Do Not Believe Absurdities, No Matter How Often They Are Repeated

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“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” –Voltaire

We have been asked to believe a lot of absurdities the past two years. Peaceful protests versus riots and looting, the relative dangers of a virus with a 99.97% survival rate versus economic destruction, the importance of borders on the other side of the globe versus our own borders are now subjects of serious dispute. We are continually asked to suspend our judgment.

Let’s look closer at some of these absurdities.

Those of us who have to conduct business or have friends in major cities know how crazy the 2020 riots were. Oops, I meant “peaceful protests.”

Those “peaceful protests” injured over 2000 police officers, killed more than two dozen people, and caused over a billion dollars worth of damage. We have a family friend who is a police officer in a major city. In 2020, he was locked in a precinct that protesters attempted to set on fire, had numerous projectiles thrown and/or shot at him, and was in a line of officers driven into by a vehicle. Our friend was able to move in time, but the three officers next to him were hit and hospitalized.

The downtown parts of cities themselves looked like third-world countries. A big stretch of Colfax in Denver had no glass windows for months. It was all plywood, with the hours of the stores just spray-painted on. The violence and destruction were unbelievable.

But those were “peaceful protests.”

The protest up in Canada, meanwhile, was so dangerous it warranted the government seizing emergency powers.

Hmm, I don’t see any burning buildings and no one has been killed, but Trudeau was so scared of his own people demanding to be heard that he disappeared. If you want to hear an interesting discussion between Canadians on the topic, I recommend Jordan Peterson’s interview with the author and radio host Rex Murphy.

We’re asked to believe that torching police precincts is a form of legitimate protest, but people standing in the road, singing the national anthem, and asking to be heard by the head of state is both dangerous and warrants stripping the protests of their rights as citizens. That’s absurd.

The truth is being hidden.

The Organic Prepper has published many articles questioning the motives behind government actions regarding the Covid pandemic. At this point, I think it suffices to say that many people, including the fully jabbed and boosted, know that the public hasn’t gotten the whole story. A spokeswoman for the CDC recently admitted that they have only released a small fraction of the data they’ve been collecting over the past two years making it impossible for the public to make informed choices about its health.

And yet governments around the world assumed the worst and went on a spree, granting themselves various new powers. More than a billion people were injected with an experimental drug with a safety profile that has largely been hidden.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever get the full story regarding who released what and what possessed governments worldwide to conduct mass medical experimentation on their populations. But most people, at this point, realize something smells off. As of February 25, Iceland will scrap all restrictions. They won’t even ask tourists for their jab status. Iceland’s chief epidemiologist announced that the vaccines had not been enough, but considering that most Icelanders have been infected, they no longer consider Covid a serious threat.

The public is waking up to the absurdities.

We were fed an awful lot of absurdities surrounding Covid the past couple of years, and people are starting to realize it.

But just as most people are done being terrified of Covid, we are now being asked to get worked up about what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine. Russia’s attack is morally indefensible, but Putin pays a great deal of attention to the psychology of other world leaders and knows no one is in a position to fight back.

The European Union is busy regulating itself back into the Middle Ages with their “green” energy policies while Putin sits atop some of the world’s largest fossil fuel deposits. And he has no qualms whatsoever about using them. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Putin waited for the Germans to shutter their last three nuclear power plants before striking. He knows that the EU is going to be so distracted trying to stay warm this winter that they can’t get involved.

(If you’re concerned about power outages, make sure to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on what to eat when the power goes out.)

Will the US get involved?

Well, the US doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in its own borders. Something like 2 million undocumented migrants has crossed the border just since 2020. The southern American border is completely out of control. I don’t think we have any business getting involved in anyone else’s border disputes until we resolve our own.

And yet look at any of the mainstream websites. They are treating the Russian attacks like the beginning of World War III. Some food for thought? The chances of kicking off WWIII get higher each time a panicky journalist stirs up public sentiment regarding distant conflicts. Should those of us in the media urge everyone to be terrified? What about using discretion? What happened to that?

