Covid Restrictions Are Returning Fast. Here’s What We Can Do.

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We like to say that conspiracy theorists are just ahead of the curve, and we’ve recently gotten evidence that arguably the biggest conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has been right about the story of a lifetime.  Covid restrictions are returning.

A TSA whistleblower told Alex Jones that by mid-September TSA managers and airport employees will be wearing masks, by October flyers will be masking again, and sometime in December, we can expect a full return to the 2021 Covid protocols.  After hearing this, Jones reached out to a manager within Border Patrol to see if he had heard anything about a return of Covid protocols, and he confirmed this.

Official channels have been quick to deny the return of any restrictions, and because Alex Jones said it, the average citizen dismissed it, too. 

But let’s look around. 

Are Covid restrictions really coming back?

Well, Epoch Times reported this week that UMass in Massachusetts; Kaiser Permanente in California; and United Health, Auburn, and University Hospital in New York have brought back mask requirements for staff and physicians.

Lionsgate Studios reinstated their mask mandate last week.  The Los Angeles County Dept. of Health told them they had to reinstate the mask mandate after several employees had been diagnosed with Covid.

The overwhelming majority of universities had strict vaccine and masking requirements during 2021 but gradually dropped those requirements over the past two years. There were still about 100 colleges and universities requiring proof of vaccination, but those were overwhelmingly medical schools in a handful of states.

However, Morris Brown, a small historically black liberal arts college in Atlanta, asked students to wear masks for the next two weeks despite no cases being reported on campus.

People love to hate Alex Jones, but it’s hard to prove him wrong sometimes.

There’s no rational explanation for the return of Covid restrictions. 

While the number of hospitalizations due to Covid is technically increasing, this past week in August still has the 22nd-lowest amount of Covid cases in the 160+ weeks since we began tracking cases. There’s no health emergency here (at least not due to Covid).

Some people are speculating that the new round of Covid alarmism has to do with the rollout of the latest Covid vaccine, which will most likely hit the market in mid-September.

More people are speculating that this is in preparation for the election next year.  In 2020, record numbers of people voted by mail, and there is some speculation that, if lockdowns return, this will be another reason to not have in-person voting in 2024, either.  

Or maybe it was the plan all along.

It’s also possible that this was the plan all along, to have a society used to rolling lockdowns and constant new requirements for vaccine uptake.  I realize how far-fetched this sounds, but let’s look at some behind-the-scenes information.

This last January, Moderna signed a deal in the UK to build a facility capable of producing up to 250 million doses of mRNA a year.  Moderna’s Australian facility, capable of producing 100 million doses per year, will come online in 2024, as will their facility in Canada.  And these facilities all offer peanuts next to Moderna’s Massachusetts facility, which has a production capacity of 3 billion mRNA doses per year.

Governments around the world have invested colossal sums of money in the Covid response; they can’t walk away from it.  Too many powerful people are too invested.  75 members of Congress were trading stock in pharmaceutical companies in 2021, right in the middle of the first round of Covid.

Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, cofounded a hedge fund more than ten years ago that invested $500 million in Moderna.  He refuses to say whether or not he still has a financial interest in that particular hedge fund, but looking at the Moderna facilities popping up in the Commonwealth nations, I think it’s safe to assume he does.

The Covid response led to an unprecedented concentration of wealth in the hands of billionaires and they are not going to let that advantage go.  

We’ve talked before about the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty.  If this gets ratified next year, which it probably will, the head of the WHO will be able to declare pandemic protocols when and where he wants.  This won’t be something people can vote their way out of because the decisions will be made outside the U.S.  And international treaties supersede the Constitution.

Get ready for an information blackout.

Powerful interests obviously want to keep Covid going, but there’s no reason to assume the playbook will be exactly the same this time around.  I strongly suspect that, this go-around, information will be far more tightly controlled.  

In response to public outrage surrounding the Twitter Files, social media companies have gotten sneakier in the way they control what people see.  Outright bans are out. Burying information from non-mainstream sources is in.  This has been profoundly noticeable for anyone that does internet research.  

Linda Yaccarino, X’s new CEO, has really gotten behind this.  We’ve written about her before, too.  She’s a big fan of “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach,” and that’s exactly what’s happening now.  The politically convenient aren’t being banned; they’re just not being seen.

