Autonomous Robot Dogs: Are These “New Surveillance Methods” Coming to a Town Near You?

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Film series such as Terminator, Robocop, The Matrix, and others about weaponized robotics have captivated mankind for years. And now, it seems that we’re getting our very own, real-life version: robot dogs.

Should countries secure their borders? Absolutely.

The sole purpose of government is to protect the lives, liberties, and property of its citizens. A nation which refuses to guard its own borders sets all three of these items at risk. Governments are formed by people to protect these three items.

I say this so that the following will not be misinterpreted.

Is it chilling when a new weapon is introduced to humanity that has the potential to completely change the world of war? Again, absolutely.

Introducing land-based robotics…

That is what we’re seeing at the moment as autonomous robot dogs are currently being used to patrol the southern US border. As the number of illegal immigrants who have snuck across the border has absolutely skyrocketed over the course of the past year, it appears as if there are some who believe the solution to the problem is the implementation of autonomous security robots.

Currently being tested along the border is the Ghost Vision 60, a robot “dog” created by Philadelphia-based Ghost Robotics.

This new creation is currently being tested by the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate to test “new surveillance methods.”

According to Brenda Long, the program manager of the Science and Technology Directorate, “ The southern border can be an inhospitable place for man and beast, and that is exactly why a machine may excel there.” This S&T [Science and Technology Directorate]- led initiative focuses on Automated Ground Surveillance Vehicles, or what we call ‘AGSVs.’ Essentially, the AGSV program is all about…robot dogs.”

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The Ghost Vision 60

The current robot dog in use is a 70-pound, 2.5-foot-tall dog with the capability to go across virtually any terrain that a human can, and in many cases, across terrain that would be too dangerous for a human being to traverse, such as steep slopes. It has a max speed of close to 7mph.

The robot dog is equipped with either night or thermal vision, and has the ability to host other “payloads” as well. The Ghost Vision 60 can either be set up to run autonomously, or it can be controlled by a man behind a computer screen miles away.

Though the current Ghost Vision 60 robot dog in use along the southern border is not hooked up to any weapons systems, and though there have not been any indicators that weapons systems will be attached to them in the near future, Ghost Robotics did recently unveil a robot dog with a weapon system mounted onto it: the Vision 60.

The Vision 60 is a robot dog that was recently shown at a business conference with what appears to be a sniper rifle/mini-gun system mounted on its back. The gun has a range of 1200 meters, 30x optical zoom, and the standard battery of thermal and night vision capabilities.

Where are these robot dogs now?

Any form of robot dog is still in the trial-and-error phase of human testing, but we have seen them in use at Tyndall USAF base in the past, as they helped with patrols, and they are being used in a similar manner right now at the border.

Currently, these robot dogs are patrolling pre-determined GPS coordinates which they walk back and forth between. The robots are capable of functioning in any weather conditions, and can currently cover an area of 7.5 miles off of a single three-hour charge.

When asked about the weapon systems that could be mounted on their robot dogs in the future, Ghost Robotics CEO Jiren Parikh said, “We don’t make the payloads. Are we going to promote and advertise any of these systems? Probably not.”

Whether displaying a Vision 60 robot dog with a rifle of some sort attached to its back at a conference is a form of advertisement or not is up to the reader’s discretion.

Parikh went on to say, ““Because we’re selling to the military, we don’t know what they do with them. We’re not going to dictate to our government customers how they use the robots.”

Science fiction has warned of this for years.

It appears that science fiction has once more served its purpose of warning future generations what could be in store. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 the main character is actively hunted down by a technologically advanced robot dog which is created with the sole purpose of hunting down enemies of the state. It is Minority Report in which we see robot spiders hunt down those charged with “pre-crime.”

While an illegal alien truly is an enemy of the state, what is to become when these technologies are soon patrolling your streets rather than your borders? Remember, it was only two years ago when we saw autonomous drones equipped with facial recognition patrolling the skies of certain parts of the earth so that they could help enforce “public health” mandates.

