Virginia Wants to CLOSE Non-Govt. Gun Ranges and Create AMMO-FREE Zones

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If you thought the law that would effectively ban semi-automatic weapons in Virginia was draconian, just wait. The General Assembly isn’t done trampling the Second Amendment yet. They have lots more potential felonies in store for gun owners.

Let’s take a look at HB567 and HB318.

HB567 wants to ensure gun ranges are government-owned.

In a blow not only to gun owners but also to small business owners, HB567 would outlaw many indoor gun ranges that are not owned by the state government. What’s more, the private ranges allowed would have to cater to law enforcement as their primary clientele. And they’re not done yet – the gun ranges would serve as data-collection points.

Here’s the text of the summary. (Emphasis mine)

As used in this section, “indoor shooting range” means any fully enclosed or indoor area or facility designed for the use of rifles, shotguns, pistols, silhouettes, skeet, trap, or black powder or any other similar sport shooting.


B. It is unlawful to operate an indoor shooting range in any building not owned or leased by the Commonwealth or the federal government unless (i) fewer than 50 employees work in the building or (ii) (a) at least 90 percent of the users of the indoor shooting range are law-enforcement officers, as defined in § 9.1-101, or federal law-enforcement officers, (b) the indoor shooting range maintains a log of each user’s name, phone number, address, and the law-enforcement agency where such user is employed, and (c) the indoor shooting range verifies each user’s identity and address by requiring all users to present a government-issued photo-identification card. (source)

So very small indoor gun ranges might be able to continue to operate (for now) but the large, high-quality ranges that also serve as instruction facilities or have attached gun stores could have too many employees to continue to operate if the new bill becomes a law.

It’s interesting that the state government claims to want to make the state safer, but at the same time, they want to close facilities where gun-owners hone their skills, accuracy, education, and safe usage of firearms.

The penalties for breaking this law would be civil, with a fine of up to $100,000 on the first infraction and an additional $5000 per day if the defiance continues.

HB318 would create ammunition-free zones.

Making about as much sense as the law that caused the original hullaballoo – the one that would ban weapons that “could” possess extended magazines, even if the owner has no such magazines – HB318 would send anyone in the possession of ammunition to prison for a currently-undetermined amount of time.

I suppose they’re concerned that someone might have ammo in a gun-free zone and throw it really hard, causing a mass casualty incident? This would-be law encompasses more than ammunition. It also includes the possession of stun weapons and knives with metal blades.

Here’s the text of the bill, again, emphasis mine.

A. If any person knowingly possesses any (i) stun weapon as defined in this section; (ii) knife, except a pocket knife having a folding metal blade of less than three inches; or (iii) weapon, including a weapon of like kind, designated in subsection A of § 18.2-308, other than a firearm; or (iv) ammunition for a firearm, as defined in § 18.2-308.2, upon (a) the property of any public, private, or religious elementary, middle, or high school, including buildings and grounds; (b) that portion of any property open to the public and then exclusively used for school-sponsored functions or extracurricular activities while such functions or activities are taking place; or (c) any school bus owned or operated by any such school, he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

B. If any person knowingly possesses any firearm designed or intended to expel a projectile by action of an explosion of a combustible material while such person is upon (i) any public, private or religious elementary, middle or high school, including buildings and grounds; (ii) that portion of any property open to the public and then exclusively used for school-sponsored functions or extracurricular activities while such functions or activities are taking place; or (iii) any school bus owned or operated by any such school, he is guilty of a Class 6 felony. (source)

There are a few exemptions that would allow law enforcement officers, former law enforcement officers, and concealed carry permit holders or those who use knives with metal blades in their trades, to have their unloaded weapons locked securely in their trunk while they are in traffic circles and parking lots. However, a regular person who happens to have an extra cartridge floating around the bottom of her purse (who doesn’t?) could potentially become a felon if tried by some over-zealous, anti-2A prosecutor.

Those exceptions would exist initially but at the rate new laws are being proposed, I wouldn’t count on the exceptions on a long-term basis.

Coincidentally, Governor Northam has increased his detention budget.

