Digital Services Act: A Framework to Gain Global Control of the Internet

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Frameworks for control are being put up all over the world. Daisy wrote recently about the implementation of FedNow, a framework for ending financial freedom and privacy as we know it.  A few months ago, we wrote about the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, which, if signed by all parties, will put in place a framework for global health mandates.  And Europe will shortly begin enforcing its Digital Services Act, which will put in a framework for intense control of online speech.

When people see current systems failing, they are more likely to be open to bigger changes.  As Daisy noted, when FedNow was announced in March, it came on the heels of multiple large bank failures.  

Likewise, many people now recognize that the worldwide response to Covid was a total fiasco.  The WHO is trying to use this as an excuse to centralize control. The causes behind both the bank failures and the events surrounding Covid are still highly debatable.  People worldwide have been discussing these issues for years. 

Europeans may lose their ability to even complain about current events.  

Europe’s Digital Services Act (DSA) is coming online this August.  The DSA aims to curtail illegal online activity and restrict targeted advertising. The largest companies, those with over 45 million European users, will face fines of up to 6% of their annual turnover if they fail to comply with the new rules.  They will have to be transparent about how they moderate content, advertise, and use algorithmic processes. Hosting services and domain registrars are now responsible for reporting criminal offenses to authorities and cooperating with national law enforcement.

Like many other laws, much of the Digital Services Act seems reasonable on the face.  I don’t like targeted ads.  I think it would be nice for people that have been de-platformed from social media to understand why.  

However, the DSA also contains provisions for combating disinformation, which means that it can be used to police online speech.

Is this the first we’ve heard of something like this?

No, this isn’t much of a stretch. France has already threatened to kick out Twitter. A voluntary agreement had been put into place between Big Tech and the European Commission to help the largest tech companies comply with the Digital Services Act’s new obligations. Twitter had been on board at first, then backed out due to Elon Musk’s concerns regarding free speech. 

Upon Twitter’s withdrawal, France’s Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot publicly stated, “Twitter, if it repeatedly doesn’t follow our rules, will be banned from the EU.”  He also posted on Twitter, “Fighting disinformation will be legal obligation under #DSA.” 

In general, the DSA grants companies like Twitter a fair amount of leeway in what constitutes disinformation.  However, it does contain a crisis mechanism that will grant the European Commission much more power to restrict speech in times of crisis.  In the law, “crisis” has been given the broad definition of extraordinary circumstances that can lead to a “serious threat to public security or public health. This is a pretty broad definition, and its lack of specificity has already drawn the ire of civil rights groups.

And it doesn’t help that the EU has already shut down large media outlets without so much as a court order.  After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the European Commission passed a series of measures aimed at curtailing the spread of Russia Times and Sputnik, both media outlets paid to propagandize for the Russian government.  Cable, satellite, IP-TV, internet service providers, and internet video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok all removed content within a short time period.  

I don’t think Russia is totally innocent here, but that’s beside the point.  My point is simply that the EU has already shown itself willing to shut down huge media outlets.  In the same way that FedNow is putting in a framework for CBDCs, in the same way that the WHO is setting up a framework for worldwide health programs, the Digital Services Act is putting in a framework for widespread internet control within Europe.  

And once it’s up and running there, who says this framework can’t spread?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the size and breadth of freedom-restricting frameworks being put into place.  Megalomaniacs have always dreamt of world domination; the only difference now is that our technology and global interconnectedness have made one-world government a real possibility.    

The desire to centralize power has been around longer than the World Economic Forum.  Read Carroll Quigley’s The Anglo-American Establishment, which you can download for free here, and you’ll see, in letters written between British aristocrats a century ago, that this is not a new impulse. 

And it is not just a desire for raw power but a belief in their own righteousness that makes globalists so dangerous.  Watch some of the videos of the WEF; read some of the letters re-printed in The Anglo-American Establishment.  There has been a group of very wealthy, very powerful people absolutely convinced that they have a moral duty to manage the rest of us for a long time now.

Personally, I think this kind of arrogance is insane.  

But thinking that isn’t enough.  The only way to counter the frameworks of control currently being put in place is to come up with our own frameworks for resistance.

In a recent interview with Redacted, former British Parliamentary candidate Jim Ferguson had some interesting thoughts on how to think of ourselves in facing down this power-mad behemoth of wannabe world governors.  He said that resistance could take place at three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational.  

The strategic level would be international, consisting of people getting together in agreement to work toward national sovereignty for individual countries around the globe.  This is what Ferguson does himself. This would be the role of politicians that truly had their countries’ best interests at heart.  

The tactical level would be regional, addressing specific issues.  This would consist of groups like the various Freedom Convoys or the Dutch Farmers’ Defense Force.

And finally, at the operational level, we have the people that just keep things running.  This would be those of us engaged in the day-to-day work of growing food, keeping the lights on, and raising the next generation of children.  It’s easy to see many of these tasks as insignificant in the face of powerful global movements, but they aren’t.  

Join the parallel economy.

If you are stuck in a job that you feel is meaningless, think about what kind of productive hobby you could pursue, something that would give you a spot in a parallel economy.  This could be something you and your family do together.  If you need direction, look at what the World Economic Forum wants us to do, and then run the opposite way.

Henry Kissinger said a long time ago, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” 

If you want to take back some control in your life, perhaps you should start with your food supply.

We talk about food production a lot on this website and for good reason.  Most people can produce at least something, and producing one thing often leads to the development of many other skills.  For many people, some productive tomato plants in their suburban backyards lead to learning how to can, which leads them to buy in bulk from farmers’ markets, which leads them to meet like-minded people, and it just keeps going on.

