Maryland Governor Orders “Drastic Actions” to be Enforced Statewide by Police and National Guard

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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a series of dramatic executive orders today to prevent the spread of coronavirus. These actions are to be enforced by police and the National Guard.

According to WBAL-TV he ordered the following social distancing measures.

  • shut down all bars, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, effectively starting at 5 p.m. Monday. Drive through and carry out services will be allowed to continue.
  • Following CDC guidelines, settings of 50 of more individuals will be prohibited across the state, including social and recreational events and religious and sports gatherings. (source)

These measures will be strongly enforced. Anne Arundel First Alert reports:

Hogan says State Troopers and National Guard will enforce orders saying “We’re not playing around anymore.” “Emergency orders will carry the full force of the law,” Hogan re-iterated.

“We have never faced anything like this before, said Hogan. He continued, citing “Drastic actions” being taken right now. He warned Marylanders the orders may seem scary and may sound extreme, it is absolutely necessary. (source)

Hogan has ordered the activation of 250 State Troopers for emergency service, 400 Army and Air National Guard, and 1000 more MD National Guard. As well, 1200 Maryland guardsmen are on enhanced readiness status if they are needed.

They will also increase medical resources and provide financial relief.

As well, any hospitals that have been closed will be re-opened to increase the capacity in the state by 6000 beds. They will also allow doctors and nurses with out-of-state licenses to practice in Maryland.

For those who may be financially struggling, the following orders were put in place:

  • Essential services such as grocery stores, banks and gas stations will be allowed to remain open.
  • The executive order prohibits utilities, such as electric, gas, water, sewage, cable, internet and phone lines, to be cut off nor incur late fees.
  • Evictions have been prohibited.
  • Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon has applied for a Federal waiver to provide three meals a day plus a snack to those who need it. Statewide, 138 centers already up and operating. Visit to find all participating locations. (source)

To some degree, this answers our questions about whether or not utilities will remain working. It appears that governments will try to keep things like power, water, and internet running as normally as possible for as long as possible.

How long with these extreme measures last?

According to Gov. Hogan, “It is impossible to know how long this threat will continue.”

This shows you how fast things can change.

These announcements were made at 11 o’clock Monday morning and take effect this afternoon at 5 pm. Our situation is extremely fluid and you can expect things to change rapidly.  For more advice on preparing for quarantines, go here.

Once the lockdowns begin occurring, expect them to quickly spread across the country. If you haven’t purchased everything you need, go here for advice on what to buy when the things you want are out of stock.

You need to be where you intend to be to ride this thing out, and you need to have what you want to have. Time is quickly running out, if it hasn’t already. Today, it’s Maryland. By the end of the week, it could be the entire country.

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    • Yes. They have no authority to regulate our right to travel period. And this whole thing is hyped up for power grabs. They’re using fear to manipulate people. Hospitals are empty all over and no one I know has tested positive and even then it’s not a death sentence. Welcome to the judeo-masonic new world order.

    • agree the fear pron is exceeding the risk, but when people go monkee-brain nutso, i am staying off the street for the duration…

    • It is not an either or situation.

      The crisis is real, the situation is serious…………… And, the hysteria is being generated on purpose.

      • Okay, because you say so, it must be true. It’s a good thing there are people like you out there to tell me what to think. I might forget to breathe without such altruistic and honest people like you.

  • Thank you Daisy!
    Every bit of info we can get is a tremendous help bc it keeps us ahead of what is surely coming until this is contained. My warmest prayers are with you and your family as you have continued to be a bright and shining light in the dark to us.
    Pray for us as well????
    Your work is phenomenal!

  • I just emailed the following message to the Lt Governor of my state.

    Dear Lieutenant Governor —,

    At least one county in another state is talking about releasing their prisoners because of the COVID-19 virus. Please don’t allow any state, county or city prisoners in — be let lose. With little or no money they will acquire weapons by force and without food they will go on a rampage. Many will commit the crimes they were in jail for and many other violent crimes. Many law enforcement officers and innocent civilians will be robbed, injured, raped or killed. Frankly, in — where most people have guns, many of the convicts will be killed as well.

    You are the only high ranking state leader with an email address on the — website. I fear that sending a letter would not arrive before such a decision would be made. Please pass this email along to the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and the appropriate people in prison system and to the legislators (as you think best).


  • It is best to listen to the doctors on this. Dr. Fauci is the best reputable person to listen to. He has been here before with a disease, but probably not to this magnitude. I watch what is happening in Italy and elsewhere and at times wonder how bad it could get here. Alot of these actions have been put into place in Colorado except for the military and national gaurd. I wonder how soon that will happen as cases are going up exponentially daily. The local numbers here are more correct than what is said on the national news for our state.

    • No. It’s best to trust ourselves personally first and foremost. Doctors are human. Humans lie, humans make mistakes, humans can be manipulated. There are already major bills being pushed to eliminate various rights we have and this action by the governor violates our precious right to travel. The right to movement is sacred and ancient. You can sit like a dog and let corrupt authorities who have been caught time and again lying and stealing tell you what to think but I refuse to listen to them.

