What We Can Learn from The Canadian Freedom Convoy 

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The Earth may be a perfect place, but our world, the world people have created for themselves on this beautiful celestial body, is far from that. 

Throughout our history, we have created a lot of problems for ourselves, but we have also solved a few. But one problem has plagued us since our earliest beginnings.

I like to think that this problem arose when a group of early humans gathered around a meal and somebody tried to take the last hunk of mammoth meat. A fight broke out between two members, and one of them grabbed a big stick. This person won the fight was ultimately put in charge of the group. Whoever held onto the biggest stick held power, and our never-ending problem of being divided began. 

The past two years have changed so much.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the last two years have been rough. Arguably, a lot of things that have happened over these last two years aren’t new.

Viruses have been around forever. People have always struggled with illness. Sometimes they get better. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not. We have seen supply chain issues before. Governments overstepping boundaries is nothing new, nor is a population of people becoming divided.

People have always been able to work through the above examples because, well, what other choice is there? We realize the reality of the situation, assess the options, and move forward. But the last two years brought on so much change so rapidly that a lot of people were taken off guard. It has also been exceedingly difficult to move forward with the flip-flopping of information, recommendations, and mandates that destroyed the lives of many people. 

Change is always uncomfortable, but when it happens slowly, it’s not so bad. When it happens quickly, it can hurt like hell. A lot of things have happened and changed over the last two years, which is a relatively quick time-frame. But did all the things that happened have to occur? Some would say yes, and some would say no. 

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What has The Canadian Freedom Convoy shown us?

The exact size of The Freedom Convoy seems a bit hard to nail down, and estimates are all over the place. Numbers as low as a few hundred to as high as thousands are scattered from one source to another. Regardless of the size, the convoy has certainly gained a lot of attention and news.

Unlike other displays of protest, The Freedom Convoy has not burned down or defaced one building. They have not sectioned off a part of the city and set up their own rule of law. They are not trying to make their point known through the use of violence and fear. By all accounts, they have been completely peaceful. They have even been picking up trash and clearing the snow from sidewalks.  

But of course, certain people don’t like this. They don’t like that such a large force of people can gather, standing united in such a positive manner—all to tell those in charge what should and shouldn’t be done.  

In response to the convoy, threats of arrests have been made to those wanting to join, help, or even if you honk your horn too much in a show of support. Property has also been stolen as police rounded up fuel containers that the convey members were using, although it appears that the fuel may have been returned. A GoFundMe page was also set up in which money could be donated to the cause, and millions of dollars in donations were taken away from the page at the request of police forces.  

Who is government for?

For as long as I can remember, the people in charge, our “leaders,” have been the ones with the bigger stick. At least that’s the illusion they want you to believe. In reality, it’s us, the people. 

It’s the people who have the numbers. It’s the people that are the gears that allow the machine at large to keep churning. It’s the people that are the ones that literally pave the roads, grow the crops, dig in the muck, process the food, and build and produce everything else that everyone could need or want. And most of those products are made available to people both high and low by way of the trucker. 

How do we get back to freedom?

Change is uncomfortable, and it can hurt like hell, at least for the population at large. If you haven’t been paying attention, then you might want to start, because what this convoy has done – is doing – is the way to enact change in the right direction. Learn from it. Be inspired by it to stand up, proudly, and above all, to be united. 

Thanks for reading, and take a moment to think about what you would stand up for. 

What do you think about The Freedom Convoy? What have you learned from it, or what is your takeaway message? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

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About Bryan Lynch Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

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  • A bit premature to assume the Convoy will have really have accomplished anything.
    Some Provinces are saying they are going to do something but politicians always promise things but seldom actually keep them. Then there is the old; do something, but then reverse course a few months later.
    The Problem with ” peaceful” demonstrations is that they mostly fail to achieve their goals. Governments are born out of violence and violence (using Police and Military might) is all that they know. So unless a greater force threatens them, they will not back down. They might retreat for awhile, but they will not stop entirely. Unless you remove them and replace them with a better, less violent government.

    Maybe if the Convoy can create enough Economic violence( in shutting down the supply system) and getting the average Joe to blame the government for it, then maybe some real change will come out of all of this, otherwise nothing much will change. Tyrants, like leopards do not change the color of their spots. Nor do they give up easily.
    Thinking you have “won” the game( and to quit competing or ease up) before it is officially over, is a good way to lose the game.

