Here Are Some Recent Victories for People Who Love Freedom

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War in Israel.  War in Ukraine.  Out-of-control borders.  The WHO Pandemic Treaty coming to take away our civil liberties.  

It’s easy to want to avoid the news.  I don’t really like contemplating the beginning of World War III or the end of all our personal freedoms.  I suspect our leaders are trying to get us to spend the next five years killing each other so that by 2030, the survivors will be easier to round up and force into smart cities, eating bugs and owning nothing.  They seem to think we plebians can be herded like cattle.  

However, the public is not totally mindless.  There have been some interesting developments over the past few weeks that show the public is paying more attention than our leaders seem to realize, and I’d like to share them.

NewsGuard is being sued!

Daisy wrote about this website’s experience in getting downgraded by NewsGuard in 2021.

We weren’t alone; NewsGuard has been going after bigger fish than the OP, and Consortium News is fighting back.  Consortium News was founded by Robert Parry, who was a finalist for the Pulitzer in 1985 for his reporting on Iran-Contra. These credentials didn’t register with NewsGuard; Parry didn’t buy into the Russian collusion nonsense in 2016, and since then, Consortium News has had to deal with warning labels and downgrading.  

But Consortium News has a bigger name and deeper pockets than the OP, and they have filed a lawsuit in federal court against NewsGuard AND the federal government.  We wish them well!

The suit against the government for tampering with social media is going all the way to the Supreme Court.

We wrote a few months ago about some lawsuits being filed against the Biden administration.  One of them is Missouri v. Biden, which alleges that the federal government colluded with social media companies like Twitter to suppress free speech.

In September, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals prohibited the White House, the Surgeon General’s Office, the CDC, and the FBI from almost any contact with social media companies.  While this was overturned in October, pending a final ruling from the Supreme Court, it shows that parts of our legal system are absolutely still functioning as the Founding Fathers intended.  We still have judges and lawyers devoted to protecting our First Amendment rights.  

California’s bill forcing doctors to confirm to the official Covid narrative was repealed.

And sometimes they win.  California’s Assembly Bill (AB) 2098 required doctors in that state to either conform to the “official” Covid treatment protocol or risk losing their medical license.  So, for example, any doctors that suggested using ivermectin to treat Covid could lose their license, even if that doctor had good reason to believe it might be helpful.  

Doctors within California were angry at both the restrictions on their freedom to practice their profession and insulted at the thought that outsiders would micromanage all their patient interactions.  The Orwellian bill was set to go into effect January 1, 2023, but later in the month a district court agreed to an injunction, meaning it couldn’t take effect.  In September, this bill was quietly repealed.

You can now sue Covid vaccine manufacturers.

This has been hardly the only blow to the Covid narrative we’ve been subjected to for the past three years.  In breaking news, you can now sue the mRNA Covid “vaccine” manufacturers.  Those particular products have been found to contain contaminants that were not disclosed to the FDA.  

When vaccines are found to be contaminated, manufacturers lose their legal immunity.  That means injured individuals can sue.  Steve Kirsch has a link with a list of lawyers willing to take this on at the bottom of this article if you are interested.  He also has the list of lawyers posted on his Twitter page.

In theory, since the contamination finding, these medical products should be pulled off the market immediately.  We’ll see if that happens.  

Nobody is getting the new Covid shot.

Either way, no one is getting these shots anymore.  We discussed the rollout for this fall’s Covid shot.  This was greatly hyped by the White House and legacy media.  Pfizer’s CEO hoped to get about one-fifth of the country vaccinated.

How has that worked out?  

Barely two percent of the population has taken the new shot.  Pfizer’s looking at a billion-dollar loss and Moderna’s stock has tanked, leaving the values plummeting.   When it comes to these medical products, people simply are not listening to the self-appointed experts any more.

And they’re not being quiet about it, either.  Dr. John Campbell posted MP Andrew Bridgen’s speech to Parliament on excess deaths in the UK over the past two years.   He presented this speech to two Labour Party MPs, and roughly a dozen Conservative MPs.  Out of 650 members of Parliament, less than 3% showed up.  This is a subject that Parliament obviously could not care less about.

However, if you watch the video, you can hear noises in the background.  This Parliament session was open to the public, and the public came out in full force.  As Dr. John noted, they are separated from Parliament by thick layers of plexiglass.  The noise from the crowd in the background is that loud.  It comes through particularly loudly in this clip.

We’ve seen public figures talk about a “pandemic amnesty.”  Establishment figures want everyone to forget what went on over the past few years and just get along.  The British public has shown that, actually, no, they don’t forget, and they’re not going to be quiet about it.

People from all backgrounds are united against political manipulatins.

