Hang On, Back to The State of the Union for a Minute…

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On February 7, President Biden delivered his State of the Union address. His handlers must have gotten the memo about how creepy and weird half the country thought his big speech in September was because, this time, Biden obviously wanted to sound more upbeat. Not once did Biden say the phrase “MAGA Republican.” He never mentioned Trump. He made a few references to “previous administrations” but actually spent way less time complaining about Trump than he has in the past. I suppose, halfway through his own presidency, he’s realizing that that only goes so far.

However, if you actually listen to what he’s saying, despite the friendlier packaging, there was still plenty to dislike in this speech, too.

Let’s just start with the phrase Biden kept repeating.

Speechwriters always pick some stupid little phrase and then attempt to hammer it into the heads of the citizenry. And I know that this works with the vast majority of the population, but I’m not going to pretend that this blatant manipulation is okay. Or that none of us notice.

“Let’s finish the job!” was the catchphrase of the day. What kind of job, you might ask? Well, Biden has been passing all kinds of new laws since getting into office, and his phrase “finish the job!” really just refers to doubling down on the kinds of initiatives already in place.

Biden’s passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, a variety of gun control laws, including the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the Equality Act, and the Cancer Moonshot Initiative. As of right now, the Junk Fee Prevention Act is still in the works but promises to bring a lot of changes to businesses and consumers, as well.  

Every one of these bills involves sweeping new government powers. I’m not going to say every idea is 100% bad (I can see the benefits in providing more clarity on fees, which is what the Junk Fee Prevention Act promises), but in general, Biden promises ever more growth for the federal government.  

Many of our readers may be thinking, well, we’ve got a Democratic president, so what? How is this different from what we expected? 

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I’d still like to make a few observations on the State of the Union.

Many statements were some combination of false and misleading. For example, Biden claims that gas prices are going down. Maybe in some parts of the country, but not mine. 

Gas prices here went down a few months before the midterms when the government started releasing oil from the Strategic Reserve, but prices started rising a few weeks ago, and I’m now seeing gas above $4/gal again. Not only is this a lie, but it’s one that’s pretty easy to verify.

Biden’s claim that take-home pay is its highest ever may not be an outright lie, but it is misleading. 

Sure, paychecks are big, but even a relatively liberal paper like the Austin Statesman admits that pay raises have not kept up with inflation. And this article doesn’t even take into account the way in which our inflation calculations are manipulated.  

In case you’re curious, over the past few decades, more weight has been given to the costs of items like phones and TVs and less weight to the true necessities of life, food, and energy prices. So if prices on new iPhones go down slightly while your cost of eggs triples, inflation will be masked.

And again, like the gas prices, this is something most people instinctively feel right now, even if they can’t conjure up exact numbers. Okay, so phones and TVs are cheaper…but I can’t eat a phone. And a TV won’t keep me warm.

Likewise, the hubris about beating Big Pharma is silly.

Biden spent time talking about the Inflation Reduction Act, and from approximately 46:50 to 49:20, he boasted that this will force pharmaceutical companies to negotiate lower prices for seniors. However, at 1:10:53, he promises to fund new vaccines, which are a total windfall for pharmaceutical companies, because people can be forced to take them or risk losing their jobs or admission to schools. And thanks to the PREP Act, pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued for any adverse reactions.  

No one is going to beat Big Pharma, and Biden knows it. Seventy-five percent of television advertising revenue in the U.S. comes from pharmaceutical companies; Biden’s theatrics about taking them down doesn’t really mean anything. Biden talks about how he wants to “finish the job” by giving seniors everything they want. In reality, he’s just finishing the job of pumping more money into pharmaceutical companies.   

Biden also announced that the Covid health emergency is about to end. He takes credit for Covid deaths being down 90%. Great! But does he mention the fact that, in 2021, the CEO of a major life insurance company said that deaths among working-age people are up 40%? No, Biden conveniently forgot to mention that. And the situation has not improved since 2021. Dr. John Campbell’s been regularly posting very thorough updates about excess mortality in developed countries for months now, and his most recent update was only two weeks ago. You can view it here.

Some of Biden’s claims in the State of the Union were just bizarre.

At about 1:12:00, he blames Covid for the spike in violent crime in 2020. I live not too far from an area that was consumed with violent crime in 2020, and personally know a police officer who was physically attacked on multiple occasions. This had nothing to do with Covid; this was a “mostly peaceful” protest about the tragic death of a mentally ill young man. Were mistakes made? Yes, though, in this case, the EMTs screwed up, not the police. Was it Covid? Nope. 

Not at all. And again, the reasons behind the violence in 2020 are easily verifiable and widely known to anyone not living in an upscale community. 

The fact that Biden would try to lie about it is strange and insulting to the Americans actually living in the communities affected by crime waves.

At 1:23:20, Biden vows to unite NATO and defend Ukraine “as long as it takes,” whatever that means. 

