What Can We Learn From How the Super-Rich Prepare for SHTF?

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Author of Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City

Have you ever wondered how the super-rich prepare for the SHTF? The multimillionaires and billionaires from all walks of life, the powerful politicians and diplomats, the aristocrats and members of royalties – in short, the one-percenters? We had a glimpse of how different sectors of society reacted to the lockdowns and crazy policies that followed the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not laying any judgment here, just stating the facts.

They’re still humans, so it’s safe to assume they too fear it hitting the fan just as much as anyone else. In fact, as I’ll argue, they dread the masses too, perhaps on the same level as the other way around. Anyway, the elites live a very different lifestyle to 99% of the population. It makes sense their preparations might differ substantially from the average Joe and Jane’s, too. 

But how does that work, and why does it matter? More importantly, do we have something to learn from their actions, strategies, or preparations? 

Prepping is for EVERYONE

As structured disciplines, prepping and survivalism have strong ties to practical activities, stemming from the military, frontier land/rural and self-reliant lifestyles, and straight-up survival (including financial survival). Many of the techniques taken from outdoor activities, like buschcrafting, hunting, backpacking, and wild camping, can be found in the Preppersphere. 

The rich and super-rich live a lifestyle of utter comfort, safety, and convenience. The super-wealthy have armies of people taking care of everything mundane for them while they focus on:

a)Building and preserving their wealth

b)Caring for their families

c)Enjoying life. 

(I’m generalizing for the sake of simplicity.)

That doesn’t mean they’re ignorant, alienated, or incapable. No one gets to the top being like that. Most know how to live in this world and defend themselves pretty well. Especially the self-made bunch, those who had to rely on determination, discipline, focus, hard work, commitment, self-sacrifice, not to mention a good dose of ruthlessness (many for sure). It’s a winner mentality in many ways relatable to survival, really. 

With what’s happening in the world, the elites take on the title of “The Evil”

Anyone with wealth is considered evil when things get difficult, although I personally disagree with that affirmation. However, it is typical of periods like the one we’re living. Some say the wealth gap has never been so extreme. And a quick look at history shows, it has increased to such a level that hostility towards the rich may indeed reach a boiling point. 

The Rich Are Evil mentality is certainly more widespread and deeper-running than usual, that’s for sure. The elites are being viewed either as the cause of the problems or the problem itself. Some of that is true: with the concentration of power, wealth, and control, the levels of manipulation, corruption, and fraud have hit record highs. 

A lot is due to the confusion and revolt that are common during such turnings. Things got to this point, and what we have is a complex topic. So, I’ll stop right here so as not to go off on a tangent (and also not to stir moods and sensitivities – even more, I mean). What matters for us are the facts and what lessons we can learn from them.

Eat the rich?

Perhaps one of the biggest fears of the rich is becoming the target of a revolt from the masses. It’s never good to be poor. Most of the time, and for the most part, it’s good to be wealthy. But there are precise moments in history when being rich has also proven to be bad or riskier. Perhaps for everyone, but especially for the rich and powerful, that is. 

Even though the abbreviation of the phrase attributed to the French Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) is frequently associated with left-leaning agendas (which are back en vogue, I might add), it means when the population gets desperate, they look to the outliers as privileged. 

Thus, “When the people shall have no more to eat, they will eat the rich.” 

Each has their own fears and their own ways to deal with it

Given the examples from history, then, is this a legitimate concern today? Is that fear justifiable? Hard to say. The few people I know in that position are well aware that we live in very volatile times. Extreme inequalities cause considerable instabilities. So there may be some truth to that, indeed. 

I’ve previously worked as an engineer and designer on two bunker projects here, and I’m currently developing two more (one in the city and one in the country), precisely for folks like these. They’re now worried that something more serious may occur worldwide, or at least in a more significant part of the western world. 

“We’ve never been this close to torches and pitchforks taking to the streets.”

In crisis past, the wealthy could relocate to other safer or more prosperous places, which remains an alternative, of course. Many nations are still in relatively good shape compared to others, at least for the time being (even though many have their issues). And unlike the poor, the rich and their money are always welcome anywhere. 

But the pandemic and other events brought new concerns and uncertainty and on a global level. 

Now, besides the fear of E.M.P.s, nuclear or world wars, civil conflicts, climate changes, or even more immediate threats such as crime, violence, or terrorism, everyone knows (consciously or not) we’ve never been this close to torches and pitchforks taking to the streets. (I heard this exact phrase from one of my clients recently.)

Are we seeing it happening already?

