The National Guard is Gearing Up for Door-To-Door “Take the Shot” Talks

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Last year, “conspiracy theorists” discussed the possibility of soldiers going door to door for a mandatory vaccination scheme. Any mention of such – along with a COVID passport – was quickly discredited as something only misinformed fearmongers would spread.

Then in 2021, states began setting up soldier-manned clinics 

Within the first month of the vaccine becoming available, we saw states across America activate their National Guardsmen to inoculate the populace. For example: 

IllinoisIndianaRhode Island, and Connecticut were some of the states receiving such treatment, with National Guard soldiers manning “vaccination clinics” throughout their boundaries.

In a move that reeked of information, The Organic Prepper discussed Alabama scheduling their National Guard soldiers to set up clinics throughout rural locations as of March 2021. 

And now? Soldiers are going door to door

By June 2021, North Carolina residents had National Guard soldiers in full uniform show up at their homes. To my knowledge, Smithfield, North Carolina, is the first region within the United States to perform such measures. You can see video proof here.

Josie Hines was one of many Americans faced with such measures. She had a health official with a clipboard show up at her front door. And guess who was standing behind that health official—three uniformed National Guard soldiers. 

What happened to the shots needing super cold storage? 

Were we not initially told they needed subzero temperatures to remain viable? Is such even possible for bands of workers trekking through the Southern heat in June? North Carolina doesn’t seem to be alone in these types of measures, however.

It appears as if Oregon may be the next state on the list to implement such measures. After Joe gave his speech about, “Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood. And off-times, door-to-door, literally knocking on doors,” it seems like many are happy to carry out such actions.

Jason Davis, a public information officer with Lane County Public Health in Oregon, had this to say:

 “In the state’s fourth most populous county, which includes the college town of Eugene, National Guard members may be among the teams designated to persuade people to take the shots.”

“We’re looking to bring on a team that could be door-to-door.”

So, what IS the end goal here?

To get more Americans to take the jab, of course. Apparently, the best way to convince Americans is to send soldiers to their doors.  But don’t worry. They just want to talk to you.

In response to questions about this policy, Jen Psaki said the aim was “to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need about both how safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

April Holland of the Benton County Health Department said, “There’s a spectrum as to reasons why people have not been vaccinated for COVID-19 yet….some people are uninterested and would take a lot of convincing on our part to get a vaccine.” [source]

But, how do they know where to send the soldiers?

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has said it’s absolutely the right of the government to know who has been vaccinated and who has not. Therefore, isn’t it plausible that the government would soon send troops to the homes of those refusing to get the shot due to the presence of a list? 

Colorado seems to have taken such an argument in stride. There are already reports coming out of Colorado of health workers calling “vaccine-hesitant” individuals who have not yet received the shot.

How do they know who to call? 

Via a list, they’ve been keeping.

How long before the US begins forcibly vaccinating people?

Within Western Australia, armed men can now physically restrain you, remove your clothing, and plunge the shot into your arm.

Within the US, we have people arguing for the same. For example, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said, “if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”

Also, we have some people who argue for the “unvaccinated” not to work or have access to children. [source]

We reported earlier on all the ways people could be “encouraged” to get vaxxed – now it seems we’re going way further than that.

Where does this end? 

Upon hearing of Biden’s plan for door to door, SC Gov Henry McMaster said in a letter to the board of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control:

“A South Carolinian’s decision to get vaccinated is a personal one for them to make and not the government’s. Enticing, coercing, intimidating, mandating, or pressuring anyone to take the vaccine is a bad policy which will deteriorate the public’s trust and confidence in the State’s vaccination efforts,” the letter continued.

“The prospect of government vaccination teams showing up unannounced or unrequested at the door of ‘targeted’ homeowners or on their property will further deteriorate the public’s trust and could lead to potentially disastrous public safety consequences.” [source]

What would you do if soldiers showed up at your door?

So this begs the question: how would you respond if someone with a clipboard escorted by National Guardsmen showed up at your door asking personal health questions? Would you answer their questions? Would you lie? Would you simply not open the door?

Let’s discuss it in the comments. Anyone with information about our legal rights in this situation is extremely welcome to chime in.

About the Author

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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    • I would record the entire encounter, get the names and addresses of each person there, ask if they are employed by the government or working on behalf of the government, ask where they got the list with my name on it–then tell them I plan to sue each of them for conspiring to violate my HIPAA rights to medical confidentiality. And if any of them make the mistake of pointing a gun at me, I WILL shoot to protect the lives of myself and my family.

      • THIS!! It is a violation-Federal-for anyone to disclose or publish your medical records without your consent. The MF show up at my door and it will not be pretty! My body, my choice! I am tired of the nosey busy bodies who have “a right” to interfere in my life. Unbelieveable. The Republic has Fallen.

        • Indeed. It is called “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law”. The repercussions against feds using their power are pretty nasty, but yet I don’t remember ANY feds or cops getting in trouble when confiscating legally owned firearms in New Orleans after Katrina. The Republic, indeed has fallen. May we rest easily in our chains…

      • Ppl will have to take as many as they can down with them. Maybe they’ll think twice about going door to door, pointing guns at fellow humans.

  • I’m in Colorado and I haven’t seen soldiers patrolling neighborhoods yet but we have had social workers. My property is fenced. When they walked by I happened to be working outside and wearing my JP Sears “Amish Virus Protection” tank top and they didn’t even try talking to me, they just kept walking. They can’t be super pushy (yet) because my neighbors and I all have fenced off properties but I’ve heard they’re more annoying in suburban neighborhoods, where they can go up to your door.

      • It’s just a joke. JP Sears is a satirist on YouTube. The shirt says “Amish Virus Protection, Turn Off the TV,” referring to the amount of damage done by the panic (spread on TV and mainstream media) as opposed to the disease itself.

    • @Joanna Miller, you mentioned J.P. Sears, one of our family’s favorites. He has a video on what to do when “they knock” which if you haven’t seen it is a laugh riot. Sears is super Conservative, Funny, and thought provoking. Would like to see some of his stuff here.