    • I agree.

      Seems to me that these Truckers are ‘riding the Tiger’, and cannot safely dismount.

      If they quit, and the Canadian’ Regime remains intact, then those Truckers are sure to be pursued and punished. I’m sure that some will be imprisoned under anti-Terror laws. Many of those who have supported the Truckers will also be the targets of the Regime’s vengeance.

      AFAICS, the only ‘safe’ strategy is for the Canadian’ Regime to be destroyed in its entirety. That’s a big ‘ask’.

      Pretty sure that they’ll never get another chance to block a major City, using Trucks. And I think that the DC Convoy will be dealt with much more harshly by the Cops. I’m definitely expecting people to die on that one.

      Historically, challenges to the State’s presumed authority tend to be resolved at the point of the sword. I see no reason to suppose that this time will be different.

  • I am supportive of the action but I believe it has several problems.

    No exit strategy. How and when do they proclaim victory (or defeat) and go home.

    Gov and MS media control the press and enforcement. Are the extreme leftist ever going to submit? Really? Truduh, will never say “Ok we will change our policy because of you”. Not when they control most of the situation. They are looking for an excuse to jump in with special forces. With no exit plan, they will get it.

    I was not in support of occupy Wall Street or the nasty crap in Seattle. Protests are one thing. OCCUPATION is another, imho. (Even if you do pick up your trash)

    If they were blocking me from getting to my job, I would be VERY active and aggressive to them. I would say to them, I agree with your cause, but I need to feed my children (and provide health care insurance via my job) But that may not be the case. I don’t trust much of anything I read about it.

    • And they need to feed their children, and be able to provide for their families. For the last 2 years these people have been crossing the border on a daily basis, deemed “essential workers”. Now, suddenly as the pandemic is fading, they are being told that all their service, their sacrifice, means nothing. They are now being dictated to.

      I’m not sure how much your freedom is worth to you – but if you are willing to give it up because it’s inconvenient……..

  • I am Canadian, and trucker convoys and blockades do not speak for me. They do not speak for me, act for me or represent me.

    Their original complaint was about vaccine requirements for truckers crossing the US/Canada border. Considering that the US also has such a requirement, a trucker would have to be vaccinated to leave Canada in the first place, so what’s the logic in complaining about Canada’s vaccine requirement for coming home? Sorry, I don’t see it.

    There has been major “complaint inflation” since the convoy began, but the majority of the policies they’re now complaining about are set by provincial health authorities, not federal. People asking for Trudeau to end the mandates are showing how uneducated they are about their own government. If you have a complaint about something, knock on the right door, for goodness sake!

    Provinces already had blueprints in place for scaling back public health restrictions if/when the pandemic started to ease and hospitalizations started going down. For truckers to claim credit when some policy or other is changed is like the rooster claiming that the sun came up because of his crowing. Make all the noise you want, but that’s not really what makes things happen.

    I’d say more if I had time, just colour me an exasperated prairie girl.

    • So many Canadians have ZERO idea what is occurring in Canada. Using this commenter’s logic, if the US supported child rape and murder and Canada went along with it and then decided to not to support child rape and murder, I guess Elisabeth would say “Just keep raping and killing children in Canada because that’s what the States does.” I realize this is an extreme example but just sayin, like number one Canada was once a free country, now it’s riddled with dumb mask wearers who would rather crawl the rest of their lives and sacrifice their own children as long as it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to them. Pathetic.

  • What we can learn is that government can only rule with the consent of the people. When consent is withdrawn, peacefully but firmly, as is happening in Canada to day the message must be to hold firm and resist.:https://off-guardian.org/2020/09/22/covid-world-resist/

    When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

    Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!
    “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”

  • What we’ve seen is the Canadian government should have removed them by now. And I cannot wait to find out how quickly the “protestors” loose their jobs and/or their rigs.
    Actions have consequences and civilized societies have rules. Don’t like the rules – move, don’t patronize the establishment/buy their products. Adults should not behave like toddlers, including tearing up papers. I will state that adults with dementia can enjoy tearing up papers to maybe that is the reason.
    Bunch of whiny parents using their children are complaining their children are being treated like prisoners. Guess what – you made the decision and since it is so important to you, you should be willing to accept the consequences.