Laws have been passed in various places to facilitate this.  We wrote about Europe’s Digital Services Act a few months ago, which has now come into law.  Under this, large online platforms will be regularly audited to make sure they are not violating any of the EU’s guidelines, some of which have to do with spreading information that may be harmful to people’s health.

American laws are not quite as strict (yet), but YouTube has voluntarily adopted the WHO’s guidelines, which means that it’s about to get a lot harder to view videos about alternative or natural health information.

And this would almost be forgivable if it seemed like any of it was actually helping.

But in all these discussions of reining in health “misinformation,” it really seems like they’re simply attacking anything that won’t generate revenue for Big Pharma.  If you look at Biden’s Covid Preparedness Plan, not once in the 100-page document does he address any natural immunity boosters like improved diet, exercise, and sunshine.  Even though, up until five years ago, it was well understood by physicians all over the world that improving diet and exercise offers low-cost, dramatic results.

And The Science™ seems almost aggressively sloppy.  The CDC’s V-Safe app stopped collecting data on adverse events following Covid vaccinations.  If you try logging in, a message pops up saying that data collection for Covid vaccines ended June 30, 2023.

And yet, people are still being actively pushed to get more shots.

There’s something we can do.

Having said all this, I don’t think it’s time to despair.  Both Kaiser Permanente and Lionsgate Studios dropped their mask mandates this week after the public began paying attention. Bringing these practices to light really does make a difference.

I am happy to have people call me a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist if the end result is that it becomes harder to implement mandates.

Aggressive narrative control is not a sign of strength. It’s a sign that the people in power are afraid of their subjects.  It’s easy to fire one person at a time for noncompliance. It’s a lot harder to lay off entire teams, though, and I’m hoping that’s what the public begins to realize.  

Look at how you can quietly refuse to comply.

We live in a strange time.  Technology has made possible a concentration of power that previous tyrants could only have dreamed of.  If we don’t pay attention to the actions of the people behind these gigantic tech and pharmaceutical companies and the supranational government organizations like the WHO they all seem to be hopping into bed with, we may slide into that dystopian nightmare faster than we realize.

Open defiance will bring down the hammer.  But quiet nonconformity is a lot harder to punish, especially if large enough groups of us band together to do it.  

What are your thoughts?

Are Covid restrictions coming back? Are you seeing any buzz about the return of Covid where you live? Do you expect another lockdown or more mask mandates? Will you comply?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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  • I’ve heard people talking about covid starting to pop up around them. But, as you know, the PCR test is rigged. Thank God Florida removed mask mandates quickly last time. Now with all the northerners moving down here, I hope they don’t push for masks out of fear. They all stayed masked a long time up north during Covid phase 1.

    • I’m with ya on that one Audy. I’m in Texas and we ain’t complying either. Thank God for De Santis and Abbott. I think that the powers that be had this all preplanned, and that this round will be a scarier scarient for vote in mail ballots again. They do not want to lose power. We have to stand up now, because if we don’t, then all will be lost

      • Abbott bowed the knee to them in 2020. What’s changed since then. I don’t recall any change in his attitude. Just curious.

  • Sigh. Time for the resting biotch face of mine to return if I start seeing mask signs & those stupid ‘stand here’ signs again. Gonna lose it at a clerk if I am spoken to about it.

    I’ve warned my kids to beware. Thankfully I am self-employed & so no mandates for me.

    One son says he will not comply in the military. The daughter however may unfortunately since she’s based in the UK & this keeps me awake at night.

    I just cannot fathom how the population can have amnesia so soon after all this!

    • We worry about our son as well. He’s an X-ray tech and was REQUIRED to get the clot shot as a prereq to employment at the hospital. He’s the only one in our family who got it. That thing has proven itself to be a ticking timebomb.

      I was able to get a religious exemption from my company. Not because the company’s owner gave a rat’s ass about my faith, but because so many employees stood in opposition, the owner realized the company would fold if he fired everyone who dissented. …It WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE about the money…

  • Das war nicht anders zu erwarten, wenn man die Menschen nur noch mit Totalitarismus zu beherrschen glaubt. Wir erleben den globalen atlantischen Faschismus. Und wie die Deutschen im 2. WK will es heute die ganze Welt nicht mehr wahrhaben. Und das betrachte ich in diesem kranken System als ein sehr schlimmes Zeichen. Da hilft auch kein reden mehr. Sie, die Eliten ( ob Schwab, Soros, Gates, Biden oder wie sie auch heißen) dieser Welt werden uns knechten um ” ihre Interessen zu verwirklichen, wenn wir ihnen nicht die ganze Macht der Völker und ihrer Interessen entgegen setzen. Das haben sie auch schon deutlich gemacht. Doch dazu müsste die Menschheit aufhören mit dem Dornröschenschlaf. Vor allem die Menschen in Europa, müssen sich ihrer Verantwortung bewusst werden.