  • I have learned so much in the last few weeks from you Daisy! I am glad I found you when I did! went to the grocery store this morning for my usual, weekly trip. I have been buying more than my usual every time I have been to the grocery store for the last month or 6 weeks or so. Today, I would say, is my SHTF day. A lot of the shelves were empty, there were lots of people (at 8am!) and it turns out they are shortening their hours for the foreseeable future. I am as prepared as I am going to be. Pray for my sanity while the kids are home for 3 weeks. I am assuming this is just the beginning. Keeping doing what you are doing Daisy and thank you for sharing your wisdom with us newbies!

  • Some of these things are a good thing to have done. But . . . How many people are going to go through the drive thru restaurants and such? Just curious about a lot of this.

  • The Maryland statement didn’t say anything about requiring the utilities to maintain delivery of their service, electricity, gas, water, garbage service, etc.

    • Go back and read it again.

      The executive order prohibits utilities, such as electric, gas, water, sewage, cable, internet and phone lines, to be cut off nor incur late fees.

  • There is a choice:
    1) Try to keep a balance of between BAU, keeping the economy from tanking, remain social norms.
    2) Complete and total lockdown/social distancing/self-isolation and everything that goes along with it, to include disruption of social norms, the economy, and the political fall out.

    IMHO, the only two countries I know of that has taken appropriate action is Israel and Norway. Israel is putting everyone coming in country on mandatory quarantine for 14 days before they are allowed into the general populace. Norway has taken option 2) and shut the whole country down.
    All other countries, nope.
    Not China. Not SK, Japan, Iran, Italy, UK, all the others and certainly not the US.
    Had the US done a Norway like lock down, back in January, then that would of been the appropriate response. But then that would of been seen as an over reaction by many of both political parties, and Wall St.
    Hindsight is always 20/20.
    And no one has a crystal ball that can tell them not only what tomorrow brings, but next week, next month, or even next year. With a few exceptions of alt-media, the preppers, no one could of predicted what this would look like globally back in January.
    This is a natural disaster. Ride it out the best you can for you and yours. Take copious notes on what worked for you and what did not work . . . for future reference.

  • The Globalist are seizing power.

    Once taken, it will not be easily returned.

    As famous Democrat operative once said: “Never let a crisis go to waste.

    • Well, the Globalists and their cousins The Megalomaniacs can seize what they can find. The Minions are either working at home, unemployed or about to be.

      Who will do their daily tasks, fetch their coffee, change their Depends and watch their kids? I watched my boss today struggle to figure out what to do. He put his phone on busy when he got overwhelmed. What little office staff there is will be working from home by the weekend. Managers still required in the office.

      Karma never forgets your home address. I’m enjoying this. Sick as that may be.

      • These are the people being praised by NYT for their handling of the virus. Has everyone lost their collective minds?

        *Video- No blood or gore, just data current as of Mar 2020.

        China’s organ harvesting: China Tribunal- Panel of 7 experts published 500+ page report about forced organ harvesting in C. One of them is attorney who prosecuted war criminal Slobodan Milosovich. They continued lots of organ transplants even DURING the virus outbreak.

  • Trump just panicked.

    “US lockdown for 15 days.”

    He has gone from “No big deal” to total panic.

    He pushed the FED to dramatically cut rates and now the Dow has lost almost 9,000 points.

    Almost 3,000 points just today.

    401Ks decimated. Pension funds about to belly up.

    We are so focked.

    • Personally, I am totally in agreement with moving production (of everything, esp. medications) closer to home. This event/disaster may open the door to many inovations – hopefully with less red tape.

  • Just another step in indoctrinating the serfs to get them used to authoritative rule. Don’t worry – the cattle cars are heated…

  • Pennsylvania also is enforcing at midnight the shut down of all non-essential businesses. Schools remained closed for two weeks. Liquor and spirits stores indefin.

  • This is all intended to make people depend on government for everything and to, thereby, make the case for socialism, national socialism, fascism, and communism.

  • Ohio has enacted similar action sas MD, but has not alerted the Guard yet. They also have delayed our Primary Election. They have extended absentee ballots, which I will be applying for tomorrow. I WILL make my vote heard.

    And let me tell you, it’s really on now…my grocery store did not receive its ‘just in time’ delivery today. And talked with someone from Costco who said they aren’t getting regular deliveries either. We are getting some things in sporadically, like TP and today we got some paper towels in. A customer who stopped at several stores on his way home told me we were the only one who had fresh fruit.

    And while our semi-rural community has been going insane, they have mostly been pleasant about it. But after less than a week, people are starting to get testy. Everyone who stopped by my deli counter was pleasant, and I have had some really great conversations with folks. But I heard from customer service that folks are getting upset that we remain out of so many things, and haven’t been very nice to them. And customers are starting to get testy with other customers–no fights yet, but I can see it coming sooner rather than later.

