The UN Is Hiring English-Speaking DISARMAMENT OFFICERS in New York

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As the Second Amendment conflict heats up across the United States, here’s another “crazy conspiracy theory” that has turned out to be true.

The United Nations is hiring in New York. What positions are they trying to fill?


This job was posted the day after Christmas. So for all the folks who have been saying “nobody is trying to take your guns” you might want to read this job listing and reconsider your opinion.

Is this in response to the Virginia crisis?

You may recall that citizens of Virginia have become outraged recently by new laws that are likely to pass this month, effectively banning all semi-automatic weapons. Sanctuary counties, cities, and municipalities now cover all but the most urban parts of the state. These sanctuaries have vowed to support the Second Amendment and are refusing to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

In response, a member of the state congress suggested that Governor Northam could call up the National Guard to disarm residents of Virginia despite the wishes of local governments. In response to that, at least one county has formed a militia and others are expected to spring up. The state’s Attorney General says that these sanctuaries carry no legal weight.

Despite the AG’s opinion and threats from the state government, Virginians appear to have no plans to give up their guns or register them. Many members of law enforcement entities and the National Guard have said that they will not act on unconstitutional orders.

One has to wonder if this is why the UN is hiring “disarmament officers?”

What is the job description?

Here are the responsibilities for the new hires, as per the United Nations job listing.

Within delegated authority, the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer will be responsible for the following duties:
• Acts as a Focal Point for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) components for two to three missions, responsible for planning, support to implementation and evaluation;
• Participates in DPO and Integrated Task Force planning meetings for the establishment of a new peacekeeping mission with a potential DDR component;
• Provides technical assistance to peace negotiations;
• Participates in technical assessment missions;
• Advises, develops and reviews (as appropriate) initial DDR functional strategy and concept of operations for further development into a full programme by the DDR component and the National DDR Commission;
• Drafts and reviews DDR inputs to SG report, code cables, and talking points;
• Develops initial result-based framework and budget for new DDR components in new mission;
• Liaises with UNDP and donor community to raise voluntary contributions for DDR programmes;
• Presents and/or defends new and subsequent DDR budgetary requirements in the ACABQ and the 5th Committee of the General Assembly;
• Develops staffing structure and terms of reference for a DDR component, including terms of integration with other UN agencies, funds and programmes;
• Provides technical clearance for applicants to DDR units in new and ongoing missions;
• Provides Headquarters support in planning the civilian and military logistics support for DDR;
• Continually reviews DDR programme strategy and implementation through relevant documents, reports and code cables;
• Conducts field missions to assess implementation of established DDR programmes;
• Identifies potential problems and issues to be addressed and suggests remedies to DDR units in the field;
• Liaises with Member States, UN actors and other DDR interested partners to represent the mission’s DDR component at the Headquarters level;
• Establishes and maintains an outreach network with CSOs and IGOs active in the area of DDR.
• Supports the doctrine development work in the area of DDR in the department, with the Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on DDR and other relevant national and international actors working on DDR issues;
• Contributes to Department-level or Policy Committee-level policy development work on DDR and related issues;
• Maintains and further develops the Integrated DDR Standards – a set of inter-agency policies, guidelines and procedures on DDR;
• On behalf of the Chief of the DDR Section, co-chairs the IAWG on DDR, contributes to bringing coherence to the interaction of the UN system and its partners on DDR;
• Supervises the Associate Expert (Junior Professional Officer) in the development and maintenance of the web-based United Nations DDR Resource Centre;
• Liaises with others (UN, regional organisations and Member States) providing DDR.
Other duties as required. (source)

Also notable is the required language fluency – English – and the desired experience.

Seven years of relevant experience in disarmament affairs, political analysis or in national military or paramilitary service, preferably related to the design, implementation or review of DDR. (source)

Employees would answer to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

As per the UN, here are some specifics about this job description. Of special note:

Disarmament is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons of combatants and often also of the civilian population. Disarmament also includes the development of responsible arms management programmes. (source)

As well, the UN especially wants women to apply for this job, citing gender equality. But is it possible they think that a gun owner might have more ethical difficulty firing on a woman trying to take their weapons than a man?

The US is no longer part of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

You may recall back in 2013, the United Nations convinced then-Secretary of State John Kerry to sign a treaty that “unequivocally bans arms transfers that are in violation of a U.N. arms embargo or that exporters have reason to know will be used to commit genocide and other grievous war crimes.”

