Is the FBI Trying to Create a New Generation of “Hitler Youth” or What?

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation appears ready to create a new generation of Hitler Youth, turning family members against one another and asking citizens to be on the lookout for any relative, coworker, or friend who might be “mobilizing toward violence.”

Yep, I went there. Straight to Nazi-land in the very first sentence.

Check out this Tweet.

Welcome to the new Reich, I guess? Let’s take a look at the parallels.

Who are these “Hitler Youth” of whom I write?

If you snoozed through this history class in high school, during World War II, Adolf Hitler wanted to begin indoctrinating children into Nazi ideology at an early age. So, two groups were created: Hitler Youth for boys and for girls, The League of German Girls.

The US Holocaust Museum website raises these key points about the groups.

  1. Over the course of the 1930s, the Nazi state abolished all other youth groups in Germany.
  2. In 1939, more than 82% of eligible youth (age 10-18) belonged to the Hitler Youth or its female equivalent, the League of German Girls.
  3. While girls prepared for their futures as wives and mothers, boys participated in military training. In the last desperate months of the war, boys in their early teens were drawn into serving in the German civil defense and in the defensive militia called the Volkssturm (Home Guard).

A combination of peer pressure and coercion caused the groups to grow rapidly. Hitler Youth was modeled after its counterpart for grown-ups, the so-called Brown Shirts. By 1939, a new law required every German between the ages of 10 and 18 to join the group so they could Nazi-fy even more kids.

Beginning in 1933, the Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls had an important role to play in the new Nazi regime. Through these organizations, the Nazi regime planned to indoctrinate young people with Nazi ideology. This was part of the process of Nazifying German society. The aim of this process was to dismantle existing social structures and traditions. The Nazi youth groups were about imposing conformity. Youth throughout Germany wore the same uniforms, sang the same Nazi songs, and participated in similar activities.

One way the groups did this was to use the Hitler Youth movement to dominate the lives of Germany’s youth. Belonging to the organization was a significant time commitment. Hitler Youth members had to attend regular meetings and events. These interfered with other priorities, such as church and school.

This time commitment and regular exposure to Nazi ideology weakened the influence of parents, teachers, religious figures, and other voices of authority. (source)

You’ll probably be unsurprised to hear that the young people were encouraged to snitch on family members, churches, and teachers that were not supportive of Nazi ideology.


Meanwhile, ratting out your family members is praised on social media.

After the events at the Capitol on January 6th, people proudly announced they had snitched on family members and coworkers who they recognized from videos and photos of the event.

Teen Vogue praised Helena Duke, 18, for outing her own mother on Twitter during the investigations. Helena told the interviewer how awesome the response to her viral tweet was.

Overall, it has been really heartwarming, the support I’ve gotten from people all over the nation opening up their homes and telling me they’re welcoming me into their families. Obviously, there has been backlash from Trump supporters, but it’s been very minimal. The number of people who have been able to relate to this situation is insane. It’s just crazy to think so many of them are like, ‘You’ve inspired me’…because I’m just an 18-year-old girl. (source)

It’s certainly heartwarming to open your own mother up to potential criminal charges on Twitter. Way to go, Helena!

It’s also financially rewarding.

She’s not alone. Jackson Reffitt is another example of a teen who snitched on a family member. He contacted the FBI about his father before the event on January 6th but it’s unclear what the FBI did with that information.

Jackson Reffitt told investigators that his father returned home on January 8 and said he stormed the Capitol, then threatened his son and daughter not to turn him in.

Jackson Reffitt said his father told them, “If you turn me in, you’re a traitor, and you know what happens to traitors … traitors get shot.”

Guy Reffitt’s wife told investigators that he was a member of the Three Percenters, a far-right extremist group.

Jackson Reffitt told The Times he wasn’t staying at his family’s home but didn’t say where he was staying out of fear for his safety. He said his family learned from his CNN interview over the weekend that he had reported his father weeks before his arrest.

He also started a GoFundMe to help with his college fees. It had raised over $76,000 as of Sunday night. (source)

If Guy Reffitt threatened to shoot his kids, that’s obviously not cool and does not qualify him for father of the year. But Jackson has been rewarded with more than $150K at the time I wrote this article, which should pay for not only college, but therapy, too. Outing your own family apparently pays really freaking well. So it seems that now, snitches don’t get stitches, they get hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And who did Hitler Youth grow up to be?

So let’s go back in history again. What was the future of the Hitler Youth? Historically, the boys grew up to be “Brown Shirts” and the girls married them and raised Nazi babies, indoctrinated from the cradle.

Who were the Brown Shirts?

