What Could Go Wrong When Governments Take Control of Food? We’re About to Find Out.

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In another episode of “Have We Learned Nothing from History?” two governments in the past couple of days have decided to take the high prices of food into their own hands.

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, wants to heap more taxes on grocery stores to punish them for high prices. And Chicago’s mayor, Brandon Johnson, has proposed city-owned grocery stores.

Some other times the government has taken control of the food supply

Historically, it’s the beginning of the end for people when the government begins to interfere with food pricing, production, and distribution. Just look at some of the rules that were established in Venezuela that led to widespread hunger.  The government took control of food production facilities. They began forcing farmers to produce food for less than the cost of growing or raising it. They rationed food to families. They even began to track people who were growing their own food. In short, every terrible decision it was possible to make, they made. And the people suffered for it.

There’s an article by a friend of mine, Scott Terry, that I always cite when talking about the collectivization of food. He wrote a concerning history of this troubling phenomenon right here in America and it’s well worth a read. His article is specifically about agriculture but the same principles hold true of other governmental controls on food.

In short, he concludes that:

There are several reasons why the collectivists want to destroy agriculture in America.

The first being that the farmer has traditionally been the great stumbling block to communism and totalitarianism.  Stalin found this out the hard way and had to murder seven million ( 7,000,000) Ukrainian farmers by starvation.  One cannot enslave a population of independent freeholders.  They must be removed one way or another.

The second reason is that the easiest way to control people is through food.  There are executive orders on the books that give the federal government the power to confiscate and nationalize the nations agricultural resources.  Now, it is much easier to control a handful of farms as opposed to controlling several million farms.  These plans have been on the books for many years (and always renewed by all subsequent presidents) and help explain why the USDA has always encouraged farmers to “get big or get out”.   No industry in America has seen more consolidation than agriculture.

Stalin starved as many as 7 million Ukrainians during the Holomodor. China’s Great Famine was the result of governmental decisions and 30 million people died of starvation. Ethiopia has been accused of deliberately starving its own citizens. North Korea has such stringent rules around who can have food and what they can have that people starve to death in the middle of wheat fields because their harvests go to the government.

In short, it’s always ALWAYS a terrible idea.

What does Justin Trudeau want to do?

The heads of Canada’s largest grocery store chains were hastily summoned to the capitol in Ottawa to discuss plans to “stabilize food prices” after PM Trudeau issued an ultimatum:

The meeting was the result of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declaring on Friday that he was summonsing top officials from Loblaw, Metro, Empire, Walmart and Costco to begin discussions to address what a House committee has long been studying(opens in a new tab): the escalating price of groceries in Canada.

Trudeau’s ultimatum was(opens in a new tab): Come up with a credible plan by Thanksgiving or he’ll consider “the use of tax measures in order to restore the grocery price stability that Canadians expect.”

“Such actions must not negatively impact small suppliers or the price that farmers receive for their products, nor should they impact pricing mechanisms as determined by supply-managed industries,” Champagne’s office said Monday, elaborating on the government’s expectations.

Trudeau seems to think that the stores are rolling in money.

“Trudeau said food is “too expensive for too many families,” and said given these major grocery chains are making “record profits” he plans to “hold them to account.”

Of course, putting it solely on the backs of grocery store chains without also including producers means that the stores will lose money. And what happens when a product line isn’t profitable? Oh. They stop selling those products.

What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile in Chicago…

In Chicago, stores like Walmart and Whole Foods have shut their doors in certain neighborhoods, creating food deserts. Mayor Brandon Johnson has a plan for that.

Spoiler: It’s not tackling the high levels of crime that may have caused the exodus in the first place. (Though it’s important to note that neither Walmart nor Whole Foods has publicly given a reason for closing the stores aside from a vague “lack of profit” statement.) But our American cities are under siege by shoplifters, as we’ve noted here recently. This article suggests that crime is very likely the cause of the closures.

One explanation could be the shoplifting epidemic taking over America, which has seen retailers struggling to cope with the consequence-less pilfering, stripping them of revenue that’s also led to the closure of a “landmark” grocery store in Baltimore that shut its doors after nearly 25 years.