In 2013, the US signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty but that signature was never ratified. Last April, President Trump officially withdrew from the international gun control treaty.

However noble that may sound, anti-gun control activists were concerned this would lead to the UN being able to disarm Americans on US soil.

So why is the UN looking for English-speaking disarmament experts?

Don’t be silly, “no one is coming to take your guns.”

How many times has someone told you not to worry – that nobody is coming to take your guns away? That all they want is “common-sense gun laws?”

In light of the current political climate and this job listing, I’d say that is an outright a lie.

What do you think about this job listing? Alarming or not? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • All I know is them there purty blue helmets sure show up bright in my scope!
    Kidding aside, any attempt to use UN forces on US Soil will be considered an Act of War by the Patriots of this country. We don’t want them, we don’t need them, and we sure as hell didn’t invite them.

    • I believe the term is treason and sedition by our federal politicians and any local politician that allows it in their area.

    • And since the UN headquarters is right here in the good old USA, I think the first thing to do is take them out.

    • “Them there purty blue helmets” are bulletproof Kevlar. Better to aim for legs or belly, below their Kevlar vests, unless you’re shooting .50 cal sniper rounds. That not only makes the wounded UN invader stop shooting, it forces another UN invader to stop shooting to help evacuate the wounded invader. Two for the price of one! And long-term, wounding shots are just as effective as kill shots as far as reducing their overall fighting force.

  • Knowing that Virginia people would not attack their own people..the creeps are going to another state ,especially a very liberal one to get perps to do their dirty work. Much like when the civil war breaks out..they will try to send perps from a far away state who will probably have no qualms about bashing their heads in.

    • Upstate NY’ers will have absolutely no part in attacking VA gun owners. They would however be delighted to attack the Pols and any subhuman dregs they might decide to employ.

    • Funny you should say that. UN hiring 19 disarmament officer, Virgina just announced 18 new officers to enforce “assault weapon” ban.

    • Why hasn’t the citizens of Virginia filed with the grand jury in each county for treason to their oaths and sedition of the state and federal constitutions? Those individuals need to be in jail for life or receive the death penalty!

  • Considering the worldwide geo-political climate it seems as though things are ripe for world revolution. Not far different from what would be described as WWIII, excepting that the war will be fought between the elitist globalists (and their pawns) vs. patriots, or those that believe in individual rights and sovereign States. Potentially the deadliest war ever that cannot be defined by geographic borders. None would be safe, and all would be involved.

    • Very astute.
      Today, a giant stride was taken toward WWIII.

      The U.S. government group of fools just assassinated a revered hero, General Soleimani, of Iran. They conducted an air strike (it is unclear whether that was via helicopters or drone) at Baghdad’s airport. According to the U.S., this was done in response to the Iraqi protests at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq during which there was property damage but No Injury to Embassy personnel. Definitely not a proportional response. This foolish act by the U.S. has united the Iranian people against the U.S and given them the moral high ground.

      What a huge blunder by the U.S. government. U.S. arrogance and greed endangers all citizens. This killing of Soleimani has eerie similarities to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that sparked WWI. The U.S. government is now traversing the bridge that leads it from a rouge state to a rabid one.

      Iran, unlike the U.S. government will not ‘shoot from the hip’. They will take some time to think through the situation
      before acting. However, the people of Iran are very angry – justifiably so – it will be difficult for Iran’s government to not respond militarily.

      The U.S. owes Iran and Iraq an apology and restitution – a mea culpa and olive branch may be the only action by the U.S. that can diffuse this situation. Sadly, the U.S. is not known for acting rationally or with compassion. Fools.

  • The word Reintegration really bothers me.
    I wonder if the timing of this is related at all to the USMCA trade agreement. There’s all sorts of awful things in that thing. Can’t believe Republicans and Trump went along with it.

    • “Trump signed more anti-2nd ‘E/O’s in 3 years than Obama did in 8.”

      That is inaccurate. Trump signed more EOs in the 1st 100 days than any other president, but not one of them was about 2A and none since then have concerned 2A. And because of our “sainted” pro-2nd republicans, there has been one (that’s ONE) gun control bill signed into law. All others coming from the House were never passed in the Senate and Trump vowed to veto them if they did.

      Where do you get this “Israel wants you disarmed” crap? Proof???

  • The first person to invite and receive UN troops for any police type action in the US will be labeled a traitor.
    Obviously this will be a lib.

