How Did We End Up Having a Baby Formula Shortage?

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The United States is now facing a severe baby formula shortage and all the data only points to things getting worse. As of early April, approximately 30% of popular infant formula was out of stock at stores across the nation. CVS, Target, and Walgreens were some of the more noteworthy stores that began to ration baby food out at that time. This comes at a time shortly after Georgia has declared a state of emergency due to lack of supplies and Washington DC has began to advocate for the rationing of food.

Now? Now, the data indicates that 40% of popular infant formula brands are out of stock throughout America. What will that percentage be next month?

Much of this has been caused by the recall at Abbott.

Abbott is the largest supplier of infant formula in America. Approximately three months ago, four infants became ill, two of which, sadly, passed away. The FDA and the CDC stepped in, claiming that Abbott’s Michigan facility needed to shut down. Initially, the FDA said that they found unsanitary facility practices at the Abbott facility. Anybody who has ever talked with anyone who has tried to produce and process their own livestock for sale understands how asinine FDA rulings of “unsanitary” can be.

Last month, the FDA and CDC stated that the bacterial strain that made the four babies sick didn’t match the strain of bacteria that was found at the Abbott facility. Despite this, the plant remained closed. There is currently no explanation as to how the contamination occurred.

(Here’s a link worth exploring. “Sabotage operations.”)

Now, because of the shortage, the FDA is saying that the Michigan Abbott facility can reopen. According to the company, it will take them approximately 10 weeks before formula once more begins to show up on store shelves across America.

Headlines about the shortage are popping up in media across the nation.

The Guardian recently published a piece titled, ‘It’s a nightmare’: baby formula shortage leaves US parents desperate. Other media outlets have began to publish articles along the lines of ‘How to Feed Your Baby When There’s No Infant Formula.’

As of April, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Iowa, and Missouri were hit the hardest by the shortage of infant formula, experiencing a 50% reduction in infant formula.

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Let them drink Biomilq.

A new formula alternative should be available on the market within the next 3-5 years, though – Biomilq – the world’s first lab-grown breast milk.

UPDATE: A viral tweet (not ours) linked Biomilq to the formula shortage.,  USA Today, and Reuters deny that Gates’ firm has any connection to the baby formula shortage. 

This Durham, North Carolina company was founded in 2019, and has recently acquired hefty financing from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Bill Gates’ investment firm that is predominantly focused on tackling “climate change.” Other partners with Breakthrough Energy Ventures include Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Masayoshi Son, Jack Ma, Michael Bloomberg, and Marc Benioff.

After serving a stint at the Gates Foundation, food scientist Michelle Egger co-founded Biomilq with Leila Strickland.

But why did a “climate change” organization invest money in a lab-grown breast milk company?

According to CEO Michelle Eggers, at the moment, approximately 10% of the world’s milk supply is used to produce milk for infant formula. This is apparently bad for the planet. Eggers and Strickland tout Biomilq as an environmentally-friendly means of feeding babies. Their hope is Biomilq will reduce the carbon footprint of the infant formula industry.


At the moment, we have mysterious fires that are devastating the American food supply. For 3 months, the FDA shut down one of the facilities that America’s largest infant formula manufacturer uses. Despite no link between the bacteria that made the babies sick and the bacteria found in the factory. Furthermore, the FDA discovered no explanation for the infections, but kept the facility shut down another month.

Bill Gates is funding a lab-grown milk factory. (By the way, to create the milk, donors gave breast and milk cells to the company in exchange for a Target gift card. These cells, placed in a bioreactor, replicate the environment found inside of a breast, and produces milk as a end result.)

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We have been warning about an American famine for quite some time.

baby formula shortage
The Irish Potato Famine Memorial.

You are about to experience it at a level that you never thought possible. When did you last hear of American babies dying from starvation? Why are you suddenly hearing about it now?

What are your thoughts on all this? Do you have more to add to the conversation? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • I believe this to be an engineered food famine across the board to kill off earths population.The criminal,globalist,eugenicists couldn’t get the entire population of earth jabbed,because half of earths population woke up to the engineered deadly c0v!d jab.So now the criminal,globalists,eugenicists are coming after our babies and children.Kill the babies and children,and you kill an entire generation.

    • believe you are totally correct!!! everything has been and is being done ON PURPOSE…….we’re in deep you know what…..

