UniCoin: “Universal Monetary Unit” Paves the Way to Global Currency

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In March, Daisy wrote about FedNow, the instant payment system currently in the works/  The American banking and government systems expect to start using it in July.  As Daisy discussed, FedNow isn’t a centralized bank digital currency (CBDC), but it provides the framework for one.  

I encourage you to read Daisy’s FedNow article.  It will give you a good idea of how digital payments will be initially billed as a convenience, then something we can’t do business without.  Read the article, and then imagine digital currency on a global scale. 

This is in the works, too.  

Worldwide digital currency

On April 10, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) launched its international central bank digital currency.  Proponents claim that this Universal Monetary Unit (UMU, Ü) will be used exactly like any other form of digital money.  

Side note: DCMA has also been referring to the Universal Money Units as Unicoin.  However, since there is a separate cryptocurrency also going by the name “Unicoin,” we’ll refer to this as UMU. (source)

You may be wondering, what is the DCMA?  What countries is it affiliated with?  Is it part of the  United Nations?

As explained in this Redacted video, DCMA is run by bankers and unnamed government officials from around the world.

The DCMA is described as “a world leader in the advocacy of digital currency and monetary policy innovations for governments and central banks.  Membership within the DCMA consists of sovereign states, central banks, commercial and retail banks, and other financial institutions.”  

On its website, the DCMA states that its mission “is to enable trade globalization through the monetary integration of international payments and settlements while strengthening national economies [sic] monetary sovereignty.  The first wave of cryptographic cash was designed for public untrusted networks.  The DMCA reimagines the next wave of cryptographic innovations engineered for adoption by central banks, retail and commercial banks, Fintech, governments, and cryptocurrency exchanges.”  

Here’s what makes UMU Unicoin different

UMU’s big advantage, what makes this different from individual countries’ proposed CBDCs, is that it can be used for cross-border transfers of money.  Offering UMU users discounted foreign exchange rates is part of the plan to encourage adoption.  International Monetary Fund (IMF) representatives claim that right now, exchanging currencies between different nations slows down transactions and increases the cost of doing business; they claim that UMU will dramatically speed things up.  Like FedNow, they are using the convenience of instant payments, coupled with the promise of the best foreign exchange rates, as a method of promoting this new payment framework.

As of January, 114 countries, representing over 95% of the world’s economy, are exploring CBDCs, and a few have already rolled them out.  However, as BeInCrypto noted, the rollouts haven’t gone particularly smoothly, which makes this rollout of a global crypto framework linked to the international banking system somewhat surprising.

Here’s what happened when the Nigerian government tried to force the issue.

China’s use of the digital yuan to enforce its rigid social credit system is well known.  However, we can also look to Nigeria to see what can happen when governments attempt to impose CBDCs on the population.  

In 2021, Nigeria became the first African country to implement a CBDC, the eNaira.  Nigeria struggles a great deal with terrorism and counterfeiting operations; CBDC cheerleaders claimed that switching to digital currency would address some of these problems.  Since 35% of Nigerians use cryptocurrencies, government officials assumed that Nigerians would hop right into a CBDC system.

They were wrong.

35% of Nigerians may be comfortable with crypto, but less than 0.5% signed up for the government-issued eNaira.  The ones that did download it gave it lousy ratings.  No one really wanted it; many vendors wouldn’t accept it.  

So, the Nigerian government tried forcing everyone to use it.  They restricted cash withdrawals to about US $44 a day or no more than about US $217 a week.  

Authorities hoped that this would force people onto the CBDC. Instead, it resulted in chaos.  A tremendous cash shortage ensued, and some governors claimed their territories were “on the verge of anarchy.”

Since then, the Nigerian government has slowed down its rush to become a cashless society.  They had originally planned to be totally cashless by January. This did not work, and people will be able to use their bank notes until the end of 2023. (source)

No one would call this an inspiring success.  But no one seems to want to change courses, either.

Sweden is NOT actually a cashless society.