Experts have blamed the surge on lax policies — including the passage of Prop 47 in California, which reduced theft from a potential felony to a misdemeanor — as well as calls to defund the police in 2020 following the murder of George Floyd, which resulted in a mass exodus of cops nationwide.

The atmosphere has made retail-laden cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago a “shoplifter’s paradise.”

According to the Chicago Police Department, thefts are up 25% to-date year over year. Robberies are up 11%.

Illinois is also one of the states that has shifted to a state wtih crimes that don’t require cash bail for criminals to be released after they’re apprehended.

Anyway… back to the plan.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said he wants to open city-owned grocery stores to serve neighborhoods that have become “food deserts” after four Walmart stores and a Whole Foods closed.

Johnson announced last week that his administration would partner with the nonprofit advocacy group Economic Security Project to put stores in underserved areas of the city.

Local Republicans are not pleased:

Republican politicians in the Democrat-run Windy City blasted the plan as something out of “Soviet-style central planning.”

“Take all the problems private chains face in low-income areas, then add in amateur management by a bureaucracy, Chicago-style political corruption in hiring and contracting, and a limited range of products,” said Steve Boulton, the chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.

“Private chains should just pull out of all the neighborhoods, because the city stores will have better police protection and lower prices subsidized by the long-suffering Chicago taxpayer.”

“Food deserts do exist in Chicago neighborhoods, but the answer is promoting capitalist prosperity and stopping crime, not injecting more socialist dependency,” Boulton added.

Again…what could possibly go wrong?

We’re seeing a concerning trend these days.

Governments are getting way too big for their britches. They want to control every facet of our lives, up to and including how much businesses can charge for the food we eat.

Obviously, I don’t like to go to the store and find that a box of Triscuits costs $7. But I can choose not to buy the Triscuits. I can go buy other things that are more reasonably priced. Once the government begins to interfere and companies are no longer making profits, not only will products still be expensive, but they’ll become harder and harder to come by.

We saw semi-empty grocery stores for the first time that I recall in my lifetime during the Covid-induced supply chain crisis in 2020. We’ve never fully bounced back from that. The supplies that refilled the shelves were smaller, often lower quality, and far more expensive.

This, of course, leads governments to come up with “solutions” and add more restrictions and regulations. Instead of letting the free market thrash it out, they’ve made it more and more difficult for farmers and small stores to recover. I fear that we’re rapidly moving toward a world where you can only shop at Walmart, Amazon, and CVS.

Every time the government gets involved in things that should be simple – like producing, selling, and buying food – this is another way that they can control people. It’s happened time and time again throughout history but people are so desperate for solutions that they think, “It’ll be different this time.”

It won’t.

What are your thoughts?

I urge you to work on your food supplies. Please check out How to Feed Your Family No Matter What. This is a printed collection of nearly 500 pages of a decade’s worth of Organic Prepper articles on food production, acquisition, and preservation that will help you regardless of what kind of control is exerted over our food supplies.

Are we looking at more collectivization of food here in North America? Do you think we’ll see more price caps or government-owned food distribution? Do you think this is a good thing and will help? Do you think this will hinder our economy from recovering?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    • Yes, agree, sure they would in a heartbeat. They are NOT stupid and will not absorb anything. Their game is PROFIT (aka $$$$$$), regardless… It’s like going to the doctor, he cares about the $$$$$ he is taking in, and NOT much at all about our health or keeping us healthy… Everything today is simply about the almighty dollar which is also in the same family as GREED!!! I just shopped today at an Ingles in North Carolina. I told the guy at the Deli that coleslaw is expensive. He said… “Yep, this time next year it will be doubled”!!! It was $6.99 a pound for store made cole-slaw… Next year? Ahhh, do the math! Oh my … you know I thought about it and he’s probably right. Buy all you can today at today’s price even if it is expensive (from what we are used to) b/c next month and next year it will guaranteed be higher, wait and see… No gloom and doom, just the commonsense FACTS!!!

      • When my family had a small neighborhood grocery store/gas station in the early 1970s, the profit margin on groceries was 2%. I just checked and it remains between 1% – 3%.

