Why Was the National Guard Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists LAST WEEK?

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The National Guard is hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists.

Let that sink in.

Editors note: the National Guard removed the job listing. However, we have added screenshots (see after post) to validate. The Organic Prepper acquired this link from INDEED posting this position for the National Guard on 08/16/2021. Screenshots after post. 

With Biden’s sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan, you might think that is the reason for the resettlement aspects of these listings…except they appeared BEFORE the withdrawal.

What does an Internment/Resettlement Specialist do?

According to the National Guard website:


Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.


  • Supervise confinement and detention operations
  • Provide external security to facilities
  • Provide counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program
  • Manage and maintain prisoners/internees and their programs


  • Military laws and jurisdictions
  • Self-defense and use of firearms
  • Interpersonal communications skills
  • Search/restraint and custody/control procedures

WHY is there a need for Internment/Resettlement Specialists?

Job position listings for such **WERE available in the following locations:

**Either the National Guard very quickly filled those positions, or someone is attempting to hide something. The links now all state: ZERO JOBS FOUND. Below is a screenshot of the listing for Lancaster, Ca. when it was still available. 

So, why on earth would a military branch primarily designed to remain within US borders need Internment/Resettlement Specialists? (Although we have seen several deployments of the National Guard to the Middle East within recent years.)

Recent historical events to consider

We’ve witnessed the exponential growth of Big Brother-style surveillance throughout the world over the past two years. Part of this has included developing lists of those willing to get specific papers and those who are not.

The demonization of those refusing to get vaccination papers is ongoing.

We’ve discussed the very real potential of another lockdown coming this fall. Many didn’t comply with the last and, likely, even more, won’t abide by any upcoming ones. Just look at the massive protests taking place throughout France, England, and other nations worldwide.

Then the American government created a course discussing how to mass quarantine rural Americans effectively. And, the National Guard began going door-to-door with public health workers to “convince” people to get their shots.

Are more severe measures and “green zones” in our future?

Biden is now floating the idea of banning interstate travel for those who refuse the jab. Another possible measure discussed is changing how the federal government reimburses treatment for unvaccinated patients who become ill with COVID-19. 

The CDC recently presented a document for consideration of The Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings. The document describes the shielding approach: 

The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (“high-risk”) and the general population (“low-risk”). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or “green zones” established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector, or community level depending on the context and setting. They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents[source]

Furthermore, the CDC’s document gives suggestions for effective implementation. For example: It may be necessary to assign someone within the green zone, if feasible, to minimize movement in/out of green zones. [source]

And now the National Guard is looking for “Internment/Resettlement Specialists.”

How many times have the rules changed?

First, we heard there was no reason to wear a mask. Then, an N95 with a one-way valve was unacceptable. Later, multiple cloth masks were the key.

Two weeks to flatten the curve was all it was going to take. Now, some argue that it could be years before restrictions are lifted, if ever. Then, if anyone believed that vaccine passports were the next step, they were considered crazy conspiracy theorists. Later, the concept of a passport system was embraced – even by many Republicans.

Denial of hospital care because you refuse particular treatments? Nobody would ever argue for such! Only a short while later, this became a talking point of people in positions of power throughout the world. 

Surely the idea of people forcibly being rounded up and sent to camps is ludicrous.

Isn’t it? 

Now, the CDC is discussing the possibility of “green zones.” (aka camps)

What are we to believe is the purpose of Internment/Resettlement Specialists?

Was this just a benign job posting typical for the military to have? (However, as stated before, the National Guard removed the postings.) Or is there something else going on here? And why did the NG pull those job listings?

Does the idea of being forcibly taken from your home and thrown into a camp seem so crazy now? Let’s talk in the comments section.

Screenshots to validate


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  • Well, given that none of those locations are near the border I think we can safely rule out resettlement of illegal aliens.

    • I guess you never heard of planes, buses, or even trains. Perhaps you are unaware of the German prisoners-of-war held in camps all over this country even though they were captured overseas? This sort of misunderstanding doesn’t contribute to insightful analysis, only to preconceptions.

    • They are flying people from the border. Thought is to other Air Force bases but they can bus from there. Look at Air Force bases within a 6 hour bus ride.

  • Who is going to be forcibly removed from their home? NOT ME. I’ll die in my home taking out members of the Gestapo in a hail of bullets.
    This is now reflective of 1938 under NAZI control.

