SELCO: “The Situation Is Bad. The Lives We Used to Have May Be Gone. Accept It.”

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Editor’s Note: Shortly after Selco wrote this article, a state of emergency was declared in Bosnia, which in Balkan terms means that martial law has been established. It looks like the SHTF again for him. The borders are closed and any essential workers must go to work even if it means exposing themselves to the virus. If you would like to help Selco you can do so by purchasing one of his products or sending a direct donation. I’m sending the money to him for online product sales on a daily basis. Supplies there in Bosnia are becoming limited quickly.

He told me this morning he plans to keep writing and sharing the situation with us for as long as he is able to do so. He has given our community so much. I hope we can give something back to him. ~ Daisy

People are going nuts.

“People are going nuts,” you may hear or even say yourself. Yes, people truly “going nuts” over this, everywhere. Period.

Now, I will try to put this as gently as possible, and politely too, so I’ll just say, FFS get your shit together!”

Of course, the situation is bad. But let’s just go back to the beginning and try to understand what we are probably having here. This is my view of the whole thing, and no I am not a medical expert, or economical expert or clairvoyant… I am an average person like most of you.

So let’s assess a few things.

What do we know?

Well, thanks to the availability of media to us in today’s world, we kinda know everything, but at the same time, we do not know anything for sure.

What do we do when we “know” everything but in essence when we do not know anything for sure?

We “project” possible scenarios, and usually there are worst-case scenarios, and in the middle of all of that lot of us panic and run in “circles”.

I see here one pattern of fears, that I mention over and over again – it is the inability to maintain the life we had, and worrying and panicking about it, losing our peace because of it.

There should be acceptance of the possibility that simply that the time and day have come when our lives are not gonna be like we use to have.

No more, steady jobs, security, stability, peace… even small things like food ordering, vacations, etc.

The day has come when we realize that all those things might be gone. Gone for some period of time, shorter or longer. Or very long, nobody knows.

Realizing all of that can be a devastating blow, I know. It can be hard to believe it is true. It is normal.

All your stashes can not mentally prepare you for it, and as much as you have (physically) you’re still gonna need to adapt to the fact that your old way of life will be gone for some period of time. In the best case for a short period of time.

Accept it. Suck it up. Move on.

What will happen now?

It appears it will be pretty bad, and as far as I can understand it, there are few options for most of the societies. All ways of handling this outbreak have their own pros and cons.

If society (the system) goes hard with quarantines and closing everything over the virus, the economy will crumble.

If society goes mild to maintain the economy, it can backfire and go really bad during a contagion.

So most of the systems around the world are choosing middle ways. That is the reason probably why it looks like in many places that the “official response” is not tough enough.

It can be really tough and bring the economy to stone age maybe.

There are estimates that if the response is too hard, victims of the recession would be higher then the victims of the virus in a mild response.

So… I think there is a constant battle about what to do because of that when it comes to the government’s “response”.

But be sure that in any case and any response, life and economy after this will be absolutely going down. Wherever we are, we will live in different and worse conditions when all this ends.

It is unbelievable.

“The medical staff in the worst regions are choosing who will live and who will die! How that is possible?”

Lines like this I have read in several comments and places about the situations in hospitals in regions where this thing hit really hard.

Folks, it is triage. It is a situation where and when you have many more victims to take care of, many more, than resources that you have on hand.

So, as a result, you choose to treat those who have a better chance to survive.

It happens in wars, in earthquakes, in mass casualties incidents… It happens even in very bad car accidents when the team on-site needs to take care of multiple victims.

It is real life.

Yes, as a result, if this thing hit really hard, and you are a 75-year-old diabetic, needing respirator among a whole bunch of other people who need it, the chances are high that you will simply left to die. It does not have anything with you, your rights, religion, freedoms, or political opinion.

It is about the fact that no system in the world can cope with large scale events like this one if it hits really hard like we see it in Italy.

It is a real, cold fact of life.

So, what can you do?

Nothing in many cases.

Except you are a prepper, so you can do things in order not to find yourself in that moment and place where you will not be chosen to be placed on a respirator in the ICU.

Panic is not one of those things.

