected for six weeks now. The case in Texas is an evacuee who was “mistakenly” released from a quarantine facility by the CDC. The case in New York is a woman who resides in Manhattan who had recently visited Iran.

Diamond Princess evacuees who have tested negative are due to be released from quarantine today, but some cases with incubation that lasted as long as 27 days have many wondering if the 14-day quarantine is long enough.

The virus has prompted some school closures in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Rhode Island. Thousands of Americans are self-quarantined. California, Washington, and Oregon have reported “community spread,” which means that investigators are unable to figure out where patients have contracted the virus. Community spread is generally a turning point in an outbreak that means the illness is uncontained.

An explosion in purchases of essential items like food and toilet paper took place all over the country this weekend as people began to become more aware of the need to be prepared to stay home for a period of time. (If you need more information about getting prepared for quarantines, read this article and get this book.)

A series of errors by the CDC is part of the failure

The CDC failed to follow guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization and developed its own test. Unfortunately, that test was faulty, putting the nation weeks behind in detected cases.

As a result, until Wednesday the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration only allowed those state labs to use the test — a decision with potentially significant consequences. The lack of a reliable test prevented local officials from taking a crucial first step in coping with a possible outbreak — “surveillance testing” of hundreds of people in possible hotspots. Epidemiologists in other countries have used this sort of testing to track the spread of the disease before large numbers of people turn up at hospitals. (source)

According to ProPublica, the CDC promised on February 14 to begin surveillance testing in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, but this testing has not yet begun. As I wrote last week, I don’t believe the official numbers are reflective of the actual cases because of narrow guidelines about who can be tested, the faulty tests, and the complete lack of tests in many areas.

Vice President Pence said over the weekend that 75,000 more testing kits will be made available this week. He also seems to be loosening the criteria to be tested, telling Jake Tapper in an interview, “…we’ve established a process in a number of cities across the country where if somebody presents at the local hospital with a respiratory ailment, we want them also tested for coronavirus.”

Don’t be surprised to see a sharp increase in cases once more tests become available. This won’t necessarily mean that the illness is spreading faster – it just means that people will be diagnosed instead of being told they have the flu and getting sent home to spread it further.

What happens next

Federal and local governments will try to mitigate the spread. Expect to see more quarantines, workplace and school closures, and cancellations of public gatherings.

As other countries hard hit by coronavirus cancel public activities and shutter schools, HHS Secretary Azar said such measures could be part of the containment toolkit here, if needed.

Keeping kids home from school and running workplaces on a skeleton staff is part of what experts call “social distancing,” a way to keep people from passing disease to one another. As recently as 2009, a flu pandemic led to school closures in many U.S. communities.

“It can be indicated under certain circumstances that it might make sense to close a school or schools, or take other measures like that,” said Azar. In the U.S. that would be a decision made at the local level. (source)

There will be a lot of personal economic ramifications to this.

First, it means that there could be a lot of people not getting paid. Here’s some information on how to prepare for the financial consequences of a potential quarantine or workplace closure. If you are quarantined and your workplace isn’t closed, you may have some protection under the law to be sure that you keep your job according to this article on Forbes. It will also mean childcare issues for those who still need to be at work but whose children are unable to attend school.

Shortages will become more obvious soon.

N-95 masks won’t be the only thing in short supply soon. As people clear the shelves in supermarkets and general merchandise stores across the country, some of that inventory may not be replaced quickly. Mainstream sources suggest we could see bare shelves in mid-April, but I suspect after the weekend’s buying frenzy, our just-in-time supply chain could begin to fray as early as this week.

Part of this is the fact that so much of our merchandise originates in China. (Here’s a list of things that could soon be in short supply.) The problem is two-fold. First, factories have been shuttered as millions of Chinese people in numerous cities have been quarantined for more than a month, so production has ground to a halt. Secondly, shipping has seriously declined – world ports are already seeing an impact.

So even those who have money could soon have difficulty finding the products they want.