      On another note DW and I switched our phones from our gone Woke big carrier to Patriot Mobile, a Conservative/Christian company, out of Texas.

      Trump Won Big!

      • Thanks SeminoleWind I’m checking out Patriot Mobile right now to see their coverage for my neck of da woods here in the great Country of Texas. Lol. They’ve got really good prices.

  • Would advise them only “ONCE” , they are trespassing. After that game on. They must be really worried, if they have to send 3 NG.

      • Read the story:

        “Josie Hines was one of many Americans faced with such measures. She had a health official with a clipboard show up at her front door. And guess who was standing behind that health official—three uniformed National Guard soldiers. “

      • Tom do you not understand,they want to force inject everyone with this mRNA experimental gene therapy that destroys your entire immune system,AT GUN POINT!This is U.N. Agenda 2030,which they renamed “The Great Reset”.The elimination of the vast majority of humans on earth.They don’t like the fact that “The Great Awakening” has occurred.Hundreds of millions of people are seeing what these evil luciferian’s are doing and are now resisting them.They got the compliant “sheople” already,now they want the rest of us,and to get it done,they will do it at gun point.If you don’t take the injection,they will execute you.I would rather be executed,than take what is in the injection.By the way,look up on,patent number WO2020060606.It’s called luciferase,and it IS the “Mark of the Beast”.Have you looked into numerology?Look at the word CORONA,which has six letters. Add the numbers of the letter together.A=1,Z=26.
        6 66
        GET IT?
        They are trying to send all God fearing Christians to hell for eternity by injecting us with the “Mark of the Beast”.
        I will fight back,be executed,and reside in the house of the Lord,instead of burning in hell for eternity.
        ARE YOU AWAKE NOW,Tom?

        • Some people ask questions because they sincerely do not know and want to understand. Are my “spider senses” tingling because, it seems, some are asking questions that border on provocation, that could lead to entrapment or targeting individuals or websites. Some questions can be easily answered by re-reading the article or a quick internet search. Why would someone ask for multiple clarifications? Consider where we are in this 1984 maelstrom and proceed with caution. I would like to believe we are safely among like minded friends but I can no longer afford to be naive. Let us be wise as serpents, harmless as doves.

        • Thou need to get off the hysteria trolley and deeper into your bible. The “mark” is a choice. Be with God or cower under the evil ones. A “sneak” mark doesn’t fit the scriptural narrative. A true believer would not be held guilty because of deception. God is Just. There is no justice in eternal damnation if the evil ones tricked/forced you into receiving the “mark”. Only conscious choice can be justly judged.

          • Exactly! Thank you, Colleen!
            The mark of the beast will not be something ambiguous, or presented with deception as something else. The evil one wants us to make the choice because we are not trusting in God’s provision.
            Scripture clearly states that “no one will be allowed to buy or sell unless they take the mark”. Also implies that you won’t be able to get a job, or housing, or have your kids go to school, or vote, travel, probably be under a curfew, might have to forfeit your vehicle and a whole host of other restrictions.
            Restrictions, BTW, that are only restrictions if you have not fled to your BOL, preferably with off grid options and are living as self-sufficient as possible.
            Not a good time to get stuck in a city or suburban area.

          • Satan tricked Eve, did he not?
            Did he not use scripture to try and trick Christ?

            Would it be a stretch of the imagination to believe the father of lies would, *gasp* lie?
            Think of the names he’s been given in the Bible. Father of lies, the deceiver, the serpent, who have forked tongues. The list goes on and on. The mark is a choice. Do you think it was easy for Daniel to chose to worship only god?
            What about Misheal, Hannaniah and Azariah?

            • Yes satan tricked Eve but Adam knowingly ate the fruit. That is why the overwhelming responsibility was placed on Adam’s shoulders. Adam pulled humanity into sin not Eve. He wasn’t trying to “trick” Jesus. He blatantly offered Him things into return for going outside of God’s plan.
              I’m not discounting that deception will be woven with the tactics surrounding the “mark” but God always provides a way out for us so we are not trapped/forced to into committing sin. Same for unknowingly committing it. Nothing I said before downplayed the severity of the choice. All I was doing was debunking the notion that Christians were going to be tricked into getting the mark and ending up in hell because of it.

        • @…….,

          OMG, I was asking bout the reference to the 3 National Guardsmen. I simply missed it.

          Your response is over the top and had ABSOLOUTELY NOTHING to do with my question, NOTHING.

    • Same thing I did with Census workers. Works, at least it has up until now. I would also have ‘game on’ attitude if they didn’t leave or came back.

  • I live on a medium-sized farm in a semi-rural area. My driveway is a half-mile long. Nearest neighbor is barely visible from my house. I am generally outside, with one or more large working dogs, and on any given day, could be strapped. Copious numbers of “No hunting/fishing/trespassing” signs posted. Only visitors are family and UPS.

    Rather than ask what “I” would do, I’m wondering what “they” would do.

    • We live in the burbs. Posted a no trespassing sign on mailbox well before front door. Unless whomever is holding a valid search warrant, I will politely point out the sign and close the door.

    • Ditto here, Virginia Granny. Beeper sensors along the driveway make the dogs go gaga. No one coming up the driveway unannounced.

  • No problem here. I live five miles to my nearest neighbor. My gate is over a quarter miles away from my house which you cannot see from the highway and the gate is locked at all times. Also, even if they got past my locked gate they would have to get passed my seven big dogs. At that point they are trespassing. I would consider that home invasion at that point.

    • I believe Abbott said no to “forced shots” not door-to-door education. Haven’t seen any door-to-door educators in Collin County, but I’ve heard the rate of vaccination in Collin County is high. Thanks for posting the article -it led to another article that said Abbott/Texas won’t be imposing mask restrictions -it’s up to each individual, like the shot. Happy to live in Texas!