We need to take mainstream news with a serious grain of salt. I converted to Eastern Orthodoxy a few years ago for personal reasons. Orthodox parishes have a big mix of immigrants, and people share stories from all over the world. You hear things from individuals that the mainstream media overlooks.

Let me give you an example.

When I started looking into Orthodoxy, I naturally started reading different websites, one of which is Orthochristian, published by the Russian church and translated into English. I read some articles by Patriarch Kirill, leader of the church in Moscow and found some material interesting but couldn’t stomach how much the guy seemed to love Putin.

I grew up Roman Catholic. In Catholicism, good Catholics obey the pope. Patriarch Kirill isn’t the pope exactly, but he’s the patriarch of a big city, and I didn’t want to sign onto a religion where I didn’t like the leadership. I asked around at the church if we were all supposed to like Putin or something.

Patriarch Kirill.

An emphatic ‘no’ was the response I received. Eastern Orthodox churches have a long history of surviving persecutions, particularly under the Communist governments in Eastern Europe. My impression has been to listen to Orthodox leaders when they give spiritual guidance, and then tune out when they talk politics, because chances are government leaders (like Putin) are turning the screws on religious leaders (like Patriarch Kirill) to make sure they comply.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article recently about Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine, framing the conflict in terms of religious imperialism, George Weigel, a Roman Catholic theologian, wrote the article, with a great deal of finger-wagging directed at the Russian Orthodox Church in general and Patriarch Kirill, in particular.

Why Roman Catholic theologians seem to think they can speak with authority about every other religion baffles me. The facts in Mr. Weigel’s article aren’t wrong, but they don’t give the whole story, either.

Two things, in particular, struck me.

First of all, it’s easy for American boomers to tell religious leaders from other countries to stand up to dictators from the comfort of the American suburbs. But less than 100 years ago, Orthodox religions were targeted by the Soviets and overwhelmingly thrown into gulags. Maybe some of the Orthodox leadership in Russia is as ambitious as Putin. I think it’s more likely that most of them go along only as much as they have to not come under fire again.

Second of all, aid never comes without a price. Russian Orthodox faithful, both in and out of Ukraine, are deeply concerned that Western help comes with the price tag of Western pro-LGBTQ propaganda. I personally enjoy living in an open society, but I don’t think Russian and Ukrainian concerns are unfounded.

Part of Putin’s appeal to Russian people, in general, has been his tolerance of religion relative to the Soviet leaders. Ask anyone who spent time in the USSR in the 80s and then has gone back within the past ten years. Churches have mushroomed. Do I think Putin does this out of sincere religious sentiment? I highly doubt it, but he knows that presenting himself as the “family values” leader will play well with an awful lot of Russians who, like most of the rest of us, want to be left alone to raise their families in peace.

Again, I’m not trying to defend Russian military aggression.

My point is simply that mainstream media continually dumbs things down. MSM tries to split everyone worldwide into pro-American or anti-American, as though the United States is some kind of standard by which everyone else should be judged. In the case of Russia vs. Ukraine, we should bear in mind that the two countries are far closer to each other culturally than they are to us.

I wish we could just throw our hands up in the air and say, well, let those countries sort it out. But unfortunately, we’re pretty darn dependent on Russian fertilizer. The US is more energy-independent than the European nations, but we still depend a great deal on trade with the Russians. This will affect us in one way or another. I don’t think this will stop with the annexation of Ukraine. It may be just beginning.

Because the US has transitioned from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, we are now hopelessly dependent on other countries around the world. We now face the very unsavory options of letting Putin re-take the old Soviet bloc countries or attempting to fight him, thereby losing the continual flow of desperately needed trade goods (like ammonium nitrate). We just lost Afghanistan. Are we really getting involved in another war? Already?

For now, all we can do is watch and try to revive the old American “can-do” attitude

Whatever we do in our households does affect what goes on around us. Even if we can’t see it right now. Whether it’s growing your own food, making/repairing your own clothes, or fixing your own machinery.  The country that won both World Wars was a nation of farmers, craftsmen, and mechanics – not keyboard warriors.

