National Preparedness Month Daily Challenge: Day 3

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I hope it’s going well with your daily challenges! If you missed the previous challenges, you can catch up here:

Onward to today’s challenge!

Yesterday, we discussed the emergencies that each of us is most likely to face. Today we are going to build on that by asking ourselves the following questions about each potential emergency.

  1. Will I be likely to lose electricity if this emergency happens?
  2. Will I have running water?
  3. Will I be able to purchase more food and supplies or will I have to rely on what I have already?
  4. Will I have to evacuate?
  5. Are there any members of my family who will be particularly affected?

These 5 simple questions will help you identify the places you need to focus on the most in your preparedness efforts.

If you want to qualify for the free ebook, be sure to pop over to the forum to post your answers. 🙂

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