UK Plans to Send Squads Door-to-Door to “Encourage” the “Hesitant”

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By Jeff Thompson

Door-to-door squads. We’ve seen it all.

We’ve witnessed the creation of “camps.” We’ve witnessed the American government hiring internment and resettlement specialists. [source]

We’ve witnessed Australia round up children, separate them from their parents, and then march them into an armed men-surrounded stadium for the jab.

And now, the United Kingdom is gearing up to send door-to-door squads throughout its English-occupied country. Honestly, this shouldn’t surprise anybody by this point. This is exactly what the “conspiracy theorists” have been predicting by looking at the stepping stones of current events for two years now. And though America has already gotten a brief taste of what this is like, let us once more consider what this means…

For starters, this means that there is a government-created list within the United Kingdom of who has taken the jab and who has not. Should you have thought that your medical decisions were private in a socialist state, you could not have been more wrong.

And what happens when the government makes a list?

Need we look any further than the regime England’s ancestors fought against just 80 years ago? Perhaps we can examine the shortened lives of the Armenian Christians and what they suffered at the hands of the Ottoman Turks? I’m sure the American Indians can tell us how this plays out – of how the Trail of Tears, the reservations, how they all work to one’s benefit.

Now, the yellow star of the German Jews has been transferred over to the unjabbed of the United Kingdom. And just as the Jews were hunted down, so we are about to witness the same in the birthplace of great philosophers of freedom such as Adam Smith, John Milton, and the likes.

All one really needs to do is to look at what has already happened in China to see how this plays out.

It is only a matter of time before the new oppressed of England (for England certainly has a long track record here) are hunted down, pinned to the ground, and jabbed against their will.


According to the UK government sanctioned figures, there are 5 million throughout the region who haven’t taken the jab. And so now, door-to-door efforts need to be used.

Boris Johnson has said, “I am all in favor of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90% of the country who are vaccinated for the 10% who refuse to be.”

Another politician – a Cabinet Minister – has said, “I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible.” This same politician has gone on to state, “The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated.” [source]

Such a statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that citizens of the United Kingdom are taking to the streets every night, protesting for their inherent right to freedom. You simply do not hear about it because the mainstream media is controlled media. You will not hear the truth until you start looking at alternative news sources.

Need proof of such? Check out the below video:


We are being told that the door-to-door squads need to happen so that we can “avoid lockdown”, as if this is something in which somebody has no choice but to impose upon a people. As if a politician has any right to determine that they can keep working and visiting their families, but the peons cannot.

We are being told that door-to-door squads are necessary to reach those who live in rural areas but cannot get the jab easily.

It takes eight hours to drive across England.


Anybody who wanted to take the jab by now could easily have taken it. The only people left aren’t those who “can’t access” it, but rather those who have refused it.

Make no mistake, that’s what door-to-door is about.

Sending people door-to-door isn’t about helping the needy, no matter how the media may try to spin this. It’s about coercing those who refuse to lick the butt of the English Parliament.

It’s about taking those who realize that kids are dying at a rate 62% higher than the five-year average ever since the jab has been given out, and coercing them into something they don’t want. [source: ]

This is a time where deaths of male children has risen 400% since Chris Witty of England has declared that children should be given the jab.

And what else have we seen?

You may want to consider the following links from the excellent writing performed by the Daily Expose:

How long will it be until the United Kingdom fully falls as Australia has?

So keep your head on a swivel. Western Civilization is falling piece by piece – as has been designed – and once it does (particularly, once America falls), the world is going to succumb to a form of global tyranny that will have more in common with science fiction books than anything else you’ve ever read.

Things are heating up. 2022 is going to be more turbulent than anything we’ve witnessed within our lifetimes within the First World. We may very well see Thirdworldization.

And you better hang on. Because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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What are your thoughts on the situation? If you live in England, what have you seen? Let us know in the comments below.

