SELCO: “A lot of things that “can never happen there” are happening there”

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Balkanization is a term many times used in describing situations happening very far from the Balkans.

People who use it are explaining the complex development of the situation, that usually leads to a worse situation. I have used that term in explaining what might come and happen there years ago. Usually, the response was, “Oh, it can not happen here because (whatever reason).”

It is very hard to force folks to change their opinions based on articles they might read. I felt that many times. But events that have happened in the last period of time probably has changed a lot of opinions.

Actually, a lot of the things that I wrote about years ago happened there in the United States later. A lot of things that “can never happen there” are happening “there”.


What really happened to bring about Balkanization in the former Yugoslavia? A survivor of the Balkan war that erupted talks about what came before the war…and how that bears a strong resemblance to things going on today. You have to understand what precipitated it to truly comprehend the path we’re heading down and Selco outlines it in brutal detail in this on-demand webinar. As well, he shares some unpopular advice to survive the days ahead. Your purchase includes the complete written transcript that you can download and print out.


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What is Balkanization?

Balkanization is a misused term, so people use it sometimes in a way that you might conclude exactly the same things may soon happen in the US. I do not believe that total Balkanization is possible there, because of many reasons. But there are a lot of similar things that you might see.

And similar is bad enough.

So I’ll write about what happened here, years ago, and you alone can spot the similarities for yourself. It is my view on it, and it may be different from the official history.  But remember, this is coming from someone who saw it with his own eyes, who lived through it.

From united to separated through hate

For decades they built one society through the Socialistic system, where it was actually pushed that different nationalities are all the same, and all one nation. Suddenly everything collapsed into bloody civil wars.

The Socialistic society tried to invent something not completely new. There were attempts like that before, to make “one nation between South Slavs” in order to be stronger and better in any way.

It is a very personal feeling and opinion, so it depends on who you ask. But yes, there was a very strong feeling of unity, power, and the idea that we were unique under the sun, maybe even better than others. We made something powerful from different pieces, histories, wishes, and whatever. It was unique and powerful, where every man felt that his society was best and invincible to outer invaders.

At the end, it felt apart. It was rotten from the inside, with a lot of help from the outside.

Our history of hate, centuries of hate and wars between us was brought back through the feelings of “democracy” and “human rights.” We had the right to know the truth, the right to know what really happened through history.

Thousands of historic monuments were brought down at the beginning of that process. New movements were marching, protesting, demanding lots of different things. Strange new saviors emerged, each one for his own option (nationality in this case).

Through the “revising” of history, hate emerged.

Sometimes the revision of history was the truth. In other cases, years later, we found out that it was fake. But in both cases, it worked only one way – to fuel new hatred and divisions, or to refuel old ones.

History was actually used (real and fake one) to bring divisions between people gradually at higher and higher levels.

History that was supposed to be just that – history – was used to bring more hate.

By blaming mistakes from history on the people in the present time we opened a Pandora’s box. All that came out was chaos.

Other factors

Of course, there were “other factors.” There are always other factors.

Other outside factors, parties, people, or groups of people, or even countries who used all that heated emotional atmosphere to push their own agendas. Sometimes that agenda was simply a big corporation that saw opportunities to earn money from chaos. In other cases, common folks rose to the opportunity to become rich and powerful.

Mayhem is the perfect opportunity for certain kinds of people to become “kings”, usually over piles of dead bodies.

There were regional or even world players, who saw the opportunity that in a couple of years, or even in decades, that they may have use of the whole situation. So they simply used it, of course, always in a way that they fueled it more and more.

For common folks, I can say that most of us simply lost.

Riots, hopes, big words, wars, fights for freedoms, and human rights. People were starving in the name of whatever cause – and in the end it turned from having something to having nothing, from the feeling of being part of something to the feeling of being part of nothing.

The media

Now when I look back, I can say for sure that it could not have happened without “help” from the media.

Bombardment of information, misinformation, rumors, and everything else from the media – they did a “great” job.

Having the internet today, and all these sources of news and information, at first look may give you peace of mind because you can always expect to look for independent news sources, which is true in a way because there are more choices.

From the other side, thanks to the internet, information spreads faster, just like misinformation and fake news. People are more “addicted” to the news flow, so because of that, some development of things may be faster.

In other words, things happen faster today, so people react faster. This can be bad, too.

As I said, this view of the term “Balkanization” is my own. It is personal.

You think about it and take from it whatever you think makes sense.

In any case, just think about it.

Do you see the similarities?

Do you see the similarities between modern-day America and the breakdown of the former Yugoslavia? Many people comfort themselves with the statement, “It could never happen here because we have guns and the Constitution.” But are you really as confident about that as you used to be? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. 

