Bannon Predicts 2019 Will Be “the most vitriolic year in American politics since before the Civil War”

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Who can forget the hostility during the 2016 election? The battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump caused the ends of friendships, strained family relationships, and set the tone for an angry new “normal” in the United States. And Steve Bannon, who was in the thick of the fray, predicts that this next election will be even worse … and that the problems will start this year, in 2019.

If you’re not familiar with Bannon, he was formerly the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a conservative news website (and many say it’s not just conservative, but alt-right.) During the last election, Bannon left Breitbart to take on the role of chief executive of the Trump campaign. That role evolved into the position of chief strategist and senior counselor of the newly elected president.

Before we get any deeper into the article, let me preface it with the fact that I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I was not satisfied with any of the candidates put forth during the previous election.  However, when Trump won, I vowed to cover all news about him fairly.

This article isn’t really about politics, though. It’s about people.

Recap of the 2016 election

The previous election saw Democrats and Republicans turn up the heat to an extent not seen in recent history. And the advent of social media made it so that you couldn’t get away from the opinions of your friends, family members, and coworkers.


People passionately defended their chosen candidate and just as passionately bashed the opponent of their candidate. The 2016 election saw the releases of private emails from the Clinton campaign by Wikileaks, which were voraciously read by Clinton opponents and dismissed altogether by her supporters.  Scandal after scandal was released about both candidates and the term “fake news” was coined.

The election itself was a complete shock to many, myself included. I had fully expected to see Hillary Clinton win. The results had many calling for the end of the electoral college.

The heat didn’t die down after Trump was elected. The days following the election were filled with riots, shock, and even schools canceling classes.

The United States has been harshly split down party lines ever since.

Steve Bannon says the next election will be even worse.

As bad as the previous election was for the morale of our country, Steve Bannon believes that the 2020 election will be even worse. He voiced his thoughts during an interview with CBS.

“I think that 2019 is going to be the most vitriolic year in American politics since before the Civil War,” Bannon said in an interview with CBS News correspondent Seth Doane on Saturday. “And I include Vietnam in that. I think we’re in, I think we’re in for a very nasty 2019…

…I think the next 90 days to four months is going to be a real meat grinder … I mean, the pressure on the president is coming from many different angles,” he said, adding later, “I think you’ve already seen it from what the Democrats, some of these reports they’ve been dropping here without telling anybody. I think that now they control the House they can weaponize this, they could weaponize the Mueller report.” (source)

And he doesn’t expect the challenges to only come from the Democrats, either.

Bannon said he also expects the president to face primary challenges from more centrist and moderate Republicans. Some high-profile Republicans, including Maryland’s popular Gov. Larry Hogan, are mulling bids to mount insurgent campaigns against the incumbent president. (source)

In the interview, Bannon also predicted that Trump will not only run again but will win by an even bigger margin than he did in the last election. You can read more from the interview here.

The last election changed everything.

Whether you love Bannon, hate Bannon, or really don’t give two hoots about Bannon, his prediction is pretty alarming. And it rings true.

In my entire life, I do not recall seeing political hostility at the level of the last election. Sure, a lot of conservatives were very unhappy when President Obama was elected. Of course, a lot of liberals were unhappy with President Bush 1 and 2. It goes without saying that everyone wants their “side” to win. There is passionate outrage when limits are put on gun ownership or abortion.

But the 2016 election took things to an entirely different level.  The hatred, the vitriol, and as I mentioned before, the loss of friendships.

It seems that we’re no longer allowed in this country to peacefully disagree about politics. We can’t have an interesting debate and then grab a beer with our co-debater.

The level of anger in America has escalated dramatically.

I wrote several times during the last election that I felt like we were headed for civil war. (In this article, 20 readers speculated what they thought a second Civil War might look like.)

In the years since Trump took office, uncivil behavior was no longer condemned, it was praised. From stealing MAGA hats to mocking liberals, people took sides and took them firmly. And it’s still going on – just a couple of months back, a well-behaved boy was demonized by the media simply because he wore a Trump hat.

The media makes is worse, too, and it almost seems like they’re deliberately stoking the flames of division.

Everyone is talking about a looming civil war on American soil, but they’re all blaming the “other” side. The media is deliberately trying to stir things up with breathless headlines about how awful the “other” side is. And it’s working so well it could lead us right to Civil War 2.0. (Here’s what you need to know to be prepared for widespread civil unrest.)