Mainstream media continually holds Sweden up as an example of a wealthy, functional cashless society, but this is disingenuous.  Sweden’s not actually cashless.  Yes, most Swedes choose not to use cash, but the government has actually passed laws saying that it has to be available.  Why?  Because the Swedish government, quite sensibly, admits that digital money is vulnerable to disruption, whether through natural disasters that disrupt the grid or something like an EMP.  They know that they need backup currency in case of emergency. (source)

Sweden is investigating CBDCs, just like everyone else.  We’ll see where they land.  Interestingly enough, their mostly-cashless society is being sold on digital currency for the same reason the Africans are: the ease of cross-border payments.  The Swedes have been functioning mostly without cash but also without a CBDC.  So why would they want an e-krona?  To make international trade easier, and that brings us right back to the UMU.

Things are not going well in the financial world.

Patterns are emerging.  Failures abound.  Fox just fired its most popular host.  Anheuser-Busch slapped its working-class customer base in the face with its hiring of TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney as a promoter.  It’s cost the company at least $5 billion. 

And then the bank failures!  Three out of the four biggest bank failures in American history have occurred in the last two months.  Daisy wrote about First Republic failing on Monday. Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank both failed in March.  As of Tuesday, several other regional banks started to collapse, as reported by ZeroHedge.

When small businesses go under, bigger establishments win.  J.P. Morgan Chase is now the biggest bank in the U.S.  As there are fewer and fewer banks to negotiate, implementing new rules (like CBDC) becomes easier because fewer entities need to agree.

The bank bailouts of the past 15 years have been rewarding poor investment decisions and destabilizing the financial system, as explained by Peter Schiff.

We’re at the beginning of another round of crashes, but what is the financial sector doing?  As of May 1, the Biden administration will be slapping those with high credit scores with additional mortgage fees to subsidize home loans for people with poor credit.  We had a collapse in 2008; it looks like we’re at the beginning of another crash.

And yet we insist on incentivizing poor lending behavior.

Businesses are making poor decisions left and right, seemingly heedless of consequences.  Those trying just to make money are being hampered by ESG and CEI scores.  It’s like there’s a conscious effort to destroy business as usual.  

The more time goes by, the more I suspect that’s the point.  As Daisy noted in the FedNow article, widespread bank failures will make people desperate, and desperate people become willing to sign on for “solutions” like CBDCs that they otherwise may not have.

Is this the road to global governance?

Once CBDCs are common among nations, UMU will follow.  And UMU will greatly facilitate global governance.  

This probably sounds crazier than it should, but we’ve been sleepwalking toward global governance lately.  Look at the WHO’s most recent treaty.  If this gets ratified, which is very likely, all signers will have given sweeping powers to a huge, unelected group of global bureaucrats.  Global currency is just another nail in the global governance coffin.

I don’t think this will happen overnight.  I agree with Rebel Capitalist’s recent assessment that this will be a process. Getting everyone onboard with a CBDC will take time, particularly if governments want to avoid social disruption.  Nigerians were stripping their clothes off and smashing bank machinery in protest when they couldn’t get cash. I imagine American bank owners would prefer to avoid that.  

Adding a global layer of infrastructure is that much more work.  But just because it’s five years down the road doesn’t mean we should ignore what’s going on right now.  Frameworks are being put in place that, in a perfect world, could conceivably lead to streamlined international business.  But we don’t live in a perfect world.

Between Covid, and the Afghanistan debacle, and the widespread dysfunction within the business community, I don’t think it’s far-fetched for anyone to harbor serious concerns about the competence and motives of those in power.

CBDCs are a danger to freedom.

The frameworks being constructed will enable a level of surveillance and control that past dictators could only dream about.  We need to call it what it is and do what we can to delay implementation.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are both calling for CBDC bans. I don’t live in Texas or Florida, but I applaud those politicians for speaking out about it

Most of us probably need to educate friends and relatives about CBDC, too.  I’ve been shocked at how many people have no idea that this is in the works.  Advertisements for instant payments are all over the place; if most people had better spending habits, this wouldn’t be anywhere near as appealing.  If you have teenagers and young adults in your house, talk about finances with them.  Solid budgeting skills make instant payments unnecessary.  Make the youngsters in your life aware of the costs of constantly doing whatever is most convenient.  