      • Thanks BarbieGirl. I actually saw it was Paxton that said no door to door on his watch so not sure what’s up over in Dallas. Glad to live in Texas thanks be to God. I’m concerned about how they allowed a Chinese ex military billionaire to buy up all that land up right next to Laughlin air force base. He put in an airstrip too. Supposedly a wind farm. Thanks Daisy and Jeff. Great post

  • scary stuff, and you forgot to mention they’re coming for your guns. I’ll be hiding under the bed until the pandemic is over with the terrified republicans. don’t answer the door anymore and don’t let the boogieman give you a shot that will save lives we have a right to let our negligence kill ourselves, family, friends and strangers because this is America

    • well, if you want to take the emergency jab that has killed and maimed people – but TPTB have deleted the data, how conveeeeenient – then that’s on you.

      Stop trying to share the kool-aid. Shame on you for shaming others.

    • Interesting that you think it is only republicans not taking the shot. The largest group not getting the shot are people of color who overwhelmingly voted Democrat. Unless all your family are elderly (probably vaccinated) or have serious health issues not likely to die so probably not going to kill them with a virus with over 99% survivability rate. I am sure you would be unhappy if they came to your door to ask questions about your eating habits since obesity and heart disease kills way more people every year. Maybe ask if you smoke, don’t want you killing people with your second hand smoke. And yes this is America and we do have the right to determine what chemicals we allow to be injected into our bodies. For clarification purposes I am 71 and have been vaccinated.

      • -Gary,
        Well said!

        I was thinking on this earlier today: Why is it we do not hear more calls from the experts to push for healthier lifestyles? Eating whole foods, more exercise, weight loss etc.
        As you aptly point out, 99% survival rate and those who are most impacted by this virus are those senior citizens, those with pre-existing conditions, those whom are obese and or have diabetes.
        After his bout with COVID, which he survived, Boris Johnson was, briefly, calling for exercise and healthier eating, lifestyle.

        NAH! Who wants to do that? To hard, too much effort. Just gimme the jab doc!

        And, there is no money to be made (re: health insurance companies, for profit hospitals, big Ag, big Sugar, Big Pharma, lobbyists etc.).

    • Funny how the “vaccinated” require the ‘un-vaccinated” to get “vaccinated” in order to prevent the “un-vaccinated” from infecting the “vaccinated” who will then get sick and die, but the “un-vaccinated” don’t get sick and die.

      Also, if politicians would give up politicizing health care then anyone who gets sick could be effectively treated and cured from HCQ and Ivermectin, but suspiciously many State Governors (coincidentally all are Democrats) are restricting health care providers from using effective measures to treat the sick.


    I’d find it unlikely they’d come up my 1/2 mile driveway into the woods to knock on the door but a lot of things I thought were unlikely obviously aren’t.

    I’m going to have to think through my best response should that happen.

  • I plan to ask them to get off my property. With a reminder of their oath to defend the constitution. (Not one in a hundred even knows what it defines)

    I sorta want to be the gray man and just not be home, etc. But I think the gig is up, by the time they knock, you’re on the list. They’ll just return with bigger sticks.

    In today’s oppressive environment, even discussing it seems potentially dangerous.

    In my life I have seen the freedom of a great nation, devolve into an Orwellian culture. If you haven’t seen 1984 recently, you should. Look closely at the hate, hate, hate scenes.

    Woe to us all.

  • I would not answer the door.

    I am not interested in entering into a one-way conversation which can only end up going badly for me and my family.

    I am wondering about the legality of all this.

    • I haven’t answered the door to a census taker in my entire life and will not answer the Door to the new stazi either. I do not now nor have I ever had time or mind to entertain the government or their folly.

    • It isn’t at all legal, but that doesn’t mean crap to these people. What was it, about 3 or so weeks ago, the Feds raided a bunch of safe deposit boxes. The victims (if they were victims) filed a lawsuit and the court said the Feds were unauthorized to raid personal property. I never heard if the items (I think money) were/was returned. But the law only applies to those who intend to obey it.

  • Download copies of the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention and post them on your doors and keep a set on your person.Purchase no trespassing signs with your states revised statute on them,and post them around your property.If they step onto your property,they are violating the law.Keep all doors locked and do not answer them.Call law enforcement and tell them you fear for you and your families lives.If they break and enter into your home,again they are violating the law.Have someone take photos of everyone who illegally entered.DO NOT BRANDISH A FIREARM!Remain calm and tell them to leave.If they do not leave,read to them your copies of the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention and tell them to leave again.

  • Anyone know if the National Guardsmen will be armed? I’d really like to avoid my dogs and my family members getting shot a la Kent State.

  • Statism is a cult. Every single person who believes that Covid is super dangerous for everyone, and that everyone must get the vaccine, and that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated yet the vaccines work –

    These are all obvious cult beliefs not founded in reality, science, or logic.

    When the cult is in your neighborhood you don’t answer the freaking door. Or if you can, even get in your vehicle and get out of there.

    All statists believe in obedience to the state, and in the goodness of the state, and that the state can never be wrong or corrupt, and that it knows all, is always right, is benevolent, is always competent, must always be obeyed…

    It’s almost impossible to get through to those who have been sucked into this cult.

    Quite obviously, the cultists believe that the state is everything Christians believe God to be (all-powerful, all-knowing, loving, etc). Yet the reality is it’s a group of psychopathic robbers and murderers who lie about absolutely everything and do all they can to rig and tilt things in their favor.

  • No way am I opening the door. It’s trespassing plain and simple and they will not get any form of cooperation from me.

  • “I have the God-given right to not talk to you, and you have the right provided by me to leave this property in a safe and speedy manner. If you do not comply immediately, I will be forced to revoke that right. If you return I will have to ring the authorities and report you for tresspassing. I suggest you go home to your families and beg forgiveness for acting as a hand of the modern Nazi party.”

  • I’m one of the Colorado residents who received the “you need to vaccinate “ call. It was a pushy sales call that left me wondering how they got my number and how they were aware of my vaccination status. Short of hanging up on her, the only way to get off the phone was to schedule to vaccinate or tell her we already had. In one mountain town here, there is a sign on the door at a movie theater that said they required Proof of fully vaccinated status to be admitted. How many other entities will follow suit? Unsettling to say the least.

