The Government Plans to Survive the Apocalypse…Without Us  

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 by Jeremiah Johnson

My Pledge to You, the Readers

The first problem today is that journalistic integrity has almost gone extinct. Lord Acton’s famous phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is used broadly against all facets of life. Its original intent, however, was to denounce the kowtowing that occurred by journalists, who skewed and distorted “regular” (objective) reporting in order to align their words with the desires of kings, courts, and “elected” officialdom.

The second problem: readerships demand certification, authentication, and evidence on every piece of factual information. That’s fine, to a certain point. The reason? If one is looking for hard camera footage, confessions in writing, or one hundred, educated, accredited witnesses, they’ll still meet with a cul-de-sac: an incompletion that does not “finalize” the verdict.

Lee Harvey Oswald

A case in point is Oswald-Kennedy, that, ostensibly, was “one man, guilty as charged,” but after the dust settled, the intricacies and subtleties showed it was not so simple. A conspiracy was revealed, with multiple possibilities involving dozens, maybe even hundreds of people, and the conspiracy has never been solved to this day.

Regarding the first paragraph, as a newly-contributing writer with The Organic Prepper, I am committed to journalistic integrity in the service of you, the readership.

In the interests of truth, objectivity, and journalistic integrity, it is my pledge to you, the readers, that I will present the facts and also tell you when I don’t know something or if the writing involves hypothesis or speculation on my part.

To address the second paragraph, I wish to help readers by either introducing them to, or enhancing, their innate (potentials in all of us) powers of critical thought and objective speculation. In life, we may be presented with a picture, but later we learn that pieces were missing from the puzzle. Pieces that, if given at the onset, would have changed the complexion of the puzzle entirely. 

Sometimes pieces stay missing. It is then that readers must truly become “Sherlock Holmes,” a detective who utilized the facts as powerful tools to help him fill in the gaps and enable him to solve the mystery, either by tying together available facts or by brilliant deduction through educated hypothesis supported by facts.

This is an invite. Let’s take this trip together, OP readers. Let’s hold onto those nuggets of truth sifted from the streams and use deductive reasoning to find the next motherlode. Let’s also not allow those nuggets to blind us to that lode right beneath our feet so that we miss it entirely. Here’s a slogan that may help you, as it helped me:

Critical, objective thinking hones speculation from the possible to the probable.

Such thinking reduces error. I submit this to you: I’m an investigative writer and researcher, and all of the readers on sites such as OP are, as well. We collect data and sift the facts from the stream of knowledge, applying them to make practical decisions as well as educated hypotheses. 

That’s how critical thought in action works. Isn’t that cool? You guys and gals are already doing it! Hopefully, you can follow some of my techniques, and then blend them with yours…adding to your own strengths and skills.

An investigative reporter can foster objective thinking and a desire to learn…for the readers’ benefits. I’ll always strive to do that for you. Now, let’s get into it!


I’m not anti-government. I’m against oppressors masquerading as “government” while exempting themselves from both the rule of law and from accountability to the people – “We, the People,” as enumerated and specified in the Constitution of the United States of America.

The United States government has been sequestering monies and supplies from the American taxpayers and allocating them for projects that only benefit themselves, their operatives, and their supporters. On taxpayer money, the “powers-that-be” render decisions and actions in the name of “national security,” that are clandestine, secret, and outside of any accountability.

COG, or the “Continuity of Government” precept, is the term applied to all actions and measures taken by the government to protect and preserve itself…continuing in its “government” over the people after a collapse or cataclysm, either natural or man-made. When such a collapse occurs, there are scores of facilities and DUMBS (deep underground military bases) already fully constructed and stocked with provisions, for one purpose:

To protect elected officials and their families, and preserve the forms and mechanisms of the system known as “government.”

Let’s list a few of these facilities here, keeping in mind that this list is incomplete:

  • Raven Rock Mountain, in Pennsylvania.
  • Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado
  • Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Virginia
  • Mount Pony in Virginia
  • Warrenton Training Center in Virginia
  • White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of many of these places. They’re neither figments of the imagination, nor are they “defunct” tourist attractions. For further information on one of them, read “Raven Rock: The Story of the US Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself While the Rest of Us Die,” by journalist Garrett Graff.  The work is candidly honest, written in an expository style that is very organized and technical in its presentation.


Okay, so first (during the Revolutionary War), we had “taxation without representation.” Now? 

Today, we have taxation with misrepresentation. Remember the character Benjamin Martin’s words (Mel Gibson, in “The Patriot) that ring true:

“An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.”


We’re faced with a plethora of circumstances, both domestically and worldwide, the culmination of any of which can lead to a complete collapse of the entire world and all of its “systems.” Domestically, we could soon see a total economic meltdown, a civil war, or more crippling policies instituted (forced) on the populace due to the current pandemic. Worldwide, we’re looking at “powder kegs” in Taiwan between China and the US, the (still-existing state of war) situation between North and South Korea, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a proxy war between NATO and (former Soviet) Russia and its allies. Any of these can escalate into World War III in an instant.

In the meantime, let the government’s own words, and the words of its innumerable departments, serve as prima facie evidence of their malevolence. 