The fact is, both the Left and the Right are to blame, threatening those who don’t have the same worldview. What it’s essential for us to keep in mind is that these are the opinions of the extremes of both sides. We in America have had conservative and liberal points of view along with everything in between for decades without the constant, looming threat of violence…

…It’s essential to note that the threats and anger have been going on for quite some time now. But it seems like there is a whole lot more of it because it’s the topic du jour in the mainstream of late. Just like Selco warned us in his recent article, the media has an agenda and they are playing us like a violin. If there is a Civil War, you can be sure that those in the MSM are every bit as responsible for stirring up the hatred and division as the people who hacked Herd’s website and the dude who wrote the essay I cited.

In no way am I saying that anyone should target members of the media, as happened today in Annapolis, Maryland. Violence only begets more violence. What I’m saying is that you need to be aware of what is happening.

Look how neatly they are making us hate and fear one another. (source)

And watch as this happens all over again…but bigger.

Will the next election be even more brutal?

It’s hard to imagine that the coming election will somehow be peaceful.

Instead, it seems more likely that the simmering anger in this country will boil over. It seems like the division between the Left and the Right will be greater. It seems as though the Trump supporters will be even more demonized than they were the first time around and that whoever ends up as the candidate for the left will rabid supporters from those who hated Trump during his first campaign.

Most of the time, when your candidate loses the election, things settle down. You may not like the new President, but you don’t actively disrespect him at every possible opportunity. You accept the outcome of the election for the next 4 years and then hope that the following election will go your way.

Not so with President Trump. I have never seen more hatred toward a President published on every mainstream outlet. I wasn’t fond of either candidate, to be clear, but I have never seen the media cover a political figure with this level of unfairness and bias.

So yes, I personally believe that the next election will be far more brutal. I believe that getting prepared for the potential of civil unrest is more important than ever.

We certainly can’t expect fair coverage from the mainstream media, which is the only media many Americans are exposed to. Whoever runs against Trump will be portrayed as an angel, no matter how dirty his or her wings are.

My only hope is that people don’t play into it like they did the last time around.

But I’m not holding my breath expecting to see a civil 2020 election. Clear heads will probably not prevail. The hate will be the worst we’ve ever seen and will likely make the last election pale in comparison.

And I think Bannon is right. The chaos is going to start this year, in 2019.

What do you expect?

Do you think that Steve Bannon is right and that the trouble will start this year? Do you think this election will be even worse than the last one with regard to divisiveness? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • It could be that ch aos and upheavel fit in Bannon’s Agenda. Fourth Turning and the likes….. The democratic candidates that I have heard, are… in contrast… all calling for unity and civility and bringing the country together.

  • The trouble will largely be in the sanctuary cities (all cities are sanctuary cities). Law enforcement will be overwhelmed in a matter of hours once it begins. In fact, they might well be the first casualties of the coming hostilities. When people , en mass, decide to escalate to violence in the streets, they will brook NO interference. From anyone or anything.

    We saw it in the 1860’s. We saw it in the 1960’s. I don’t think we’re going to make it to the 2060’s. This is going down right now. It ought to be one hell of a show.

    Babylon, oh Babylon! In one hour thy Judgment cometh, and the light of a single candle shall shine in thee no more.

    Democracy always dies by suicide.

  • … It could be understood as an implicit “condoning” rather than an explicit “warning”…

  • Thank you! So many talks about a civil war coming but they always leave out, the how it will start part.

    This civil war will be in fact against whites. It’s already started. Why people haven’t picked up on that when mentioning civil war is a mystery to me?
    The sentiment of white privilege will get worse and we’ve already seen the issue of reparations being brought up again.
    Minorities, to including liberal whites, will be the force that will spark the civil unrest that will ignite the United States into what will be considered the next Civil War.

  • I hope there is a civil war and I hope it ends with this nation splitting into 2 or more nations. Let the leftists have their own country on the North American continent, and let the rest of us have ours. But the leftists will never allow that. They need our tax dollars. They can’t afford to let their tax donkeys escape into the wild.

  • As a libertarian I’m confused. When the civil war starts which side am I supposed to be on? I can’t stand Bernie and don’t particularly care for the Tweety bird either.

    I think I’ll just go to the the local ER and work as a volunteer because I’m certainly not going to kill other Americans for their political ideology.