The SA — Sturmabteilung, meaning ‘assault division’ — also known as the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers, was a violent paramilitary group attached to the Nazi Party in pre-World War Two Germany.

The SA was instrumental in the Nazi’s rise to power yet played a diminished role during the Second World War. The Brownshirts are infamous for their operation outside of the law and their violent intimidation of Germany’s leftists and Jewish population…

…Hitler formed the SA in Munich in 1921, drawing membership from violent anti-leftist and anti-democratic former soldiers (including the Freikorps) in order to lend muscle to the young Nazi Party, using them like a private army to intimidate opponents. According to the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, the SA was ‘a group composed in large part of ruffians and bullies’…

…Speaking politics in public was potentially a dangerous matter at the time. Recognisable by their brown uniforms, similar to those of Mussolini’s Blackshirts, the SA functioned as a ‘security’ force at Nazi rallies and meetings, using threats and outright violence to secure votes and overcome Hitler’s political enemies. They also marched in Nazi rallies and intimidated political opponents by breaking up their meetings. (source)

Gee…that sounds sorta familiar. Kind of like Antifa. Who incidentally, calls the rest of us Nazis, has violent and destructive rallies, and strives to intimidate those with other opinions.

But what do I know? I’m just a humble libertarian blogger.

We are watching history repeat itself.

We all know that saying, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Well, it seems that some (cough – current administration – cough) know history and they’re taking notes so they can repeat it. Am I saying this is comparable to the Holocaust? Of course not. Not yet. But we’re on a very slippery slope right now and picking up speed to a place rife with suspicion, fear, and hatred. It’s like Selco said about the Balkans – as a lead-up to the war, people were manipulated, turned against one another, and bombarded with hate and fear.

It’s a dangerous time to be opinionated. You risk losing your income, your family (if they’ve been indoctrinated), and potentially your freedom. Holding an opposite political opinion is now considered domestic extremism. We’re encouraged to snitch on each other about darn near everything. We are threatened, blacklisted, and canceled.

Our country was born out of a revolution and a system of checks and balances. We’re witnessing what happens when those checks and balances are no longer working.

What are your thoughts on this? How do you feel about family, friends, and coworkers being urged to rat out the people in their lives who think differently? Do you see the historical parallels? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I work in a place that does not require the COVID shot, but never-the-less is 95% vaccinated. Those of us who aren’t are required to wear masks inside and out and submit to frequent COVID testing. I love the lingering stares from the un-masked which communicate disgust. It’s not much of a leap to go from disgusted to assuming other negative things and reporting to authorities. Let’s face it– a different kind of two-tier society has been created and it’s open season on the un-vaccinated, aided by none other than the FBI.

    • That’s just horrible! Talk about divide and conquer. I guess you can look at your situation several ways but in any case it is a very real example of just how far this COVID/mask debacle has gone. Slippery slope indeed!
      I wish you the best in your situation. Things will change, they always do but this time if the science is to be believed these folks who got the jabs and wear the masks may soon suffer serious health issues.
      Hold your ground. There are plenty of us out here although the PTB would have you believe that’s not so.

  • Guess snitches don’t get stitches anymore… The ones that trusted their government and wore the muzzle, and took the jab will not have to worry about employment because they won’t be around very much longer…

  • Many in my circle have seen the parallels and are concerned. 30-40 years ago we were taught in school about it and the evils of communism. I wish my son would let me homeschool my grandbabies to keep them out of the system. Instead I teach them what I can in the little time I get with them. You are so right when you say it’s a slippery slope!

    • If you read about the Fourth Turning they mention that kids generally have a better rapport with their grandparents than they do with their parents. That they tend to have more in common with their grandparents.

      I never thought about it until I read The Fourth Turning, but I did have a good rapport with my grandparents and I had more in common with them. I blame part of my prepping on my grandmother talking about living through the Grest Depression.

  • Daisy, as usual you have hit the nail squarely on the head. This is how Socialists and Communists–and now Democrat politicians sew disunity, discord and distrust. Our educational system has been subverted to propagandize the “evils” of capitalism and the “benefits” of Socialism. Our economy is being wrecked by the Fed’s reckless printing of trillions of bogus dollars, and serious inflation is already happening. The media, once the watchdog protecting our society from political corruption, has been brainwashed in becoming little more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic party.