You probably recall a member of the state congress’s threats about dispatching the National Guard to confiscate weapons and the Virginia Attorney General’s opinion that sanctuary municipalities have no legal weight.

But that’s not all. Governor Northam is going to be specifically funding gun control efforts with an additional quarter of a million dollars in the newly proposed state budget.

Included in the appropriation for this Item is $250,000 the first year from the general fund for the estimated net increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment of sentencing legislation as listed below. This amount shall be paid into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund, established pursuant to § 30-19.1:4, Code of Virginia.

1. Allow the removal of firearms from persons who pose substantial risk to themselves or others — $50,000

2. Prohibit the sale, possession, and transport of assault firearms, trigger activators, and silencers — $50,000

3. Increase the penalty for allowing a child to access unsecured firearms — $50,000

4. Prohibit possession of firearms for persons subject to final orders of protection — $50,000

5. Require background checks for all firearms sales — $50,000. (source)

So for those who say, “Nobody is trying to take your guns” the evidence in these proposals clearly disputes this opinion.

91% of the state is staunchly defiant.

Virginians have been defiant in the face of these attacks on the Second Amendment, with Tazewell County going as far as creating an official militia and the sheriff of Culpeper County vowing to deputize thousands of citizens to protect their rights.

Practically the entire state has vowed to protect the rights of gun owners and the movement is still growing, as shown by the map below.

A recent job listing for disarmament officers at the United Nations New York office has many concerned that confiscation efforts could go beyond calling up a National Guard that may be less than enthusiastic about taking away the rights of their friends, family members, and neighbors.

The votes on these gun control bills and budget appropriations will be held in the first couple of months of 2020.

“This is going to be an exciting couple of months,” Gov. Ralph Northam (D) said Monday. (source)

It certainly is, Governor Northam.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • This is the same governor who thinks it’s fine to let a mother kill a baby legally if she doesn’t want it after it is born. How much more evil will we tolerate? How much blood will be on his hands?

  • The left keeps pushing and pushing against our rights.Be ready to fight these jackals,soon it will go got so go for the leftist leaders.

    • Dan, be careful how you phrase your posts. You really don’t want to be inciting people to commit violent acts against public officials. I understand you’re upset but your remedy is the ballot box.

      • @Zabeth … the “ballot box” solution is based on a strategy of hope and is entirely defensive in nature. Let me ask you this … let’s say the state of VA does actually send armed troops to the doors of firearms owners with a demand notice, or else. And let’s say these private citizens — who’ve been made a criminal statutorily — do not have the financial resources to defend themselves in a court of law. What do YOU suggest they do in the moment? And are YOU willing to personally help them with their legal defense, since it’s obvious their 2nd Amendment rights — as well as their civil rights — are being trampled.

        From my perspective in the cheap seats, it seem to boil down to one issue: what is one willing to die for? This is not rocket science. Authorities come to your door demanding your firearms because they passed a law forbidding them, and under penalty of jail time or violent reprisals, one must make a split second decision. What do YOU suggest?

  • Going to take a stab at it and say the section about state controlled ranges is aimed partly at closing the NRA headquarters range, in Fairfax VA.
    Nice range.

  • Virginia politicians passing these measures are violating their oaths to protect and defend the Constitutions of both the United States and the State of Virginia. They should be impeached, removed from office and banned from future elected office at the bare minimum. The people of Virginia are doing the right thing by refusing to acknowledge the validity of such unconstitutional measures.

    • Personally I would rather go to the Grand Jury in each county that one of their representatives are from and file charges of Sedition and Treason. Use the way they vote or their verbiage as evidence. Start with all the individuals who are sponsoring these bills as evidence, then show the wording of the u.s. of America Constitutions and the Virginia constitution as evidence of their violating them. Recalls can be munipulated with black box voting.

      I would rather go back to the old way of voting before Lincoln start changing it. That is everyone stand up and be counted as to how the are going to vote. No black box, no electronic, no hidden ballot box already stuffed full. In Germany several years back, their supreme court ruled against the electronic voting machine with no paper trails.

  • Why haven’t these people in state government been arrested for sedition, are you Virginians gutless?

