Most of Us Are NOT Participating in the Hysterical Rage You See on the News

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by Daisy Luther

If you were to read about the United States of America from someplace else, you’d probably think it was a nation full of people who are gearing up to go to war. Anyone would think the same thing from what they saw in the media. You would see hysterical rage fueling terrible acts. You’d see the intense hatred between people who belong to different political parties. You’d believe this is nationwide.

But it’s not. Sure, there’s some tension if you talk politics, but in most places, it isn’t crazy in a life-threatening kind of way. Mostly, it’s pretty friendly.

But this isn’t the America of the media.

When I went through the news today to search for a writing topic, it was like being hit with a wall of despair. Parts of the country are truly in bad shape. The venomous hatred is like nothing I’ve ever seen in this nation.

There are absolutely pockets of rage – violent enclaves studded with people who are nothing more than domestic terrorists. Full-on fascists who unironically call themselves anti-fascists.

In Portland yesterday, some people in masks (and some who brazenly went without them) took over a major intersection and “directed” traffic, shouting obscenities and racial slurs toward white drivers. An elderly man became fearful and drove through them. They chased him down and began striking his vehicle with batons and rocks. AN OLD MAN. They were within minutes of beating him, according to reports. Meanwhile, the police “monitored” the situation from a distance, allowing the mob free reign. (Read more at Zero Hedge.) Near Portland, arsonists actually set fire to a truck bearing a couple of pro-Trump stickers.

In Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul’s wife sleeps with a gun. Fear is now a constant companion for her. She wrote an open letter to Senator Corey Booker that was published on CNN, calling him out for urging people to “get up in Congresspeoples’ faces.” Booker isn’t the only member of Congress who is inciting violence, either. Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against Representative Maxine Waters for “inciting violence and assaults on the Trump Cabinet.”

It goes on and on. A writer for The Late Show tweeted “I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.” A special education teacher in Minneapolis tweeted, “So whose [sic] gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” An executive from Google tweeted, “You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. F–K. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.” And these are just this week. Wow, and we thought Trump’s tweets were a bit over the top.

Lest it seem one-sided, there’s a whole language that angry conservatives use to insult liberals on Twitter. Twitter is a verbal war zone and there aren’t a lot of people taking the high road there.

Over the past year, we’ve seen violence at a Unite the Right rallies, notably the one in Charlottesville, Virginia that left a woman dead when a car drove into a crowd.

It’s impossible to find truly unbiased links for all of these and that leads me to my point.

It isn’t like this in everyday America. The media is painting an ugly picture and putting that picture everywhere so it seems like this is our reality.

It’s not.

Rage is not the reality for most of us.

Here’s the America I’ve seen.

A couple of days ago, my neighbors were grilling and we chit-chatted over the fence. They shared some delicious southern barbecue with us, and I passed on some of the last, delicious late tomatoes to them. They had a Hillary Clinton sign in their yard when we moved in, but they still caught our dog Bella and brought her home when she escaped over the fence for a little walkabout.

We helped the neighbors on the other side of our house when the husband had a heart attack last year. We couldn’t do much, but we went over while they were waiting for the ambulance and took care of their pets during the hospital stay. Later, the wife brought us a cake.  I have no idea for whom they voted and I don’t care. It was a delicious cake.

My landlady has bumper stickers all over her car with which I disagree. Some of them make me cringe internally, but I don’t feel obligated to point out her errors in critical thinking. I gave her a nice plant to thank her for letting us move in and she gave us a couple of pumpkins for the front porch. She brings dog biscuits for our pets every time she swings by to do a repair or collect the rent.

When I was in California, I was a part of the warmest network of homesteaders you can imagine. When there were wildfires, they opened up their fields and barns to others fleeing the flames with their livestock. We got together monthly to learn new skills and all “paid” the teacher with a homemade or homegrown goodie. When one homesteader broke her leg, we all took turns looking after her livestock until she recovered.

This is the America that I see. Neighbors being kind to neighbors. Communities that care about one another. People who don’t want to participate in the hysterical rage that we’re seeing all over the media.

I see an America that pulls together.

In times of trouble, our communities are there for one another. We do this without government intervention and media urging.

There’s the Cajun Navy, which formed after a bunch of guys who fish and hunt banded together and then went and rescued people who needed rescuing. There are the people in Hawaii who saw that the government wasn’t doing anything to help people displaced by a volcano, so they stepped in and built a tiny house community for their homeless neighbors.