Human nature does not change. Putin’s lust for power and dominion is no different from Genghis Khan’s or Attila the Hun’s. In case you haven’t read much history, guys like that usually win. The only way to stand against that kind of power is to have a general population that is hardworking, thrifty, and capable of doing without creature comforts when they need to. That was the United States 100 years ago. I have serious doubts that we are capable of pulling ourselves together like that again.

But we have to at least try.

We are all going to feel this conflict one way or another. We can panic and get angry at everyone else. Or, we do the best we can to brace ourselves for some ugly years. There are a lot of resources out there to grow at least some of your food and create your own household goods. Finding a community of like-minded people and nurturing healthy family relationships can only help.

And attempting to get your spiritual house in order can’t hurt either, whatever form that may take. I like my Orthodox church, but if you find love, fellowship, and peace of mind at a Buddhist temple, synagogue, or one of those rock ’n roll Bible churches, go for it. We have been asked to believe a lot of absurdities the past couple of years. If we start being asked to commit atrocities, having a solid sense of right and wrong will help us resist such things.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Let us know in the comments below.

About Joanna

Joanna has been homeschooling three children since 2012. In 2014, she moved to the High Plains of Colorado. She and her children began a little homestead, gardening and raising chickens for eggs and meat. One animal led to another! These days they have livestock guardian dogs, chickens, geese, ducks, alpacas, goats, pigs, and one very spoiled cat.

Joanna Miller

Joanna Miller

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  • Thanks for publishing an article that hopefully will wake up a few more people. I am still wondering why some got the hoax from the start and some did not. We’ve been watching this Russia/Ukraine thing with caution, because of republished photos from other conflicts in 2017 and 18. This is how the media keeps the hyped-up hoax’s going. Didn’t buy into it than and won’t buy into it now.

    • I think the Holy Spirit had a whole lot to do with some folks immediately recognizing the covid scam was a huge hoax. As to the Russian/Ukraine thing, well, im not sute about that.

  • From your insightful writing: “ Why Roman Catholic theologians seem to think they can speak with authority about every other religion baffles me. “ .
    That “ why “ can be answered in a single word, a word at serious odds against the Law of God and that word is “ Sunday “. The Vaticans own talking point on the subject is summed up in the following three quotes :
    “Sunday worship is the Churches ( RCC’s ) mark ( interesting choice of words here ) of spiritual authority …”
    “ If people wanted to obey God rather than the Church ( RCC ) then they should keep Gods Saturday Sabbath like the Seventh Day Adventist’s do.”
    “ All Sunday keeping Protestant Christian Churches are but unruly children who must be brought back into the fold .” ( thus ecumenism ).

    Satan gave the RCC his “… seat, power and great authority “ ( Rev13:2 ) which explains how she has survived for nearly 1500 years without interruption save for the period of time from 1798 ( French 33rd degree Mason and General Berthier arrests the sitting pope and seized the Papal States ) to 1920 ( Mussolini restores the Papal States ) which prophetically is the “ wound seemingly unto death to its head “ Rev 13:3.
    Todays Sunday worshiping Protestant Christian Churches are “ Jezebels daughters “ of Rev 17. These churches ignore Hebrews chapter 4 and pontificate upon how Sunday celebrates the Lords rising from the grave, they lay claim to worship and assembly but these two characteristics do NOT appear at all in Gods Sabbath commandment.
    In Rev 12:17 God tells us who HE SAYS is HIS CHURCH : “ they are those who keep the commandments of God and who have the testimony of Jesus Christ “ and in Rev 19:10 it says “ the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy “ . Neither the RCC, the Russian Orthodox nor 98% of Christendom hold that combination and by GODS OWN MEASURE ARE NOT HIS CHURCH.
    “ Come out of her my people lest you partake of her sin and plagues “

    • col 2:16 “Therefore, no one is to act as your judge in regard to food and drink, or in respect to a festival or a new moon, or a Sabbath day— 17 things which are only a shadow of what is to come; but the substance belongs to Christ.”