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.



Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • I used to be a huge fan of the Law Of One. I no longer am. We are individuals and our DNA is Not the same. We each have our unique DNA. The Controllers know this and have done their best to Hide this. the controllers want to Screw with our DNA, thus destroying our Individuality.

    Yes The Universe is Connected, but we need a Symphony like approach. A harmony with individuals for Peace, Love, and Freedom with complete responsibility for your actions.

  • Funny, I just had this conversation last week after a Rasmussen poll concerning Americans thinking civil war is possibility, re: Balkanization of the USA.

    First Civil War, there was a definite line between the North and the South, opposing forces if you will.

    Now, it could be one county against the next. Urban city vs the surrounding rural countryside (recall the article Daisy posted about some guy saying all those living in the rural areas are useless?). Some cities could be a mix bag, thinking of the 2016 election where neighbors suddenly found themselves eyeing each other over which presidential sign was in their front lawn or bumper sticker adorn their car. Have a friend who moved from the suburbs to a very nice ranch home, on 40 acres in the country. He was surprised to see pro-Trump signs, and flags.

    And it is not just limited to political party ideology. Could be climate change vs climate denial. Gun rights vs gun control. Pro-life vs pro choice. Capitalism vs Marxism. Heck, even mask vs no mask. And the obvious elephant in the room, the recent Georg Floyd protests.
    But even within those differing issues, there are those who even fight amongst themselves. If someone does not agree 100%, or go far enough in the belief, they suddenly find themselves as one of the “others.”
    I have mentioned in the past and even seen more than a few articles mention how this has a Mao’s Culture Revolution feel to it. Some have pointed out that is exactly what is happening, on-line on social media. Will it devolve into not just in cybe-space but in real space? A year ago, I would of said a definite “no.”
    Now, not so sure.

    Regardless, as preppers, think of where you are not only geophysically, but economic, health (both mental and physical), and your preps over all if there was to be a Balkanization like event.

  • CW is inevitable, if you don’t know the list of reasons by now you will learn them the hard way.
    Suffice it to say Liberty and Tyranny don’t coexist, compromise, or cohabitate the same country.
    Of course democRat Marxist Treason-Sedition masquerades as Liberty. NWO Globalists Neo-Con Repubs masquerades as Liberty. Anarchy triggers Law and Order that imposes a Police State.
    Government seizes more and more authority from Citizens surrendering freedoms even faster to Government to please protect them.
    It’s a Rigged Game, the puppet master’s run both, or many sides against each other in order to divide and subjugate the Sheeples.

  • When ‘The Others’ are considered less than you, are dumb to not want changes YOU want, you begin to consider them your enemy. I remember when it was okay to express your opinion, argue with others who felt different than shake hands, wave and say ‘talk to you soon’. It was all a matter of opinion, and no one took it personally.

    Not any more. Your post is spot on. Thank you for writing this.

  • From the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapitol through Mein Kampf through Rules For Radicals, the common thread is to isolate, encourage and promote unrest among a group that “feels” disenfranchised, from those they view as being in “power.” Whether the perceived “injustices” exist, on a a large enough scale to warrant societal intervention, isn’t a consideration. The current theory of Police vs Black Male Abuse is a good example. In spite of the narrative, the statistics don’t come near to supporting the claim that this is a systemic problem within the Law Enforcement agencies. Black on Black crime remains the largest factor for Black males deaths.
    Whether Civil War is imminent, or can be avoided, is really academic at this point. Avoidance would require a societal wide shift and agreement to rationally discuss the many problems we face, but I don’t think that’s possible anymore at this point. Reason and logic nearly always fails in the face of rabid extremism, simply because one group or the other always refuses to abandon misconceptions and absurd ideals because it’s not part of their agenda. Appeasement only serves to delay. In my humble opinion, we’ve been engaged in a “cold” Civil War for several years, it only needs it’s Fort Sumter moment for the shooting to begin in earnest.

  • I saw a pretty black woman make the claim, I am Marxist trained. She was a Black Lives Matter leader. If that is the most common core fact in the reality of todayprotests that turn violent. .. We are being cought up in a Marxist revolution.
    A young lady here from Venzuela said this is how the takeover and destruction of her country had happened. Venzuela went from a modern country with a high standard of living to a poor country of starving and refugee people.
    The protests and destruction of statues and rewriting history was just the obvious beginning. Much had gone on unnoticed even before that.

  • When I came home from the Balkans my preparedness just kicked in to hyperdrive. Part of it was a way to deal with things but part of it was the urgency because I felt it was possible. Fast forward and here we are very close to it.
    The largest difference I see is that it has the potential to be much bloodier quicker because of the amount of weapons available and inability to control movement due to the sheer square miles of our country.

