20 Preppers Speculate What Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like in America

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By Daisy Luther

The division in America has become so dramatic over the past year that many people can only foresee it heading one place: Civil War.

There’s a pronounced uptick in violence and protests (often going hand in hand.) Free speech is being crushed by the opposition with the mere threat of violent responses. Statues and memorials are being vandalized or defended. Protesters show up armed and armored, ready for battle. The media throws gasoline on these flames with reports solely laying the blame on one side. Some groups are openly planning sedition and no one is trying to stop them.

Our country has reached a point of such division that it’s hard to imagine how we could once again become united.

The events are snowballing.

The United Nations has issued an “early warning” about civil conflict in America. Many people believe these extremist “sides” are made up of professional provocateurs and do not reflect the true feelings of Americans. (Brandon Smith makes an incredibly compelling case for this.) California wants to secede and a lot of folks would be happy to see them go. Some black people want outrageous “reparations” from white people while others call them out for being easily manipulated.

It seems like no one wants peace in America except us average folks, who are happy to get along with our neighbors, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual proclivities. But at the rate things are escalating, our wishes could be irrelevant.

Historian and strategist Gregory Copley wrote:

Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States.

But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century.

It will appear as an evolving chaos…

…It is significant that the gathering crisis in the United States was not precipitated by the November 7, 2016, election of Pres. Donald Trump, and neither was the growing polarization of the United Kingdom’s society caused by the Brexit vote of 2016.

In both instances, the election of Mr Trump and the decision by UK voters for Britain to exit the European Union were late reactions — perhaps too late — by the regional populations of both countries to what they perceived as the destruction of their nation-states by “urban super-oligarchies”.

The last-ditch reactions by those who voted in the US for Donald Trump and those who voted in the UK for Brexit were against an urban-based globalism which has been building for some seven decades, with the deliberate or accidental intent of destroying nations and nationalism. It is now crystallizing into this: urban globalism sees nations and nationalism as the enemy, and vice-versa.

The battle lines have been drawn. (source)

And this makes sense if you consider that the majority of Clinton voters were from heavily populated urban areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. As well, Mr. Copley points out, the urban globalists control the greater part of the media.

Urban globalists control most of the means of communications [is this new “means of production”; the 21st Century marxian dialectic?] and therefore control “information” and the perception of events.

“Nationalists”, then, are operating instinctively, and in darkness. (source)

He’s certainly not wrong.

Oh – and before someone chimes in and starts hysterically talking about “white nationalists” – Mr. Copley isn’t referring to the KKK. He’s referring to people who put national interests ahead of global interests.

Some folks believe that Civil War 2.0 is already happening.

It’s interesting to get a perspective from a spectator outside the United States. Russian political commentator Dmitry Kosyrev says that the war has been raging in America for the last few years.

“Democrats are doing wild, suicidal things because they are not just on the defensive, but on the verge of collapse, as the Trump administration breaking down their ‘evil empire’… Their goal is not the destruction of Russia, but the salvation of their own project,” Kosyrev pointed out, referring to the ongoing scandal over alleged “Russian interference” in the US 2016 presidential election.

“Democrats do not have a majority in Congress or their own army, but the war they have been waging is a hybrid one,” the commentator wrote.

“Therefore, in the media zone, they are advancing with a wild, schizophrenic rage. However, they haven’t yet fully monopolized this sphere,” Kosyrev noted, adding that their outrage against the very existence of the Russian English-language TV channel Russia Today is also a “military phenomenon.”

“The essence of what is happening is that the Republicans are now advancing,” he explained, “It simply happens in dozens of small, internal episodes.”

“As one could see, the Democrats have a lot to lose in this war,” the commentator said, adding that the ongoing civil war still has no end in sight. (source)

Unsettling when viewed from a distance, right?

So, what would a second Civil War look like?

I asked you, the readers, for your opinions on what a Civil War would look like if it erupted in American.

With the incendiary situation going on across the country, there’s been a great deal of talk about the potential of civil war erupting in America.

IF such a terrible thing would occur, how do you think it would happen? How do you believe we’d all be affected? What would you foresee?

This is all speculation, of course, but share your thoughts in the comments below.

Of course, this is all speculative, but there are some pretty interesting answers. Here’s what you all had to say:

1.) Laura…

…the cities would be hit hard, outlying areas will become balkanized…and as far as ‘it’ happening, it started with ‘the resistance’…just hasn’t gone hot yet. And PS it won’t be a civil war, when it goes hot it will be along the lines of race and economics, nothing like the Civil War which was a federal vs state issue (control).

Note: Balkanization is defined as the “fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.” (source)

2.) Jeriann…

I see it starting in the streets of the South. Then the National Guard gets sent in, then local militias build to fight the National Guard. Civil unrest runs amuck. People flee the Southern states, going north and west. Seeds of hate growing in their hearts against the government for allowing this to happen. Groups are gathering in homes to discuss the next step. Hoarding of food and gas begins. Desperation sets in. Peopllosese faith in government both local, state, and federal. The reality sets in we are vulnerable to Russia, China, Isis, fear and despair over take the people. They cry out in the streets, camps are set up for our protection and to provide for us.

3.) Chris…

I wonder what it would be fought over….where would the lines be drawn? Racial? Political? Economics? Who will be fighting who? I think flat-out every man for himself anarchy is a more likely scenario than what we would consider a civil war.

4.) Koi…

This is what the government wants to happen so they can have Martial law, and throw the Constitution in the trash.

5.) Ryan…

It’ll be based on race, the easiest distinguisher for low information people with anger and a desire to fight. I’m not sure how white people on the left would distinguish themselves as allies though, they’ll probably get caught up in the carnage. The real question I have is: how long will TPTB allow the bloodshed before they implement the next phase of police state

6.) Andrea…

If it really took off, if you don’t live in a major city, I think the main effect you’d feel is a shortage of goods. Truckloads of deliveries not being able to get safely to certain destinations would eventually just stop coming.

7.) Tony…

If this did go down I think it will be short lived. The government would turn off the communication systems and money supply to the country. The stock market will crash and the one-percenters will load up on shares and make billions once order is restored and the market rebounds.

8.) Lyle…

A civil war totally manufactured by the media.

9.) Joshua…

There is nothing left to hold civil society together. No shared values. No shared history. No shared worldview. In many places, not even a shared language. What we see now is the Balkanization of America. In essence, we as a people have already seceded from each other.

10.) Marvin…

Here are the options
1. Nothing’s gonna happen, well, except ALL statues will be removed, confederate, union, MLK, presidents, baseball players, even poor ole Elvis.
2. A lot more protests and more deaths.
3. North Korea drops an EMP and we thin the herd.

11.) Sherri…

In a way I think it’s already been going on for sometime. Internet trolling, hackers, some laws aren’t really enforced.

12.) Brian…

The UN will get called in. One World Order implementation.

13.) Liz…

I think a financial crisis of sorts , most likely causing serious uproar. An outside source of the United States coming in to try to look like helpers , I think they get a lot of people to follow them then off more than half, I think they want the very young. Madness, looting, complete anarchy until people begin to fight back.

14.) Scott…

It’s not just America, the civil divide is being pushed toward civil war in Europe and UK too!
The economic crash will be global as will the response…
this is the endgame that has been coming a long time.
Expect microchipping of the population through FEMA camps for starving and preppers being shot for hoarding food.
Make sure your food is not all in one place, have multiple caches so if one or two are discovered it doesn’t leave you with all the others queuing up for a loaf of bread and swiping your new microchip.

15.) Tim…

…Someone in our government will get the idea, if they haven’t already, that the best way to bring us back together as a nation is to give us a common enemy. Then with the help of the Media, they will demonize this enemy to the point where we as Americans can no longer just sit idly by. All the sudden, all the other issues disappear and the US government is back in control of the hearts and minds of its people.

16.) Pat…

I think the polarization is so extreme and so deep-seated that the very best thing for the majority of people would be for the USA to split into 3 or 4 separate countries. I don’t think we will have peace until this happens (if it ever happens). The alternative is likely to be extreme control by the government to a degree that none of us ever want to see or experience.

17.) Ivar…

What will begin as a somewhat ideological war (Antifa versus the Alt-Right) will sooner or later devolve into an outright race war. At that time, Antifa will cease to exist (split up in ethnic gangs). The Whites in Antifa will be on their own, and not last very long… The Alt-Right will continue to exist, although it might adopt a different name.

Since Whites own most of the land and ammunition, and are better trained and prepped, they will most likely win this race war.