    • You know what Beth how funny you mentioned that because about 5 months ago I kept getting calls from Harris Health system which is in Houston daily for like weeks. I kept cussing them out, asking them how they got my number and they wouldn’t tell me. Only said you need to answer this survey about if you are going to get vaccinated and we are going to keep calling you until you answer. I s#$t y’all not. Funny thing, haven’t lived in Houston for years. So maybe they think my family n I r still there. Sure hope so. Finally stopped calling but I know that they know that I am not getting the death shot.

  • Suggestions from Celeste Solum at

    What to do when the Strike Force Team knocks on your door:

    *Post a Constitutional No Trespassing Sign, one each on the 4 corners of property. If you live in an apartment, post one on your door.
    *LOCK YOUR DOORS at all times.
    *Have 20 Copies of Public Servant Questionnaire near your door for chain of custody purposes.
    *Have a recording device on or near your door at all times.
    *Don’t answer the knock. This is your first line of defense.
    *If you answer inadvertently, do not permit entry. This is called “Knock & Talk” by law enforcement, and it is a way to gain entry.
    *They may walk around house looking for infractions to justify entry into your home.
    *If they ask you questions, you do not need to answer.
    *If you are not able to remain silent then declare your HIPAA privacy and complaint rights, which are totally legal. No one has a right to your medical information.
    *Require their photo ID and photograph/record their license.
    *Tell them you practice STRICT BIOSECURITY (must be in these terms) measures and require them to follow your measures. Turn the table on them trying to intimidate you!

    Links to the Constitutional No Trespassing Sign and Public Servant Questionnaire are on her website if interested.

    • The thing with no tresapssing signs that the courts have upheld is “implied license” trumps the no trespassing sign.

      Your neighbors have “implied consent” to come talk with you. The police have “implied license” to conduct a “knock and talk” until such time as you tell them to leave.

      “Implied license” is legal BS to allow police and government to violate your no trespassing signs. Unless your have a sign that says you revoke/remove “implied license” the court will rule that government has it.

      You can find ready made signs that say you’ve revoked “implied license” at

      I keep a similarily worked printout which cites a couple of other court cases to hand out to government types to let them know that they are trepassing and not to come back without a warrant.

      If they come to the door I ask them if they saw the no trespassing and revocation of implied license signs and ask to see a copy of their warrant. I then inform them that without a warrant they are trespassing and need to get off my property. I also let them know that I invoke my 5th Amemdment right to not say anything to them.

    • “They may walk around house looking for infractions to justify entry into your home”

      repeated for emphasis. this technique won’t be used yet, but it will be used eventually.

  • What are your thoughts on people living in government owned housing??? Think of people living on a base, or people who have government quarters because of a job like a park ranger living in a gov owned cabin while working a park….

  • If someone forces their way into my home, pulls on or tries to remove my clothing and force-ably puts something in my body, can I claim rape?

    • Yes…. It’s not about health and safety… Taking inventory, list building and red flagging……

    • SassyGirl, you are absolutely right. It’s beyond time that steps have not been taken to deal with that reality. Americans have become brainless wuzzes.

  • A side note….your neighbors will know who the unvaccinated are once they show up at your door. No doubt they are counting on social pressure to help them out too.

  • I want to meet the DC bureaucrat who thought having the NG escort health officials was a good idea.
    What? Ya thought that would give the populace a sense of “security” in the good sense?
    Try again there zippy.

    My wife is in the NG, so I know likely these guys were “volentold” to go along. Render the proper greeting of the day, listen to their spiel, smile, thank them politely, wish them a good day, and be on my way.

    Might put a BEWARE OF CHICKENS sign in the yard. No, seriously, one of the UPS guys asked if my chickens bite.

  • I see CNN pundits and so-called experts are continuing to push their, “We must punish those unvaccinated, with social segregation, make them pay for daily testing, and making their lives a living hell until they get the jab!” (Note: Paraphrasing)

    Individual choice. If you want the jab, get the jab. If you are in that age group that is more susceptible, have pre-existing conditions, then by all means.
    Again, it should be individual choice.

  • Opening the door gives them information. I have the right to remain silent so they can stare at my door. When they decide to do more than that, lets just say I’ve made peace with my choice of action.

  • Just say that you’ve already gotten it. That should remove your name and family from the list and stop future visits.

    • In my state, MA, they have a data base of everyone who has received the jab, so conversely, they also know who hasn’t had it.
      Of course, you could always tell them when they show up that you’d love to talk, but (cough, cough) you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms.
      It’ll freak them out and buy you some time to sneak out of the area, unless they post a guard and quarantine your house.

  • I’ll not answer the door, and if it’s on the street i’ll pass on the answer, and move along anyone attempting to stop me will have to assault me to get an answer, and I would hope the police will arrest those committing assault?

  • This is now an attrtion war. Recognize it for what it is. The side to prevail? Will be the side the most determined.
    This is another beta test, just like last summer’s violence, to see HOW FAR THEY CAN GO AND HOW HARD THEY CAN PUSH BEFORE RETALIATION AND HARD RESISTANCE OCCURS.
    How much more crap are we willing to sustain from these people???? Where is THE PEOPLE’S line in the sand?
    According to piles of scientists and doctors, this vaccine is lethal. So… Can forced or coerced vaxing be considered assault with a deadly weapon?
    If EVER there was a cause to bloidy the nose of govt, now is that time. Because if we continue to let them slide just to avoid unpleasant confrontation, they will be back, with even BIGGER IMPOSITIONS.
    Ducking and avoiding these people? WILL NOT SEND THE MESSAGE that needs to be sent. It only sends a message of fear. And they will only capitalize on that.

    • I had relatives living in east Berlin in the 1960s when it was occupied by Russians and the Stasi. They escaped from east Berlin under the worst of circumstances. I know what it is like to live under socialism, ask the Cubans and Chinese who came here as it was no different. I only have to proffer the lessons of history: (1) Once Little changes are introduced they have a nasty habit of becoming permanent; (2) If we don’t know where we have come from, we don’t know where we are going; and (3) Small assaults on rights are seldom opposed until it is too late to do anything about it.

      I will leave with this quote to ponder from Martin Niemoller: “First they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because i was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was nobody to speak for me.”