I mentioned a few times, that people here when times get rough, or when something unexpected happens, they usually go and fill the water barrel in their apartments, or fill the bathtub, or check if they have enough water containers.

So for example, when there is a political crisis with rumors about war, people fill their water barrel. When there are small earthquakes people fill their water barrel and similar…This sounds ridiculous maybe to someone, but the point is when there are turmoils, rumors about wars, politic instabilities, or in this case a pandemic.

Do not go and argue with folks that it is a conspiracy theory, a pharmaceutical con, or the end of the world. Go and do what can you do to the best of your abilities about the things that are going to be of life importance – fill your water barrel.

So-“fill your water barrel” wherever you are.

Life will go on after this ends, however it ends. It can take some time to bring things (the system) back. Maybe a month, or several months, or even years. But that does not mean too much to you if you are already dead.

I do not have magical advice for you, especially if you are a prepper and have all things covered. I only have the advice that you need to calm down and wait it out.

I know from my experience that huge numbers of mistakes are made and a lot of lives are lost in that period of time when people are coping to accept the new reality. Because they are kinda refusing to accept it, they make mistakes, they panic.

  • Cover the basics, sit down, and observe.
  • Go back again to your own “circle of survival” and check what you can do to prepare it in circle of your own house or family.
  • If you are not sure what to do just cover the basics and do nothing until you figure out what happening.

No, I do not think this is the new plague that will kill us all. But yes, a lot of people will die it is clear. This is a game changer. We are gonna have a hard time repairing the damage to our societies.

We are gonna feel the results of this for years.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. 

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • I told our roommate a week ago that once a coronavirus case occurred in our city I was locking down for at least two weeks.

    He joined us as we prep-shopped, but was plainly bemused and obviously thought I was overreacting.

    He left to stay with his parents this morning. He’s an online gamer. I told him this was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. He said I’m kind of excited to see what happens.

    Not me. Aftermath of a category 5 hurricane on a 37 square island showed me what people are capable of.

    Amazing how many are not taking this seriously. They will, soon enough…

      • Price gouging. My daughter said one of her co-worker went out and brought a whole bunch of hand sanitizers when everyone was starting to panic. I think she said he brought about 1700. His purpose was to sell it for a profit. You can make your own at home, but soap and water works well too. This is just the beginning. People will pay the high price due to fear. I read in Texas that HEB, grocery store, they were going to limit the amount of eggs and other items that people could buy. Rationing is here.

  • Let’s put in in perspective
    You know that craziness over toilet paper(of all things)?
    Picture that for hospital beds!
    It is a big deal. We don’t have the resources to cope with a tsunami of demand…much more manageable to drink from water fountain as opposed to a fire hydrant!
    Stay safe (avoid others and wash those hands!)

  • I am not worried about the virus. My concern is storm troopers coming to stick a needle in my arm, take me to a FEMA camp or else try and take my food. This is about control. I can point out that the President cannot call martial law with in the many states because that is not an authority he has, but tell that to his minions with guns. In Texas only the state legislature can call martial law. Taking guns or stopping the sale of guns does nothing to control the virus, but leaves we the people defenseless against thieves, rioters and storm troopers. Executive orders are not law, but policy and does not apply to we the people. Storm troopers/minions with guns won’t listen. The executive order to take food from preppers because we are “hoarding” is unconstitutional and again not law. That won’t stop them. Because they want us to beg them for food and willing take their vaccines for food or to go to FEMA for food.

    Remember according to the CDC last year 22,000 people died of the flu, how many has died of the corona virus? Millions were affected by the flu last year, but did not die? So, why is this worse?

    The best is to keep a low profile. Do not go into crowds. Don’t answer the door to strangers. The thing about being a gray man is good advice, but not being there is better. I still haven’t figured out why toilet paper is so important since it is made here in the states and Canada. So is paper towels.

    • In case you haven’t noticed there are no FEMA camps. That’s why the hospitals are buying and renting buildings and utilizing government/military bases.
      There doesn’t need to be fed martial law because the states and cities are already on it.