  • Like, maybe they were planning in advance for the impending flood of Afghan refugees? Thousands of them helped us during the war and are now in danger from the Taliban. They’re desperate to leave Afghanistan to the point of trying to hang on to planes lifting off. And just maybe we owe them. So stop with the crazy conspiracy theories already! The military doesn’t need to be demonized and btw, that video showing them going door to door in your last article has been debunked as Russian propaganda. USA Really is run by Alexander Malkevich, a Russian agent who spreads propaganda globally. Oy.

    • “Life is hard. Its even harder when you’re stupid” — attributed to John Wayne

      Hard? YOUR life must be sheer agony.

      Afghan refugees? Ya mean the people that Comrade HairSniffer just abandoned over in Afghanistan? The people who are not no way in the world EVER coming to America? Even if we hasten to discount the folks that just did swan dives off our aircraft, its a fact that the Taliban have already closed down all exits out of Afghanistan. And “our” government has made it plain they’re not taking those folks here. At least not until they’ve evacced all the military K9s. NONE of those folks will ever get here. Biden has abandoned them to the tender mercies of bloodthirsty fanatics

      Turn off your laptop
      Go sit in a quiet space
      Re-think your life

    • Jayne we read your articles and we aren’t ugly about your viewpoint. Be nice to the other authors daisy employees or we can and will stop reading your BS!

      • Jen, I write gardening articles. If they’re of value to you then you’re welcome to read them, or not, as you see fit. As for “being nice” I’m not the one calling names and making threats. So please do follow your own advice. Be nice! I don’t indulge in useless fights with usernames on discussion boards, no matter how obnoxious I think they are.

    • “trying to hang on to planes lifting off” although, not successfully… I saw a photo of about 30 people sitting on top of an airliner, like they do on busses and trains. Doesn’t work that way.

      There are always collaborators that chose the wrong side, work with the invaders. The failure of invaders is inevitable, as is the retaliation.

    • Open your eyes. In Australia they have already sent letters to citizens letting them know they are taking unvaxxed to quarantine camps. They are the model. How many of these so called “theories” have to be shown right in front of you until you admit the truth?

    • Do not understand people who call any idea they disagree with a “crazy conspiracy theory.” The author backed up his theory with a lot of evidence of how the gov has upped the ante several times already. Please don’t help bring America down by parroting the corporate media and labeling anything you do not agree with a “conspiracy theory.” (PS–do you know that the term was created by the CIA?) Oh, one more—calling stories (without evidence!) “debunked as Russian propaganda” is another CIA thing. Are we really that gullible?

  • Apparently they are so out of touch with real America that they genuinely think they can just round anti vaxxers up and incarcerate them.
    Revolution 2.0 will be the response. How effective it will be depends on whether organization happens or if everything stays scattered and individualized.
    They seem ignorant that there is a run on firearms and ammunition every time they cut a “stimulus” check.

  • it is all about the approaching Planet X that the chemtrails have hidden every day globally for thirty years. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. When it rips the earth apart again this time, it will end the coming, planned WW3 that is going to destroy America and kill 90% of Americans. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran is the day Russia, China and the SCO nuke and invade America and it is all planned by the evil criminal bastard governments. Execute the criminal bastard governments or die in WW3 very soon!

  • It’s interesting but it’s hard to know just what they were intended for. It’s quite possible that they were intended to be used for Afghan refugees as the administration would have known they were planning on withdrawing from Afghanistan. Given how badly we screwed that up it doesn’t appear that there will be many Afghan refugees at this time as most are stuck there.

    At the same time, sure it’s possible that the administration could be thinking that confining the vax resisters would be a good idea but honestly, given their numbers (not to mention guns) I don’t think it’s too probable. On the other hand, look at what Germany managed to do……… be watchful and wary but who knows?

    • Today’s news on FOX shows that they are evacuating about 9K per day and it said they are housing them at 3 bases in the USA so far. They are actually bringing them ALL here (so they say)…It shows big planes taking off packed full of them. They are desperate to get OUT of Afghanistan and some fell to their death trying to hold onto the planes as they headed down the runway…It’s bad if you saw if on t.v. There were dead bodies laying in the streets of Kabul…Just laying there. Nobody removing them. Just corpse, how sad…What they will do with all of them once they are here I have no earthly idea. Probably give ALL of them “covid” injections and then see what happens. We will be feeling them and providing them with shelter and translators apparently…
      YOU are right about the forced vaccines. Almost 1/2 of this country has NOT yet had any covid vaccines and don’t intend to do so…Many don’t travel on interstates anyway. There are hundreds of back roads to travel on from here to there…Interstates might be faster but you know the old saying, WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY…People will at that time do what is necessary to survive I would think…

  • Indeed may have taken theirs down but all you have to do is Google “National Guard Internment/Resettlemwnt Specialist Job Openings” and they come up on several sites.