    And now, this whole “snitch on those who aren’t vaccinated” and “who don’t think like you do” Hitler Youth movement will further divide us. I speak as one who is fully vaccinated. Vaccines spared my children from chicken pox, measles, and mumps that I had to suffer though as a child. Vaccines all but eradicated smallpox, polio, TB, and yellow fever, saving millions of lives. I also understand how Covid “vaccines” aren’t true vaccines, but rather are treatments to genetically modify our RNA to allow our bodies to better resist the disease. (I’m too old to be overly concerned about sterilization and population thinning conspiracy theories–and consider them the product of far right paranoia). I do not condemn those who don’t get vaccinated as it is and should be their choice. Respecting the rights of others to disagree with your position is what freedom is all about, and this current attempt to stifle dissent through censorship is anti-American.

    That said, all too soon our guns will be outlawed and/or our ammunition banned and our freedom will die, all under the guise of “protecting” us. Teachers apparently no longer teach the wise words of Benjamin Franklin who said “those who would surrender liberty for presumed safety will have neither.”

    I’m shocked you haven’t been banned from all social media for spreading the truth, and I thank you for continuing to do so.

  • I found your article way off base. The people that stormed the Capital to reverse the results of a free and fair election didn’t get ratted out because they had conflicting political views, they got ratted out because the acted out in criminal ways in response to the lies trumpanzi was telling them. Your party of law and order is the only political party to attempt to force the will of the minority on the majority. The people that came forward with info about their relatives did it out of loyalty to the country.

    • LOL…well, at least for now we still have the constitution which allows you your free speech and free thought. God Bless America and God Bless Patriots who will fight communism until our dying breath.

      • Sedition is not free speech. Storming a building, government or not, causing damage, AND assault is not free speech. Just as those who fought for the confederacy were traitors.

        • Sedition is a concept dreamt up by those who want others to buy into the notion that the “authority of the state” is legitimate. The “confederacy” consisted of people who didn’t want to be part of the culture who believed that it was acceptable for a concept called “The United States” to have control over their lives. Walking away from the U.S. would have been no big deal if Lincoln and his ilk were sane.

          • Sedition, not a “new” concept.
            sedition (n.)
            mid-14c., “rebellion, uprising, revolt, concerted attempt to overthrow civil authority”

            Article III, Section 3, Clause 1: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them.

            Confederates were seditious traitors who took up arms to kill their countrymen because they really wanted to keep enslaved people for profit.

            There, FTFY.

        • Unless you’re in one of the Democrat approved “protest groups”, in which case looting and burning buildings, including police stations and courthouses, destroying municipal statues and parks because you don’t like the person they’re dedicated to, beating people because they’re a different race or political party, invading and disrupting government proceedings….all that is not only perfectly acceptable but to be encouraged because….Trump! Whites are all racist monsters! Reparations! Equality! But only for the vaccinated!
          Honestly, how hypocritical.

    • You really need a come to Jesus moment. Truly. Trump wasnt a nazi, either. He wasnt out there censoring people, the Communist Democrat party is.

      You really are blind. Taking selfies in the capital which is the peoples capital is not an insurrection. Other countries make fun of us because they saw the real event and laugh. It was a walkthrough of disgruntled. But, disgruntled only seem to matter if one is a communist Leftist.

      I am praying that the light of Jesus Christ will open your eyes and set you free from the delusion of satan.

      • Jesus is not god. Jesus was gods messenger, jesus was also called a messiah by god.
        There is only one god. God has no son or daughter. There is nothing comparable to God.

        He made the skies and the earth and everything in between. He made you and me. He made moses, abraham, your parents and everyone. To god we all belong and to god we all return.
        Saying god has a son is a major crime against god. God and his angels do not like that. I am only bringing to you the message. Whether you believe or not is your choice. Either Read the bible and associate to partners to god. Or read the quran. All is from god.

    • So, Texas Democrats obstructing official state proceedings are labeled heroes while January 6thers who obstructed official federal proceedings are labeled insurrectionists? See how the media and Democrats play us? Two different sets of standards. Always.

    • Weelll, Berked breath….
      Im the one accused of MURDERING Capitol Police Officer Brien Sindnick!!! Which is WEIRD cause Officer Sindnick LIVED to see 1-7-2021!!!
      But HEY! WHAT do i know? Im just one of those HORRIBLE DEPLORABLES! R I G H T ???

      81 Union Street #6 Rockland, Maine

      Better HURRY UP! Apparently there IS a REWARD for my BUTT……….DEAD OR ALIVE.

    • Seems to me your statement just made this article even more true and to the point. Which one are you? Brown shirt, snitch, activist, troll, spy, a plant, an influencer, propagandist, ir a rat??? You have drank the cool aid and are now spewing the communist talking points and propaganda. You might want to read and educate yourself about the real history and learn what insurrection really means. You have been swindled and lead down the wrong road.

  • What kills me is that about half of those indicators apply the most to antifks, blm-marxist, etc. But it will be used only against the perceived right.