Let’s start out with HR 5122, the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, which reads in part:

“Expansion of the President’s power to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act, and take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization when public order has been lost and the state and its constituted authorities cannot enforce the law…”

That law’s sunset clause date (to expire) was 2012, but that clause was repealed. Since then, the NDAA has been updated and reinstituted…every year in our perpetual “war on terror.”  The amendment of 2008, `Sec. 333, “Interference with State and Federal law” is another eye-opener, as follows:

“The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy…”   

So, the “threat of terrorism or insurrection” has been addressed, and Posse Comitatus (the prohibition of using federal troops on US soil) goes out the window on a subjective call. Now, let’s jump forward to 2012, to the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order, #13603, by Barack Obama, stating in part that it:

“…provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials, and services to promote national defense.”

Obama’s administration defended this overreach vigorously, yet the language is clear. The difference lies between the two words “allocation” and “appropriation.” The latter refers to obtaining something that is not yet in the ownership of the one seeking to possess it. No facet of the American economy was left unturned, including the ability of the President and his “czars” to force civilians to labor (in essence, forced labor, or slavery) as determined by the administration.

Here are the key provisions of those laws mentioned: 

           1. Enables the President to declare martial law (subjectively)

           2. Allows federal troop use against citizens to halt insurrection, real or not

           3. Enables the President to commandeer any resource in the US.

               whether that resource is public or private, without permission.

All of these are parroted with the perpetual mantra of “in the interests of national security.”  All of this has happened before.  

“Justification” is created under the color of law to enable the heinous (and even treasonous) acts of tyrants. They shackle the citizens, making them serfs, as they are chained with laws. The people are buried under an avalanche of printed papers, kept in their cages by a system that perpetuates itself. Nothing is new under the sun!  

This next quote comes from a great document. Tyranny happened before. The document was a sacred call for freedom. Tyrants shrink from it, akin to vampires in sunlight:

“He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their Substance.”

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America 

survive the apocalypse

Yes, it all happened under King George III. It isn’t just “them,” however.  We enabled the tyranny.  We, the People have enabled it with our complacency. Now let’s return to COG, as mentioned earlier.

PD 51

The “National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 51” is the official title of the document that allows for COG (continuity of government) to operate. It covers a catastrophic emergency, and the document lists it as:

“…any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the US population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.”

Most of the document is secret (go figure), and the details are not released “in the interests of national security.”  This directive spells out what they will do…without any transparency or accountability…in the wake of a catastrophic event or collapse. In essence, it creates a secret, shadow government that does not answer to Congress or the Supreme Court and is completely unable to be held accountable.  

 All of these laws and provisions were the “gravy,” and now we’re going into the “meat and potatoes.”


You’ve undoubtedly all heard of the complex bunker structures and tunnels that exist beneath the Denver International Airport. So many documentaries have been filmed by Jesse Ventura and others that the list of those films alone would fill the pages of this article. Keep this point in mind:

The government swore up and down that Area 51 didn’t exist!

The existence of Area 51 was categorically denied, scoffed at, ridiculed, and labeled as a “conspiracy theory,” for more than 50 years. Then, a FOIA (freedom of information act) request led to the admission by the federal government that the base…the one they denied existed…did, in fact, both exist and function.

The United States government is currently operating, staffing, and provisioning dozens of bases and bunkers throughout the United States. 

They are responsible for shortages suffered in the mainstream US economy. Let’s discuss food recalls. First, let’s “pay a visit” to some government sites…and reference their own words.

For an “eye-opener,” take in USDA press release # 0264.41, entitled “USDA Establishes Food Purchase Program to Transform the Food System, Build Back Better via Local Food Purchase,” and you can find it on If you’re familiar with the Soviet Union, they (the Communist Party) came up with ridiculous “Five-Year Plans” for agriculture that were perfect examples of how bureaucracy can ruin free enterprise without producing anything in the end.

Let’s address food recalls now. This excerpt comes from a piece entitled “FDA Regulations for Food Distribution Warehouses,” from, and it’s very specific:

“The FDA has the power to call for the recall of any food that might be contaminated or incorrectly labeled…If they [food warehouses] fail to comply, then the FDA has the authority to shut down all processing and distribution.”

The article goes on to describe (repeatedly) the Draconian powers the FDA has at its command in the forms of fines and shutdowns and how it holds power over the food industry.

(Want to store your own food? Check out our free QUICKSTART Guide to building your 3-layer food storage system.)

Another piece gives some amounts.  “Where do Recalled Products End Up?” found at lists the USDA as recalling more than 58 million pounds of food in 2016. Here’s the kicker from this article, taking note of the underlined portions:

“These recalled [food] products will generally be disposed of in a landfill or by incineration…according to the FDA. However, not all recalled food necessarily ends up in landfills

Depending on the reason for the recall, there is an entire secondary market that takes tainted meats, such as raw meats that test positive for E. coli, and safely cooks them into processed foods, according to a 2016 report by Buzzfeed. These formerly-tainted processed foods can be found in your supermarket freezer section, in fast-food, or even in pet food. 

And this method is USDA-approved.”

The article goes on to say that there aren’t any labels that specify the meat was once tainted. I’m showing you all of this for a reason.