    • IF they lose their jobs/rigs, who is going to deliver your plastic pumpkins? Your food?

      Perhaps, as you suggest, that would be a better demonstration: All the truckers go home and stay home.

      Interesting how a number of these truckers are part of a union.

      Also interesting is the recent number of governors in Blue States who are all of a sudden flipping on various mandates.

      • “IF they lose their jobs/rigs, who is going to deliver your plastic pumpkins? Your food?”

        The 90% or so of the truckers who are vaccinated and continue delivering our plastic pumpkins, our food, and so on.

    • The convoy people are accepting the consequences of their actions. Unlike yourself, some Canadians are willing to act like free born adults. I would love to see the truckers do a world wide strike, then you can get on with your smarmy talk about people whining. Hope YOU will accept the consequences of being a lazy mouthpiece when your cupboards are bare and you are servicing some politician for a loaf of bread. You should be checked for dementia as hard to believe someone can be so mentally deficient without some underlying condition.

  • “At least that’s the illusion they want you to believe. In reality, it’s us, the people. ”
    Well said.

    So far, there have been a few arrests, to include a brutal take down of a elderly man. No one has had their bank accounts frozen, their heat and electricity turned off. What is on display is the good people of Canada exercising their freedom to protest against their government. This also does not bode well for those in the government, obviously against the trucker protest, come the next elections. Even if the protest fails, they may win at the ballot box.

    Meanwhile here in the America, some CNN yahoo analyst, former undersecretary of Homeland Security, and Harvard professor is calling for, “Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”
    How nice of her, eh? 😉

    • I find it funny that the left always seems to need to resort to violence and force. Whether it’s BLM/Antifa, burning down cities in peaceful protest, or a CNN analyst advocating violence against a protest that they don’t agree with.

      I’m up here and I listen to people whine and moan about the truckers. They’re affecting the economy. They’re inconveniencing us. They just need to do what the government says. They have no right to do this. Don’t like the rules – move. So you lose your job – go find another one.

      I’m ashamed when I see posts like this. People that are so meek and scared that they are willing to give up their RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS to feel safe under a government that rules them. Maybe you have to have had something in your life that you have been willing to give it up to understand. Maybe you need to be ex-military to realize that there are some things worth fighting for, and yes even dying for.

      Maybe that old saying is true, “Those that would give up their freedom for safety deserve neither.”

        • I agree. Violence is the only thing that will put tyranny on its ass.
          “Contrary to what your momma told you, violence does solve problems.”
          -Chris Kyle-

      • AMEN 100% agree. I think there’s a lot of Canadians who need to immigrate to China. Totally undeserving of liiving in a democracy.

  • This convoy, others in other countries, and another being planned for America, is almost the classic frog in the pot. Until 2021, it was slow, one chip at a time, but suddenly, bam! We frogs have been scalded, we frogs have had enough, we frogs are now motivated.

  • Unfortunately, I have to agree with much of what is being said. Government, especially socialist governments, do not like to give up power, or be challenged by the people they “rule”. I agree with the stated goals of the convoy. I agree with their peaceful protest – I’m sorry if some people are inconvenienced by others who wish to stand up for their rights. They have made the voices of the people heard, and continue to expose the corruption and underlying dictatorial power of the government. Whether it is enticing police to commit illegal acts, seizing their funds, or using their “emergency powers” to pass illegal laws in an attempt to crush this movement.

    The truckers have begun blocking bridges. As far as I am concerned this is the most effective tactic that they have employed, but they are now affecting the economy, which the government has shut down for 2 years, and I fear that the governments of both countries will resort to gestapo tactics to crush the movement rather than admit that their demands are reasonable. If the government proceeds with strong arm tactics they may win in the short term, but they will forever fracture the fabric of our society.

  • Everything Big has betrayed us–Guv, Food, Pharma, Business, Retail, “News,” courts, and any other Big that exists. Plenty of evidence exists elsewhere that all these are owned at the top by a small cabal of a few hundred people owning corporations such as Vanguard and Black Rock that own everything else.

    We have seen dangerous supply chain issues over the past two years. So far, those have only been annoying, which means they are going to get worse until enuf people figure out how and why the situation is dangerous.

    From the American Declaration of Independence, it is the right, it is the duty of the peoples of the world to throw off such government (corporations are created by governments) and create new ones likely to do a better job of securing our rights and freedoms.

