Does the West Actually Care About the Uighur Genocide in China or Is It a Handy Excuse for Conflict?

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While the United States is busy showing signs of imploding, all eyes are focused on the Capitol protests, the Presidential Inauguration, and the parallel exit ceremony. But there are other things happening in the world that are showing the signs of apparent looming collapse not just of the United States, but of civilization itself.

While the West, if it does indeed want to survive into the future, is going to have to claw back its manufacturing sector and domestic supply chain from China, there are growing concerns that Western countries are more interesting in the idea of some type of confrontation with China, economic, military, or both that could result in disaster for all involved.

Canada has accused China of genocide.

One such example is the row between China and Canada that is taking place after a Canadian House of Commons subcommittee has accused the Chinese government of “genocide” in regards to its treatment of Uighur Muslims.

As John Paul Tasker writes for CBC,

The committee’s report, tabled Wednesday, says that China’s persecution of this Muslim minority — through mass detentions in concentration camps, forced labour, state surveillance and population control measures — is a clear violation of human rights and is meant to “eradicate Uighur culture and religion.”

The committee said that it agrees with the experts who say China’s campaign against the Uighurs meets the definition of genocide set out in the 1948 Genocide Convention.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, said today that this “so-called genocide” is “a rumour and a farce fabricated by some anti-Chinese forces to slander China.”

“Its groundless statement is full of lies and disinformation,” he said of the committee’s report, warning parliamentarians to “avoid doing any further damage to China-Canada relations.

“This is blatant interference in China’s internal affairs and reflects those Canadian individuals’ ignorance and prejudice. China firmly deplores and rejects that.”

The subcommittee on international human rights, chaired by Liberal MP Peter Fonseca, heard from witnesses who survived the concentration camps China has built to suppress Muslims living in this oil-rich northwestern province.

Committee witnesses described “deplorable” conditions where they were psychologically, physically and sexually abused and subjected to forced assimilation and indoctrination into the dominant Chinese culture.

Asked about the camps, Zhao insisted they are “vocational training and education centres” where religious “extremists” were educated in the “national common spoken and written language, legal knowledge, vocational skills and de-radicalization.”

“The aim is to eliminate the root cause of terrorism and extremism,” he said.

. . . . .

The Commons committee also concluded that Chinese communist officials have forcibly sterilized Uighur women and girls and pushed abortions and intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) on hundreds of thousands in a systematic attempt “to persecute and possibly eradicate Uighurs.”

. . . . .

Witnesses also told committee members about a “poverty reduction” measure implemented by Beijing that forced Uighurs into camps to perform slave labour, making products that were to be sold in Canada and other western nations.

A recent report titled “Uighurs for sale” by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute found that thousands of Muslims have been used as forced labour in factories that supply companies like BMW, Nike and Huawei, among others.

The Chinese government, for its part, denies the existence of internment camps and claims only that it offers education and vocational training. But what kind of vocational centers are focused solely on extracting ingrained cultural and religious beliefs if not “re-education camps?” Clearly, the Chinese government is heavily focused on “re-educating” Uighur minorities into the desirable hive mind of what the Chinese government believes should be the proper mold of the perfect Chinese person.

What’s happening in China?

But while the Western press and Western governments present Chinese Uyghurs as helpless minorities who are being violently repressed by the Chinese government for reasons of racism alone, the reality is somewhat different. As Brandon Turbeville writes in his article, “From Syria To Asia To Russia – Terror Network Organized By NATO and Turkey,

The most obvious culprit behind the Uyghur separatist movement in Xinjang if, for no other reason than its past history and current involvement in destabilizations all across the world, is, of course, the United States. After all, the United States has a vested geopolitical interest in the destabilization of China and has been involved with a number of other color revolutions and separatist movements in the past, including the ongoing “Umbrella Revolution” and the Tibet separatist movement in China alone.

The destabilization in Xinjang is yet another Western-backed movement designed to keep the Chinese economic powerhouse under control. For instance, the World Uyghur Congress, an international organization of “exiled Uyghur groups” that allegedly represents the “collective will” of the Uyghur people is nothing more than a Western/NATO front group. The WUC is directly funded by the US State Department through the National Endowment For Democracy (NED). On record, the NED provides the WUC with over a quarter of a million dollars every year.