    • Half may have been physically injected with the mRNA killer clot shots, but it doesn’t stop there. These are, ‘Self Reproducing Transmissible Vaccines’. You can do an internet search on it.

      New Study & Confidential Pfizer Docs. prove COVID “Vaccine Shedding” has been and still is occurring with dangerous consequences


      A new study conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado confirms the vast majority of humanity have had absolutely no choice in the matter of whether they wish to get the Covid-19 injection or not because the vaccinated have been transmitting antibodies generated by the injections through aerosols.

      The findings should however come as no surprise, because a confidential Pfizer document had already confirmed exposure to the mRNA injections was perfectly possible by skin-to-skin contact and breathing the same air as someone who had been given the Covid-19 jab.

      They also unfortunately add weight to the claims made by Dr Phillipe van Welbergen, who demonstrated that graphene, an alleged undisclosed ingredient of the Covid-19 injections, is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the not-vaccinated and destroying red blood cells and causing dangerous blood clots.

      • As very many people have found out over millennia, most recently Jews, Rwandans, Syrians and other populations in the 20th and 21st centuries – when someone says that you should die because we don’t want you as a group on our planet, we really should listen to them because they’re serious.

    • Exactly my thought! Utterly diabolical. How truly frightening for a parent. Ultimately they are pushing us to be more self sustaining which is good for us, bad for their profits, so be it. Beat them at their own peril. As much as we can go back to food in its most natural form we will all live healthier and longer. Until doomsday that is. ????

  • When my breast milk supply wasn’t sufficient for my growing son my doctor advised me to use evaporated milk mixed with water and I believe a tablespoon of Karo syrup. I think I also supplemented with liquid pediatric vitamins. It’s been 42 years so my memory is fuzzy. My son is 6′ 2″ and healthy BTW.

    • what did pioneers and their forebearers use when the mother couldnt produce milk?? yes, they would find a substitute breast feeder if possibly, but if not? if I remember, and its been long long time too….I remember the formula for canned milk, karo, water, etc. AND seems to me that 10 weeks is a long time for a startup….and what will our trucking and transportation situation look like in 10 wks (getting supply to markets)? the price? outrageous, will parents even be able to afford it now?

      • Usually restarting production after some incident like that, is not just about production, but about getting recertified by the various federal and state health officials.
        Inspections and paperwork take time to work through channels before they can buy and store up supplies to restart production.
        As chances are, they had to destroy all the supplies they had on hand, sanitize all the equipment and lay off the workers to insure no further contamination issues will occur.
        So it all takes a lot of time, effort and finances to restart production once it was shut down.
        A similar effect would be had if it had been a National grid down event, (except on a much bigger scale). So the idea of a quick restart of industry after a major EMP or grid down event is not likely to happen.
        Which is what makes it so dangerous. Few people really understand how long it would take to restart all industries after an event like that and the chances are that it would never be restarted.

    • Right. Go back to what our grandmothers did before the formula push. People need to think and not rely on ready made.

    • Definitely healthier. I hope a lot of parents figure out that the baby formulas are mostly terrible for the baby’s health, and you can make way better ones.

  • I have been hearing that this administration is shipping formula to the border. I’m not sure if it’s true or not but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Wow, I haven’t heard of a single baby starving to death? Where did you see it? Fear mongering much?

    • While no one has died yet I have read accounts of mothers having out of state relatives scouring local stores to find formula and ship it in order to prevent having to ration or thin down the formula for their baby. Having to turn to underfeeding is a slow form of starvation. How many moms don’t have anyone to help out like that? How long before the medical side effects of underfeeding start showing up?

      • I luckily found formula in my state that my son who lives in a neighboring state needed for his baby. They could not find what they needed anywhere in their area.

      • Well, as others have mentioned, for thirty years after the war, nearly all babies were given a homemade formula. Dr. Spock had several recipes for it in early editions of Baby and Child Care. The basic recipe for newborns is one can of evaporated milk mixed with two cups of water and two tablespoons of sugar or Karo syrup (to help the baby break down the protein in the milk, to substitute for the sugar lactose in women’s milk). The evaporated milk is very good for several reasons and was a real breakthrough when it was developed. Liquid vitamin drops after a certain age, also iron added after a certain age. Of course sterilize the bottles and nipples, use water boiled for ten minutes and cooled, and store filled bottles in the refrigerator for a day or two. Millions of babies were given this homemade formula, including me, and were very healthy. Commercial formula replaced it in the seventies, but because of convenience, not health concerns.