    The world’s peoples are increasing going LOCAL. For USA, it begins with CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) and other aspects of county government. Right now, the county effort includes The Constitutional Law Group; thefreedompeople.org which are going to present documents to county prosecutors in every county in the USA on Monday Feb 14, proving fraud and premeditated murder by Fauci, Ralph Baric, and others, including large organizations. Prosecutors are required by law to respond with an investigation. Many of you will very strongly want to participate in that. Please do.

    A closely similar effort has begun in Germany, and you can look this up wherever you are on Earth and make in happen in your jurisdiction.

  • What is most obvious is that it is the leftists who are the authoritarians. In addition, they are extremely dishonest – falsely claiming the truckers are violent, destructive, and hateful.

    The authoritarian leftists don’t want to lead, they want to RULE.
    If we are passive, they will.

    • > they are extremely dishonest – falsely claiming the truckers are violent, destructive, and hateful.

      No surprises there. SJWs always project, as Vox Day puts it.

  • Our health system is so short-staffed due to Covid vaccine mandates that even simple tests that you could have done right away in any third-world country are taking weeks. How could we have prepped for this reality?

    It’s too late to flee; we can’t even fly within our own country.

    Protest seems quixotic given that the wicked are subject to neither reason nor persuasion — and only the wicked could have destroyed our health care system on the pretext of protecting our health — but God bless the truckers for trying.

  • The MSM media is worse than useless, but the alt-media these days offers worthwhile perspectives. See these examples:

    The Battle for Freedom in Canada Is Not Over, But at the moment the Truckers Are Ahead, by Paul Craig Roberts, February 9, 2022



    International Group of Attorneys Proceed With Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Grand Jury, February 9, 2022



    Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing, by Justus R. Hope, MD, Dec 20, 2021



  • This is in no way a criticism of anyone who takes a stand to defend their family against evil forces, government or otherwise. For non-believers you can stop reading now and move to the next comment. For others I just want to remind you of the big picture of what lies beyond the events going on today and possible future civil war.
    Revelation 13:16-18 speaks about a universal identification system. Revelation also speaks of a powerful system named the Dragon (Chinese Communist Party???) that supports and empowers two aspects of a world wide government, symbolically a ‘sea beast’ and and an ‘earth beast’.
    The ‘sea beast’ is an entity or world government that has 10 crowned powers or the combine power of ten crowns/kingdoms and seven heads of state that have a hostile, ungodly mindset. It is described as a hybrid animal/beast – fast like a leopard, armed and powerful like bears feet and savage (crushing and dismembering) with teeth of a lion. Quite possibly the dragon and this beast brought peace by force and naively people are impressed and worship them as heroes. It seems the dragon is so powerful no one can oppose ‘him’ and seems unstoppable.
    The character of this ‘sea beast’ system – It is a big mouthed boaster and God hater against His name, His tabernacle and those that live in heaven, which could imply he leads a persecution against those that bear the name of God, those that worship God in their hearts and those that have dedicated their love and commitment to Him (symbolically dwelling in heaven with Jesus their husband).
    Of course we who study scripture may have their own different perspective but I think it is important to highlight many people around the world will view the “Dragon” as their saviour because of the savage destructive power he wields and will fall into line just like the Covid cultists who informed on their neighbours. Believers will be persecuted and killed because they refuse to bow the knee of receive the identifying mark of the system because they already have God’s mark in their minds/forehead and heart.

  • I’m all in favor of the “Flatten the Fear” Pancake Breakfast that’s supposed to take place in Ottawa this weekend. The sense of humor has definitely inspired us to the South, East and West.

    Just now reading, The United States of Fear: How Americans Fell Victim to Mass Delusional Psychosis, by Mark MacDonald. As far as I can make out, the good people of Canada are plainly done with their govt. manipulating them with fear. I believe that’s why support and good will for the truckers came out of the woodwork and why it remains a cohesive and inspirational movement. Alerts are out there of subversives within the movement. So. Eyes open!

    I’ve also wondered about an exit strategy. This isn’t exactly a carnival of treats. It is a serious challenge to the status quo of the leftist governments who won by whining about “equal time” but have proven that they really don’t know how to play fair after all. Liberal privilege is far worse than any so-called white privilege ever was.