About Jeff

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Picture of Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Thank you for sharing this. It is truly frightening. I’d like to share that, in the US, there are big differences from one state to another. My husband is in surgery right now. Not a single person has asked us whether we got the vax. The hospital does require masks, checks temps and only allows 1 family member but that’s all.

  • Lucky for me that my gate is locked and you can’t see my house from the highway. Anyone coming on my property (climbing the fence) and hiking the 1/2 mile to my house would be trespassing. Most people stay away from the house since I have 6 big dogs. Down from the 33 I use to have, but still effective.

    They tried the door to door covid workers back east already. Some people put up signs saying they would charge anyone money for ringing their doorbells to talk to them about the covid shots. By ringing the individual agrees to the terms posted on the sign. On ring it showed the covid workers walking away from those doors.

    I will not be vaccinated.

    Sadly the uninformed individuals that have taken the shots don’t know all the ingredients nor do they understand what the mRNA is actually doing. It rips the double DNA strand apart and attaches/replaces to one of the strands. That is why it is called gene manipulation therapy. So, my question is….Are they still human? Those who are lucky to survive the shots, but have health issues are now being told by doctors the symptoms are in their heads. Not all batches are deadly, the powers to be could not let everyone die at once.

    One individual demanded the informed consent information from Phizer. However when the pharmacist finally gave him the sheet, the sheet was blank. What are they hiding?

    • I like the idea of charging for people knocking on my door. I don’t have a door bell. I would like to hear as many ideas a possible to detract the strike force squads. I know that eventually they will be back with guns and soldiers then they will not care what I do to hinder them, they will be after my blood then.

  • Devils can do what they want, knowing Jesus and standing for what is right in His eyes is all that matters to me.And dying resisting the poison does not sound bad at all.Would rather live on my feet with the Holy Spirit in my life than be subservient and sell my soul to devils. Risked my life helping the sick when all was unknown, will risk my life being true to my convictions before God,and let the chips fall where they will. Who knows,God may make me invisible and/or give me even more of his supernatural power? Best ADVENTURE of my life is knowing and loving Jesus.Many things worse than death!
    To live for Christ and die for Christ is an honour.Win win all around. Praise His holy name forever
    If God be for me who can be against me. 🙂
    Jesus is Lord

    • Amen, Crystal! I agree with all you’ve written. And I’ll add that knowing that after this life we enter into eternal life ( those who love Christ the King), a life utterly devoid of the countless horrors that the Defiler wishes to inflict on all of humanity, that truly is a cause for joy.

  • Oh, and yeah,they do not have enough Law Enforcement to surveil the streets to stop teenage crime and shootings, the drug gangs and the false shop fronts ;Mental health and psyches issues at their highest,schizophrenics around every corner. And they gonna tell all the Muslims they have to have a jab. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha. Whilst fighting against Sharia honor killings and child sex trafficking .And Boris and his crew having hypocritical garden parties, when lockdown was at it’s peak and Grandmama was isolated and many died,Thanks to gov mandates.
    Boris is now called Doris and they want him OUT!

  • We know the jab is the bioweapon, and we know most of the leadership on the right are paid actors to immobilize people by making their constituents feel like someone is “fighting for them”. God’s wrath is coming. Jesus is Lord.

  • Put your pitchfork near the door. When they show up, JAB THEM FIRST…Right through the belly button and push it hard so the points come out the other side.

    • I remember a guy in the military that had his lockbox in his dresser drawer. It was hooked to a battery so when someone went in his room when he was not there (happens a lot in barracks) then the person touching the lockbox where he kept his money would be shocked. Of course the box was locked, but just touching it gave a jolt. That could be done on a door handle. 🙂

      A hidden camera in order to see who is at the door, then don’t answer. If they break in then the shooting starts, but the best thing is to avoid contact.

    • @Prissie maybe you should go back on your meds. The Holocaust was real, and 6 million Jews were murdered, along with 5 million other “undesirables.”

