Burgeoning Winter Deaths in Wales Blamed on Climate Change, Failed Flu Shots – But Here’s Why People Are REALLY Dying

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Winter-related deaths in Wales – called excess winter deaths – almost doubled in just one year. Could the same thing happen in the United States?

Experts are blaming a couple things for this unfortunate phenomenon but are they really just pushing an agenda? And, what is the “elephant in the room” that the media is clearly ignoring?

Excess winter deaths in Wales

“Excess winter death” numbers are the ratio of deaths from the months of December through March with the idea that they are attributed to winter. It’s a term I see more in European reports than in North America.

BBC recently reported:

Excess winter deaths in Wales almost doubled in 2017-18 – rising from 1,850 the year before to 3,400.

Public health experts said adverse weather and influenza were to blame for the increase, hitting older people in particular.

Experts said it was the highest number of excess deaths since the winter of 1975.

But officials said spikes in winter deaths were not uncommon – with eight peaks over the past 40 years.

Across England and Wales, there were 50,100 excess deaths last winter.

However, this is half the number of excess deaths recorded in the winter of 1950 – when there were 106,400 extra winter deaths. (source)

Keep in mind that the 2010s, 1970s, and 1950s ALL have something in common as it relates to winter deaths, but it’s not necessarily climate change or influenza.

The elephant in the room – Why People Are Dying

Unfortunately, the increase of deaths during winter months has been politicized and exploited for two major agendas: pro-vaccine pushing and climate change fanatics.

The loud cries of these frenetic and urgent agendas snuff out the cries of those who need help in the winter.

The simple reason being…

People cannot afford to provide heat for themselves!

Shelter is one thing, but it can only reduce exposure from the elements so much. Whether a vulnerable person dies through sickness or extreme temperature, these deaths may have been indirectly caused by the inability to pay energy costs.

In fact, this old report from The Guardian nails it.

It came out when UK excess winter deaths rose by a third in 2012-2013. The emphasis was on poverty and the inability to provide heat.

Perhaps that report came out before climate change bullying reached a fever pitch.

1950 was the worst year for excess winter deaths

As the BBC report pointed out, the winter of 1950 was among the worst for excess deaths.

According to Economics Help, national debt, austerity, and rationing were peaking during that time.

Source: EconomicsHelp.org

Interestingly, the graphs provided by Economics Help show a correlation between national debt and the rise of winter deaths. Correlation does not equal causation nor does national debt necessarily mean abject poverty for everyone. It’s just an informational puzzle piece to gain context for what was going on at the time.

2010 saw economic changes – and excess winter deaths

And here, we see the same pattern where the economic changes match the rise of excess winter deaths in the 2010s.

Source: EconomicsHelp.org

I’m just speculating, but the 1950s graph could be a sign that in an effort to tackle debt, perhaps many government programs were cut or bursting at the seams, or taxes spiked dramatically and thus, it could have been a very hard winter when national debt in the UK was at its highest. Employment was reportedly starting to go back up in 1950 but there are other reasons why times were still difficult.

1975 was also a record time for excess winter deaths.

The BBC noted that 1975 was also a record time for excess winter deaths. Again, check out these graphs showing the inflation and economic instability right at that time:

Source: EconomicsHelp.org
Source: EconomicsHelp.org

Do you see a pattern??

Dear UK readers – please feel free to chime in about this topic since I’m looking at it from the outside.

I’m just pointing these things out, however, to show that there is more depth to the problem of winter deaths than the broad brush of “climate change did it!”

The media is reporting that climate change will continue to take more lives in the future, but…

“Climate Change” is not a roving murderer…

Times are a-changin’ all right, but not necessarily because of the climate…

It is radically changing job landscapes, unemployment, economic hardship, evaporating pensions, anti-woodstove laws and exorbitant energy costs that are fueling these unnecessary and tragic deaths. I’m assuming taxes are burdensome, too.