The NED is responsible for organizing the WUC events and for most of the cost of doing so. Their annual meetings involve a number of Uyghur groups who come together with a host of Western officials, businessmen, and influence peddlers who attend to reaffirm their solidarity with the WUC Uyghur cause.

The official stance of the WUC is one of “nonviolent opposition” to “Chinese occupation.” It states on its own website,

The WUC declares a nonviolent and peaceful opposition movement against Chinese occupation of East Turkestan and an unconditional adherence to the international accepted human rights standard as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and adherence to the principals of democratic pluralism and rejection of totalitarianism, religious intolerance, and terrorism as an instrument of policy.

Yet, while it claims to oppose the use of violence, the WUC regularly justifies that violence or, at the very least, refuses to condemn it. As Tony Cartalucci writes in his own article “Turkish-Uyghur Terror Inc. – America’s Other Al-Qaeda,”

Perhaps the most appalling example of this was when it failed to condemn the 2014 brutal murder of prominent Uyghur imam, 74-year-old Jume Tahir, in front of China’s biggest and oldest mosque. WUC would denounce him as a “tool” of the Chinese government and even go as far as denounce China for sentencing his killers – Uyghur terrorists – to death for the horrific murder.

Clearly WUC not only finds it impossible to denounce terrorism, it willfully serves as rhetorical cover for it. (source)

So what is really happening here?

The truth is always hard to get at but the two apparently opposite viewpoints (that China is forcibly interning and “reeducating” Uighurs and that the Western intelligence apparatus is using that minority community as a method of weakening and stressing the Chinese government) are not mutually exclusive.

The truth is that both statements can be true at the same time.

Even the Chinese government does not deny that these camps exist and Western governments are openly in support of Uighur extremist terrorism.

So where are we heading?

Clearly, the West does not care any more about Uighurs than it does any of the people it routinely bombs overseas. Neither does the Chinese government have any interest in helping its minority population find meaningful employment.

The row over the treatment of Uighurs has more to do with geopolitical concerns as the two world powers – the combined shells of the West vs China – slowly marching toward some type of major confrontation.

Whether that confrontation takes the shape of economic warfare or direct military conflict, world civilization cannot handle warring superpowers in the age of nuclear weapons, technological dependency, and a world economic depression.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on the situation? Is the West really concerned about the well-being of the Uighur Muslims or are they just looking for a handy reason for conflict with China? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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  • People all over the world are precious and matter. But active caring as in “write your congressman to condemn China,” or to attack or whatever, that is another matter. We do not know and cannot find out enough to do more good than harm. Better to find a way to help your literal neighbor, and let the light you shine have a ripple effect and hope the ripples eventually reach the Uighurs/ Tibetans /Africans /whatever.

  • It seems hypocritical to care about other countries trying to “re-educate” certain people who have unpopular beliefs when a large percentage of Americans want to “re-educate” another large percentage of Americans who believe differently than them.

  • Some in the West care about the Uighurs, some see them merely as pawns in their geopolitical ambitions. The author is half-right. The picture is complex.

    By the way, who is the author of the article? Robert Wheeler or Brandon Turbeville?

    Islam is a violent religion, and has been since Mohamed founded it. Thankfully, most Muslims follow only part of its teachings, neglecting mostly the teachings that encourage violence. Yet because of those teachings that encourage violence, civilized nations have the responsibility to monitor those who would follow those violent teachings of Islam.

    Yet civil rights activists are right in saying that the Chinese Communist Party is going too far. If they are willing to practice genocide against the Uighurs internally, where else would they be willing to practice genocide? The Chinese Communist Party has been calling for more living room for some time now.

    The CIA is a rogue agency whose actions at times make me ashamed to be called an American. The FBI too has become a rogue agency, part of the industrial/military complex that Eisenhower warned us about. The big press and big tech have joined them. For them, the Uighurs are merely a pawn in their geopolitical games.