        • Don’t need to prove anything. I knew an eyewitness. Sadly passed on now. But that is the threat of history. Once the eyewitnesses die anyone can rewrite history to suit their own narrative. Be very careful who you choose to believe and why you believe they are the ones telling the truth. This goes for everyone. Don’t believe one single voice because it happens to please you. Despite the craziness of current events not everything in the history books was/is a conspiracy theory.

  • Been on more than a few “domestic” calls where we had no idea what we would find. Thankfully the majority were non-violent, but also have a LEO on the scene might of been a mitigating factor.

    All it will take will be one yahoo who does not want the jab, and escalate the violence level and most EMS and maybe even more than a few LEOs would tell the government to pound sand.

    Then there are those who will say the military will do it. Sending armed troops to administer the jab to someone who does not want it. Ends in a hail of bullets, not better, likely the same end result.
    All for a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate, and recent studies show the vaccines effectiveness drops significantly as time goes by, and after 10 weeks from the booster, the immunity effectiveness falls to 15-25% for Omicron.

    Would you as a EMS/LEO/military be willing to chance a violent confrontation for that?

    • You say that most? I’m not seeing most. I started the pandemic in WA, wound up in FL, now I’m in AL. You ask if I would see EMS/LEO/military be willing to chance a violent confrontation for that? Absolutely. That do it every day. I’m not bashing on first responders. I’m bashing on morality being removed from the institutions. Because if it was MOST, then you would have seen and heard of a larger resistance. You being a Marine, I was an Army Grunt, who is at fault if a commander gives and unlawful order and their subordinate carries it out? I absolutely LOVE this site! Has been my go to since I left the private sector in 2017. Money is king in the country. Not God (unfortunately), not Country, and certainly not Honor. Money controls all. When someone threatens your family’s ability to eat and live in luxery, oh you know exactly what demons come out in people. Those who know history, know what’s coming. Tell me exactly about all the honorable German soldiers of the Third Reich. Please, tell me that they stood up to evil over a $.

      • WarPig91,
        I respectfully disagree.
        There are few posts here on TOP that they would have no problem with engaging in a firefight against a vaxx squad.
        The difference between what I saw as EMS was most were low level domestic disputes.
        In the cities, EMS and LEOs do face higher chances of violence.

        But there is a difference between the local gang bangers shooting their “Gat” sideways, one handed, and a trained, motivated, vet, with a long gun willing to die on that particular hill.
        I also do not believe most military would obey that order. Morale is already at a low. Yes, most got the jab, but they were not happy about it.

      • A point about local LE. These people live and work in the local community. They live beside us. Their kids go to the same schools, church, eat at the same restaurants, shop in the same stores. For them to begin cooperating with the Marxists to provide security for Marxist thugs harassing fellow citizens will be a bridge too far. They have to come home after their shift and live in the very community where they helped the Marxist thugs. How would that play out for them? Not very well, I assure you.

        • Whydah,
          Good point about people having to live in their communities.
          One thing when the criminal element is in a fairly known location/area away from where they live.
          Something else when the government tries to turn your friends, family and neighbors into the criminals.
          Just look at how the “defund” the police movement took a toll on a number of LEOs.
          Note: I am not against LEOs at all. I would sympathize with them if they were told they had to enforce a door to door jab mandate. I would like to think they say no, or seek another line of work.
          I know I would if I were in their shoes.

          • 1st Marine Jarhead, as the mom of 2 LEOs, I can tell you that they, and most of their fellow LEOs, would resign rather than force fellow citizens to take the jab. The same goes for forced disarmament.

            • Red state nana,
              I know more than a few LEOs, and have heard them say the same.
              Some seem to have this delusional belief LEOs and the military will just blindly follow non-lawful orders, from tyrants.

              Thank you for your insight.

              Thank your children from me for their service.


  • The UK consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

    Of the 4 main parts, Northern Ireland is potentially the most volotile (only a few years since the IRA fought the British on the streets to a standstill and took the fight to London causing a truce). The door-to-door nonsence will simply not fly in Northern Ireland.