So it’s a little frustrating when I see reports blaming the inanimate climate change for causing deaths or “failed flu jabs” when readers may see a pattern if they look at the post-War economy and rising winter deaths.

It is a shame that many elderly people are shivering in unheated houses and unsurprisingly wind up with pneumonia.

Pneumonia, by the way, is the main reason for puffed up flu death numbers in the United States. Check out our report where we thoroughly debunked the claims that 80,000 Americans died from the flu. The UK government notes that pneumonia is among the largest contributor to excess winter deaths.

But, an undernourished immune system of someone who can’t even keep warm under the blankets is honestly an emergency survival situation that many people live through every day.

This is a long way to go just to say that it would seem that the government is fully aware of the rise in cold weather-related deaths during times when economic hardship and energy costs are obscenely high.

Preventing Winter-Related Death, The Prepper’s Way

First, make sure you have a winter bug-out bag in your vehicle at all times. Make sure it includes supplies for the possibility of being stuck inside your vehicle as well. Always carry spare socks and if you’re spending extended periods outdoors, some toe warmers.

Additionally, take every measure possible to remain warm inside the house. Similar to the UK, energy prices in the U.S. and Canada are unbearable. So it’s almost impossible to have the heat on at a comfortable level, yet there are other things to do to remain warm. Flannel lined jeans, thermal wear, leggings, doubling up on socks and fingerless gloves are all options that I have frequently utilized. Here are some more ideas for staying warm with less heat.

I don’t take the same chances I did in my 20s. It may sound insignificant but I blow dry my washed hair in the winter no matter what time of day and I even change my socks to keep dampness from setting in. I actually only wash my hair 1/2 or 1/3 as much as in the summer. But I do wash my hands like a fiend and as a result, I keep the flu at bay.

Be sure to check out these rockin’ Flu Preventatives and Flu Remedies and stay tuned for more winter survival help!

What do you think of the excess winter deaths in Wales?

Do you see it happening in the U.S.? Why do you think winter deaths aren’t as emphasized in the U.S. as they are in Wales? Sound off below and tell us how you are staying warm!

Meadow Clark

Meadow Clark

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  • The word is that last winter there was more chemtrail spraying which included a flu virus. Also, the US had more deaths from the flu last winter and more people had got the flu vaccine. Every year the vaccine doesn’t take care of what flu virus is around. I think that is done be design. Climate changes all the time. Beside, God put a curse on the earth when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden.
    Shame on Wales for letting their people suffer like this. God is watching.

  • Hi, I live in Clearwater, Florida and it has been a struggle to keep my home warm enough for some cold weeks in the last few months. I can’t imagine what it’s like in “cold’ country. I did cut my power costs in half by running overhead fans constantly during the warmer weather though. PS I will get my first flu shot when I am found to be dangerously mercury deficient! LOL!

  • YOU can’t take care of your country, when every dime you can steal from the people is spent on welfare and war,the people suffer and have NO help coming,This is a western thing,BOMB AND DESTROY is all the DEVILS in the government want….THE bastards will spend all their taxes till their broke,then the people raise up,kill all their leaders and start over again,ITS HOUSE CLEANING TIME in every country with a military……

    • Arizona, you post your raging and hateful comments everywhere. And people everywhere are sick and tired of you. Take your angry rants elsewhere. Hopefully, some day soon, you will be no more.

      • I don’t know what Arizona does ‘everywhere’ but this comment was no more and no less than the truth. If you doubt that, learn some history. Tyrants never ever learn. Worse, they proliferate: get rid of one or two and there are more to take their places, over and over again through centuries and millennia. Arizona may as well have said ‘water is wet.’ It’s just a fact, nothing to overreact about. Survival through hard times is not for those too squeamish to take an honest assessment of the world they live in.

        • I did not state that it is inaccurate that gov. Is a tyrant or anything else. The point I was making is that ARIZONA IS FILLED WITH HATE AND EVERYWHERE HE POSTS COMMENTS THEY ARE ALWAYS THE SAME……..PURE AND UNADULTERATED EVIL HATE.
          People on other sites are sick and tired of him……..and rightly so. He is like the sick and demented hate spewing crazy man you see in movies…….bordering on mentally ill.