        About 25 years ago my husband and I watched a couple going out the door of a Food Lion with arms full of baby formula. The manager was trying to prevent them from getting into a car which was waiting for them. He was unsuccessful. How long did it take for the store to recover from that loss, 2% at a time?

  • It is amazing how people keep voting against their own interests. Trudeau is the poster boy for that. I am not sure what it will take for folks to wake up or maybe folks are too far gone in the brainwashing or propaganda. Liberty minded and self-sufficient people are definitely in the minority. The US is rapidly approaching the point of no return and the response of the average citizen? Nah, who cares?

    • Hummm, well there is a word called “stupid”… Maybe that applies to some of those nay sayers… They may not care today, but wait till 2024 and 2025…

  • I’m coming up on Two, possibly THREE surgeries in the next Year. I’m getting a Fistula on October 15th, because I have ONE Kidney that is working at only 17%. They want to get the Fistula in and ready ahead of a coming Heart Valve replacement-the Doctors are concerned that they Dyes used in the Heart Surgery may take the Kidney out completely, and they want me immediately ready for Dialysis in case that happens.
    My Employer reduced my work to just SIX Hours a weeks simply because HER Boss forced her to apologize to me for an inappropriate comment regarding my age. I do part time yard upkeep for my church, and I learned last night that THEY want to chop me out of concern for my Heart.
    I get a whopping $278.00 a Month Social Security.If my wife did not have HER job, we would be homeless!
    We heat our home with kerosene each Winter because it IS cheaper than Electricity, and we down to a Six-Week supply when the weather turns really cold next Month. I try to maintain a small Gasoline supply for emergencies, and IT is down by more than Half!
    We are using a Food Bank for the first time in our lives!!!!!

    • I pray for you, Bruce! YOU are INDEED up to your ass in ALLIGATORS!

      Your comment on kerosene; I use kero heaters in my house as well. California’s Nanny Newsom couldn’t squeeze enough unicorn farts to run his fever dream “green” power grid, so our electricity went up 60%… in one month… He just went ahead and did it… I used the kero heaters long before this happened. We have three of them in the house, and only turn on the one in the area we’re using. They do a good job of keeping the place warm. Trouble is, the price of kerosene has gone through the roof as well. A five-gallon can used to cost me $28.00. It cost me $54.00 last winter. For the rest of you out there; if you do use kero heaters, mind the safety precautions, and DON’T count on five-gallon cans of kerosene to be on the shelf anymore! I had three reliable sources I’d used for DECADES. Two of them dried up early on last winter. The third jacked the price of kerosene up to $84.00 for a five-gallon can! Source it and stack it NOW!

      …And yes, the desert areas of California can get QUITE cold in the winter…

        • The ones I have in the house are Kero Sun units. I didn’t choose these. They chose me… at yard sales. I know Kero Sun was a big name back during the oil embargo in the 70’s because, well, I was there. There were others, such as Aladdin, as well. And of course, there were units made by these and other makers and rebranded for none other than the ubiquitous Sears Roebuck. they all work pretty much the same, with caveats.

          These things can be had at yard sales for pennies on the dollar. I think the most I paid for one of my units was $20.00. These were in working condition, with good wicks. They were indeed probably 70’s vintage, but that wasn’t a big deal. They were in good shape, and the technology on these has changed exactly ZERO since then. More so than brand, look for the following when scoping out a Kero heater:

          1, and most important; WICK AVAILABILITY. Believe it or not, wicks are still available for even vintage heaters. If you can get the wick number off the unit you’re looking at, just do a search on it. I’ve been able to get mine from Amazon. If you can get a fiberglass wick for your heater, all the better. If the unit you’re scoping HAS a fiberglass wick, you’ll probably never need a replacement. They pretty much never burn out. Wicks can get contaminated with water or bad fuel. If this happens to a cotton wick it’s done. A fiberglass wick can be allowed to “burn dry” to clean it.

          2. Removable tank. Filling the tank of a kero heater is the bane of owning a kero heater. Having to lug the entire heater outside to fill it makes it a bane in the ass. There’s no way around this on the big heaters meant for garage and shop use, but it IS a choice with the smaller ones. With the removable tank, you open a lid on the top of the unit, lift the tank out, and take only that outside to fill. I found a REALLY NICE, high BTU Aladdin kero heater, in excellent condition, with a fiberglass wick, at an estate sale. Despite all its pluses, it’s for sale. Why? No removable tank. The thing is bulky and heavy. Showstopper.