I’d argue we are, in some ways, or perhaps in an early phase. Crime and violence are but forms of such revolt. Homelessness, drug abuse, unemployment: it’s a slow-burning SHTF. The protests taking place everywhere have a strong bottom-up component, too. At one point, the have-nots may start to target the elites more directly and violently.

People in a position of privilege likely do not think about this 24/7. The elite probably don’t lose sleep over the fact many people out there, already in hell, are without anything to eat or a roof over their heads. I’m not trying to whip up anyone by saying these things. It’s just how things are.

Can we honestly say we’d act differently if we were in their position?

Anyway, with social tensions arising and the extreme inequalities and their effects getting splashed in the news all the time, people know it’s not a good signal. Therefore, they want to prepare for that and all the other threats looming. 

I’ve already written about ways the rich live in non-collapsed places. For one reason or another, it presents limitations or a higher degree of threat to their lifestyle, to them personally, and their families. It’s a lot worse to be rich surrounded by poverty and inequality (and more expensive, too).

Either way, there are survival lessons to be learned from the wealthy.

Big money can buy a lot in the way of a safe and rather good life 

In all but actual, real collapse scenarios (and maybe even then), big money can provide fundamental safety and comfort. If any semblance of the grid is still up and present, wealth can provide freedom (in the form of protection or mobility) and allow a decent existence even when everything around us is breaking down.

Take the example of the former C.E.O. of the Nissan-Renault group. In December 2019, Carlos Ghosn famously escaped prison and evaded trial in Japan to his home country, Lebanon. His fantastic escape from a personal SHTF had all the elements of a Hollywood spy movie. It has come to light that it cost upwards of $1 million. (I suspect it came out for twice that amount or more.)

As we know, Lebanon is facing a severe economic and social disaster. Ghosn can’t leave to some paradise, though, for risk of being arrested and deported. Regardless, and thanks to his fortune, he’s safe and leading a decent life with his family amidst a true SHTF. Such spectacular bug-out and the (relatively) positive outcome is something for very, very few. Much more common are all the tragic stories of refugees we see all the time in the news. 

Are the different spheres of the Preppersphere coming together? 

As I said in the beginning, most strategies traditionally focus on the practical aspects of prepping and survival: food, water, energy, defense, community, skills, etc. That’s what can be called “common folk’s prepping.” Even when we prepare to bug out, this usually means a plan to move somewhere just to get out of Dodge and into safety. 

But the upper echelons of society get prepared (and ultimately, survive) in ways not usually addressed in traditional prepping books and blogs. For example, if we listen to the “investopreppers,” their bits of advice are a far cry from tips on foraging, gardening, bug-out bags, and rain collecting strategies. 

However, it’s not that they and their wealthy audiences and clients don’t care for stockpiling food, water, or guns and ammo. Lots of them do, and I’ve been noticing a lot more of these experts crossing over and talking about the importance of staying prepared in those traditional ways in their podcasts, live streams, interviews, and shows. 

Many “investopreppers” were featured in the Endgame series alongside Daisy, Selco, Toby, and other preppers and survivalists. I take that as another sign that all this is coming together. Still, it’s hard to imagine the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, or Warren Buffet dealing with mylar bags, water filters, or getting their hands dirty with gardening!

(Disclaimer: the term “investopreppers” doesn’t exist. I made it just to characterize the group of folks that analyze the market and give guidance on how to preserve wealth and thrive financially). 

Various eggs, different baskets

For work purposes and as a prepper, I was able to focus on the mentality of the super-rich when it comes to their prepping. I did a lot of research on it, too. In essence, their core strategy is not too different: diversification is the name of the game. 

Essentially, they’re trying (just like every other prepper) to have various options to soften the blow, remain safe, and preserve their lifestyle. They do this in various manners, but the main difference is really in the scale. 

As mentioned before, big money can afford much more sophisticated strategies and setups. They can keep mobile by having multiple escaping options (e.g., private jets and boats, fancy R.V.s, etc.) and various passports. The other part of that strategy is owning investments, real estate, and cash in other countries, usually more than one or two. Doing so lowers the political risks and offers options to run to safety if things go bust in their homeland. 

Bunkers are typical, too, in case bugging out to another country or island becomes impossible. People can move to a bunker in the event of a climate disaster, an E.M.P. or C.M.E. event, a nuclear or chemical strike, etc. These can vary a lot, and some are incredibly sophisticated and complex.

When you have lots of eggs, you can split them among lots of baskets. 

What the elites do can be a telltale sign of things to come

Why and how the super-rich prepare isn’t, in essence, that different from most other preppers. Except, perhaps, for the scale of the solutions. Now it’s time to look at something that has more practical interest for us: don’t listen to the elites, instead pay close attention to what they’re doing.