    Will there be war between the U.S. and China? The answer is almost certainly “Yes”. Just as Frederick the Great of Prussia (1712–1786) recognized that a strong economy was needed for his strong military, so the Communist Chinese Party first built up their economy through predatory trade practices so that they could have a strong military for invading other countries. Just like the CIA, they have destabilized other countries for the purpose of weakening them, softening them for invasion. Their hand is evident in the present unrest in their biggest target today, namely a big country of fields, plains, mountains and deserts. At the same time China is facing one of the greatest domestic challenges in recent history, namely hunger because of the loss of much of their food production over the past year of floods, droughts, locusts and disease. Foreign wars are a way to take the mind of the masses off their present troubles. The question is not if, but when will China’s (more accurately the Chinese Communist Party’s) war change from an economic war and internal meddling war, to a hot war of military invasion?

  • America need some repairs first. We’re in need of some honest unity under our constitution. We need our freedom of speach back. We need our freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, stop the insane persecution of Christian thought and beliefs. We should have the right to disagree. Isn’t that what freedom is about? Our senators who had the guts to ask for a recount or investigation shouldn’t be treated as enemies of the state or labeled Natzis and racists. An investigation would have settled the distrust half of the nation’s has about our elections. Our president and citizens being ruined financially and ostracized from jobs and society put us squarely in line with the old USSR or Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Maoist Red China.
    Not to ignore other nations horrors, but were seeing some of our own here.

    But we could stop buying products known to be produce by slave labor or re-education camps.

    • I dont know what the Uighurs are really, I’m sorry for their problems too. But my concern is for THIS COUNTRY and its peoples!! we are at the brink of takeover, financial collapse, starvation, war, desecration, extinction etc. We have been lied to, cheated, our rights taken away, made ill, dying of a stupid virus china brought over here – releasing it on the world no less, and we’re worried about others? we should be, but we need to face these enemies WE have on the homeland, and dispose of them, NOW! tomorrow, there is a TON or more of troubles starting here…..1. we have a stupid, ignorant president coming in with his ilk who want to take over our lives and dictate to us, 2. we have thousands of illegals (also with virus and sickness) headed our way that expect him to let them in and give them everything free, we still have our own people who have no homes, or businesses, due to hurricanes/fires/floods and STILL havent recouperated yet, 3. we have people dying from a virus we cant contain and more mutations happening (and dont tell me that vaccine will work, IT’S POISON and designed to eliminate us even faster!!!!), 4. our financial system is gonna take the biggest fall we’ve ever seen, 5. our food supplies are being interrupted, and I’ll quit cause I know y’all are already aware of it. people may not like trump but he has done a lot of good for this country, and now all of it is going down the drain…..that man has handled everything anyone threw at him and STILL his concern was for America’s people!!!!! UNLIKE ANYONE ELSE!! anyway, I’m still hoping a miracle will show before we get too far gone, but…..hope everyone takes these guys (daisy and the rest) at their word, and prepares as much as possible for coming disasters; me, I’m in my 70s, never thought I’d see something like this in my life, I’ve prepared the best I can (husband thinks I’m crazy…), so pretty much on my own in that respect, me and my cats, do wish I had a good guard dog, haha; thanks daisy, and everyone for all the suggestions and help. stay well and safe…..keep the ideas coming…

  • There is big money in the manufacture and transport of the War Machine. We’ve greatly enriched the investors and sellers of the supplies of war. While we lose big chunks of generations of young people to death, catastrophic injury, and mental illness following their service in war. Not all but too many. If we must fight let it truly be for our causes and for freedom. Protect ourselves and our alies from attack. Don’t go meddling or picking unnecessary fights. Use blockade, or sanctions. They do work.

    Small local businesses are the real backbone of our ecconomy. We need our basic goods manufacturing back here again. It didn’t take long to figure out our needed medical supplies weren’t redially available when we needed them. Most of our medications aren’t made here. Get that going again. America used to make make her textiles, clothing, furniture, and more. Work on that instead of the stupid attacks on whole blocks of American citizens.