    • Late in the game, but just a reminder that every time we use “google” as a verb, a catch-all term replacing “look up,” we are adding power to this gigantic corporate octopus that has tentacles reaching everywhere, that censors ideas they don’t agree with, and that affects public opinion, campaigns, and elections.

      Really, “look up” is fine— if we are mindful of such little things, a technocratic takeover will be, at least, more difficult. I think sometimes we all want to show how trendy and up-to-date we are, so we say “just google it” while the goolag laughs at our naivete. There are little things we can do that make a big difference–makes no difference your political beliefs, as this is about individual freedom.

  • There was always going to be a certain amount leaving. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they were hiring. It is a surprise that they waited till last week. It shoulda been done in the last admin since we were supposed to be gone in early spring.

    • I would like to see how many job openings there are, how many of them are normal attrition rate replacements (retiring, medical discharges, etc.) and if there is a significant increase in newly created openings.
      The NG and regular military have had recruitment quotas issues in the past. Is this part of that?
      Or something new?

  • NOPE, dont think so….they dont need this many green zones for the afghans being brought here, nor are they doing it for the illegals, they’re being released or escaping into the inland areas anyway, why in the world would ng be setting up these areas for them? they certainly arent gonna go out and catch’em!!!!!

    nope afraid it is for the nonvaxrs and its scary! seems what biden said yesterday, about the afghan people’s rights, but what about OUR rights? if we dont want vax then we should be forced to get them! OUR RIGHT!!!! so sick of this crap…..is it ever gonna stop, will we soon see a “savior”???? will our idiotic leaders get their heads outa their asses and stop this chaos??? Americans, time to rise up and fight back is NOW, other countries are doing it, why is America just sitting? are anti vax Americans just gonna bow down and let them vax you???? well, I’ve had a good 72 yrs of life, death is looking much better than this stuff and whats coming…..

  • It might be interesting or informative to see how those job locations correspond to the locations of the “FEMA camps” set up just a few years ago.

    • Indeed. Quite a bit of talk about FEMA camps lately. Do you remember when the govt spent millions on all of those black plastic coffins? Or how about the IRS (and other unarmed gvt agencies) having an arsenal of weapons and ammo? Then there is the matter of all of the closed Walmarts in this and other countries. If what I recently watched in disbelief is true, then those sites are connected to underground tunnels that interconnect the critical “stores”. Tunnels well large enough to accommodate semi trucks and trailers as well as most military equipment. The insider construction crew member at one store said the inside was setup like a prison. And at one time he saw people in UN uniforms in there. US military, too. And everyone had to sign NDAs and have security checks before entering. And work / information was very compartmentalized. But yes, bars and cells. With a guard tower in each corner. The video showed the roofs of some of the closed stores and the structure actually looks like it was pre-designed to be converted into a prison. Anyway, I think the vid was on Bitchute or Rumble. You can probably find it using the search function.


    Tax fattened vampires, every single one of them

    • That’s a fair point. It’s true that the US military has been used against US citizens in the past. Several times in fact. I believe it was Taft that cleared out a bunch of veterans protesting for their benefits following WWI, and the list does go on. Caution is a good thing.

  • Has anyone researched these relocation areas?

    Lancaster, California
    Washington DC
    Denver, Colorado
    Edinburgh, Indiana
    Monticello, Minnesota
    Parkville, Maryland
    Asheville, North Carolina
    Auburn, New York
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Rapid City, South Dakota

    Lancaster is near Edwards AFB
    Rapid City SD is near Ellsworth AFB

    Denver and DC don’t make sense.

    I would have to check into the others.

    • Many DC offices moved to Denver. The airport has underground, several stories, offices. Right now a lot of offices are boarded up in DC. Those are high security buildings that can easily be converted into interment, but it also outside the rule of the many states. Federal law applies and not the constitution.

    • Monticello, MN is home to a MN NG Military Police Company. I would wager that the others are as well. The 31E job would be one they would normally have slots for. Open slots are normally posted on job sites. An increase in the number of any given MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is typically a months-long process as it requires changes to the table of organization for the given unit, so these are most likely vacancies due to attrition.