I’m currently interviewing a friend who survived the Lebanon civil war of 1975 and emigrated to Brazil right after it ended in 1990 for a future article here on The OP. He mentions one of the early signs that a country is about to face a collapse or a societal meltdown is the movements made by the upper classes. They’re usually the first to leave, which goes along with what’s seen in other SHTFs throughout history, from World Wars to ethnic cleansings, economic collapses, and civil conflicts. In that sense, one can consider the super-rich and powerful to be the canary in the coal mine.

The wealthy, the politicians, and intellectuals have many resources: contacts in the higher spheres, access to privileged and upfront information. When those with means start to take action, this usually indicates that something more serious is brewing, and there might be serious trouble ahead. For example, when the military took power in the 1964 coup in Brazil, many fled in advance in the early moments. The same happened in Argentina, Chile, and other dictatorships of South America. It happens like that everywhere. 

How to follow the trail of the wealthy

It’s not that the elites are going about advertising their moves and preparations. The ultra-wealthy know the importance of OPSEC. Building a bunker or turning an island or boat into a bug-out-location requires secrecy. Sometimes it will make it into the news. But just as we try to keep our preparations as secret as possible, they also make efforts. 

Knowing what Mark Zuckerberg is doing in his 600-acre property in Hawaii, or if Bill Gates is building yet another super bunker somewhere, is unimportant. What is essential is their reasons to keep a low profile. They, and those in any position of power, know that their survival (actually the survival of everyone) depends on avoiding panic among the population.

Henry Ford famously said that if the people knew how the system works, the world would wake up in flames the very next morning. He was referring to the banking system specifically, but it applies all the same. No one at the top will tell the truth, so we have to figure it out for ourselves. 

Pay even closer attention now as there are still lessons ongoing

We saw a significant migration in the U.S. and other nations during 2020, and it’s still ongoing. It might take some time and distance for anyone to understand that shift. 

It certainly has some apparent motives: the pandemic, the lockdowns, the crazy policies, the remote work revolution. However, there are other more practical reasons. For example, the fear, anticipation (or the effective) rises in crime, consumer prices, public taxes, asset crashes, imminent threats to freedom, and direct attacks to liberty, among others. 

Do those movements indicate that the situation in some states might turn bad? I guess we can agree that things are already terrible, at least in some places. Are these migrational movements an indication that the situation will worsen in these and other states, or even the entire U.S. (as well as in other countries)?

These things can happen at the drop of a hat, but they can also take years to unfold. We’ll have to figure it out as it happens. 

Are there any signs that you watch for with regard to the superwealthy? Are there any survival lessons you’ve learned through your observations? If you had plenty of extra money for preparedness, how would you go about it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

About Fabian

Fabian Ommar is a middle-class worker living in São Paulo, Brazil. Far from being the super-tactical or highly trained military survivor type, he is the average joe who since his youth has been involved with self-reliance and outdoor activities and the practical side of balancing life between a big city and rural/wilderness settings. Since the 2008 world economic crisis, he has been training and helping others in his area to become better prepared for the “constant, slow-burning SHTF” of living in a 3rd world country.

Fabian’s ebook, Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City, is a practical training method for common city dwellers based on the lifestyle of the homeless (real-life survivors) to be more psychologically, mentally, and physically prepared to deal with the harsh reality of the streets during normal or difficult times. 

You can follow Fabian on Instagram @stoicsurvivor

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  • Great article, Fabian! It looks like Larry Page got the “get out of Dodge” memo since he’s been living off grid on his private island in Fiji for awhile. Something I’m watching closely is how the rhetoric against people who haven’t gotten the vaccine has escalated. It’s fast reaching levels that could agitate mob violence.

      • Thanks Fina, and I agree: the whole CV19 and vaccination thing is taking a bad turn, but I suspect it will get worse because it’s also a distraction. Not that the virus isn’t real or a threat (it is), but it’s being used just as terrorism (also a real threat) and others have been in the past, to justify the stealing of freedom, money and wealth and a lot more.

        And also to cover for the real disaster: we’re headed for a serious economic collapse which will be much more damaging than the pandemic and even the restrictions it brought.

    • Personally, I think the whole vaccine debate is a distraction, like many other of the themes that have been politicised. My rule of thumb is that anything that is politicised is probably there to distract people and get them watching the news, as opposed to paying attention to the really useful stuff.

      • @Doly…..”I think the whole vaccine debate is a distraction”.

