FedNow Is LIVE and the Framework Is in Place for CBDCs

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Yesterday, with a bit of fanfare but not TOO much fanfare, a “wonderful” new product was launched. FedNow is live, and we can all transfer money to our heart’s content via the Federal Reserve.

Wow, that sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course, that is a spot created by the Federal Reserve and up ton the Federal Reserve YouTube channel.

FedNow is live at 35 banks.

Axios reports that 35 banks across the country are participating in the launch.

By the numbers: So far, 35 banks have signed up as early adopters of FedNow, including JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, but notably not including Citigroup or Bank of America. That number is rather lower than the Fed led us to believe as recently as recently as June.

The U.S. Treasury is also signed up as an early adopter of FedNow.

Some 353 banks and credit unions have signed up for RTP.

In order to use either service, both the sending and the receiving bank need to be signed up for the system.

We are now officially on that slippery slope I’ve been talking about. I wrote about exactly this happening in my dystopian fiction, Good Citizens, and discussed how this could evolve to control almost every aspect of our lives.

Why I’m concerned now that FedNow is live

A while back, I wrote an article discussing a payment gateway designed by the Federal Reserve called FedNow. This is a way to make instant transfers between accounts, sort of like PayPal or Venmo, but without the users having to move the money from various wallets.

While it sounds convenient, the concern is that this puts the infrastructure to quickly roll out CBDCs into place. Previously, I wrote about this.

On March 15th, in the midst of the banking collapses, the Federal Reserve issued a press release detailing a new instant payment system that will be launched in July. That system is called FedNow. Here’s what they said about it.

The first week of April, the Federal Reserve will begin the formal certification of participants for launch of the service. Early adopters will complete a customer testing and certification program, informed by feedback from the FedNow Pilot Program, to prepare for sending live transactions through the system.

Certification encompasses a comprehensive testing curriculum with defined expectations for operational readiness and network experience. In June, the Federal Reserve and certified participants will conduct production validation activities to confirm readiness for the July launch.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the forthcoming FedNow launch, which will enable every participating financial institution, the smallest to the largest and from all corners of the country, to offer a modern instant payment solution,” said Ken Montgomery, first vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and FedNow program executive. “With the launch drawing near, we urge financial institutions and their industry partners to move full steam ahead with preparations to join the FedNow Service.”

Many early adopters have declared their intent to begin using the service in July, including a diverse mix of financial institutions of all sizes, the largest processors, and the U.S. Treasury.

This has all the hallmarks of a government strategy. First, they offer it as a “convenience” or a “safety measure.” Lots of people will jump on board in order to take advantage of this.

Of course, we’ve heard this song before.

Next, it will be pushed harder, and those who don’t adopt it will be mocked, thought of as backward, and treated with suspicion. After that, it’ll be darn near impossible to do anything without it. Sound familiar?

The Federal Reserve Banks are developing the FedNow Service to facilitate nationwide reach of instant payment services by financial institutions — regardless of size or geographic location — around the clock, every day of the year. Through financial institutions participating in the FedNow Service, businesses and individuals will be able to send and receive instant payments at any time of day, and recipients will have full access to funds immediately, giving them greater flexibility to manage their money and make time-sensitive payments. Access will be provided through the Federal Reserve’s FedLine® network, which serves more than 10,000 financial institutions directly or through their agents.

But what truly makes me worried is that since FedNow is live, this is a soft way to move us all over into using a federal money transferring system that could easily, easily be the platform for the implementation of CBDCs, the digital dollar that could end freedom as we know it.

Please note that what we have with FedNow is NOT a CBDC. It’s just a payment gateway.

But now, the early infrastructure is in place for CBDCs.