The section, “Recalls and Outbreaks” on the site gives some information on food recalls. Another organization, the FSIS, or Food Safety and Inspection Service, an arm of the USDA, inspects meat, poultry, and eggs from US plants. Their article “Understanding Food Recalls,” at, provides an interesting part under the subheading, “Who decides when a recall is necessary?” Here it is for you:

           “…FSIS has the legal authority to detain and seize those products in commerce.”

The trucking is what this means…along with “all processing and distribution.” They’ve given themselves the authority to “detain and seize,” as determined subjectively. Superficially, it’s for “public safety,” or “to protect the public.” In reality: as mentioned above, they regularly take tainted meat and cook it until it’s deemed “safe.”

More than a decade ago, I went through the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, dehydrating, and preservation of foods. Many, many years before, I took a Serv-Safe course. Both courses of instruction were adamant about the basic rule of food sanitation: you can’t “clean up” diseased or contaminated foods by cooking them after the fact.

This can only mean one of two things: either a tiny sample of overall product was contaminated, or none of it was contaminated at all.

Too many moneyed interests are at work here, along with the biggest money-grubber of all: the federal government. So, you see: they make up the rules as they go along. 

Why? Primarily for control over us, but on “lesser” issues, here are the reasons why.

Recent recalls and created shortages

           1.  March 30, 2022: Peanut Butter. Skippy Foods, a division of Hormel Foods. Three varieties and more than 9,000 cases totaling more than 161,000 pounds. The reason was that “a limited number of jars” might have contained metal fragments.

           2.  April 25, 2022: Ground Beef. Lakeside Refrigerated Services of NJ recalls more than 120,000 pounds of ground beef “due to possible E. coli contamination.”

           3.  April 29 to May 7, 2022: Chicken. More than 585,000 pounds, because “the USDA said that they “might have been undercooked.”

           4.  Baby Formula. This shortage has been a nightmare that has had Biden backpedaling and on the ropes. 

For the past six months, US babies have not had enough infant formula, after the FDA shut down the Abbott Nutrition facility in Michigan, the US’s (former) major producer of formula.

The punch line?

As reported in the Daily Mail on 5/17/2022 by Natasha AndersonRepublican congresswoman Kat Cammack of Florida took a trip to the border of Mexico. Surprise, surprise! She didn’t find “Gomer Pyle,” but she did find many…repeat, many…warehouses packed to the gills with baby formula. You can find the article and the photos here. It’s not being stockpiled there for American babies, mind you, and the true amount withheld from the supply chain certainly numbers in the millions of pounds.

So-called “fact-checking” organizations have confirmed that this is true, but also that it is required by law to feed infants who are detained.

These listed here were simply some of the most recent examples.

Food plants burned and destroyed

A May 10, 2022 article entitled “Manufactured Famine: A list of every food plant explosion in the past 3 years in North America and Mexico,” has sobering data. The article’s information was compiled by a man who recorded these incidents going back to 2019. In 2022 (as of the article’s release), there had been 61 reports of food-facilities/factories destroyed, in just 4 months…and that amount was almost double the number in the whole previous year.

Those are the facts garnered for you. Now let’s go to the heart of the matter.

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The bottom line? They are gearing up to survive the apocalypse.

For decades, successive US administrations have been preparing (legally and logistically) for a cataclysmic event. 

Such an event can take the form of a natural occurrence (a pole shift, a solar flare, or an impact of a comet or asteroid), or a man-made contrivance (nuclear war, unchecked pandemic, worldwide socio-economic collapse), or a combination of the two.

 They have spent trillions of taxpayer dollars on building facilities that would shelter and house the President, his cabinet, the Congresspeople (House and Senate), the Supreme Court, and all of the families and staff members. Those facilities are underground. They are completely provisioned, and the “cream of the crop” of the US military and law-enforcement personnel will staff it to guard them. 

All of them will shelter in these facilities while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. They’re all taken care of – on our dime, with our resources: We, the People.

Their minions have destroyed or incapacitated the food production facilities. This follows after the Malthusian precepts (research Thomas Malthus for more information) of depopulation. The speculative portion of this article is that based on all of the presented facts and the conduct of the government over the past thirty years, this is part of a concerted effort at population reduction, combined with the seizure of resources and raw materials.

The speculative part also takes the form of a question. Do you readers agree with my assertion: the “recalled products” mentioned have already been sequestered to these bunkers?

Let’s take it further. Look at what’s been done thus far. The US has been literally eviscerated of its industrial base. 

We’ve been reduced to the level of a “third-world,” semi-banana republic, a country completely dependent upon service industry. A country where every governmental agency and bureaucracy is a self-serving den of thieves that cares nothing for the welfare of the people. 

Where does “consent of the governed” come into play? It doesn’t, plain and simple.

It’s an easy thing, really, for them to “siphon” those supplies off of the books and into the trucks, or to say the supplies have all been “incinerated,” to hide the truth. 

Theft becomes appropriation, and the reason will always be the same: in the interests of national security.

We are teetering on the precipices of an all-out nuclear war, a global famine, a worsening global pandemic, and a complete economic and social collapse.