          You seem to be able to comment and make a point without the hate filled vitriol that is Arizona’s and his is equivalent to someone who craps their pants in a room full of civilized people every chance he gets…….and then makes everyone else in the room put up with his stinking shit.



            So, you worked with politicians?

      • Mary, you can speak only for yourself plus anyone who has explicitly authorized you to speak for them on a given occasion or topic. Your do NOT speak for “people everywhere.” Your words betray a haughty arrogance which is not becoming for a lady. By all means, speak your truth and advocate for those who have duly authorized you so to do. Tend your own garden, lady Mary.

        • Hey Sandy, when I need your ” motherly, condescending arrigance I will ask for it. Until then….STUFF IT.
          I am vert well aware of Arizona’s mental health issues as it was my profession. He is a sick and twisted raging fool. He needs serious mental helth intervention.
          If you are unable to see that fact, but feel the need to “” butt in to this issue” , then I might suggest that you also seek some professional help…….your kind is readily diagnosed also.

  • OMG – another chemtrail wing-nut. How do you explain CONTRAILS in WWII ? Hint: all engine exhaust contains water vapor that when released at minus 30 degrees and low air pressure, freezes into ice crystals. = contrails


    • Hey Dave, you must not pay attention very well. The feds are openly talking about ” geoengineering, aka chemtrails”. Sorry, laddie, but your mockery just showed your ignorance.

  • Just a couple of suggestions for staying toasty warm and dry without all the bulk……….MERINO WOOL.
    I have found that merino wool is a God-send for keeping warm. It is light weight and that translates to no bulk. I have steadily purchased as much merino wool clothing as my budget allows, and now I have a substantial stash of it. I have winter hats and gloves, scarfs baclavas, and socks and sweaters, shirts and long underwear………and jackets.
    Merino wool is a MUST HAVE for everyone who could potentially face cold weather.
    Merino wool socks also totally prevent your feet from becoming sweaty and damp. They are the ONLY socks I wear now.
    As well, having “expedition weight” polar fleece clothing is a must have.
    You can find the above at many good sporting good stores, or sportsmans stores, and even second hand and salvation army stores.
    If people simply knew about how to dress to keep toasty warm, and where to buy affordable and even ” dirt cheap” used merino wool clothing, they would not die from living in underheated homes……and, they could be toasty warm.

    • Wool is a great insulator, and it won’t burn, either. So smart of you to stock up before it’s widely recognized as the survival textile to have. I’m wondering though, how do those merino wool baclavas taste? Are they chewy? 🙂

  • Climates change. It’s NORMAL. Weather changes. It’s NORMAL. Man could not possibly affect the global climate more than a teeny tiny amount, since the planet heals on it’s own. God made it that way. Deal with it and stop whining and making things up.

  • Yes I am aware of chemtrails and the fact that Bill Gates wants to block out the sun next year, but if you were in school back in the 50’s and 60’s there was a discussion that we are heading back into a mini ice age. History shows that we are overdue for one. I live in West Texas and the prediction was we would have weather like Kansas. I keep warm by a dragon heater. It does not heat the whole house, but the room that I am in. I like it because it uses branches and not logs. I use a lot of mulch I get free from the county Roads and Bridges. It works like a massive masonry oven. I spent extra for a small oven with it to cook or heat food. I also sleep with feather blankets that keep me very warm under the covers.

    My husbands’ son complained all summer how they had no “summer” it was constantly cold in Germany. Plus there is a drought going on. Nice way of saying the crops failed. I see how much of the crops failed in California due to weather and fires. Now their water board is cutting off water to the farmers. Florida is another area with crop failures due to weather. Not to mention all the recalls. Look for food prices to go up a lot more. Up in North Texas the weather has been too cold during planting season, plus a drought for the last two years. Starvation is going to be a problem besides cold weather. I have a small green house, but it is not enough to feed a family. I use my outside garden for that.