Changing a nation’s entire currency is not an overnight project. If we were to go completely digital with our money, it would take a while. Several things would need to happen first:

  • A national financial infrastructure would need to be created that links accounts from all the banks to an information highway.
  • They’d need to get people comfortable with using this system and to do that, it would need to be fast and convenient. Who wouldn’t want their money right away? It feels like a win to sell a car and have 20K in your account instantly without waiting for the check to clear.
  • This provides some time to work out any bugs. The folks adopting FedNow would be the guinea pigs. It’s new, but everyone expects new stuff to be glitchy. If you’re getting in on the ground floor, you’re probably willing to be patient with that.
  • Next, they’ll want to get as many people voluntarily using it as possible. Expect generous offers, outrageous convenience, and free or cheap transactions.
  • Once it’s all in place and running smoothly, the final transition from cash money to digital money would just be a matter of the central bank devaluing our cash but allowing people to trade it for digital at full (or at least greater) value.

If you’ve never listened to me before, please listen to me now. This IS the road we’re on. And once CBDCs are in place, especially if they are the only option, your every transaction will be monitored, data will be mined from your spending, and your choices can be controlled.

What’s the big deal with CBDCs?

CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency, and these are digital versions of a country’s currency. A digital currency alongside our current physical currency is voluntary. My concern is when that digital currency becomes the only option. And I do mean when, not if.

A digital currency could mean such controls as automatic taxation or where and when you’re allowed to make purchases – all at the push of a button. The most likely way this will be rolled out is to “fight inflation” and “fix the economy.” As per the IMF:

A world with lower inflation (and even zero inflation) and no persistent recessions may sound like a pipe dream, but we argue that it is possible by transitioning to an “electronic money standard.” Such a transition requires eliminating the zero lower bound, which central banks can achieve using readily available tools. Breaking the zero lower bound implies that the optimal rate of inflation will be lower than in the presence of the lower bound. This will empower central banks to quickly restore full employment and, over the medium term, possibly move toward targeting full price stability with zero inflation.

Obviously, any kind of manipulation like this is false, and while there may be some temporary relief, it won’t solve the underlying problems with our economy.

Bank for International Settlements wrote a glowing report about the “benefits” of the CBDC system. Here’s what I took away from this:

  • Central bankers can execute policy or modify rates instantaneously, at the push of a button.
  • Private crypto is bad.
  • Central bank digital currency is good.
  • CBDCs are better than crypto because they’re trusted.
  • CBDCs aren’t “subject to the practical limitations of paper money.” (i.e., they can be tracked.)
  • Therefore it protects against “money laundering, proliferation financing, and terrorist financing.”
  • It will increase the pool of data generated on users and transactions, thus “helping” the “proper authorities.”
  • “Multi-CBDC platforms” aids in decentralization. (i.e., a global economy)
  • On a common CBDC platform across multiple central banks, transactions are recorded on one ledger.

I don’t think it means what they’re trying to tell us it means.

What can you do?

I’ve written a lot lately about the need to get your money out of the banks. You need something of value that does not require you to dance to the tune of the government’s fiddle. Imagine if you had a savings account and the “value” of that money changed with the implementation of CBDCs. Imagine it’s worth less, say, by 20 percent.

Suddenly your $10,000 becomes $8,000. Your $100,000 loses $20K to become $80,000. It would only take a second, with the click of a button in some office up on the Mount Olympus of the Fed.

If you have savings and you want to protect your money, you need to make at least a portion of it tangible.

That means investing in:

  • Supplies like food, tools, and other long-term preps
  • Land
  • Precious metals

I’m not suggesting going out and dealing in only silver dimes if you are in a situation in which you’re living from paycheck to paycheck. If you are in those shoes like so many of us are right now, you don’t have as many options. It isn’t feasible or practical if you’re going to need this money right away for existing expenses.

But if you are trying to protect existing wealth and this is not money you’ll need to access immediately, I urge you to consider investing it into gold or silver to protect your savings during the economic downturn ahead. At the same time, getting your money out of this currency system that may soon be switched to CBDC is the only way to ensure it remains yours.

I use ITM Trading, out of Phoenix, AZ, for all of my metals purchases. I know there are plenty of good companies out there, but I prefer ITM because of their focus on education. I’ve learned so much in my consultations (which are free, btw). I’ve been very impressed with the access to curated resources, research, and weekly insights on macroeconomics, central banks, currencies, and the global reset that they provide. To me, there’s really no other option for my purchases.