I put this article together to show you one other thing: the importance of taking diverse, seemingly unrelated information, and tying it all in together. Throw out a “net” when you do research. Leave no stone unturned. Critical thought and thinking outside of the box made this country great. Such dreams were birthed by those poor, tired souls yearning for the chance to breathe free air – our forebears who came here – our families: Americans.

We owe it to the memories of our families to “not go gently into that good night.” We owe it to ourselves to take a stand – to prepare fr what’s coming, as I’ve mentioned before – prep and pray like there’s no tomorrow. Two great challenges must be overcome. We must survive what they intend to subject us to, and then, when the dust settles – from the ruins – we have to build the world into a better one than it is now.  

Have faith in God, in yourselves, and take care of one another, and we’ll win. JJ out! 

What are your thoughts?

Do you have anything to add to this list of information that is doled out as unrelated? Are you convinced these things are related? Share your opinions in the comments.

About Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is the nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith and a Master Herbalist.  He graduated from the Special Forces course at SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) School, and is an expert in small unit tactics, survival, and disaster-preparedness.  He lives in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

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  • Welcome to the site: I loved that movie! As a novice critical thinker and new preparedness enthusiast, I found this info well-presented and easy to digest/incorporate into my understanding of the world around me, so thank you so much for that. I often find other sites a bit derisive toward those of us who are catching up, so I always appreciate that The Organic Prepper finds writers willing to help rather than hinder: we’re going to need each and every soul, to get through this, even those of us with plenty of passion who just need a little guidance. 🙂

    I am certainly now better-informed. I believe there’s a high possibility that they’ve preserved the “tainted” food, as you suggest. At this point, not much would surprise me, and I think it’s pretty clear they’re making sure they’ll survive past whatever may come (and flying figs to the rest of us), but I didn’t know any of this at all, so thank you for bleaching out some of the darker corners. I look forward to reading more of your contributions, and thank you again for all of the efforts you are sharing!

    • Dear O.W.E.,
      Thank you for the comments, and the feedback. This is my intent: to help others who may not have the experience with all of these subjects. My objective is to do good…and do it the best way that I can, while there’s still some time. You’re a part of that…and what I can do to help you and others is important to me. Thanks again, and you hang in there!


  • Unless someone can figure out how to get a government to only serve the purpose of protecting our rights, and only ever accepting voluntary funding, then I think everyone needs to be “anti-government” – because they all, no matter what was intended, quickly become the chief threat to our rights, our lives, our prosperity, our progress, our properties, our happiness, and the entire planet.

    What are governments other than robbers and murderers who seek to get away with as much crime as possible before they die? And who seek to dictate everything you may and may not do, making you a slave, and constantly threatening you with punishment if you disobey their arbitrary will?

    Governments have no legitimacy unless one person enslaving another is somehow legitimate. If you can’t opt out of their rule you’re a slave.

    • You have a dim view of governments and somewhat rightly so. But what do you offer up as a replacement? Anarchy?
      That has never existed as a viable alternative. It usually becomes replaced after a few months with the most brutal of dictatorships, as there was no “established government” to protect the people from it.
      And where a nation has no government or a weak one, it is often swallowed up by force, by its neighboring state or country.
      So governments are a necessary evil, but as the founding Father’s anticipated, they always eventually become corrupt. They expected that we would at some point have to throw off the shackles that the government they were founding, would eventually place upon us.
      Which is why they made the Bill of Rights, to give us the tools to do so.
      They hoped that those tools would allow a peaceful resolution, but gave us the 2nd Amendment in case those were unsuccessful.

    • Katie, the founders did a pretty good job, but could not save us from the STUPIDITY of They The People ( not me ! ) . Feb 3 , 1913 the 16 th Amendment was ratified giving congress the right to tax individuals—— We / They voted to give congress that right. Congress immediately created the Federal Reserve and the rest is history.