Perhaps one of the most interesting developments has been the coming together of formerly opposed political figures.  Many of you probably watched at least part of the discussion led by Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Russell Brand last June, exposing the Censorship Industrial Complex.  

The Westminster Declaration is a document that grew out of that.  It encourages the general public to

“. . . build an atmosphere of free speech from the ground up by rejecting the climate of intolerance that encourages self-censorship and that creates unnecessary personal strife for many.  Instead of fear and dogmatism, we must embrace inquiry and debate.” 

The signatories include people from all over the political spectrum, showing an increasing realization that it’s not about liberals and conservatives anymore but about political insiders and outsiders.  It’s the Uniparty vs. everyone else.

Times are hard, but there is also light.

I say none of this to make light of the very real problems we face.  The situation in the Middle East is likely to escalate.  The US and Russia have shown themselves unwilling to use nuclear weapons thus far (thank goodness), but if things in the Middle East escalate, if Iran gets involved and they do enough to threaten Israel, well, Israel has nukes, too.  We really don’t know where this will lead.

I simply point out these positive developments to encourage people to stay strong.  Most of us have no control over big-picture issues, and that lack of control can lead to depression, a slide into not wanting to do anything because why bother?  

Small actions do matter, even if the effects are not immediately obvious.  Whether you decide to act by getting involved politically or participating in the parallel economy, you are making a difference.  We could have been still living under mandates and vaccine passports if so many people had not simply chosen to stop complying.

We probably can’t stop World War III.  I have people in the military that I care very deeply about. I have already lost someone close to me in Afghanistan. I’ve seen people come back with life-changing injuries.  I can’t describe how much war hawks like Lindsey Graham, who has never been in combat and has no children to send off to war, disgust me. 

What we can do, is to prepare ourselves and our children to the best of our abilities.  That means staying physically and mentally healthy.  And a big part of mental health is feeling like your actions matter and that your efforts are going somewhere.  I genuinely hope these stories of small battles won help you feel like you are not alone.

What other victories have you seen lately?

Have you noticed any other great stories to give us hope? Some occasions recently where freedom has won or where the people say, NO MORE?

Please share them in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • Their will not be a World War 3 as past world wars have defined it. There is a World War ongoing and has been for centuries. Each outbreak of fighting is just a major battle in this war.

  • Well, somewhat related to the NewsGuard story, a recent Gallup poll shows,
    “Just 7% of Americans have “a great deal” of trust and confidence in the media, and 27% have “a fair amount.” Meanwhile, 28% of U.S. adults say they do not have very much confidence and 38% have none at all in newspapers, TV and radio. Notably, this is the first time that the percentage of Americans with no trust at all in the media is higher than the percentage with a great deal or a fair amount combined.”
    More and more people are waking up to the fact MSM is pushing a narrative and they see through it.
    Independent media is growing. Those independent journalists that adhere to the old journalist attribute of objectivity.

    • If we compare these numbers that support and follow what the government says, we see the truly dependent people who rely upon the government for support. Most of the people have access to the internet. While not the best resource for information, it has provided many with doubts that come from people who have been damaged by the jabs. I agree with your statement, but like many know little about what can be done. It seems our voices are silenced and all the “experts” are put in their place. The words anyone says that carry information are both corrupted and restricted in content. where do we turn. the government has control over what is broadcast and now over the internet content as well. All done in the name of public safety. I see it as safety for the government. We must find a way to hold government accountable. even using the courts provide them with some protection from gov. appointed judges. Perhaps we could start by demanding that all judges be elected, having proven standards that would come from the papers they have written on all the cases they were involved upon. It should be easy to spot people with unbiased opinions. it always shows up in our opinions put out in daily life. We must form a court of the people. their only power is to investigate any and all public servants. they wouldn’t be held on their judgment on laws alone. things like conflict of interest or improper judgments that dont conform to the laws they apply. The court would have the power to remove any elected or appointed person who violates someone’s constitutional rights. constitutional rights to be given precedence over government-issued civil rights. All elected would have the chance to provide their objections during their removal which would be temporary but still removed from power during trials. their guilt would be presented to the citizens who would use their voter registration number to provide a verdict. a simple majority would make the temporary removal permanent. This would allow the voices of the people to be heard, holding government politicians accountable.———— I, Grampa

      • An article “Good Peasant, Bad Peasant” came to my mind as I read this (found at an anti-authoritarian discussion page). Kind of like the “Good Cop, Bad Cop” routine, which most critical thinking people are aware of, I suspect. The idea is to not only punish bad behavior, but reward good behavior–say with a party for the person, held outside of their usual haunts! Think about it; elites Fear “the mass mobs” will “line them up” and “execute” them (and family) if they “are caught”; thus they put up so many scapegoats and “patsies”. So imagine an approach that knows this history, and yet is committed to “radical” (root-oriented) fairness. In the reality of How elites are themselves initially programmed and tooled into The Meta Game (i.e. of Settler Normative Thought), we begin to see them as deeply challenged dupes of authoritarian manipulations from the time they were kids!