    • Do you know when the change of Sabbath was made from the 7th Day to the first? Never! The 7th Day is still the Sabbath–but Sunday is the day of the weekly Divine Liturgy. The Jews have their liturgy on Saturday to this day, but most Christian Churches–and not only Papo-Protestants, but Eastern Orthodox and Monophysite Orthodox (Armenia, Egypt and the Thomas Christians of India)–celebrate mass or liturgy on “Sunday.”

      When did the main liturgy switch from Saturday to Sunday and who said they could? It’s in the Bible! Sunday ministry is in Rev 1:10. Far more happened in the first Christian century than could possibly be recorded in scriptures. The Apostles decided. Acts begins with them visiting the Temple daily for worship, but eventually, the Christians were thrown out of the Temple, and at some point the switch was made to emphasize the Resurrection.

      Note: There is a canon in the Orthodox Church that forbids reading the Book of Revelations in Church because there was a question about who really wrote it. In this century, analysis of the writing style definitively proved that Gospel-writer John was not its main author, although he may have written an outline of it. The actual writer was identified, though that name was meaningless to me.

      Nevertheless, we are living in Revelation Times, and it is awesome.

  • The COVID plague is failing to CONTOL the People, not that there wasn’t a real Dr. Faci paid for Bioweapon released but the real death BY COVID instead of the Hyped Death WITH COVID (like our motorcyclist in NH no helmet, bashed out brains) numbers were faked pretty badly.

    SO, Bring Out a nice “Controllable War” (an oxymoron at best). You can bet whatever the Sock Puppet says tonight at the State of the Dis-Union Address the Media will PRAISE Him and Flutter about anybody who disagrees is a Traitor to the USA.

    But then again us “Dog faced Pony soldiers” are deplorables right?

    DO Listen to what they say as Psychopaths need to brag to their victims. And thus, prepare for the troubles they intend to do to you soon.

    Expect false flag cyberattacks, pray they are not so crazy to drop a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb and blame the Russians as to get enough FEAR to Control we the people.

    PanFamWar (Pandemic, Famine, War) that Michael Yon spoke about early last year is here. Due to the loss of American Oil-Natural Gas production, heating fuels, natural gas electricity (solar farm backups are ALL natty gas) auto fuels and MOST IMPORTANT Fertilizer is crippled.

    We import some 22% of our OIL and Fertilizer FROM Russia right now. Wheat and Fertilizer #1 and #2 suppliers Russia and Ukraine, see a problem here? What do you expect Putin is going to do if we continue to attack him with “mostly Peaceful” American Anti-tank and aircraft missile supplies? Economic war against Russia?

    Today’s high prices will be tomorrows SALE Prices.

    • I’m pretty sure all those near the tippy top are hoping for a nuclear holocaust. I think the problem is in getting those further on down to support their deadly desires.

      • “hose near the tippy top are hoping for a nuclear holocaust”

        no. their first hope is to capture and enslave as many nations as possible – their second hope is to destroy any nations that resist or escape them. “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed”, and they’ll insist upon that.

    • Yep.
      No doubt the Talking Liars of MSM will wax eloquent about how this was the “Most Presidential State of the Union Address” ever given. That Biden had the crowd eating out if his hand (while he schitz his pants). Whatever Bad Things he might have to say, will be blamed on Trump.

      All in all, I think I’d rather watch paint dry or Flies Fornicate than watch Joe McSniffy pat himself on the back.

  • I think that we are being bombarded by a news media in bed with the Democrats, who desperately want to get the public to forget about all of the Democrat’s failures in the first two years of the Biden administration. The fact that they ignore the fact that Biden’s energy policies are one of the main reasons Putin went forward with the invasion. The Democrats are desperate to not get wiped out in the mid-terms and are willing to do almost anything to retain power, except change their failed policies.