If you want to schedule a strategy session with ITM, it’s absolutely free, and there is no pressure whatsoever. Some folks take weeks or months before investing, and others decide it isn’t for them. But what every single person walks away with is a clearer understanding of the monetary system and what investing in precious metals entails. And you get all of it at no charge. To schedule your own appointment, go here or call this number directly: 1-866-517-1257 – I’ll be really interested to know whether you’re as impressed as I am.

We’re all just one wrongthink away from losing our money.

Remember in Canada when Trudeau locked down accounts for supporting the trucker strike? We’re all just one wrongthink away from losing access to our money.

Another recent precedent regarding losing access to the financial system is the case of Nigel Farage. Both he and his relatives have had bank accounts closed and been unable to open other accounts because they’ve been named PEPs: Politically Exposed Persons. Farage, if you recall, was pro-Brexit. He wrote:

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Farage, who said several other banks had denied him accounts, claimed he was the victim of over-zealous anti-money laundering regulations.

“Anti-money laundering rules appear to have been wildly over-interpreted by the compliance departments of banks in the UK,” he wrote in the Brexit-supporting newspaper.

“Nobody can deny that money laundering is a problem, he said. “Yet a series of agreements, EU directives and UK rules established to confront this menace have almost entirely failed to do so.

“Banks now live in fear of receiving huge fines. Their default setting seems to be to close down the business and personal accounts of anybody who is deemed to require extra due diligence – be they the owner of a window cleaning firm or a pawnbroker.”

He added: “Those who are paid in cash are no longer welcome; the compliance costs of servicing these accounts makes them unprofitable.”

Mr Farage initially claimed that his account with Coutts, which acts on behalf of the royal family, had been closed in an “establishment”-orchestrated revenge mission for Brexit, sparking a free speech row.

So it’s already happening. People are losing access to the system for having political beliefs that oppose the status quo that the ruling administration has in place.

I know that these two examples are outside the US, but that doesn’t provide me even a tiny little bit of comfort. I’ve already suffered massive financial abuse at the hands of government-funded censorship groups. Many others have too.

Is it really a stretch of the imagination that losing banking privileges could happen here in America, the Land of Cancel Culture? What will you do if you can no longer use a bank? How will you get and cash your paycheck? How will you pay your bills now that so many things must be done online?

When we are no longer free to vociferously disagree, we aren’t free at all.

You need a backup plan, and you need it now. FedNow is live, and I don’t believe that good things will follow.

What are your thoughts?

Are you concerned about the implementation of FedNow? Do you think that this is just a payment gateway or do you think it’s a step toward CBDCs and total financial control? What strategy are you planning to use to survive an attack on financial liberty?

Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at SelfRelianceand Survival.com You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    • Thanks tons Patriot for the third party confirmation that this is an INTERBANK process.

      It could lead to a nefarious process down the road but there is a long distance between a fed backed bank transfer platform and a user facing CBDC.

      I already am planning a local strategic barter plan to be a work around should they ever really implement the nuclear CBDC option.

      • It’s not nearly as long a distance as you surmise.

        Bartering will be a short-term solution, not a long-term solution, to a long-term problem.

        The vast majority of people, including if not particularly given the circumstances, the awake, are woefully ignorant of how owned and controlled our Company Store monetary/financial/banking Centralized SYSTEM actually is.

        Most people don’t even understand that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY HELD corporation whose [lurking in the darkness] OWNERS are primarily if not entirely foreign to the US.

        Otherwise, perhaps they’d be asking how such a situation could even possibly exist.

        But we’re too busy giving money to the global pedophelia laundering operation (one of ’em) that is Hollywood to be perpetually entertained by their immoral satanic filth, or wasting our time with political nonsense, to transfer any of that time towards actually learning these things so as to possibly put ourselves in a position to shed ourselves of the core problem.

        Unless the ENTIRE Central Banking SYSTEM replete with its foreign owners that make people like Soros, Gates, and Schwab look like beggars, which they more or less are in that scheme, then simply put, we’re screwed and we’ve allowed ourselves to get screwed.