Unfortunately, I agree with Daisy in that this is probably going to happen regardless of what we do.  However, we can still do our best to starve the beast by minimizing our digital footprints and doing as much as we can on our own or within a trusted network of friends.  We don’t have to stumble into the New World Order blindly.  We can be difficult. 

Two years ago, there was a widespread push to mandate certain medical treatments across the workforce.  People stalled, argued, and filed lawsuits.  Mandates started going away, and just this month, the U.S. is finally ending its vaccine requirement for foreign travelers.

Do I think this is a permanent reprieve?  Oh no.  I think medical passports will come back in some other form, for some other disease.  My point is simply that dragging our collective feet might buy us a little time.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant for government policies as well as laundry.  By spreading awareness about the CBDC and UMU frameworks being put in place, hopefully, we can slow the adoption of these massive surveillance tools.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think UniCoin or Universal Monetary Unit is part of the plan to institute one global currency? Do you think this will move the world further toward digital currencies and cashless societies? What potential problems do you see with that, if any?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • Universal digital currency is the enslavement of humans on earth.The slave owners, (governments), can control what and how much we (the slaves) can purchase. Digital currency creates a back door ban by the slave owners so they can ban whatever they don’t want us to have, houses, farm land, animals for slaughter, organic/non gmo seeds for vegetable gardens, clean non toxic water, firearms, ammo, combustion engine vehicles……… This is going to force us to create a parallel economy that works for us, not them. All humans in unison must tell governments around the world to pound sand.

    • Yes, resistance, perseverance, willpower, determination, strength, and a clear mind will all be beneficial…We are to know the signs of the time. We are to be awake, alert, aware, and ready at all times. Yes slaves vs. the controllers (sounds like a battle to me). Total control is what they want. I feel it’s all just a matter of time until it will happen. But in the meantime, we stand our ground and stick to our guns and fight it by spending out cash and not just pulling out that debit card or that charge card. Spending cash will prolong this b/c they will know that we still have cash and we wanna keep it…It’s the ones under 40 that want all of this so-called convenience, and they are the ones that need to learn what is going on. Tell them, teach them, get it over to them that terrible things are coming if they continue to think that convenience is the prize. I wonder how they will feel when their every move and dollar is controlled. NOT GOOD I am sure of that…

  • Unless the US has some kind of socio-economic collapse, I think some kind of digital currency is coming.
    Well it be the dystopian hellscape of absolute government control over our lives?
    Looking at how incompetent our government is, not so sure I would put bets on it.
    Even if they tried, I think people would find ways to work around it. The government just might be the creator of the black market.

    • I’m not sure I understand why you use the word “unless”. We are headed for a serious collapse, probably before Biden wins another rigged election.

  • No. I won’t be “wearing” it on my forehead or right hand, nor am I participating in the “AI” beast banking system…just a heads up.

    • Looks like Htos1av has read some scripture…YES this does sound as if it might the preresiquite to the coming beast…Revelation does warn us that the antichrist will appear and that unless we accept his mark we will not buy or sell anything to anyone without it…So it’s good to know that some out there know what will eventually happen and is not going to go along with it if at all possible not to. We will have the sign, the mark on our right hand or our foreheads if we accept. GOD be with those who do not accept it.

      • Revelations is quite clear that some will find a way not to go along, because those are the ones who will be saved. But when it says “he causeth all” to get the mark, that means it will be very difficult indeed, and only a few will pay the price. One MUST pay the price and preparing ahead of time will make it easier.
        It is far better to DIE than comply, so courage is a part of it.