    Next up is England. Several English cities are now minority white – Birmingham and London (now know as “Londonistan” by security services – even though that term is now illegal in the UK) being the most significant, followed closely by the old mill-towns in the north that make up what is known as the “Quran Belt” where the population – white/middle-eastern/asian or whatever – are mostly Muslim. In the Quran Belt the towns of Blackburn and Bradford are what used to be called “Flag Towns” – towns with a significant militant population of militarily experienced men. This military experience comes not from service with the British but in Syria, Libya, Pakistan (tribal areas), and Afghanistan fighting against the British and Americans. Bradford is one of the most surveiled places in the country, ringed with “plastic trees” (cell tower spy nets), cameras, and even an MI5 field office. islander spy planes have been seen flying over Blackburn regularly.
    The Muslim gangs and ex-militants in Bradford, Blackburn and many other town and cities in England will not tolerate door-to-door enquiries and intrusions.
    There will be NO door-to-door vax nonsence in any Muslim area of England – which means the targeted population will be the usual targets – indiginous white Christians.

    Next up is Scotland. Scotland under the rule of the wanna-be “Queen of the North” or “New Queen of Scots” Nicola Stugeon is becomming a dictarorship, with laws introduced into Scotland that would horrify the Highlanders of old. Sadly, many of the Scots welcome these draconian laws as they also serve to break Scotland away from England and the UK, but at what price.
    I could very well believe that door to door vax goon squads could operate in Scotland. The Scots of today are not those of Hollywood movies.
    Door to door goons in uniform called police have already been seen in Scotland kicking in doors and arresting people for minor “covid offences” (see videos on the net) so door-to-door vax squads and arrests and internments for refuseniks could easily happen in Scotland.

    Then we come to Wales. Wales is the poorest and least populated part of the UK with its old industries of mining (coal, gold, slate, etc) now mostly gone and the remnats museums and tourist attractions such as narrow-guage railways and old mines.
    The Welsh Police became an unlawful border force during last years Lockdowns blocking all roads, railways, and even ports from England and effectively unlawfully dividing the UK between wales and England, and Wales and Northern Ireland.
    The head of wales is a “Frey” sort of character (Game of thrones reference) – slimy and dangerous and overstepping his power but hiding behind a Police Force with guns and helicopters.
    Door-to-door could very easily happen in Wales, as could the arrest and internment of refuseniks.

    Guns –
    My American friends will invariably bring this up, but even though they have more guns than some armys do they have not shown any willingness to use them – so please spare me the “should not have given them up” rubbish.
    Just so that people know – in the UK at least 1 in 10 people own or have access to a firearm of some description – from simple shotguns to bolt action 308’s with thermal scopes and everything in between – all legal.
    Fully automatic AK’s and high capacity semi-auto shotguns ( both banned in the UK completely) regualrly turn up during Police raids, so the number of illegal weapons can only be guessed it (and that does not include the hundreds of light MG’s, AK’s, and Dragonovs supplied to Northern Ireland by Libya during the troubles).
    Counting just the “legal held” guns at 1 in 10 of the population means there are over 6MILLION armed Brits – many of them expert shots and experienced hunters even without military experience.

    The British Government (especially “Frey” in Wales and the “Queen of the North” in Scotland) would very much like to come after all the unvaxed with force – but they will not. They will simply go for the soft targets of the unarmed white christian indiginous population – leaving the millions of Muslims and armed people alone 9at least for now).

    If the white christian indiginous population get as organised as the Muslims and show the same resolve to fight then they will be just as untouchable as other groups in the UK and this maddness will end now. sadly I see little sign of that happening before the roundups start, and by then it may be too late.

    • I disagree. I don’t have a problem killing someone who is going to do me harm. Maybe because as a retired army sergeant that was something I came to terms with. My husband says he won’t lose sleep over one more dead body in his lifetime. Our friend, ex-marine, also does not have a problem. He says maybe he will die fighting, but there will a few less of them each time they go to someones house until they are afraid to go to someones house. We won’t be like communist Russia or Nazi Germany where people put there heads in the sand as their neighbors were rounded up.

