Tucker Carlson: Why Did Fox Fire Their Most Popular Host?

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On April 24, Fox announced it was parting ways with Tucker Carlson, its most popular cable news host. During the first quarter of 2023, his show averaged 3.251 million views making it one of the most-watched shows in the nation.  Among the coveted 24-54 demographic, Tucker is at the top.

The firing came as a shock to everyone. At the end of Tucker’s show on Friday, April 21, he finished his show with, “We’ll be back Monday!”   He was as blindsided by the firing as everyone else.

Upon the news he’d be leaving Monday morning, Fox’s shares dropped, closing at 3% lower Monday evening.  If they can’t come up with someone who can pull in a Tucker-size audience, this will be only the beginning of their financial decline.

So why on earth would Fox get rid of him?

A variety of rumors have been floating around regarding Tucker’s departure.  Some, like his alleged plan to run for president, seem pretty far-fetched.

Maybe his firing was related to the Dominion scandal.  On April 18, Fox agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by Dominion for $787.5 million.  Dominion (the voting machine company) alleged that Fox damaged their business reputation by accusing them of tilting the 2020 election in Biden’s favor.

However, as Megyn Kelly pointed out on her show, Tucker Carlson was one of the Fox hosts more skeptical of those claims.  He repeatedly publicly asked Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to share her evidence regarding Dominion’s supposed fraud.  She never did, and eventually became angry about being asked. Tucker was always public about his interactions with Sidney Powell; why would he get fired over this?  

Some people think that this has to do with another lawsuit from former producer Abby Grossberg, claiming that Tucker Carlson contributed to a sexist atmosphere at Fox.  However, considering that Ms. Grossberg was fired before Tucker, I think this one’s a stretch, too.

Tucker’s long history of annoying advertisers might have had something more to do with it.  Disney and Papa John’s were big names that stopped advertising on his show after some comments about the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. Red Lobster, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Farmers Insurance, Totes Isotoner, Graze, Sandisk, Pfizer, and many other companies pulled advertising from his show in 2018 after comments about immigrants making America poorer.

Tucker’s monologue on April 19 criticized the relationship between Big Media and Big Pharma. In fact, he opened it by saying, “Ask yourself: is any news organization you know of so corrupt that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers?”  He was obviously referencing the Covid jabs. I imagine this didn’t go over well with many of Fox’s advertisers.

Pharmaceutical companies are some of the biggest spenders on TV advertisements. It’s possible that Tucker’s monologue went too far, and they threatened to pull advertising dollars from Fox unless they got rid of him.  

Politics may have played a role, too.  This may have been part of a plan to derail Trump’s 2024 run, as discussed by Kim Iversen.

It’s been obvious to anyone paying attention that the Republican party has been in the throes of an identity crisis since the Tea Party, which began in response to the bailouts of big banks back in 2008 and 2009.  There has been ongoing tension between establishment figures like Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan and more independent populist types like Ron Paul and Donald Trump.  Trump’s win in 2016 led to the “Never Trump” movement, of whom former Senator Paul Ryan is probably the most recognizable face.

Paul Ryan also happens to be on the board at Fox, as noted by Glenn Greenwald in his System Update.  Is Tucker’s firing an attack on the populists by the establishment Never Trumpers?  Who knows?  But if Paul Ryan stays on the board at Fox, I think it’s fair to assume there is at least some connection.

But was Carlson actually ultra-right-wing?

It’s not like Tucker mindlessly parroted everything Trump said; his interactions with Sidney Powell are proof of that.  But Tucker operates outside of mainstream thought lines and talking points, and so does Trump.  Both of them try to get the American public to think critically about things like our role in NATO and why we’re willing to spend billions of dollars (and American soldiers’ lives, apparently) to defend Ukraine’s border but not our own. 

Tucker was not loyal to either party.  He was willing to present evidence damning to either side.  Popular culture paints him as an ultra-Republican, but he lobbed plenty of rhetorical bombs at the Republican establishment, too.  He continually spoke against the Washington Uniparty.  He gave air time to Julian Assange’s father and brother, allowing them to discuss Julian’s side of the story. He released footage from January 6, which is alleged to have made Rupert Murdoch really angry.  He has said time and again that his only loyalty is to the truth, as best he can find it.