Once you start doing something truly productive, other pursuits will eventually follow.  Can you always plan this all out?  Of course not.  The important thing is to start and to be willing to see where your journey toward increasing independence takes you.

The best way to resist these frameworks for control currently being put into place is to develop our own set of frameworks for resistance.  I think Ferguson’s way of thinking about strategic, tactical, and operational levels is a good place to start.  

It may be hard to think of yourself as part of something meaningful when you spend your day engaged in menial tasks.  However, if you can begin to see yourself as part of a parallel economy – part of an active resistance – you will gain enough strength and confidence to oppose these forces that want to see us all in their rigid little frameworks.

Owning nothing and happy about it.

What’s your take?

Do you think the Digital Services Act is going to be used to gain global control? Do you think this is going to be implemented in the United States? Do you have any suggestions on some things we can do to gain independence from a situation like this?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • If you are concerned about the Internet, your use of it, or the possibility that it is going to be taken away from you… You need to start learning about Qortal.

    Qortal is a decentralized, blockchain, uncensorable internet alternative. It runs pretty much like a “peer to peer” network (who remembers Napster??).

    Blockchain is similar to the networks that cryptocurrencies run on. If you haven’t already, you may want to start learning.

    • Yes!!! I was going to say the same.
      It won’t work on my phone or my very elderly Mac, but I’m looking at getting a cheap Raspberry Pi to allow me to set up Qortal in case the censorship becomes extreme (which I do anticipate).
      Napster was awesome! lol
      Also looking at learning more about privacy cryptocurrencies, especially when my Australian bank account informed me they plan to block certain crypto transfers “for our safety” but won’t disclose which ones they will block and exactly why…they say you find out when you attempt the transfer and it won’t go through!! Orwellian times…

  • Excellent article. Yes, we should be very concerned about the direction this is taking. Most of all, how lockstep and global it all is, and at an very rapid pace.
    A LOT of people are asleep at the wheel and will be very surprised by how much freedom they have (perhaps irretrievably) lost.
    We absolutely ALL need to shift from being 100% consumers to producers, as much as we possibly can. Even if you can produce 5-10% of your food, it’s an excellent start, but consider what more you can make or grow that you can then trade for the gaps, or what skills you can learn that will allow you to produce or provide a service later.

  • It seems that everyone is grasping for straws. Back in the 60’s during the sit ins on Berkeley campus, there was a young college student who said “ Beware of the Machine”. Well nobody heeded the warning shot. The machine is finally getting what they have been striving for. During this time era there was a lot religious printings, one of which was beware of the mark of the beast. This brings to mind about what has taken place. We have more division amongst the population, censorship is getting more and more prominent, and the control of monies and soon what you are able to buy. But the best part for me is the racism. That word was created to make problems. Fortunately I am an educated individual and know for a fact that we as all people share the same DNA. DNA is not based on color and if you look at history you will see that we as a whole are all immigrants. And in closing, I want to add that we are all rats on a sinking ship, nobody and I mean nobody is going to escape the inevitable.

  • The EU’s privacy laws are far, far superior to the US “privacy” laws. And preventing information such as, say, drinking bleach to prevent/cure Covid-19 (or any disease for that matter) is not a “the sky is falling moment”. Nothing wrong with squashing bogus/fraudulent meta tags though I do find it amusing that one could search for bible quotes and be returned that send you to a porn or other totally unrelated site.
    And funny how those whining about “censorship” have their knickers in a not over moderation, advertising, and/or everyone’s favorite algorithms (or as I call them, code to meet the desired results).

    • The drinking bleach was & always has been taken out of context.

      He was & is a sarcastic guy. I find it irritating the left twists the truth every which way for convenience but when they hear sarcasm they melt.

    • Did you read about the recent unredacted files released by Jim Jordan showing the pressure the WH put on Facebook to censor Americans expressing opinions they disagreed with on Facebook and Instagram?
      Of course not.
      You like it when the government censors people who think for themselves or ask questions.

  • The elites’ big plans for total control are constantly foiled by the general breakdown of their systems. Example: the cell phone services in my rural area can track any user location down to the closest 5 feet or so – if the cell towers can receive your signal. But cell service had become less reliable with each passing month, so much so I need to keep a land line in order to call out or receive calls. Half the time my cell phone says “no service” or “911 only”.

    Wait until the local gas station can’t connect to process your purchase – cash will still be king.

    • I’ve always thought that. Thought I was alone. 😉 We’re assuming systems will be up & running when SHTF for crypto & others will want to lug around heavy coins, etc.

  • I do not believe that once world-wide totalitarianism/communism is firmly in place that we will be allowed to loiter long in the “public services” zone. I believe they will continue to use “the environment” as justification for eliminating electricity/internet/comms/travel for a lot of folks-excepting of course for tracking purposes. One example-if the NWO has “tokenized” our e-devices and largely confiscated them, I am not sure if things like blockchains will prove to be very useful for many folks. Just like they intend to eliminate beef (and then pork and poultry) production for “serf consumption”, I believe at some point electricity and various e-functions will similarly not be available to mere commoners. They have to enslave us surely enough, and kill us off slowly enough that they don’t have to deal with too many uprisings to where they might not be able to quell them. It is a complex problem that includes bio-agents, famine, war and other mechanisms of depopulation. I believe a great deal of ingenuity and creativity will be expended in some cases by some pretty brilliant resistors, only for them to realize that the beast already thought of “that” and has a self-limiting and/or deadly solution for it. “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on earth?”

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