    Trump can easily stop it so long as he is pres.

    I do wonder about the un people already here in the states
    UN vehicles as has been documented many times and actual troops training or whatever.

    In the end, alarming ? not to me.
    The left has been working on decades long plans, one
    little bit at a time they progress slowly.
    This is just one more tiny part.

    Now if a far lefty lib becomes pres.. bad juju.
    there will be a 2A smackdown.

    Posse Comitatus Act has already been neutered and
    circumvented by “”law””

    Supposedly a base of sorts in northern mexico is said to be un property also but that’s conspiracy so far.

    • Among the rumors is that there are UN and/or other troops already just south of the border.
      And also rumors of MS-13 groups there as well.
      I think we are due for some deep doo-doo.

  • And we wonder why the dems. want Trump out of office. It is not for what they said he did. It’s about power and control of we the people. I see globelizm at it’s best coming. The antichrist is at work. They call it the UN. I see civil unrest, and WW 3 in the making. They are already looking to remove Pence as well. Then guess who becomes president. Yep, Nancy Pilosi. This country is done. It has gone way to far to ever be able to turn back to it’s true roots. We were founded on Christaninity and that has been done away with. God has been removed from our schools, our churches no longer preach the Bible in the Biblical since. Churches are being forced to accept the LBGtq.
    We have fallen so far from God that our punishment is coming fast now. One World Government. God is no longer in our court rooms, nor our Government. Either this country as a whole repents of its sins ( killing of unborn) and so much more. God will remove his protection from us if he hasn’t already. It’s time to pray and pray hard for the return of God to this country.

  • The UN has no jurisdiction over US law or its citizens. If they try to confiscate our weapons, a call for all out resistance will go out and be followed by millions of patriots. Blue helmets will be defeated in days, the UN will be sent packing. Semper Fi

    • The UN is not a country but a private organization. They are also not elected by the citizens in their respective countries.

  • Interestingly, it was not noted in the article that, they are looking for people who have experience in Africa; because that’s where they are going, to the ongoing disarmament program in Africa. The UN global disarmament program started in 1978. English and or French is required because that’s the language of the UN. This position is not new, it just became open.
    Granted the UN agenda is to disarm the world but, this job posting is not the hail Mary attack about to happen in the US. The UN has been doing this in the 3rd world for some time. Truly nothing new here under the sun, Just more SOS from the UN.
    They are looking for graduates of master level disarmament courses from Univ. around the world; You have to understand the UN agenda is to bring in global government then rid the world of arms including nuclear and strategic weapons. Literally wanting to turn the weapons of the world into ploughshares.

    • @Daniel H Benson

      “Interestingly, it was not noted in the article that, they are looking for people who have experience in Africa; because that’s where they are going, to the ongoing disarmament program in Africa.”
      This comment is not supported by source document. Experience in Africa does not imply assignment to Africa. ” Duty Station: New York” definitely implies assignment to New York area and is listed as hardship assignment.

    • I would disagree respectfully with your last sentence. The UN is only wanting to turn OUR weapons into ploughshares for our enslavement to produce for them.. They however will always have THEIR arms so their control once we are ALL made slaves, will be easy.

  • The left won’t be happy until they incite a second Civil War. Anyone wearing a nlue helmet will have a target on their back. If there were ever a time to toss them out of the United States, it is now. I’m sure we could find a more productive use for the real estate. It is long past time that we leave the UN!

  • The globalists agenda is to disarm the populace, start a war and take over our government and establish the New World Order in our independent republic. They will fail and many will die. The power hungry tyrants do not care.

    • Many of the Common Wealth countries (Africa) that were allegedly given their freedoms, were bombed whenever they tried to withdraw from the UN. I remember reading about that many years ago. Don’t forget an installation was given to the UN recently in Utah. The UN Flag flies there. To me that is treason to give American soil to foreigners to put their troops on.

  • Everyone should have known this was coming for at least 25 years.
    If you haven’t known it or haven’t believed it, it is time to get up to speed. It is happening, and you had best get prepared for it. Not much time left. Any prep is better than no prep.

    • I’m sorry about that – we have had a little glitch with comments recently. I promise I’m not blocking you! Please give it a shot from another browser or an incognito window 🙂

  • If President Trump allows this to happen while he is Commander-in- Chief then he is no better than Obama. He will be nothing more than another lying politician who doesn’t care about the rights of citizens and will no longer deserve the support of the people.