      The shot will become mandatory and revaccination every 6 months. It really should be individual choice. The more they try to force the issue people become more wary.

  • Look up your state law regarding trespassing. Ours says a sign with verbal command to leave effects anyone except those with a warrant. The police can be called on anyone else. I’m also planning on posting a sign on the screen door warning them that they are not legally allowed to speak to my minor children without a parent present and that the kids will call the police on them if they try. We are very rural and at this point the local law enforcement is not going to put up with this BS. I’m also considering a yard sign telling them to not even bother knocking at the door.
    If they do come to the door we will not respond.

  • I live in Colorado. I have not had anyone call or come to my door yet. My town is a tourist town and there are so many people here. I don’t see anyone that is worried about this “virus”.
    I will not answer my phone if the colorado dept of health calls. If they come to my door I don’t think I will answer. However, if they insist that I open my door they will meet my very huge husband who will insist that they stop trespassing immediately.

    • “if they insist that I open my door”

      you do not have to open the door. if you open the door this is regarded as legal permission for entry, and allows law enforcement to find probable cause to search.

  • We have both no trespassing and no solicitation signs up, have for years. Deters most everyone.

    As far as these teams, everything I’ve read says number one is to not answer the door. If you do, be polite but firm in stating that your health/medical issues are between you and your personal physician. Remind them of your no trespassing signs and wish them a good day as you close the door.

  • I thought Biden said he’s not mandating vaccines (like he has any authority)…soooooo why have Governors send in National Guard? All it takes is one pissed off person to cap a Guardsman. This us all WAY overreach.

  • Which would be a DUMB thing for them to do….
    Word would spread about this amongst neighbors in a magical hurry and they would be in deep shit in a matter of MINUTES…..
    Tolerance for govt imposition amongst the folks is rapidly coming to an end. Endanger their families with armed door to door douchebaggery? Will be rhe last straw for many….

  • Post a No Trespassing Sign. The covid sales force have to respect a no trespassing sign. (Not a no soliciting sigh) Can someone tell me does the National Guard have to respect the sign? I would think they do. Simply say “you are trespassing. Please get off my property.” If they refuse, call 911 and have them removed. I think the National Guard presence is simply an intimidation method.

  • I would answer the door and thank the Guard personnel for their service to the country. I would go on to let them know that I took the same Oath they did to protect & defend the Constitution. I would then ask if they believe medical information is private and none of the governments business, and likely I would suggest they vacate my property immediately.

  • What your options are depends on the state. In my state, a citizen can make an arrest if the observe a misdemeanor or felony. If you post visible “No Trespassing” signs on your property, and specify that only UPS, USPS and FedEx delivery persons are the only exceptions, you could arrest anyone else who steps onto your property…or call the cops to arrest them. Even if there were some supposed exception for the National Guardsmen, the jabber-person would be trespassing, and hence arrestable.

  • If your state allows citizens to make felony or misdimeanor arrests, and Trespassing is one of those…and you’ve clearly posted “No Tresspassing” signs, you can arrest them. Should National Guardsmen have some flukey “right” to Trespass, the “jabber” could still be arrested by you … or your police.

  • : for right(s) to refuse the shot
    same site gives info where to acquire HCQ and IVERMECTIN

    • I didn’t see any place or link to purchase any of these drugs. I typed Ivermectin in the search engine and instead of getting a link, I got some text about the topic.

  • In certain areas of my state, they might be met with armed refusals.
    We are not the rebels we used to be.
    However if they tried forcedly vaxing people, I doubt they would survive the exercise.
    Even some of those that might be pro vax, would take offence in the trampling of a person’s freedom of choice.
    I truly believe that this is all designed to end poorly. As this goes on more and more people will be forced to distrust their governments.
    So that once the Final plan is started, no one will trust the government and all over the world local civil war will result, crashing the ” global” economy as well as the local ones.
    Utter chaos will result. Which is the plan to create World Wide SHTF.

    So beware not only of current events but also of the ” end game” that will follow them.
    Don’t look at this as an isolated event but consider it a part of a larger event.

  • I’m trans-vaccinated. You can’t discriminate against me or it’s a hate crime. Per Mike Adams the Health Ranger. That’s my fav so far. 😉

  • The Guard belongs to the state unless the entire state guard is Federalized. So, was the Guard mobilized? Or did the Governor order this?
    Unless you have your head so far up your ass you can see daylight if you open your mouth, what is going on should be painfully obvious. The Secretary of HHS says the Government has the right to know if you are vaccinated (Under what Article?). Dershowitz needs to review his history. Forcing a vaccine on people sounds a whole lot like 1940’s Germany to me. Australia will send armed men to restrain you and give you the shot. Still think there is no ‘Elite vs Peon’ state? Still think that Agenda 21 is a nutball far, far right conspiracy?
    Still think you have freedom? Not when the State can send the Gestapo to force you to accept the vaccine or kill you if you refuse.
    Enjoy the suck, folks. Once you surrender your freedom, it virtually impossible to get it back.

  • No way will I open the door. I don’t open the door now to anyone I don’t know. I certainly won’t be opening it to soldiers. I have a sign on my door that reads: “No Soliciting. We don’t open the door to people we don’t know.” I’m hoping they won’t even knock.

  • I would answer the door with my Saiga 12-gauge, which I have well-regulated to handle both slugs and 000 buckshot. I would then advise everyone standing outside my door that anyone reaching for a weapon, or not off of my property within the next 10 seconds will be shot.

  • Knowing my “neighbors,” they would likely not be above ground within 5 miles of my place … and local LE wouldn’t care.

  • Looks like it’s time to install that front-entrance doggie door in for my two Pit Bulls, Demon and Wrecker, and my 100lb German Shepherd Guido.
    They love to sit on the front screened-in porch and “greet” strangers.

    • there is a “barking dog” alarm which works by movement. Supposed to sound like a large German Shepard.
      Might slow anyone down from thinking about entering.

  • In addition to the many excellent suggestions already posted, I see where some more might be useful:

    In addition to keeping your doors locked, make sure you have (or install) in those doors a peephole that is effectively one-way. I put a small pivoting flap inside of mine that blocks any attempt to see in from the outside.