    • There are several YT channels that have good info. Re. The upcoming cold spell, or grand solar minimum…….LEAK PROJECT and ADAPT 2030 are quite good. There is another channel too and it might be ” ice age farmer” or something like that. I also listen to all the YT videos where John L Casey is presenting information regarding the impact of sunspots on climate.

      It is my assessment that indeed we are entering a peripd of rapid and significant planetary cooling and the fact that our sun has gone quiet would support that. Whenever our climate cycles from a warming peripd to a cooling period we have wild and severe fluctuations in temperature and all manner of weather related events……horrific storms, increases in earthquakes and volcanic activity, and droughts. The deep ice core samples from the anarctic and the sediment samples from the ocean beds show this.

      There are excellent graphs that John Casey has put out related to sun spots and climate change. Also, adapt 2030 has very good visuals too.

      We know also that the military is spraying the skies and they are accomplshing several goals with this……one is weather warfare, one is to try to prevent attack from enemies who rely upon electronics etc in their missles, and also they are doing the bidding of the powerful globalists who literally own the military industrial complex.

      You can always grow veggies using methods that entrap heat and that extend the growing season.
      As well, using sprouts as a source of great nutrition will be immensely important. Stock up on all the heirloom organic seeds and beans you will need and can afford.
      We are heading into an horrific time of awful cold, famine, disease and war.

  • Whatever the comments about “evil governments,” all of us “little people” have to learn to take care of ourselves, whether in cold or warm climates. Rescue missions and Christian ministries do offer strategies to help suffering people. One of them is a “blanket” that helps one to keep warm with their own body heat. There are others. Life is not just indivrdual

  • Meadow,

    I believe you re correct in your assessment. The crimes against the people continue worldwide. The weaker the self-defense rights, the more numerous and worse the crimes against the people.

    I also believe you’re correct on a point you only lightly touched on: The laws against wood stoves for heating homes are most likely a primary cause in the winter deaths. So in that sense, climate change IS to blame for the deaths of elderly people who used to depend on wood-burning stoves to survive through the winter. Rather, the hypocritical monsters who pushed through repressive laws which are causing deaths – it is THEY who are to blame for the excess winter deaths.

    The sooner the correct root cause of a problem is identified, the sooner it can be solved.

    • There is no manmade ” climate change” and the planet is simply moving from the most recent warming cycle into the current cooling cycle.
      Globalism, and their agenda to destroy humanity is the cuase for lack of ” permission for the plebes” to burn wood.

  • I’m in the UK and I think a major factor, overlooked in this article, is the role of the National health service (NHS) in excess winter deaths. People receive free (at point of need) healthcare, funded by taxes. The NHS is however underfunded, particularly at times of austerity. ‘Excess winter deaths’ are a big deal for the goverment over here, because they have to plan for staff and medicine availability over winter months. In winter, we frequently wait 6 hours to be seen in the emergency room and elderly people are sent home too early to free up hospital beds.
    Last year was a particularly bad winter but I suspect most people over here would point the finger at an underfunded health service, rather than climate change.

    • I am always curious about one thing……….why is it that seniors who are at poverty level and struggling mightily to provide the basics do NOT pool their resources, live together in groups of 3-4 over the winter months, cook and share hearty meals together, and live in one home together that they can keep toasty warm? I am a senior and would certainly allow a fellow senior to move in a pool resources, or even just have a warm place to be whenever that other person wanted to be here.

  • I know this is an old post, but if anyone is still reading…. As governments make more control, higher taxes and more regulations, prices on things they want to control and limit in this case, fuel for heating hard for poor people to afford. Also, aging populations are usually on fixed incomes. Stats will go up as older people pass away. The trend I see is globalists and socialists not caring about people despite their claims of being for “the people”. They want us all to work until time to retire, pay taxes into Social Programs then die before we can reap any of the benefits we have sown. Live well as long as you can.

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