If you haven’t stocked up, now is the time to do so. The supply chain is showing its first signs of wear and it could be months (at the least) before it bounces back.

The economy shows all the signs of a pending recession.

Investors are bracing themselves for a bad week in the market. The travel sector and shipping industry are due to lose billions if the current trends continue. Economists warn we could be looking at a full-blown recession.

Consumer spending, says the Washington Post, has propped up the US economy for a decade. With potential job losses and income interruptions, people will (wisely) pull back from non-essential spending.

“The odds of a recession are roughly a coin toss, and that’s exceptionally high,” said Edward Al-Hussainy, an analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments. “Conferences are getting canceled. Corporations are asking people to work from home. Schools are getting closed. That is a massive hit to demand.” (source)

This is a situation that the usual governmental policy repairs cannot mitigate.

Interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve — which appeared more likely Friday after a late-afternoon statement by its chairman, Jerome Powell — can lower borrowing costs and raise stock prices. But they can’t replace the goods made by factories closed to keep their workers from getting sick with Covid-19, the serious respiratory illness the virus causes. The government can try to pump more money into people’s pockets directly, such as with tax rebates, but money alone won’t put goods on empty store shelves.

Beyond the natural limitations of policy to cushion the damage, there is the economic and political backdrop of the current moment: a Fed with little room to cut already-low interest rates, and a Congress divided along partisan lines while a president seeks re-election.

If a potential coronavirus downturn were a fire, the recession-fighters would be like a fire brigade low on supplies, fighting among themselves, and probably lacking the right chemicals to quench the flames anyway. (source)

This would be different from previous recessions like the one a decade ago. Not only will it lead to more unemployment and lower pay, but we’d also be dealing with the afore-mentioned shortage of goods. This could drive the prices of available goods up, creating a perfect storm for Americans.

We could begin to see social unrest.

Social unrest is different from civil unrest – it’s the part that comes before a breakdown of the system. As people become more and more nervous, the rumor mills begin and people start to take actions based on bad information. An example of this occurred in Alabama over the past week.

Not long before local leaders decided, in the words of one of them, that federal health officials “didn’t know what they were doing” with their plan to quarantine novel coronavirus patients in town, a doctor here set out in a biohazard suit to stage a one-man protest along the highway with a sign. “The virus has arrived. Are you ready?” it asked.

The town didn’t think it was. Residents already were unnerved by strange stories posted on Facebook and shared via text messages about helicopters secretly flying in sick patients, that the virus was grown in a Chinese lab, that someone — either the media or the government — was lying to them about what was really going on.

What happened here over the past week illustrates how poor planning by federal health officials and a rumor mill fueled by social media, polarized politics and a lack of clear communication can undermine public confidence in the response to the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease named covid-19…

…The panic and problems that burned through Anniston also provided a preview of what could unfold in other communities, as the spread of the virus is considered by health experts to be inevitable.(source)

This isn’t to say that all the concerns of Anniston, Alabama are crazy conspiracy theories – but it’s a glimpse at how quickly a community can lose faith in the official response and begin to panic.

Selco wrote a few weeks ago that the worst of the situation wasn’t the virus. It was the threat to the system.

Virus or illness on itself might not be a problem in its essence, but the impact that it brings to the system and people might be so huge through the media that it causes the system to stop working in the normal way. So you could find yourself in a collapse not necessarily because of a huge pandemic, but because of the reaction to it.

Another case might be the simple unwillingness from the system to admit how bad the situation is in order to stop the panic when folks realized the truth.

So, what might bring the system to collapse might be a real pandemic or a reaction to the pandemic (which might or might not be controllable) or simply the government’s poor or late response to the pandemic. (source)

It’s not Selco’s first rodeo with systemic collapse, and it looks like things could play out exactly as he predicted. And it could play out soon.

What should you do?

Selco’s advice?

No matter what, in the end, it always comes down to the basics.