Until the last Ukrainian dies? Until Americans and Russians nuke each other into oblivion? I’m not sure how he plans to unite NATO. Germany’s economy, the EU’s biggest, had been booming for years thanks to cheap Russian gas. 

That gas was about to get even cheaper upon the completion of Nordstream 2 until the pipeline somehow blew up. Biden and Nuland had both openly threatened to do this, and just last week, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh provided evidence and a very detailed explanation of how it actually happened.

And I’m not saying the Russians are all great guys, and if Americans had left everything alone, we’d live in a perfect world. If the Russians had had an opportunity to do something like that to us and the technical expertise to pull it off, I imagine they’d take it. I am just pointing out that if you want to unite a group of countries, damaging infrastructure vital to the other countries’ economies seems like a strange way to go about it. The only job Biden seems to potentially finish here is the destruction of the European economy.

Biden went on from there to make promises about making the military better than ever and about how democracy is getting stronger than ever. At 1:29:20, he promises to go after Big Tech, which I think is about as realistic as going after Big Pharma. But he blames Big Tech for the mental health crisis. I’m not in love with Big Tech, but I think blaming Big Tech alone for the mental health crisis is an oversimplification, to put it mildly.

And he finished up by referencing the January 6 attacks and the absolutely bizarre Paul Pelosi attack. 

Biden attempts to frame these events as catastrophic for democracy but tragedies around which the country’s been able to rally and pull through. You can tell he wanted to finish his speech sounding upbeat, saying he’s never been more optimistic about the country’s future.  

Those were his words at the end. Wanting to sound hopeful and inspiring.  

But was the State of the Union hopeful and inspiring?  

No. I’ve given examples of the doublespeak, but underneath it all was another vein. Throughout the speech, there was a lot of, “…and they need to pay their fair share!” 

There were threats to go after various groups, whether Big Tech, Big Pharma, or corporate America. There was an undercurrent of attacking different groups within American society.  

Big government programs always produce winners and losers. I’m not particularly sympathetic to Big Tech, Big Pharma, or corporate America, but the way to get them to pay their fair share is to simplify the tax code, so it’s harder to hide. When there’s one program after another to comply with, the only people that really get hurt are the ones that can’t afford lawyers and accountants. But Biden doesn’t even address this, which makes me think he’s not particularly serious about helping average Americans. He just wants to toss out phrases that will push the right buttons and keep Americans angry at each other.  

And this, I think, is the real point. Biden (or, more precisely, whoever currently controls him) wants us to stay angry at each other about the same old junk. Did he touch on the actual, mostly nonpartisan issues challenging most Americans right now, like corporate behemoths buying up huge amounts of real estate, enough to skew markets and make home ownership unrealistic? What about the sociopaths within our government, blowing up the infrastructure of countries that are supposed to be our allies? What about all the steps being taken by Saudi Arabia, China, and India to switch the world’s reserve currency status to something other than the dollar, which will bankrupt just about every American? What about the fact that we’re sleepwalking into World War III over the most corrupt country in Europe, led by a man famous for playing piano with his penis?

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Unfortunately, we can’t prep our way out of everything.

If I had money to invest, I’d probably buy gold, but I don’t. All I feel like I can do, personally, is to keep doing what I’m doing in terms of food production, raising healthy children, and improving my homesteading skills. And then continuing to stay on good terms with my friends and neighbors, to have a good support system whenever disaster does strike.  

And that may be the most important thing to do right now, to stay informed while avoiding getting consumed by negativity. If you find yourself listening to Biden or people like him, and getting angry at people you know in your personal life, turn the news off. We can’t control what happens to the dollar’s reserve currency status or how the international situation is going to heat up. But we can control our mental state. Don’t let what you hear on the news turn you against your neighbors. Focus on what you can do to improve your own personal situation, and ignore anyone trying to make you angrier over things you can’t control.

What were your thoughts on the State of the Union? Did you watch it? Were there other things worth pointing out? Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future of America? Tell us what you think below.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • I couldn’t stomach watching it so I waited for the news clips of his hypocrisy. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. I miss the mean tweets.

  • I avoid watching any politician speak. Most of them are cheerleaders for the deep state and want more and bigger government. I agree with Jennifo and wait for the short clips. This was a good article I had not read about some of these things before. When the dollar collapses the government won’t be able to do anything except make the situation worse but then that’s what they always do. That is why they think they have to lie to stay in power. Staying in power is all they want. They don’t care about the people and I include both parties in that statement.

  • Very good deconstruction of biden’s speech! He’s a crime boss, quickly losing his mind, and blabbing clues about the government’s fascist plans. One note: Monkey Werx, the YouTube military analyst, showed the US had blown up Nordstream, via a flight tracking software. MW followers have known this since a few days after it occurred. In a recent video post MW clarified what actually happened. The current reports still don’t get it completely correct.