    • Thanks, Jurgen. I have a German girlfriend, but here’s the Google translation to English for the rest of us:
      That was to be expected when one believes that the only way to rule people is with totalitarianism. We are experiencing global Atlantic fascism. And like the Germans in World War II, the whole world no longer wants to admit it. And I take that as a very bad sign in this sick system. Talking doesn’t help anymore. They, the elites (whether Schwab, Soros, Gates, Biden or whatever they are called) of this world will enslave us in order to “realize their interests if we do not oppose them with the full power of the people and their interests. They have already made that clear. But for that, mankind would have to stop sleeping like a slumber. Above all, the people of Europe must be aware of their responsibility.

  • I’ve been dreading this but also more than half expecting it. The same people who pushed round 1 are still in place, so it’s kind of obvious they won’t stop until we stop complying. I think a lot more people are feeling a lot less compliant this time around. I very much hope we can stand our ground together on this. If not, it’s going to get pretty crazy.

  • I received an email this morning from our local health organization, Nuvance. Masking is now required for visits to the doctors offices that are associated with Nuvance. I am going to complain when I go to the doctor today although I don’t know how much good that will do. I want them to know that I do not approve of this. Nuvance is a big medical corporation here in Fairfield County Connecticut.

  • Well, while some devout Branch Covidians are reinstating mask mandates and social distancing, some are just saying, “No.”
    Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has said he will not go back to the lockdowns that contributed more harm than the virus itself.
    Dr. Shira Doron, the chief infection control officer for Tufts Medicine said,
    “What we’re seeing is a very gradual and small upward trajectory of cases and hospitalizations, without deaths really going along, which is great news.”
    Other reports show infection rates and hospitalizations are much lower than previous variants.
    However, I will say that we need to take a common sense approach to this as we would any virus like the flu. If we see real data that shows serious increases in hospitalizations and even death, then adjust accordingly.
    But do not give into the fear.
    Unfortunately there will be some devout Branch Covidians who will still demand for masks, vaccines, social distancing, lockdowns and if we do not, we are trying to kill grandmaw. “Listen to the experts,” they will cry. They are the “science,” despite all the evidence that has proven them wrong.
    And do not forget, follow the money!

    • we in our area are so lucky to have a Governor like Tate Reeves in our state. one of the few in this country who has strong moral values and common sense. i am very proud of him and grateful for what he has done for us here.

      • Those of us north of the Mason-Dixon call him tater tot. I have empathy for the immune compromised in states that have guvs that think it earns them points refusing to follow the science. But last go round, Covid culled more of those guv supporters than non-guv supporters. Thankfully the US had a large majority of science believers when the polio vaccine came out.

        • No.
          Those of us North of the Mason-Dixon line all wish we had a governor like him.
          Got a link to prove your claim as to who was “culled?”

    • Indeed….and for those out there like myself who are scientists – charge into the fray and challenge them fiercely! True scientists welcome debate in order to find the facts, and the truth.

    • Our VA system here in southern Arizona was one of the last to stop requiring masks this past spring. We fear that they will be the one of the first to jump on the band wagon again.

  • DO NOT COMPLY! Mandates are not laws. Mandates are illegal and unconstitutional in the United States. Remember, businesses need us and will die without us, think Bud Light. If businesses aren’t able to sell products, it won’t be long before they drop the illegal and unconstitutional mandates. Stock up now on what you need and grow your own food if at all possible.

  • In Louisiana, many people have voluntarily continued to wear masks, quite a lot of them. We haven’t yet seen any mandates, but the local and state governments were quick to implement them last time. Private employers did the same and threatened employees with termination. I know of one lady who works remotely and thought up until the last minute she would be unemployed. They backed off at the last minute following a lawsuit.

    This time they’ll plug up all the holes. Will they go door to door and enforce the jabs? Who knows? Maybe they’ll be smart enough not to try that in a small town, but maybe not.