    • Right! Let’s all take your suggestion to wait until American babies begin to die of starvation before we even start talking about it. Will that make you feel better?

    • This topic has been all over the news, including main stream news, so how is it fear mongering in covering it here?

  • People need to start looking at the way women fed their babies before formula was even around.

    There have always been women who could not breast-feed for one reason or another. There have always been babies that could not drink either cow or goat milk.

    Women have successfully reared babies and children on homemade formulas based on everything from carnation milk to barley and rice water.

    Time to start researching. Time to start visiting those people who are sitting in retirement homes, desperate to talk to someone. There is vast knowledge sitting right there… And nobody is paying attention to it.

    The real food shortages are still coming…

  • The Westin A. Price Foundation has provided a recipe and resources for a homemade baby formula. It has a proven track record as an exceptional, nutrient dense alternative to mothers milk.

  • I misunderstood the photo at the top of the article (at least I think I did); I’m glad that I went ahead and read it. I thought the author was saying that any formula is poison, and I’m sure there are some who’ll reply that it is. However, the millions of people who were raised on it will disagree.

    So, after reading it, I think he meant that the crap promoted by the king of microsoft is the potential poison. Probably. I can’t imagine wanting anything that that egomaniac pushes, including his big brother software.

  • I knew about the recall of formula,but not the back story. If “we the people” don’t take matters into our own hands soon, we are going to be royally screwed as a nation.

  • Easy answer – greed. Remember raygun and regulation is good for us. We don’t need FDA inspectors or OSHA. Money saver to not clean properly. We’re due for another e.Coli outbreak here soon.
    Don’t forget slave labor either – likely some comes in from overseas. But remember, that party is “pro-life”.

      • Black eye of IL yes he was anti everything (never mind knocking up Nancy) – regulation is good for us. Pukes were so desperate for power they crawled into bed with the religious nuts (who would be right at home with the Taliban).

    • Are you aware that Regan is not only not in the WH, but dead? Has been for more than a few years.
      And, Apple, Nike, and a number of other Big Biz (to include Big Pharama) have their manufacturing facilities in China?
      And are big Dem voters?
      Notice how a number of companies are so anti-union (e.g. Starbucks, Amazon), are also big Dem voters and campaign contributors?
      Interesting how Bezos called out the Biden WH admin and their claims of inflation and taxes against him.
      And he was right.

  • I wish people would learn how you can use things like raw goat milk or raw sheep milk for infants and it’s way healthier than nearly every crappy formula that you can buy.

  • Weston A Price is a great resource, and so would be goat or sheep’s milk, but there’s another resource: for decades, the La Leche League has helped mothers feed their babies, and many branches in many cities have milk banks. For that matter, many hospitals do, too. Formula is just convenient. No one wants to think they’re giving their child less than perfect nutrition, but saved breast milk is an excellent alternative.

  • I believe Anonymous (below) is pretty much correct. I know that it is a hardship, but the modern mother who is expecting will have to start thinking about breast feeding. As long as the mother has milk (and her own food) babies won’t be starving OR making Bill Gates and crew richer because they have found they can destroy our food supply.

    • Yes, there would be much less impact from Abbott’s closing down a formula plant if the majority of new moms breastfed their babies, at least till they could easily tolerate readily available cow’s milk. The La Leche League for decades has been a valuable resource for pregnant & new moms who do not have previously successful mentors among their family &/or friends. That breastfeeding is still discouraged – or at least not encouraged – has now left many parents & babies high & dry…. Truly sad.