        I think it’s being used as a tool(voter fraud) as well as a distraction.

  • Sorry Omar but you really didn’t say anything new or actionable in this article. Preaching to the Choir seems an apt description.

    For example aside from the Historical Viewpoint that the Rich fled just before such and such occurred is true enough BUT HOW do You and I KNOW about them fleeing as to USE that last major Warning?

    The Rich are the folks that OWN our CONgress (Spelling Intentional) so they are NOT worried about “Make the RICH PAY their FAIR Share” political nonsense. The Median WEALTH of Members of CONgress is well into the Millionaire Club. So they are NOT going to screw themselves as long as they can keep Fleecing “We the People”.

    Given the USE of Green Screen Technology and such Mrs. Pelosi can be giving quite a spirited speech to a Packed Congress on CNN Propaganda Channel while in real time jetting to New Zealand or such.

    Goodness folks they used it in that movie Avatar in 2009? Nothing in that movie was not computer generated…

    I generally look forward to your articles Omar but this one wasn’t much to share with my peers.

    • @Michael thanks for the honest feedback, I really appreciate it. Will do my best to improve and be more helpful next time.

      • Fabian do you have any way to track what rich people are doing? I don’t except perhaps from breathless press releases of them sunbathing in the islands of Crete or something?

        And even then your not sure if they just arrived or that was last weeks news. Seems the Rich LIKE to keep their actual movements/timing somewhat obscured.

        • @Michael.

          Sure, sure, I’m never. I confess. But since I have to act, and for that I need some information and direction, I try my best to stay alert to signals, and then to separate signal from noise.

          Not sure if I get what you’re saying but anyway, here’s some more about this.

          More than track what they’re doing, I try to look for patterns and trends. The big stuff, like a 30.000 feet flight, to see the macro.

          Even then, we cannot be sure that something was a sign, that things were going a certain way. Like I said in the article, we’re seeing a lot of movement that didn’t happen in previous crises, like 2008 for instance.

          Could be from all the stuff that took place from the pandemic. Could be a preamble to something bigger, and it will only become clear after whatever this is takes place.

          IMHO it’s from both. I’m seeing a lot of movement from a part of society that usually doesn’t get unsettled too easy. But then, the whole of society is uneasy, right?

          But ultimately, history shows us that these things unravel slowly, then suddenly. And some people pick it up first and act, while others (the majority) don’t. Like, Hitler didn’t wake up one morning and went after the jews. There were numerous signs, took years for the water in the pot come boiling. But some saw the trend and fled before the bang.

          As for the movements and timing, of course they’re obscured. Everyone will do everything to play OPSEC as best we can. We do that, the ultra rich do to. And the elites manipulating the game don;t want any of that to come to light.

        • -Michael,
          That is a great question.
          How do you use the rich, uber rich, or the so rich they are richer than Gates or Soros and invisible to the rest of us as a guide to what to do?
          How do we know if they are going to the Bahamas as a movement to avoid civil unrest with the unwashed masses their pitch forks and torches, and or a civil war 2.0 in America?

          Or, they just wanted fresh sea food, fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them and to spend a long weekend in the surf and sun?

          Seems to me, the rich can be a bit whimsical. I know, I have seen it. What is a few hundred dollars on dinner for two?
          I once served coffee to the mayor of Columbus OH. Nice guy. Still, that was a stupid large check.

          • In the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, “Treasure Island” rich Squire Trelawney organized an expedition to retrieve a lost pirate treasure on a remote South Sea island, but didn’t have a crew. So he hired a cook with connections to recruit his men – Long John Silver. I don’t recall if Trelawney survived the voyage…

    • Then share it with some one who can benefit from it! Geez, not that hard! I too knew all of this, I still read it and will use it.

  • I think who is “rich” or well off is a matter of perspective.
    To the guy living in a tent, dependent on panhandling or charity for food, someone who lives in the sub-burbs appears “rich.”
    Things go sideways, might see the poor rising up, but they might not target the 1%, but the middle class. They are more accessible.

    I recall reading reports of rich people fleeing NYC for their summer homes in the Hamptons to ride out the lockdowns there. There was some tension between the locals and the rich.

    I do not recall the name of the guy, but a risk management guy gave a presentation to a group of rich yahoos about civil unrest. What stood out to me was the guy was shocked that after the presentation, a few of them asked in a SHTF situation, how could they control the “help?” Like some kind of shock collar, or having control of the food supply.