    Occupying forces rarely succeed. So. The Canadian Charter and the US Constitution should be able to tell us who the real occupying forces are — namely, those who disagree with and try to circumvent those governing documents. The foundational docs are the final arbiters. The Charterly and Constitutionally-challenged peeps are the ones who need to move somewhere else — like China or maybe even North Korea would be more to their liking. Xi and Kim would welcome them home with open arms. Hee!

    If citizens believe and act on those foundational principles which serve as the Law of the Land, then they are in the right. Come what may.

    “He (God) has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind.”

  • I think it is a potential tinder spark event. One wrong push and its either going to be extermination or civil war. But as it stands the power has No intention of bowing down and losing its power over others.

  • The truckers are not just protesting for themselves, but for every working person who has lost their livelihood from the lock downs and mandates that the leftist politicians have inflicted on their people. But truckers are one group that hold a lot of leverage due to the effect that their absence will have on an economy.
    The elites in politics, the media, academia, the entertainment industry do not respect regular working people or particularly care about them, contrary to their public pronouncements. It is only when the elites are faced with some kind of personal loss because working people no longer wish to perform their jobs for people who institute tyrannical measures against them, do they sit up and take notice.
    Not only are the elites mad at what the consequences of a work stoppage may do to their personal lives, but they can’t stand the thought that lowly people would dare to oppose them and their edicts. For Trudeau to say that he refuses to meet with anyone he disagrees with is a very telling statement on whether he is a leader or a tyrant of his country. That Trudeau not only met with, but stood in solidarity with a group that held violent, murderous, burning and looting riots, but dismisses this peaceful protest is also very telling.

  • I’ve been favorably surprised by the strength of character displayed by the truckers protest, considering the makeup of the Canadian people. In the 1770’s and 80’s, the American colonies split along the lines of freedom vrs compliance to Royal authority. The Loyalists lost and were forced to move to what is now Canada. Of course they and their British overlords been nursing a grudge for the last couple centuries and have been plotting payback. But we’re standing at an inflection point in history; the story can go either way. Pass the popcorn and oil your tools.

  • For anyone who is sitting comfortable on their couch dissing what the truckers and convoy is trying to do, well it sure is easy to be a big intellect and knower of all things in the universe when sitting on your fat ass on a couch. Meanwhile in the REAL Canada a whole lot of people decided they don’t want to suck off a psychopath for the rest of their lives for a crust of bread. Cowardly, lazy, useless, dumb people always get offended when someone decides to stand on their feet instead of crawling. It makes them uneasy as if they have a nano second behind their cancer causing Chinese masks that maybe just maybe human beings were meant to be free, not slaves to a boss, a government, a bank. Adjust your masks, wouldn’t want any oxygen to get to that atrophied brain. Here’s hoping all the face diaper wearers ENJOY living under a fascist prick. Here’s hoping he seizes ALL Canadian bank accounts and then decides to cull all family pets. Maybe THEN after money and pets (but not kids) are affected by Chairman Turdo some dumb fools will wake up and realize that all is not well in Canada’s granite kitchen countertops and fake nails world.

  • More positive effects came out of this rally than any rally in the past and never thought I’d see Canadians take a stand across the country to such an extent and where everyone was equal. It wasn’t East vs West, French vs English. We were one happy family with the same goals, same wishes, same goodwill for all equally. Around 48-50 yrs ago I was following an international spiritual guru from India, Sri Chinmoy. He was promoting sport a lot (Carl Lewis 5x Olympic winner was inspired by him) and music (Santana, etc.) At that time Sri Chinmoy had composed a song for his Canadian disciples and I only remember the 1st 2 lines: “Canada, why do you always have to follow? Can you not lead from now on!” I’m Canadian and I did not particularly liked it because I didn’t like to be reminded of that canadian weakness. It’s true that we have always followed, very selfom take an important action to lead… until today, and what a lead it was, because it came from the heart. How often in the past few weeks have I heard people say how proud they were to be Canadian because of our stand toward the gov’t tyranny. Those surprised the most are the supposed head of the gov’t (Trudeau and Freeland) because they never thought that this movement would take such precedence and the powerful influence it had across Canada and in many other countries from around the globe where they carry the Canadian flag alongside their country’s flag for the same goals. The spiritual aspect of this movement is very heartwarming and humongus. It’s a pity for those who don’t feel it but you eventually will because it’s only starting.

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