I do not think it is likely that the race war will end soon. I’m afraid it will continue until America is all-White. Once faced with an existential threat, people can do crazy things to make sure it can never ever happen again.

This could have as a consequence that not only North America becomes all-White, but South America too.

A similar process will happen in Europe. It is quite likely that the Europeans will not only drive Islam from their continent, but remove it from the globe completely and repopulate the entire Middle-East.

These Antifa provocateurs and Islamic terrorists are taking a terrible gamble. Their tactics either succeed (and the entire world turns Communist or Islamic), or it will be the eradication of all the people they represent.

18. Renny…

I foresee a lot of guerrilla-type warfare. If Martial Law was instituted, I could easily imagine the Antifa types committing acts of vandalism, bombing things, holding up supply trucks. Sneak attacks with huge shocking impacts, like attacking children at a school or something. It would become dangerous for people to be in certain areas based on their race.

This could result in extreme violence against innocent non-combatants. Schools would shut down, public gathering areas like malls and markets could be targeted. Businesses would be unable to continue due to repeated vandalism. This would, in turn, affect the supply chain, which would increase theft as desperate hungry people did what they had to so they could feed their families.

19. Kendall…

This will be a race war, flames fanned by the likes of George Soros in order to destabilize the country. It’s a Marxist agenda that separates black vs. white and causes problems where there were none before. Paid protesters, activist groups funded by billionaires, and the crushing of free speech through violent protests will all boil over into more division.

Confusion will occur because this won’t be a clear-cut, North vs. South issue. The “enemy” would be hard to identify and easy to be mistaken for. How can you tell if someone is right-leaning or left-leaning?

United we stand…divided, billionaires make lots of money off our pain. Just like every other war, it all boils down to money and control.

20.) A…

I think we’re already seeing civil war, courtesy of Bush, Obama, Trump and now people who want to further ‘fundamentally change America’. The ‘war’ is between those who think the American dream is so-called equality for all, free stuff like healthcare, maternity leave and cell phones (coz that’s what our Founding Fathers intended – NOT!) and those of us who want to retain Her glory, where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is all that matters. We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether

We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether it’s a natural disaster, an external attack, financial crippling or just plain consequences of our action, there will be chaos, with FEAR being the biggest killer!

People keep talking about this one event…

I think it’ll be more of a slow and painful process, with serious consequences for our children’s children worldwide! The Beacon on the Hill WILL go out, and the world will be plunged into darkness

Some ugly and terrifying pictures painted there…

Thank you, Readers, as always, for your insight and participation.

How would you prepare for something like this?

Just like any other disaster, unless you are right in the midst of the conflict, your primary concerns would be supply shortages and self-defense.

Prepping for a long-term supply shortage is the number one thing you should do in order to be ready for this.

You also have to be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your home.

  • This article explains why it’s essential for preppers to be armed
  • This book discusses home security for preppers
  • This book talks about self-protection for people who aren’t black belt ninjas (the title says it’s for women but I think anyone could get extreme value from it.)
  • This course dives deep into the psychology of civil unrest and how to keep yourself and your family safe.

It would be wise to be discreet about your supplies, as shortages and hunger will cause otherwise decent people to commit acts they would have otherwise never considered.


What do you think?

In the comments section, let me know what you think about the looming prospect of civil war. Tell me…

  • If you think it’s already here, just undeclared.
  • What you think the ramifications will be.
  • How you think the lines will be drawn.
  • Who stands to benefit the most.
  • What the trigger might be that would really kick things off.
  • How you feel people should prepare for this

Alternatively, you may think we are in no danger of Civil War 2.0 actually occurring. Explain your reasoning.

And please, be courteous. Civil War 2.0  shall not erupt in my comments section. Thanks. 🙂


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  • I rea a book on Amazon awhile back called Partruition which hits the nail on the head and is full of survival tactics which I highly recommend everyone check it out!

    • Thanks bud! I’m an Army vet and forever rue the day I ‘loaned’ out my US Army training manual/survival tactics (one of many who never had the decency to return my stuff loaned out in good-faith. Have learned a few lessons in that regard). I don’t have a lot of time for fiction anymore but a concession I made over the past year was the One Second After ‘trilogy’ which I also very highly recommend – stellar writing and what I find so enthralling about such fiction is it’s PLAUSIBLE.

  • I write from a Canadian viewpoint so, not having a dog in this fight, I assume I’m less biased than many Americans.

    The American Civil War II has already begun and it will escalate because it serves the interests of the Deep State.

    President Trump is alone. Although he has the support of many Americans in ‘fly-over’ country, the Libtard ‘snowflakes’ on both populated coasts are against him as are most of the ass media as well as both major political parties. Even the GOP refuses to support Trump nor does his own staff.

    It is in the interests of the Deep State to destabilize America for several reasons. First, it enables them to implement further draconian ‘security’ laws and destroy what’s left of liberty. Second, they support the globalists’ drive to one-world-government so they need to weaken the most powerful nation on earth to further their ends. Third, Americans have been so dumbed-down by the public indoctrination system that they’ll gladly sacrifice their freedoms for the illusion of security.

    Watching the turmoil in America is like watching helplessly as your neighbor’s house burns down, hoping it doesn’t spread, but knowing that the conflagration will eventually engulf the entire neighborhood.

    • Yes, actually, you do have a dog in the fight, you can’t just sit back in your Canadian easy chair. America goes down, so does your biggest trading partner and protector. With 1/11th of the population and 1/10th the economy, you really think you can stand alone? Justin (Bieber) Trudeau has already taken steps to water down and weaken Canada. You really think you’ll stand up should the unthinkable happen to your southern neighbor? Think again, then stock up on ammo, eh?

  • You want to know what a civil war would look like in America?
    1) Ask those who have seen war up close and personal in all of its accumulation of sin.
    2) The comments in the article would liken a second civil war or any collapse as though it was a game of CandyLand.

    What one needs to prepare to witness…..rape, murder, kidnapping, hungry children knocking on your door and throwing in a grenade on you and your husband, slavery in its entirety (because slavery is just not forcing people to work, it is cells, rape, nazi germany on steroids). And so much more. When this country falls, many will not only turn into animals, but rabid animals. And still I do not believe that I have given justice to describing the horror everyone that survives will see and endure if they live to see another day.

    Only Jesus would be able to keep your mind….prepare not just to cry, not just to bawl your eyes out, not only to mourn but to experience travail. Yes God will keep us. It matters not what we believe, only what God says and does. If we are in the last days, and not just the last days of our country, and we go through the worst of everything within the scripture (which I personally believe). Then we experience the “mark” and Satan will not only wear the saints of God out, but will overcome them for a season. Praise God for His Son Jesus and His precious blood, His deat and resurrection……our salvation.

    • I agree with you Natty, to a point. The next war in America – if it boils down to the actual balloon going up, or the Son coming down – will be far and away the bloodiest, most protracted holocaust of war that anyone yet alive in America has ever seen or experienced thus far. No one alive has yet to see anything as bad – it will be worse than the Revolution, Civil War 1, WW1, WW2, Korea & VietNam all rolled into one. The hate will fester and burn within until such atrocities as have never been imagined will occur.
      The Book of Revelation speaks to what will be. The world is now in the beginning of the Birth Pangs of the earth giving birth to the return of our Messiah. Only the truth of The Word will save you through the shed Blood, and resurrection of Messiah.
      Not one person who is transfixed on the how-tos and empty promises of organized, Denominational Religion will become an overcomer. The Whole of The Word must be studied from front to back, …In Context, … and as a Whole. It must not be studied with a jaundiced eye. Too many who have been hood-winked by Denominational Religion skip over the Words of YHWH and Y’shua both, in favor of the feel-good lies of their denomination. The only thing that will save people is the return of the Son of the Most High… and then, only if those who are found trusting in Him, and following HIS instructions…
      Yep… war is coming… but it won’t be civil, and it may surprise you just Who is going to win it.
      Blessings to you Natty.

  • Other nations, Russia, China, the like take an interest. Under the guise of humanitarian aid. They come in and begin the true slaughtering begins. They take resources, people and anything they desire. Along with everything else already written above. Until someone in a bunker with access to the ICBM codes, sets it off and then the end comes for most of the world, not just us. Including those that were spoiling us. The End.

  • Re: #5 I think the answer to that is made clear in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, where rioters are allowed to run loose until they burn out, or the city burns out.