  • I’m not sure China wants war. I’d guess they don’t, but i’m sure they’d go to war if needed or it attacked. What I can see is this: China is a 1.5 billion people and they need money and resources to keep them all under control. From this, we have:
    1) China needs to dominate world commerce
    2) China believes Taiwan and HK are China, and no one has anything to do with that
    3) China is exhausting natural resources everywhere, fishing in international waters of Pacific and Atlantic as far as the south like it’s their backyard among other predatory practices around the world

    IMHO number 2 and 3 are serious, if not stopped somehow (I have no idea how), with 2 being a potential risk of confrontation with the west and perhaps Japan, and 3 being a risk to the environment and geopolitical destabilization as well.

    • As to #3 you are spot on Fabian. Look at the strategic real estate investments by the Chinese in the US. I’ve read of them buying up land around major fresh water resources here. Couple that with the crazy edicts from the EPA regarding water sources (some of which I believe Trump rescinded). I do believe that the ccp is becoming desparate as they have so wasted their own water and food sources that rather than admit it and ask for help they are finding other means to supply themselves. And I don’t doubt that a kinetic war is on the table in their plans

      • Yeah they’ve been doing the same everywhere. They’ve practically bought Africa, financing many local projects and developments to get a head start. They’ve acquired land and farmland here too, as we’re a big tropical food and commodity year-round producer. They’ve purchased/financed ports and other strategic commercial infrastructure in Europe and other strategic routes/places.

        It may come a time when they need to claim that, and even if they’re not able to get it all, (after all many countries can/will reclaim/nationalize anything, as some are in fact already doing – look at how Greece, Australia and others are counteracting China’s advancement in transportation and naval domination for a glimpse) they’ll still be able to benefit and explore a big part of it.

        And depending on how the world goes (specifically, if there’s growth and money/food/resources for everyone), there won’t be a need to fight. But if there’s a climate change or a shortage for whatever reason, then I guess hot conflicts are in the cards as they could use military power to claim, protect or enforce their interests and provide their population.

        The barbarians didn’t attack Rome when it was falling because they wanted to conquer Rome and enjoy the Coliseum or anything. At that time, there was a global warming going on exactly as today, and it caused a major food shortage everywhere. So the nations and people attacked others to get the resources they too were missing back home.

        If we look back, this is what every major dominating nation has done throughout history: go to war for resources. U.S. did it many times because of oil (and other stuff). UK did it too, and Spain before them, Japan attacked China during the Great Depression to get some land from them, and so on. China and others may do the same today, who knows. They’re already advancing for HK and Taiwan.

        It’s always about resources. Survival is always about people and resources. If there’s enough for everybody we live in peace. Otherwise, we go to war. Locally, regionally and also globally.

        Stay free and have a nice week.

  • We must remember the massacres at Kunming and Xinjiang, also the nightclub attack in Iraq several years ago, perpetrated by Uighur Muslims motivated by the tenets of Islam. China doesn’t want people who hold the belief that terrorism until non-Muslims submit to Islamic law is desirable, as stipulated by Allah in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Their re-education camps are designed to encourage the Uighur to act and believe what the majoritarian Chinese do. To ignore the problem is to enable violence against majoritarian Chinese. Is there another solution? Macron is struggling with the problem now, reviled for shutting down mosques which have been the most active in promoting this core doctrine.

  • Genocide has always meant killing all those in a society of a given background. Like the Jews and other groups under the Nazis or the Tutsi by the Hutu in Rwanda in 1993. The Chinese are not trying to kill all Uighurs, but are trying to get them to relinquish the belief based in Islam that they should use terror to make non-Muslims submit to Islamic law. That is a worthy goal: how do you implement it?

  • That’s a very worthy question. It begs the further questions: Does anyone actually care beyond the “ghastly thrill” that considering an atrocity delivers? Is the objection to China’s behavior hypocritical when considering our reactions to Iran, Lybia and Syria?. We have difficulty getting people to admit the Turkish atrocities in Armenia and Crete. Beyond these thoughts, comes the question: Are there other, equally inimical agendas in play?

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