    I’ve seen suggestions to install an automatic sprinkler system in front of those doors. You can choose whether it is set up to be triggered automatically or by you as needed from inside. I prefer the “as needed by me” setup. Amazon is full of equipment ads — some I’ve seen are in the $60 range. Experienced users have reported that such a sprinkler going off is a very quick and reliable way to discourage any unwanted “visitors.” As long as I have the option to turn it on only when needed … that way I don’t have to run off longtime friends and neighbors who I deeply treasure.

    I’m in a state that has long been a target for high volume robo-callers on phone, so a couple of decades ago I installed a blind outgoing message on my work desk phone that does not identify me, that thanks the caller, and that requests they leave me their message or a way to return their call. There’s nothing offensive in that message. I made sure my friends and business associates all understand that system, and the reason I had to install it. After 20 or so years of highly successful experience with that system in fielding every possible kind of call, I’ve seen no reason to change any bit of it.

    If you mess up and get trapped into an unwanted conversation with such jab predators, you need to understand some background legal issues. In 1986 when the mega-pharmaceutical companies corruptly exacted an exemption from legal liability from Congress for any damage or even death that a vaccine they created might cause, that exemption did not apply to anyone else down the “production line.” — meaning that whether National Guard troops, medical staff or whatever kind, or plain vanilla stranger-volunteers with zero credentials should be liable to be charged with attempted manslaughter (given the many cases of crippling or even death that have been reported), malpractice (if medically licensed), practicing medicine without a license if not licensed, and even accessory to murder in the event your heirs need to request the filing of criminal charges under local state law. Given that potential liability you should have the right to insist that your unwanted “visitors” produce copies of their full identification (driver’s license, social security number, home address, and banking institution) so that a criminal court decision can rip them apart piece by piece. I had to produce most of that information recently before a local hospital would accept me for a very simple day’s outpatient work. But hopefully you can avoid the need to have any conversation with your unwanted “visitors.”

    Also understand that officialdom has little restraint in lying to you or telling you one thing and then doing the opposite … or waiting until they have some advantage and then changing what they will do for, or to, you. I had that experience a few years ago when I was kidnapped by trickery off my own front porch by local fire department EMTs whose boss was on the payroll of the least competent hospital in the region. I was locked out of my own house and not allowed to even retrieve my wallet, house keys, phone contact list, laptop, or any of the basics of a hospital go bag that would have been extremely useful for what turned into a two-weeks-plus medical incarceration … paved by deceit, treachery, and random incompetence throughout. And that was nothing related to what the Beijing Biden administration is doing today and is capable of.

    If you can, install some kind of video taping system so you can explain in truth so your unwanted visitors that they are being fully recorded. It would be best if they can’t see where your camera is installed since a simple spray can of black paint could mess up the visual side of your recording. If you don’t install such a system, understand that your unwanted visitors probably have zero hesitation in lying to you about anything, so if you need to practice lying to them about the presence of your non-existent video recording installation … exercise your best judgment about this.

    In the face of medical hell reports (following Covid-19 jabs) that included symptoms that closely resemble mad cow disease for which there is no cure, deadly blood clots that are even more pronounced at high airline altitudes, and flat-out declarations by highly experienced medical professionals that the Covid-19 jabs don’t even meet the legal definition of a vaccine under federal law, but instead are in fact bio-warfare agents designed to massively reduce populations as intended by eugenics-obsessed globalists, assume that your life and any possible future for your heirs are all at stake if you get trapped into taking this jab under conditions that would have met all the terms that the Nuremberg trials used to imprison some Nazi medics and execute others who violated that all important “informed consent” standard.


    • “I was kidnapped by trickery off my own front porch”

      an extremely important point. the inside of your house is the most legally-protected place you can be regarding searches, arrests, etc. your front porch, however, is considered “in public” and all kinds of different rules apply regarding searches and arrests and detentions. for example, you can be drunk as you want inside your own home, but if the police ask you to step out on your porch “so they can talk to you” and you step out, they can then arrest you for being drunk in public.

  • I served and so I’ll give them one chance to not cross the marked property line.

  • Much ado about nothing. Most National Guard Personnel will probably be lower level enlisted E-4 to E-6. They are probably doing this for the extra money or because they were “Voluntold” or promised they’d get out of AT or drill. They probably do not give a damn about whether you get the shot or not. They won’t be armed. Hell even during the riots most had NO AMMO. Apparently you all have some really lofty opinions of their tactical prowess. Not meaning to be disparaging, but generally their stupid “do outs” for drill have nothing to do with honing their abilities. Got all that “Death by PowerPoint” or other ridicules “Big Army” BS that has to be done. If you think the Active Duty folks are being dumbed down you have no idea how bad it is in the Guard! The Guard is good for natural disasters. Ask the Active Duty Army what they think about the Guard. They call them “Nasty Girls” (among other things). Where do I get my opinion? I retired from the Guard. I left active duty Marine Corps after 6 deployments, raised my son, tried to go back Marine Corps…told I was an old man at 42 years old. Didn’t want to miss out so I joined the Guard. I finally retired last year on the day I got my 20 year letter…literally called the Readiness NCO, turned in my package next day (had it ready) and it was a mic drop moment. I was greatful for being able to get TriCare, be a mentor to younger members and get a retirement. Other than that I really really did not enjoy my tenure. So anyway not all Guard units are created equal but having served in 3 different states I will tell you that you have nothing to worry about!

    • Don’t even get me started on the fine “Leaders” in the Guard. My wife always asks me, “Bitter Much?” It was so bad I had to get all of the muscles in both eyes adjusted because of my CERS (Chronic Eye Rolling Syndrome)

    • -InTheBonniesTX,
      Well said.
      Dont know why everyone thinks the NG will be carrying, ready to bust down doors, hold people at gun point as the floating black orb drone with the big needle comes to inject them (scene from the first, good Star Wars), as Darth Vader watches on.

      As I posted earlier, who thought that would be good optics in the news or generate a sense of “security?”
      Fire that guy!