There was the guy in Puerto Rico who bought a utility truck with his neighbors and restored power to their neighborhood himself. After Hurricane Harvey in Texas, there were stories of community that would melt even the coldest heart. And remember how practically the whole internet stepped in to support the woman who got in trouble for rescuing abandoned dogs and cats after Hurricane Florence?

We can and do pull together during hard times. And when those hard times happen, it doesn’t matter who somebody voted for or what they said on Twitter. That rage doesn’t matter anymore.

A few ways to have a less outraged day

First of all, I refuse to connect with any of my neighbors on social media. I won’t look up old friends there either. I just don’t need to know their deeply held political convictions that may or may not be ridiculous enough that I’d feel differently about them.

I know how kindly they treat stray cats. I know they share the extra apples from their tree with the rest of us. I know how cute the kitchen is of the woman with the apple tree because I spent a pleasant afternoon in there teaching her how to can applesauce. These are the things that matter.

I only use social media for business purposes, to help people who want to be better prepared, and to tell funny stories or share pictures of my cat, if I’m being honest. I can’t be bothered to get into arguments on there. When in history has anyone ever totally reversed their deeply held opinion on anything because someone on Facebook ALL-CAPPED the “truth” at them?

I don’t talk about politics and religion. Remember the days when this was the norm? When it was considered discourteous, particularly at the dinner table or at family functions? It was absolutely not done at the workplace either. Maybe instead of avoiding the topics, we should have learned to have these discussions civilly, but that ship has sailed. It’s now truly impossible for most people.

Over in my Facebook group, these topics are completely off-limits too. People get a warning when they post something political, and then if they continue to do so, they’re out of the group. That’s because we’re a community. We learn from each other and we celebrate our similarities. The hot-button issues don’t add to our conversations. Instead, they make people angry. Insults start to fly. People leave – good people. We don’t need that stuff. We need the exchange of information.

I believe these topics that will cause nothing but strife and alienation should be pushed back into places where they’re appropriate instead of front and center of all media publications, all social events, all online forums. Is the fact that I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat really pertinent to my ability to teach you how to prepare for a power outage? Do my stepfather’s deeply held beliefs – ones with which I strongly disagree – actually change the fact that he is a wonderful, generous soul? Of course not. I focus on his kindness, not his cringe-worthy opinions. I know that arguing with him would be pointless – he’s not going to change his mind. And I like having a pleasant relationship with him.

These opinions we’re all so currently worked about?

They’re mere asides, personal tastes, like preferring whiskey instead of vodka over the ice in your highball glass.

These political arguments?

They don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

If the SHTF tomorrow, you’d no longer care who the people surrounding you voted for in some rigged election. (I’m not talking about Russians. I’m talking about the fact that our entire system is corrupted.)

You would care about whether you could trust them to have your back. You’d care about whether they were willing to trade their eggs for your tomatoes. You’d care about how you could work together to keep your families safer.

Stop letting social media draw you into fights that are not your fights. It isn’t your responsibility to tell someone they’re wrong.

Stop letting the media make you feel like you’re under siege. While there are definitely some pockets of political violence here in the US, these pockets do not represent the majority of us.

Stop taking part in the rage

Sure, you can personally dislike things done by the President or by some member of Congress on the “other side of the aisle.” But stop thinking each one is a personal attack. These are just politicians politicking.

And they’re really be politicking in the next little while. They want to stir us all up into a frenzy as they try to motivate people to get out there and vote to put their corrupt heinies back in their comfortable seats on Capitol Hill. “It’s the most important election of our lifetime,” they’ll say.

Yeah. Just like the last election and the election before that.

Just like this recent clusterf*ck of a SCOTUS confirmation and the SCOTUS nomination before that.

They  – the politicians, the media, the rich people pulling the strings, and industries like Big Tech and Big Pharm – want us at each other’s throats. It supports them. It confirms the veracity of their whims. It puts money in their pockets and power in their hands. Divided we fall and these are the people who want that to happen.

Every single one of us is being manipulated. We’re being turned against one another. We are being ripped apart for the benefit of those who love power.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

We are better than this.

Picture of Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Daisy, You are right.America has NOT come apart at the seams, but there are people who for their own reasons have decided to create mayhem and have promised to do harm to regular Americans. These vermin must be neutralized either by the government or by “We the People”.

    • Great article. The “media” has been moving towards this increased painted picture for some time. What we should be asking is why.