    Gang bangers intent on breaking in, stealing my stuff and raping my grand kids are a whole different story.

  • The challenge of today’s unrest and undeclared civil war in the United States is that it creates a world-wide response as an unintended consequence. The polarization that has resulted from the head to head conflict between Globalist Leftist Ideology and Sovereign Individualist’s has pulled in our nation’s allies as well as our traditional enemies.
    The Democratic Party and like-minded Globalist Republicans are enticing riot by claiming that their political adversaries are “colluding” with the Russians; and pulling on the cold war heart strings of a red scare from the Soviet Union. This is not lost on Vladimir Putin, and rightly should be perceived as a threat when it implies to the American people and their allies that Russia is taking over our country through political manipulation. Our traditional allies are equally contributing to the problem and inhibiting the solution through no fault of their own. The Five Eye’s Nations (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and America) used their covert intelligence services (per the likely request from the Obama Administration) to create a series of “insurance policy” smear dossier’s against Donald Trump and his campaign in the 2016 Presidential election. This has put our allies in a compromised position considering that they were forced to either comply with a sitting President against his political opponent, or defy their most powerful ally. The level of world-wide unrest that this has created cannot be overestimated.
    Mr. Putin has ratcheted up Russia’s Hypersonic Weapons programs while simultaneously expanding his political influence throughout Asia, the Middle-East, and extending it to Venezuela in South America.

    The Five Eyes Nations are fighting their own internal battles (Brexit, Migration, etc.) and scrambling to use any leverage available to ensure that the general population doesn’t learn of their covert efforts to effect an American Presidential election, which would threaten their relationship with the American people, as well as their credibility of being a force for good throughout the world.
    President Trump is in the unenviable position of possibly bringing all of this (and more) to light by prosecuting the domestic offenders of sedition and likely treason. This would be portrayed in today’s media as a political attack; and risk upset, rioting, and possibly force Martial Law to retain control if that is even possible. Conversely to do nothing, President Trump would fail in his Constitutional duties to enforce the law, and thereby sweep it under the rug. All to preserve the temporary domestic peace and retain international stability with our allies at a time of world-wide upset. This strategy of temporary peace would virtually guarantee the Leftist-Globalist agenda will take over American politics and forever circumvent our Constitutional Republic. All the while President Trump faces near non-stop attack through the media in the United States, which is broadcast internationally and molds the perception that he is an incompetent shill that should be removed from office on the world-wide stage of public opinion.
    President Trump hasn’t just done nothing in the past 25 months; he has worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people to remove the offenders in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and every other Alphabet agency within the Executive branch of government that attempted to circumvent our nation’s laws. (Which would empower him to effectively prosecute offenders if that is the option he chooses.) He has, and at the time of this writing is currently is working to stabilize the world’s nuclear power rogues; North Korea through sanctions and negotiations, and Iran through sanctions until they are ready to negotiate.

    Every other threat in this world has demonstrated a willingness to negotiate because they recognize the concept of mutually assured destruction, so President Trump has prioritized the world’s most dangerous threats accordingly.
    Domestically he has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to improve our urban areas for minorities, lowered taxes, repatriated billions of dollars held off-shore so that domestic companies can re-invest in their businesses within the United States, increasing the labor participation numbers to record highs, and decreasing the unemployment among virtually every race, gender, and sect to record lows.
    What will it take to end this current undeclared civil war? It can go one of two ways … Hot or Tepid. If things remain the same, the mainstream-media continue to set the narrative, the Leftist politicians continue to stir up their constituents, and the 63 million + Americans who voted for President Trump remain silent; we will force a “Hot” confrontation domestically which will likely escalate to international conflicts throughout the world. On the contrary, if “We The People” take the time and make the efforts through alternative media to strike out when we hear rhetoric that divides people, Share stories like this on multiple formats, Speak up when the shills of the cabal are shouting us down, and employ the tactics of the left (non-violently) to oppose those that would oppress us with their ideology, then we will empower our President to employ the legal options necessary to right all that has been wronged for the past 30 years, and foreign and domestic tranquility can be nurtured and assured.

    • So much awareness in your post…it clearly speaks to your understanding of what is truly occurring in the world today.

      Abraham Lincoln said…”The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.”

      This is where we are today. Either stand up for your country or stand down…there is no middle ground anymore.