  • Watch the “Hate of the Union” speech by Dementia Joe?? Sorry, I was watching Paint dry. I did see snippets of Ol’ Joe drooling tapioca pudding onto a podium with a Cackling Witch Hag in the background and a well-dressed Human Fence Post next to the Witch Hag…..was that the Hate of the Union speech?

  • I had to look up the PREP Act. I find it was signed in to law by George W. Bush. I know that part of deal that the Trump administration made with those making vaccines was that they could not be sued, I just didn’t know it had start with Bush. And you didn’t try to say that when Biden said that some Republicans wanted to end Social Security that he was lying (at least 3 Republican Senators and 1 Representative did call for ending Social Security). But I think Biden did an okay State of the Union address. It wasn’t the greatest or the worst, it was okay. He spoke a lot about bipartisan issues and how both sides came together to pass bills. And I think he kept saying finish the job for things that were mostly only half done.

    • James Gregg please post links for the “republicans wanted to end social security”.

      I have seen what others have claimed but when looked up they wanted “ALL Federal Laws” to be sun-setted after 5 years and IF they were worth keeping Congress could vote them BACK into existence.

      Something about the “Laws of the Land” were so many that they Dwarf the Library of Congress and that less laws and less government oversight *might* be a good idea.

      Often it’s a good idea to research what you hear on the internet.

  • Biden is not only a compulsive liar, he is a criminal and a Nazi/fascist. How Hitler came to power is being repeated in this country. Study the 1930s in Germany and the similarities are eerie. One huge difference, we haven’t been disarmed yet and from discussions with my associates, they ain’t happening.

  • “Not only is this a lie, but it’s one that’s pretty easy to verify.”

    THAT was the catchphrase of this article! It’s pretty hard to get people to believe a LIE, when they’re LIVING the TRUTH!!! Trouble is, the likes of Biden don’t even care anymore that people know they’re lying…

    • “It’s pretty hard to get people to believe a LIE, when they’re LIVING the TRUTH!!!”

      WHAT!??! What planet do you live on??

      If anything even REMOTELY like “a worldwide pandemic killing millions” had been happening at any time, nobody would have had to point it out.

      And yet, with exactly ZERO evidence of “a worldwide pandemic killing millions,” almost everybody believed that such a thing was happening simply and *only* b/c their TV sets TOLD them to believe it.

      And yes, it IS as simple as that.

      Hundreds of millions of people living reality, and only a handful able to say, “It ain’t happenin’.”

      You need to pay better attention.

  • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…….anyone with 2 working brain cells knows that Biden isn’t running things, and was installed in the coup of 2020. I hope the vast majority of Americans awake from their slumber before it is too late to do something.

    • “I hope the vast majority of Americans awake from their slumber before it is too late to do something.”

      If you REALLY DO hope for that (and I don’t for a moment believe that you do), then you are an abject idiot.

      But both of us know that you are not an idiot and that you DON’T believe that Americans are going to awaken from their slumber.

      As far as “doing something,” it is FAR too late for that or even for anything even remotely like that. Nobody is in control of anything now. Events have gained their own momentum and must now run their natural course to their logical conclusion.

  • Which republican are you playing – white trash MTG or Tweety (boebert)? Like it or not, the US, as well as the world is changing. Those that cannot adapt to change are doomed. Then again, most preppers are call doomsdayers, aren’t they?

    • You are right.
      The world is changing. It is moving from a US/West lead uni-polar world to a multi-polar one.
      14 countries have applied membership to the BRICS to include Saudi Arabia.
      A French historian who correctly predicted the fall of the Soviet Union recently stated we are in WWIII. And the US is near the precipice of either succeeding or failing. Looking at the state of the Union, inflation, debt, 67% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, an unsecure border, woefully inadequate infrastructure and grid, failing education system that has been hijacked for a political agenda, and a whole lot more, I would say the US is closer to failure than success.
      Who is going to fight WWIII? The military is failing to recruit military aged males. Conservative families with a long history of military service are not enlisting either. They do not want to enlist under this WH admin. Are all those teens and college males who #IstandwithUkraine going to enlist?
      It has been noted more and more parents are pulling their children out of public schools and into private schools, charter schools or home schooling. It is so bad in the Seattle area, they are considering closing down some schools and merging them with others. Parents want their children educated. Not indoctrinated. Studies have shown schools that focus on social justice, their students score lower across the board. A successful nation has a educated middle class. Not an indoctrinated lower class.

  • We’ve come to a break in the path, a gap, or step for some, that will only take a bigger step or small leap to get to the other side. For others, it’s a high wall you’ll need to climb to get to the other side. When you do manage to get to the other side, you’ll come to the realization that the biggest enemy we face, is our own government.

    “But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government an establish New Guards for their future security.”

    Let me know when you get to the other side. Then we’ll have some conversations.

    SIC SEMPER TYRANUS my friends

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