  • Having read the entire online job description post, it is clear that it is for one position.
    The fact that there is such a department in the UN is not surprising since their supposed purpose is peace-keeping.
    One wonders, however, at what point 2 or 5 or 10 years from now, under a radically different president and Congress, the “terrorists” will no longer be the fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, but the citizens of Virginia or other states facing similar 2A issues.
    The time may not be now, but at the rate the nation is going,it is on the horizen.

  • My step son lives in Germany. The new laws have gone into affect that limits number of guns you can have and limits amount of ammo you can buy in a year. He competition shoots and places nationwide. He and his wife need extra ammo to practice. There is no exception in the law for any members of the various shooting clubs. Magazines can only have five rounds.

  • Our firm has performed ballistic tests on the blue helmets. A 9mm FMJ or HP readily penetrates full thickness. Fyi

  • This is incredibly alarming, but hardly surprising in light of the anti gun legislation in Virginia and other locations.
    Agenda 2021 is just around the corner and Agenda 2030 will be here soon…both call for globalization, and to do that, they need to suppress any opposition. Hence, disarming the citizens of countries likely to oppose UN troops taking over resources.

    I don’t have any guns myself, but I respect the second amendment right to bear arms, and the right of any individual to protect themselves and their families.

    It would behoove all of us to also look into alternative forms of defense that are not in the cross hairs of the global agenda, or that can’t be tracked or traced as easily as firearms. Better safe than sorry, and as WW II resistance fighters found, when your guns are gone, some of the alternative options can be very effective.

  • I agree with you, but it’s not only the blue hats that must be all taken out it’s also the ones who brought them in and that begins with governor and his entire administration as well as every Democrat in all of the big cities,city councils, prosecutors, etc. and every perverted state and federal filthy dirty judges who do there work. Lock and load because it’s coming fast.

  • I almost pity any UN personnel who are foolish enough to try to operate on American soil. Especially if they’re trying to confiscate an American’s guns. But I guess making a few examples will end that folly rather quickly.

  • Once the war begins in the middle of this nation, China and Russia will strike. In one hour it will all burn.

    Patriots, all will burn in one hour. If you haven’t surrendered your life fully to Christ you will not be resurrected.

    • Eisenhower signed an EO allowing the Chinese under the auspicious of the UN to come in if we have civil unrest. There ARE Chinese divisions in Mexico. All the ports in the US have management facilities run by the Chinese. Thanks congress. Don’t forget there are several autonomous cities here in the US for the Chinese that hold the same status as diplomat.

  • Another good reason to re-elect President Trump. I don’t believe that he would allow UN employees to be used as law enforcement officials on American soil. Any Dem would.

    • lol Boris. Really? Rose colored glasses still popular in Amerika? Trump is one of them. Figure it out. Heard him speak out about any of this?

      Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest sell-outs of Amerika in history.

      Hopemosis simply became Trumpmosis

  • I sure hope the UN tries this at my house… Always wanted one of those powder-blue helmets or berets for my “I love me” wall.

  • Sorry to break it to you like this but the progs will be wearing LOCAL uniforms from leo’s.
    Stay vigilant, locked, and loaded. They’re coming….

  • (sigh) I live in Arizona and all the ‘fun’ is happening in Virginia. I don’t see so much as any U.N. vehicles around here,hence,no good target practicing.

    • I think, as was mentioned above, they will probably not be using marked vehicles. Maybe even using local uniforms. That makes things a little more difficult.
      As to ‘fun’, be careful what you wish for.
      Of course, you could always come to Virginia and help when the time comes. And t appears it will.

  • I recall this same job posting being put out by the UN in NY a couple of years ago. It generated a great deal of controversy at the time, and then suddenly vanished. I suspected then that it was a probe to gauge the amount of resistance to be expected from Americans. Coming on the heels of the Iranian fomented riot at the U.S. embassy in Iraq, I think this may be another test. While they’ve successfully taken China and maybe India, technocrats know they’re in serious trouble in North America and parts of Europe. All the antics we’ve been seeing, starting with the Black Congressional Caucus’ march through the Tea Party protests without security in 2010, and (so far) culminating in the impeachment farce, all stink of desperation. Keep in mind, the Dems crossed the Rubicon back in 2008, with an obviously illegitimate president. They’ve been doubling and tripling down ever since. The only way many of them can stay out of Federal prison now, will be violent revolution. Eyes open, watch your six.