  • So much cognitive dissonance going on within the ranks of the Democrats and to some extent the GOPe. The illusion we create in our minds when we become trapped to the idea of what we believe is the truth. When you take a position, a losing proposition, people in general find it difficult to let it go. Those who use reason over emotion are a lot more adept at breaking free. Those who use emotion in their decision making, usually make poor long term choices…and will double down when the cognitive dissonance starts to take form. Ask Brandon Straka, the founder of the #walkaway movement. He knew something was wrong, something was off. His head told him one thing, yet his heart told him another…reason vs. emotion. As most of you know, reason won over and the rest is his history.

    Another one to see the light…Lara Logan. She just recently came out and did a very compelling interview. its a must watch. She says this…”How do you know you’re being lied to? How do you know you’re being manipulated? How do you know there’s something not right with the coverage? When they simplify it all [and] there’s no grey. It’s all one way. Well, life isn’t like that. If it doesn’t match real life, it’s probably not. Something’s wrong. For example, all the coverage on Trump all the time is negative. … That’s a distortion of the way things go in real life.”

    Painting people into corners, which is what the left loves to do, is only going to force those people painted into a corner, to react. At some point, the reaction will be overwhelming and one the left will not be able to pull back from. This is what I see happening, but not lasting long, as the reality of the escalation and the damage done, will force everyone to open their eyes to the carnage. The media is complicit and new laws will be written, allowing those who have been targeted by the media to sue the crap out of them…as we are seeing now with the Covington case. Plus, the SCOTUS is going to be hearing cases regarding this matter.

    Stop projecting your beliefs on others…it’s a lose, lose proposition.

  • I used to be a Patriot on Steroids until I Researched. Politics is Insanity! I t has been Us and Them from Day 1 , We The People only refereed to those in Power, and not The People. What was done to the Natives and Black Peoples on this Land was Atrocious! Any Country that did what they did to those Peoples deserves No Allegiance. Americans are Over Taxed and neither Side is doing anything to eliminate this Economic Slavery System. There are Good People in America, but sadly they are not The Guiding Force of this Country. People are in their own little mind boxes and simply do not Care. Too many Americans have De-voled . It is We The People or Nothing. Americans must grow up quickly and start Living Humanely and Love one another instead of fighting and hating each other.

    • You will eventually learn as I did that everything is a psychological operation to deceive and control your mind / emotions…which THEY have quite obviously wrapped 360 around majority Americans cognitive dissonant minds to this day. Most if not all historical events did not occur exactly as has been written in history books. To the victors goes the spoils. International central banksters and their multi-national corporations all controlled by Rothschilds criminal cabal and their JZ ruling Oligarchs run out from Russia and Israel do not ever want peace. Keeps everyone fighting against each other. Divide and conquer tactics. All BS Kabuki theatrics. Hegelian Dialectic model of DIVIDE / CONQUER / DESTABILIZATION. All manufactured contrived false tension conflicts with so called feared “boogeymen” to keep sheeple distracted confused divided fighting each other so everyone can justify building up their respective military.

  • I haven’t seen anything bad yet other than what is on the news. I really don’t watch the news much any longer as I am over the garbage. I do however see that things are going to heat up as soon as the Republicans start to campane more. This country has gone down a slope that cannot come back. I am thinking that by Sept. things will start to heat up really bad. Dems will pull every dirty trick and lie to the public. They want socialism and a one world government. ( be careful what you wish for). This is not going down well at all. I see war coming but something big is going to have to happen and things are lining up for that. (Rapture) My suggestion to all of this is for everyone to start praying daily if not more if you want to see your children and grandchildren grow up in a country that is right with God. We as a country are doomed for disaster. Once the dems take away our guns they have us right where they want us.

  • the really sad thing is no one is considering the underlying reason why the quality of life is going down for most people, instead people play the blame “them” game.

    we have a predicament of rapidly increasing population combined with rapidly depleting resources and increasing debt to “keep the party going”. this is the MIT “limits to growth” as was researched and documented back in 1972. we are right on track with their projections.

    so since no one will mention the elephant in the room, the blame game gets the front page which solves nothing… and even at this late date, we cannot even be honest about what is happening, but one thing is certain: different politics won’t change anything.

  • I first heard the following quote when I was still in grade school:

    “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” — John Parker, commander of American patriot forces at Lexington

    I have always believed that good and decent Americans will follow this advice. We don’t go looking for trouble; we just live our lives as we see fit, and prefer to let others do the same. It’s a big country after all, with what would seem like plenty of room for everyone. Why go looking to pick a fight?