          3. LARGE removable tank. One of my three house units is a really nice heater. It works really well. It also has a puny tank that has to be refilled often. I live with this because the heater works really well and I got it cheap at a yard sale, but if you have a choice, look for a large removable tank.

          4. BTU output. The higher the BTU rating of the heater, the hotter it is. This can be good and bad. Oversizing your heater can make it an exercise in turning it on and turning it off as it gets too hot in the space you’re heating. On the other side of the coin, if it’s too small, it’ll run constantly and never render enough heat to be useful. True, you can “adjust” a kero heater, but only by so much. Adjust it too high, and you get black smoke coming through the catalyst screen. Too low, and the screen doesn’t get hot enough to completely combust the kero. Again, smoke. There’s a sweet spot where the catalyst screen is red hot, throwing tons of heat, but emitting no smoke at all. You don’t want to go very far from that in either direction.

          5. Finally, if you’re buying a used unit, make sure there’s no crap in the tank. I’m talking sludgy old fuel that’s been in there for years. Kerosene DOES NOT last forever. It gets goopy and picks up water. Both will ruin the wick if used with that fuel even one time. I empty mine out when I stow them for the summer. Rule of thumb; if it’s not clear it’s no good. …Yellow… is NOT clear…

          Good hunting!

    • My prayers are with you both… I know what it feels like to be homeless… I am surprised your SS is soooo small. You must not have paid much in back when you were working full time. Not sure what happened. My Mom did not work much at all but she used to get $565 a month and that was back in 2005… She passed away in 2005 and was 83.5 then… I hope to GOD your situation improves… I use propane to heat all winter and it is less than electric here too so far!!!

  • I’m currently living in Sweden and the outrageous and insane price hikes for essentials, clothing, food, even the cheapest store brand items, if you can find them… gas/petrol, diesel, electricity, everything basically, has drastically gone up in price, over here and elsewhere throughout the EU as well.

    It is just plain crazy! Even food such as potatoes that are grown abundantly in this country, have gone up to more than crazy prices. Same with that Sweden has enough electricity they produce, to not have a problem delivering what THIS country needs, to those that live here…

    But, due to them belonging to the EU, they have to share the main part of their produced electricity, with the rest of the EU, causing the electricity prices over here to be totally insane and folks can’t afford it. Those, which are MANY that didn’t lock in a low 3 year fixed price before all this started, are now finding that they can’t afford to pay for their electricity. Same with rent, house prices, mortgages, vehicles, loans… You name it, it has gone up to the point where the regular peon, can’t afford it.

    Me just driving into town once a month to do my monthly food shopping and put what I can barely afford of gas in the tank, to hold me over until the next month. About $30 in the tank of my car, do my food shopping and then back home again, with just enough gas to be able to get back into town the following month…

    I can’t afford even most of the cheaper store brand items anymore, being that I only have a disability pension, which of course does not go up when the prices to up… I am however blessed that I do live out in the country/forest on a small homestead, that is fully paid off and am able to grow much of the food we eat.

    But there are still items that we need which we can’t grow on a large enough scale to be able to survive on, such as flour/wheat, sugar, coffee and other items. I had to go shopping for the kids back to school clothes at 2 of the second hand stores. I usually do quite a lot of shopping there regardless but, I know that the school clothes are important at the age they are. So, I bought the used in good condition clothing and added patches and other things to them so that they at least looked like new. Even the prices in the second hand stores have gone up!

    Everyone, please if you are not able to stock up on food items and you have at least somewhere you can grow, even just in some type of grow bag/s on your porch or balcony, GROW potatoes… That is the easiest crop to grow and it will fill your bellies. That is what the Swedes in the olden days ate when there was nothing else… It won’t hold you over for the long haul, unless you have many grow bags/containers or, even large garbage bags… But, it will hopefully give you at least a few weeks of some type of food to keep you functioning.