      I think it extends beyond simple ratings and clickbait. I think it extends beyond Soros’ paying for people to violently protest the latest police shooting or confront politicians about decades old incidents that only sprung an accusation at the very moment of a Supreme Court Nomination was going to occur. I’ve not really understood what it could be but think I’m not too far off the mark.

      I think it’s because there is a major event coming (maybe a financial collapse or act of war) and instead of the focus being on “it’s the government’s fault” they want us divided and at each other’s throat that’s so violent the actual solution that’s needed, (like torches and pitchforks heading for the .gov folk) won’t and can’t happen with a civil war happening.

      What other motive would there be for a coordinated media to paint this picture and successfully cause this much hatred towards the citizenry? Wouldn’t mind anyone else’s take…

    • Bonnie — you just did exactly what the article was pointing out with your comment. Somehow you must think that the flyover states are the only ones who get this concept that she has described. I live in New York and believe me, most people who live here care just as much about you as they do about the next door neighbor. We don’t always fly over you know, we do have cars and actually travel through your states. Don’t by into the media BS. We are all just people trying to enjoy life.

  • Daisy, you write your best articles when you get upset at something. You go girl!

    This senate thing this last few weeks has been terrible. The powers that be on the left were playing two games. One was to prevent a conservative going on the Supreme Court. The other was continuing their bigger play of provoking anger on both sides. The more we hate the other side, the closer we get to more violent action, civil war and anarchy. The left’s bigger goal is to bring down the Constitution and install a dictator.

    The democrats and progressives are complete cutthroats and back-stabbers. They can’t wait until everything crashes down around our ears. They do not see that this will put us in the same place
    Venezuela where everybody loses. So who wins if the U.S. dies? Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and every tin pot dictator in the world. Russia and China would love to invade the U.S. and rule us.

    As preppers we know the world was going to that same terrible place under all the Republicans before Trump, just slower. That’s what the Tea Party was all about. We have yet to see if Trump can solve those problems or not.

    Daisy, although I have never met you or spoken with other by email, I have tremendous respect for you. I too would prefer a world where “we all get along”. But to expect that to happen by pleading for that to happen in this and other articles is unlikely to make that happen. Remember the left doesn’t play fair. They are cutthroats and back-stabbers after all. To expect the left to change is a problem of cognitive dissonance on our side.

    Now, I don’t know how to save this country. But I do know that holding hands and singing “coom-by-yah” is not going to get it. I also know that violence won’t get it done either, although it may come to that, even though I pray not, because then the U.S. will be destroyed.

    The only thing I can think of now is to say, GO VOTE FOR CONSERVATIVES!!!!

    • You just wrote exactly what Daisy told us not to do. It’s all right vs left for you. Wrong. It’s citizens together, living together and working together. Did you even read her long essay? You should be ashamed for going right back to politics here.

      • Of course I read her long essay. On a local basis most people do get along and we should support that. But on a national basis I just think that is wishful thinking and that Daisy is guilty of cognitive dissonance on this issue. Can you not see that the democrats and progressives are complete cutthroats and back-stabbers and their tactics get more dishonest every year? Their hate gets stronger every year and their lies get bigger. Ignoring that won’t make it go away.

        • It seems to me that you are affected by partisan blindness as they are. Look closely at the ones who you vote for. They are the one who gave us the Patriot Act that violated the 1st and 4th amendment. They are not stopping the useless and harmful wars but rather support the MIC at every turn of the way. The are the one who cannot come up with a valid immigration policy or healthcare reform. If you think they are your friends, you’re in for a bad awakening.

          Stop thinking in term of left and right. They are just concepts the people in power use to keep people divided. Antifa that you see as left are actually fascists (right). Republicans build bigger government any time they have the chance. Isn’t that what the left does?

          • I have not called myself a Republican in some years. But I vote Republican as the lesser of two evils. If you have a better plan to try and stop this madness, please tell me.

            What does MIC mean?

            • So, you are supporting evil. The fact that you perceive the Republicans as “less evil” is just your opinion, opinion that I can respect but not share because the facts show me the contrary. For expressing my ideas I have been attacked by both side and had good discussions with both sides. All depends on the people, not on their political identification.