        • Sorry but read the scripture. That is NOT what it tells us…He sayd “HE” that is singular and not plural…HE causes all to receive his mark. IT’s the number of a MAN, not a bunch of MEN!!! HE (a man), will stand in the temple and demand worship…HE will be the beast…Antichrist are those that do NOT worship GOD. People who are against GOD (are known as ANTI-Christ!!!

          • I don’t find fault with what you say but to take it to a little more depth, He will have many who accept the mark of the beast who will do his bidding. So that could be corporations or at least their CEO and board. In the Bible beasts are used to represent kingdoms so it is often supposed that the beast in Revelation is meant to represent a world government. We won’t stop this from happening but we don’t have to support it.

  • We didn’t have this global financial crash simultaneously problem back when loans were figured with pencil and paper, one ant an time and the currency was still worth something. But computers allowed loans by the wholesale, figured at breakneck speed and then when borrower failed to pay back these derivatives, they were traded to foreign banks as credit default swaps globally. That’s why all the banks are pretty much tied together and will fail simultaneously. So we’re back to Bill Gates now. Between his computers and his diseases, it’s a wonder anyone is still left alive.

    • TRUE, however remember that what goes around to all of these elites will also come back around b/c we know that karma is a real bitch!!! They will pay for ALL of their sins…

  • There are already resistance organizations forming in various countries. One such network that’s operational in the US and a few places in Mexico is Freedom Cells, per this website:


    Its people are taught how to do business with crypto currencies and barter concepts — even if simultaneously paying and receiving funds via governments mandating CBDCs is not optional. Such transactions that come to mind might include tax payments, Social Security funds, government-regulated utility companies, etc, etc. When cryptos like Bitcoin are held very privately in non-custodial wallets (instead of an IRS-vulnerable central organization like coinbase), such transactions between people who learn how to transact with crypto privately … can either facilitate either side by side business with CBDC transactions OR to the total exclusion of the CBDC tyranny if circumstances permit.

    Recall that the Biden crime family is pushing for 87,000 new and highly armed IRS agents that will be looking for fresh meat victims. How soon they may achieve that is unknowable. Recall that back in the days of Lois Lerner during the Tea Party years that the IRS even terrorized non-political companies that merely provided some services to Tea Party organizations. Today the US SEC has been assigned the job of destroying (by regulation) all digital cryptos that would compete with Federal Reserve-issued CBDC “money”. Whether or not the secrecy of non-custodial wallet-held cryptos like Bitcoin can be maintained is perhaps unknowable. It’s worth remembering that government despises competition even as far back as the 1830s when Lysander Spooner tried to compete with the US postal system… and was bankrupted by government lawsuits. OTOH, the freedom cells concept might have the best chance if operating in countries where the American IRS has zero jurisdiction.

    To the extent that CBDC transactions are mandated (along with their “politically correct” gotchas) … US constitutional protections of privacy and property rights will be dead and buried for many generations beyond us. John Adams was famous for saying that the US constitution was fit only for a moral people — which we certainly don’t have in government.


  • Mark my words. The power that the AC will have over the entire world will come from computers and the technological devices they control. There is no way that one man could control the entire world without technology, including computers, communications and the financial control that they bring. And even that will be short lived, just like the lives of the people the anti-Christ controls.
    When the plandemic came 3 years ago, someone gave the order and within the space of 24 hours, every school, every church, every public building, every sporting event, every restaurant and just about everything else was closed or shut down, many of them permanently. Who heard about a vote to make this happen? There was no vote. There was no referendum. There was no public consultation. There was no law passed in Congress. There wasn’t even a half hearted UN resolution. There was only an announcement on mainstream media. Don’t tell me that the Antichrist isn’t walking the earth right now and giving orders behind the scenes.

  • Do you think this will move the world further toward digital currencies and cashless societies? Yes, the Unicoin is evidence that a global digital currency is coming. As for the United States, “Uncle Sam’s” credit limit is nearly maxed out, and another credit downgrade like the one on August 5, 2011 is inevitable. Please ensure that you are “spiritually-prepped” with Jesus. Godspeed and Blessings to all.