  • This is a good thing. Mothers need to stay home and breast feed their babies. New science says breast fed babies create vit C in their liver v babies fed formula. In the old days if mothers could not produce milk they used cow or goat milk. So simply go organic. When I was an infant the hspt. fed me meat in an experiment not asking my mother. I have no allergies from this. Cancer rates are higher for moms who do not breast feed or interrupt pregnancy abruptly. Working from home now does away with the excuse I have to work and can’t. And high fat milk is good for brain development. Science again is wrong! Most formula has soy and is still listed on the FDA’s toxic foods list. Sick babies! drink formula. Just like cotton seed oil, nothing from cotton can be construed as a food source. Goat milk is closer to moms milk but taste bad. Cows milk tastes more like moms (ice cream) but not as good. So offer goat first because they will refuse it if they taste cow milk first. You can mix the 2 slowly to get them off the cow milk if you made that mistake. But moms first few days of liquid production is jam packed with immunity heritage that must not be missed. Be a mom the way God made you to be- is best. And your hormones really need this stimuli for good health and happiness. Science has proven breast feeding helps pull the woman’s body back into condition as well and lowers the effects of postpartum depression. And the Dr BS of don’t feed your baby any food will not be good for you or the baby. You feed them as soon as possible. Powdered rice, potato, tapioca added to milk a light thickening to start. A heavier milk will help them sleep longer. The sooner they begging to mouth textures the sooner they will begin to talk. Pureed bananas, carrots, what ever. And with a baby food osterizer and ice cube trays there is no reason to buy baby food. What ever left overs you have can be made into puree, even spaghetti w/meat. I have never had a baby that could not sleep through the night. And you sleep your baby on it’s tummy bc if they urp they will not die in the crib on you! Women used to have old timers to teach them, now we have men Dr’s that know nothing but stupid constantly refuted science.

  • The timing!!! I don’t doubt Abbott is unsanitary, but NOW they decide to put a stop to it? I notice that RoundUp is also not getting legal approval on the grounds it causes cancer. Yes, it does, and yes, we need organic regenerative farming instead, but NOW is the time to remove availability from farmers? I suspect they have known of these issues for years and held them ready to close things down at just the right moment…this is it.

  • It was a planned event to provide distraction for the incompetency of the Biden Crime Family Administration. More than likely began by the producers failed to come up with enough lickback for the big.

  • Maybe this is the end of us. If mom’s can’t figure a way to feed their kids in the face of this ‘catastrophe’ maybe the US is home to the least fit people on the planet, the knuckle draggers are superior, and Darwin wins again.

  • How many of these people mentioned in the article are part of the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Bill Gates, yep, Jeff Bezos, yep, Mark Zuckerberg, yep Richard Branson, yep, Masayoshi Son, yep, Jack Ma, yep, Michael Bloomberg, yep, and Marc Benioff, yep. Did you catch that? Every one of these guys are for the WEF’s Great Reset plan because they all belong to the WEF just like Fauci and many other names you hear in the news everyday. They are the string pullers and have a depopulation agenda.

    I urge you to look into who belongs to the WEF: both people and companies (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and lots of others). This mayhem and madness begins to make a lot of sense of what we see going on.

  • Its all contrived. Its all planned. Just this morning I read about yet another food recall…. thousands of pounds of chicken to be removed from store shelves due to some other FDA decision. Think for a moment of all the food recalls that have occurred over the past six months. My opinion is that its done purposefully to hasten an engineered food shortage. I also think all that food is ending up in government storage facilities, and not for our use. Call me crazy, but I do believe that. A Florida congresswoman reports to have evidence that the government has stockpiled baby formula at locations along the southern border for illegal invaders crossing into the country. Despicable!

  • The picture (early in the author’s article) about the 1840s Irish Potato Famine ha an unexpected connection with today’s news. That being the lamestream media and government lying about a major cause of the infant formula shortage.

    A now-hard-to-find website [still on the last time I checked a few years ago] described how Scotland also had a potato shortage — but suffered no starvation at all. So why the difference (that starved many Irishmen to death, while forcing others to emigrate to other countries … as did one of my ancestral couples)?

    The difference was that the British military was blockading any incoming food supplies to Ireland … but had no interest in causing a similar holocaust in Scotland. To this present day, both the BBC and the now defunct Britannica have loyally covered up that British treachery at every opportunity.

    Fast forward to today’s dependable alt-news … below:

    Destroying the food supply is the PLAN: Australia trashes fresh avocados while infant formula shipped to US border as America’s own babies go hungry,
    Thursday, May 12, 2022 by: Mike Adams


  • There are definitely women who can’t breastfeed due to some physical reason. Many just can’t produce enough milk but There are plenty of natural things you can do to increase milk production. Sometimes you just have to research to find healthy alternatives. These days many want to do whatever is easiest and hence rely on formula. I’m not saying this is always the case but Of all the moms I know, only two breastfed. One tried to but couldn’t and all the rest didn’t even try. To many breastfeeding is too much of an inconvenience, just like cooking at home. They know fast food is bad but continue to feed it to their families. This is definitely forcing more women to try breastfeeding who wouldn’t have normally, which is a great thing. It’s a very unfortunate situation for those moms who already rely on formula and now can’t find it. I can’t imagine being in that situation.

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