    We’ve been in a cold civil war for decades, but those on the conservative side didn’t know it. It is now becoming warmer and should soon break out into a guerilla type war, with most of the violence coming from groups like Antifa and BLM. Not that I’m prejudiced, it’s just their M.O.

    I’m preparing for a long term problem (generational) by owning a farm which will be passed on to my son, learning to do things by hand when there isn’t power, being able to grow my own food, learning old time skills, etc.

  • It appears to me that the same agenda to trigger the first civil war is again being used to start the second civil war with a new twist of racism thrown in to create an added tension and make it more widespread than the first. This time they have entered millions more from foreign nations to add to the racial tension and make it more interesting for the indigenous people of this country. This is CLEARLY a manufactured event and unless we learn to understand the outside forces making this happen, America is going to be cast into the most ugly civil war we could ever imagine. With the massive number of firearms in private hands, we are certainly headed for some very interesting times.

  • I would start by saying, “the more civilized the people, the worse the collapse will be!”
    As you write this take to heart you will see things get 1000x worse.
    I ask people if there’s a line in the sand and it represents your morals, how far you go to feed your baby who is starving?be honest you will do what ever it takes. Primal instinct will take hold.
    If your wishing for this you a large part of the problem. And you have never seen war and suffering on this scale. Its easy to read. But living it is near impossible.
    I recommend people train to protect, medical, communication basics is good start. To have food andnot have skill to keep it is just feeding the bad guys. As you will soon see i fear. Pray pray PRAY.

    • See Venezuela. Our relative ability to feed ourselves internally (among some more rural areas) will offset that to some degree, since every iota of the New Police State will be focused on big cities.

    • @ James, I agree. As prepared as I think I am. Nothing will prepare us for what’s coming. And I also agree with Pray, pray, PRAY.

  • In my opinion, the right in this country will continue to be pushed further and further by BLM, Antifa, islamic groups and the media. We, the right, are not organized and we are on the defensive on too many fronts. Eventually frustration will take over among some and a shooting war will erupt.
    How to discern friend from enemy? I have no idea. Wars have always been fought along geographic lines. It might be best if some states actually go through with secession so that clear-cut boundaries can be put in place.
    On the other hand, society may not have the chance to degenerate to the point of a Civil War. The chances are good that soon atomic bombs may rain down on our heads, mooting social fragmentation.

  • The start will be Economic Collapse, A Depression greater than any in history. The cities will burn and will become
    uninhabitable. The government will confiscate all savings–But leave the debt, Those who have prepared will have
    all their preparations confiscated. The government will call them hoarders and say that they can distribute our
    stuff more equitably than we can…Millions, millions will die– and that is just the beginning.

  • Back in the eighties a Romanian pastor named Dimitri Duduman was expelled from his Communist nation, after being unsuccessfully electrocuted twice in prison. God sent him to America to warn of coming judgments. In a God given vision he saw insurrection start in the middle of america fomented by the communists. As it increased the federal govt. Would be more and more involved putting down insurrection. While preoccupied holding it all together we would be attacked from 5-8 nations all at once. China Russia. Cuba Nicaragua even possible some NATO. Think France Germany (already Marxist lite). Check out his life story.. Incredible.

  • One of the definitions of the word “civil” is to be courteous or polite. In that regard, I believe the term Civil War is a misnomer.

    Courtesy, politeness, graciousness, manners, and civility are mostly a thing of the past thanks in large part to the ability to be snarky online without consequences. Even Robert E. Lee who is being posthumously vilified today was one of the most polite and decent of people of America. He was what is commonly referred to as a Southern gentleman – unlike Sherman who “marched to the sea” burning everything, military and civilian alike.

    I believe our society is currently becoming more “tribal” in orientation – a de-evolution in a sense. Considering that, one might even go back to look at how tribal warfare occurred in the past to get some thoughts on how our “civil war” will prosecute itself. Will tattoos and piercings be the way that we can tell which side someone is on? Will there be a thousand little tribal wars across the nation – none of them coalescing into a large front line?

    One of us might be correct in our thinking – or everyone one of us could be wrong.

  • On 8/11/2011 I had a vivid dream, I opened a Bible in a bookstore, on the inside cover was a commemorative map of the southern usa broken out from the rest of the country(texas was included)Each state was highlighted in gold also set off by themselves. I looked closer and sale the title in script that said “The New Confederate States of America, President Rand Paul” I woke up that morning turned on the TV and CBS news was at Fort Sumter(unknown to me the 150th aniv’ of the Beginning of The Civil War. I have no dog in this fight, and fear it is coming true-I felt compelled to contact Rand Paul that morning-who courteously replied to me.

  • It could also be started by the nwo putting troops in to US cities and towns via “covert” means. Usually overnite, but broad daylight might be attempted too. They did this in some places during uwex16; around lunchtime cattle trucks carried the men, who were in plain clothes, meeting up with other trucks that had their gear. These were ng and big army guys, but in the real deal I expect them to be foreigners as US troops will be much more likely to follow orders to detain or kill law abiding Americans. Imagine a few hundred moslom refugees in US mil uniforms with US mil weapons pretending to be US mil, that kind of thing. Then add the Chinese and Russian forces allegedly in place. Then add the mehican army composed of illegals from south of the border that can be counted on to kill all the Americans they can. Another common infiltration venue is the sewer system in larger cities, you can get just about anywhere inside a large city starting from cover outside the city completely under cover.

    I’ll leave this gem right here for you all;
    “We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or 15 years from now, we’re going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they’re going to have one thing in mind – cross the border, go into Dallas, go into Houston, go into New Mexico, go into San Diego, and each one has embedded in his mind the idea of killing 10 Americans.”

    Tomas Borge Martinez, Sandinista National Liberation Front, past Interior Minister of Nicaragua, current Deputy, National Assembly of Republic of Nicaragua; quoted in The Washington Times, March 27, 1985

  • The Soros funded Left is being used to push the Globalist cause with civil war as a mechanism to destabilize society by breaking the social contract that we have collectively shared for generations. I purpose that Patriots control the narrative and refocus the current and future conflicts as the 2nd American Revolution. Americans cannot allow themselves to be divided by the corrupt and evil corporate, political and intelligence agencies that have usurped our government. We need to stand behind the Constitution and demand it as an inalienable and god given document of human rights. America’s salvation lies in arresting Soros, arresting traitors and controlling our borders…..if nothing else buy a lot of food and ammo.

    • You are prescient. The Left is being pushed by the most evil behind-the-scenes cabal ever orchestrated by the Father of Lies himself, and is nearly ready to emerge to run planet earth. When they can’t ‘persuade’ through lies, manipulation and intimidation, the Left gets violent. Every Leftist regime in history kills and in the millions. An economic collapse will trigger the assault. God Himself will then remove His faithful as promised, so they will not experience His wrath. By removing the Restrainer (The Holy Spirit) and His Church, any influence by good people will be gone and all hell will break loose on earth. In America, this will be especially felt because the good, honest people who work hard and keep the country together will be gone. Then the new evil overlords will emerge, demanding everyone be accounted for, and all will be chipped like cattle so the government can track every move you make. You won’t be able to buy or sell anything without this ‘mark.’ Yet the Bible says if you take this mark, you are doomed to hell for an eternity, because the mark is a symbol of your allegiance to Satan. Those left behind and yet were not faithful to Christ, will get fearfully wise as they recognize their great mistake, and will refuse to be marked. Better to die for your Christian faith then take the mark and be damned eternally. Despite Satan’s best effort, millions will be saved, even while organized evil hunts them down, rounds them up and murders them. This Satanic Evil will very nearly succeed in destroying Christianity on earth. All this while God pours out His wrath on all those who oppose and hate Him. This monumental Evil will come to an end when Christ returns to earth and He rules from Israel for a thousand years, as mankind learns to live in peace. All you mockers should read the Book of Revelation in the Bible to see what your fate may be. You do have choices and I pray you choose wisely. Preppers don’t merely prep for themselves, but for all those who are left behind who refuse to take the mark.

      • I’m sorry, Cat, you must not take The Word the way a denomination translates it, but as the Holy Spirit of the Most High translates it. The Wrath that overcomers will be saved from is His Wrath on non-Believers – the Lake of Fire – not His Wrath on the earth during the last 7 years. You must not discount any of the Words of the Most High nor of the Words of His Son. It all must be taken into context – from front to back.
        Blessings to you,

  • I don’t actually think civil war is even possible. Small skirmishes at best, and they will be easily put down. I think the U.S. Is in the way of the NWO, but I think a far more likely scenario is WWIII with russia and china.