      • Truly a “November Sierra” moment….The likely culprit is probably the “Good Idea Fairy”

        Sorry for the NG rant..

        I guess its part of my therapy.

  • Best thing is to not answer the door.
    Looks as if they have upgraded their threats. Last I read it was just a few people with clipboards.
    Maybe they got yelled at too many times.
    If they start sending armed troops with the “volunteers”, that’s a whole ‘nuther thing.

    Remember Posse Comitatus?

  • Fortunately I’m in S.C. so I don’t expect they’ll come around here, but I could be wrong. If they do I’ll just tell them I only discuss personal medical issues with my doctor. Of course I’ll listen politely to their snake-oil pitch, but that’s all.

  • Ugh! This is so creepy!
    If the DNC wanted to guarantee a Republican landslide in the mid term and 2024 elections, this is the way to do it. Nothing says “totalitarian regime” like sending troops door to door and forcing people to do something that they don’t want to, and smart politicians will play that up.

    • You don’t understand yet, but soon you will. There is only one party. Corruption of lifelong pensions and unfettered power has destroyed the souls of both parties.
      Look at how the “conservatives” have conserved. When was the last time they did anything but make a grand speech infront of a camera banging the desk.

    • You forget. Trump won in 2020 in a landslide.
      Do you think the demons won’t do the same crap the pulled then in 2022 and 2024?
      That’s “assuming” we even have elections again.

  • I live in Troutdale Oregon…East of Portland…and at this time we have had no door-to-door of any type in our neighborhood.
    If anyone does ever knock on my door pushing the so-called vaccine, I would politely tell them that my body is my property and that I will never consent to a gene altering injection.
    Then, with a goodbye, I would firmly close my door.

  • “NO TRESPASSING” signs are posted every 50 feet along my fence. The first incursion will see whomever escorted out the gate at gunpoint. The second incursion will be shot on sight.

  • What happened to the mantra of my body, my choice? Worked decades for the baby killing crowd. Post a biohazard sign 30ft from front door. Answer with a gas mask on and full protection coverings. Have a bowl of Food colored noodles beside the door and open the door while gavomiting. Fake blood coming from your eyeballs. Big ass Quarantined sign warning. Big goggles, meat cutter apron, full blown breaking bad on them. Nervous head jerk movements and bite a small fake blood packet and keep talking. Or chain your 110lb Belgium German Shepard who only responds to German commands up with a 30ft run near your porch and sit there and drink sweet tea and see if the come closer. I live wayyy out in the country. Doubt they’ll be going door to door out here.

    • “What happened to the mantra of my body, my choice?”

      you never understood it. it was always, “my body my choice, your body my choice”.

  • Ya want a conspiracy, here ua go: I just made this up. ” the powers that be keep pushing the vaccine hard until everyone who will get the shot does. Then they release virus #2 which kills everyone who didn’t get the shot, thus removing every single person who will not conform to their agenda. Game over you’ve been outplayed! When the virus first started did you notice how tens of thousands of Chinese folks disappeared? Humm

  • Your county sheriff has the final word on who is allowed in your county. They would be the ones to ask “what if”. Will they keep them out or not. Look up Kris Anne Hall and learn how not to comply.
    Know your rights

  • Tempting as it is to open the door and educate them on the deaths and injuries caused by these injections, to tell them these are not vaccines but experimental gene therapy that alters the body at a cellular level, to warn them these shots cannot be flushed out and will not wear off and there is no antidote…it’s probably better to fly under the radar and just not answer the door.

  • They best not come to my door. If I get wind of them coming into my neighborhood, there will a sign on door. Please obey the HIPPA laws. I will not answer your question. Here is a copy of my card that I cannot get this vaccine and I know all the lies I need to know about this vaccine. When the demacrats obey the rules they appose on us then come talk to me. Otherwise move on.

    NO! I will not open door for them but a nice get lost letter will be posted on the door for them to be intertained with.

  • Peggy Hall of the Healthy American has info on legally retaining your rights.
    Sheriff Richard Mack of CSPOA says Constitutional sheriffs will protect your rights.

    I say the police saying “Anything you say can and will be used against you,” applies. You aren’t going to give zombies a brain. Listen and/or ask questions and answer none. Be polite. Be the grey man, forgettable.

    Ask them to leave your property. By law, they have to. Ours is no longer a nation under rule of law–but they follow it sometimes.

  • I’d order them off my property with my pistol strapped to my hip just to let them know that I ain’t taking their chit!

  • As I was reading the comments, the ad scrolling at the bottom of the screen said “FEMA is urgently hiring now.”
    That is a warning to us.

  • I wonder how the visit would go if I just told them, “Yes, we are vaxxed. My employer arranged the shots for all retirees and their spouses. Thanks for stopping. Goodbye. The baby is in the tub.

    Or, “How is it you felt it was OK to disregard numerous POSTED and NO TRESPASSING signs, open two gates, and drive all the way up into here on private property? Now I am asking you to leave or I’m calling the Sheriff.”

    Which would go best?

    Should they come with the intent on physically forcing me, I hope I have enough warning in advance of their arrival. Since I view the “shots” as kill shots I consider the likely result would be self-defense on my part. But I also know things would go badly for everyone, me included.

  • I am going to take a different approach to “door knockers” as any type of backlash or violence is just what the PTB are looking for to really clamp down.
    No signs, no threats, no arguments.
    I plan to take about 2 minutes and be “nicely proactive”.

    Goes like this:

    Vaxidiot – Hi…blah, blah, blah, have you had the vax?

    Me – Wow, thanks for taking time to come by.
    Yes I have been vaccinated. Our entire household has.
    I really appreciate you looking out for our “community safety”.
    Can I fill your water bottle before you leave? (100′ in Eastern WA right now.)
    Great, my garden hose right here is fresh and clean.
    Have a great day, Goodbye!

    I think they will leave at that point, happy, but still brainwashed…lol

    The statement provided above is true, as even though I have not and never will take the CovVax, I have had many vaccines in my life.

    The Gardasil vaccine killed my daughter in 2013 so I am not interested in your therapy but will keep that to myself if confronted at my doorstep.