  • Following the upcoming Re 6, 3rd seal famine and 4th seal war that kills 1/4th the earth, Re 6:8, shall be 5th seal Christian persecution. This time shall separate the Satanists from the Christians by imposition of fealty through primarily financial means. Many Christians, not being able to buy or sell shall starve, give in, or fight. It’s a time of great apostasy. Obama’s Guillotines await this time of resistance. 6th seal Planet X shall be so horrific that the persecutions shall wane, as the controllers seek shelter; followed by 7th seal fire from heaven and then the 1st trumpet. The 1st trumpet speaks of those already with the mark of the beast. So the mark is given during the time of the seals. The logical time for this imposition shall be during the 5th seal, Christian persecution. The famine in this year 2023 and onward (it never abates; Hab 3:17) is followed by the nuclear Gog/Magog (Ez 38:10ff; Re 6:8ff) war that shall be brief. It is followed by China’s permanent occupation of the U.S., at least to the Mississippi during 2024. This is necessary to allow the 200 million troops of the 6th trumpet war to march west with no existential enemy to their east. Right now is the last opportunity to prepare for this, what is God’s schedule of the end times.

    • And the end is approximately going to be in 2028 when JESUS CHRIST returns to planet earth to raise up the dead that were sleeping in their graves and call them up. They will then meet Him in the air. He will be accompanied by His host of heavenly angels, in fact a multitude of them will be with the LORD…The graves will open, and they will all rise up to meet the LORD in the air. Their mortal bodies will then be changed to immortal ones and their corrupt bodies will be changed to incorruptible ones and this will all happen in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. When? At the “last trumpet”…That is all the rapture and the second coming of CHRIST which is one and the same event…Once all of these have risen up they will be going with JESUS to the place He prepared for them. Then the saved who are still alive and have persevered and mae it will all rise up off of the earth to meet the LORD and his angels in the clouds. Their bodies will also change b/c all of them must have “heavenly bodies” that are suitable for life off of planet earth…
      Then the rest will not rise up yet but will remain in their graves and on the earth for a time.

  • June 1 (says Yellen) then July 1 are the next 2 big dates we have to watch for.
    July 1 is when the USA and the Federal Reserve may declare Force Majeure, and a reset of currency is required as banks turn off all electronic cash and we are on our own possibly until the end of July to early August.

    In effect, the entire US economy (businesses, the Government. even communication) stops, and chaos, riots, looting, mayhem ensues in urban areas, and since communications go down, we don’t know how badly.

    If China invades and activates sleepers, this shut down time would be when to do it. Literally, the Western USA with a Biden Admin and pre-paid plus the ideology driven volunteer traitors in all levels of Government assisting the Chinese Invasion because they hate the USA, the Western USA could be more than half gone as REALLOCATED FOR DEBTS / FORECLOSED UPON in 3 weeks, and we wouldn’t know it until it is over and communications go back up.
    All our major parks since the 1990s are UN subject to takeover for debts. I think that it may be whole states subject to “Unconditional Surrender handover to Chinese asset seizure” as well, not just oil lands, lands over water aquifers, and swaths of that sort only that they will seize along with nuclear and utility plants, but large land grabs that around 1,000,000 armed Chinese will initially set up and bring in more to hold, with a reboot military of the US providing Civilian and Military airstrip assists for.
    Hopefully we don’t go that badly. But if we default June 1 according to Yellen’s timeline to Congress, that MIGHT be their plan at present.

  • Yes, it’s in the Bible; NO MAN can buy or sell lest he have the mark of the beast. That means every person on this planet no matter what country will be united by this “uni” money.

    Anyone who does not cannot buy or sell.

    • Yet, the Bible also says some will avoid the mark. Logically, they have supplies saved so they don’t need to buy, and have local barter networks. Get to know your neighbors.

  • This will have about as much effectiveness as it did in Africa. Just like alt media came to be … alt will as well and when the Elites cant skim that the real war against the populace will commence.

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