  • Teach jurors of their power to refuse to follow the judge’s instruction to the jury and acquit people charged with violating these laws that are against both the federal and Virginia Constitutions. Go to: Fully Informed Jury Association, or The American Jury Power Association, for much good, solid, accurate information. It has been said that first off we have the soap box, next the voting box, after that the jury box, and last, if all else fails, we have the cartridge box. Pray that the last never comes, but presently it’s not looking good.

  • They are not going to be able to outlaw gun ranges. It’s unlawful restraint of trade.

    The red flag laws concern me the most. Once you commit a ‘thoughtcrime’ and someone reports you, you have no due process – your guns are taken and you cannot get them back (or your right to possess them) without spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.

    I think a lot of the anti-2nd amendment legislators are taking a ‘spray and prey’ approach – spew out as many anti-firearms bills as possible and see what sticks.

    Someone answer this: I got a postcard from the NRA political action committee telling me to come to Richmond on the 13th of January to protest.

    Then I see that the Virginia Citizens Defense League has told everyone to come to the capital on the 20th of January.

    Since we all have the same agenda, you’d think NRA and VCDL would coordinate activities. Why have groups marching separately a week apart? At this point I trust the VCDL more than the NRA…

    • To my understanding the NRA weren’t going to do anything. It was their members who started calling and raising the issues. Many threaten to leave the NRA. That is why the NRA in there now. I trust the other gun owner organizations a lot better than NRA. NRA has name recognition, but has back stabbed its members on various occasions with the federal government. I would remove those in power in the NRA and replace them with true supporters of gun owners.

  • “The votes on these gun control bills and budget appropriations will be held in the first couple of months of 2020.”

    Don’t be surprised if the vote is this week or even this afternoon. Those dims play dirty. You folks in VA had better act FAST!


  • History shows us that the first step to genocide is disarming the population. An armed society is a free society. Second, in order to control the world you have to be able to control the people. Without guns, knives, archery etc. to defend yourself, you become a slave to those in power who do have the guns and the thugs to enforce their might.

  • Since the people that created all this anti-gun laws cannot possibly enfarce them the people.that do must not COMPLY with their treason.

    Then you neutralize these stupid kids.

  • Boycott the census. My state claims they will lose $3000/yr for every uncounted person.
    Civil Disobedience at all levels.
    They refuse to acknowledge your RIGHTS …. do not cooperate … cause failure of their systems.
    Boycott Charities … make Them carry the burden …

  • With a potential conflict occurring on the other side of the world, that means the general population is left
    behind with sleeper cells, UN troupes, drug cartels, and troupes from other countries. Now is not the time
    to take the guns, gun organizations, gun dealers and gun ranges away. Can’t the sheriff arrest the governor
    for violating the rights of the people. In the past, did they not tar and feather such scoundrels and parade them through town. All this is running through my mind as I am reading this article.
    The House of Representatives just past the USMCA. Great for trade but we are going to loose our sovereignty. The goal is to eventually become NAU (just like the EU) Call the Senate. Dr. Janda (Operation Freedom) did an interview with Alex Newman of New American about the topic in 2 parts. on you tube. I don’t know if Trump is planning to edit it at a later time or even sign it. I know TPP is in it

  • If the socialist Democrats pass a law banning public gun ranges, confiscate semi-auto weapons, ban ammunition, levy heavy fines or imprisonment of anyone exercising their Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights, what will citizen gun owners do for if they want to enjoy these Rights by keeping their weapons (as well as firing them), acquiring and using ammunition, as well as firing them?

    What will they do????? Oh, I think I know, , , , they might just as well remember what our Forefathers had to do at Concord, and take a page on defending their Liberty and Freedom right of history.

  • If the socialist Democrats pass a law banning public gun ranges, confiscate semi-auto weapons, ban ammunition, levy heavy fines or imprisonment of anyone exercising their Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights, what will citizen gun owners do for if they want to enjoy these Rights by keeping their weapons (as well as firing them), acquiring and using ammunition, as well as firing them?