    • The only falsehood is the concept “WE the People”. “WE”, have long accepted that “some” corruption exists in gov’t. And as long as it didn’t deter WE from our daily concerns, like, seeing a movie, or having lunch where ever we want, we ignored all form of gov’t corruption. “You can;t fight city hall.”
      So, we move forward(?) willingly believing there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE VOTING SYSTEM; IT’S OKAY TO INVOKE VIOLENCE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT;(INVESTIGATE THE BANANA INDUSTRY!!! THAT’S AN EYE OPENER); and as long as we could have tv and a/c and a hot meal after a days work, we WENT ALONG. Never questioning. Though those that DID question, and often wound up dead, were classified as kooks; anti-social boobs with paranoia; schizophrenia, uneducated, unclean KOOKS; who have no clue that laws exist to prevent chaos, not to control the people. Oh, and they wear tin hats for protection from “mind control.”
      Communism realized LONG AGO, that the easiest, though longer process, to destroy America was to use our laws against us. Work from inside. Case in point, the Chicago Seven. Lead by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Small example yet full of truth. Both appeared on a daytime talk show, think it was phil Donahue, Short version,,,,Hoffman accused Rubin of being a traitor by becoming a politician. Rubin defended his position by stating, “if you want to make changes that affect us all and last, you HAVE TO WORK FROM INSIDE”. Rubin arguing we can’t rebel like they used to as the YOUTH INTERNATIONAL PARTY.
      Hoffman died shortly after and to this day I still question the details of his “suicide”. Just as I still question the “suicide” of Vince Foster, and others.
      While this article is quite alarming it omits the subject of the US gov’t putting orders in for millions of rounds of ammo and guns under BHO.
      They take the food and have the ammo. In research you will find that even the EPA was designated, or at least given consideration, to be the recipients of guns and ammo. THE EPA?????
      The voting system is rigged. I am 67 and have known this since i worked for a Congressman during his two terms when I was only 20. Many of you HATE, HATE, that you have been hearing about this for SO LONG.
      Well taking down a country, with 300 million + legal citizens; who have a RIGHT to own a gun(s) takes time and planning. And now that they have made such extreme progress it no longer has to be hidden. In fact, they never really did hide their intent. Using our own law, as long as they put their plan in print, they can deny deception. Plausible deniability.
      Point–prior to 9/11, had you, or I, spoke about concentration camps on US soil, we would have been classified. Post 9/11, approx 2004, under Bush, Congress awards a contract to a company. Purpose,(printed in LI Newsday, at least) to “maintain and upgrade all EXISTING CAMPS,,,,,and to build, NOT LESS THAN SIX NEW CAMPS.” National security. Yeah right. We have that many foreign terrorists in America and they already know? Yet, AFTER that comes a bill,(forget which state rep presented it) and inside this bill terrorists are,,,,
      –2nd Amendment supporters
      –pro-life people
      and the list goes on till today when Biden states that the “greatest threat” are MAGA people??????!!!!!!!
      Other countries have submitted to banning guns. WHAT NEWS NEVER GETS PRESENTED TO AMERICANS IS HOW MUCH CRIME, RAPE AND MURDER ROSE IN THOSE SAME COUNTRIES, AFTER THE BAN. Don’t believe me? get a HAM license and radio and talk to the citizens in those countries personally.
      “WE THE PEOPLE”, DUE TO LAZINESS.LACK OF CONCERN AND BELIEF IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE, now find roles reversed. IF, WE exercise our Right to protest, in large numbers, we then strengthen the gov’t position, that the greatest threat comes from within. And the fact is, IT ALWAYS HAS!!!!!!!! It’s the reason the 2nd Amendment exists and needs to be kept in force.
      In closing, consider this. After Pearl Harbor attack succeeded, the Japs celebrated the victory. YET, one Admiral said, “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.” Americans UNITED. Americans fought with SPIRIT! And THAT has been the single greatest FEAR, people such as Soros, Schwab and others have lived with. Awakening a sleeping giant.
      And, today, the number of gun owners is over a hundred fold greater than Dec 7, 1941. It’s the WHY, THEY, CANNOT ALLOW JAN 6 to go away. Even though it was a massive joke if anything, it was ‘allowed’, as a means of enforcing laws, against everyone who wants to keep the Constitution alive and enforced. The Constitution!!!!!! Not Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Newsom/Soros/Schwab/Gates etc and the laws THEY want imposed.

  • The so-called ‘government’ is a tool of the .001% Elite, the 400 hundred families that own just about everything in the US, including the Stock Market Scam, the Federal Reserve Scam, the Too-Big-To Fail Banking scam, and the ‘government’ Scam. They own the great majority of corporations through Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street. ALL politicians are song and dance, front men puppets. It is not they who will be occupying the survival facilities, but the Elite, our defacto Feudal Lords.

  • “That’s how critical thought in action works. Isn’t that cool? You guys and gals are already doing it!”

    So…I’m smart? Golly gee, that IS swell!!

    JJ, being former SF, you may (or may not) be familiar with SOCNET. Is the quoted portion above how you would speak to a peer in that community? I would ignore small condescensions from another author, I’m not inclined to do so with you. I expect better. Pandering doesn’t do anyone any favors.

    That aside, great article.

    Oddly enough, I was planning on surviving any catastrophe without the government, so it looks like the government and I have something in common.

    The members of any first world government have the ability to be the ultimate preppers.

    Writing laws to allocate labor and the production resulting from it, is not so different from the fantasy of a rural land owning prepper, standing at the gates of his or her compound, questioning refugees and passersby on the road (who are helpless and starving and require leadership and guidance) about their skills and backgrounds. Because not everyone can be saved, right? You have to EARN your place in my prepping community. And since it’s my land and forethought that created this oasis of safety in a shattered world, well, you can come in because I might need my appendix removed someday, but in the meantime Doctor you have potatoes to dig. Get to work.

    Its human nature.

    I don’t need to do any research to know that people look to the future (a world of dwindling resources) and people fear what may come, and will do anything in their power to create the best chance for a positive outcome for themselves. Should I hate them for this? I would have to hate everyone. Seems…burdensome.

    No thanks.

    • Dear Misreading The River,
      Firstly, I apologize to you, if you construed my words as condescending. It was not intended, and never will be intentional of me to write in such a manner.
      My style is not didactic: it’s participative. I believe in helping others and inspiring confidence in them.
      Hope this clarifies my stance. Thank you for your comments.

  • So… if we want to be greater than our self-serving, evil government, AND commit the greatest rebellion of freedom against them, we must do all we can to form communities that will fight to preserve the humanity they abandon as they attempt to inherit the earth.