    Download this crap, look at what our government is doing. It’s Horrifying.

    If you even LOOK at sites they consider extremist, you are classified as a potential threat. I dread to guess what they think is extremist. NRA sites? Fox news? This site?

    Selco and others suggest being the gray man. Now, more so than ever.

  • In the USA,the FBI entraps stupid people,conspires with and goads them commit heinous crimes.The FBI then arrests and has those people they entrapped prosecuted and act like they,(the FBI) are the good guys that saved the day.The CIA does the same,but in foreign countries.The NSA who cannot themselves spy on U.S. citizens,uses foreign spy agencies to spy on U.S. citizens.Many of the three letter agencies in the USA are criminal organizations.They are usurpers of The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights.

  • I debated commenting with myself, and I’ve decided to carefully reply. I agree Daisy, we’re witnessing history repeat itself (it always does).

    What can we do about it? I leave you with these words written 245 years ago. In my humble opinion, the most important words ever written.
    “But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such government, and establish New Guards for their future security.”

    We the People are the government’s masters. Therefore it is up to We the People to effect change.
    If our elections are truly rigged, then we may have to influence the change by other means.
    People should not fear their government. The government should fear the people.

    • What can we do about it? A reminder: “Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves.” Herbert Marcuse
      You may want to stop acting like a slave.
      In a stateless society there is no possibility that socialism can be imposed, there is no possibility that mass migration can be imposed, there is no possibility that national debts can be imposed, there is no possibility that the “war on drugs” can be imposed, there is no possibility that invasive and destructive foreign wars can be imposed, there is no possibility that nation building or empire building can be imposed, there is no possibility that government “education” can be imposed. A free society is a society without a state. A state is the violation of the non-aggression principle. When you universalize the non-aggression principle it’s the greatest quantum leap forward in human society, flourishing, and morality that could possibly be conceived of. It would be even greater than the end of slavery which would be the closest equivalent that happened in history. As long as you have a government, the government will buy votes by promising the “citizenry” security in exchange for liberty. So people will get liberty and security at the same time by passing the debt for their security on to the next generation, in the same way that the first woman to get an old age “pension” paid around 45 cents in taxes and got 10s of thousands of dollars in return. She didn’t pay for that, illustrating the government’s promise of security and liberty while not raising taxes enough to fund the security. That’s where the national debt comes from. The national debt is there to create the illusion that you can have security and liberty at the same time. By security I mean the government paying for accidents or mistakes that you didn’t plan for, get insurance for, or deal with. Unfortunately mankind hasn’t learned the lesson of a quarter billion people slaughtered by governments outside of war in the 20th century. Now it looks like we’re going to have to learn that lesson the hard way.

  • Daisy,

    To answer your question, yes.

    “The call for snitches comes as the FBI turns its surveillance powers on regular Americans”

    The 3rd stage of tyranny..

    “Tyranny In Stages.

    A tyranny does not just ‘happen’. It evolves in stages.

    First, the people are dumbed-down and stripped of individualism by the state and their proxies and accomplices in the school systems, the media, and social programs and policies which breed dependence – enabling the easy manipulation of the people at large by their ‘shaped’ thought processes, their dependence and their subsequent lack of clear judgement and critical thinking.

    Second, the state identifies those who are not complying to the dumbing-down process – those who remain independent and critical self-thinkers who ‘dare’ to speak out, who organize, and who question the state. Lists are created. A police state develops.

    Third, the state through it’s media and propaganda proxies – publicize, demonize, label, and penalize those who engage in anti-government anti-state thoughts, speech, or behaviour so that the public at large will be deterred or feel threatened – silenced in effect.

    Fourth, the state takes forceful action, prosecution and incarceration against those who are resisting the tyranny.”

    Thanks for your article.


  • Get rid of your smartphone and buy a flip phone.
    If you can’t or won’t, purchase a Faraday cage for your phone when it is not in use.

  • prevent homegrown violent extremism?…….seems like we are already there….and no, if my family, friends etc were headed in that direction, I wouldnt report them, I wouldnt pay any attention, they are my family/friends and all I have! this situation has gotten way outa hand, gone too far, and needs to be stopped NOW!!!! we need to band together, not snitch on each other, to defeat these homegrown/domestic terrorists among us! tired of all this mess……

  • People never believe it can happen to them. They think they won’t be duped like other people have been, they won’t support something so evil as what the Nazi supporters did, etc.

    They always think they’re smarter than those who came before when this is NOT the case.

  • Maybe I should have my daughter rat me out for something, I don’t know what, so she can post a gofundme and pay for her master’s degree.