So when you not sure what to do and when you are not sure what is gonna happen just go back to the basics and think about how you can keep yourself and your family secure and safe, fed, as far as possible from trouble, healthy, warm…and for how long.

Do not forget the emphasis on “how long.”

Do not get mesmerized by a particular possible event too much or too long, because yes, in the end, it is about the basics. (source)

Here’s a list to help you cover your basics. Even if you never see a quarantine, these items will help see you through a period of systemic failure. If you’re on this website, reading this article, you probably have a lot of the items already. If you’re looking for more advanced pandemic preparedness advice, check out this PDF book.

The week ahead is likely to bring rapid developments. (Sign up here and we’ll do our best to keep you updated.) It’s important to keep a clear head, to be ready to separate facts from theories, and to choose reliable sources for your information. (Not your sister’s cousin’s boyfriend’s friend.) Stay away from situations that could escalate into violence or disorder.

You can’t control the government response, shortages, and the overall economy. You can’t control the system. While we may be in for a bumpy ride, the best way to keep it together during stressful times is to focus your energy on what you can personally control.

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  • It appeared the preppers message is getting out. The Cosco’s in San Diego country were swamped with more people than the weekend before Christmas. They were purchasing large items like bulk toilet paper, large bags of rice and beaans etc. Our lines were half way back into the store with all 12 registers going full tilt !

    • I wouldn’t call them preppers. The term “prepper” means prepared. Those rummaging through Costco are more of a frightened mob bordering on pure panic. Its exactly the scenario most of us have taken measures over time to prepare for so we do not have to be involved in it.

  • Strong likelihood that the CDC “failures” were a planned deep state trap to allow widespread infection in the US before large scale testing could begin.
    The head of CDC, Nancy Messonier, is the sister of DOJ deep state coup-plotter Rod Rosenstein. Russiagate failed, impeachment failed, now they bring down the economy with a man-made bio-pandemic.
    Connect the dots.

    • Absolutely absurd.

      The CDC, WHO, and the Trump administration are incompetent.

      The Dotard pretends the Wuhan bio weapon is just the flu, and this delusion will be his downfall.

      And before you get started, the Democrats are just as incompetent as the Republicans.

      • Too many abdicate their own authority and responsibility and, instead, rely on organizations, both governmental and NGOs to handle whatever comes up. The WHO is no more than a global PC ‘feel good’ organization where positions are more based on political agendas rather than merit. The CDC has certainly been a let down, however. I expected more from them. I no longer have any trust in them being effective regarding Covid-19. Presidential administrations come and go. Its the agencies packed with career bureaucrats that stay from one administration to another without many changes, and who whatever administration there is must rely on during events like this virus. Unfortunately for any current president, it is they who will suffer the slings and arrows at the first hint of any level of failure, mostly from their political opponents whether the failure is fact or contrived.

        • This is why Democracy is an abject failure, and has been used as a tool to destroy America.

          Since the CIA assassinations of JFK (our last President) RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X, the USA is no more.

          It is now run by the Bankers, and Oligarchs. Politicians are their puppets.

          If I could stand the cold and spoke the language I would move to Russia.

          Strong Christian nation, abundant natural resources, family oriented, no LBGT, no political correctness, no desire to become an Empire, and no desire for war, and some of the most beautiful women on earth.

          Putin closed the border to China almost immediately.

          Their system, put in place after the collapse of the Soviet Union, works beautifully.

          America was fun while it lasted, but it is terminal.

          All Empires die.

  • Interview this morning on CNBC with @drmattmccarthy, a NYC physician. If you can find it online or follow him on twitter, an honest assesment.

    The first testing kits were failures, physicians were told not to use. Dr’s have to ask permission of their respective state health dept’s to use & submit a test. Guarantees artificially low numbers of positives.

    His estimate is we will have hundreds diagnosed with a week. Thousands in 2 weeks. He agrees we will have business disruptions as well as school closures. The outlook is for localized clusters of outbreaks but my take is that this is nearterm. Longer term it will spread.