  • We the people are dispensable. Always have, always will be, especially during hard times. Sounds harsh and cold, but it´s the reality.

    Thinking differently is self-illusion, is setting up to be disappointed (at best) and used and discarded by governments and other institutions, and also corporations (at worst).

    We just don´t matter, that´s why the prepper mentality is important. We must be part of the system, sure. But ultimately we must take care of ourselves individually.

    Most people will fight this idea. You tell people clearly, and they´ll call you a CT or worse. You present the info, even the facts, things falling over their heads, and it will not be valid, or enough, or whatever.

    I try to put myself in the shoes of the ones at the top of nay large hierarchy, with responsibilities to care for entire countries, or large corporations, and think what I´d do.

    These large mechanisms are inherently inneficient, accomodative, corrupt, slow. I´m sure dealing with this swamp and also the ring-of-hell of politics and stay true to your principles and values is really hard.

  • Although I think the article has interesting concepts and points, I do not see a big problem here. Government always have and always will stock pile supplies.
    How and to whom they distribute them, in times of public need, is always a matter for concern. As for the government confiscation of supplies: they would concentrate on big business sources, rather than individuals.

    The concept(and lie), that a government would go door to door and “collect guns” or “collect supplies” is unrealistic. The manpower, time, transportation and sorting of such goods, etc. ( i.e. the overall logistics), involved, as well as the public backlash, makes such actions impossible in the real world(as opposed to what is “possible” in some people’s imaginations).
    Not they they would not threaten people, make an example of a few and expect the rest to voluntarily comply. As that is how the government exerts it’s power, through threats, intimidation and voluntary compliance.(Laws are obeyed because of the threat of fines or jail time, thus causing voluntary compliance in the majority of the people.)
    So as long as a Prepper uses OPSEC, caches and is generally sensible about their activities; no one will know or care about what they might have, including the government.

  • Replying to Leonard:


    The training cycle for SERE is (I assume) the same as any other.

    Crawl, walk, run.

    Classroom instruction. Live demonstration. Practical application.

    If we are using our military credentials as the basis for our subject matter expertise, then let’s go all the way.

    Resistance to propaganda and influence: not sure which phase this instruction is given in, but its in there.

    Seems like it would have a direct bearing on the subject of the article, but the actual nuts and bolts of the training never come up. Why? That’s the reason I should be listening to the author, believing what he says.

    If I’m not going to be provided with the fundamental skillset (and mentoring) that makes the author an authority, then I’m just being influenced in a direction that suits, well, anyone besides myself.

    Why would you assume I work for the government?

  • Amazing how Isaiah had insight into this very scenario – “Go into the rocks, hide in the ground from the fearful presence of the Lord and the splendour of his majesty! The eyes of the arrogant will be humbled and human pride brought low; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭2:10-11‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬
    Human nature has not changed since Adam and Eve we just become more sophisticated in the way we sin. Time after time we, our society, rises to a level of success where we think we are Gods and there is no other, only to come crashing down and humbly having to start again.

  • Mr Johnson
    The Truth the whole Truth and Nothing But
    The Truth so Help Me GOD
    The Land Of The Free because Of The BRAVE
    Insufferable EVIL infects both POOLITICAL BANDS
    These Evil hyphenated americans use a Language it is uncommon
    And with that said this is the very Clue that GOD shows to
    ONE PEOPLE where within GOD says
    Mr Johnson the tell of who the Fools are is in this language
    Their buzz words Are many but it is any use of this speech it clearly Identifies those who at best are again FOOLS
    But when people in Government use this Speech it indicates
    Insufferable EVIL of a Wish to be kings or Queens
    And TODAY my Hope is this little statement YOU might be able to articulate in your Future lesson plans for ONE PEOPLE
    And Mr Johnson I like to leave YOU another Truth from a Very
    I read that YOU are VETERAN
    The Soldier’s Prayer
    Psalm 91
    Our Founders Trampled the Lion
    Today ONE PEOPLE are in the Last battle for this rock
    In The Light Of DAY
    Both Poolitical bands stand in league with THE DRAGON
    Our WARROR king is coming
    That ol dragon by it’s tail

  • I agree with what you’ve said. My question is: what happens after all of us who know how to do something are dead and the food in the warehouses runs out? Who will farm, preserve and provide this food to the elites? Not to mention fuel, building supplies, communications, clean water, etc. Once those who know how to provide the essentials are no longer there, how do the elite’s survive?

    • The elite’s control Google,, Wikipedia and others. You can assume that all billionaires that want one already have a computer back up of these 3 sites. They control many/most universities. You can bet they also have physical copies of most every textbook and course curriculum in the universities they control. All stored in multiple deep concrete holes somewhere. So, they will just round up as many slaves as they need, make them read the books and force them to work. Some slaves may sabotage their work but many won’t. The elites will eat.

    • It’s a much bigger problem that that, Gert. Who’s going to restart the oil refineries, electric generating stations, pipelines and the distribution systems for all these things, like the grid, natural gas, phone systems, food and med factories and much much more. Very few and most will never be restarted. Then there are reactors that must be safely shutdown and monitored. After a few years that kind of stuff will have to be rebuilt from scratch. Who’s going to do that? The ETs?