              A start point to do better is for both side to talk about issues rather than argue about fictional labels. Example: for 40 years we have not been talking about abortion: the fight is pro-life vs pro-choice. Two labels that means absolutely nothing. Liberal and conservatives have been locked on this and held hostages: every opening on the supreme court ended up to be an issue of Rowe vs. Wade and so most elections. Why in 40 years neither side have put forward legislation to set the issue once for all? Because it helps both of them to keep the issue open and hide the fact that Rowe vs. Wade is not about abortion but States rights.

              MIC=Military Industrial Complex, the conglomerate of interests involving politicians, military and military contractors. The people who take billions of taxpayer money to sink it in costly defense projects that go nowhere and endless wars that over the years has caused millions of unnecessary deaths, both Americans and foreign.

              • Backstabbers are people of bad faith. They lie to your face and people of good faith, honorable people, tend to believe them. Being people of good faith, they want to believe them and believe an agreement, or written contract, will hold them to the agreement. But it won’t always hold the backstabbers to their agreement. People of bad faith will then turn on you, repudiate the contract, sometimes in whole, sometimes through loophole(s) you didn’t see and sometimes just plain out violate the agreement thereby stabbing you in the back.

                I have been the victim of this twice in the business world. From either deal I should now be somewhat comfortably retired. Instead I am trying to live on social security. If that makes me bitter and un-trusting, then so be it.

                Republicans, at least some of them, are, I believe, trying to act on good faith with the Democrats. I think this is shown by their continued statements of good will by referring to the Dems as “their good friends across the aisle”.

                I have been there and done that and it doesn’t work with people of bad faith. I appreciate that Daisy is a person of good will and good faith. If I didn’t think she was, I wouldn’t be here. But good will and dealing in good faith (honoring your agreements and contracts) with people of bad faith, which includes many/most lawyers, politicians, Democrats and all progressives, is a guaranteed loss for good people of good faith and the Republicans.

                I suppose this is self evident, but in all honesty, it has taken me a lifetime to figure out.

                • I leave you with your opinion.

                  I agree we you when you say “Backstabbers are people of bad faith. They lie to your face and people of good faith, honorable people, tend to believe them.Backstabbers are people of bad faith. They lie to your face and people of good faith, honorable people, tend to believe them.” I think you just defined politicians of all colors.

  • Daisy,

    I appreciate the the call to be better neighbors you make in your article. And I totally agree that the media is emphasizing divisions that are not even there for their own and their’s masters profit, but I think you do not see the whole picture.

    I was born in Europe, not far from where Selco is from. The forced divisions that are now so evident in the USA are nothing new in Europe and have existed for most of the previous century. Fascist vs communists, Catholics vs Protestants vs atheists, north vs south, and the list can go on.

    I was lucky. I did not experience directly most violence but I know what it means to be afraid to get on a train because some political hothead could blow it up. Or waiting to hear from a friend who might have been victim of a terrorist attack at his job site.

    I heard stories from times of war and time of political unrest when neighbors turned on neighbors, relatives on relatives, brothers on brothers. Those that seem to be friendly people didn’t hesitate to turn against others just to get some more food on the table or a warm coat. Knowing who you could trust or not was hard, and being diffident was the safe thing to do.

    Today those experiences and acquired knowledge make me careful. I do observe how people act and try to understand who people are based on how they behave. The whole behavior, not just single acts. The way I interact with them depends on what I learn. And as a prepper I know how I will interact with them according to what kind of SHTF situation we will be in.

    The media can exasperate the divisions, but I see that they run deeper than it might seem. The antifa people are the evident face of something going on. More worrisome to me was seeing the distress in people faces the morning after Clinton’s defeat. Those were not hotheads, they were the doctors, lawyers, business people in the community. Worrisome is seeing the cringe on their face when they see Trump on the news. And, by any means, it is not a “left wing” problem only. It worries me when I see people justifying Trump actions or inactions with the “he’s playing 4D chess” justification as if he was a god. Those are the same kind of people who thought that Obama could walk on water. Other flag, same stuff.

    Your suggestion to try to get along, might work for a peaceful short time, but in the long term what is going to yield? What country are we going to be if, for the sake of quiet living, we just sweep under the carpet any hard subject of conversation? My answer is a fake place that is kept together not by strong ideals and strong morals but by a fine veil of lies. What is needed , if we want to move forward, is to have an open and honest conversation on what the country is and what we are.