        This has been going on since the Federal Reserve was created, again, as a PRIVATELY HELD Corporation, in 1913 with planning well before that. We were told back then by very prominent knowledgeable people where this would lead. And it has led us there.

        There will be no escaping this SYSTEM without some pain on our end. For example, gains made by us, lucrative and extensive or otherwise, may have to be sacrificed in exchange for liberty. But we’ve been so demoralized that all that seems to matter to people is wealth and consumer goo-gaws.

        It’s beyond tragic!

        • I have studied the FED since 1973 and know what its makeup is. I know that the only way through and out of this is decentralization.

          Yes there will be pain and I wholly welcome it because perhaps it will rile people to either look outside the system or burn it down. Either option disconnects that system from populace use.

          Non-compliance is where we need to go.

          • Ric,
            Great comments.
            If you follow Charles H. Smith, he has been talking about decentralization for quite some time.
            With the de-dollarization of the world, I think CBDC is a last ditch attempt to keep centralization in place.
            And I think they will declare it a win, while we all get poorer and see it as a loss.

  • FedNow and CBDC is nothing but a control mechanism and is unconstitutional. If they don’t like your politics,what you purchase or anything they deem wrong, they can and will cut you off from your funds. The constitutional currency of the united States of America is gold and silver,and we must return to it.

  • You buy gold and silver but are you talking about bartering with it or selling it at a later date which would have a fee attached?

    • For some things, you might be able to use it for transactions. But really, metals are a way to protect your savings. So you can store them physically and they can’t be devalued or taken as a “fine” as digital money could be. If you need them later, you’ll have to work with someone you trust to turn them into whatever the currency is at that time. What you will get in return will likely be far higher than what you’d get if you tried to swap cash.

      Does that help?

      • If you have a gold IRA,what good is it if you can’t access it, physical gold /silver is best, but then you risk it being stolen. Just like the 1800s person who buried a horde of gold in Kentucky, while it may have remained safe, he died without it, someone else now has it. Mathew 6:19-21. Jesus said do not store up treasures
        here on earth where moth & vermin destroy & thieves break in & steal.

      • Thank you, Daisy. There are some places that store your precious metals holdings, to make it either fully or partially liquid. Kirkelliottphd.com can sell metals you buy from him, that are stored at the Texas Precious Metals Depository, and wire you the funds in about 5 business days. UPMA.org can load the sale of metals you buy from them, stored at their depository, onto a prepaid debit card linked to your account with them, GlintPay.com/us also has a debit card linked to your account with them – no needs to sell the metals first.
        Have you looked into any of those possibilities?

        • I don’t like the idea of NOT physically holding it. I understand the urge to make it more liquid but I’d really be uncomfortable with it. What happens if the internet is down?

          • Thank you. Good points. When the internet is down, no electronic payment systems (Bitcoin included) will work – only green cash and silver coins will work. Unfortunately, precious metals are only legal tender in a few states. There are bills in the Texas legislature for a gold-backed digital currency that is redeemable in gold, but of course, that won’t work either if the internet is down.

    • Many (not all, but many) people advocating gold and silver are concerned with the other side of collapse…that is, SHTF, years go by, eventually order is restored, and 5, 10, maybe 40 years later, if you survived and kept your gold safe, you (or your descendants) will be well off.

      Very true, but that’s a giant “if.” Silver might be good for barter. Maybe. Honestly, I bought AA and AAA batteries for barter. Not a massive amount, but they should be easily tradable.

      • Liquor of any kind should also be good for barter. Some local farmers may accept junk silver quarters, and they likely will, when hyperinflation hits

  • Daisy, great article about a very important subject. CBDC’s will be the death knell of freedom since those who understand the threat realize that all digital transactions will be tracked and purchase of items the gov doesn’t want you to have will be prohibited.

    But gold and silver? When they change over to CBDC they will outlaw private ownership of gold, just like FDR did back in the 1930’s. Now, he didn’t outlaw private possession of collectible gold coins–and I doubt our current poliweasels will either, so MS69 or MS70 rated coins should be safe. Still, I think other commodities such as food, ammo, tools and reloading supplies will be a far better hedge against such government overreach.