  • The false narrative has been going on for years. Putin did pay off IMF in Russia and threw them out. Look at the amount of wheat, oil and sunflower oil exported by Russia. Russia makes its own computer chips, has its own internet. It even makes their own weapons systems. Do you not think that Putin knew there would be sanctions? Russia is self sufficient unlike America. Agreements were made in the 90’s not to bring in the soviet former block to NATO. We violated those same agreements. Putin said he would not allow nukes near his border. Ukraine has a neo nazi military Unit targeting Russian speaking Ukraine citizen. How much poking the bear before it reads up?

    Many of the videos online are false concerning the war. Like the man saying goodby to his family before sending them to safety while he goes to fight. The fact is he was a donbass rebel and he sent his family to Russia. It is hard to tell truth from lies.

    Notice the Ukraine has stopped the Clintin russian collusian? Stopped vaccine injury talks? Blames Putin on our inflation? Remember the Parliment member of Ukrain said they were fighting for the Ukraine and New World Order!

  • America needs to stay out of this one as best as we can.
    Let THEM sort their problems out for a change, let THEM take the lead for a change, let THEM pay the cost for wars for a change.

    America also needs to wake up REAL QUICK to the problems brewing IN it’s own borders, as well as the ones ON it’s own borders too, or they will quickly find they will be another of those little countries, involved in some sort of civil war, or another.

    Either way, the situation is too big for ANY or even ALL of us here to really do anything to change, so our best bet is to prepare to ride out whatever comes our way.

    God Bless but Be Vigilant.

    • Unfortunately, we’re already into it all the way up to our necks. War isn’t just bullets n bombs my friend, although we sure have been pouring those into the region.

  • Covid was B.S. to vaccinate and install the vax passports (precursor/foot-in-the-door to digital id) their narrative was falling apart due to the global freedom convoys so instant switch to the war narrative. Now War propaganda is everywhere.

    They WILL use nukes. A war “over there” isn’t enough fear to make people compliant. They will use nukes and it’ll be on every TV in the world for MONTHS (worse excessive coverage than 911).

    Don’t worry though! They’ll have a solution ready. It’ll remove your rights, freedoms, privacy, control, bodily autonomy and decimate your quality of life… but boy-oh-boy can bet they’ll have a solution.

  • Good article. I do like it, but I will question one thing. You talk about MSM gaslighting us on the protests, and the Covid pandemic, yet you seem to believe everything they say when it comes to Putin, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Now I’m not a Putin supporter, he has definitely been the aggressor in this situation. But I try to keep an open mind, and I find videos like the one below interesting in their perspective. Be warned there is some harsh language in it. It gives a little different perspective on things, and maybe reminds us a little of our own hypocrisy.

    Like I say, I’m not a Putin supporter, but good guys versus bad guys is a Hollywood creation. There are many sides to any situation like this – it’s not just good against bad.

  • My worry is that we are not an island unto ourselves. What happens abroad,invariably finds its way here. Send as much aid to Ukraine,but DO NOT become militarily involved. Why we are so dependent on Russian/Ukrainian foodstuffs and industrial output is our own fault when we shipped our industrial base overseas. Now, I hope the environmental nuts are happy with themselves

  • Me and Scotch my father totally agreed on this article. Great Job, we need to imprison Osama bin laden and make sure covid dose not spread to any more horses. Joe Biden also needs to remind his Canadians he is the prime minister of Canada and Argentina, so they need to listen to him/

  • “Those ‘peaceful protests’ injured over 2000 police officers, killed more than two dozen people, and caused over a billion dollars worth of damage.”

    you have to understand – these people describe everything in terms of themselves. by “peaceful” they meant unopposed or ineffectively opposed. effective opposition to them is, of course, always “violent”.

  • The article title with the accompanying photo are priceless and perhaps even more powerful than the actual article in this illiterate country.