  • I think it will look like Social Justice Warriors vs “The Deplorables”. In reality it will be Globalist Oligarchs vs Populist Constitutionalists. The people who think they are above the laws vs those who believe the Rule of Law (just laws) is for everyone.

    Just check the Color Revolutions, wherever they’ve already happened. That’s what’s in store for us.

    Still a little time to prep and read Dmitry Orlov, Selco, and Ferfal, among others.

  • My view is as a foreigner from Australia.

    I think that the US has a large chance of entering a conflict that will stop it’s production of all goods, including oil, movies, tv shows, produce and goods. This will lead to a shift in power, most likely to China.

    However, as Australia is one of China’s leading suppliers of coal and other materials, our economy will boom as there will be no trading between the US and China anymore. The US government will claim control and ‘everything is fine’, but little to no products will be exported or imported by the US, due to ongoing conflicts and battles between various groups, including the military and organised militias.

    The government is prepared to take care of itself, but not to take care of the people.

    • Hate to bring it up, but what Happens to Australia when China decides it might be easier to just Take your coal and other materials.? The Power vacuum left in the rest of the world caused by the Collapse in the US is likely to leave many countries who relied on US power as an ally in a bad situation. I strongly suspect most of the pacific rim will become an economic protectorate of China, under implied control, if not actually conquered by force. So that “Boom” while certainly possible depending on China Leadership decisions , is not guaranteed. Plan accordingly.

    • Lol we don’t export anything meaningful to Chicoms other than stolen technology… well maybe some wheat. The trade is so unbalanced only someone intent upon destroying America could have signed trade agreements with Chicom. How does a nation of blue collar workers at $13 hourly w/benefits compete with a nation of blue collar workers being paid pennies per hour with no benefits without tariffs? And then there’s the osha and environmental protections absent in Chicom. The entire thing is stacked against and predicated upon the destruction of US manufacturing.

  • I feel that the Civil War is beginning, but will likely be restricted to the liberal enclaves of the big cities. I recognize that this nation is already way too big to manage, and the country (and the world) would be far better served by splitting the country up into independent nation-units of common culture. Maybe the smaller units could even form a real federation like the original Founding Fathers intended before the creation of the Constitution did away with all that.

    • @ Rand, you’re right to an extent. It starts with the bigger cities, whether economic collapse, civil war, or emp. Once it begins it WILL spill over into the rural and eventually the country. All resources would’ve been used up and the search for food begins……..

  • There’s no question to started in the nation is divided. It seems the protest are escalating with more violence. Atvsome point the right is going to go tired of being assaulted by antifa and fight back. At this point you will see bloodshed. And I certainly wouldn’t want to be wearing black with my face covered.

  • -If you think it’s already here, just undeclared.

    Somewhere, under the surface, it has already started if this many people are intensely discussing it from multiple viewpoints. Not just here, but across other platforms.

    -What you think the ramifications will be.

    Depends on the actions/reactions, but decentralization looks like it is winning.

    -How you think the lines will be drawn.

    State by state, with confederated blocs, but then county by county, eventually.

    -Who stands to benefit the most.

    Everyone except the top 0.1%, who will be pummeled if the petrodollar breaks.

    -What the trigger might be that would really kick things off.

    Franz Ferdinand releases a new album and it is universally praised.

    -How you feel people should prepare for this

    Keep your mind safe from distractions, learn how to do “things” and have a place outside any densely populated areas, with prep for a month.

  • Gerold, I think you hit the nail on the head my friend ! I for one, sure don’t want to see any of this coming and pray that it doesn’t.

  • Unlike the Civil War of 1800’s where approximately 660,000 men lost their lives, we are a much more populated Nation. Therefore, the death toll will be greater. In addition, women, who were largely excluded from the first Civil War will be killed in large numbers. There is no chivalry left in this Nation. Secondly, slavery was horrible and many people were turning against it. Times have changed, never has there been more equality than now. We also have multiple layers of entitlement, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, HUD, etc. None of this was present in the 1800’s. The youth and Liberals have no idea what they are getting themselves into. While you can attack strangers in the street with bottles of urine, it is another story entirely when people show-up with the “intent” to kill and destroy. The next civil war, given the technology available to amateurs today, that was not available in the 1800’s, will be beyond devastating. Think of all the people today that have weapons, drones, camera’s, etc., that can cause much more trouble than just a little park scuttle. When these people move into neighborhoods and start attacking private property, I can guarantee that the bullets will be flying and striking with great precision. Private property and individual rights will prevail against a bunch of thugs. Watch the media carefully, there are many clues as to where this is heading. For instance, BLM suggested that white people donate their homes to them. They have a plan and every day there are clues to where this is heading. Be prepared.

    • I would tend to agree with this statement. During the Civil War of the 1860’s, the population was much more rural and battles occurred when opposing sides bumped into each other. Now, our nations population is much larger, co-mingled, and the initial bloodshed of an all out Civil War could be devastating. This would not be as clearly defined as a North vs. South or Pro-Slavery vs. Anti-Slavery. There will be many sides to this coming War, and lines will be vague, like White people in among BLM protesters. One big question is, how do we avoid it..? Can we avoid it at this point..? What will bring all the sides together…? The coming election…? Our Government(s)..? I don’t see that we can avoid it at this point. And keep in mind, while we are busy in-fighting among ourselves, our International Enemies are watching waiting to make their move too…

  • I will remind you that the Civil War was between States not political parties. It was more about economics than ideology. If you haven’t studied American History then you may not know that in the decades leading up to the war the South produced about 70% of the gross national product but enjoyed less representation in Congress because it was not as populated as the North. When the North began pushing legislation; legislation they could pass because of their larger population, to abolish slavery, the very source of the South’s prosperity, tensions ran higher, the South seceded and war broke out.

    If you studied the election returns you’d see that the real division today is between urban and suburban/rural enclaves. The Democratic’s strength lies in big cities and large metropolitan areas. There in no single compelling issue like slavery to drive us to the brink of war. I don’t see this rising to same level as the Civil War. I think it’s unlikely war will break out because transgenders want to choose their toilet facilities or someone wants a statue removed.

    Now, should there be a catastrophic event that caused a breakdown in the economic system resulting in the interruption of the flow of goods and services there will be anarchy but this will be the have-nots striking out at those that prepared.

    • It could well start out as a pissing war between the states when the liberal socialist states (the usual suspects) come to the Federal government hat in hand looking for a bail out at the expense of fiscally more responsible states. Pension payout failures are currently just around the corner. Fiscally conservative states are going to ignore the Federal government more and more and socialist leaning states will need fed money more and more. That will be an interesting dynamic.

      The bloodshed will come when the dollar fails. The Federal government will not be able to hand out money like candy without spooking the international community. If that happens, dollars will flood back into America compounding the demise of the dollar. Pensions, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, government payrolls and welfare are simply going to vanish. It won’t be warfare between the states proper but rather the bulk of the violence and starvation will almost certainly all take place in and around the cities among those who cannot escape. The military and the police will be just as divided but will tend to stand more with the more conservative forces.

      That is when opposing sides will coalesce. Left wing forces will collect around the outskirts of the bigger cities like LA, Chicago, New York, etc and Right wing forces will move to more rural areas. Opposing tin pot governments of all sizes will form. Money will take many forms. The states will break up into smaller governments. Skirmishes will continue for decades.

      Stalin simply raped the countryside to feed the people in the cities where government resided and he needed to maintain control. The country people didn’t have any guns to protect themselves and they starved. That plan won’t work in America. Just one scenario.

  • While the so called “Deep State” does influence and take advantage of events, the big picture is this. The United States was granted a windfall profit by entering WWI and WWII late in the game. We garnered all the gold and kept our industry at full bore and intact which bought us 50 years of unrivaled progress. During that time, the effects of developing multiculturalism began to take their toll and America began to loose her identity as a WASP nation. The dream of the founding fathers began to die as soon as the ink dried on the Constitution and was fully dead by the end of the Civil War. Since then it has been a slow drift towards socialism with the influx of massive numbers of Catholics and Jews from Europe. Socialism has tattered America’s moral fiber and drained the accumulated wealth and abused the economy to the point where the nation is out of money and our nation’s wealth is a matter of smoke and mirrors. The growing tremors of discord between the liberal cities and the conservative countryside will trigger a loss of confidence in the dollar which will cause the economy to implode and the game will then be fully in play. A divided police and military will be little help to the governments and law enforcement will dwindle. Politics will become local as never before.