    • Agreed! But how much food, ammo, and tools can you store? It all depends on your personal situation which is more effective. And don’t think for a minute that stored food would be safe from the greedy hands of the government. Time and time again the “hoarding” of food and other supplies has also been outlawed.

      • It was on this website I learned about the Defense Production Act. As soon as it’s invoked, preppers are outlaws.

        But TOP also stresses the importance of skills. Storage + acquiring what you need from your environment are a good combo.

      • Daisy, after a long time of questioning the value of PMs, you have changed my mind. Just bought my first PMs yesterday.
        Watching the on going de-dollarization accelerating that very well may lead to more inflation or even hyperinflation, in only made sense to invest in PMs. Cover all the bases.
        Have read a number of articles concerning CBDC. It very well could be inevitable as a means to try to off set de-dollarization. I could also see it accelerate a total economic collapse.
        Hope for the best, prep for the worst.

  • I expect most of this site’s readers have kown about this for years. Many got their first gold several years ago. All of us are investing in food, water, and supplies. Most add weapons and ammunition, land, a home, precious metals and skills. Maybe crypto. Get to know your neighbors. And be aware the the sleepwalking clueless have no idea of the value of any PM’s (precious metals), and will not easily shift to it.

    Some of your PMs should be “junk silver” of your nation, because that is the closest to familiar. I have a barter relationship with the chicken man down the street. He is so delighted to give me a dozen eggs for a real silver dime that he gave me a whole pint of freeze-dried eggs as a gift. I gave my local church members silver dimes for Christmas. This is an investment in my neighborhood.

    My beef is with the constant harping on catastrophe as if there was no effective opposition, not so much here, as all over the Truther and Alternative web. There are many things we are doing: Constitutional Sheriffs, which I have frequently mentioned, Gab, MeWe, Brighteon and other truth-tellers, organic agriculture. We are seeing child trafficking with “The Sound of Freedom” movie and unbelievable corruption of politics, news, courts, lawfare. Protect yourself. We will soon decide on new legal, etc. structures to build.

    Agriculture is the real change happening. We are at the end of a destructive paradigm millennia old that cannot possibly be sustained. In fact, awareness of that is what is the matter with the Cabal “elites.” They think mass murder is the only way to save the species, and they think they are being responsible. The truth is THE NEW AGRICULTURE HAS ALREADY BEEN RESEARCHED, TESTED, PROVEN, AND IS EXPANDING. We will heal our planet, we will eat far more nourishing food, our environment will grow more beautiful, wildlife will increase in quantity and variety, and it will all take less work than the Fallof Adam plow based annual agriculture. The future is very, very GOOD.

    • Two things – the max amount of money you can send (RTP is a million and FedNow is half a million) and who owns it. The Clearing House owns RTP and the Federal Reserve owns FedNow.

      In function, it sounds to me like they’re pretty much the same.

  • The history about FDR in 1933 when he stole gold from the US population is usually told only in part. There were actually two types of gold he didn’t touch. One was gold coins with a numismatic bump in value that was typically owned by his wealthy supporters who FDR wasn’t about to offend. Two is more interesting to the rest of us mere mortals. Gold bullion that was held offshore in other countries where FDR had zero jurisdiction was not confiscated. Again that was generally owned by a few wealthy people in that pre-electronic era. Then in 2018 the modern technology opened up a new possibility for America.

    A UK-based company (insured by Lloyd’s of London, with an international Mastercard tied to gold bullion in a Brinks vault in Switzerland) finally opened up their service to the United States with an announcement at the International Boat Show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. That makes it possible to buy a claim on as much gold bullion as one might choose (and can afford) and spend precisely whatever amount is needed in any place Mastercard is accepted. Since that time (2018), they have expanded their list of countries greatly — according to their website. Had the technology and this company been in existence back in 1933 …users could have told FDR (the thief) where to stick his disgusting order where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Here is that company’s website: https://glintpay.com/us

    They even opened a support office in Colorado … from which I was told that as long as one’s smartphone or tablet can run Android 6, one can set up an account with them. No barter, cryptos or negotiations with oversized chunks of physical precious metals needed.


