Have a Good Weekend? Atlanta Didn’t.

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By the author of The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications and The Cartoon Ham Exam Handbook: A Complete Ham Radio Technician License Study Guide

Apparently, there’s been another Antifa autonomous zone set up in the United States, and it’s been allowed to exist for months. In the woods near Atlanta, Antifa members have set up something of an enclave in the woods (it looks like an overturned pickup truck with a banner over it) and are using it to stage what they call a protest of the building of a new police training center in the area.

Photo Credit: Unicorn Riot

Reports have trickled in that these Antifa members are digging deep pits in the woods and then starting brush fires, with the hopes that firefighters who come to put out the fires will then fall into the pits and be injured. It is unclear if the pits were further booby-trapped and there don’t seem to be any reports of firefighters being injured.

Other reports have indicated that Antifa members are infiltrating the church services of construction workers and contractors who are involved in the building of the new police training center. I haven’t been able to find anything about whether these church infiltrations have led to any incidents or not. (If you know of them, please let us know in the comments section below.) Perhaps it goes without saying, Antifa members likely conducted surveillance on these churchgoers in order to determine where they attended and at what times.

The shooting

Atlanta police moved into the woods to flush the Antifa members out of it, and then an Antifa member suddenly opened fire, using a pistol to shoot one of the cops in the groin region. Fellow police officers then returned fire, killing the Antifa member, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. Seven Antifa members within the forest were then arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. The police officer has recently undergone surgery.

In response to Teran’s death, Antifa throughout the US took to calling for a “Night of Rage” within Atlanta. Numerous online Antifa accounts openly advocated for acts of physical violence to “avenge” the “martyrdom” of Teran using Twitter and other venues. Twitter has since deleted many of these Antifa accounts.

On the “Night of Rage,” a large mass of Antifa members clad in all black marched down Peachtree Street (the media said they were “peacefully marching”) when they finally reached their intended target at Ellis Street and began breaking windows and attacking police cars. Windows were shattered, fireworks were launched at ground level, ATMs were destroyed, and police cars were lit on fire. Molotov cocktails were used extensively. There are currently no reports of fatalities from the event.

Organizers “Stop Cop City” say that the destruction throughout Atlanta on the “Night of Rage” doesn’t count as violence because “destruction of material is fundamentally different from violence.”

Arrests began to be made and it was discovered that a great portion of these antifa members didn’t even live in Georgia, but instead had been trucked into the state for the “Night of Rage.” Some of them were found with explosives on their person.

Putting out fires

Roughly this same time, there were speculations on social media that the lady who was spraying a fire extinguisher in the Atlanta airport was also a member of Antifa. However, currently, it does not appear that she is actually a member of Antifa, but instead is simply a dine-and-dasher who was upset that she was caught.

These people are incredibly well-organized, incredibly violent, and are conducting active reconnaissance against those they do not like. They are being shipped into areas where they can intimidate and cause damage to further political agendas. (Who do you suspect is doing the shipping?)

Logic no longer matters?

They do not have the same moral scruples that you or I possess. Within Marxism, the ends justify the means. They do not view destroying everything that you own as morally repugnant, giving public statements that say it’s only violence if a human being is involved. If they truly believed that were the case, why did they shoot at a cop? Why then did they have a problem with people cutting down trees to build the new training center? Trees aren’t human beings, so no violence could be perpetrated against them then, right? Why then were they occupying the woods in the first place? If murder is robbing a person of their future – their time here on earth – isn’t an act of violence against something they spent a great deal of time on building, such as their storefront also an act against their time? What makes one an act of violence and the other not?

If “destruction of material is fundamentally different than violence,” does that not then make theft legal? Doesn’t this mean all arsonists should ever be released from prison? They didn’t hurt people, just stuff, so that should be okay then, according to this logic.

This is what happens when your morals are built on sand.

Do you know anything else about the events in Atlanta? What is your opinion of these events? Tell us your thoughts on all this in the comment section.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has four published books, What School Should Have Taught You, The Faithful Prepper An Arm and a Leg, The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • If the police and prosecutors won’t put a stop to this destruction, eventually the citizens of the community will. Almost all of this is going on in Democrat run cities, so there is a lot of lunacy in the population and it might take a while for them to have had enough. Would not take that long for a reaction in fly-over country, but I suspect that law and order still works in fly-over country.