    He did say in Wuhan they are seeing reinfections of those who were thought to have recovered.

    • Abigail:

      I saw the interview. Dr McCarthy is not just an ER doctor in NY, he is the author of the book: “Superbugs.”

      If he is correct in his assessment we are royally screwed, and the panic will begin quickly.

      This IS a bioweapon, and today Trump (the stable genius) is touting a vaccine and possible cure as he meets with Big Pharma CEOs.

      He also vowed to continue holding his massive rallies for the cult followers, and he deems them as “Safe”.

      The man is either a moron, or he has the desire to infect us all.

      • ZeroHedge just uploaded the entire 8 minute interview. I would encourage those who read here to take a few minutes to watch.

        I’ll refrain from political commentary as this is a preparedness community.

        • Everything is politics.

          It is the current political approach in the US that is allowing the Wuhan bio weapon to spread.

          By the way, there is only one political party in the US. It is run by the oligarchs, and the bankers.

          The Republican/Democrat clown show is designed to keep you scared and amused while the looting of the nations wealth continues unabated.

    • Good interview, thanks. Although the annoying way that the TV people had of interrupting their guests was pretty bad; guess I don’t watch TV so wasn’t aware of how bad that is. Still, appreciated hearing from the doc, who unlike many of the talking heads does seem to really know his stuff.

  • I haven’ t read the article yet I will but first this…

    This is what governor Cuomo Said in press conference. The woman 39, a healthcare worker just flew back from Iran but uh oh “she’s wasnt contagious on the plane,”
    She used a ‘private’ car to go home. Etc…
    WHAT?!?!?!?!??? She wasnt contagious on the plane? OMG. REALLY? Nothing to see here folks. She came straight from Iran but she wasn’t by contagious on the plane. No worries…wow….lying through their teeth and think we are stupid. I can’t believe they said that on national television … Daisy keep reporting!!! We aren’t getting stressed out we LOVE TRUTH!! Thank you!!!

  • Here in Florida the parks in Orlando like Disney are already telling all non-essential employees to stay home. With Florida’s retired/aging population I expect we will take a big hit here.

    • Yes Florida just announced state of emergency as I’m sure you already know, 2 cases there. I’m so glad Florida is ahead of the game!
      Will the rest of US follow their lead? Hoping..praying!

  • Its hard to believe what I read these day. Bill Gates owns the patent on the corona virus. The virus has been altered and is a modified form of sars. Every four years we have a new pandemic level virus. The New England Journal of Medicine says the corona virus is no worse than pneumonia. The area with 5G roll outs like Wuhan is where the case is worse. An autopsy of the lungs of a radiation victim and a corona virus look the same. 5G is cooking the lungs and making the pneumonia worse and yes cruise ships have 5G for their wifi. With all these articles hitting it is hard to know what to believe.

    If you are not prepared right now, then it may be to late. If you live in an area with 5G it may not make a difference. This looks more like a plan to reduce population, patriots round up and take away guns. Remember you have no symptoms but can be positive according to them. Off to FEMA concentration camps. Isn’t that why ATF is involved?

    I suppose if I could go shopping right now I would, but I live 100 miles away from a decent grocery store. All I can do now is wait and watch.

  • Daisy, first of all I want to say thank you. I am new to prepping and was sent to your site by a friend in the US. I am living in Germany with my family (husband an elderly parents), and several animals.

    I am so grateful for all you do. Your blog put me ahead of the news in Germany by about a week during February. So we took enough money out of the pension savings to stock up on masks, goggles, food for us and the animals to get along for about (only a guess) 2 good to 3 lean months. We startetd doing full cart shopping trips when we heard of the cases popping up in Italy. And when our government did continue to let people in from there, China, South Korea, etc.

    Today was the last time shopping for us. Yesterday, the first confirmed case in a 60 miles distance (and since it is a small country, the rest of the 150 cases are between 150 and 600 miles away…).