  • Remember boys and girls, unless you are using alternate currencies, what you have is not yours, because we exchange in Federal Reserve Notes. People all over the world use the USD. In many countries that are also using the Yuan, people are holding onto dollars, and spending Yuan, since dollars are worth more, and become more difficult to obtain. I imaging when they implement CBDCs, it will need to be accepted at every single country’s major bank. This will make implementation more difficult, from both a technological stand point, and from an international political one. I also believe they will set up a cut off point, and if you don’t opt in when they say, you will not be allowed in at a later date. If you have something you want to trade in, say precious metals, too bad, you missed the cut off date. Crypto? Um, no. No buying or selling of crypto allowed. How will you be able to pay your real estate taxes if you’re not in their system? Better hope your municipality has no desire to confiscate your family’s off grid homestead.

    Just some horror to think about for anyone planning for the future.

    • It says in the last days it will be even difficult for the elect to stand. Those who surrender & opt in will be required to receive the Mark of the beast. It is time to know on which side you choose to stand & Trust Jesus Christ as your Lord & savior now before it is too late.

      • Keep Jesus in your heart,
        A stash of cash and precious metals,
        And a shotgun by your door!
        Go witness the Good news of Salvation
        in Jesus Messiah,
        Faithfully keep that Hope Alive
        for indeed it is a Living Hope
        that is for Real and Trustworthy!

      • Sorry but I sense that is Evangelical propaganda. As a Traditional Catholic, I’d say reject that heretical stuff and come home to Christ via the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth (SSPX).

        BTW, for those of us who are on SSDI and Medicare like myself and can’t afford to buy gold and silver, what are we to do? It seems like we are being left out in the lurch here.

        • The most important thing is to have canned food on hand. Any excess canned food can be bartered with others, for other things. If you have a few extra bucks, take a look at APMEX.com. You can get 4 – 90% silver quarters for $28.50. Local famers may accept that for purchases from them.

    • I listened to Stew Peter’s Stream tonight on the same subject before I got home and discovered Daisy’s mini novel and read it. It dawned on me to prepay my taxes as far in advance as possible, which I think is 4 years. They reassess every 4 years and it was just done. I paid off the mortgage and it would be tragic if they took the house because I didn’t participate in the precursor to the mark of the beast. Now I am convinced to do it…. prepay the taxes. I am also inclined to get some more gold.

      • I’ve thought of this but this is to say the computer filing systems remain in place & they are ‘accurate’. When SHTF I doubt the local systems will make a difference & will be correct or even have merit.

        I have this fear that if the mortgages or debts that aren’t paid ‘they’ will conjure up that they technically own (they do) & will tack on exorbitant made up fees if not paid therefore making them able to confiscate those assets.

  • The Bible warns of a time when if you are not in compliance with the government you will not be allowed to buy or sell. That’s total control. We don’t seem far from there now.
    Rather than savings, I’ve invested my meger Social Security in edibles that will come into production in anywhere from this fall to three years from now. Asperagus, strawberries, rhubarb, fruit trees, berry vines and bushes, grapes, hazelnuts ect. Also collecting canning jars. They are good storage containers besides just for canning.
    I always plant a garden to can and dry from. I usually grow a good portion of the feed for my chickens and rabbits. I also “cultivate” an uncultivated wild food and medicine forest. I add to that as I find things. Even a good portion of my flowers are at least dual purpose plantings.
    I’d expect even paying property taxes may become an inpossability if you don’t kowtow to the powers that be. Seems they’d like a smaller population and far more control than I would be comfortable with. Sad for those left behind or still alive to contend with the world government that seems to be setting up.
    Is the UN the emerging seat of government that it appears to be? I believe we will soon see how it all falls together. I’m not looking forward to the revelation of who leads the world powers. Dictatorship to the max, will be a pain to exist with.