    • Door-to-door is too much work. All they have to do is set up stations at food markets, banks, and maybe the Post Office. When you are confronted you either take the Vaxx, or get hauled off to detention, Chicom Style.

  • How to end covid? Stop testing. It doesn’t exist. But regardless of what people believe about germ theory, everything they did last time will continue to fly in WA state. We are the absolute worst state in the country with the worst governor. Voting doesn’t matter here.

    I didn’t comply last time, but admittedly, I didn’t go out much. It makes me angry to see people lay down and take it. There was only a handful of people at the university where my husband works that stood up against the jab mandate. It’s disgusting.

    The evidence is overwhelming but those who put their heads in the sand (or up their a**) will never see the truth of what’s happening. There is a prime example of this on Rumble. Steve Kirsch interviewed Seattle-ite Jay Bonnar who tells about 15 people he knew personally who died from the jab. The cognitive dissonance is astounding in the surviving families. They absolutely won’t see it.

    • The only thing I disagree with in your statement is that you have the worst governor. I live in Oregon. We lived through Kate Brown and now have one that is as bad or worse. Tina Kotek. Voting does not matter here either.

  • I just talked to a hairdresser who personally knows directly or indirectly 29 people who have died following the clot shot. The latest is a client’s 29 year healthy son who mysteriously dropped dead. His best friend also a healthy young man now has turbo brain cancer. Death and injuries will be off the charts following the next round of clot shot hysteria. Mask wearing makes people dumb as they suck in their own stinky breath, bacteria, CO2 and all the toxins in the masks. I suckered in last time and wore a mask at the start of the psy op but then stopped wearing it. I went to a mall which was busy and there was only myself and 2 other people not wearing masks. I was kicked out of a Purdy’s chocolate store by some middle aged Karen. It was a very weird experience to be surrounded by Borgs. If you want to die an early death or be maimed just go get another booster. I will not comply with the bullshit mask wearing as it’s illegal and just pathetically stupid. The cult is culling normies and that’s why this covid crap is starting up again. When ambulances pick up people here now one of the first questions they ask is if you are vaxxed. hmmmmmm I listen to ambulances go all day long, have NEVER heard so many ambulances since the clot shot started. Please people stop killing and harming yourselves for the likes of pedo prime ministers, pedo presidents, Pig Pharma and Pig bankers. How long does the clot shot genocide have to go on?

    • My husband went into a Dollar Tree during the early days of the plandemic to buy masks. We had run out of them and he just went in to buy a package, but the Karen clerk behind her plexiglass shield went off on him because he didn’t have one on. He said she kept demanding that he put one on. He just ignored her. He’s really good at that.

  • I am at Kaiser in southern California on 8/31/23 and every single employee is wearing a mask. They also had a sign at the urgent care entrance that stated masks were required but I’ve only seen a handful of patients wearing one. I certainly am not!

  • I didn’t comply with the first round and will not comply this time. I know if we don’t stand this time together then we’re really going to be under tyrannical rule and all be serfs or outcasts. I’d rather be an outcast than a serf, that’s for sure.
    I won a cruise last year and booked for November this year and looks like I will not be going, because I’ll be damned if I go get a death shot and mask up for a cruise. I will tell them to take it and shove it. I am hoping these people understand what this is going to do to not only the nations economy but global economy. This is probably what they want so that they can get that Fed Now program and CBDC’s going full force. Also to steal another election as they did last time.
    What I still cannot wrap my mind around are all the sheeple still blinded by MSM and these tyrants telling them what to do and they’re complying. It’s frightening honestly, to have so many people just submitting to whatever the government tells them to do with no critical thinking and then these sheeple demonize, cancel and outright want our kids taken away, us to be fired from our jobs, wish us death, cancelling us on social media, etc in the name of pseudo science.

    I say pray prepare and protest, in that order.

    • As of right now, the cruise lines are not requiring shots or masks. They will ask you if you have a fever or a cough before letting you board.