  • You know what the La-Cosa-Nostra does to informants or snitches. They take them out. They don’t question, they just tell the stupid fool that he stepped over the line, BANG !!!

    If any family member rats you out to the state for anything, they need to be informed that they may have forfeited their lives believing erroneously that doing so will have gained them the enmity of their families. If you fail to take action, they will feel embolden and that we cannot have.

    If you are a left leaning Zealot and your children rat out their neighbors, your children may not live past their next birthday. We are at war my friends and every step they take to try and control us, we need to counter with like.

  • I realize that you’re talking about people who are “mobilizing towards violence”.
    It occurs to me that one side effect of this process would be to use red flag laws to disarm people no matter how innocent they are by falsely reporting them.

  • In the 1960s, I worked with two Germans who were Hitler Youth. They said that while not compulsory, parents were considered suspicious if their children did not attend. The only permissible excuse for not attending, other than illness, was religious obligations. They likened the activities to Boy Scouts.
    As for the SA and the Brown shirts. As in Italy (and Britain), the NSDAP parade marches were often attacked by Communists (Antifa). The coloured shirts were a way of identifying friend from foe in the street fights. While the NSDAP doctrine would not be my political choice, it is important to put things in context. Communists disrupted the German war effort during WWI. The internal strife led to the Armistice based on Wilson’s 14 Points. Jews were disproportionately represented among the communists. In November 1918, Jews (communists) had seized control of the following states; Hirsch, (Haase and Herzfeld. Prussia), Eisner (Bavaria), Lipinsky and Gradnauer (Saxony), Heymann (Wurttemberg) and Haas (Baden). The Government of the Revolution included among others, Haase, Cohn, Herzfeld, Schiffer, Bernstein, Cahen and Preuss. The latter was given the task of drawing up the new German Constitution. The Freikorps were the counter revolutionaries to the communists. The German Communist Party (KDP) was a major political party post WWI, consistently among the top 4 parties. The NSDAP were primarily anti-Communist. If Hindus had represented as many of the communist leadership rather than Jews, the Hindus would have been a “target”.
    As for the NSDAP being “undemocratic”, you need to read more about the Nuremberg rallies. It was a ground up exercise in understanding what was happening, and whether policies were actually working for the benefit of the people.
    I see nothing comparable in the US. The political class is overwhelmingly corrupt, and are a virtual uni-party only serving the interest of corporations. There is no party in any “Western liberal democracy” interested in an “economy that meets the needs of the people, not the people meeting the needs of the economy”. The philoSemites Roosevelt and Churchill made sure of that.

  • Ms. Luther, I am not sure where the propaganda ends and the truth begins regarding Hitler and Germany between 1933 and 1945. What I do know is this:
    Hitler said he was fighting a pack of freemasons, which in higtheher degrees knowingly worship Lucifer.
    Germany suffered moral degradation and perversion from outside sources after World War 1…..Hitler put a stop to that, which also expelling well-known degenerates like Marlene Dietrich.
    Hitler disentangled the German banks from the Central Banking System.
    JUDEA declared war on Germany as soon as Hitler took power… your own search and find the newspaper headlines to see for yourself.
    Coincidently, the Jewish Brigade sent by the U.S., named the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” was sent to Spain in 1936-37 to fight on the side of the COMMUNISTS/REPUBLICANS against the loyalists/nationalists/Catholics of Franco’s Spain.

    I’m reading the purportedly best book I could find on Hitler and so far it doesn’t reveal anything really useful…..just the same old regurgitated spin ……..yeah, Hitler was a weak/lapsed Catholic, and yes he seemed to have his quirks, after some fairly good research it seems clear that the ovens were for cremation of dead bodies, not for disposal of Jews, there were no gas chambers, as Dachau officials have declared as much, and yes, Zyklon-B was used, but for delousing, in which delousing is a common practice for armies that take prisoners, and the number “6 million” was popping up even 15 years before Hitler ever came to power…….and world population stats before and after World War II do not indicate a major change in Jewish world population.
    I’m not worried about Hilter youth re-emerging…..I’m worried about the Mao/Stalin youth-variety re-emerging……

  • The checks and balances work fine as they were created to work. But they were created to be used by men of moral character who understood the fallen nature of mankind and feared God. And they could be trusted to safeguard their original intent morally and under religious peer pressure.

    But now with the advent of socialist theory as set forth by the Gramsci(?) school of immoral men and their socialist march through the institutions of Democracy including the Theological institutions (who have committed treason against the God and Savior they pretend to represent). The whole American culture has been turned upside down with the resulting consequences we see and experience daily to our great consternation.