One cannot but stop and think when witnessing these technologies about what the future may hold. Is the mockumentary Slaughterbots that far off? War always serves as a catalyst for the furthering of weapons systems.

Should a Russia-Ukraine war quickly grow global, should it be a cover for a series of covert operations against Americans on US soil, what would things in America eventually look like? Even if all of that never happens (though< I think it will), I think the way you see robot dogs currently being used in Australia could be indicative of what you will soon see elsewhere.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think the use of autonomous robot dogs will only be related to illegal immigration? Or do you think these “new surveillance methods” are going to become widespread? And how long until they’re armed? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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  • Well ya can’t just put out a bowl of antifreeze for this huh?
    The cartel will soon test their bulletproofness and signal jammers

  • Something interesting to watch, that is for sure.
    But until power source technology develops further it won’t go far: 7.5 mile range then requires a 3 hr charge time, is far from optimal in any real world setting.
    Adding a heavy, weapons payload, would further reduce its range.
    So I am not overly concerned about it at this point.

  • History is the judge. First RFID chips were for prisoners. Then it was said to be for Alzheimer patients. Then it was for certain military jobs……now different businesses are requiring it. Some studies done around the world are saying about 70% of the vaxx are emitting radio frequencies. The same will be for the dogs. First the border, then military post or prisons and before you know it they will be everywhere to keep us in check. In Chicago, the testing ground for roads to be built that will recharge your electric car as you drive (I won’t go into what that electricity is doing to our bodies at that point), but the same could be done for those drone dogs. Recharged as they work.

    • “Some studies done around the world are saying about 70% of the vaxx are emitting radio frequencies”

      do you have a cite for that?

  • A flock of geese would work better. They were used to guard missile silos in Germany. Meanest son’s I’ve ever met

  • Most OP readers are God-loving Truthers who already know that mankind is at war with the Deep State Cabal beast. The Cabal’s plans include many atrocities such as robo-dogs. They intend to kill most of us, and I believe “the beast” (Catherine Austin Fitts’ term) is led by Satan who intends to kill every one of us and destroy all the rest of Life on Earth to boot. What will actually happen is another matter: God is winning as more and more people wake up to their activities and plans.

    We need to fight and fight hard, but the biggest surprise (and delight) to me so far is that this does NOT involve bodily violence, unless by the military after a real, due-process tribunal. Many concerned citizens are worried that we are not storming some Bastille, but that sort of thing is exactly what the wicked ones are trying to goad us to do. They would use the slightest violence idiocy to discredit and attack us all, as they did on Jan 6 (and I don’t think we even had a single violent perp then out of around 500K crowd).

    Our actual, winning strategy is noncompliance with illegal mandates, plus getting into CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assn) and local politics and new networks such as OP, Brighteon, Gab, Patriot buying and job boards, etc. All friendly and peaceful.

  • Speaking of Cabal, they originated from Ukraine area as the Ashkenazi.. a Kazak nation that cleverly adapted Judaism, then taking over the world.. like Zuckerberg or Rothchild.. just interesting why Ukraine is involved in so much lately.. look at the roots of it all and the truth shall set you free!

    These drone robot dogs are awful creatures. The bravery of being out of range. That Indian CEO says the customer (government) can do with his product what they want, shows true integrity in the modern world.. greed, money is all that matters to them. The solution does not lie in a robotic dog with a gun, but in mankind to talk and resolve issues, find and make solutions together.

  • They already have drones that you can not detect that can read your license plate from 20 miles up in the sky. This is not actually new spy tech, it is just land based. I agree with Mic, a 7mile range on a 3 hour charge is not really useful, and a home made EMP could finish that thing quickly anyway. Not really something to be concerned with yet.

  • They’re gonna really hate a bucket of metallic paint, or paintballs in the “eyes.” Their blind butts would likely be scooped up for parts, or cooking pots.

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