    • I agree and sent this link out also to various websites and friends. Problem: I am past retirement and others my age agree: that it’s over 90 percent of people don’t care much about anything and don’t want to hear facts or warnings. I especially learned this when warning others to avoid the experimental vaccines. I deleted them from my social circle and moved on. Most everyone is self absorbed and nihilisic not caring about family, community or much else. TV sports or going in person to the coliseums, golf, bridge clubs, social media is all people care about. And some of these folks have lots to lose when the country is taken down. Who needs these type friends anyway? They will end up being informants later:https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/09/no_author/a-nation-of-snitches-dhs-is-grooming-americans-to-report-on-each-other/

      • That is EXACTLY what happened in Venezuela with the Quban invasion. Those thugs infiltrated our society (a VERY nosy one per se) with the most dangerous sort of snitches: the ones doing it for food.

  • “They rationed food to families.”

    THIS is the WEAPON. When “the government” can determine what you’re allowed to purchase and how much of it you can have, you’re doomed. Of course, they have to get rid of all those pesky guns first… and they’re working on it…

    …Panic early. Beat the rush…

    • See: old duffer comment above, We must act now, we are being invaded with third world illegals from Muslim Africa, Chinese and other countries. see: Michael Yon’s website for updates.

  • Leave it to the communist-demonrats to come up with communism formed after their own design. I say stores may open or close if they want. I went to the store the other day and offered to help a security official in the local Fred Meyer where I shop, to escort a thuggy young punk out for offering to buy food for about two dollars, the same punk went to the Wendies and used the same hand full of change. Oh, he had his dog in both facilities running loose. We have a beautiful new Homeless facility in our city where they get clean clothes, laundry, and food in the cafeteria, anytime, and are protected from other influencers, drugs, etc.
    In most cases, if someone needs help and asks me for it, I will gladly help out, BUT, when they act thuggy, I start reaching for my protective device. I believe a lot of the homelessness etc., is drug assisted and unwillingness to work. Our city two years ago had very few homeless, Today, there is an encampment on every vacant lot or drainage ditch. They seem to be flooding in. It is now starting to get cold, twenties and thirties is very common here Some of these folks have either run out of time in the homeless shelters and have to wait for their next option or they move on to warmer climates. I used to work with a ministry group that performed ministry, and music at several shelters throughout central California. It was interesting that in the four or five shelters I went to I would see many of the same faces, at the various places, I lived on two major highways connecting these places where I ministered. I worked 50 miles from home, and I have seen many times the same folks I saw at these facilities hitchhiking from one to the other. I’m not a mean person on the other hand I will help anyone who truly needs it, if I can. But to support deliberate vagrancy is a foolish use of the resources God gives me.

  • Ah, you’re full of shit after deleting my comments plus you made a dash for Europe instead of staying in America. You effing phony.

    • What did you post in your comments?
      Daisy has the right to not allow foul language, racist language, and the like.
      Yeah, she went to Europe and toured around.
      Then she came back.
      How is she a phony?

  • I believe there are several factors driving this (and many other, similar things). I am not a big conspiracist (partly because of what many believed to be conspiracies turned out to be the hard, cold truth) but until proven either way, many of the so-called conspiracy theories concerning the US and EU consumer food supplies drive the consumers to panic buy (probably not a bad idea to stock up but control your panic) anything they can find remotely resembling food.

    Those in positions of power that are not part of that particular conspiracy theory see it as a chance to take more control to ‘save the children’, often using food as the carrot to the ‘stick’ of starvation.

    When there is a conspiracy (not a theory), those within it will be doing everything in their power to gain more power, reduce the human population, and ensure their own health and safety.

    Many of these people either have the type of education or can afford to hire people with the kind of education that gives them the ability to understand and influence people to make them make the choices the conspirators want them to make. Which, despite it being almost obvious, leads them to becoming more dependent on the government for food (and so many other things) while actually killing them slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) as part of TPTB’s plan to reduce the worldwide human population.

    Add in more than a few people simply out to enrich themselves using any available technique they might run across, even when it means literally taking food out of babies’ mouths, which not only does that but clouds the picture to the point that very few people can see all the factors in play and wind up making decisions based on false information.

    With our country having devolved to what it now is, the downward spiral continues to deepen and quicken. With very little hope of reversing the natural trends that are now being driven by people that want them to continue.