    What sets America apart is that she is armed to the teeth and many of her citizens are experienced warriors. No country will even consider invading the USA on a ground troop level since it would be much wiser to sit back and allow internecine fighting do their work for them. Nationalists of all stripes will win this war. Globalists will flee or form their own tiny nations. They will fade into insignificance in any event. Race may well be a big factor as people tend to get tribal very quickly during times of scarcity. In any event, in the end, America will look much different and my well break up into several nations to establish a peace. What happens in the rest of the world during this time is anybody’s guess but I don’t think it is going to be pretty. A lot of old scores will be settled. Nuclear war may well break out in the middle east. Hopefully it will be contained.

  • I think the election of Trump is an integral part of the coming New World Order. Implementation of a New World Order can’t happen until the old world order is dismantled. Divide and conquer is what the election of Trump is aiming to accomplish. The next step will probably be uncontrolled violence to the point that martial law will be implemented followed by the elimination of the Constitution and our civil rights.

    The New World Order controllers will probably win because they are better organized and they have the money and thus the power. They are the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings and constantly distracting us with all the “bread and circuses” we have been conditioned since birth to worship.

  • My prediction of what “Civil War 2.0” will look like today really isn’t much different than it was back in the 80s when I first began preparing for it. TPTB (whatever you wish to label them; deep state, military industrial complex, bilderburgers, one percent, etc.) have been and will continue to divide the population until some spark causes widespread civil unrest…at which time they will begin declaring and implementing “emergency measures” to end the violence…of course siding with whatever side that is comfortable with their own statist views…at least at the beginning. Their goal is a nice, orderly, obedient country where the State is supreme and the people are merely another resource to be used to achieve the goals of the State.

    Thus this won’t be a war of armies…it will be a war of the State and its collaborators against splintered, rag-tag pockets of resistance. They have already pretty much eliminated the means for any organized resistance…I dare you to find ANY group today that isn’t already infiltrated with deep state spies, collaborators or snitches. If you think groups like Oath Keepers or any militia/patriot/conservative group is immune, you are going to be in for a rude shock (if not some shock treatment once you are detained ).

    Affiliation with any group deemed an enemy of the State will only ensure that you are one of the first to be rounded up and imprisoned, re-educated or executed once the “emergency measures” begin. Heck, just your record of purchases could get you on the list of suspected insurgents (ever bought anything firearm related with a credit card or where you had to provide identifying information?) .

    This is going to be the kind of war I only know how to survive, rather than win, at this point. Hopefully as it progresses, some type of organized resistance will form…but until that happens…if it happens at all…you have to survive and retain some measure of the means to contribute to any resistance.

    Survival will require like-minded groups of people to band together, mostly covertly, to ensure they have the means to survive AND stay off the radar of the government forces and their collaborators. The government will try to make you dependent upon them for the things you need to survive…food, water, shelter, security, medical care, schools, electricity, transportation, etc. and prevent you from being self-sufficient in any of those areas. Remaining self-sufficient will be the biggest challenge. Thus all of your preps must be towards that end…off-the-radar and protected from confiscation/obsolescence. OpSec will be job one. Resources that can be found, will be lost…and may also result in the loss of whatever little freedom you have left.

    I could ramble on and on…but I think you get my drift. We’re (our own little groups) are going to be on our own, at least at first, and will need to stay off the radar. Prep accordingly.

  • Well at least the Antifa where you live are working and earning income. Over here in Europe most Antifa don’t work, occupy houses, live on the taxpayers money and are being pampered by the Greens and the Socialists.

  • My prediction? No matter what any of us here predicts, we will all be wrong. Whatever watershed event finally strikes the spark that touches off the war, it’ll come at a moment we don’t expect, from a direction we don’t expect, in a form we don’t expect.

    As a bit of old wisdom says, “Life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.” As a somewhat more religious version puts it, “Tell God your plans so He can laugh at them.” While we sit here nattering about what various nebulous and vaguely defined groups of conspirators are doing, God is probably planning some major sucker punch for us all even now.

    Whatever ultimately touches off Civil War 2.0, only those with the flexibility to expect the unexpected will benefit; conspirators and conspiracy theorists alike will be among the first to perish for being unable to make sense of situations that won’t fit tidily into their simplistic worldviews. Rather than foolishly worry ourselves silly speculating about what shadowy cabals of conspirators are planning for us (since reality’s unpredictability has already effectively doomed those plans to failure), we should be paying closer attention to what the people in our immediate vicinity are doing, and how they are likely to behave in whatever crisis may come.

    • wow I hate to comment on your piece but you couldn’t be further from the truth.those prepared will be the most flexable the most ready.You can’t prepare for what you don’t know is coming but you can have extra food…meds…tools..etc etc.You don’t make sense those most prepared will be the first to die…they are in the right mind set already.We know how people will behave….
      Hell if you have a crises and didn’t stock pile any food you will starve no matter how flexible you are.You know very little about preppers….all that i have spoken to ..and I’ve spoken to a lot of preppers..aren’t getting ready for one event…basically most of them are preparing to be able to look after themselves and their loved ones should government fails ..regardless the reason.

      • You assume conspiracy theorists are the “most prepared” in your reply; to the contrary, the ones I’ve met are very poorly prepared; on the rare occasions when they aren’t blathering mindlessly about Jews somehow being behind every last horrible thing that happens in the world, they’re boasting about the guns they plan to use to raid those of us who are storing food. (Turns out they can’t eat their copies of The Protocols and Mein Kampf; who knew?) Assuming they even have those guns and are training with them (not a safe assumption, given how much I’ve seen that they exaggerate and outright lie about themselves), these raiders will indeed be among the first to die. In many cases, it will be their more sensible prepper “friends” shooting them in back of their heads immediately after the crisis breaks out, because those more sensible preppers are well aware that no one is quicker to betray and start preying upon everyone around him in a crisis than someone whose entire worldview is based on blaming somebody else for all of his problems.

        Also, conspiracy theorists are horrible at predicting anything: none of them foresaw the Soviet Union’s collapse, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, nor even the Great Recession of 2008, though they’ll all retroactively pretend to have done so now. If we are honest with ourselves, we should admit up front that none of us knows whether there will even be a Civil War II instead of (say) a World War III or a natural disaster or a domestic terrorist attack or an invasion or a nuclear meltdown or just another Lost Decade like Japan had (and like we’ve been having). That’s why I believe it more prudent to prepare for crisis in general rather than trust any specific predictions, especially from conspiracy theorists’ sites engaged in the Sharpshooter Fallacy.

        • i see the sickness in your soul from here.I don’t know whats wrong with people like you.Country people have always stored food…regardless of their political affiliation.Guns what is it with you people and guns…give it up.There are so many guns in America in the people’s hands you will never get them.To hard working honest folks a gun is just a tool..to feed and protect with.Like all tools you only use it when you need to.Damn if gun owners were as bad as you every city would be a Detroit.
          It’s because of free men with guns that have given you the freedoms you abuse .To think different is just stupidity.That is too funny a snowflake in need of a safe place thinking the men and women who have made this country great are anything like you.The only person here talking like a nut job conspiracist is you.A person who relies upon others is a leech.The thought of taking something they haven’t earned shames honest people..Funny it doesn’t shame you.Why is that.
          Your rant is so boringly predicable.You’ve really drinking the cool aid.Have you ever had a thought of your own…

  • Whites are afraid because they are rapidly plunging as a percentage of the population. Right now whites are about 12% of the global population once you subtract all of the fake whites, like folks from India, hispanics, Asians, Arabs and others that are now counted as white in the census. In the US the majority of people under 18 will be non-white in 2020 , so in a generation and a half the country will be completely transformed as will Europe…. There will be all manner of violence as the white hegemony ends. The confederacy will become as despised as ISIS is today. It is unfortunate that this change will be resisted with violence because it is inevitable. The USA, Inc has to fragment because there is no national unity. The best you can do is to pick your spot to be as it all falls apart.

  • My guess is that a “civil war” here will be on the order of a counter-insurgency (the insurgency being represented by the “corporatocracy” made up of the union between politics and business, including the bureaucracies supporting both), low-intensity conflict. Low-intensity or not, war is ugly, and an evil (I’ve seen it up close and personal), and even though it’s not the worst evil, it’s bad enough! Best case, then, this union, erroneously termed a “nation” for 150 years, will divide up into smaller more cohesive states and regions.

    Worst case, it becomes an all-encompassing total war.

    Interesting times indeed!