  • The UN troops are good for nothing other than setting up child prostitution rings. They can’t handle a few thousand savages in Africa. Do you really think that they’d try to take on 100 million angry, armed Americans? Their troops are cowardly, corrupt and mostly from low IQ areas of the world. When the bullets start flying, they will do what they always do: find a place to lie low and wait it out while pocketing whatever resources they can steal.

    I can’t think of a single place where UN troops have been effective. They are just another part of the bureaucracy redistributing America’s wealth.

  • It would lend credibility to your article if you would post a link to the website where you located this job announcement.

    I am looking specifically to see if this is for the US, and more specifically in New York, as you stated in the header for the article. Is it not possible with the UN headquarters being in New York that the announcement is coming from the UN with the intention being to post the individuals in some 3rd world s***hole country?

    Don’t fall into the chicken little hype trap of sensational headlines just to get people to look.

  • First off, If these folks show up anywhere in America, Myself and others will respond. This will be something the world has never seen. I took an OATH to protect America from Foreign or Domestic enemies. So to you PC Traitors here in America, I will come for you. At my age, prison is not an issue.
    My family settled Jamestown and the Lee brothers who signed the Declaration of Independence are family, they also helped to write the Constitution. I spent 39yrs. 7 months doing the best I could to protect her. Trust me, I can still kick you ass and feed you to the sharks.
    God Bless America,
    Ranger Rick
    North Idaho

  • Always remember and try to use the term ‘Civilian Disarmament’ and never ‘gun control’, as the goal is, always has been, and always will be, the Disarmament of Civilians. It was in regimes long before there were any guns, in regimes where the civilians were disarmed of their firearms but the disarmament continued to include the removal from civilian hands of all other types of effective weapons, and will be in regimes that manage to disarm civilians of firearms in the future but will also continue to restrict all forms of effective weapons, as well as the means to organize and carry out acts of defense from attacks of those in positions of power.

    It is Civilian Disarmament, not gun control. Just my opinion.

  • Sooooooo, they will be able to understand English?

    Most excellent! Then they will understand perfectly when I tell them to go fuck themselves.

  • Nobody wants to ban the Demoncrap party or start hanging its ringleaders for HIGH treason. Not even Trump.

    But somebody gots to do it. They are sending incoming rounds of sodomites, pedophiles, radical leftist, senile people to rule you in the next election.

    Look, they think disarming white law-abiding patriots are gonna make this country safer. The only ones who will be safer are the commie Demoncrap when he commits TREASON on you, if not already.

    In this day and age pitchforks and brooms are laughable.

  • This is disgusting – “required language fluency – English”, when there are repeated misspellings of common English words throughout the entire document.

  • Get real. Do you really think they will show up with only one person with nothing more than a side arm, in the holster. They will have a mil type of squad or a swat team type of squad. You’ve seen the tactics on TV and in movies. They will surround your house, covering all windows and doors with five people on the door they knock on, all pointing their rifles at the door. They will all be wearing body armor, helmets, and have shields and other riot gear, door busters, tear gas, flash bang grenades, automatic weapons, etc. you’ll have to rig some kind of surprise outside the house and hope you don’t get the mailman, UPS guy or your neighbor’s dog. Unless you get every single one of them, you and your family will be dead when they leave and anything of value in your house carried off by their survivors.

  • Not buying this one. The UN has had DDR for years (interestingly, I don’t agree with that capability. Those places that invite UN intervention are sometimes quite repressive of their own people. Disarming them is no better than disarming us.) and unfortunately disarming a populace that double as a guerrilla force is often required for demilitarization. In short, we do it when we go into other countries too. I hate it but then I don’t want to get killed in our police actions either. It is a tough call. As for use in the US, not going to happen. Too much law, too much military, too much political will to ever let that happen.
    We have lots more to worry about than this.

  • I appreciate the information this blog provides the public. I am somewhat disturbed by the sentiments some commenters share here in regard to left leaning citizens. I don’t consider myself left or right, just a citizen which may share the opinions of the left or the right or neither depending on the topic. I think for myself. Political parties are not allowed to think for me; neither is the mainstream media or any other institution or individual. I respect each and every individual’s right to their own beliefs and opinions. No one should be allowed to tell any of us what we should think.