  • All of the “government” institutions we now have need to collapse and be replaced with new systems of mutual voluntary cooperation. This idea that “authorities” can coerce people legally has to go. Everyone has to realize that you can’t delegate a right you don’t have yourself, therefore, if you can’t coerce your neighbor you can’t vote to delegate your representative to coerce your neighbor for you either. The fear that we need coercion to force people to do things is unfounded in reality. We can work together to get necessary things done. A lot of unnecessary things might not get done, but that’s OK.

  • Great article JJ, thanks for posting here.

    TPTB are destroying the resources after securing enough for themselves, so that when the fiat currencies implode all at once, many will respond with the sentiment that “there’s nothing to buy even if our money was good.”

    “Control the food supply and you control the people; control the energy and you control continents; control the money supply and you control the world.” -Henry Kissinger (Which of these is not happening right now?)

    Things aren’t looking good for the home team, and the home team are the general masses throughout the world. Yes, preps are good and truly a “must have,” but preps run out eventually. It is beyond time to trade our currency for the inherent wealth of precious metals; consider continuity of community, NOT government, and plan on expanding our circles, from village to town, town to city, city to State, and State to the world. The rule of law MUST be reinstated and applied equally to everyone. Were the United States to operate as the Constitution was written, none of this would be happening here, those that believe that it still is are willful idiots.

  • 2 major problems exist that allow such evil to appear and re-appear in past & current human civilizations: 1. The in-ability of humans to co-operate over the long term after ‘The Enemy’ ( a common foe that everyone else is united against) has been defeated.

    For instance, once the Nazi’s were driven out of France, the French Resistance broke into increasingly chaotic, dictatorial factions, the most powerful of which took over as the police and began to slaughter innocent French citizens accused of collaboration at first, and then as assassins, thieves, any imagined crime or slight, which brought horrific beatings, kangaroo trials and grisly deaths. A communist Frenchman who never fought in the resistance and spent WW2 in a German camp, escaped, and then later somehow gained significant influence in the strongest faction and contributed to the above, responsible for at least 40 innocent, hellish deaths and who was allowed to go free to serve in local politics elsewhere in France(!)

    All of that ties into the 2nd major problem: Psychopathic Infiltrators. Psychopaths are literally ‘fiends in people suits’, They appear from nowhere, stay close to where power and influential access to the multitudes are available. Once an opportunity is secured, they immediately begin to subvert and cause pure chaos anywhere & with everything possible.

    Current government, local, state & fed are absolutely infested. Physicians, Clergy, Lawyers, Teachers, Politicians are a few of the fields overrun. Psychopaths are not serial killers or axe-murderers on average, which helps them, as that is what most people think of when they hear the word “Psychopath”. They have the infernal talent of appearing delightfully ‘normal’, even someone most people ‘go out of their way to get to know’.

    Some might say, because people are sinful and wicked by nature, that is the ‘blind spot’ that prevents a psychopath’s detection until it’s too late. All I know is that the human race is in a miserable, cyclical ‘ragnarok’ cycle. Without direct intervention from an outside source (God, Christ), the evil of yesterday & today will all happen again, and again, and again.

  • ? Herds of perpetually bickering, trance-inflicted, self-serving, empty-headed, sociopathic, lying cheating execs, senators, congresscreatures, swamp creatures & shaft-minded lifer bureaucrats, trigger-happy cabin-weary bloodsucking vampires infesting like quarreling hordes of rabid cooped-up rats YET SOMEHOW COEXISTING in their nationwide shining rusting stinking well-stocked ratholes and nuclear denizen-dens bought & paid for using the blood, sweat and toil of the enslaved, scorned, carded & discarded peasant classes?


    Definitely a great dystopian movie or series plot (note: I claim 1/2 the royalties) but h@ll on Earth if I ever heard of one.

    Let’s create better futures NO MATTER WHAT.

    Or, everybody run for Congress in your districts.. :o)

  • This is to follow up on GertJr’s comment—how will they survive once they come up out of their bunkers? If they expect to live with the same luxuries that they now have, forget it.

    First of all, how many of the traitorous elites will get to the bunkers? Russia and China are working together to attack and invade the U.S. They will start with a volley of nukes. How many of the elites will be incinerated in that first attack? Then the Chinese (more correctly the CCP) will unload from their ships, come south from Canada and north from Mexico, with the goal of killing off all Americans, including illegal aliens. The primary goal of the CCP is to possess the grain growing areas of the Mid West. Most of the elites have betrayed the U.S. and so as recognized as being untrustworthy are also on the top of the list to be executed by the CCP. This attack most likely will occur this summer. Analysis and commentary concerning this can be found at .

    What other event would have the elites scurrying like rats to their bunkers? If not the victorious CCP? (I doubt the CCP will win, but it will be bloody.)

    What is the probability that the elites when they emerge from their bunkers, will be the hunted ones by a vengeful surviving population in the U.S.?

  • The main reason why we have a corrupt government — ironically — is that our so-called representatives are elected. To get elected, they need to raise money for their campaigns, and in order to do that they have to make and keep promises to the people who provide the funding — such as the arms industry and Big Pharma.