I don’t agree with Tucker on everything, but he understands the importance of being honest and the increasing amount of courage it requires these days.  In his speech for the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary last week, he summed up the past three years exceptionally well.

“You see people you know revealed as cowards, saying things you know they don’t believe because they want to keep their jobs, and you’re so disappointed in people.  You realize the herd instinct is maybe the strongest, to be like everybody else and to not be cast out of the group. . . and to not be shunned.  That’s a VERY strong impulse in all of us from birth and it takes over unfortunately in moments like this and it’s harnessed in fact by bad people in moments like this to produce uniformity.  You see people going along with this, and you lose respect for them.  I’m not mad at people; I’m just sad.  How could you go along with this?  You know it’s not true but you’re saying it anyway?”

Establishment figures really, really don’t like it when voices in the public square act like this, when they try to stick to the truth, when they refuse to pick a side.  We saw that at the OP last year during our disagreement with NewsGuard.  Daisy refused to say whether The Organic Prepper is left- or right-leaning, and we got punished for it. 

And of course, we’re a small voice in the public space.  But Tucker’s a giant; the fact that Fox is willing to kill its golden goose, most likely over ideological differences, says something about how powerful that ideology really is.

What’s next for Tucker Carlson?

I’m not too worried about Tucker.  Russia Times has offered him a job.  If he doesn’t take them up, well, he’s not the first media personality to get fired, move to alternative media, and do just fine.

Megyn Kelly went to Sirius XM.  Glenn Beck (Fox’s most popular host back in 2010) founded The Blaze.  Matt Taibbi and Alex Berenson went to Substack.  Glenn Greenwald’s on Rumble.  I’m sure Tucker will figure something out.  And he won’t have nearly as many corporate overlords attempting to pull his strings.

Having said that, it still looks like he’ll be suing Fox.  Tucker has hired Bryan Freedman (humorously enough, the same lawyer Don Lemon just hired), so we can expect to see some legal fists flying.  

Tucker’s going to be fine because he has a massive independent following. Wherever he decides to go, millions will follow.  But those who have wanted to see an establishment like Fox as an adversary to the left-leaning outlets have been proven wrong.  Fox allows a certain amount of dissent from the mainstream, but only in very limited amounts.  

I wasn’t paying attention back in 2010, when Glenn Beck got fired, in part because he criticized George Soros.   But that should have been a big sign of where, at the end of the day, Fox’s loyalties really lie.  

Tucker’s firing should serve as a wake-up call that the important arguments aren’t between Republicans and Democrats. 

The real fight is between those content to let billionaires run the show and those of us that aren’t.

What are your thoughts?

We want to hear from you. Why do you think Tucker Carlson was let go? Do you like his show, or do you think he’s overrated? What do you think will happen next with regard to this situation?

Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • After Anheiser Busch saw the backlash it unfathomable to me that Fox was this stupid. Tucker will be fine and most likely better off but I think Fox is done and I for one will not be watching them regularly if at all. I feel this was part of the Dominion deal as two of their most ardent truth tellers Bongino and Carlson are suddenly gone. Stupid business decision to settle with Dominion and fire them.

  • Tucker Carlson was the only Fox program that I recorded and was sure to watch five days a week. Upon learning of his firing I removed all the Fox channels from my sat TV favorites, thus placing Fox alongside CNN and MSNBC on my boycotted for life list.

  • I have no way to contact Tucker and I don’t wish to impugn the EIB Network but my suggestion is a midday AM talk radio show to build his own network. Not to be a replacement for Rush, but to be the next generation telling the truth against both or all sides regardless of the fallout.

    • I miss Rush a lot. He had an intuitive grasp about why events were happening and what they meant. No one else comes close to him in that way, but Tucker comes closer than most. Tucker’s old shows can be watched on Rumble. We don’t have cable, and that’s where I’ve been watching them for awhile. youtube almost never has the whole show.