  • At this point in time I am not going to comment on the Electionyearomicron COVID variant.
    But I would not put it past them (see what I did there?)
    The OP has had more than a few articles that while some called tin-foil conspiracy, have turned out true.
    Takeaways I got from the first round of the high weirdness of COVID:
    -The importance of independent media
    -The importance of critical thinking, thinking for ones self
    -The importance of not just blindly following the experts
    -The importance of questioning authority figures
    -The importance of when those who do question, watching the reaction from everyone from the experts, the media, the government and to Big Tech
    -The level of effort some will go to, to maintain power or force their will upon others, namely all us citizens
    -The importance of the 1stA, more so than ever

    • “Around 2.4 billion people worldwide (around a third of the global population) cook using open fires or inefficient stoves fuelled by kerosene, biomass (wood, animal dung and crop waste) and coal, which generates harmful household air pollution…”
      Well then, I say to the “who”; give up some of that raped, robbed and pillaged $$$ to those who are impoverished, in order to alleviate this plight!
      In fact, if I were el presidente – I would evenly distribute that stolen wealth, to the world at large – Then we would no longer have a monopoly (illegal), homeless (shameful), or hatred (abuse)!!!

    • Part of my research in mid 2019 was the number of deaths attributed to tuberculosis each year close to 10 million never hear anything about that do we?
      It was on the CDC website. They may have pulled all that down by now.

  • I think the shut-downers desperately want us to raise our voices against them, and to cuss and to pull guns. I think they are counting on it. We do need to quietly and calmly refuse to comply. Not scream. Not throw things. Not body slam people. Not cough on them. Definitely don’t pull a weapon if you are not in imminent danger with no means of escape.

  • We’re here in southern Arizona, with its big Leftist community of Tucson and the 96,000+ student leftists at the UofA. There are people here who have been wearing masks continually since Covid started. I fully expect to see more and more of them. We’re retired and my son is a self-employed electrician, so we don’t have to worry about losing our jobs for refusing to be vaxed. Our road bumps will be the doctor offices and the VA, which was still requiring masks up until the spring of this year. We won’t comply, but we may lose some healthcare providers in doing so.
    FYI: When watching all of the TV coverage on Covid, we found that the doctors Laura Ingraham had on her Fox TV show starting in March 2020, who were going against what all of the government experts were saying about Covid, treatments, preventatives, lockdowns, vaccines, etc. turned out to be right all along. Some of them got censored and deplatformed for what they were trying to tell us, but they ended being shown to be right.

  • With respect to mask mandates, I will wear a mask if it becomes mandated. I will do this despite being bicycle rider with exercise- and allergen-induced asthma. Even when you account for concurrent cold+covid and flu+covid cases, there was massive drop in cold and flu cases in locations that masked, when compared to locations that did not mask. The moderate drop in covid cases in locations that masked was as informative. This makes increasing my suffering worthwhile. I am “my brothers’ keeper”, in the sense that those around me are “my brothers”.

    I should add that I am not wearing a mask, right now. Nor have I done so since the initial covid crisis was declared over. But if a new one is declared?

    (You can guess how I feel about “I can’t mask because of asthma”. If you are a tough guy, or and outdoors-type, a little air hindering should be no worse than spending some time camping 3000 ft above where you live.)

    • I tracked numbers from the beginning in the area we are in. Forced masking had no effect on the C cases.
      And my asthma people feel suffocated in masks. Triggers restricted airways. One is a black belt in Taekwondo and the other routinely splits wood with a splitting maul.

    • You can’t seriously believe the garbage you wrote. Unless, of course, you’re a bot. If you aren’t though, do yourself a favor and research for the true science about masks – as well as the rest of the entire “covid” hoax. See Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, Dr. Tom Cowan, Jon Rappoport, investigative reporter and others too numerous to mention. Catch up on the truth, friend, because we need all the fully awake people we can get.

    • If you believe there’s so many benefits to wearing a mask why wait till there’s a mandate you should be wearing one all the time you are in public.

      And it’s not the drop in oxygen levels. I had no trouble wearing a mask in subfreezing temperatures riding a bicycle averaging 20 miles an hour.
      I did that to pre-warm the air I was breathing.
      The mask froze solid, and gave me a nice channel down into the clothing. I had wrapped around my neck to bring up warm air.
      The issue, clinically proven is it the mask collects germs and bacteria

      It has been clinically proven that most who died in the early 1900s Spanish flu epidemic died from bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing masks
      If the masks truly worked, we would not be allowed to have a beard as a beard negates the seal of the mask to the face.
      also, we would not be able to touch the mask for if it is filtering out Covid it is stuck to the mask. Can you touch it it’s on your hands and transfer it to whatever else you touch. When you take your mask off you have to dispose of it is a biological hazard not lay it on the table eat your meal, put it back on and go about your business having contaminated the table.