    • Yes, this is what I think would be best for all of us, with the culture clash… especially between the North and the South and also the west coast states…
      “Best case, then, this union, erroneously termed a “nation” for 150 years, will divide up into smaller more cohesive states and regions”
      For my entire life, I’d heard my grandparents, elders and others talk about how much better off we in Texas and the South would be on our own and not ruled over by federals that think they know how we should be living our lives better than we do.

      • Yessir! Thing is, as I’m sure you well know, that corporatocracy I referred to lives like a parasite off the rest of us, and it will not go gently into that good night! It s power and profit are at stake!

  • Civil war (a misnomer, war is not civil) has been going on forever. Neither the declaration of independence nor the institution of constitutional government slowed it. It burst into conflagration in 1860 and slightly less so in 1960. The melting pot confabulation never happened, for differing and unequal people (everyone) will always be in some measure of discontent with each other. Men and women are unequal and (viva la?) differing. Every couple has those two seeds of conflict within themselves, as do any two people. The more numerous and the more closely associating, the more points of conflict.
    The ramifications are murder and mayhem.
    The lines to be drawn are nearly infinite.
    Those who benefit is measured in at least two ways. 1) financially: primarily the makers and sellers of weapons. 2) psychologically: those who thrill to observation of conflict (nearly everyone) but mostly the most psychotic sociopaths.
    The trigger(s) will be instigators, the size of the conflict is directly proportional to the reach of the instigator(s).
    How to prepare? There’s nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. With chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, survival is both questionable and of dubious advantage.

    • The left is begging for civil war.They’ve been violently attacking the right for almost a year now.Beating up young and old man and women if they even wear a Trump hat.Throwing urine rocks bricks beating people with sticks bike locks and spraying peaceful demonstrators with mace and pepper spray.Now Antifa has an armed branch.At ever Trump rally they showed up and were violent.
      They want civil war.How much longer do you thing honest hard working Americans will put up with the violence from the left.Personally..I that Antifa is one step away fromseeing how normal Americans will deal with the tactics the left have been using.Trust me..when you awaken the silent majority ( Trumps base ) in this country .You’ll wish you hadn’t

  • The New World Order is The Old World Order…come on they lost all their power when democracy came to be.They have the money the organization .and they want it back.


  • Actually, most Trump supporters are sitting back and watching all this unfold. So, I think this could happen in the inner-cities, most definitely. By then, everybody starts to “lock and load” and know what’s cookin beforehand. If say, an EMP attack occurs, communities will come together and go from there, but will definitely be back in the Stone Age. for all.
    Alot of people I see commenting haven’t mentioned that the USA is armed to the teeth. And I believe the “black-mode” (not knowing what to do) in most people, is very narrow, at this point. Every neighborhood in the USA has some kind of prepper to assist in their immediate area. They just don’t know it yet. Lots of people have had a mind that this, or something wouild happen to cause a “point of no return”, in this country. Rural guys may seal highways out of the city, or deter people to another way to avoid their area. You will see neighborhoods banning together and defend what they have. Big city people will die quickly, while some rural people will plug the holes to stop very hungry people that won’t take “no” for an answer. Mayhem in the big cities, while the rural try to survive.
    If something like an EMP hits, the inner-city people will have to stay put, unless they walk. No Go Zones galore.
    Alot of people are armed. Strange people will die, or have little chance. Let’s prepare, but hope it doesn’t happen.

  • Ivar, Well, noted, as Antifa vs the Alt Right are concerned, but that would be war on steroids and guns. Somewhere in time, it was once said that Nikita Khrushchev coined the quote, “The survivors will envy the dead,” others like to say the it went like this, “In the event of nuclear war the living will envy the dead.’ I can find neither in any of his writings nor in his many speeches, he did like to talk, kind of like Castro, Hitler and Mussolini. It was most probably J.F. Kennedy, he to was a man of many words and he liked to pepper his many speeches and public address’s with quotations, it seems that they were often garbled, he too was not as knowledgable as he often tried to sound, once again I digress.

    A Civil War in America would rank up there with Serbia, Bosnia, to name but just a few, anyone wishing for such is either utterly mad or is a career politician. With the onset of such an affair, i.e. Civil War, I believe that the Federal Government would do little or nothing to stop it, why? To turn ones head would allow for the dwindling down of much of the perceived governmental adversaries whether it be on the right or the left, those that the Government has for so long known about, it would merely save them much of their sacred stores of ammunition, fuel and, of course, the possible loss of military personnel.

    Kissinger once was quoted as to have said, “…control food and you control the people”. Yes, food would be the first casualty, electrical power, water and the rest would merely follow with ease.

    Our crash teams run ever constant scenarios to which a Civil War is high on the list of probables and it scares the hell out of all of us and we are in an ever constant state of preparedness. The other articles contained in our crash scenarios would present near formidable challenges in gaining control of, but Civil War…in such an event, “the living would envy the dead.” May the grace of God, our Savior save us all from such. God Bless you all, I wish that I could say that your work here is done, but I must conclude that it has only begun.

    I Must admit that I grow weary of such thoughts, it begs the quote, “But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”. Robert Frost signer, a Fellow Patriot

  • Sorry for late. I have just found this article today. I still have hope that the population will tune in and drop out of the unnecessary and inappropriate competition, right in the nick of time. It has happened before, after all, so it could happen again. Please carry hope in your heart wherever you go. Hope and positive mental attitude predicate your survival success rate, no matter how much preparedness you’ve put into the situation.

  • We have already been in a war of attrition by socialists left for the past 2 to 3 decades. They (the socialists, globalists, left) have been chipping away at the basic morals and freedoms that our founders provided in our constitution. First was abortion (baby killing now over 60 million) in the name of women’s rights, then gun control, discrimination and the resulting reverse discrimination, the 2nd and now the 1st amendments all right under our collective noses and called progressive.

    The unhinged and deranged leftists do not realize that all their progressive, socialists and globalists pushes have taken place to the abhor of all the True Conservatives , who have been shouted down and mowed over while trying our best to turn the other cheek. We have now reached the point where if pushed any further, the conservatives , who own more guns and weapons ( 3 or 4 to 1) and have more military and LE training experience will react with overwhelming force and the unhinged left will remain no longer.

    It will NOT start in the south as Jeriann suggest above. There are too many guns and trained marksman and the government won’t declare martial law (unless Rex84 is put into effect) in which case, the local and regional militia’s and other Patriot groups would work with local LE and sheriff’s to bring law and order into place.

    They do not know what they are doing and asking for, but GOD forbid if they push things that far. GOD help us all!

  • Thought provoking, but late, this question and it’s considerations have been long discussed by all sides for decades.
    The only new portion to the Dialectic is the pronounced optics of and in “ fear porn “, or rather propaganda purposed to promote the furtherance of both fear and hatred along ideological differences. This historically is the next to last dialectical stage prior to synthesis if that synthesis is open conflict.
    In this case that conflict could take many forms, but a rehash of the uncivil war is unlikely. Rather I believe this dialectical is designed to push today’s Pseudo Christians into calling for earthly judgement and punishment for those they are being told are their enemies. As a Christian myself I believe that judgement as well as consequences both belong to God and to God alone.
    Imagine a war who’s final battle is not of blood and gore, but of a day of worship forced upon those who swear to the heavens that they do not believe. And what f that day is not the Day of the Lord of the Sabbaths ? Will you worship even though you are a Christian? I won’t.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if violence from the left escalates after the Republicans pick up seats in the House and Senate; to the left it will seem inconceivable that once again an election certainty was taken away from them. For the immediate future, the violence will be aimed at right wing figure heads in places where the left face little to no fear of prosecution (CA/NY/DC). The majority of the country’s conservatives will condemn the acts harshly but take no action; it will be regarded as a law enforcement matter.

    In CA the CALEXIT movement will pick up speed. Most of the country will start to realize there is a benefit to CA secession; the loss of 2 Democratic Senate and 39 House seats not to mention the impact to the electoral college. People will even start to ask questions like “If CA leaves the union will they take their share of the debt with them?” The real issue will be what happens to those who don’t want to leave. While less than a third of the state considers itself conservative, those people reside as the majority in over half the state (the less populated Northern and Eastern parts of state where most of the water, agriculture, and natural resources reside). If the left tries to make the secession an all or nothing proposition, then CA may follow the path of bloody Kansas and Missouri of the late 1850s. Again, most of the country will watch the bloodshed with horror but take no direct action.

    Unlike 2016 and 2018, the left will not be taken by surprise by a 2020 Trump victory; they will have already deemed the election rigged and illegitimate. This time however, the left (like the South leading up to the election of Lincoln) will have an organized response planned.