    • The last book of the Bible is called Revelation and it can be scary but needs to be read. JESUS told us that we would receive blessing for reading it. It is understandable if one prays for the wisdom to understand it. You are referring to the last days of mankind on earth. Your dictator will be none other than the dreaded antichrist. A combination of fear, terror, fright (worse than any horror movie). He will be terrifying. Does the Bible not tell us that NOONE will BUY or SELL unless they take his mark on their forehead or on the palm of their right hand? Yes “HE” will be in charge, the man in “total control of all transactions. Unless we agree to accept him and his way of doing things we will not buy or sell (we can’t live at that point) … People who have not read it should do so. Many don’t believe in any of it and think its just a fairy tale. So mistaken are they… He will indeed lead the powers of the world and be the ultimate dictator and will he not make Hillter look like a choir boy? Ahhhh… Once anyone pledges their allegiance to the Antichrist they are doomed. They have accepted satan and his ways. They will lose everything in the end including their salvation!!! Good things to believe and remember…Only by NOT taking his “mark” will they ever had eternal life in the coming Kingdom of GOD!!!

  • This issue was predicted 2000 years ago when the Book of Revelation was written. In Chapter 13 you can read:

    16 And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    • 100% agree, and you are absolutely correct. I just wrote about it in more detail if they will print it here. I hope Daisy and the staff here know these things. I wrote my comment before I just read what you wrote… More need to take this seriously…He will stand in the Temple in Jerusalem and show all that he is GOD (he will be the imposter). Satan wants to be GOD, wants to be worshipped you know). The antichrist will be indwelled with the spirit of satan himself…

    • Just want to add that I just read this week (I think on Children’s Health Defense with RFK Jr) where Amazon pay can be used somewhere with a swipe of your palm. Yikes.

      For the naysayers of those who are not believing Scripture, this was foretold, you cannot make this stuff up. It is (& will be) real.

  • I noticed that one of the items to invest in was land. Sadly, we are planning to sell the small piece of land that we have to get out from under massive amounts of debt. For the last two or three years the cost of fertilizer and insurance have tripled and with the drought we don’t break even anymore. It makes me sad but sometimes you just have to do what you don’t want to do.

    • All you must be speaking of an EMP. Well lets hope and pray it won’t, but if it does MILLIONS will die, possibly BILLIONS all over the world. When we lose all the electricity then what? Some say oh that’s just a bunch of hog wash and gloom and doom. Really? A conspiracy theory too, Really? Okay, they will find out when it all happens and by then it will be to late. Best to stock up now as much as possible for the dark/bleak/sad days that will come. Most will not be prepared…They thought it would never happen. Starvation, lack of medicine, lack of clean drinking water or any water at all, lack of air conditioning, lack of heat in the winter, lack of sanitation, medical supplies etc. The list is long!!! GOD help us!!!

        • Not just an EMP. Mike Adams (naturalnews.com) said that the Senile Guy was planning to first ban 95% of gasoline generators, then take down the power grid.

  • I don’t know what other states are doing, but our county in Texas doesn’t collect land tax from disabled veterans. If there’s anyone reading this in Texas and you didn’t know about that, check into it.

    (I’m leaving this comment because on other forums discussing digital currency, it’s been pointed out that even if someone is a self-sufficient homesteader, they’ll still have to pay taxes in a digital currency.)

  • Now that I have stopped laughing, girl you are so off base. I don’t from where you get your “facts” but you are drinking someone’s Kool-Aid which is likely not good for your physical or mental health, You are so off base as to what FedNow is hence my spate of laughter. But eh seems like you are doing anything for a buck

  • Daisy… much of your futuristic projection is Biblical. Covid was a test…. that under duress, people would take the shot, wear a mask, anything to comply with social pressure, economic pressure, pressure to keep their job. Under duress, people will accept the central bank scheme and the mark of the beast that will undoubtedly ensue as the Bible teaches. You have described the infrastructure that will enable its reality. Your min novel reads like and idea for a movie script…. and I think you should pursue that. So many people do not understand the monetary system and what can happen to it when it goes digital with the government in the middle of virtually everything with the power to limit or totally stop your purchases. Maybe Angel Studios would produce it. You should ask. It would do humanity a great service. Great job.