    As for our children and the Governments intentions in corrupting their loyalty toward and love of country and family and like items such as demonic infanticide and rampant sodomy. These are a clear crossing of our American Rubicon and unforgivable and I mean unforgivable.

    Many good men in our society are looking for that one man that always seems to appear in times of historical crisis to slam down a fist and roar out “Enough” and give the call to arms. They must resist their impatience and wait for God’s perfect timing as He perfects His wrath and then pours it into His man.

    Our enemies are elated with their pseudo victories and assume that the demise of American Republican Democracy with its Christianity is in it’s death throes because we don’t act like them. But they don’t understand that because our patriots who are God fearing civilized men who fully understand the chaos and ruin that a civil war will inflict upon our beautiful land are staying their rage with a massive effort. Put another way; Just War demands that all avenues of recourse be fully explored for the sake of peace.

    But that rage will not be contained much longer because these self-righteous fools know no limits to their outrages and the unintended consequences they will reap.

    Yes they are guilty but so are we that hate what they are doing. They are guilty because of their demonic hatred of what was created to give mankind the good life within moral limitations. But we are guilty for loving our pleasures more that our duties toward God and civilization. We didn’t want the conflict that resisting them to the nth degree would have brought into our lives even momentarily. Even if it meant rebellion against God and good sense.

    So now they will bleed because we did not hold them in check in our ruminations of equality and civilized conduct. And we will bleed to save our world from the demonic savages our pleasures and fear have set upon us.

  • Through these organizations, the Nazi regime planned to indoctrinate young people with Nazi ideology. This was part of the process of Nazifying German society. The aim of this process was to dismantle existing social structures and traditions. The Nazi youth groups were about imposing conformity.

    Bull- crap, these youth organizations were all about instilling Nation Pride in
    their country and heritage. They were not a network of junior spies.
    They were being trained to fight and die for their country.

    How do I know, because my Grandfather was a member of the Hitler-Jugend and
    up to his dying days remarked how history was being rewritten in real time and
    how naïve the people of this country have become.

    By the way, you will never find one recorded speech, one film reel, printed
    article or war report given by any German service member or politician using
    the word, “Nazi”. They referred to themselves as National Socialists.

    The term “Nazi” was presented to the world by the Druid, Winston Churchill.
    It’s an old Bavarian “slant” word for country bumkin.

    They who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

    How is that working out

  • Daisy,

    To answer your question, yes.

    I’d call them “Vazi’s”…experimental vaccine pushing, cultural Marxists.

    And if someone is falsely reported out of spite or vengeance? Will the “reported” be guilty until proven innocent? Who decides? Will the accusers be identified?

    My post from earlier today never appeared, by the way… Am I being censored?

    Thanks for your article, Daisy.


  • Maybe we can “return the favor’ and report all of the REAL Nazis.
    Anonymously, of course.
    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head.
    They may not follow up, but it would put a kink in the machine.
    (Of course this is just a thought exorcize).

  • It’s amazing what FIB (the grammatically correct way) has become. But like the IRS and almost every alphabet agency of the Feral government they are NOT constitutional.

    Hope this explains their behavior.

  • “While girls prepared for their futures as wives and mothers” – that sounds exactly like what the US religious “right” is trying to force down our throats.

    Money rules, pure and simple. Back in the early 80s (yes during the vaunted raygun years), we had a murdering thief on the loose. One of our family members was killed during a robbery. When the reward money got high enough, the perp’s father (he wasn’t going to win any parenting awards) turned him in. Sad that it took x amount of money but having the perp off the street was worth every penny. Load off my mind as I worked nights in the area where most of his crimes were committed.

    Reward money isn’t always a bad thing. Heck texasistan passed a law that gets you $10K for snitching – state approved though likely unconstitutional in texasistan.

    • Selena, your hate-filled rants are not appreciated. They are hate-filled because they are false. The ‘US religious “right”’ prefers it that people like you don’t have children, so you don’t pass you hate on to the next generation. The only people who make false claims as you do are on the loony left.

      The ‘US religious “right”’ extols the blessings of parenthood for those who want to be parents. But not everyone is fit to be a parent and it is better that those who aren’t fit should have no children. Apparently you are one of those not fit.

      The comments on this site are supposed to air helpful hints and build people up, not make political attacks and tear people down with false accusations.

      • lol… your reply tells all what s/he probably already suspected.

        “The comments on this site are supposed to air helpful hints and build people up, not make political attacks and tear people down with false accusations.” Hints like the virus is a hoax?

        The ‘religious right’ does not extol the blessings of parenthood. If it did, all children in the US would have ample food, shelter, medical/dental/vision, safe drinking water (Flint MI anyone?), proper sewage handling, safe place to play etc. The ‘religious right’ crawled into bed with a certain political party – a party to whom money is the most important matter.