    But consider this: we have ALREADY BEEN FIRED UPON. A hate filled lunatic with a gun, who was a follower of communist candidate Bernie Sanders, did his level best to murder several Republicans, because “The Wrong Person Won”. There have also been numerous instances where other hate filled trolls have put on their scary masks, then smashed in peoples heads with clubs and bike locks for daring to “Say Wrong Things”. (As an aside, it should be pointed out that the only groups who put on masks in public are the KKK, Antifa, ISIS, and oh yes, “C.O.B.R.A.”, the villains from the G.I. Joe cartoons. I propose a national law stating that unless its A) October 31st and B) you are under the age of 13, then C) you don’t get to wear a mask in public.)

    All of this has rage and lunacy has been egged on by the same self righteous hypocrites who blather about “tolerance”, but are silent as one hand clapping when it comes to the most egregious assaults that are often committed against ordinary, every day Americans, people minding their own business. As long as they are committed against those “deplorables”, and anyone else the hypocrites deem to be unworthy of fair play and the right to live freely, none of the “not my President” types will ever speak out against it. Not ever.

    Just so its clearly understood, I for one do not care what anyone SAYS about President Trump, or anyone else. If they want to form a 100 mile long human chain and start chanting “Trump bites his farts”, I for one don’t care. But remember this: free speech is for everyone. You don’t get to punch people for wearing “The Wrong Hat”; and if you do, or make excuses for those who do, then YOU are part of the problem.

    And oh yes, if you live in America, then President Trump most certainly is your President too. Just like Obama was the President of all Americans, and Bush before him, and Bill Clinton before him. See how that works? You can either hide in your safe space and cry into your coloring book, then bust out to try and punch people for daring to disagree with you, or scream the most horrible abuse at them. OR, you can try growing up, and act like an adult worthy of respect. And then realize there’s an election every four years, and millions will be disappointed at the result, every time. You live long enough, you get to be on both sides of that equation. Then you realize that no, its not the end of the world.

    D.P. Elemm

      • no problem at all! Feel free to make us of any part of it you like…its all in a good cause 🙂

    • Don’t I wish you were right. We have constantly invaded countries, subverted governments, and overthrown elected government leaders of other countries (and possibly our own). And we show no signs of slowing that obscene behavior down. We screech bloody murder at the suggestion that – perhaps – Russia influenced our election, while we have no compunctions about ruining everyone else’s life. We did it for oil, we did it for bananas, we did it just for the ability to control countries whose democratic selections we didn’t like. Our politicians are almost all lying asses, and the few who aren’t are beyond naive and will further extinguish our economic success.
      Regrettably, the public is not rational. That’s how politicians achieve their success. Deception, amplified by the press, it the predominant tactic of successful democracies, though when all else fails, you distract the voters with a war.
      I’ve applied for citizenship on a different planet. This one is inhospitable to humans.

      • What’s this “We” stuff, mammal? I have never favored any of these wars because from a simple country boy’s perspective, that doesn’t benefit me or mine. Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Libya, Syria: we had no business being there. The fact that those countries were and are led by people crazier than a meth addled cat stuck in a gym sock doesn’t enter into it. IT’S NOT OUR PROBLEM. Even Afghanistan is now beyond stupid: there are soldiers being sent there now who weren’t born yet when that war started! I personally know far too many folks who served 2 or more tours… NOT the kind of “recycling” I favor, no sir!

        On top of which — and lets be honest — the batshit crazy level of hatred directed against President Trump and the “deplorables” has zilch to do with wars overseas. All you have to do is look at the chicken hawks on both sides of the aisle crawl out of their sewers to bark against our President for saying we should bring our troops home from Syria. THEY never want the wars to end. Because they or friends/cronies/family make money from this. And besides, that is the only use they have for us rubes and hillbillies from “flyover country”: to fight their wars for them.

        The insane vicious madness against President Trump is precisely because those are the very same folks who hate our guts, and hate everything we value. Faith, family, flag, history, heritage, free speech and fair play for everyone: they want none of that! They mock us, slander us, call us names … the same folks who carp about “hate speech” have no problem flinging it at us. Well I say, right back at ’em… and the next time one of THEIR skyscrapers gets slammed into by terrorists, THEY can go shoulder a rifle and stand a post. They can cook up an army that’s 100% politically correct and marches under a unicorn flag. MY sons? Ha! NOT gettin’ ’em.