    Instead of having elections, our representatives should be randomly selected. They would need to be legal U.S. citizens, willing to serve, have normal intelligence, pass a test in civics, etc.

    We also need to reform our legal system, which is adversarial, overly technical, overly wedded to precedent (one bad decision compounding another), and in which little or no interest is shown in determining the truth or in doing what is good for the American people or respecting the rights of individuals.

    The adversarial approach should be replaced by a problem-solving approach, and courts should not be allowed to ignore pressing issues (such as illegal immigration) by letting them drag out unresolved for decades.

    Last, there should be a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and an anti-legislature to repeal bad laws or laws that have outlasted their usefulness. Qualified immunity should be eliminated for politicians, judges and police. The press should be held civilly liable for lying or for not making an effort to determine the truth.

  • Look at it from a different POV: The swamp just up and left, squirreled themselves into under ground bunkers, and closed the door behind them.
    At that point, everything becomes local. To include our own, local, government. We are on our own. Not really a shocker there. I guess they can try to maintain control, from their underground bunkers. They have enough food and fuel to maintain the military over the entirety of the United States to enforce their rule? And for how long? Take a look at what has happened in the Ukraine/Russian war. Reports of fuel, ammo, food shortages on both sides. Just read where some of the Ukraine forces are living on a potato a day.

    And try to imagine all these elites, all in close quarters for a prolonged period of time . . . has the makings of a horror movie.

    • Yes, it’s all about perspective.
      Indeed, the swamp up and left to hide in bunker underground. See ya!
      How much fun they will have being all shut up together down there!! LOL

      Difficulties make people either quit or overcome. I plan to overcome and I bet I am far from being alone. The knowledge to survive is out there and within humanity. The decision to survive and even thrive must be the first order of business. Then the action to do so begins.

      What on earth did we ever do before we had all this gubmint to think for us? How did the Native American’s survive before the white man came with “better” ways?

      So much fear mongering and some many takers.

      Scripture tells us to prepare for hard times and famines. God never promises that life will be easy, in fact scripture says he who doesn’t work won’t eat. Not to big a leap to see how modern welfare programs have nullified that thought.

      I absolutely believe that COG has nothing to do with all of us ordinary people. There is and always has been a divide between the haves and the have nots. Nothing new under the sun. But history proves that where there is a will there is a way. Never give up or in to the evil powers that be.

    • What better time to develop the “parallel society?”
      I have a “buffer” short term so my long term plans can come into their own.
      Has to be Local.
      I just don’t think I can influence outside my local area other then to possibly provide a “model/template.” (if it even works!)
      I have just given up on anything outside 50 miles.
      Our “betters” have certainly done a bang up job on setting this all up!
      I hope at least “Murphy” gets to bite them in the ass just he bites me in the ass.
      And of course, “No Plan Survives First Contact.” I hope this is the case for them as well.
      I just think the time has past for any meaningful change…The “caring meter” reads empty. And so the stage is set… At least I will have some popcorn (with butter of course) to watch the, “Fall and Decline of the American Hegemony.” Its a 12 part series on Netflix; and when its over…oh it’s really over! The good news hopefully if they all go “hide” is no more political commercials! Oh and maybe no more personal injury lawyers! Always a bright spot!

  • Hello, Jeremiah. Welcome to OP.
    You said: “…readerships demand certification, authentication, and evidence on every piece of factual information. ”
    If this were true, then main stream media would not have any listeners or readers waiting with bated breath for the next bit of propaganda that the PTBs want released.

    You also said: “… it is my pledge to you, the readers, that I will present the facts and also tell you when I don’t know something or if the writing involves hypothesis or speculation on my part.”
    I wish I weren’t as cynical as I am; I attribute this to myself as pragmatism. But I have to wonder if you can really present the facts as they really are. We’re constantly lied to by our government and the media, and we’re treated as misinformed and/or unenlightened masses of useless feeders by the PTBs, the alleged elite, and the WEF. Even if we go to source after source, will we really know what is being done to us, against us, or without us?
    There is absolute truth, but we’re not going to find it in the media.
    Just my 2¢’s worth. I do appreciate your optimism and intent. Hopefully we can amass enough intelligence to ferret out the probable truth.

  • JJ well written article brother. It ties a lot together and makes sense. My two cents… The pot has begun to boil. It’s past time to wake folks up, the ones that aren’t can be triaged as expectant and have to be considered gone at best and adversarial for sure. I still work for the government but I definitely see a chasm between “them and us” growing daily. Sadly I think the proverbial balloon will be going up sooner rather than later. So if you’re reading this article and think it’s time to prepare you’re behind the power curve and you need to get in gear. Any and all preps a person can afford at this time will buy you more time when the lid finally blows of this cauldron. Just remember having skills is far more important than having a pile of gear and not knowing how to use it. Good luck to all we are going to need it.

  • Going along with this article about shutting down food production over 5 years ago the Mormon church canceled and stopped its members from doing home canning of food. You used to be able to buy bulk food and dry pack can it at your home or as a ward project. Now that has all been taken away. There has never been a legitimate answer or reason for imposing it on the members of the church.
    Some body got to the church authorities and twisted some arms to get the church to stop the home dry pack canning.

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