    • GB the answer is yes. The requested action of spying is not limited to political party lines. It’s a tool used by ALL sides.

      Now the upsetting part to most:
      Even websites use “snitching” just look for the “report” button. Sometimes it’s a computer that puts your comment in a pending moderation que for possible bad things.
      Most workforce’s use it as well. School employees use it and even churches. Most parents use it with siblings.

      In some cases things need to be said. If an employee is embezzling and it’ll destroy your job then yeah you should speak up.

      If a kid says he’s gonna kill everyone at the school tomorrow as he’s loading mags then yeah you should say something.

      If a priest is bragging about raping a kid then yup you should say something at a minimum.

      The request from the FBI was IMO made in sincerity not wanting anything and everything reported but serious bodily harm and murder being priority. But it didn’t take long to spiral and watch this divided nation start snitching everything about everyone off. The division is key and people are seriously hating on each other based on race, sexual orientation, identity, religion, geographic location, music and anything else that a wedge can be driven proving one is superior or forcing agendas.

      I definitely understand the flip side of the coin where it’s misused for political gain, power over others and wielded like a sword against the populace to make us fear speaking out or acting appropriately against regime like actions.

      • You make some very good points, Matt, and I think that you’re absolutely right about the reason this has gone sideways. A lot of it is the social reward for those who hold the “correct” point of view and who are validated for their “virtue” in snitching on a family member or friend. I think most of us here would agree with the three examples you gave.

  • 1) I do not believe anything the Holohoax Museum says about anything.
    2) What little I have seen about the Hitler Youth that is non-biased history shows them to be nice young men and women.
    3) When I lived in New Jersey there was a news story about an older male elementary school teacher who was from Germany but lived in U.S. all of his adult life. When some students found out he was in the Hitler Youth as a boy they asked him what it was like. He said as best he could recall they did things like go camping, shoot archery, play sports. He was immediately fired. Don’t know if he got his job back or not.
    4) You are a spreader of false history but you have every right to .

  • “The Good Germans” just came out in June, an amazingly researched book featuring 6 individuals and their coping with the regime from 1933 til the end of the war. Insight into the reasoning behind lack or action or all the small and great actions done to deal with a wicked generation of average people rising to power and abuse because they went along.

  • I thought long and hard about writing a response here, but I came to the inescapable conclusion that silence is approval, so be forewarned.
    I am appalled by the number of Nazi sympathizers that have felt emboldened to espouse their hate-filled anti-Semitic agenda on this forum. Of course your grandpa (or whatever relative you are claiming to have had in the Hitler Youth or other part of the Nazi regime) is going to say that it was a benign social organization. “We were like the Boy Scouts”…only with points for snitching on neighbors, family members and total strangers alike for “crimes” like being “suspected subversives” and “secret Jews”.
    Regardless of the Nazi lies that are being perpetuated by these individuals, the documents kept by the Nazi regime itself prove that millions of people were murdered in the concentration camps for no other reasons than their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or the simple fact that they disagreed with the government. No Jewish conspiracy to discredit the misunderstood genius of Hitler and his minions. No “Holo-hoax”. Simply good Nazi bookkeeping records. Damned out of their own mouths.
    When you see pictures taken by American soldiers who went and liberated these camps, you know that there is no way the Allies could have faked the numbers or exaggerated them. The Americans found railroad boxcars, which are roughly the same size as a tractor trailer, stuffed with used baby shoes from infant victims. Other cars were found filled with nothing but wedding rings.
    Each ring, each pair of shoes represented a human life ended for no reason other than the fact that they were unapologetically different in a political regime that depended upon the uniformity of its subjects in order to survive.
    Without conformity, a Nazi type regime cannot survive the scrutiny by its opponents that exposes the lies and inconsistencies that form the basis of its power.
    The lies that the regime tells itself to justify the horrible treatment of other human beings, because otherwise it must question its own humanity or the loss thereof.
    You people loved your relatives, and maybe they had been coerced into turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed under their noses, or at least being too terrified to speak out against it. Understandable… nobody wants to wind up going to the camps themselves for a bunch of strangers who aren’t going to benefit anyway.
    But please stop trying to justify murder. Murder for profit, murder for political expediency, murder in the name of ideological superiority is still murder and should not be whitewashed into something more palatable in order to salve guilty consciences.

    • Ideas have consequences.