    • @Matt in OK,
      I agree with you concerning movement in our country.
      While there would/could be parallels to the Balkan war, they are not a one for one. Based off Selco’s writings (and, Selco, by all means do chime in if I am wrong or have faulty mindset), I think we may see more of what he went through in the more urban/suburban areas then some of the more rural areas. Not saying those rural areas will not face their own issues.
      Concerning the fact of the more availability of weapons, and the possibility of violence, not so sure. It is one thing to be a gang member doing a drive by with a hand gun, something different when it comes to force on force, with long guns and prolonged contact. Especially if they are former vets and actually know how to shoot. Then I think there will be the Rambozwannbes who think they can shoot vs those who can shoot, the former losing/surrendering quickly to the latter.

      Perhaps Balkanization may be the wrong word for it. What I saw in Afghanistan was tribalism. Mostly along the lines of ethnic background. However, while the Afghans generally, but not always, fell long ethnic lines, here in the USA, we could see more along the lines of tribal Balkanization. E.g. while I may not be ethnically related to those around me, I may be inclined to agree with most, but not all, of their mindset.
      For example, I am not of religious background, but as long as the local church did not try to impose their religion on me, but valued freedom, liberty, personal property, I would align with them vs a group who wanted to impose their religious ideology on me and mine.
      Anyone who tried to take advantage, mistreat, or abuse any of my Amish neighbors, I would take offense and defend them, gladly. I see that as my responsibility to my community.
      And, quiet frankly, we are going to need the Amish in order to survive a prolonged SHTF, collapse of the BAU/JIT system.
      I know this.

        • Amish, as well as Mennonites, are “non-resistant”. There is a difference between pacificist and non-resitance.

          Non-resistance comes from the Bible. “Non-resistance” is the term of choice among churches of the Anabaptist (Amish/Mennonite) tradition for whom retaliation and going to war goes against the express teachings of Jesus in Matt. 5:39: “You shall not resist evil” (or “the evil one”).

          and yes there is violence in every culture – always a bad apple or two ruin the whole.

          • They will practice non resistance because they believe that they will go to he’ll if they do not. There is a wide variety of “old fashioned” living among the Amish. Some try thief hardest to emulate the lifestyle of over a hundred years ago while others have layers of modern woven through. The sect in our area is one that combines mold and new so in a severe shtf situation they are going to be struggling too because of their semi reliance on modern things like generators, internal combustion engines and semi reliance on grocery stores.

  • Thank you Selco. Spot on personal assessment from boots on the ground. You saw how it was done and are warning us that the same pattern is being used on us. We don’t really need to read a perfectly analyzed historical account. Your account and our common sense tells us these things are so. We are indeed in a bad situation that is about to get worse. Monuments represent memory and taking them down is like using a big eraser on the collective mind.

    The thing we’ve got brewing now is a completely different vision of America than what our founders could’ve ever imagined. Anti-fa, which supposedly means anti-fascism, is actually a fascist organization projecting the shamefulness of fascism onto conservative peoples — their favorite “whipping boy.” The list of corporations and organizations which have donated to Anti-fa is shocking and staggering. Look up Fascism in the dictionary! The thing standing in the way of big corporations monopolizing everything are all the people who are loyal to mom & pop businesses. Anyone notice the trouble small businesses have been having? Take them away and all we have left is government-favored businesses who favor Big Government. This is one of the planks in the end game emerging from the shadows. The Covid19 kafaffle is loaded with perks for the perps. The riots seem to precipitate a defunding of the police which will lead to just the kind of lawlessness that Big Bro would just love to clamp down on — but maybe with AI drones and bot-cops.

    Brave New World (odor) meets Godzilla’s stinking laundry.

    How it will all play out on an individual basis requires a crystal ball into the multi-layered racket taking over the whole world. The best I can do is prepare and not despair. Given how easy preps can disappear, my best prep is spiritual.

    • I find that some of the best Patriots and traditionalists come from other countries especially those where there has been riches to rags due to Socialist dictatorship. If you find such a person talk to them when the moment is right. I know talking trigger issues such as politics and ethnicity can be tricky. Not worse than an unwillingness to learn.

  • I have seen seditious acts occur in this country over the past four years that I would never have believed previously and no one has yet been held accountable. Just since the beginning of this year I have watched the planned destruction of our economy, Taliban-type history/heritage destruction, certain words being banned, people losing the means of earning a living for expressing an opinion, hate crimes being committed mostly against whites, riots, looting, property destruction, censorship on an industrial scale, and all being done under the noses of public officials who take no actions to stop it and who may be complicit themselves. It has been confirmed that those we place in positions of authority to ensure the peace and tranquility only obey the mob. We are on our own! There is a tsunami of violence coming to this country. We as individuals and families have to ready ourselves for it in some rational ways so as to avoid its destruction if possible. Its not the time to be the nail sticking up.