    Rich or well off people in the here and now, while the power is still on, 911 works, someone takes out their trash and cleans their homes.
    They still put their pants on the same as the rest of us.
    SHTF? Are they still rich if the grid is down, no access to their accounts, the Black AMEX card does not work, their helo pilot is no where to be found, and they cannot get to their 325ft yacht, or anyone of their 6 mansions on either coast, or in the Bahamas?

    • Definitely Marine definitely. Just got back from a trip to a place where they thought I was rich.
      Best people in the world but they didn’t have much in tangibles but were very rich in skills.

      • YES absolutely, many many times IT IS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE, BUT WHAT YOU KNOW AND WHO YOU KNOW !!! When the SHTF, when there is an EMP and when the microwave will not work, then their automobiles won’t either, there is not going to be an gas for cars, boats or motor homes. ALL electric automobiles will be up a creek without a paddle…People will not have their vises or their toys working. NO phones, NO computers, NO television…They won’t be able to go far with no transportation…Cities will be gridlocked. The subway will not be transporting anyone anywhere. No taxi cabs, no limos available, no drivers either…The buses will go nowhere ! NOW what? Their fancy cars wont take them out of the city or out of the suburbs either…Even if people can use their vehicles the roads will be jammed at a standstill and nobody will be going hardly anywhere (think about getting out of a city when a hurricane is on it’s way)…SO I think that when all of this finally happens WE ALL will be in this boat together…Unless you are already where you wanted to be, you may never get there…Elevators will NOT work…All of those people (thousands, maybe millions) that live in high rises /condos etc. in the cities will have to get all that they need or want down all of those flights of stairs…OMG…good luck with that. Stores will not have ANY FOOD, they will have NOTHING, none of them. The pharmacy will not be open b/c there will be NO prescription medicine for ANYBODY (rich or poor)…Chaos on the streets of CITIES, even TOWNS and some might be found in rural areas as well…Lots of people will be shot (guns will always be out there)…People will be robbed…Millions will actually DIE during this time…
        These fancy motor homes will do them no good either b/c of, as I just mentioned, the traffic jams/gridlocks out on the highway (if their vehicles ill go at all)…How will they ever get OUT to the countryside or anywhere for that matter…YEP, we’ll all be in trouble when these things happen and NOONE where RICH or POOR will have much of a chance which brings us ALL together…Does this not make sense? Comments are welcome! P.S. count ALL typos as blessings, b/c when this happens only blessings from above will save you…MAN will fait you is what the good book says, but GOD will never fail you…

    • Food for thought, Fabbian.

      1st Marine Jarhead this is a very good point – that the middle class will be targeted first in terms of civil unrest – the very rich (though I would not want to try define that) generally live in areas much harder to access, even if just through layers of security – gates, doormen, remoteness from roads, and are much less likely to be in their homes, having other options, more quickly accessible. I worked for a couple of what you might call B level “celebrities” – in my early 20’s – neither of whom were super rich or famous, but were rich and successful and had a public profile and both of them had at least one other home, as well as even wealthier, more connected friends in their circles who had second and third homes that they would stay in when they visited other places, access to private security, ability to travel, as well as cases packed to do so due to being “bicoastal” and “international” and people who took care of their homes while they were gone and so on – the elite version of the bug out bag and location, although probably full of duplicate designer shirts and ipads. I would say those people have the advantage but at the end of the day a high tech security system or plane access is going to be worthless in the most likely shtf situations but they are much more likely to find themselves in a physically better situation – someone in the circles will have a bunker and so on.

      • If I had to make an observation about what could be learned from them (and I was a nanny within the home) I would say it is the ability to be less connected to their home. The homes are very much run by other people – the cleaning, the kitchen, the security, they feel like very upscale and large hotels more than homes – they are always ready to travel at a moment’s notice. This isn’t for everyone, and it is the reverse of the homestead model, and it wouldn’t be for me but that is what I would observe – that they can and will leave any place at any time – not just in terms of the wealth and ability to do so, but the mindset.

        • This expands and explains something I have been thinking about. The reason a lot of these so-called “elites” don’t like America is that they literally can and do “leave any place at any time.” and therefore think of themselves as “citizens of the world” rather than Americans, as most of us “little ” people do.

          • T.C. Well said – yes and even beyond that level to the super rich the whole world is just a board game – Monopoly, Risk, whatever. Globalist, global elite, colonialist. How is the country useful? Does it even still need to be a country? Would it be more useful broken apart into more manageable, more profitable pieces? At that level, citizenship, patriotism irrelevant.

      • -Drakey,
        While I was out watering the hogs, I expanded on the “. . . their helo pilot is no where to be found . . .” idea.
        The pilot took the rich guys helo, loaded up his own family, and took it out to the rich guy’s well stock 3,200sqft ranch on 1,000 acres.