    I am shocked to read in the last days, that now in the US there is also so much misinformation and holding back by the official authorities. And so much mismanagement.

    But the same here. Last Tuesday evening our health minister publicly stated that we had community spreads, and that we had lost the fight for containment. (By the way, shopping on Wednesday was smooth and easy, nobody at all concerned). The first two to three days after the first new cases here, there were radio reports every hour on Corona, from the fourth day, information started to become less and less. Now they put an experienced, older politician in a team with the young health minister to control his speech. Today the health minister commented on consumers clearing the shelves in supermarkets that `there is no need to be concerned that we will not have enough supply to refill the shelves, that there will always be food available´. Seems he doens´t get it…

    My family is very scared. My elderly parents are exactly in the “high risk for severe complications” group in their seventies/eighties with some health conditions, my husband and I might be, too.

    We don´t have family or real friends living close, so what would happen to our sanctuary horses and pets, if we wouldn´t make it?

    What if – like with the Spanish Flu – it all comes back in autumn. Scientists´ forecasts say that about 60 to 70% of the population will become infected (with or without symptoms). Can we protect ourselves, or does our self-isolation now just postpone things that will inevitably happen?

    Thanks again, Daisy, for all you do for us to keep us informed with the truth!

    Stay safe!

    • Martina, Welcome!! You are in the right place. Daisy has lots of resource material here to help and I see several comments on your questions below as well.

      I understand being fearful. I telecommute for my job most of the time but have to travel to a large US city about once a month for meetings. I suspect we will switch to online meetings soon because of the uncertainty of this virus. There are no known infections in that city but since the US CDC had problems with their test kits as well as their testing criteria, I am expecting to see infections soon.

      If my parents were still living, I would want them here with me, so I’m glad yours are with you. Prayers for your family.

  • Daisy,

    got a question, too.

    Do you know if animals (cats, dogs, horses, cows or other farm animals) can contract Covid-19? If they get symptoms, if they can spread it further (animal-animal or animal-human)?

    I tried to find info in the reports on the animal rescue activities in abandoned Wuhan, but did not find anything.

    Thanks so much.

    • Martina
      I am not an ‘herbologist’, but have friends who have worked them for some time. I will give you a list from what I recall them telling me. YET!! It will be up to you to do the research as each and every person’s body and medications may have an adverse reaction to those I will mention.
      Oil of Oregano
      Colloidal Silver

      What you are looking for is “anti virial and anti bacterial”, know that there are more just can not recall the names at this time. A good book is one found in Amazon is by Stephan Buhner, worth reading Anti Virials. Check the section 40’s and 60’s from what I have been told.

      RE: animals-heard that it passed to a dog but have not confirmed that story. Do your research on line but not using bing, go to duckduckgo or start page if you want to find articles not band by the big G and bing search engines. FYI

      • Colloidal Silver is the only effective antivirus antibacterial agent that actually works.

        It is very powerful. Taken daily to prevent infection and if symptoms occur, up the dose.

        Also appropriate for animals.

        Colloidal silver is expensive, but if you purchase a colloidal silver generator, then the product is cheap.

        In addition, if the lungs begin to fill with fluid or phlegm, I recommend clean air teapills, a powerful Chinese medical formula available on Amazon and elsewhere.

    • I Just asked the same question to an herbalist veterinarian I follow. This is his reply:

      I read the article. It’s seems unlikely to me that the dog was infected (time will tell). More likely, he was kissing his infected mom and had a mouthful of the virus. The dog could presumably transmit the virus in that way in the same way that a dirty doorknob could serve as a fomite for infection.

      That said, the herbs in our Respiratory Preparedness Kit will address dog respiratory infections in the same way they address human ones. Tincture does for a large dog is 1/4 teaspoon. Small dogs get fractions of that amount based on comparative weight. Of the powder, large dogs get 1-2 teaspoons mixed with some wet food. Again, smaller dogs are dosed proportionally based on weight. Tiny dogs get 1/8 teaspoon of powder.