    Take the recent train wreck that the nomination of Bret Kavanaugh for supreme court justice became. No one on the left or right has spent time looking at his qualification for the job. If they had, they would have seen that the man is supporter of the government and therefore he should have never been nominated. But instead of talking about that, the whole conversation was about if he did or did not something stupid 30 years ago, when he was a teenager. And now, one side is patting itself on the back for winning another conservative seat, and the other is promising revenge. The battle can go on and the people will lose because, when time will come, the court will not side with them.

    It is time to have adult conversations about what it matters. Why if the economy is so great so many people suffer in poverty? Why do we have 2,200 military personal illegally occupying Syria? Why our government is helping Saudi Arabia to kill innocent women and children? Whey do we have secret bio-weapons labs aboard? Who really was behind 9/11?

    No Daisy, today it is time to engage the intelligent people on both sides on serious and important subjects. And it is time to ignore the simple minds who hide their ignorance and low intellect behind a book, a “leader”, or a bumper sticker. Ignore the one who makes a lot of noise because cannot support an argument. Ignoring the real issues that are tearing the country apart to have some made up peace today will not lead us anywhere good.

    • Yup…

      The author leaves out the most important aspect of living life in a superficial “nice” reality. Those “wonderful” neighbors will turn you in at a moments notice for the slightest infraction of whatever enforceable social rules have been enacted by the incoming totalitarians.

      Being egalitarian is no longer an option. One can hold one’s opinions to oneself… but must also simultaneously see the world around with clear eyes.

  • It is awful what is happening and I don’t understand why laws that protect innocent people are not being enforced.

    My parents would have slapped me silly if I had disrespected anyone or acted the way these protesters are acting.

    • “I don’t understand why laws that protect innocent people are not being enforced.”

      I’m afraid the government has declared war on it’s own population. Government doesn’t exist to serve the citizens, it exists to serve itself at the expense of the citizens. If you think of it as a mafia, it will all make sense, because basically, that’s what our federal government is now, and a lot of our state and even local governments are.

    • It has happened before. The black shirts in Italy and the brown shirts in Germany. Imposing their rules outside the rules of law while law enforcement were watching. The USA is under a fascist regime. The first amendment is violated by private corporation on behalf of the government. The enforcement of unlawful rules is left to organized mobs.

  • Amen sister! My Mon just said yesterday, “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be nice?” I think we need to get back to being nice. I saw so many kindnesses while we were evacuated the fire a few weeks ago. Political affiliation ceased to matter. We were united. God bless America, because we need it. 😉

  • No of course the United States isn’t tearing itself apart, but that’s what the establishment WISHES would happen. We have an incredibly corrupt, dishonest, self serving government, media, and intelligence establishment and I think more and more people are becoming aware of just how awful they are.

    So, better keep the average person distracted, otherwise, they might just do something about it.

    Find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq yet? Well, at least that humanitarian crisis that Qadaffi was about to cause was averted, by leaving Libya in civil war, that now has slavery markets again… I don’t think most people, yet, have much of an idea of how miserably corrupt the status quo has been, but I think they’re going to be waking up to it in time. Cognitive dissonance is not an enjoyable state of mind, and there’s about 300 million Americans about to experience it, head on.

  • I agree, most neighbors are sociable to each other with differing viewpoints. However, these neighbors with differing viewpoints are not the unemployed paid protesters. They have jobs and are hard working and realize the value of what it takes to earn a buck. Perfect example, how many large conservative protests have we seen? Hardly any because they see that working to put food on the table is more important than taking a bus trip to the capital to hold a sign all day and scream your lungs out. Again, look at these protesters and ask who paid for them to get to the protest location and why are they not at work as many of these protests occur during the week when most people are working.

  • The government, those in charge not elected, want us divided, the MSM, including Fox, wants us divided and it is working. In small town America, it is different. BUT overall it is very bad. By having us fighting each other they can control. REMEMBER: “Fear is the only way to control the people”

  • Easier said than done, I fear, to avoid divisive conversation and thoughts. My very own sister has become so angry and divisive that I can hardly converse with her. Once a staunch constitutionalist, she now believes in bullying protests that prevent others from speaking. It’s hard to talk about the weather and good recipes with a highly intelligent and informed person who was once a really good friend. That’s what our conversation has been reduced to unless I want a one-person riot on my hands. So sad.

  • Nice article! I share that policy. At work and at home I interact with people on a personal level and try as much as possible to leave politics and religion out of it. Of course, I do keep my eyes open because I know just how fast people can turn on each other, and I wouldn’t necessarily trust them in an SHTF situation, but for the moment I like to spread kindness not antipathy. Thank you for the perspective!