  • Cave living is looking better and better all the time. How does one prepare emotionally for all this? I was raised and have always been a patriotic person no matter who was in the White House. I get the idea now that patriotism is bad and could really be dangerous. Talked to a like-minded thinker in the store the other day. Her neighbor warned her not to decorate as much for the 4th as she normally would as it would make her place a target. I am semi-hidden in a cul-de-sac so still fly my flag proudly. She is on a corner of a busy road for all to see. How do we prepare our minds for the mindless hate that is perpetuated through the media?
    I so appreciate all the incite from the authors as well as the commentators. Keep it up folks. We are learning.

  • Selco says many things here that I find valuable. FWIW:

    1. It IS happening here. I agree with the commenter who compared today’s events with Mao’s Cultural Revolution. And as if cancel culture isn’t bad enough, we’re likely looking at things getting much, much worse.

    2. The rules are what the people in charge say the rules are. Our rights exist because they’re allowed to exist, and they’re being very steadily eroded. This has been going on for some years under both Republican and Democrat, and has increased in intensity during the past two years. Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

    3. Keep your head down and stay under the radar! This may not be as glamorous as going out in a blaze of glory, but it’ll keep you alive. The dehumanization and Othering being done now is horrific, and cancel culture is very, very powerful. Stay gray and live!

    4. Once the inevitable gun grab happens, it won’t be anyone coming to your door. It’ll be a letter, telling you to turn them in if you want your bank account unfrozen or something like that. Same for any other part of the prevailing program: go along or be denied the basic necessities of living. No pile of goodies lasts forever! BTW preppers are also being demonized as hoarders, and the NDAA allows for the confiscation of just about anything. For the greater good, of course. \sarcasm

    I could go on but I think you all get the idea. Selco has been through this, so I listen to him and the other authors here who have been through this. And remember, posts on this site are likely cached somewhere as well. Never put anything out on the Internet that you don’t want to see at your trial!

    • Jayne,

      I think it was I who compared current events with Mao’s Culture Revolution.
      Wrote that over a year ago. Seems to apply more so than then.

      I dont think it it is a political thing, but the rules have change more so on a societal level than a political/government level. Thinking of VA school district Loudoun County, virtual signaling by adopting a transgender rules, then covering up a sexual assault by a boy wearing a skirt and identifying as “gender fluid.” (Disclaimer, I have nothing against transgender persons, I have a good friend who is one, we both agree this kid is a sexual predator whom may have been taking advantage of the school district rules for his own sexual predator assaults) I think we are seeing more of that.
      Is it progress? For a minority that is less than 1% of the population?
      You be the judge.
      What it does seem to be doing is making everyone fear of being “othered,” just like in Mao’s Culture Revolution.
      Nowadays, it could be dang near anything. From racist, math, use of incorrect pronouns (what the heck is that?), science, history, masks, vaccines, and more than I can count.
      What it all amounts to is division.
      The majority of us out here in the rural areas, “fly over states,” as some put it, are more of a live and let live mindset. We do not care if you are white, black, brown, yellow or purple with pink polka-dots. Mind your own business and leave us alone.
      But that is racist according to some.
      Out here, we still,
      ” . . . live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
      -MLK, 1963
      Absurdly, that is now a racist comment. Go figure, eh?

      Jayne, your point #3, “Keep your head down and stay under the radar!”
      On one hand, that does make sense.
      On the other, is that not how Maos’ Culture Revolution succeeded?
      I read a post the other day about a guy who was about to enter a Wally-World in NM. He did not have a mask on. The “greeter” tried to insist he had to have a mask on. He told the greeter he was an idiot, quoted a few studies the walked away. Perhaps what we need more of is standing up front, in full view of the radar, and declaring we will not go silently into the night.
      Perhaps, Stormed at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of hell, is what is coming.
      And is what is needed.
      Prep well.

      • Jarhead, your points are well taken. Keeping the head down is Selco’s advice, towards the end of the article. I simply agree with it. I too would prefer to live and let live but that’s becoming less of an option. I agree it’s not a political party thing. It’s a power and control thing.