      For generations Germans had been taught that they were a superior people. Then in the 1870s the teaching came out that reason they were superior was because they were a higher evolved race. Part of being a higher evolved race meant that they should eliminate the lesser evolved races. From 1905–1908, under the Kaiser, they tried to kill off the “lesser evolved races” (blacks) in their colony in Namibia.

      During World War II those “lesser evolved races” included Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and those Germans who were “intellectually challenged” enough that they still believed the Bible. So taking a page out of their past in Namibia but with newer technology and efficiency, sought to purify the race. The logic was clear—the lesser evolved races were a drag on the species—therefore they should be eliminated.

      Many of the “good” Germans didn’t want to know, because knowing was dangerous. They had been disarmed so they had no effective means to fight against the state. Yet at the same time most of them had imbibed the same ideas that animated the elites in their murders. They had been disarmed not only of their guns, but also mentally. They had become like Sargent Schulz in Hogan’s Heroes: “I see nossink.”

      Ideas have consequences. The reason that we think that mass murder is wrong is because we grew up in a society that taught that murder is wrong. Historically, that idea was connected to the early European settlers who mostly Protestant Christians. Of course there were exceptions, so mostly. But other belief systems have no problem with mass murder. And now, in our present society, where only about one in twenty is still connected to the ideas that founded this nation, we see more and more of the ideas that animated Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and other mass murderers coming up.

      Ideas have consequences.

    • My great-uncle saw Dachau first hand while serving in WWII. And also witnessed Nazis that were hanged for their crimes. I have no use for Holocaust deniers, Nazi sympathizers or what I called today’s version – white supremacists. Who I also deem misogynists.
      M.K. Outre` thanks for your post. The site might stand a chance of getting off the misinformation list.

      • My husband’s grandfather also saw the camps, the ovens and the skeletal prisoners. He also had a story about some dumb Nazi officers that tried to hide in one of those ovens. They were given the same treatment they gave the Jews.

      • I must admit, I don’t often agree with your viewpoint, but in this I wholeheartedly agree.
        The rise in anti-Semitism worldwide and in the US especially is profoundly disturbing. Anytime hate crimes are ignored or downplayed by the government and media and condoned, even by silence, by society at large, it should be a cause for concern. All people of good conscience should question whether a scapegoat is being sought and for what nefarious purposes.
        It should also be a red flag to all of us that we are about to lose our civil liberties, our right to due process, our freedoms under the law, and potentially our liberty and our very lives.
        Targeting any group because of their being “other” and treating them as inferior should not be tolerated.

        Because, friends, where will it stop? And will you be lucky enough to be one of those who are not singled out?

  • “Gee…that sounds sorta familiar. Kind of like Antifa.”
    Antifa existed in 1930’s Germany. They were fighting the Nazis.
    Note the first sentence: “Started by members of the Communist Party.”
    What we need now is a contemporary Sturmabteilung, but, inevitably, nine out of every ten members would be FBI agents, and its leader would be black, like the Proud Boys.

  • I’m sorry but you are actually referring to ‘The All-Union Pioneer Organization’ , named after V. I. Lenin, and abbreviated as the ‘Young Pioneers’. They would grow up and be good (((Bosheviks))) and participate in the genocide of 50 million Slavic and European people and the millions sent to the Gulags. And their Stasi off-shoot were almost as bad…. Oh, but those Nazis huh ?
    Low hanging fruit is always safest, aye ? …. Wouldn’t want to anger those (((Bleeps))).

  • My thoughts on this are that this is disturbing as hell. I am retired US military and although I believed in the mission in the 80s in containing the Soviet Union I lost confidence my the end of my career when it seemed that the military would do anything EXCEPT protect our border, and my confidence in all things Federal government has gone way down.

    I have an interesting side note about the HY. My dad was born in Berlin in 1928 and grew up in the ACTUAL Hitler Youth. Mandatory from age 10 or so and then later (1943) turned his whole boarding “high school” into an anti-aircraft unit. He literally would go from operating flak guns against a massive 1000 bomber raid and then have to go back to Calculus class. They were quite demanding. Then after two years of that he was thrown into the battle of Berlin at 17 with a rifle he says “looks like it came out of a WW1 museum.” His dad also died in the war in April of 1945. WW2 was total doomsday for my dad…which is why he ended up in the USA in the 50s as even then “it looked like there was no future in Germany”. All this and he had a Polish mom and they spoke Polish at home (family was from Pozen originally) which did not help with the Identify Politics of the time.

    If my dad was still around he would be extremely creeped out by this FBI family snitching tactic. He of course was well versed on not just National Socialist tactics but those of the Soviet Block countries (including Stazi). My dad said years ago that that he liked the USA but that too many Americans walked around in a “blissful ignorance”. The situation has not gotten better since he passed away.

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