Reader’s Choice: The Top 10 Prepping Articles of 2017

This has been a year of worry and disaster, based on the top 10 articles of 2017.

Back-to-back hurricanes like we’ve never seen before swept the Southern coasts and the Caribbean. Worries of world wars and nuclear strikes were foremost in the minds of people who want to be prepared. Meanwhile, other people are desperately seeking security and distraction, as the battle for political correctness created minefields in every industry.

The year was grim except for one thing – more people than ever began taking steps to become better prepared. The wise see what is coming and what can happen. They want to be ready.

The Top 10 Articles of 2017

Here are the top 10 articles of 2017 on my website, based on traffic. If you missed them, go back and take a look. And get ready for 2018, because it’s going to be a heck of a ride.

#10) Is World War 3 Coming? 18 Preppers Discuss Effects, Shortages, and How to Get Ready

War was on the minds of many of us this year, as it seems to be almost a sure thing. This article inspired a WW3 series (you can find links to the other articles at the end). It came about when I asked the folks on social media what they thought the effects of a world war would be on us here at home. There are some fascinating, thought-provoking answers to this question from you, the readers, and the comments were just as edifying.

#9) 20 Preppers Speculate What Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like in America

2017 exceeded even 2016 in terms of pure anger in America. Half the country is unwilling to accept that Trump is indeed the duly elected president and political correctness have run amok. It has a lot of folks believing that at some point, a Civil War is likely to break out. In this article written by you, the readers, 20 preppers speculate what Civil War 2.0 might look like. (Reader round-ups were certainly popular this year!)

#8) These 8 Places Around the World Are Actively Preparing for Nuclear War

War was on the brain this year. This article was written in December as folks around the globe anxiously prepare for a nuclear war to be unleashed. Governments everywhere are urging their citizens to prepare for the possibility of a strike with information, checklists, and how-tos. There are 8 countries in particular who are actively getting ready.

#7) Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

This, I cannot wrap my brain around, but lots of people are absolutely delighted to be integrating with the Borg. Okay, it isn’t exactly the Borg, but they are lining up to have microchips installed in their hands for the sake of “convenience.” They think it’s really cool to be chipped like a pet dog. This article explores the psychological manipulations that made that the thing that the “cool kids” are doing.

#6) Without Rule of Law: How to Survive a Real Life Purge Like the One in Brazil

Last February, police in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil went on strike and all hell broke loose.  Murders increased by a thousand percent, and there were so many dead that they’ve exceeded the capacity of the morgue to hold them all, and corpses are lying on the ground. Stores were vandalized and looted, some of them utterly destroyed. Many merchants boarded up their windows and remained  closed for the duration of the crisis. Banks, schools, parks, public hospitals, and public transit all closed. Gangs took over the cities, and the military was dispatched to regain order. It’s quite a read.

#5) Here’s Why I Completely Changed My Family’s Long-Term Survival Plan

For years, I lived the prepper’s dream life, out in the boondocks on a little farm where we raised as much of our own food as possible. But then I talked to some people who had truly live through the kind of SHTF-disasters that we all prep for and I learned that my plan was most likely putting my family at tremendous risk. This article explains why I now live in a nice, friendly neighborhood instead of a farm out in the boonies.

#4) Puerto Rico: What It’s Really Like After the SHTF

One of the biggest news stories of the year was the spate of powerful hurricanes that hit the US and the Caribbean. While massive damage was sustained in many places, few were hit as hard as Puerto Rico. This article was written in the days right after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. It’s essential to note that many residents are still in the same dire circumstances, months later.

#3) Letters from Venezuela: This Is What Life Is Really Like in a Post-Collapse Society

The letter I received from a single mom in Venezuela is heart-wrenching. If you ever wondered what it would be like to live through a collapse when you were completely unprepared, look no further. Ale’s letter will touch your heart. I was unable to get in touch with her for a follow-up but I sincerely hope she was able to escape her situation and reach her family.

#2) Depravity, Frivolity, and Dissent: Are We Watching the End of an Empire?

This little essay took off big-time. It’s based on an essay written by a historian when he was 79 years old,  after a lifetime of being a soldier, traveling the world, and analyzing history. It’s well worth a read as he goes into detail about the fall of empires past.

But when you read his essay and compare with our world right now, it’s very clear we are watching a society that simply cannot continue to maintain itself at the current level.

#1) Here’s How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack

It’s a sad fact of 2017 that the possibility of a nuclear attack seems more likely than any time that I can personally remember. Contrary to popular belief, a strike will not turn the entire country into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You can survive and still have a good quality of life…IF you know exactly what to do. Like any other possible danger, you MUST be prepared.  This was the absolute most popular article of the year on my website which confirms that people are really concerned and they want to be ready.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on the top 10 articles of 2017? Does it paint a picture for you of what we need to focus our preparedness efforts on or is there some other concern you find more pressing?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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