    What will the Citixens do????? Oh, I think I know, , , , they might just remember what our Forefathers had to do at Concord, and take a page on defending their Liberty and Freedom right of history.

  • Every time progressives think they have some kind of a mandate, they celebrate by outrageously overreaching themselves.

    Remember Hillarycare?
    Seen the recent Democratic Presidential Debates?
    Heard how fast LA’s anti-NRA ordinance got smacked down by a federal judge on basic 1A grounds?

    Do not restrain them.

    Nothing says crash and burn like an overextended cabal of ignorant do-gooders. They will very shortly take themselves down most of the way, and we can save our energies for the final plug-pulling.

  • For Public Relations reasons, this dishonor must NOT be fought with guns, or even knives. When an actual unconstitutional “law” is passed, the oath-breakers must HANG, and quickly. When the Monstergovernor actually breaks the Constitution as he has proclaimed, then he must hang and quickly.

    Otherwise, we cannot keep our Constitution.

  • As a California native, this situation worries me. Northam and his mery band of leftist thieves are counting on the same tactics that were used in California. I doubt Northam’s saber rattling about door to door confiscation is anything more than hot air. Here, the compliance rate has never risen above 15%, but it’s still passive resistance, and this suits the leftists in power just fine. They stay in power here through corrupt elections, and have achieved their goal of suppressing 1A and 2A rights through attrition, as people leave the state or just grow weary of having to hide their property and look over their shoulder. They no doubt make a tidy profit skimming off the black market in firearms, much the same way they benefit from the so called War On Drugs. The Left has been doing the same thing with varying degrees of success in all fifty states.

    However, the mood of the country has shifted over the last few years. Americans are finally fed up with the Uniparty’s antics, and have begun pushing back hard. As we have done so, the leftists/technocrats have responded at all levels with increasing reliance on threats and violence, which pushes us into ever more strident protests in a dangerous feedback loop. It appears that in Virginia, things have finally escalated to open rebellion. I fear that Virginia could be the spark. If it is, China, Iran and the U.N. will be delighted. I don’t believe that they will be able to resist crashing the party.

  • 1. Allow the removal of firearms from persons who pose substantial risk to themselves or others — $50,000.
    Is that $50K per ‘confiscator’..?

  • If 91% of the population is against this, why don’t they have a recall petition and remove the governor and legislatures immediately?

  • Where is Trump at? He swore an oath to defend the constitution against
    enemies foreign and domestic.

    A domestic enemy is violating the constitution and attempting to subjugate the people.

    Where is he? How come he does nothing and he says nothing? He had no problem
    a few weeks ago issuing an executive order protecting a specific group of people
    in America and a foreign nation from being criticized which is a violation of the first

    Since he doesn’t care about the first amendment, maybe he doesn’t care about the
    second one either which is why he does nothing to honor his oath.

  • When is a group of Sheriff’s going to go and arrest this recreant governor? It is their constitutional duty.

  • The exemptions for law enforcement, etc., should be non-starters. There is no authority except from the people themselves. If the people don’t have a right, power or authority, then neither do the government’s paid enforcers.

    One thing is for certain: If this doesn’t convince otherwise sane people that the gun grabbers will not stop until every citizen is effectively disarmed, I don’t know what will.

    Another poster asked, rhetorically, what are we willing to die for? I would ask the same question of those who may be tasked with enforcing unjust and immoral laws. What are they willing to die for? A job? Money? Protection from those same government edicts (temporarily)? We are about to find out who stands with the citizens and who stands with their oppressors. God help those who stand with the latter.

  • Daisy,
    Many people are interested in what’s happening in Va. Do you know if they have a live feed for the internet or a radio broadcast or live TV feed for the events Jan. 20th. Any help would be appreciated.
    thank you

  • Just a very late posted small snarky aside about Virginia’s HB318 plan to disallow real knives in schools:
    Are all Virginian school cafeteria workers going to have to buy Veg-o-matics and surrender their knives? Are school children in VA going to be fed intact vegetables, slabs of beef and while chickens?
    Does any state representative or staffer even think through their overreaching proposals before they open up the legislature to well deserved ridicule?
    Good luck, Virginia!

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