    I heard that Dollar General is limiting shopping during their first hour of the day to seniors, while the store is at its cleanest, and also so they have access to a more stocked store. I thought that was a great idea. If true, what a wonderful thing for them to do. Multiple ppl in our town’s FB group have offered to shop for the elderly/infirm. My own 30-ish neighbor offered to shop for us, which was sweet (we are mid 50’s) but we are fine. (I keep picking up a little bit here and there since i work at the grocery)

    Back to the MD decree–our local utility companies had already declared there would be no disconnection for non payment for the time being, so our Gov had no need to make any move on that front.

    Stay safe, folks. It is going to get worse before it gets better. My biggest fear is that all the liberties we are ‘waiving’ will not be restored once this ‘crisis’ is over.

  • Essential services such as grocery stores, banks and gas stations will be allowed to remain open.

    The executive order prohibits utilities, such as electric, gas, water, sewage, cable, internet and phone lines, to be cut off nor incur late fees.

    Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon has applied for a Federal waiver to provide three meals a day plus a snack to those who need it. Statewide, 138 centers already up and operating. Visit to find all participating locations.

    I’m really disappointed at the hystera you are attempting to whip up. Essential services are in place and will remain in place. Even to the point of three meals per day plus a snack being provided through the school system. Yet, you insist on making it out like Maryland is nearly under martial law or will be momentarily. Good God, this is over the top and is irresponsible on your part.

  • Yep, just as planned. DONT LICK those boots folks. It’s a hoax to bring in martial law. You KNEW it was coming for a long time now. GET READY It’s almost here >>>>>>

  • Daisy,

    The C19 is an over-hyped hoax. Big pharma owns the TV stations and spews propaganda to the sheeple for big profits.
    To quote Ron Paul: “Government over-hypes a threat as an excuse to grab more of our freedoms. When the “threat” is over, however, they never give us our freedoms back.”
    I’m ignoring it as much as possible and keeping the TV off…life is better that way.
    Thanks for the article, Daisy.


  • New World
    We are heading full tilt into a new world that many of you haven’t experienced before. It’s not that it’s a bad thing it’s just going to be more difficult. We have already progressed from “what do you want to eat for dinner” to “whats available for dinner” and it WILL become “what do we have left for dinner”.
    This will be in every category and nook in our lives.
    People survived just fine without many things. You must get outside of the box and go from if I can’t get this then what can I get. A good example is baby wipes. They are unavailable however feminine hygiene wipes are still out there. Yes they cost more and have smaller packages but thats the way things are these days in a crisis. The next progression is the old cloth diapers with the flush n drag method.
    Think Fast, Move Methodically, Be Tougher Than Woodpecker Lips
    Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

    • Well said Matt in OK.

      Could it be difficult?
      It will be different.
      Been reading about the possibility of moving supply chains closer to the US or even in the US, especially if there is a chance of a new coronavirus coming out of China every year.
      Things will change.
      If anyone promises to bring back the good ol pre-Covid19 days, tell them to STFU.

      “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”
      Hey! That is my line! 😉

        • Yeah Oklahoma City just closed down gyms, theatres and eateries except for carryout. Even our own Governor isn’t/wasn’t taking it seriously going out to eat with his family and posting it on twitter with his elitist Tulsa money attitude. It’s all just a big laugh right up till someone he loves dies because of an underlying condition they didn’t know about. Seems to be a trend in our politicians like the school superintendent not wanting to close because academics is more important than life.
          This is why I said earlier politicians are going to do what politicians do and you can’t get wrapped up in it right now. You have to make your own choices.
          So what’s next? Either folks act right or it starts going bad. If your into preparedness then prepare for the bad. Start securing the home better, the outbuildings, wall in the entry of the house or at least use something to block it from view. Make the approach to the place more difficult with object positioned in the way of where a car could drive etc. Get a blank roster printed up for guard duty. Pre-combat checks for you military folks- Load extra mags, check batteries in NODs and flashlights, water in camelbaks or canteens cause you might get stuck in the position for a bit.
          1stMarine can help probably on suggestions with this stuff too.

    • You won’t regret it. Backyard chicken forum has good info and localized sections for your area if you need help or info

  • I am in a suburb of Los Angeles. The state and county are on lock-down. Restaurants are closing (some permanently? Can small family owned ones survive this?) or are operating on a pick-up or drive-thru method. If groceries and cleaning supplies are hard to come by for us peons, how are the restaurants and other businesses getting what they need to operate?

    The good in all of this: 1) The legendary traffic is minimal. Amazing… 2) Kids who need to study on-line may find that homeschooling gives them more hours in their day since they don’t have to put up with all of the time wasters and politics in public school. 3) People stuck at home will save money since they can’t go to their entertainment (at Disneyland it costs nearly $150 to pass the front gate), movies, and expensive restaurants. They may even learn how to cook.

    The bad: 1) Closed businesses will lay-off workers, many who are dependent on that paycheck to pay the expensive housing costs here. 2) The economy will take a beating – not good in an election year.

    The winners: 1) Big pharma. Now that we realize that 90% of our drugs come from less than sterile China, we need to bring that home. Also, with the fast-tracking of a corona vaccine, will shortcuts in the testing occur? What about testing for long-term side effects? 2) Mail order companies since people will shop from home.

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