    • Think it was on John Campbell’s Q & A this past weekend…. animals won’t catch it or give it to us… he said the “light” positive was probably contamination from the owner breathing on the dog.

      • Thank you so much for welcoming me and for all your valuable and useful answers.

        Great community.

        Stay safe everybody!

  • Just as in Anniston, Al. you try to stop it from coming one way it finds its way another.
    As my source that is up there in position at Anniston Army Depot told me yesterday, a women that works there went on vacation to Israel, stayed in hotel that had six people with the C-virus there. Then flies to Italy comes home, but hasn’t been to work yet….hush-hush, no one knows.

  • GOOD NEWS,you ain’t seen nothing yet,SIX more plagues to go,and everyone of them will be worse then the last one was,SO send out your police gangs to kill and ijure more children,call planned parenthood and thank them for VIOLATING GODS warning to NOT harm his little one..TELL the whores running the schools to keep telling the children GODS NAME IS ALLAH,and when the destruction of america is OVER ,not many of you will still be alive,OH you americans are so smart,Satan fooled you again,NOW you get his son OBAMA back,and hes going to finish you off..population of america after obama…ZERO…..

    • “The Truth.”

      Lol. A clueless, new age, overweigh Chiropractor pimping his products.

      Is that how you define truth?

  • Never underestimate the ability of the government (be it China, Japan, Italy, Iran, etc. or even the US government), or political party, to be a few days/weeks/month, and a few million/billion behind.

  • I’ve been having to do more stocking up in stores than I’d like to as I’m in the process of buying a house and need to pick stuff up. Made the mistake of going to Walmart yesterday and OMG…….. Except it evidently was due to it being the first of the month so all the benefit checks land in people’s accounts so that’s what it mostly was. Went to a store today and was chatting with the cashier and she was puzzled as to why the hand sanitizer is in high demand. So I gave her a basic summary of Covid-19 and suggested she look up some more info. There were pallets stacked high with bleach out front of the registers there. Toilet paper had clearly taken a hit as did most but not all of the hand sanitizer. So I dunno. The word seems to be out there but mostly resulting in runs on sanitizer and TP so far here. But this is a rural area in the far north and winter can get rough here so most people are used to keeping a full pantry anyway……..

  • What Happens Next?
    People who haven’t been responsible with their health will die off. Tough lesson.

    • There are many reasons someone might “die off” and not all of them are about irresponsibility. There are factors like genetics, age, injuries, and immune disorders that have nothing to do with responsibility. Perhaps you could consider compassion instead of judgment.

      • Thank you Daisy. I had to resist the urge to fire back a snarky comment at the lack of compassion displayed by that poster. Was wondering how just getting old would be considered “irresponsible”……….

      • Right?
        I have always had this notion that there would be some serious SHTF/EMP/MZBs/zombies apocalypse, and I would survive it all . . . only to succumb to an ingrown toenail.

  • MEDCRAM reported that current test kits were evaluated in a 1000 patient study. 380 patients had a false negative test result, but when checked with CT lung scan they ALL had the COVID-19 lung damage well advanced.

    False negative tests will spread the disease.

    Wash hands frequently, friends!!!

  • Daisy, 2 years ago you told me that your biggest fear was a pandemic. At the time I was more worried about grid down and collapse or high inflation of the dollar and resulting TEOTWAWKI. You were right and I should have been more prepared for that possibility, now reality. If this gets really, really bad then grid down and collapse of the dollar are real possibilities, even likely. Heaven forbid the trucks stop running.

    My first great grandchild was born last Thursday and them moving in with me was pre-planned. I have spent most of this day going to 3 drug stores and 2 Walmarts buying baby formula. I hope I got enough to last him until he doesn’t need it, but probably not. Got to calculate that out this afternoon.

    I spent much of the weekend building a spreadsheet of my purchases in February. Now I have to read the cans for the calories, carbs, protean, fat and salt per serving and the number of servings for each can or package and determine how many meals/months of food I now have. Probably need to make one more shopping trip.

    Thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work!

    • Congratulations on the new addition! About your concern for infant formula, please know that back in the day women made their own if they couldn’t nurse.

      You can make your own formula from canned evaporated milk (not sweetened condensed), a tiny bit of Karo clear corn syrup (for sweetness so they drink it) and a good infant liquid vitamin with an eyedropper. My Gram used Polyvisol, but check at your pharmacy. Put all in a bottle and shake!

  • The bosses at CDC should all be fired and prosecuted for gross mismanagement. They have and will cost this country lives and stability. I mean, really……….who puts these incompetent people in charge?

    • Spike wants to know:

      “Who put incompetent people in charge of CDC?”

      Excellent question.

      Robert Redfield is the CDC Director. He was appointed by Trump.

      Incompetence appointing incompetence.

      • If it were a one-off event, I would agree that it was gross incompetence. However, when it is the 864th (made up number!) time in a row, and the same “death & destruction & wealth confiscation” Agenda is unfolding with precision and consistency, I tend to think these people are competent and brilliant.

        On the other hand, if your expectation is that these government agencies and agents are here to serve & protect the population, you will ALWAYS be confused and frustrated, and looking to place the blame while thinking of ways to fix the problems. LoL – the “FIX” was in a very long time ago!

        DOM John Roberts correctly identified in January the COVID-19 as a Corona Virus with a bioweapon payload. If you follow that logic, EVERYTHING makes sense and is manifesting exactly like you would expect! These very same Agencies and Agents are the ones responsible for creating the bioweapon in the first place, then injecting it into the population, then managing the spread of the bioweapon, and finally managing the media Narrative.

        My expectations are in line with reality, so there isn’t anything to fix or solve. My role is to sidestep the events and agencies as best as possible, protect my loved ones, and share the lessons learned with like minded individuals such as on this forum. No need to fear anything or get frustrated with events. I’m not a Messiah (thank God!) and I’m not here to save the world. My role is to be fully informed, align myself with like minded people, and take measures to sidestep the orchestrated catastrophic events. Simple, easy to do, and inexpensive. Join me?

        • RBI:

          Government is not our friend. Government is the enemy.

          Yes, I did identify the Wuhan virus as a bio weapon in January, before almost anyone else.

          Thank you for recognizing that fact.

          In this case I take no pleasure in being right.

          There is only two questions remaining:

          1. How bad will this pandemic be?


          2. Was the Wuhan bio weapon accidentally released by lax protocol in the Level 4 lab in Wuhan?


          Was it intentionally released by the CIA to bring down the Xi regime?

          By the way, you have a good attitude, and are perceptive.

          This will serve you well in the days to come.

  • The US cities that have a highway “sound barrier” installed around the highway encircling the city make for a convenient means to quarantine said cities much more easily and effectively than if the barriers were absent. Indianapolis is one such city. Omaha is another. Makes ya wonder.

    Also, on the masks suggested for use to contain the virus;
    As I recall, the hiv virus can be placed 10 end to end and pushed lengthwise, with room to spare, through the average pore in a condom. If a virus can get past a condom that can contain water without leaking, what are the masks supposed to be doing? One needs milspec nbc gear to filter such particles.

    If this virus spreads like smallpox wich is kinda what I am leaning towards, if you have line of sight to the/a carrier, you have a serious problem. I read about a Chicom study done when the outbreak first hit the news, a man was infected in 14 seconds of exposure to a woman who was shedding the virus.
    That’s why I consider this to be similar to smallpox as far as vectors go. It also tells me this isn’t a natural thing but manufactured with these specific features.

    I won’t leave you on such cheery thoughts as the above.

    The almighty and his son know who we are, if he wants us to be secure from this illness we will be, just as if he wants us to eat when no one else has anything to eat, we will eat. He did not send us a spirit of fear. We need to live our faith. Remember how he saved the three children in the furnace, and Daniel in the lions den. If we die for doing good to others, what better way or reason to die?