        FWIW I’ve worked on a few books about China, and Mao succeeded because he convinced the masses that he could make things better. Prior to his ascension China was a capitalist nation. He persuaded the masses and indoctrinated the young, then sold the idea that the old needed to be swept away in favor of the new. Stalin and the Bolsheiviks did the same thing, demonizing kulaks and creating enough hunger that everyone rioted and burned them out. In Nazi Germany, the first people in the camps were political dissidents. Look what’s being discussed in this country: reeducation of the wrong thinking, splitting the country, confiscating the excess from those nasty hoarders. And more. And all using the same formula: convince the disaffected masses that you alone can fix it and stoke the anger & hatred. Then watch the place burn.

        And to think, my neighborhood is actually quite peaceful. I did read about the assault and the WM guy; the former is obviously a predator and the latter IMO is being made an Example. If you prefer to ride into the jaws of Death along with the six hundred, I wish you better armaments. This is likely not the best time for light calvary.

        Prep well.

      • One point I forgot to mention: I do my shopping preferentially, choosing small businesses that don’t put that nonsense on me over corporations. IMO the Pritzkers have enough money and I don’t like how WM does business anyway, so I shop elsewhere. Voting with my dollar is also resisting.

      • 1stMarineJarHead,

        I had a similar conversation with a guy at work. He considers himself a typical libertarian of the let me love my life type. He mentioned that he never really paid much attention to politics, he was too busy making money and living his life. Now he days he’s become radicalized – arguing with liberals on social media, etc.

        He won’t wear a mask at work unless someone calls him out on it, it’s his rebellion and being an example to encourage people. He wondered why I put my mask on when I leave my desk and “give in” give my views on masks and the vaccine.

        He couldn’t quite understand why I’d walk around the building with a mask on but not wear one in a meeting.

        I explained to him that wearing the mask when away from my desk is camoflauge. I expect a vaccine mandate to come down the pipe at work. I won’t get the vaccine for s number of reasons, and I’ll ask for a religious exemption. I expect the religious exemption to be denied. I won’t quit, I’ll make them fire me then the conversation will be between my lawyer and theirs.

        I’m letting them think I’m an average sheep until they find out the hard way that I’m not and that I’ve put a lot more time and thought and planning into the dance they’re going to force me into.

        We need people to be loud and visible. We also need some to blend in until the time is right. The surprise when they find out that those who opppse them is far greater than the thought is going to be interesting.

        Maybe it comes from reading Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, but I tend to fall into the grey area or let them believe you are weak, then when they have committed show them your true strength.

        Several years ago I was one of the loud ones. Far fewer people were awake at the time, things have changed in the past few years. The “crazy” things I and others spoke about then are no longer crazy – many more have woken up and see things for what they are.

        I’m glad they’ve woken up and are finally seeing what we warned them about. It’s not too late to fix things, but it will be harder now.

        I know a lot of people who have pulled their necks back in after having them stuck out. We’ve become quiet but we’re still waiting for the right time. A little older, a little slower, maybe a little wiser but no less willing to be on the line.

        When the time comes I will be every bit as loud as I was once upon a time. The kids are all grown up, there’s no worries about how they will cope as children. I have more than I did then, but I have less to lose in many respects.

        I don’t have the Gadsden bumper stickers or flag on the truck any more, but I still have them.

        I left one country to get away from the communists, there ain’t anywhere else to go. Communists are always about all or nothing, so I guess I’ll just have to do my best to ensure they end up with nothing in my adopted country.

        The problem that TPTB are creating for themselves is they’re saying “No Mercy, No Quarter!” Repeat it often enough as you’re othering and dehumanizing your opponent and there will come a point where your opponent will show no mercy or quarter to you.

        Enough rambling LOL.

        • Thaylore,

          Great points!
          I am fortunate to work for an employer who doesn’t require or wear a mask himself. I don’t have to worry about doing the dance or keeping my job and for that I am grateful.
          Another thing TPTB are doing is decimating their work force. I wonder who they think is gonna do the physical work so they have all the things/food they want?

        • “Communists are always about all or nothing, so I guess I’ll just have to do my best to ensure they end up with nothing”

          seriously. this sums it all up. citizens think it’s all about debate, compromise, limits, living together. they don’t understand that communists are not citizens. never were.

  • I have been saying this about hate for a long time. You want to kill a couple million people, dehumanize them. In Germany the Jews were rats, they couldn’t walk on the sidewalks. It was best for society to kill them. in Rwanda they were cockroaches, it was best for society to kill them, one million died in 30 days.

    The way to get into power is to create hatred to a common enemy, then it is best for society to hate them and become more radicalized. We are seeing this more today in this country.

    • The media seems to be playing the divide card. Young vs old, color vs color, city vs, country, liberal vs conservative, poor vs rich, union vs non-union, true educated vs dumbed down education….

      insanity seems to rule.

      Lawlessness is not violent even as it burns and beats its way through our cities. Non violent protest is painted as if it were violent. Self defence is painted as aggression in the words of national media.