        If you have read Lucifer’s Hammer, there is a scene in it kinda like that, the rich guy loses his BOL to the staff. They had the guns. He didn’t.

        • 1stMarineJarhead exactly!!! “the only person with the key to the doomsday safe was his trusted butler who’s extended family were like his own”

          That said what’s with the Bezos/Branson trips to space? Scouting the bug out location?

          • -Drakey,
            LOL! Great observation!
            So who should we be watching? The Bezos/Branson/Gates/Soros of the world?

            Or their butler?

            • 1stMarineJarhead

              Hilarious and absolutely profound.

              This answers the entire premise of the article, whereby if we could simply track the butlers (and helo pilots) of the elite, all would be revealed….

              There’s probably a whistleblower out there itching to drop a few hints via ButlerAnon – “all streaming services and utilities cancelled starting August 7th. Crates of single malt and large order of custom Hazmat suits (sweat proof) scheduled to be delivered to a p.o. box near Groom Lake on August 8th”

        • Read Lucifer’s Hammer a while back. Still on my book shelf so thanks for the reminder. I’ll be getting it out again once I finish “The Postman”.

          I do remember that scene. Kind of shocker to me at the time. Probably not so much now, though.

          • -T.C.
            What I found so interesting about Lucifer’s Hammer was how the authors captured different people reacting/prepping for the event.
            From the Senator at his ranch, the guy doing the documentary, the banker who was about to be found out for fraud plans to commit suicide, the incel, the rich guy amateur astronomer, the Wardens, the kid on the surf board riding the ultimate wave, etc.

        • I remember reading an article about a renovated silo and the rich were concerned the security guards would turn on them. One member was thinking out loud and wanted to fit shock collars on the security. The author suggested to pay it forward by funding their families (security) higher education instead.

    • The smart ones will have preps we can only dream of including those stashes around the world. Rappers, athletes? Nope, they are clueless. “Rich” should refer to those in power and gained their money and power through screwing everyone else. That includes most senators and congressman, bankers, Wall St.

  • The rich leaving Hong Kong before the country was turned over to China (the “lease” expired) comes to mind. To them, it was a SHTF situation and they got the hades out of Dodge so to speak.
    What probably wasn’t in the news was the exodus of those who had relatives in the US and other countries. I’d be curious to know the count. Again, to them it was a SHTF situation.

    • Interestingly, people in Macau, who had two years more before the sovereignty transfer, observed carefully but quietly how things would unfold in Hong Kong. They didn’t panick and pack. While Hong Kong was just an industrial and commercial city in competition with its thriving neighbour Shenzhen, Macau developped and advertised its specificity. Twenty years later, Macau has a GDP per person double than Hong Kong, and an unthreatened niche withing China. From just the gaming capital of the world it became the gastronomy capital of Asia, and the central government protects the gem as a display of China’s new international rank. Macau people observed, learned and prepared.

  • The first problem is that who we generally think of as the “Elite” are not the true ” Elite”.
    The True (and Evil) Elite are the handful of people who own the corporations, that own just about every thing. They make Soros, Gates and the rest of the so called “elite”, look like street beggars in comparison.
    These Elite control not only Global Economics and Finance, but many governments and politicians world wide. So if you want to know what is really going on, you must look much wider and deeper.
    We will never really know what they are truly doing, day by day because they keep out of sight and out of the news. All we can see is the results of their actions.
    Now Gates Soros and those types might be somewhat in the loop as they are useful puppets to the True Elite, but the are only on a “need to know basis”. So don’t go basing much of anything on them.
    The one thing that seems plain is that they intend to create Worldwide unrest and to destroy society as we know it in order to get complete control.

    All that you see (and most of what we prep for) is because we see and identify trends. The problem with that is that we are playing a Catch up game. By the time you see the trend, the plan is already in motion.

    Evil exist and has it’s Evil plans and you can bet that they are hard at work, implementing them.
    If you look at Christian or Islamic Prophecy you know where the world is headed. Into wars, plagues, famines and the destruction of our way of life. There is no ” new Normal” coming because there will be nothing that we could fathom as “normal”, by today’s standards.
    If you believe in God, then you can assume that the Evil Elite are just playing their part in making all just it come to pass as these Prophecy’s predict,(if you don’t believe in God, maybe it’s time to start).
    For instance what we see in Bible in Ezekiel 39:7-10 (specifically verse 8), indicates a future war fought with Spears, swords, bow and arrows, etc. Islamic prophecies also describe similar scenarios in regards to weapons and warfare.
    Basically a total lack of today’s technology, something we as preppers should consider the implications of, very carefully. No matter who is to blame for it or how it comes about.