    I am behind the right of citizens to bear arms. Given the heavily armed military and police force here in the U.S., I think it would be unwise to disarm ourselves. The government has become quite corrupt (all parties) and should not be trusted to act in the best interest of its citizens. The U.S. government acts in its own and its elite cohorts best interests which more oft than not are at odds with the best interests of its citizens.

    In solidarity with the people of the State of Virginia who are battling for their rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,
    A blue state citizen.

  • The UN acts independently of the national or local government. Taking rule over a disarmed populace would make control easier.
    I don’t have a bunch of firearms stached away but i don’t want to see friends or neighbors being disarmed either. I completely believe in the constitutional right to bear arms in America.
    The UN working independently of our government would had bitten of a bit of trouble that could be hard to chew. Still we should know disarmament is the ultimate goal for control, opening boarders without restraint, and control.
    Sad thing is America helped start the UN, fund it bigger than any other nation, gave them land and place for a headquarters. Someday we may well be another on the list of the rulled, all in the name of peace- Peaceful coexistence with the world.
    What nations truly love Amrika today?????
    They may not come today or next week but don’t believe were off the agenda!

  • the role described is a very high level role & does not involve hands-on work, it’s management & planning, so the english-language requirement is indicative of who your team-members will be at work, not who your targets will be. this specialized role could probably be done by only a handful of people in the world, all of whom are probably already employed in simliar to that role & are known to the people who will make the hiring decision. – the fact that it’s advertized at all is probably due to some do-gooding “inclusiveness” requirement. at the height of the recession, government departments here had a requirement that they had to advertize their jobs at the state jobs bureau. so dishevelled hungry unemployed people in clothes they hadn’t laundered for a week were shuffling into the bureau scanning the notice board to see if they could pick up some work as a retail assistant or street sweeper & they were seeing ads for “senior economist”, “senior manager”, “senior analyst”, “senior policy advisor” LOL – all it did was flesh out the jobs board to make it look like there were plenty of jobs.
    demobilization obviously applies to retiring an army, not dispersing rioters, & reintegration suggests they are talking about people who have been separate from civilian society for an extended period due to their belligerent activities. i have a bad feeling this might be about sending isis fighters “back” to european countries in which they were never natives in the first place but went there as refugees, or at least their parents did, & doing all those things like giving them free housing & job-finding assistence & counselling to get over the trauma of having murdered & tortured people. this might be bad, but it’s not what you’re suspecting. i’m not saying nobody’s coming for your guns, i’m just saying this united nations ad has nothing to do with that. yrs. andrew

    • You sound like you’re trying to downplay this “job” into little more than a desk jockey. And, that’s all it might be. But, remember, job DUTIES can change. Also, the DEFINITION of terms. “Demob” and especially “reintegration” can mean virtually anything. As for English speaking requirement meaning they’d be entirely desk bound – don’t count on that… An English speaker will be ESSENTIAL in the field in America, and helping command/direct others in the field in America.

  • I (and a host of others) took an oath to defend and protect my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    That oath was taken many years back, and has no expiration date.

    I mean, if the need arises, to fulfill that oath. The UN would be well advised that there are many many like me.

  • This is the UN trying to have the budget expanded. Look for Disarmament officers to have a desk and push paperwork. They want to take your guns, but not willing to come and get them

  • Just a comment.
    If they do anything on US Soil they will be shot.The UN had best keep them in NY.
    President Trump SIGNED OFF of the fake Treaty anyway.
    If these idiots send them to VA, they will never see home again.

  • 1. IQ test before neutralizing the threat, to see if they are that stupid
    2.Head shot or groin shot. Keep the Bullet Proof Vest for the upcoming Militia’s.
    3. They don’t stand a chance.

  • Facebook flagged my sharing of this story as Fake News. The fact-checker claims that the position refers to duty in Africa and not New York. Which is true?

  • The UN needs to be aware that the American citizens are going to need their guns. The democratic party lied to the people committed treason with voter fraud and put in a 47 year politician who has a career based on lies and has completely sold us to China. Which by the way China has offered to help Biden for January 20 by supplying him with 250,000 troops. If that doesn’t sound like a back door buddy to me well Joe in his bag boy son better commence to getting out that bottle of lube and bending over. Because WE the people NEED our guns, baseball bats, pitch forks, shovels, and heavy equipment to dig holes and bury them in.

  • You Need More Than Food to Survive

    In the event of a long-term disaster, there are non-food essentials that can be vital to your survival and well-being. Make certain you have these 50 non-food stockpile essentials. Sign up for your FREE report and get prepared.

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