      Insanity is painted and normal. Marxism and Socialism are treated as more relevant that constitutionality. Gimme gimme gimme, is the new chant of the masses. Work is irrelevant. The government can print and give away money.

      Look back to every time paper became “too cheap” to carry enough for survival. Look ahead to a foretold time when even a bag of gold won’t buy what you need. It starts at a days wages for a loaf of bread and builds till it takes a bag of gold. That’s hyperinflation.

      The wind is blowing. The course is set. Here we go. Hang on for a swift ride.

    • The psychiatrist Jordan Peterson in a debate with the Biologist Eric Weinstein on the Joe Rogan podcast said something similar, they said there was a biological hard wired segment of the brain that if disgusted by something would justify all sorts of horrible things. They said that is how Hitler got the Germans to behave that way, he made the Jews disgusting to them. The biologist said that it’s a primitive survival mechanism, ie kill the outsider before he gives us a disease.

      It’s definitely in play right now, the disgust mechanism has been triggered over covid.

  • IMO, we’re experiencing exactly the same thing, but the root causes of varying degree.

    We’re already in a Civil War, a Cold Civil War, and now we’re only waiting to watch it escalate into armed conflict. Our Fort Sumpter moment could occur at any time, though personally, I think it will likely begin in the winter of 2022, after the next election. Remember, it was just a few short months ago, that the talk of Re-Education Camps was on the lips of every member of the side that “won” (stole) the last election in 2020. Whether it was stolen or not doesn’t really matter, because one half of the country is gleefully demonizing the other half. Fundamental Change or Slow Societal Collective Suicide? You tell me. In the end, it will only matter which side of the equation is in control. It will be every bit as bloody, and as deadly, if not more so, than the events in the Balkans, and the toll of lives lost, may run into the millions.

    I expect to be dead before this is all through. I’ve no illusions of surviving the conflict. Therefore, my preps are geared towards helping my family rebuild with whatever’s left.
    My biggest concern, because of the Demented Idiot in charge and his faithful lapdogs, is this turning nuclear. If that happens, I really don’t want to be around for the aftermath.

    The Vax Mandate, is as evil as evil can get. In the name of Public Health, we’re informed our body is not ours, it’s the governments to experiment on. I won’t debate its merits, but from my long career in Health Care, I will say this Vaxxine is a Flop, a Dud. It does not prevent infection, or the spread of infection. At best, it may lessen the severity, but that claim is questionable. At worst, it may be driving the mutation of the pathogen. None of the many real Vaccines that have been developed in the last 100+ years, have had this level of Failure. That’s an undisputable Fact that those in control choose to ignore, lie and obfuscate about.

    Balkinization is a reversion to Tribalism. Where like seeks like, because there is safety in numbers, dubious as that safety is. While keeping one’s head down is good advice, there may be a point where doing so is self defeating. Example, the Mass relocation of the Jews to the Concentration Camps. Had the masses being loaded overwhelmed their guards en mass, many would have died immediately, but they still would have overwhelmed their guards. Sheer numbers overwhelm even the advantage of weaponry as long as the vast majority of the Mass is committed to the goal. This is why, I dismiss our current military as a the main threat to our freedom should the current Fool in office attempt Martial Law, his obvious next step. At that point, the bonds which tie us together are completely severed, our Constitution abrogated, and Civil War is engaged. Our survival will depend upon our capabilities at Guerilla Warfare. Just as they did in the Revolution. That is the only way we will successfully oppose those wishing to enslave us. Repugnant as the idea of firing upon our fellow Americans is, it will be necessary to do so. So long as the other side remains committed to their course.

    The Balkanization and Fasciacization of our country proceeds unabated, and that’s what is really driving this discord. Even though the those in control deny it. Their lust to control is insatiable.

  • I wrote this almost a year ago, and I believe it to be even more relevant today. I apologize for its length, but I sincerely hope it helps even one person come to an understanding of today’s world.