      • Hello Mette thumbs to you for your reply. I agree 100%. I am hell bent on living free or die trying. Who in the hell would want to live as an obedient boot-licking slave? We have two choices, take the poisonous so-called vaxx and die, or fight like hell and possibly get taken out…. but not for lunch.

    • UK Updater, I see your point regarding Americans not using the guns they have. But you must understand that the Marxists have not ventured out into the American heartland, but have instead plied their trade of tyranny and control only in ‘Blue’ controlled areas consisting mostly of large urban areas having a compliant and dependent population. Just as you so aptly described the stark difference within the UK, the same differences exist here, but in much larger numbers and in area. Even in states reported to have the most draconian controls in place, like NY for instance, they stay out of the northern part of the state because those people are different, and will present problems for the Marxists. Great point about how the Muslims are left alone. Same here. As for White Christians, both there and here, they best get over that “Love thy neighbor” and Romans 13 BS if they have a chance of surviving.

    • The federal government has not crossed the proverbial red line. During the 90s when the militia movement in the US was at a peak, after Waco and Ruby Ridge there were the Freemen in Montana. The feds were prepared to go in, a notice from many of the militia leaders at the time was sent to every governor, the president and others at the federal level. In a nut shell it said that the militia would bring out the Freemen if there were guarantees of a fair trail. If on the other hand the feds went in and there was another Ruby Ridge or Waco, or if there was another similar action at any time the mitia would consider it an act of war upon the American people and would not stop until the federal government was contained within it’s Constitutionally limited 10 square miles. The notice was called the Knob Creek Resolution, which has pretty much disappeared from the net.

      Not so many years ago the Hutaree militia were arrested in Michigan. As they were being rounded up by the feds things were tense in the militia, one group had a 24/7 online radio show discussing the events and were even broadcasting the local police radio from scanners. They urged people be calm until there was more information while most militias were getting ready for it to hit the fan. The proverbial red line was not crossed and everything did not hit the fan.

      In the end most of the charges against the Hutaree were dropped and only 2 or 3 received any jail time, and that was for unrelated things like a sawwed off shotgun.

      Shortly after that Mike Vanderboegh started his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog and the 3 percenter movement. Mike was the one who broke the Fast and Furious scandal.

      Recent reports show there are a lot more militias and mititia members now than when the Hutaree were rounded up or the peak in the 90s. There have been lots of reports about a lot more police becoming members of their local militia group.

      Just because people are exercising restraint doesn’t mean they won’t take action. A civil war or revolution or rebellion are not actions to be taken likely. Even the Founding Fathers did everything they could think of to prevent the Revolution from happening. But there does come a time when there is no other option.

      Biden and some governors have pushed, but they have backed down when there was sufficient push back. The matter is still before the courts, the supreme court has yet to rule on Biden’s vaccine mandates. If the supreme court rules against Biden then the matter is effectivly dead. If the supreme court rules for Biden there are no other recourse but active resistence. I think it likely that should the supreme court rule for Biden and federal vaccine mandates that door to door forced vaccinations will not be far behind. I think that will be the crossing of the proverbial red line.

      From that point all bets are off because there are many who will not take the vaccine and will consider it tyranny.

      If I cannot control what is done to my body, if I do not have bodily autonomy then I am nothing more than a slave. I would rather die than be a slave.

  • I’ve seen a discussion about installing a persuasive water sprinkler system which when turned on from inside your house will thoroughly soak however many people are standing outside your door. It has the advantage of not creating a possible crime to charge you with … and yet being highly persuasive.

    You would want a peephole in your door so you can distinguish between good friends and “other.” That peephole can also tell you when the bad guys have backed off so you can know when to turn the water.

    If there is also access to a back door of yours that would suggest a second installation.