    • Searching the internet for military installations near these cities
      Edinburgh, IN – Camp Atterbury, NG training facility.
      Monticello, MN – can’t find anything on this, Just an inactive airport/military airfield.
      Parkville, MD – 10 mi from Warfield Air National Guard base
      – 27 mi from Aberdeen Proving Ground
      – 30 mi from Fort Meade
      Asheville, NC – another I couldn’t find information on.
      Auburn, NY – home of the 102nd Military Police Battalion112
      Sioux Falls, SD – SD Air National Guard
      – US Civil Air Patrol
      – Sioux Falls MEPS

      • I looked at the one in Edinburgh Indiana. Some recent news: Contractor recently hired to build bunk beds and the governor has been asking if the facility will house Afghans. No answer to his request for info so far

    • There are none in the South which is where I think the anti-vax rate is highest although I haven’t checked recently. I wonder why there are two in SD? Re-settlement suggests refugees and asylum seekers. To use the word “internment” is provocative however, that only suggests one thing. The reason I wouldn’t assume Afghan refugees or even the undocumented in the current policy environment is that the post almost entirely uses the language of “prisoners”. It is not for Afghan prisoners because it would have been entirely easier to imprison them in Afghanistan, that makes no sense to re-settle as “prisoners” a million miles away.

      If it is for anti-vaxxers I can’t help thinking it would just have been easier to kill everyone by putting something in the water supply, no PR campaign that devolves into othering then kidnapping needed – what is the point in this convoluted multi-step double vector process if this “conspiracy” is true? Why force people into prison camps if they won’t get the vaccine why not just forcibly inject them in their homes if vaccination is the end game? And if the vaccine kills with the whole double vector theory then the idea of government enslavement of prisoners is just a waste of time and resources – let people die in their homes since if they are dying and the end game is death then why bother with the camp? Then again I also buy the theories that KH is a chinese agent and JB is a hologram so what do I know? Note to self on relocation scratch S. Dakota and others off list and otherwise prep and carry on I guess.

      • I am also deeply unimpressed by the creativity of these deep state people. Knowing how many Kool Aid drinking sheeple there are out there, wouldn’t it have been a lot smarter for Dr. Fauci to announce the discovery of a substance that Pfizer captured as an magic life injection and that the government are providing for free after decades of toiling in the lab that causes everyone to age backwards then be suspended around 22 with corresponding health and beauty, super immunity, hyper intelligence, sex drive, disease healing, psychic powers and so on. There would be far fewer anti-magic life pillers…I guess the research showed that fear was a more powerful control mechanism than sex – I don’t know though I think somebody from the deep state R and D bureau should be sent back up to the shallow waters.

    • Edinburgh, Indiana…. Camp Atterbury is just “right up the road”. Son joined the NG in his JR year of HS. Camp Atterbury is where he would go for training and the once a month week-end training.

    • Denver makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. You have Peterson AFB near Colorado Springs, Buckley AFB in Aurora (Denver metro) and of course the air force academy in Colorado Springs. Denver international should be able to handle any plane. Buckley can handle C5s.

      Then you can add in that a lot of federal agencies moved to the Denver area in the early 2000s. There has been talk that Denver would make a good capital if something ever happened to DC, militarily DC is not in a good spot given its proximity to the ocean while Denver is surrounded by mountains and inland.

      It isn’t just the skying that brings the elite to Colorado. You can find a lot of videos on DIA, the murals, etc – don’t know if they’re true or not but they are interesting.

  • Why didn’t someone respond to one of the sdds… join up… and find out????.. sheesh… it’s elementary stuff.. then report your findings??

  • Go to where the weekend guard meets and get the license numbers off their cars , then trace them and find out where their home is, then go and demonstrate in front of their houses.Make sure the neighbors hear and see you out front of their house with a sign and maybe a megaphone.After a while they should be shamed in to stopping this craziness.

    • The site was defunded – while you are entitled to your opinion, not all opinions should be posted in such blunt language. Said blunt language does not help.

  • I’m not sure about most of those locations, but there is a National Guard base in the Indiana location. It is mostly a training site, but it does have a minimum security prison on site for civilians. It is possibly the reason for the job posting. I may be very wrong. In all my time training there in the past, I do not know if there were actual NG members working at the prison or if it was purely civilian staff.