  • Yep. Recently received an email via my bank system offering a new account with a “GLOBAL” banking entity that would allow up to a 3 day access to auto deposit funds before the actual deposit.

  • You missed a step. Somewhere along the line, slowly or maybe due to an event, the regular means of clearing payments will become more and more difficult to use. Frustration can be as strong a gode as fear.

  • Thank you for posting this Daisy. I knew it was coming but neglected to do any research. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

    It is encouraging to see so many well thought out post adding to the discussion. Especially those reference in scripture.

    Folks the most important prepping you can do regardless of the situation is spiritual.

    America has been spiraling down since well before the constitution was ratified.

    The result of that downward spiral gave us the present constitution, where God is totally thrown out of the government, and our laws are ordain not by God, but by the little g god, we the people.

    In Jeremiah 2:11 God asks: “Has a Nation changed gods, when they were not gods? But my people have changed their glory for that which does not profit.”

    Read the book of Habakkuk. It’s only three chapters.
    Details of the Chaldeans being used to punish Judah.
    America certainly seems to be in there punishing God’s people today.

    There was a time with every State constitution required that anyone holding public office be a Christian and take an oath to that effect. This was removed after 1789,

    We have seen the bulk of the population do some pretty stupid things.
    From supporting imbeciles in public office and public service, to all that stupid Covid stuff.
    Pretty much the same stuff that was going on with the Spanish flu and polio.

    That is because one of Gods judgments is seen here:

    Isaiah 66:4
    “I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.”

    This is the first of a five sermon series on how God destroys nations:


    Well worth your time and a big eye-opener.
    Pastor John Weaver has many more good sermons in there as do other pastors. God will lead you and grant you wisdom in accordance to your investment of time.
    Final thought:

    Isaiah 57:1
    “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.“

    Make physical preparation‘s as God leads you in accordance to your situation, but never forget that to a Christian, death in Christ, is a victory.

  • Correction: Trudeau didn’t lock down any bank accounts. He has no control over the banking system. The banks shut a few accounts down temporarily and for a short time. All banks are able to do this regardless of where you live.

    No doubt you believe the false story of “Brianne” who bought a t-shirt using cash at a protest site and her bank account was immediately locked down. Turns out “Brianne” was a figment of someone’s imagination with an agenda.

    Try doing better research.

    • Actually my research is just fine. A personal friend of mine (I used to live in Canada) made a $20 donation to the truckers and lost access to her account for months. She couldn’t pay bills with it, couldn’t use the ATM, couldn’t access ANYTHING. She connected with quite a number of other people who had the same experience.

      So my research is actually a person affected by it, someone I’ve known for years. Yours is what…something you read on the internet?

    • Oh so PM Turdy was completely innocent in the freezing bank accounts debacle? I recall his minister of finance (Twitchy Witchy Freeland) announcing their nefarious plans. Why would banks on their own just randomly freeze bank accounts? Yes our PM is SO innocent of everything, such an upstanding piece of morality (thinking of a multimillion dollar payment to a 14 year old girl’s family just sayin). By the way Pat King’s bank accounts are STILL frozen, maybe call him up and tell him it’s just imagination.

  • Why is the copy darkened? I copy/paste articles I find educational and informative, INCLUDING comments as I learn a lot from other comments. I ALWAYS include the link to give credit, and if I share it is to send the link, not the post. This is for MY OWN USE, and I print it for future reference…WHY disable the copy option? This is the first article of yours that has done so.
    PS: this refers to comments only, I was able to copy/paste the body of the post.

    • I didn’t disable the ability to copy but sometimes when the site updates unplanned changes occur. I have no idea why it’s not working, but if you’re using it in a word doc, highlight the whole article and click on the little eraser to remove that formatting.

  • No, it’s no “Good,” by any means. It’s really Very Bad, as it is a Totalitarian means of control. We the People were not allowed any say as to whether we agreed with it or Not.
    For many of us, there will be No Option.

    Had enough of the “Long Train of Abuses and Ursurpations” yet?

  • so, are credit unions a good option or are they also tied into the coming beast system? I’m a member of 2 credit unions and couldn’t be happier~

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