    As Trump takes his super majority to task the deep state will fear the end of days nearing. At some point an attempt to overtake the Trump presidency will be made; it will fail. A cleansing of positions will be made and anyone not pledging complete loyalty to Trump will be purged of both Democrats and establishment Republicans. With the purging will come criminal charges, possibly even charges of treason for some. Many former power players will flee to the EU for protection where they will finance a left-wing counter revolution. Calls for violence against the right will no longer be subdued or localized; terror will spread to the heartland.

    In Trump’s second term an event will take place, call it our “Fort Sumter”. The left will cross the threshold of appeasement by the right and a nationalist counter surge will be awakened. Impatient of the ability for law enforcement to crack down on left wing fringe groups, right wing militias will arm and take revenge on the left; quickly overcoming the resources of local law enforcement. The fed will want to refrain from sending troops to quell state violence calling it a “constitutional” limitation.

    Governor’s in heavily left leaning states will grow impatient and attempt to form their own militias to put down the invading conservative militias; this will only increase the violence and resolve of the right.

    In a desperate attempt to hold onto power by the left, calls for international assistance will go out by left leaning states; and they will be met. The left will man their EU/ASIAN financed militias with criminals, anarchist groups, immigrants, violent minority groups, and conscription of the poor. The right, while better trained and maned will face logistical issues that go along with fighting in enemy territory. The fed will continue to keep an arm’s length distance from the fighting focusing instead on limiting the influence of foreign actors into the fray.

    Fighting will take place over several years in several regional areas of the US. The left will suffer from poor leadership and inadequate training of its militias; desertions in the final months will be high. The right will take serious casualties but will endure despite never being recognized by the fed. As the second civil war nears an end the fed will finally take the side of the right, but its delayed decision will be met with contempt. The right militias will demand retribution from their enemies for their sacrifice; right militias leaders will demand large sections of property and financial repayment to give to their soldiers. The fed will want to negotiate a peace like what Lincoln wanted with the south with rights and property being immediately returned to a defeated foe. A standoff will arise between the fed and the new occupiers of the US coastal regions.

    After this happens, you can ask what’s next…

    • It’s been 2 years since i wrote this…every couple months i get notice that someone has added a comment. Until this week and there has been around a dozen new posts. What’s going to happen is still anyone’s guess but there is definitely a growing interest in this subject…and that’s the real story.

  • The enemy in any civil war or revolution is not those of a different skin color or those of a different political or religious belief. The real enemy is a Ruling Class that uses government to control how you live your life.

    Throughout any civil war, the well protected Ruling Class will smoke their cigars, drink their wines and laugh at how gullible the people are. The Ruling Class want to see the livestock thinned. Yes, you are nothing more than human livestock in their eyes.

    Those that really rule this country have been trying to provoke a civil war for years. Every time there is a civil war or revolution, a greater tyranny falls upon the people. You will have to read original source history books rather than the propaganda you learned in the government 12 year indoctrination centers or the History Channel.

    I do not think there will be much in the way of a blood in the streets type of open warfare. The couch potato sunshine patriots really have little stomach for war.

    Stock up with what you can, while you can and stay out of the way in the conflict.

    I am glad I am old but I worry for my children and grand children.

    Northern Idaho

  • Thanks for this. I think “they” are still “testing” with minor provcations and actions to watch how people react so they can fine tune their tactics and strategies. Race-oriented “false flags” with a speckling of “school” and “nightclub” shootings will be involved, as will war and the usual. Finance, banking and cash issues will be implemented, along with power outages, weather warfare and food shortages. Things are intensifying, and the degree of its pacing will be a major clue.

  • Last summer I read an obscure history book that I had picked up for 25 cents at a yard sale. It was an old Seattle Public Library book that had only been checked out twice over a couple of decades before being removed from their shelves. The title is _And the War Came_ about the last couple of years leading up to the Civil War. Clearly, all considerations for economics and states rights aside, the driving issue was whether or not the US would hold true to its founding principles and end slavery, or not. The Northern/Republican folks said slavery had to end, and the Southern/Democrat folks just as adamantly said they were keeping slavery. This is what animated average Americans.

    A natural question arose for me about what the overriding issue would be for Civil War II, the spark that sets off actual fighting. And the answer is: the Second Amendment. The Left/Dems are hell-bent on taking our guns, what the Constitution says be damned, and the Right/Republicans are just as dug-in that we will keep our guns and the Constitution will be preserved.

    Right now we are in a middle stage of “laws” (unconstitutional) being passed, with massive non-compliance from gun owners. The trigger for Civil War II will be when door-to-door enforcement begins and enforcers start getting shot. We are perilously close to that time.

    I read a lot of history, and one thread stands out above all others, almost as if it’s a law of political science: when Ruling Elites know they are pushing their populations to the breaking point with too much taxation or corruption, they try to take weapons away. Doesn’t matter if it’s pitchforks from peasants or AR-15’s from Americans, the Ruling Elite response is always the same. It NEVER occurs to them to back off and treat the people more fairly. This is what we’re seeing now, and it has nothing to do with mass shootings, crime, or the murder rate per 100,000. It’s just a power-grab, which the left and Dems support.

  • Way too much hype going on here.

    The fight will be in the Congress and in the courts and the media with only occasional violence.

    This too will pass.

  • I do NOT see a race war. But I clearly see a Republicans vs Democrats hot war. It would start with blockades of the major cities (which are mostly Democratic, and we cannot seek out the few Republicans and save them, we just have to say sorry but you are living with the enemy). The Government would definitely shutdown power in a hope to get everyone in line, which actually would probably speed up the demise of the cities. The question really is: can anyone who lives presently in a large city be part of the future of America if we want to keep this Nation, that “everyone” wants to come to, the type of Nation that everyone does want to come to. America is not without a checkered past, but for a large percentage of the citizenry it is the best place to live in the World.

  • I can see a great deal of plausible scenarios in the comments. I’m as prepared as I can be, not just materially, but in my gutt. I will feel privileged to stand and fight/die/kill for my country -cheated, if the opportunity doesn’t present itself. My entire life, as the eldest of a very large farm family, has ingrained in my very soul the absolute call of duty over pleasure or comforts. I was born in 1956. We lived in the house that my grandparents built-no running water or indoor plumbing. You could literally see outside and under the house through the walls and floorboards. I would give anything, to have that house again. If I don’t have chores to do for my own household, I borrow other peoples burdens by volunteering. As a result, I can’t recall a single day of my life, since the age of 5, that I’ve ever had off, in 62 years. I don’t know how to pamper myself. I don’t know how to take time off. I am resourceful and energetic as hell. I was built for such a day. God bless my beloved country and President Trump! CONservative DEMocrat=CONDEM PARTY. I am CONDEM PARTY.

  • To prepare:
    I would start making lists of leading politicians leading the charge to globalism, their chief of staffs, their immediate families, corporations (CEOs, major stock holders, families).
    Start building files to prevent “Le Terror” happening here. Just be analytical and dispassionate or as Joe Friday said “Just the Facts”

  • This is fueled by the interests behind the MSM. It started because of them and it will stop when either their aims are met or they are sufficiently damaged enough by the rest of us that they pull back and play nice until next time…

  • It’s already here. I remember in 2014 there were riots and looting/violence everywhere, cant remember what year, but the DC Sniper, Cops getting shot in squad cars etc. Now we have a convenient virus outbreak, more riots looting and violence and elections in the fall. National Guard has already been called up. Can you say Watts Riots?

  • What happens depends on whether the grid goes down, if it does ….
    No electricity = a complete shutdown of all transport, internet, no groceries, no refrigeration, no medical support. Gas stations cannot pump fuel without electricity. (Remote bugout locations will not help in most cases, unless you are already there.)
    If the grid goes down, over 95% of the people will not be engaging in an idealogical battle over states or individual rights, they will be scrambling for basic survival, fanning out into the countryside in search of food and safety. They will show up at your farm. They will have cute innocent babies in tow. What to do?
    Lots has been written expanding on this scenario.
    One excellent book is “The Strand” by Stephen King, at over 1,200 pages, you will burn through it as it so pertinent to present times.

    • You dont think every single farmer living close to a city has not already thought of that?
      Kinda hard to, “. . . fanning out into the countryside . . .” when all the bridges have been dropped or blocked with heavy equipment, over turned trucks, etc.
      It is a long walk from many cities to those rural areas.