  • Here in NM, I live in the mountains surrounding Albq. I drive there for groceries, etc. Chit-chat with a number of store clerks, customers~not any kind of a hint of future covid, mask-wearing, vaccines. All is quiet, except the crime wave is pretty high~but during the day, not a thing going on. Business as usual.

    • Interesting to hear how things are going in different parts of the US. Happy to learn no one in your area seems to be thinking about “covid”. Hope they’re all determined not to fall for the madness again.

  • Just wanted to add, I will not comply. I didn’t comply before with bells on. Couldn’t understand the mind-numbing obedience zombies just going along to get along.

  • We should protest the way the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King did. Non violently and be willing to go to jail for the tyrannical demands that we mask up and listen to those who say they know what is best for us. We are supposed to tell those in the government what to do. They are supposed to be our servants and do what we want to do. It is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let them eat their bugs three times a day, drive their electric clown cars and while we are at it, make Air Force One all electric and make sure our president does not have unlimited ice cream to enjoy his lazy days while working so very hard to take our freedom away. He deserves a cricket casserole, not ice cream.

  • We can’t let mask mandates or lockdowns happen again, its not constitutional, not a law, and if they do go into full lockdown I think it will be worse and for a lot longer. Our country has been taken over from within, and has been for a while, but they are really trying to force their tyrant bs mandates and flex their dictator/communist muscles.

  • I work in healthcare and when they made it mandatory in the summer of 2021 I did get the first two covid vaccines but did not get any of the boosters. Luckily, I have had no side effects so far but I will never do it again even if they require it. I will just have to find another job.

    • Lori, look into detoxing. It’s great you’ve so far not had side effects, but latest research suggests that side effects can appear 2-5 years post injection.
      Look into detoxing – lots of info available, but use to find it. Start with the FLCCC protocols for detoxing from the shots.
      Good for you on your decision to never get jabbed again!

  • Covid season, formerly known as flu season, is upon us. A relative who works at Pfizer told me recently that things are very slow at Pfizer and they are looking at layoffs. A new round of billions in profits will make the layoffs unnecessary.
    “I Will Not Comply”. Say it loud. Say it proud. “I Will Not Comply”.

    • Agreed. And not just say it – MEAN IT. Non-compliance will put some of us in uncomfortable situations. It will make life harder. We must hold tight to our principles and have courage.
      Your relative might want to reconsider continuing to work for Pfizer. He/she is working for the enemy.

  • My family and I will get the jabs as we’ve all gotten them and the boosters and not one of us has come down with COVID or any side effects. And the youngest of us is 55, and I include my elderly parents (78 and 83, one fighting cancer and diabetes, the other heart disease).

    One of the reasons you always hear about the flu vaccine, Covid, other vaccines in the fall is that it’s traditionally the start of flu season. People stay indoors more, the weather gets cooler, kids are in school, etc. Perfect time for a virus to strike.

    I’ll probably wear a mask, but here’s what I don’t understand. So many of you “I won’t comply” folks who are all about “freedom” and doing what you think is right for yourself and your family, do not give those of us following the experts the same respect. Example: about a year ago my brother was grocery shopping for our parents and my sister. My mom was 77 and in chemo for cancer, and my sister had stage 4 breast cancer (and in fact, had about six weeks left to live at that point.) Some YAHOO in full MAGA gear walked up to my brother in the store and starting pestering him, why are you wearing the mask, you’re a dupe for the establishment, you’re living a lie, etc. My brother said, I’m shopping for two cancer patients with no immune system and can’t get any germs at all. The guy wouldn’t stop, followed him around, began to push and shove him when my brother ignored him. The store manager and security intervened and removed him from the store.

    Was there any call for that? You guys make your choices, however dumb I think they are, but you don’t see me following you around screaming about wearing a mask.

    Comply or not, but have respect for other people and their decisions. It’s probably more complicated than you know, and at any rate, isn’t your business.

    • I have absolutely NO issue with others who wear masks. As long as you are doing your thing and not trying to shame or force me into doing the same, I believe that’s what freedom is all about. It’s really terrible this happened to your brother – equally as terrible as when people are mistreated for refusing to wear them.

      If we could all just live and let live, then I don’t think we’d be having any problems. The issue occurs when we try to force our views on others via mandates or harassment. It’s not right, regardless of who’s doing it.