  • The best we can do is Prep now, not tomorrow, not next week, start now because the window of opportunity is closing faster than we think. Fortunately, my group and I started preparing for all this BS that’s going on 18-20 years ago so yes, we are blessed with foresight. The 5 main survival components are food, water, shelter, ammo, and security. Everyone should have enough food and water stocked up to last at the very least, a year or more. Train, and keep training with your weapon(s) of choice including NV and comm. Plan ahead your best position, and the safest egress. Keep yourself in good shape, exercise, diet, etc. you will be glad you did. Stand your ground do not give in to these Scum Bag Useless Tyrants. All revolutions in the past have never been won with a smile. So, Lock & Load because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • ANY COUNTRY WHO ENFORCES AMERICAS VAX LAWS ARE PAID $975,000,000 by the TAX PAYERS OF AMERICA,the stupidest people on earth,corrupting countries for two hundred years,AND MURDERING THEIR CHILDREN WITH THE FULL SUPPORT OF EVERY RED BLOODED AMERICAN,who claim their men, BUT REALLY JUST BUTT LICKING SCUM….who will ALL be dead soon..NO COWARDS ARE ALLOWED INTO HEAVEN..well we know where the men of america are going when they leave this world..AND ALL YOU HOMO”S WILL BE LEAVING SOON…good riddence too…

  • The PRESS Two weeks ago stated it was 6 million, now 5 , a joke’ then the true figure was calcualted from Official figures this turned out to be 23 million, Since then Ex head of SAGE, has stated he was told to give the figures the governemnt wanted. All that lying Satanist Johnson can do is to attempt to create fear, without it his cause is lost

    • Remember the school district in California that revoked its vaccine mandate because parents refused? I agree don’t play into the fear!

  • New York is starting this & Commiefornia will follow shortly along with Covid Death Camps. Live in a Blue Commie State & DIE like a Pig to the Slaughter.

  • That remark by Boris should test anyone’s patience who knows what the end game is of these commies up there.

    They want you sick, dead, and gone. Why? I don’t know why they personally do but I do know what their end game is – YOU DEAD!

    Yeah, check out their history. Can’t be disregarded.

  • There seems to be plenty of little Nazis in the UK willing to harass and assault their fellow citizens. Do they have enough in the US? There certainly are individuals that would do it, mostly in the blue urbanized cities where the herd mentality is more prevalent. Not so much in the rural areas and throughout the heartland. The Marxists just to not have the assets to run amok throughout the country. If attempted, in very short order many of these goons wouldn’t be going home at the end of the day. US private citizens are the most heavily armed on the globe. We have them. Just because we haven’t resorted to using them yet does in no way mean we won’t. Accosting one’s family in one’s own home is reason enough for self-defense, including justifiable homicide.

  • They already talked about this a while ago. They *kinda* dropped it when they got a
    “boatload” of pushback from the people.
    As more people wake up, hopefully this won’t happen here. Is this a guarantee it won’t?
    $%^%$#$%$# NO! (There, I kept it polite, LOL)
    We need to pay close attention to what is going on behind the scenes.

  • Great write up Jeff.

    “What are your thoughts on the situation?”

    I think there are some very stupid people in politics if they believe that guys like me are going to get rolled by threats.

    I think they forget that my generation spent their entire life going from one crap hole to the next fighting for them in endless wars on drugs, oil, weapons of mass destruction, and dictators de jour.

    I think that if they bring guys like me out of retirement, because someone showed up on my ground holding a syringe, they are going to regret their investment choices.

    That’s what I think.

  • they had better have some protection with them or I might pass one of my viruses on to them namely the lump hammer virus

  • It’s time of this period of time, that of mankind, to be over. Man has pretty much shit on himself so what’s the point of prolonging the fantasy.

    • Because I can. Because I love my wife, children and grandchildren. Because I love the smell of air untaxed to my lungs, seeing things grow and prosper, hearing people I know and love laugh…

      I could write for hours what the point is. Because it’s all true.

      But I’ll not waste your time. I’ll get to the most important line. Jesus is my foremost love. God the father has a plan through Him and that is why I persist.

      God’s will, not man’s will, be done. Man’s will is fantasy. God’s will is written. I’m just playing my part.

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