      • Matt in OK,
        Right about the FEMA camps. There are not enough “camps” to house everyone in the US, or even the “deplorables.” Never mind there is not enough manpower to enforce something like that.
        We could not secure the borders in a country like Afghanistan. How would they accomplish it here?
        No one is coming for your stuff. What are they going to do? Throw all the farmers in jail? IIRC once upon a time the Soviet Union did the same, eliminated those with the knowledge, and replace them with people who did not.
        That did not work out so well for them.

        • Brother I’m not even sure “they” are. The “they” are in critical “oh poo” moment too. It’s a great big poo sandwich and we are all gonna have to take a bite. I’m just trying not to get the soggy bread.

          • Ahhh, yes, the shadowy “they!”
            “They” control everything!
            “They” did this to consolidate their power! (seems to me, based off all “they” did to consolidate their power, they would of been in power by now)
            “They” control (enter name of politician here)!
            “They, they, they!”

            I wonder if those people who comment about “they” realize they sound like something Marvel would come up with.

    • Martial Law will not be declared…
      but quarantines will be.
      So, what’s the difference between martial law and quarantine? The name.

  • I think Vitamin C and Nebulized colloidal silver (CS) are what are needed to fight this virus if we get it. Delivery times for CS on Amazon are extending, and before long Nebulizers will be difficult or impossible to get. Interestingly my female friends have finally taken this seriously and have been prepping at least for the last week. My two best male friends have resisted prepping and are now experiencing the craziness and exposure necessary to even go to the Grocery Store, and even then in partial denial. Neither male has bought a nebulizer or CS.

  • I like your article. The problem I have is who to believe? I guess it doesn’t matter since the powers that be seem to be in track to wreck our economic system. This angers me beyond belief. A self fulfilling prophecy and it is happening. I have prepared for a rough go but as you have said in the past, it’ll never be enough because you never know what the future holds. Oh yes, any recommendations on how much cash on hand I should have? Anyway, thanks again for your input

  • Good stuff. Some here have already ignored it unfortunately.
    I seriously wish everyone luck in making it through this. It’s gonna get bumpy.

  • We are adapting purposely.
    Plain and simple.
    No reason to kick against the goads…
    We are Flowing with the situations for the purpose of reality and wisdom. We prepped so we wouldn’t be a burden to society for what ever happened. Selco’s reality has required them to do this like or not and the whole reason we read his books and Daisy’s is to be able to survive. So we made our decision early Wether it got bad or not. We did this because others do not. The 1st rule in our house is to be ahead of the fray and thanks to people like Daisy and Selco we are able. My advice:don’t fight it. It’s bigger than any of us so don’t be a burden to society. Improvise, adapt, overcome and be smart, remember all the studies you’ve done to be a prepper and now put them to action.
    We will get past this so look ahead to the day life resumes
    back to what is your normal and let’s all support one another with many more words like this!

  • A young boy in my small town in Idaho (pop 707) was shot and killed last night in a random act of violence. The nut job was from a town 20 miles away and had no connection to the family whatsoever. He was screaming about the end of the world and that everybody is going to die. He just started shooting randomly into the mobile homes and struck the young 5th grader who was in his bedroom. I heard the sirens last night and told my wife there was something bad happening, like the sirens were somehow “different”. S**t is getting real.

    • I’m in Idaho too, James, not too many miles from you. A friend called & told me about this & I was just sickened. Good luck to you and yours.

    • Please provide a link to mainstream media coverage, which may have more information on this case. There are people who log and track these events for good reason: Mind control technology is far more advanced than you would ever believe, and one in ten thousand are programmed in this fashion. They are all supposed to go off at once during the ultimate false flag operation, but some get triggered early. This is why the secret government killed all those people in Waco – the experiment got out of control. (Now you know what it means when they train for the “zombie apocalypse.”)

  • I’m essential services so have no choice but to go to work during this event.
    My parents fall into the high risk category and I have no illusions that they will be triaged if things get really dicey. (no I’m not some cold hearted person, just looking at things realistically and mentally preparing for a worst case outcome)
    This event will have ripples for many years so one can start now to adapt as Selco pointed out, or cling to the belief things will go back to normal.
    Adapting is a crucial survival trait, and right now boys and girls there are some countries in survival mode.
    Prepare as best you can, garner as much truthful information as you can, but always be ready to adapt because in the end those who adapt to their environment stand the best chance of survival.