    So use them as a guide and you will be ahead of the game, instead of playing catch up. Watching and wondering what is coming next.

  • “Are there any signs that you watch for with regard to the superwealthy?”

    how would we watch them?

    • There are some things that just can’t be hidden. We may not know exactly how, where or when this part of the population are building their bunkers or islands or whatever.

      But we can spot a trend towards preparation that wasn’t there in prior crises or something. We can look at the movements. Like we do with the other parts of the population, btw.

      It’s a 30.000 altitude view. And either way, it’s not something that should take a huge chunk of time or energy to keep track of. Just another piece of data I guess, right?

  • “the rich guy loses his BOL to the staff”

    many preppers will have a similar experience. they presume that all of the present human relationships and expectations they unwittingly rely on now will simply continue after grid down. but it will all change.

    • Ant7, maybe you’re right there were instances in history when this happened, but many times being wealthy has proven to be an advantage too. I guess it depends on the context of the collapse.

      But people do that because that’s what they have at hand to work with. And adjust as possible. It’s hard to do differently. Some lessons can only be learned, never taught.

  • I think most people would be surprised what fame & fortune types are prepping >> after Oprah moved out of Chicago and sold off her real estate holdings – some of her security measures came to light …

    Most locals knew about her “weekend place” in rural NW Indiana (across The Lake) – complete with an uber sized fallout shelter on her guarded compound …

    Most didn’t know the extent of her security team’s plans to evac Oprah from any of her various Chicago locations – any day or time of the day ….

    A helicopter flight across Lake Michigan seemed to be their top priority with planned heliport locations and emergency landing sites especially around her penthouse home at Lake Point Tower -Downtown Chicago ….

    Every other transport had its probability including taking her across The Lake summer or winter – still wonder about that winter option …..

  • just a PS: thought I’d mention >>> the question comes up constantly about bug out timing and when to pull in your head for that home bug -in – the VIP, Powerbrokers and Uber Celeb watching is a route to consider …

    because of the ongoing Covid and now Delta concerns the super-rich billionaires are still hiding out on their private island compounds – with no plans to return to civilization any time soon ….

    being able to get the slightest glance into that world on any level could be advantageous – they’ll be getting “The Word – The Straight Dope – The Wink” from the Inner Circle – many have their own direct ties and most have security & bodyguards that came from the direction – a retired Homeland agent or Delta Team member worth his salt keeps his eyes & ears open for this sort of intel ….

    if nothing else – know what is happening around the known weekend retreat & resort areas during a pending serious SHTF – the various routes there will be packed – airflights in, Beemers & BMWs and even the trains in some cases >>> this happened gradually with Covid – NYC emptied out slowly but surely …..

  • Interesting to speculate isn’t it? What do we know except for a few who’s far away from others retreats have been publicized.
    How does that knowledge help us common folks? Yes the butler may end up the one running or enjoying that not so little retreat. Folks tend to look out for themselves and their families. maybe the ultra rich will move the staff And their families with them? That would create a bit more loyalty. Then again if each place has it’s staff including the buggout location… well good luck getting there. It may be a long walk or hard swim.
    Luckily I only really have one option. Bug in. Husbands failing health is dictating it’s own scenario. So I enjoy my rural but not isolated home. I grow my garden and add more new fruits this year. I keep the canners going and have seed for next years garden. I’m either repairing or replacing the solar array that isn’t working. I live with a very small commercial footprint. But I harvest enough planned branches for firewood through most winters. Pellets or woodchips as backup. I eat lots of wild greens and by mid summer let a lot of them begin to take over the garden so I’ll have plenty to can and dry each year. Potatoes were a lost cause this year. Most years they do ok. Other root veggies have done well. Squash has been too slow but still may make before winter. Peas are just begining to show buds so a fall crop looks promising. Tomatoes are always a late crop if we get vine ripened ones at all. Not a great climate for most varieties. Tiny yellow pear tomatoes usually do great but this years the plants are still tiny and a just trying to bloom a little. So my preps are home canned meats and vegetables. I buy instant potatoes for most of the winters potato use. Beans and rice are staples here always. I sometimes can chickens or rabbit from home raised stock. Not much of either this year. Dogs wiped out most of them. So just begining to rebuild a few of each. Same with the ducks. Other peoples dogs…
    No butIer, nanny, cook, or housekeeper to curry favor with. Also no pilot, chauffeur, or concierge to worry about. No lovely far away place to plan a buggout trip to. Home, where it is, is what there is. I can only pray it is sufficient. If it isn’t, then I’ll see you believers on the otherside of this life.