    Be well,

    RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

  • This is fearmongering and good way to create conflict and accidents and civil unrest. For many of us our no means no and if you want to push the issue be willing to bear the consequences!

  • I got a robocall from the health system asking about the shot. One of my docs asked about it also. Politely said no.

    I did ask one of my docs a few years back why not give out free vitamin D supplements instead of free flu shots. Never did get an answer.

    Noticed that more people in my area- South Florida are back to wearing masks. Picked up a bunch when they were on clearance, figuring that they would be back.

  • I’d show them my proof of vaccination (and yes, the National Guard was assisting in the venue where I received my vaccinations), thank them for their service, state sad to say I too have Covidiots in my family, and that we should all hope the Covidiots don’t infect others. I might even add that we’ll have record numbers of potential winners of the Darwin Award.
    An individuals rights do not usurp the health and safety of the country. However I do understand the hesitancy of African Americans in Alabama to be vaccinated. The Tuskegee Experiment did nothing to build trust in that state.

    • Well vaxidiots shouldn’t be scared of anti-vaxxers because we literally will have zero effect upon you. If you are immune we cannot infect you. We are zero threat to anyone except ourselves and we choose to deal with the known outcomes of the big C. We have had covid in the house this year. We are a healthy family of 8 with only asthma as a chronic condition in 2 people. Having influenza was definitely worse. The only lingering problem is that my husband’s sense of smell has not returned. I know one very elderly couple who had C quite seriously but while they stayed weak for longer than other viral infections they fully recovered. I do not know of anyone in my circle, extended family or church who has died from the big C.
      Yes personal rights do usurp the “health and safety of the country” because our body is not your property. No one, including the government, has the right to demand that we inject an experimental, not approved by the FDA, technology into our bodies. And yes it is technology, look it up for yourself. It is not anything like a classic vaccine.
      You do know that covid is fatal to only 1.7% of people who have it right? While higher than we are used to and no one wants to be that 1.7%, 608,403 deaths are not enough to sacrifice personal liberty for. Because once you surrender a liberty to the government you NEVER get it back. He who surrenders some freedom to gain a little liberty in the end loses both.

  • Communicable diseases are reported to state health departments – check your state regs. HIPAA applies to health care and health care insurance industries.

    • Selena is correct about HIPAA not applying. If they went and asked your doctor if you were vaccinated, that is protected by HIPAA. They can ask you anything they want. This doesn’t mean you’re required to answer, just that citing HIPAA is irrelevant.

  • All preppers should have security screen doors in place on every entrance. Home Depot has experts that know how to install them. Modern ones need not have the “jailhouse bars” look: some look like normal screen doors with heavy steel mesh and a tamper-proof way of attaching to the door-frame.

    That having been said, the door is never answered to unwanted visitors here. Firm policy.

  • My husband is a retired guardsman….served 2 terms, 2 honorable discharges. This just infuriates him. He says if anything, the purpose for the guardsman being there is to protect the social workers, not to force a shot on anyone. They KNOW if they’re approaching people who have at this point not gotten the vaccine, it’s likely they’re not going to get it and it’s not going to be an easy or enjoyable visit at the door. We’ve been discussing our plan of action if this crap comes to Iowa. We’re also very rural with large dogs and a sign lol.

  • I knew this day was coming, but I still find it astounding. Orwell and Huxley were both correct.
    The Republic is lost.
    Their insane desperation to inject every human on Earth with the deadly experimental mRNA death shot – for a non-existing “pandemic”, when multiple successful treatments and basic immune health procedures are not just ignored, but demonized and made unobtainable – tells you they are lying about everything.
    The mind control has been an incredible success.

    If they come to my door, I won’t answer it. They are there to confirm who is stupid enough to get the shot and who will continue to defend their God-given right to freedom. I will definitely not do anything to attract attention.
    The next time they come, it will be to forcibly inject me. I have not figured out what I will do then.

    I know no one will come to my assistance, my friends and family will all say it was for my own good.

    I will die before I let them inject me voluntarily.

  • I have medical coverage through a major provider. Over the past many months I’ve been to my doctor a few times. I declined the shot when she offered it. I told her it was experimental. She replied ” not really it’s been through 3 trials and its OK”…liar. A few days ago I went to their pharmacy to pick up an item. The pharmacy clerk said ” oh I see you haven’t had the Covid vaccine, would you like more information on it ?” I said, No.
    Obviously my medical # has been flagged as not being vaxxed. And why does a mere pharmacy clerk know my medical business? ! I would not think they would be allowed per Hippa. They are compiling lists..

  • I thought this was volunteer. I thought our medical records were under HIPPA. I thought the government didn’t have a list. I thought I didn’t need an ID for vaccination. So now mandatory, my medical records aren’t private, government has a list, and I have to have a vaccination ID but I can vote with out an ID as long as I vote for Democrats. Wow nothing like gut punch.

  • I’d be nice if I answer the door at all. I’d kindly tell the fool I’m not interested EVER. I’d also tell them I’m not intimidated by sending militaria to my door and any such attempt to intrude into my personal space will be taken as an act of aggression and I will rightly defend myself justly.

    • “I’d also tell them”

      tell them nothing. offer no opinion, just politely end the encounter. that you won’t talk to them should be the only data they walk away with.

  • Although most Americans have ignored it, citizens have been forced to receive medical treatment for years. If a child has cancer and the parents don’t want the toxicity of standard chemotherapy, the doctors will immediately get a court order and do it anyway. Citizens whose religion prohibits blood transfusions are treated the same way. Most people dismissed these numerous incidents by saying, “They’re children.” But what the masters will do to children, they will do to adults. Consider yourself on the bridge at Lexington and Concord. Will anyone fire a shot to echo around the world? We will not be used, forced, harmed, or compelled. Is there a hero among our current crop of wimps?

  • Never answer the door to strangers. Besides, someone with a clipboard, accompanied by 3 soldiers, is meant to be intimidation. Don’t let them succeed. If you open the door you may not be in control of the situation and you take a chance that you won’t be able to close it without giving in. Your health information is a private affair between you and your doctor.

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