    • You are correct. I live 20 miles from a large demoncrat run city in a “red” state. Almost all the surrounding suburban area is conservative. They will, at times, march peacefully in the city, but they never leave that area. They know the consequences.

  • Digging of pits did not happen. Ain’t no way any antifa is gonna spend the energy to dig a hole. Did not happen. What did happen is the Governor of Georgia, Kemp, spent last week in Davos Switzerland with his owners at the WEF. This antifa nonsense is just a staged distraction for nwo collaborating media sources to promote, instead of the WEF meeting.

    • I wouldnt doubt that at all. They will do anything to distract us from seeing what they are really doing. I want to hear what they are cooking up to unleash now. Maybe more about why they think they have the roght to put aerosolized chemicals (so to pollute) into the atmosphere to purposely block some of the sun. ???? Its unreal that they think thats a good idea. They should have to have the unanimous vote of EVERYONE on planent earth to do that.

    • Did you go to see if the pits were dug? You need to qualify your comments or are they democratic talking points you got on the internet.

      • Have you gone to see the January 6th prisoners in DC, or are they ALSO just Democratic talking points we got on the internet.

    • It Is Known that ‘Agents Provocateurs’ infiltrate peaceful protests to discredit the movement. The protests started out peacefully, until ‘some people, dressed all in black, started committing violence’. Sounds like the earlier Blaque Bloque that did these things in California.WHY was a policeman shot? It’s a problem knowing what the truth of anything is. Different factions release whatever version suits their purposes. It can be said there are three versions of any event; Your version, My version, and what really happened. My own opinion: Why destroy a forest, when numerous shuttered commercial centers with large parking lots could be converted?

      • I can’t disagree with your thinking. They complain about that nasty CO2 causing “climate change”, then want to cut down the trees that use it and convert it to O2. Seems like the dems want it both ways. That tells me they don’t believe a word about climate change; kind of like Obama buying a seaside mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

  • Terrorists, that’s all they are, BLM, Antifia, it’s all a lie to coverup their crimes. They want less police, and first responders, want gun control but yet they have guns. Rioting should not be tolerated at all, by any group of peoples. You are right RayK, the citizens will put a stop to it if necessary.

  • Firs tof all trying to logically understand their ideaology is a an act of futility. Their ideaology can be summed up in one word – power. Whatever needs to happen, whatever needs to be said, whoever needs to be hurt is justified as long as it delivers more power into their (and their handlers) hands.
    Second, this should not be ignored. But as another poster pointed out, it is oddly convenient. There have been a ton of other police actions in the last year way more egregious then this. This is completly justifiable – a cop with a bullet wound in the groin is hard to argue with. So, why now, why here, why this. You don’t want to far into the weeds, but the questions are always worth asking.

  • If antifa/BLM types continue to persist, or worse, import their violence into the suburbs, other means will need to taken up.
    Law enforcement keeps glad-handling these D-bags and that only encourages them.
    Sad to say…. our law enforcement and court systems can no longer be trusted to protect our families and property.
    Ends justify the means?
    Ok…… That can work BOTH ways when push comes to shove…..

  • First things first….. BLM/Antifa FUNDING must be cut off at ALL sources!!
    NO large scale funding? NO organized douchebaggery.
    Start with Soros and friends and make it an international crime to provide funding to politically terroristic organizations.

    • These protesters are nothing more than brainwashed kids in most cases. Most of them are protesting for the “cause”, even though most of them can’t tell you what “cause” that is. They have been dumbed down by the public school system and brainwashed by the university system. Most are paid for their protesting by the few “leaders” for the cause. You are correct when you say to cut off the money from Daddy Bigbucks, whomever that is, and this will stop. That would have happened already if the DOJ wasn’t sold out to the cause.