    So, believe it or not, and not believing is much easier, I know, either ignoring most, if not all, of the hype, news, speculation, and theories that abound now, or doing your best to interpret them with an eye to understanding that there is a concerted effort to keep you from figuring things out, taking every step you can to not only put food on your table daily and weekly, but ensuring you have reliable sources for doing the same thing in the future with the assets and skills you have and accumulating more. And making sure you can keep and protect them.

    I know this is not very encouraging to those that just want the problem(s) to go away, but it is what I believe and what I am trying to do myself. However, there are many alternate ideas and opinions out there. Everyone needs to do their own due diligence research and come to their own conclusions before taking steps that might be irrevocable. Because this is all:

    Just my opinion

  • In nature, the path of least resistance is the one taken. Hence, water flows downhill, not uphill. Humans are the same way. One takes the path of least resistance to achieve their goals. The police would much rather chase motorists all day long than try to apprehend violent criminals. (Although there may not be much of a distinction these days.) The same for a dumbed-down nation. The path of least resistance is through government welfare programs, property theft, and drug dealing rather than accumulating wealth through hard work and ingenuity. Sadly those latter days are gone.

    Government indoctrination teaches children that they’re victims, their parents are to blame, and it’s okay to take something (steal) because you are owed a living. They shoplift because no one will arrest them. They steal that car because they can get away with it. And, ultimately, they commit murder because, well, they can. The police are told to leave criminals alone. Store owners tell employees to leave the shoplifters alone. And people minding their own business get assaulted in broad daylight – just because. So we have a situation where older citizens are afraid to come out of their homes and feral children own the streets.

    So, how did we get to this place? Whole books have been written on this topic. But suffice to say (in a nutshell) that we were too busy trying to make a living, trying to get ahead of the Jones’s and we didn’t have situational awareness of what was happening around us. We allowed the government (federal, state, and local) to run our lives. We said nothing. Smaller toilet tanks so we have to flush more often (so much for saving water). Banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs. Can’t collect rainwater. In the near future, no gas appliances, ceiling fans, air conditioners, gasoline cars, on and on. No body said anything. So instead of the government working for us the citizen, WE are the slaves to the government. We have sown the seeds of our destruction and now it’s time to reap the whirlwind.

    • I agree with you 100%. We let this happen. I am just as guilty. I lived my life on my terms ignoring what the government was doing. We should have fought back years ago.

      • My parents were born in 1918, that generation didn’t do squat. Then the next generation did little (boomers) except wreck the country last few decades, now it is all over. America is done. Dumbed down generations after 1930’s on in schools has killed the country big time.

  • Keep in mind most people are not preppers, not freedom-minded, not versed in economics or civics. Most people want government provision and demand the government step in in any crisis.

    People demand trillion dollar programs like social security and Medicare. But, don’t you dare raise taxes to fund them. This causes deficit spending, which necessitates money printing, and the inflation causes rising prices.

    Farmers and grocery stores have to raise their prices, since their costs are higher. The average person just sees higher prices, concludes farmers and retailers are greedy, and demand price controls.

    The government is terrible, but it is a reflection of the people.

    • Yes, except they do raise taxes to (partially) fund programs. But it’s never enough because the rich men north of Richmond aren’t spending their money, they’re spending ours, along with what they borrow from the Chinese Communists.

  • Government control of food:
    Has anyone noticed the 200+ food processing plants and related businesses that have recently exploded and/or burned to the ground? (And the count is ongoing)
    Not to mention the large numbers of cows, chickens, turkeys, etc. that have been killed off in one way or another.
    It is not just in the U S either.

    • Well, that number hit 200 damaged or totally destroyed facilities way back in late jun of 22, just about.. 15 months ago?
      That number is far higher now but I haven’t been able to locate a credible count.

    • Once the inventories get depleted, the production loss is going to be noticeable. The Umbrella corps are working while people is distracted with the “woke” and the BLM and other BS.

    • Was it Henry Kissinger that spoke about “there are a lot of useless eaters out there”? And who said, ” Control the food and you CONTROL the people…. Soros maybe? Can’t recall who exactly but is that not true?