  • Oh, yes, very small public actions do matter. A week or two after starting with the face masks, I watched a video about occult initiation. Face masks, 6-foot distancing, OCD hand-washing are all involved in satanic meetings. That and my breathing issues give me a medical exemption, so I took the masks off. At first, I was very polite about it–most people are very kind when you tell them you cannot wear a mask safely. A few could not care less–that chilled my blood. Over time, I stopped explaining and just barged into Walmart or wherever like normal, acting as if the mask requests were absurd and unworthy of notice. And over time, the hapless employees were too embarrassed to say anything. Meantime I noticed every other God-blest unmasked face and thanked them loudly for showing their faces. After over a year, there were more and more wonderful smiles, and fewer and fewer silly-billies. I don’t think they’ll ever mask West Virginians again–too many of us know that they simply do not help, and are unwilling to make fools of themselves.

    • Good for you! Sadly, I wore the masks for awhile because I didn’t want another fight. But then I noticed a young shopper at Sam’s without one. Then I noticed someone else was mask free. So I took it off. Then I only wore it on airplanes because they can get very nasty about it. But I’ve had a lung tumor and it was hard to breathe, so every couple of minutes I’d pull it away from my face to catch my breath.

      What they did to us was tyranny. Absolute tyranny.

    • I only wore a mask twice to get blood work done. I recall being at the grocery store and an elderly man said “Young lady, thank you for not wearing a mask and standing up for your rights”. His words hit me so deep and from that point on I felt proud of it. There was something so patriotic about his words.

    • I told people if they didn’t like it to wait outside until I was done. I had one check-out attendant refuse to give me service. I told her I would stand there all day until she did. because they had only one checkout open a line formed quickly. the store manager told me I must leave. I asked him under what authority. and what laws I was violating. I told him that he couldn’t refuse. he made a call and quickly told the woman to check me out. I just looked at him and said wise move! give people some small power and they push it to the limit and beyond. We now have seen studies on how the masks have harmed people. what many dont know is that we had state laws about using masks while entering certain places like banks. you could be arrested for doing this . why no one said anything shows just how uninformed we are.——— I, Grampa

  • Thanks, Marie.
    Pointing out progress helps the morale.

    This has been a long war of Freedom vs. Tyranny and it is not over yet.

    Counting our victories gives us hope, and fuel to continue.

    Good job!

  • They are far from trying to get the bioweapons in us & on us. That’s the scary part. This isn’t even about prepping for conflicts. This is something so simple like breathing clean air. They will not stop even if we just say no & don’t participate. They will be even more covert. I am in a health masterclass on the post convid schemes & there will be an entire generation suffering the after effects of these weapons. That angers me.

    I found myself so saddened & irritated after going to the grocery store yesterday, more & more people (mostly retired) wearing their N95 masks walking around like zombies, unfriendly & unresponsive to a hello. They were clearly unhealthy (looking, sorry it’s obvious-judge me), carts full of Mountain Dew, chips, breads & frozen TV dinners. I guess I should be grateful they were masked up so they wouldn’t shed onto me but I wanted to scream at them ‘They are lying to you!’ Sigh.

    We are just now seeing the effects of these weapons destroying our bodies, the increase in major diseases, tumors, cancers will be insurmountable. Didn’t you notice all the clinics & hospitals being built during convid when other businesses were closed?!? Think back. They knew full well what will happen.

    • I agree with you, Jennifo. Plus, we are not being helped by the majority of the Doctors of today. Too many of them are not interested in healing the person. They are more interested in protecting their own backsides, by supporting the Big Pharma narrative and giving the people synthetic medicines that may or may not be effective against whatever symptoms they may have. I don’t think that many Doctors of today even know what the Hippocratic Oath is, anymore.
      When you have an ailment, do your own research. Don’t take “no” for an answer to what is causing your symptoms. Keep searchng for answers. Ask question after question after question, until you get an answer that makes sense. Then keep searching until you find an honest believing Doctor that takes his Hippocratic Oath seriously. When you give your body the right foods and supplements, your body is made to heal itself.
      If you’re hooked into taking statin drugs and blood pressure medicines, I suggest that you look for natural things to eat or take as supplements to get yourself off those medicines. The side effects are probably going to catch up to you someday, and you’ll probably learn that no one will help you more than yourself.
      Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, but I did pretend to be one a few times when I was a kid.

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