  • The frightening thing to me is the increasing vilification of Caucasian people simply because of the color of their skin. As a white woman, I’ve noticed that many times people of color either give me the stink eye or act as though I have something contagious. I don’t know these people, so I can’t have offended them. My neighbors seem to like me all right, and we exchange pleasantries. I know that I am not acting any differently around any particular group or individual, but this is disconcerting to say the least, to have people who I don’t know seem to hate me just because of what I look like. I don’t believe that I am particularly paranoid, but I have definitely noticed this.

    • I have not had this issue. We currently live in a city with a very diverse population and things have been nothing but pleasant.

  • Trump will no doubt get blamed for it, but the Dems and media engineered this violence and started this war…and we are already in it.

  • Lots of interesting replies / opinions for sure. However my belief is that things are not falling apart, but falling into place.
    Best regards, MAC

    • I do believe things are falling into place, but not until the depths of our wasteful spending and the vulgarity that is the left has been dealt with.

  • Over 1500 words and no mention of the Yellow Vests, the rising up of
    the middle class in France. And it is already here.

    Bannon is a prophet that spends way too much time with a bottle
    thinking dark thoughts. Look for the brighter lights and pray. It’s
    going to get rough before it ever gets better, but we can still keep
    our humanity.

  • I can’t imagine how Bannon’s prediction could surprise anybody. Thought this already was common knowledge.

    So allow me to offer a similar, practically obvious forecast……….

    “If you think 2019 is gonna be bad, wait till you see 2020.” 🙂

  • Need to humble ourselves on our knees in prayer and cry out to God for this country, the president, our families for forgiveness & mercy.

  • The Organic Prepper website is censoring my comments for moderation review before publishing. This is not 1A freedom of speech rights. Who is making the decisions whether or not a comment is appropriate or not? The Judeo-Nazi review team? You guys @ Organic Prepper are no different than the MSM and far left socialist SJW’s and their political correctness madness.

    • I’m not censoring your comments, JP. But insulting me and calling me a Nazi is a surefire way to get yourself blocked.

    • Organic Prepper is ran by actual humans that require time and effort to verify each and every post to ensure pending posts are not,
      1) Spam-bots
      2) Using profane or inappropriate language outside of social norms

  • There are some very eloquent and well thoughtful comments here.

    Mine is quite simple. Yes, it is going to get ugly, and I think sooner rather than later. I’ve not been happy about the results of Presidential elections for many years, but I have NEVER disrepected My President, whether I voted for him or not. I may complain about policies and decisions, but NEVER spewed vitriol against the person in the office. That is one of the big differences these days. They not only find the President fair game, but his family, including his young son (although that has lessened). If anyone uttered a cross word about the Obama girls, they were vilified. Attacks on the youngest Trump son were horrid, and ‘encouraged’. My how things have changed. After the Kavanaugh nomination process, I find it hard to believe that any decent person would want to subject themselves to pursuing a higher office.

    It’s sad that it is difficult to hold rational discourse in this day and age (in most circumstances). It is also sad that when it comes to elections, ‘we the people’ are left with choosing ‘the lesser of two evils’ in most cases.

    Make sure you are right with whatever God you pray to. Make sure you are well stocked, and well-armed if you so choose.

  • So the next time some guy attacks you in a back alley and tries take your life and whatever else he wants, I expect you to be civil about it.

  • Yes, Bannon is right, more or less. How bad it gets really depends on how government at all levels reacts to the small minority of radicals who will be acting out. Our job will be to see that our elected official don’t react with the same knee jerk panic response that saddled us with the Patriot Act.

    I hate to say it, but the evidence says most of that violence is, and will be, coming from the far left of the political spectrum. Groups such as Antifa actually trace their origins to the fight between National Socialists and Communists in 1920’s Europe. We’ve already seen violence from these people, and related groups like Red Austin. When you start following the money, you’ll find their funding sources have the fingerprints of George Soros and his cronies on them. Forget the fife and drum, this is going to look like Northern Ireland.

    Daisy, I just discovered that I have to type my name and email to comment. If I let the browser auto-fill those fields, I get dumped onto an error message page, and lose what I’ve typed. Is this some sort of security measure?

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