  • I have a fear of leftist destruction of our country.
    My stocks are limited in variety but currently over 800 pounds of rice, 400 of beans and 300+ cans of various things, lots of seasonings.
    Currently putting away flour, baking yeast..
    Lost of packaged soups and side dishes.
    It might not be great but I’ll eat.

    Can’t do charity, like cats that you have fed before.
    They will keep coming back.
    I am basically poor but still able to care for myself, not other people.

  • It’s a sleight of hand – while the left hand is purposely and systematically reducing the food supply by such means as buying up farmland, insane regulations on small farmers & subsidies for factory farms, siding with Monsanto in seed monopolies, mysterious fires, etc., the right hand is swooping in to “help” with dependency programs.

    We visited East Berlin several times during the 1980s while we were stationed in West Germany. Their stores at the time were very sparsely stocked with dollar store quality items, and our money felt like monopoly money; we literally could afford to buy anything we wanted, but the trouble was there was hardly anything to buy. We saw people queing up in an hour long line to get soft-serve ice cream for the equivalent of .10 our money, served in little dixie cup things, then halfway through, the stand ran out, and the people left in line didn’t get anything for their long wait.

    Since the lockdowns started, we’ve noticed many of our stores looking much like the ones in E. Germany back then, and of course we comment on it. It has happened so often that our kids have started to walk into a store with us and say, “I know, I know, it looks like a communist store”. It would be funny if it wasn’t sad.

  • Sigh.. a conspiracy at every turn which OP hope makes them money. What’s next? We’ll be “recipients” of acts from a forum on an adult website? Give-me-a-break. Food deserts don’t exist solely due to crime. We all know, greedy a$$ corp america’s plan is to have the fewest employees as possible. And employees, 97% PT mind you, paid as little as possible. No small wonder Walmart doesn’t want us to know how many of their employees get assistance. Amazon owns Whole Foods – ‘nuf said – they’ve closed stores on the south AND north side of Chicago. Englewood was never a good fit but DePaul *should* have been. It has been a over a year since they closed so stop trying to make this a sky-is-falling situation. Some are stupid but not all.

    • Gee, seems like a lot of what you call conspiracy on the OP turn out to be accurate.
      What not so stupid but very ignorant people do not know is something called “quiet quitting.” That is where an employee goes to work, but does not do the job.
      Not surprisingly, according to a survey of middle managers, GenZ are the worst offenders with some 30% getting fired within the first week of employment. Managers cited lack of willingness to do the job, attitude and lack of in person communication skills in that order. This was not just stocking shelves at Wal-Mart but across the board, blue and white collar jobs.

      Another phenomena is people just do not want to work. Was having dinner with friends last night and one in the medical field said it was real. Not just some greedy corporation trying to cut corners. Everywhere you look you see signs for “Now Hiring!” Fast food. Big box stores. Sit down restaurants.
      We wanted to go to brunch at a higher end restaurant, but I could not make a reservation on-line, brunch hours would not appear. So, I called them. The very nice lady on the phone said they could not find workers for the brunch hours. She hope with college aged kids coming home for summer, they would be able to fill the positions and open for brunch. I checked back a month later, late June, nope. Just checked their online site. Brunch is not even listed anymore.

      There is a reason Wal-Mart employees require assistance outside of the work place. It is called ‘Bidenflation.” It has hurt everyone to the point those in the lower socio-economic class are even skipping meals. Saw an article recently about people ordering off the “kids” menu to cut costs. Some cashed strapped Americans are going to spend 39% less this coming holiday season. 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck up from 59% last year.

  • There was a time when the goverment was proactive in dealing with a crisis by empowering people to feed themselves and help their neighbours rather than depending on the nanny-state to find food while they sit helplessly in their nest.
    VICTORY GARDENS became a world wide program on both sides of the war, lifting spirits and putting food on the table for families. https://youtu.be/31hB5d__UT4?si=4VntpODY8GIjdgEk
    I am sure the public ‘servants’ who told Trudeau that another tax on supermarkets is a great idea, has no idea. All taxes on business eventually are passed on to the consumer.

  • Let Chicago run there own grocery store and see how the thieves steal from them too…Then maybe they will realize its a crime problem causing the high prices….

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