  • I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Carlson. However, it appears he didn’t learn, or forgot the basic rules of the commercial world:
    1. The boss is always right;
    2. When the boss is wrong, refer to rule 1.

    It might appear he knew that as it was obvious he had a line at which he stopped in commentary. As far as the rest of us consumers – weather products or comments – If it’s free, you are the product.

    I watched my last FOX broadcast on Monday night, which I did out of curiosity. I wanted to see if Jesse was on (there was a substitute), and who took Mr. Carlson’s place.

    • Jesse is on leave cuz his wife had their second child. Who knows what will happen with other conservative hosts and contributors on Fox. I tend to believe this is not over. The firings will continue and it will not bode well for Fox.

      I am just waiting and watching how this all plays out with Tucker. His voice has been silenced more than once with his show. There was evidence of that. No matter when he comes back he will have a highly popular following.

    • If the boss commands someone to do something immoral, dishonest or illegal, then the boss is wrong and a moral and honest person is required to disobey that command. If he doesn’t disobey that command, then he is just as crooked as his boss. If he disobeys that command and gets fired for his disobedience, he may face hard times but his conscience will be clear.

      As for Tucker Carlson, I couldn’t watch him because we don’t have cable. From the reports I read, I understand that he wouldn’t compromise his integrity. He may face hard times because honesty is not valued among many in the top layers of business and government.

  • Fwiw, NASDAQ.com is quoted as saying: Fintel reports that BlackRock has filed a 13G/A form with the SEC disclosing ownership of 45.74MM shares of Fox Corporation, Class A (FOXA). This represents 15.1% of the company.

    In their previous filing dated January 27, 2022 they reported 39.87MM shares and 12.40% of the company, an increase in shares of 14.75% and an increase in total ownership of 2.70% (calculated as current – previous percent ownership).

  • As a CFO who has, unfortunately, laid off quite a few employees in the past I’ve thought long and hard about this. Since Fox is going to continue paying Tucker for at least the next year (reportedly $20 million), it doesn’t make financial sense. If you’re going to continue paying someone, why pay someone else to fill their slot especially immediately following a $787 million settlement that will almost certainly lead to pay cuts and layoffs. I think someone/something forced Fox to fire him and is likely paying the $20 million (or more) in exchange. Keep in mind that as long as Fox continues paying out his contract Tucker can’t go elsewhere. So this effectively shuts him up during a critical presidential election. I imagine there are many people willing to pay far more than $20 million for that.

    • Very interesting perspective. If that’s the contract, you’ve probably hit the nail on the head. Keep him out; keep Trump tangled in legal spaghetti-bowls. Run a subversive for re-election without effective opposition. Well planned. (For disclosure, I am not a Trump fan, but he’s the best alternative, pro-America as opposed to destroyers of America.)

    • Ruth, you don’t know the details of Tucker’s contract. a standard “Non-Compete” does not apply in the compensation clauses of on-air talent especially if someone is fired. If he was fired for cause as Ailes was, that is a different matter. That said, it’s doubtful Tucker will show up on-air for any competitor any time soon.

    • And you just made the case for money over truth. If Tucker stays off air because of his anticipated payout, then he values money over truth. Yeah, $20 million is a lot, but Tucker isn’t exactly a poor man either.
      Even the late Rush had veered slightly off his original course in his last years as advertising can and does carry a golden fist. His show had advertisers who were openly hostile to the right and used Rush’s show as a platform to reach an otherwise unreachable audience. Fox and Tucker are no different. Tucker’s $20 million had to come from somewhere and that somewhere was the left controlled business world.
      While Tucker was rolling out the J6 tapes I wondered from the beginning why he didn’t start with the murder of Ashli Babbett but instead rolled some other information that was at best secondary to the cold-blooded murder of Babbett.
      We will never get the truth from anyone on a payroll that is generated in part by those who want the truth kept quiet.