  • The current upheaval appears much larger than it really is because the media is keeping it front and center. A quick review of the demographics of these protesters/rioters will show that they are largely white, 20-35 years old and number in the 100,000 or so nationwide. Many have already been identified in several actions across the country. In that they have time to perpetrate these activities I would presume most are unemployed and most likely living with their Democratic parents who will eventually tire of supporting their activities.

    A “hot war” will require weapons and their mastery. The evidence I’ve seen suggests very little of either exist in their ranks. On the other hand literally all my family and everyone I know have a high degree of expertise in those skill sets.

    I could care less what they destroy and burn in the “city”, I don’t live there. By the time they reach my property line their ranks will have thinned from exhaustion and hunger. This being the case I see little chance of any major confrontations. My current concern is that conservatives don’t lose hope and neglect the vote. This melee is just a tactic to influence the vote and pin the blame on Trump. Stay informed and keep your wits about you. A Trump victory and keeping the Senate is vital.

  • America…first let me address who will benifit from a civil war in America or who think they will benifit. Russia China UN of coarse there are others but those are the main ones. ,How will it happen. Well it’s already started so when will it go hot or when will the silent majority say enough of this.I believe in Nov of 2020 if Trump wins the election if he doesn’t then with in a year of the left ruling the country. What will it look like. Well if trump wins it’ll be wild in all the democratic cities and states so there will be an explosion of sorts .Once it is put down by the goverment then you’ll have terrorist attacks by the remaining left. They’ll go to ground as they say.It could last for decades, If the left win the election I’d say you’d see open rebellion with in a year in most of rual America, The milatary will be divided and sooner or later you’d see the break up of America,

  • I think the war might look Ike B vs W, but will really be Haves vs Got-Nones. In fact, economics could be more compelling than race. Another forum was having a big to-do about white supremacists. I asked participants how they would define those. My favorite response was “If you’re Caucasian and you have more than the person who’s calling you out.”

  • I personally think everybody needs to calm down a bit. . We didn’t see civil war in Russia, it was limited in Yugoslavia and we still don’t see it in South Africa with far worse problems. The American Empire breakup isn’t going to be that much different. I expect a decrease in living standards, a mixture of messy and controlled devolution’s, a lot of crime and some warlords arising in some areas, some population movement and expulsion and possibly a rise in emigration to ancestral countries. Some interference by foreign players in certain states in exchange for cash and security. When people are more motivated by economics and stability, full blown war is not usually the first choice.

  • Sadly I think it is here… Not has been building a long time and is in the early stages of moving from unrest to civil war…

    Sadly this will be much different than previous civil war with more local infighting and racial polarization.

    Not sure where it will go. Things will likely be less equal and who is favoured will vary area to area. Likely we US will break up and we could see UN peace keepers if it gets bad.

    I think we could end here peacefully still but we are approaching the point of no return. Not just in US but in several nation’s too. Although maybe US is closest to civil war not just unrest. .

  • I think we can look at world history and see how it is happening. Fundamentally the issue is that ever escalating number of Americans aren’t having their basic needs met (food, water, shelter). and the culture of shaming each other prevents people from voting for someone that wants to provide basic human rights to Americans.

    Right now most of the rioting, looting and piillaging is done by people who are not having their basic needs met, so they are resorting to hunter-gatherer basics. Neither Trump nor Biden care in the slightest about the common people nor do they have any inkling of understanding of history, so will likely continue to cut social security until a significant minority or even majority is starving and thus has no inclination to care about societal norms or laws, since society is no longer serving their basic needs.

    What typically happens at this point is that many gangs or “roving bandits” form, who romp around the cities until all the resources are depleted, and then they start looting the surrounding countryside. The roving bandits which support the largest population generally comes out on top, since they provide for the basic human rights of the most people.

    In terms of what the American military can do, they are a million people sure, and have lots of weapons, but they also have families. Fragmentation and coups are possible of well meaning groups of people that believe they can provide for the basic human rights of more people than the current establishment. So while the government is busy trying to handle coups, the on the ground situation deteriorates as people use their assault rifles to take out the remanants of the police force standing in the way of their food.

    Eventually a very brutal roving bandit group such as Mao/Stalin may sweep over and force everyone into some semblance of cohesion, but that is much more difficult with a fully armed populace. so most likely there would simply be pockets of civilization, and unmaintained rural areas for a while. Likely the secret space program will erect some of their aluminum glass domes around their central locations to protect from bombardment by roving bandits.

    In terms of the rural areas, the ones which are most likely to succeed are the permaculture food forest people, since they grow elaborate food forests, which are difficult for the majority of people to comprehend, since they think they are just trees. It is easy enough to make a city wall around a permaculture community using thorny shrubs, trees and poison ivy, making it impervious to infiltration by cutting or burning (poison ivy smoke leads to immediate hospitalization or death), and thorny shrubs like locusts and osage orange tend to be the hardest woods on the continent that will dull any blade or chainsaw in minutes.

  • I am a veteran that means I have been in combat.
    Are you prepared to see your, wife, children, relatives butchered?
    Blood running on the floor from a gunshot wound?
    Or burned in a house with a carbonized bodies of children, women, and men from an artillery strike. The bodies smell like burned pork roast as you sift thru the rubble looking for survivors?
    As a former soldier on the pointy end of the stick, most of you have NO CONCEPT OF WAR.
    I have reoccurring nightmares after 50 years and I still see the dead from both sides.
    So pray to GOD that you never have to be in combat it is not glorious nor glamorous it just survivors.

  • Most of the comments I see on this site are not reasoned ones. A couple have good points to make. If a Civil War is actively engaged, it will clearly start in the large cities as we are already witnessing. As far as I can tell, no conservative group of any consequence has engaged Antifa and BLM at this point. Allowing this to devolve into chaos and anarchy would, itself, be the end of America, because once the country has been seriously weakened, China and/or Russia, et al, would actively move to undermine – or outright conquer what is left. Therefore, the only sensible way to address it is to attack the rioters, using Strategy and Battle Tactics that have been thought through by people who know what they are doing; like former Special Ops guys, former military strategists, etc. These people who are catapulting us toward national suicide can be stopped fairly easily, but the Fight cannot be encumbered by Rules of Engagement or hesitation of any kind. There are No Rules in War. The only way to win a war is to Kill more of Them than they can endure. That is why the bombing of Dresden in WWII happened. If you Kill enough of them – civilian or not – their morale wains and they can be crushed. I recommend to anyone concerned about this that they read “On The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Robert L. Cantrell publishes a book entitled “Understanding Sun Tsu on the Art of War,” that I highly recommend. It is required reading at the Naval War College, The National War College, and West Point. Read it at least ten times (it is short); then read “Tao Te Ching,” by Lao Tzu. This is a book on Taoist philosophy, on which Sun Tzu’s military philosophy is based. The Art of War is a book of aphorisms regarding military strategy. One of the salient aphorisms in his treatise says: “Hold out Baits to Attract the Enemy; Feign Disorder, and Crush Him.” Sage advice.

  • I do believe a civil war is coming. Unlike some comments I’ve read, I believe the war will be over our civil rights being taken away. Yes, some bigots will war over race, even in rural areas. There will always be idiots around. But unlike those comments I read, I live in the the country where there is still many people with family values and hold to the “Bill of Rights” as American’s way of life. The war could actually be fought over just those rights. It could be Liberals against Conservatives. It could break up counties, states, and eventually our government as we now know it. There could be many areas of the US that will scramble to secede and/or form their own nation. Until the dust settles, it will be chaos. And this isn’t just happening here as some believe. It’s all over the world. What will emerge, heaven knows, but it will be nothing we will recognize.

  • One thing for sure is that there would be no clear sides. It would look like Syria and Iraq after the so-called “Arab Spring.”

    If you look up what civil war I was like in Western states, say Missouri especially, there were no armies fighting; it was pro union GANGS and pro confederate GANGS! The war in the east was “civil” compared to what happened out west…

    Generals in the army would turn against one another and convince certain groups of people to follow them. There would be no clear sides, some people might not even know what they were fighting for!

    Civil War 2.0 would be akin to gang warfare with “political” goals rather than solely “economic”- that is, how do I steal this money- ones.

  • I don’t see a race war.
    If you find where these groups are getting funding you find the root cause of a lot of the violence and hate in this country- that has never been addressed.
    Others are just following the lead because.. fun? free stuff, venting, hate.
    I see the largest problem between the right that want law and order and the far left that want control, special laws elevating them above everyone else, free speech only for themselves. socialism/communism they want, a thing proven countless times in our own history that does not work, ever.

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