  • Although our self-serving and weak minded political leaders are mostly globalist flunkies, woke progressives, or both, there is a solution for arsonists and rioters. After the first molotov cocktail was thrown or the first window smashed, there should have been a volley from shotguns, which I assume police have in their vehicles. If the police won’t stop the mayhem, we need courageous business owners to start pumping shotgun rounds into the crowd after they break a window, start to loot a store, or light up a molotov to throw. I notice that the rioters and arsonists of Antifa are avoiding areas where neighbors and business owners are armed and willing to stop the chaos. In my nearby small Georgia town 70 miles from Atlanta, there would have been many dead arsonists/rioters, if they had attempted to set fires to buildings or caused such vandalism. People in my community usually avoid large cities, travel well armed, look out for each other, and protect their businesses and property. Could that be why Antifa avoids places like ours?Americans need to convince Antifa and other such groups of thugs that violence and rioting will be met with storms of lead.

    • Exactly, Father. And anybody who knows anything at all about Georgia or Georgians hardly needed to be told that the malefactors came from elsewhere.

      Atlanta has been conquered by carpetbaggers before, and that is the problem again today. It’s as simple as that.

      And you are right: They try this stuff in Atlanta b/c the know right well what would happen if they tried it somewhere else in Georgia.

      Carpetbaggers again. “There is no new thing under the sun.”

  • I read two of the guys who were arrested are out on bail of some $355,000.

    Atlanta Mayor, Andre Dickens, seems to be pushing back on some who claim no violence occurred.
    During an interview with CBS, he said,
    “And it should be noted that these individuals were not Atlanta or Georgia residents. Most of them traveled into our city to wreak havoc. And so, we love to support people when they’re doing right, peaceful protest is a part of the American – our freedoms, but when you are violent, we will make sure that you get held accountable.”

    Will the six arrested actually get charged with domestic terrorism?
    If they do and get convicted, will that change how antifa operates from deescalation or the other direction and escalation?
    Perhaps they will concentrate their efforts in more friendly cities like Portland.

    I have to agree with some other commenters, I dont think their version of “protesting” would go over well with some in those very Red/fly over states.
    That would not be very good all around.

    • Still does not deny the fact one of the antifa shot a police officer.
      Nor the violence they committed in Atlanta.
      Those would be facts.
      Not a conspiracy.

    • Kemp declares state of emergency amid violent protests following Atlanta police shooting

      Kemp has activated roughly 1,000 members of the Georgia National Guard to try to help restore order, citing “unlawful assemblage, violence, overt threats of violence, disruption of the peace and tranquility of this state and danger to existing persons or property.”

      But, it is just a conspiracy right? One that the governor declared a state of emergency and called out the National Guard?

  • Unfortunately most if not all big cities are controlled by democrats. ANTIFA exists because they stay in the big cities where they can act without much resistance from local police who are restricted by their mayors. If ANTIFA wants to make a statement then come to rural America and get your ass handed to you.

  • the day before all hell broke loose in minneapolis after the porn star died of drug overdose, we were driving on the freeway near the airport. if you recall, no planes were flying, but we saw 3 white with red tail unmarked jets landing within a few minutes of each other. yes, they bus in and fly in their destroyers.

  • Here in the Netherlands we have the Antifa shitbags, close tied with left wing politics and their Antifa cadres run and financed by the state security….,we have muslim knife attacks around Europe on daily basis, plus 90 percent of the other crime branches ( with a next to perfect score on rape and forced prostitution and elderly attacs) of our crime numbers…and the news never calls it terrorism, always incidents…..one way to avoid the elephant in the toilet….when you speak up you are a nazi. The press here never even mentioned Atlanta, as Biden is the holy godsend answer to Donald. Our press is totally controlled and so is our parlement, both in governing parties as in opposition. …..so this website is a good value to know what is going on, and with lots of good advice.

  • Probably most won’t like my answer, but my answer to this is break out the rubber bullets, tear gas and truncheons, and show these Fascist Brown Shirt A-Holes some real Police Brutality. Maybe then, the understand what real Police Brutality is.
    No community should put up with this trash.

  • What makes one an act of violence and the other not? Their own widely and frequently vacillating opinion

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