  • Camps are for everyone. Total and complete destruction. Whether you have the love juice injection or not…they want us dead.

  • First the Evil Ones stole an Election and installed a puppet as President who has ties to both Russia/China. Then they put up a fence around our Capital because they knew that we knew the Election was a fraud. Then China Joe stops our oil pipeline but gives a blessing to Putin’s. Then he opens our Southern Border to massive group of Covid positive people. Lastly, in spite of the wise counsel of his Military, he turns the Afghans over to China.

    The reason Afghanistan fell so quickly was because China bought off the Tribal Chiefs and Mayors of each City.

    Look at a map! This gives the Chinese a road to Iran and a pathway to the Middle East. The Bible speaks about a 1 million army marching out of the East for the last great battle.

    Given that Chairman China Joe as done nothing to hurt/stop China and Russia, while helping to destroy America, who knows what will come next?????

    • Remember, Chairman Jobama has pushed for gun control, has made threats of using Nukes and F-15’s against us and has the most Marxist leaning administration in American history.

      FYI: Read Mark Levine’s book “American Marxism” if you haven’t, and sign up for J.P.Sear’s videos/newsletter. Also catch Dan Bongino’s podcast on Rumble.com

  • Since DHS claims anti-vax and Trump supporters are domestic terrorist then just look at the unconstitutional patriot act that gives the government power to not only arrest terrorist for as long as they like without due process, but to shoot on sight.

    Nazi Germans arrested its citizens and killed them. They euthanized the elderly, mental ill and handicap. What makes anyone think our government that has been attacking sovereign nations for years would care about us? Remember we attacked Iraqi! However the alleged pilots on 9/11 were all from Saudi Arabia. We went to war based on lies during the first gulf war. The so-called nurse that testified before congress was the ambassadors daughter who was coached on what to say. The reason Iraqi attacked Kuwait was because Kuwait was slant drilling into the Iraqi oil fields. Even now we are illegally drilling in Syria and stealing their oil.

    I will not go to FEMA concentration camps. Any one that accepts the job of internment/resettlement is a traitor.

  • AMERICA IS FULL OF RUSSIAN MILITARY,and boy do they love to brag,I talked to a RUSSIAN ARMY CAPTAIN IN WALMART,he said THEY BOUGHT ALL THE YOUNG WOMEN AND EVERYTHING AMERICA OWNS ,FROM “BARACK OBAMA”..and the MEN of america are the YELLOWEST COWARDS IN HISTORY,kiss your country good by cowards,your HERO”S have sold you out…YOUR OWN MILITARY WILL GO DOOR TO DOOR and round you and your family up and that will be the LAST DAY OF ANY FREEDOM YOU’LL EVER HAVE ,then they’ll take you to a nice place to blow out what little brains you had..and they’ll FEED your little ones to their GUARD DOGS…THE WOREST THING ABOUT THIS IS YOU DON’T CARE..You’ll be perfectly happy in hell,where your going when you leave this world,AND THE BIG ASSYRIAN is jumping with joy…..

  • I was an army MP for 8 years and those duties for internment specialist are straight from our job description. I worked in refugee camps as an MP because logistically running a humanitarian camp and a POW camp are the same. Anyway, why not just advertise for MP position? Why specify internment??

    • Because a 31B is not a 31E. Most of the Army’s I/R units are in the reserves (which most of these ads are for) and they are staffed with 31Es. The truck drivers of the MP Corps.

  • The classic dishonest sign at the gate to Auschwitz was “Arbeit Macht Frei” which translated to “Work sets you free.” What would an equivalent today read in English at entrances to the FEMA internment camps? Something like “Blood Clot Jabs set you free”?


  • Well, if you have read the CDCs plans for *As stated in the shielding document*

    Considerations as suggested by CDC:
    Each “green zone” has a dedicated latrine/bathing facility for high-risk individuals…etc.

    This is where they will be “detained” for their “safety” under quarantine restrictions of not more than 50 people in a faciity (or maybe more if it gets to be like the border—then all bets are off)
    Sounding good, n’est pas?

  • This is not the first time this “job listing” has been posted. I believe it was even mentioned here on OP the last time.
    As to who they are after; it is us.
    Just look at the recent DHS *warning*. There was a even clip on NBC news about it.

    Me thinks they doth protest too much.

  • The only other alternatives to covid camps that come to mind would be
    A) the illegals inundating the border facilities.
    B) Afghan refugees.