  • With every major crisis – be it a fake pandemic or a manufactured war – comes further confirmation that the average man or woman on the street is hypnotised and has long lost the ability to think critically.
    Without taking as much as 30 seconds to step out from the real-time MK Ultra mind-control projects of social media, the vast majority are jumping headfirst into MSM-driven emotionally-charged dialectics and reductive good-versus-evil narratives.
    Russia bad. Ukraine good.
    Ukraine bad. Russia good.
    read more on this eye opening topic:

  • Maybe we should return to our roots – the soil. That’s what made this country great and still does. We provided the best food to ourselves and as many are finding out now and also the best, brightest, and bravest kids.

    When this nation was farmers we had so much wheat we didn’t know what to do with it.

    Practically all our heroes came from small-town farms. Witness Chuck Yeager and Audi Murphy, etc. Chuck also said the best fighter pilots came from small farms like his or deer hunters.

    Another benefit besides being self-sustaining is CAFO and terrorist can’t touch or taint America’s food supply not that I would put the two on the same plane unless you’re an animal. 😉

  • If you have to preface every criticism of what’s happening with “but I don’t like/support Putin” you are part of the problem not the solution

  • Biden could put a serious dent in Putin’s financial capacity to make war, by dropping his War on Domestic Energy Production. The argument that Senõr Sundowner’s sowed the seeds of Russia’s belligerence is true, as is the argument that we are funding Putin’s War machine through our continuing purchase of Oil. The US is spending Hundreds of Millions of Dollars every day buying Russian Oil. Biden killed our Energy Independence on Day One of this Travesty of a Presidency, and it just keeps getting worse.

    For all of his claims otherwise, Biden really is a Moron. He’s not a smart man, he’s not a Foreign Policy Expert or a Domesric Policy Expert. He’s terrible at both, and always has been. He’s been on the wrong side of every issue the nation has faced for 50 years. He and Bernie Sanders are a lot alike. Neither one has spent any meaningful time working for a living. They’ve both been sucking on the Taxpayer Teat for most of their lives.
    Biden is a documentable Pathological Liar. He’s incapable of telling the truth, and on those rare occasions he offers the truth, it’s with so much embellishments overinflating and outright lying about his role.
    America was sold a bill of defective and Demented goods. I said in 2019, that Joe was displaying S/S’s of Dementia, and the Democrat’s are still lying about that. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s moving into the moderate stage. What’s worse, his VP is just as much of an Idiot as Joe is.

    In truth, we’re pretty Fooked at this point.

  • This is not a “new” invasion. Ukraine has broken many of their promises and treaties, not to mention that this is in its 7th year. So the only thing new is the reporting by our lamestream media.

    A couple of cogent points, speaking of absurd, we are collecting fake videos. So far there are more than 50. Clips from video games, from movies and TV shows, from past wars in Ukraine, from other countries. It’s a joke. Just as with the plandemic, it’s all there for effect. Who knows when or if we will ever get the truth.

    Meanwhile, ukrainians are going online to inform “stupid Americans” that this is the most corrupt country in the world. It is laundering money for the DC establishment. Give Ukraine 1.8 billion and they turn around and hire the sons of powerful politicos in DC for upwards of $100,000 a month – when said sons don’t know diddly squat about the job. Then look at the child sex trafficking. Few know or understand that the trafficking highway goes through Ukraine. And of course, don’t forget it’s the playground for the NWO.

    Love or hate Putin, he, like trump, loves his country and wants the NWO, the money changers, the kiddie traffickers, and the embezzlers (aka US Congress) to go play elsewhere. Oh, and then there’s the matter of the biolab that rivals Wuhan.

    More to the story here. Much more. Stay tuned. This may be what finally redpills all the normies who didn’t want to get involved. Or it will implicate a lot of ne’er do-wells who have their hands in the public till.

  • We did NOT win the war against the Nazi’s. All we did was bring them here to continue their evil-doings. And considering how much damage is caused by massive mono-cropping operations and Monsanto with all their bullshit, maybe it’s time that infrastructure collapsed and we got back to being an agrarian society. I don’t need fertilizer for my food crops, I have livestock that provide all that my garden could ever need. I don’t need to spray toxic crap all over my plants, I use organic growing methods that have worked just fine for me. Bring the farm back to the family plot, get chickens and thank God for the opportunity!

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