    • The issue is all those experts that you believe, most have been proven wrong. But rather than admit they were wrong, they continued to press their previous wrong conclusions and try to force those wrong conclusions upon the rest of us.
      We also have evidence of them trying to suppress any countering evidence that proves them wrong.
      NIH-funded research collaborative redacts emails on why it disavowed ‘gold standard’ mask study

      We have evidence of pre-Musk owned Twitter, Twitter suppressed the Doctors/experts of The Great Barrington Declaration and their signers,
      Twitter Files Confirm Censorship of the Great Barrington Declaration

      In light of this evidence and there is a whole lot more, why would anyone believe these experts?
      BTW, yes, we have seen “Karens” screaming about people being unmasked. Celebrities, posting comments about people not masking up.
      Talking heads on MSM calling people to mask up.
      People in the medical field, actual doctors, calling for those who choose to be unvaccinated to not be treated, turned away, or even calling for them to die.
      What? Did you forget all that?
      Will we see COVID scare 2.0 of the same?
      Watch this space.

      • Thank you for talking about the evil in the medical community…
        We were inundated with daily news report’s practically nonstop..stop the spread..Free vax to all…tried too bribe the people who were not sure, make them get vax. Refusing to give alternative treatments shown to work. Locking people in nursing homes, going for the week in society ,refusing medical treatment to unvaxed. talking heads and celebrities.openly saying unvaxed should die…..attacking people on the streets for not wearing masks.and more..a daily dose of it..

        And then the curtain pulled back ,and the “TRUE DEPTHS OF THE HORROR WAS SHOWN..THE REAL…EVIL.!!!!!!!!”

        The tik tock videos of dancing nurses,and other medical care people..celebrating laughing.carrying fake bodies in the halls ..(were they?)…always remember that!!!!!
        .they were the bad actors in this..the elite parties where the guest did not have on mask…the big pharm people who are now happened. It was real..

        Then we knew what it was.The money, the Evil greed, the Evil joy in the horror. They loved it.
        Killing off those who they felt were useless eaters.,in their way in the world ,taking their jobs, their money. thats what was said there is proof..videos of that and more.

        …ill never forget the sick joy in those videos..they celebrated the death. And got very wealthy from it. now they have the thirst..
        tell the children. Don’t let that be forgotten was real..and their still out there…and I belive more will join this time..ill be a ready as I can .I won’t go down easy..

    • Agreed that your brother’s incident shouldn’t have happened. Just as people who don’t wear the face diaper shouldn’t have others screaming at them to mask up.
      You’ve completely fallen for the “covid” hoax through the widespread propaganda and the government control of the narrative. It’s the result of accepting what you’re told, without question, by legacy media. Dig deeper and find the news that’s increasingly being censored. Unfortunately, the “experts” you believe in are nothing more than shills for the WEF, WHO, FDA, CDC, etc.
      Simple truth: what’s happening in the US and worldwide has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH. It’s about one world government control through depopulation and using technology to enslave the survivors.
      Sounds unbelievable but it’s true. It’s been a plan for decades.
      Take a look at the WEF (World Economic Forum) website. They’ve removed much about their plan for the world, but there’s enough there for you to get a good idea about their intentions. Do you know about 15 minute/smart cities? CBDCs? Digital IDs? If not, you need to get up to speed. Start with the Chinese social credit system. That’s what they want for the entire world.
      The globalists know that fearful people will do anything, including compromising their God- given freedom. A “pandemic” was created to scare you. Your reaction was as they expected – fear. Their solution is for you to mask up, test repeatedly and take the vaxxine. The mask is unhealthy, the tests are fraudulent, and unfortunately, you didn’t receive a vaccine, as makes clear. It’s a depopulation device. Designed to maim and kill. There is overwhelming evidence of this. Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP, along with many others, has been warning for over 2 years that the vaxx is toxic, and no one should get injected.
      There’s help for the vaxxed. There are detoxing protocols, one of them is on the FLCCC website. You will not be able to remove all toxins, but you can at least mitigate some of the effects. Latest research suggests that side effects will occur within 2-5 years of the shots, so research detoxing ASAP. Good luck.

    • Jill Biden, fully vaccinated and got two booster shots, testes positive for COVID for a second time.

      Did you see Fauci squirm on CNN when they grilled him about the effectiveness of masks? Even citing studies that prove him wrong?

  • The dollar still speaks (as weak as it is). I will NOT comply and refuse to take my business into any establishment that requires masks or vaccines.

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