    Welcome to the First World Revolution
    Written by: Serenabit November 24, 2020

    Civil War or Revolution, what is the difference? In a revolution there are no safe spaces! That is not a play on words or a modern euphemism, it is quite literally the difference between what people speculate may happen and what will likely happen in today’s world of political turmoil.
    In the United States Civil War (1861–1865) the lines of demarcation changed frequently yet were easily defined in the moment; but in the American Revolution and every Revolution thereafter there were no such territorial boundaries. City could be pitted against city, neighbor vs. neighbor, and even family member vs. family member. (Benjamin Franklin and his only son never reconciled after the American Revolution.)
    Today we find ourselves sitting at the precipice of the First World Revolution. In the United States we over simplify things by saying that it’s political turmoil of Republicans against Democrats, in Europe Brexit rolls along, the Yellow-Vest protests in France continue, and COVID lockdown protests in Germany and Italy have become violent. Revolutions are fought when the people take back their sovereignty from the governments that they had acquiesced to in the past. That appears to be exactly what is happening today. The people of the world are fighting against “Globalism,” which is the current “politically correct” name for Communism.
    There has been a movement to install communism throughout the world since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. I would argue that the movement began in the United States in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, Federal Income Tax, and rescinding the ability of the individual States to recall their Senators from Washington D.C. Without regard to when it started, few would argue that the efforts have not grown over time. The “Democratic Socialists” have openly adopted the platform of Communism and use word manipulations and an ever-changing narrative to call it something else. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck … it’s a DUCK!

    The steps to create a “Communist Utopia” have been clearly laid out over the years:
    -Healthcare: If you control the healthcare you control the people.
    -Debt: Increase debt to unsustainable levels. This will allow the Government to increase taxes, produce more poverty, and further control the people.
    -Poverty: Increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and less likely to attack the source of their survival.
    -Gun Control: Remove the ability for citizens to defend themselves from their Government, thus allowing for the creation of a police state.
    – Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives and survival: food, housing, healthcare, income.
    – Education: Control what people listen to; control what children are taught in school. Emphasize progressive ideals only.
    – Religion: Remove people’s belief in God from Schools and Government. No ideology or authority can supersede the authority of the State.
    – Class Warfare: Divide the people into warring factions: wealthy vs. poor. This will foster further discontent, animosity, and justify raising taxes necessary for the redistribution of income through social programs.
    These “Steps” are taken from Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals published in 1971 and adopted as a road map by many of our most powerful politicians including George H.W. Bush, Bill and Hilary Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It should be noted that every point in this plan has been accomplished to greater or lesser degrees in the past 50 years, and these pervasive tactics have been employed at every level of government. The fight is real.
    One cannot overcome their adversary if they cannot first identify them. Let us look at our world today in contrast to when Saul Alinsky’s book was published. In 1970 the American dream was often described as getting a college education, landing a job or career where one could have a sense of fulfillment and earn a competitive wage and in many cases a pension; to improve their standard of living, culminating in owning their home outright and enjoying a peaceful retirement where they could sustain that standard of living. Our stores stocked their goods well in advance in hopes of selling their wares and meeting the needs and desires of the community. Our towns, villages, and cities sustained the infrastructure and sought to improve community services through paving and maintaining roads, expanding libraries, and increasing the efficiency of waste removal services. The police and fire fighters were empowered to perform specific duties and were held accountable if those tasks were not completed or were done outside of the parameters described in their contracts. The citizens within these communities all participated in local PTA’s or insisted on at least having their neighbors acts as a liaison to the local school system. The Mayors and city counsels fought to maintain and improve the standard of living in their communities, making them more desirable to attract businesses and more affluent families. It was far from a perfect world, but it was predictable.
    In contrast today our colleges and universities have increased the cost of higher education to that of the average home, so when these kids graduate, they have a mortgage with no place to live. Furthermore, our government recently took over the oversight and servicing of this multi-trillion-dollar industry which ensures that the costs will continue to rise, and the individuals can no longer seek any type of relief through bankruptcy. Our government has encouraged offshore manufacturing, so work in those professions are in short supply, but big tech is booming in certain well-defined city centers where the cost of owning real estate is prohibitive to all but the most successful. Defined pension plans no longer exist outside of governmental jobs or political positions. Towns, villages, and cities have outsourced most of the municipal services through contracts; and government service unions have exploited the resources of every community. Single family homes are in short supply and Mayors and community leaders are giving preferential treatment to builders of multi-family dwellings. They have discovered that running a community is a “numbers game” whereby it doesn’t matter if the local population has a better standard or living, just having them present generates the money they want and need to become more powerful. The citizens no longer operate our government, but instead our government controls the citizens.