  • God bless you and stay safe Selco. I have learned so much from you and your articles. I too am fearful we have turned a dark page, but am confident most Americans are resilient and will adapt.

  • I am sorry to hear things went to crap for Selco. This was a great post. I will see if I can make a purchase to help him out.

    I am not a person prone to anxiety, but this ‘crisis’ really has me on edge. I work with the public and live paycheck to paycheck (I’m really glad I am no longer in the health care field, to be honest). But dealing with all the insanity this past week, I had to call off the other day, my anxiety was just off the charts (and my blood sugar was low, too). I was okay, until DH said they are talking about closing his work place. And then I get to work, and they are talking about potentially closing us down as well. Anxiety-o-meter thru the roof!

    We are good to hunker down for a bit, supply-wise. But if we don’t work, we don’t get paid. And we don’t have a ‘cushion’.

    I am good at adapting. Thinking on my feet, thinking critically. I ‘realize’ our ‘new normal’ is fluid.

    While the virus does concern me, I am actually more worried about the lines being crossed with our liberties, and if/when we will see those liberties restored.

    • And with those lines of our liberty being crossed, civility will also go out the door. As with the loony in Idaho, despair will begin to haunt our society. Pray that our love does not grow cold. Don’t look to our political leaders for any examples of heart. It’s going to take some effort to stay well mentally and emotionally for our own sake and for others.

  • There currently are no confirmed coronavirus cases in my region of the state… emphasis on “confirmed”. We are rural for the most part. Both of us retired and live in an isolated location. We never have been much for socializing, so avoiding groups or crowds isn’t life changing for us. Our biggest mod was stopping our regular trips to the gym. No large cities. No public transport. We are well stocked and only will go to the grocery store occasionally during off-peak hours. We practice social distancing and sanitizing often when in public places (which is now rare). So far its been an easy transition from how we lived pre-coronavirus, likely because our lives were basically simple ones to begin with. I think the more simple a person’s life is the easier will be the adaptation that Selco speaks of. There will be changes that will impact our lives during and after this current pandemic. Familiar businesses will disappear, all those choices we have enjoyed in the consumer lifestyle will be limited now, the economy we are accustomed to is likely to be gutted and replaced with something else, and government interference/control in our lives may take an unwelcome (and permanent) turn. No sense stressing over it. It will be what it will be.

  • New World
    We are heading full tilt into a new world that many of you haven’t experienced before. It’s not that it’s a bad thing it’s just going to be more difficult. We have already progressed from “what do you want to eat for dinner” to “whats available for dinner” and it WILL become “what do we have left for dinner”.
    This will be in every category and nook in our lives.
    People survived just fine without many things. You must get outside of the box and go from if I can’t get this then what can I get. A good example is baby wipes. They are unavailable however feminine hygiene wipes are still out there. Yes they cost more and have smaller packages but thats the way things are these days in a crisis. The next progression is the old cloth diapers with the flush n drag method.
    Think Fast, Move Methodically, be Tougher Than Woodpecker Lips
    Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

  • Pay attention to the medical news only to the extent that you maintain an awareness of the general state of affairs. Medically, this event is just another stream-crossing in the adventure of life, possibly a rather dangerous stream-crossing but nothing to completely lose one’s sh/\t over.

    The real story, TEOTWAWKI if you will, is the economic news. Pay, the phuque, attention! A growth-based global economy can survive only if it continues to grow. Economic growth ceased many years ago. These days, for a plethora of logical reasons, are the closing act on industrial human society as it has been known so far.

  • My old father refuses to leave the capital of our country (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and he has not stocked up, he’s got 1 week of food.
    My brother lives with him and is in moral dilemma: to leave with better chances for himself or stay and see what he can still get from the store with better chances for my dad. Of course I did warn my bro to stock up, I did so 25th of february. Yet, my father blocked that….
    I think my bro should come to my place where things are quieter, where we have a small garden, I did stock up, we have our mutual friends here etc..
    My dad really is a stubborn sarcastic f***** moron (sorry dad).

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