    Any or all of these are viable options.

  • Chasing conspiracy theories is like a dog chasing a car. Lots of barking, as the car disappears down the road, until the next one drives by, renewing the barking.

    • Until you find out those dogs belonged to people who were building the camps in the next town over from you. Most “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true, they’re just years in advance of it being on the news.

  • As soon as Biden says no interstate travel, which means millions of Americans won’t be able to gather by the millions from around each state, the national guard will be better able to control states, towns, etc..We can’t become Australia or New Zealand, this is it America, make your plans with family and friends, don’t waste your time on the vaxxed, we can’t save them.

  • I came across this “agenda 21” conspiracy theory about 7 years ago. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. I had wondered how they would achieve such a dramatic change here in America and all over the world. Now we know!
    Look out here comes “agenda 2030 -2032” conspiracy theory! It’s probably true too.
    They have a playbook. This was planned 20 + years ago. Some ideas date back 40 to 50 years ago or more. The enemy is patient and methodical.

  • The Town of Edinburg in Indiana is East of Camp Atterbury. I worked there 5 years and we built several FOB’s fore training troops going over the pond.
    Before I left in 2010, the FOB’s were reworked and looked just like a FEMA/POW camps. Razor wire, elevated guard towers, more permanent structures.
    There was also a R&R Track laid into the middle of no where, but close to the main road leading to the FEMA / POW Camps. The road was on the North side of Atterbury.
    At one time you could goggle map Camp Atterbury and see all of the this. 2 Camps were on the NE side of Atterbury, 1 camp on the NW side of Atterbury just South of the main road leading from Nineveh to Edinburg.

  • I don’t have a comment on the body of the article, but just looking at the picture of ununiform, unpolished, nasty, unbloused trousers walking in herdstep pisses me off.

    So best I stop there.

  • I would like to point out that a good portion of the areas listed (Excluding DC and maybe some areas I am not familiar with) are easy gateways/middle points to more rural surrounding areas and states.
    South Dakota is a somewhat centralized point for the great plains, western Midwest region, portions of the southwest, etc. (Most states surrounding SD are heavily rural, red states).
    Lancaster CA is a prime gateway to the very rural and red High Desert area of CA.
    I am willing to bet the location in NC is also near a more rural area of the state, and possibly a somewhat centralized location for rural points in surrounding states.
    Could mean nothing, could be reading too deep, but I do believe the locations matter and may give curious parties more of an idea on the purpose of this (as one had mentioned, most are not prime locales for border issues).
    I wonder if anyone near some of these areas have noticed any large construction or pre-made camp materials moving through.

  • They have moved there recruiting to ziprecruit I was just on the sight. 08/19/2021 8:30 am. I am ex military and believe this is for the people in the USA that do not comply. Just like Australia is doing right at this moment.

  • Whoever it is for…. it is someone they fear. Right or wrong there is no trust. No rights. No habius corpus. Scarry. Should be. For when? Unknown. Soon? Future? Openly filled? Quietly filled with the disappeared? We won’t know till it’s happening. The wrong political ideology? Wrong religious beliefs? Unvaxxed? Who actually knows? It is just conjecture today. When they figure they have enough control, and brainwashed, it can start.

  • Most of these ads are/were for reserve units you dipshits. Most of the Army’s I/R units are in the Army Reserve. A few are in the National Guard. They are recruiting like they always have. Who the fuck wants to be an I/R MP after they figure out what it entails? Either they reclass or serve out their contracts and get the GI Bill for college. Quit spreading disinformation.

    • Seriously, since so much has been put over on the public, is it necessary to name-call people and ause them of (parroting big tech and intel) “spreading disinformation”? Do we no longer agree that, in America, all viewpoints can be heard? It’s getting disgusting the way so many copy the corporate talking heads on their teevees with their smears and slurs.

      Respect your fellow Americans, please. Because when you denigrate others, you are doing exactly what the authoritarians among us want–division and hatred based on differing ideas. When did that become a “thing” in America? (Oh, yeah — that’s not who we are. I remember now.) Why would you cooperate with those who want to censor and silence others?

      Is it because you are sure you will always be on the “right side”? Read the “First they came for—-” story. Look up “useful idiots.” Read about how quickly “peace and democracy” pushed by totalitarian states turned into “control and submission.”

      These are dangerous times. Your fellow Americans aren’t asking you to join in, but we are asking that you not pile on with those attempting to destroy our values and history.

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