  • I cut the cable back in 08′. I might have seen Carlson segments a handful of times. I have been subjected to CNN at the airports more than I have seen Fox.
    What I do find interesting is reading this morning of who are the people who are celebrating his exit from Fox.
    To quote one twitter user (note I have no idea who this person is),
    “When AOC, The View, the Pentagon, and big pharma are all celebrating your ousting you were probably doing the Lord’s work
    — Auron MacIntyre (@AuronMacintyre) April 26, 2023
    Things that make you go, “Huuummmmm . . .”

    A presidential run? That could be a hoot to watch!
    What will Carlson do next? Who knows. I dont follow Megan Kelly, but the once in awhile she makes the news for something she said, I usually find myself agreeing with her. I am sure it will be the same with Carlson. If anything he may become the next independent journalist on Substack and find a even bigger following. And he will not be constrained by Fox.
    Oh, here is a fun fact someone pointed out to me recently, Blackrock and Vanguard combined owns 18% of Fox stock.
    Things that make you go, “Huuummmm . . . “

  • Tucker became too big for his britches at Fox. He insulted his boss’s girlfriend. He thought he was too big to be controlled and his show while very popular could not bring in advertising revenue. Advertising pays pretty much everything in the News industry. Its their life blood. The only advertising that Tucker had was My Pillow and the toll free advertisers . Maybe Fox thought Mike Lindell’s days were numbered. I heard that there were sexual harassment lawsuits in the making as well. Fox just lost almost $800 million to Dominion and maybe thought it was time to cut their losses. Tucker will land on his feet.

    • If the “advertising revenue” is coming from Fortune 500 firms [which all all owned/controlled by BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street–which has been funded by laundered funds from the Fed’s control of funds from auctions of Treasury securities. (ref. 31 CFR #375.3.), we are getting into Great Reset territory very quickly. Paris, Holland, Germany is already making GR nervous. ]

  • It is very simple. Tucker was fired because he tells the truth, and that is no longer allowed in the United States since the country has been taken over by marxists/communists.

  • I find it kind of coincidental that less than 24 hours after they fire Tucker that Mr. Bidenopolis announces that he is again running for president. Could it be that they needed to get rid of the newscaster with the largest following on cable TV before they floated this announcement.

    Like 1stMJ I haven’t had cable in a while, and haven’t watched Tucker, but I know that he was a vocal critic of Biden and the Biden administration. Not because he was an arch-conservative. Not because they were democrats. But because they were incompetent at best, and completely dishonest and working actively against the constitution at worst. He questioned their decisions, their motives, and brought to light many skeletons that they wanted to keep in the closet.

    • Biden is submitted to be one of the many corrupt bureaucrats who receive favors from financiers’ Empire building—including RINOs, Demos, DoJ, FBI, CIA, etc.

  • My husband and I watched Tucker religiously because we felt he was the most honest person out there to give ALL the information and he made it entertaining. We didn’t always agree with his views but is there really anyone who you can agree with on everything? I couldn’t even tell you who has sat in for him so far because we haven’t watched and I refuse. I’m sure it has something to do with his vocalization about telling the truth and not standing down because people disagree with you. It seems not many people seek the truth these days, only what they want to hear to make themselves feel better and certain about their own beliefs. It’s all a disgrace and I’m saddened what the world is coming to.

  • Great article Marie! This firing of Tucker should have all of us thinking hard about what is going on. Bicameral thinking of how this could play out should keep us watching carefully.
    We don’t have cable TV, dropped it years ago and only watch TV to see weather updates. We get all of our news from podcasts and alternative media, and by reading. We are open-minded and look for similarities.

  • I think the real question ought to be, what is this distracting us from? While I like Tucker on the surface, I don’t trust ANY of them as far as I can throw them. If he’s legit (not controlled opposition) then it’s just as well he gets away from Fox’s censorship. Like you pointed out, his fans will follow wherever he may go.
    But it’s unlikely what appears to be real, is actually real. Look behind you….something else may be sneaking up.

  • Tucker spoke truth. We are now living in the days where evil is good and good is evil. It is obvious that the “evil empire” (we all know who that is) told Fox News that if they continue down this path of telling Americans what’s really going on, that the full might of the “evil empire” will destroy them. But if they choose to step in line, they shall be rewarded. Ratings matter little compared to the almighty “dollar”. Truly we are now living in the days that were of Noah before the great flood. Judgement is coming very soon to the entire world….as this evil has fully engulfed our planet.