  • It’s important to note that domestic communists and foreign powers, especially globalists, are the ones pushing the rage and violence. They are putting their money where their mouths are, paying both Antifa and “Unite the Right” organizers to stage violent media events.

    Buying into the right/left duality theory is one way in which most Americans have allowed themselves to be deceived. The same funding sources pay for both Antifa and Unite the Right. Those people’s goal is to divide the nation so that communism can be imposed at gunpoint. Notice that the folks who fund the violence, such as Brock and Soros, also push for disarming law-abiding Americans. There’s method to their madness.

    Another commenter herein mentioned the Tea Party. In the beginning, before becoming co-opted, it was a completely non-partisan movement. I attended a few of the early gatherings in San Jose, California. Both Democrats and Republicans, as well as many independent voters, supported the idea that we’re Taxed Enough Already (TEA). It’s important to separate the politicized hype from the reality that most folks have had enough with high taxes and low service quality from our “servants.”

    Speaking for myself, I would like to see the party system dismantled completely. Let’s go back to the way the founders intended: NO parties, and the candidate with the second-most votes is Vice President.

  • You are ether living in a fantasy world or you are a paid federal propagandist. America is only one violent act away from open civil war. The hate vomited up by the left grows stronger with each day. The fear in every home that still has anyone living in it that isn’t brain dead , is so strong it is heartbreaking. Everyone I know is stockpiling ammunition at a stunning clip. Most of them expect attacks from the brown animals imported from Mexico, Africa , the Middle east and Central America to kill and eat our children, every night. We know that the end game is the Genocide of every white Christian. and that is coming with the speed of a bullet. Just as it has for Europe and South Africa. If you really believe any of the “rainbow and unicorn” BS you wrote I can only guess that(1) you are an Obama voter. (2) You are stupid or insane. Because nothing that you wrote, in any way corresponds to the ultra violent, and deeply divided America I see every day.

    • Dear Ray:

      First, let me clarify that I am NOT an Obama voter, and if I’m a paid federal propagandist, my check is about 6 years late.

      Secondly, I’ve written about my personal experience. This is not to demean anyone else’s experience, but to share mine and show that perhaps there’s a way of hope instead of hate.

      Finally, I sincerely believe that you, sir, illustrate everything that is wrong with my country in your diatribe. Your hatred and fear are palpable. It’s every bit vile and insidious as the hatred and fear that the extremists on the opposite side of the spectrum as you display. You are also an extremist, and it is extremists of all varieties that are destroying our country.

      I hope that you’re speaking metaphorically about the potential cannibalism of our kids, otherwise, it is your mental health that may be in question. That is the epitome of a paranoid delusion. (And before you say it, yes, I think our borders should be controlled. That doesn’t mean everyone born a step outside the US border is actually an animal.)

      Your narrow mind has made you appear to be a truly horrible person. Hopefully, this is just the lack of civility that is endemic on the internet and not the person you truly are.

      Your accusation that I’m either stupid or insane? I guess that’s in the eye of the beholder.

      • Hey Daisy,
        Thank you for staying even, balanced, and informed.

        @Ray, if that is what you really believe, then I question your mental health.
        BTW, I am brown, and I do not want to eat your children.
        I am a card carrying member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I do not wish you, as a Christan, ill will. Or to impose my faith upon you and yours.
        Please respect the rest of us and do the same.

        Are there a few one offs, the antifa yahoos, the ultra right extremists?
        Sure. They have always been around. We will never get rid of them, pass whatever warm and fuzzy law you want.
        It is up to the rest of us, rational types to stay the course of reason, logic, rule of law, and civility.

        If there is some yahoo who wants to toss that out the window, well, there are more of us, the middle silent majority, who will have to put them in their place.
        Not bragging, or chest thumping. More like a chore that has to be done, even if that chore is unpleasant. Like shoveling manure.
        Then get back to our lives and live on.

  • A few weeks ago, I picked up a major newpaper. Like, the physical kind, Sunday edition.
    The fear they put into nearly every article related to politics was surreal.
    From where I am from, I do not see any of the crazy portrayed in MSM. Everyone is civil, no mobs of people harassing anyone for their bumper sticker, the color of their skin, etc.
    Fear sells, and that is what not only is MSM pushing, but people are buying.
    Maybe I am naive, being from a rural area, but I really dont think your neighbor is going to shoot you over what political sign you have in your yard.
    I could be wrong.

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