    • God does not take sides.

      The Creator gives us free will to do as we wish, and then suffer the consequences of our actions.

      That is how we learn and grow as Spiritual beings.

  • This is yet another example of the government spending trillions of dollars of taxpayer money and the taxpayer is no safer now than before taxation. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” FEMA’s job is to protect government interests, not the people. The CDC and FDA are incompetent agencies. The NIH is worthless.

    Americans have become too complacent in their daily lives, thinking that nothing bad can happen to them. Now they’re going to find out the government can’t save them and the citizens didn’t do any disaster planning at all.

    We are coming into times of tribulation and pain. Many of us in the prepper community have begged people for years to prepare. If you can do a little, it’s better than doing nothing. Rice and beans, water, garden indoor or outdoor. Cut out the TV and the big game… there is a little time left.

  • The virus has only managed to create mass hysteria. As a bioweapon it’s really a failure. Of course, it’s Made in China and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

    The mass hysteria was created by the leftist MSM and they always lie so I don’t know if that has anything to do with the mass hysteria too.

    So, no one will take me seriously since I don’t know much about the above two, but might as well take pot shots. 😉

  • With this type of virus, it probably would not have been able to be contained. Here is an article from the Atlantic Monthly that explains why. (And also why there will not be vaccine real soon.)
    Because it is not as deadly as the SARS or MERs respiratory viruses, the “host” can walk around and pretty much shed more virus into the air–they may just feel like they have a cold or a case of the flu. Unless this virus changes, it kills 2 to 3% of its victims–and kind of like the regular flu does–it is more deadly to those who are old or young or have immunocomprised systems. Still a good idea to avoid crowds, etc., but most of us are not likely to die from this virus. Containment works for a disease that has a high death rate (like Ebola) but it doesn’t work for something like the regular flu because it doesn’t kill its victims at a high rate. Things can change, of course, and it’s always a good idea to be prepared, but maybe don’t hit the panic button yet.

    • I’m not seeing that this virus is deadly to the young. So far it appears that children don’t seem to be really affected which is a good thing, unlike with a seasonal flu bug.

  • This Covid-19 virus may have been circulating in the US for weeks, brought here by travelers back from China, before the first warnings were issued. Certainly feasible considering reports that those infected could be asymptomatic for as much as three weeks… or may not exhibit symptoms at all! There already is a lot of finger-pointing beginning, political ‘hay-making’, and reading comments here the word “incompetent” has shown itself more than once. No doubt there has been some incompetence leading to foot-dragging and misinformation. But in all truthfulness, how was an infectious virus with the peculiarities of this one supposed to have been contained? Other than declaring a national emergency followed by spending a lot of money, what can government at any level do effectively at this point in time to eliminate this viral threat? They can create a lot of activity for public consumption to build the image they are implementing solutions through mostly quarantines and closures. Those actions themselves could have cascading effects few may now think about.
    I think we will just hunker down this week and see what the circumstances will be by next week in order to get a better perspective on how to proceed if the virus is spreading exponentially as some claim. My “Better Half” probably thinks I’m being too cautious. It means we will miss some normal outside activities in the short term. Maybe I am being too cautious, but whats the alternative when accurate information is so elusive?

  • Another reason why containment will fail here in the US is that unlike in China where people are used to following “the rules” , the PTB are willing and able to enforce them and the neighbors are quite willing to do that as well, in the US, we have a lot of self-centered spoiled people who prize their ability to do what they want at all costs. Thus, it was just reported that in NH, a Dartmouth Hospital employee who has tested positive and was told to self-quarantine, refrained from doing so and attended a Dartmouth College event in VT! Given that, I’d judge that “self-quarantine” is going to be a farce here and that far too many of those who are infected, contacts of the infected or who have returned from an infected area, unless physically locked up, will continue to spread it to their community. Containment in the US is hopeless.

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