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if this was an effort to take down Fox News…

    And don’t forget that Don Lemon from CNN was taken down on the same day; too big to be just a coincidence.

    I can only surmise that The Regime recognizes that it no longer needs to spend money on the propaganda, when they can just fix elections at will…

  • Tucker spoke truth to power in an environment that he felt comfortable in at that Heritage event.

    He called out woke and governmental power grabs as the most fundamental conflict it is.

    Good vs Evil. Between that and his complete disdain for Pharma .. Fox brass got thee call and here we are.

  • Why do you think Tucker Carlson was let go? He was fired because of ideological differences. When it comes to healthcare, science, food, sports, business, government, entertainment, journalism, education, economics, foreign policy, military and law they’ve all been compromised because many selfish adults have “politicized” everything. Tragically, we are in a collapsing culture. Please ensure you are “spiritually prepped” with Jesus.

  • He’s a financial liability (see o’reilly) and slammed management. His creative editing of the insurrection film given to him by kevvy didn’t help. Murdoch’s sons know today’s faux audience/”programming” is not a viable future business model. Like the Murdochs or not, they are profitable and successful business people. Unlike others who proclaim to be.
    Like the others shown the door at faux, they’ll find some air time elsewhere. But no where near the money and perks.

  • Perhaps one day, the memo will leak, perhaps it won’t.
    I do know that we’ve lost one of the rare voices of reason, logic and truth in Tucker’s Termination.
    With Carlson and Bongino both gone, I’ve no reason to watch Fox anymore.

  • Outspoken? Yes! Even ratings couldn’t save him from the axman. advertisers that stopped advertising are part of the equation. they may have stopped him for the moment but haven’t silenced him. The owners of Fox are trying to stop the bleeding from advertisers and are willing to gut the network to save the patient. they hope to show the rest of the top attractions that they are allowed what freedom of speech they feel is politically correct. this is a warning to Hannity first. to show that they are in control. Big mistake. its like killing your best fighting cock. you may have one good dinner from it and you have no future events. the rest will take the message to heart but not in the way they anticipate.. we shall see a union of voices. I think they will see that they are at risk, just when is the question and from who? will they make the first move as public sediment is with them? I think Elon Musk will find it time to start his own network and skim the best from the THREATENED voices that felt this slap. The coming days shall be interesting indeed.———- I, Grampa

  • Well, reading the news, Carlson took his audience with him.
    Hurt Fox in the near term, likely. Long term, they will fill the time slot with someone else. The question is will people go back to watching Fox or not?
    Many were cheering on Carlson being let go. But what they have not considered is if he goes on to another news outlet, or platform, he just might have an even bigger audience.
    He has not been silenced.

  • The Dominion lawsuit and Tucker’s subsequent ouster was an example of the humiliation ritual practiced by the satanic elite; Murdoch paid dearly to move up to the next level, and Tucker was his sacrificial lamb. Similar to the Skull and Bones “naked in a casket” ritual and the Epstein Island videotaped child rapes, Murdoch willingly submitted to the Beast.

  • TC was the last voice of reason in mainstream media news, & now the ?? Deep State along with bought/ woke media & major BiG Corp pushed the last vestige of Truth in a world of media lies & misinformation.
    Our solution was we got rid of cable over a decade ago. Then went the TV upon moving from big metro area to a small town a few years back. Now our sources of info are: Epoch Times, Telegram, Substack, Lew Rockwell (ex Ron Paul’s chief of staff) website. There’s a few others like OAN, Newsmax etc that are mainstream popular! And All are being attacked relentlessly by the leftish mob backed by Soros/ Bloomberg Psychopaths & Sociopaths ? It’s truly ‘Time for National Divorce’!

  • I won’t be watching fox anymore, I can pick up Laura Ingraham on you tube. We should expect to see Tucker have his own show like Glenn Beck.

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