    • I always appreciate your comments, clergylady. I too will be (and am) hunkering down with my husband of 47 years as we battle his stage 4 cancer together.

      I am preserving everything I can get my hands on and living the abundant life to the best of our ability. God’s blessings to you.

      Thank you, Fabian, for the thought provoking article.

    • Clergy Lady – I dream of getting to where you are. I would rather be somewhere and stay and pray for the best after all the moving I have done in my life. It sounds like you have all the infrastructure in place, even if it is not always perfect, it does sound amazing to me. Going elsewhere at short notice has too many unknowns and impossible challenges for many people. That is why so so many people don’t leave, even in the eye of hurricanes, they would rather face what comes in a location they can navigate and manage the best they can.

  • Actually, Carlos Ghosn’s home country is not Lebanon, but Brazil since he was born there like his father. He grew up in Lebanon and studied in France, where he began his career marked by a very successful multicultural approach in management. Besides three citizenships, he speaks fluently four languages (less fluently other ones) and has personal houses in at least five countries. His international professional visibility was a threat but his true multinational profile is a life insurance.

  • What would I do if I had a ton of money, i.e. super rich?

    To start out, the super rich won’t remain super rich if their revenue stream is cut off. Their stored up preps will last only so long, then what? For many of them, their chief wealth is electronic—in a SHTF situation with no electricity, their wealth is gone, or at the very least unavailable.

    How many of them have a medieval castle with serfs paid a pittance so that they can be self-sufficient? Even the medieval castles were not totally self-sufficient, they had to trade their surpluses for what they lacked.

    In a SHTF situation where there’s no electricity, no fuel for transportation, would not the richest people be those who have skills in demand and the tools that don’t need electricity? For example, I know how to sew, my commercial grade sewing machine can be converted to treadle power—but most modern sewing machines have their electric motors hidden inside somewhere (I looked) so that even if a person knows how to sew, he/she won’t be able to use those machines without electricity. Farming will be a real challenge—without the machines the big farms with small populations is unsustainable. From where will the food come? I can go on. Skills first, the tools needed to employ those skills second in importance.

    When those who are super rich today run out of their preps, then what? Will they have the skills to sustain life?

    What would I do if I were fabulously wealthy? Buy farmland where I could live and be self-sufficient in food. So I would not need to depend on my skills alone.

    • R.O., I agree with everything you said… But, I have a problem at the end, when you say “buy farmland where I could live and be self-sufficient and food”… because I’m tired to hear, when people read this kind of comments, that their prepping plan is to go there with their guns, kill you and get your things. I’m sick and tired of the people that is always thinking of guns and ammo and killing others… could we just live in peace and help each other or at least not harm each other?

  • Enjoyed this article very much. The uber wealthy definitely know how to cover Risk to stay rich.

    The alleged very large wealth gap may be more fictional and part of an intention to create dissension. Most models do not include Social Security income nor Defined Pension incomes. According to the WSJ, including those incomes narrows the income disparity significantly. There is a reason why they aren’t included, but really do you think you don’t “own it” anymore than your 401K remains the same or always grows? Personally, I’ll be living off two pensions and Social Security and consider myself doing quite well. That income is in the upper half. Yet, if I used the method normally described for income disparity, the only money counted is in my bank account or 401K/IRAs. That wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

  • The Nomad Capitalist has some interesting articles about the movements of wealthy people. It sounds like most of his clients are trying to get dual citizenship with other countries so they can leave the US if it gets bad. I think his clientele is wealthy upper class, though, so maybe not the Uber rich. Those probably already have enough money to buy dual citizenship. Interestingly, it is not that easy to figure out a safe country to go to, and long-term citizenship may be tough to get.

    Just found him and his group of interest. Check him out at https://nomadcapitalist.com

    His page says he “helps successful entrepreneurs legally reduce taxes, grow their wealth, and build a freedom lifestyle free from any one government.” That site has 2000+ articles about Offshore Banking! His group works with private clients (probably most of us need not apply!) However, he does give basic information and some interesting info for other parts of the world.

    Another youtube channel I just found is maneco64. He had a two-part series on the likely coming “currency reset.” This series discussed past currency resets (I think it was in Brazil) and what we could learn about who was destroyed by them and who survived.

    Also, sometimes you can see what the wealthy think the economy will do by watching their stock moves. These are often publicized by other investors. Other than that, I think we can safely say they are building bunkers or buying homes overseas or in remote areas.

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