    All of the above seemed for most of the average citizens to be a natural progression brought about by the advent of computers, the internet, “just in time” delivery systems, and the most fast and efficient communications systems that the world has ever known. For those that thought this to be true, and even for most that questioned whether this was “normal” they adapted, overcame, and made little to no effort to change things as long as they lived with relative safety and comfort, until 2010.
    With the advent of the “Affordable Care Act” in the United States, many of the masses who had been “asleep” suddenly woke up when they realized that their healthcare was soon to be State controlled. A movement to educate the average citizen about Saul Alinsky’s plan grew and took on many faces. The Tea Party seemed to be the most notable, but there were many people and groups throughout the country that could see the writing on the wall. We were in the depths of a financial crisis, there were more enrolled in financial assistance (welfare) programs then ever before. Our government had record debt that few could fathom, and taxes had become more than burdensome to many. Small businesses were folding along with the large powerhouse companies, unemployment skyrocketed in all 50 States. We had rioting with “Occupy Wallstreet,” race riots in Oakland, and an “Arab Spring” had broken out in the middle east. Coincidently ammunition shortages seemed to be a new anomaly, and the government started to regulate magazine capacity and even the types of cartridges that could be used with the most popular modern sporting rifle. The parallels from world events to Alinsky’s plan could not be denied by the objective observer, a populist movement was born.
    People started to network in groups of like-minded individuals. They formed collective farming projects, preparedness communities, and off-grid homesteads. Many societies formed with their sole basis being that something was wrong even if they could not identify exactly what it was that they were sensing.
    The technology that lulled many to sleep also woke up some unsuspecting forgotten people world-wide. In 2013 Cody Wilson uploaded the designs to 3-D print the “liberator pistol” to the internet. Other designs for many firearms were also uploaded as “share-ware” files available for anyone to access and build firearms without the regulations of government. In Western Europe, where gun ownership of nearly any kind is illegal, there are groups like “Deterrence Dispensed” formed expressly to empower people to protect their freedom of speech by enacting their freedom to bear arms. (Neither of which are guaranteed by their governments.) They have uploaded further designs of firearms like the FGC-9, a 9mm carbine which stands for F*ck Gun Control, along with hundreds of others to be shared world-wide. This and many other groups actively teach people how to build their own firearms and manufacture their own ammunition. This is in Western Europe where most Americans think everyone is docile and enjoying their socialist governments. Movements like Deterrence Dispensed are popping up all over the world, and their memberships are growing. These are not militia’s as they are commonly thought of; these are groups that have no political ideology, but instead have a reverence for sovereignty. The rights of individuals first, and then the rights of groups, collectives, or nations to follow; but the rights of the individuals are foundational. While assemblages like this are commonly banned from social networking sites, their word spreads internationally through sponsorships and endorsements by individual websites. Communications are almost always encrypted through programs like KeyBase, Signal, and others, and members strictly maintain their anonymity. Their philosophy by design, is that if/when one person is compromised, another will quickly take their place. Natural leaders will inspire others, but there is no hierarchy, so there are no prioritized targets for tyrannical forces to center their sights on.
    The neighborhood watch has gone global, and it is on steroids. Many collectives have and continue to study the tactics of Che Guievera, The Irish Republican Army, The Weather Underground, and several other covert Guerrilla tacticians from all over the world including the U.S. Special Forces. Most of these groups are made up of peace-loving individuals and families. They want to be left alone; and to have the opportunities to live fulfilling lives and create a better standard of living for their children. Still, they have become hyper aware of their surroundings and the circumstances of the world. They witness the anomalies of strange bedfellows. Things like Antifa teaming up with the police in Germany to impose restrictions and curfews for COVID on the greater population. They balk when the media reports that Antifa is “right wing,” and the BLM wants only peaceful equality of opportunity. These people know better, and having witnessed the atrocities of the past, they are preparing for the worst.
    The coming revolution like those of the past will consist of three distinct groups; those of the oppressor, those of the liberators, and those that want no part in the fray. In some cases the oppressor seem to be the currently installed governments, and in others it may be a faction of government that believes or announces itself to be more legitimate, but in all cases the oppressive party aligns themselves with “globalism.” Whether in the United States of America, or any of the many nations in Western Europe, the lines are seemingly drawn, and either freedom and liberty, or subservient oppression will prevail.
    What are you doing? What anomalies have you noticed? Which of the three positions will you take when the SHTF?

    Supporting links:

  • I read somewhere recently that there are two kinds of people. One kind are the producers. The producers simply want to be left alone to live their lives and… produce. The other kind are the non-producers. All the non-producers want is to control the producers. They just can’t seem to leave the producers alone and live their own lives. Most of the non-producers find ways to live off the producers, gravitating into politics, professorships, government bureaucracy, and similar non-producing positions. Simplistic, yes. But I think it describes our circumstances at a base level. Is some sort of psychosis the common thread running the non-producers? We could have a long discussion about that. But, like a parasite, they can’t survive with the producers, and they will never leave us alone.

    • If you won’t work then you won’t eat.
      This is biblical. There are those who cannot actually work but everyone can contribute something. I personally find this to be a good principal. Society doesn’t value it’s older persons anymore. So much wisdom is gone forever and that is a tragedy.
      We as a country need to use some heavy duty anti-parasite medicine!

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