5th Generation and Gray Zone Warfare: Are We Under Attack?

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By the author of The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications and The Faithful Prepper

I’m watching a lot of very bizarre disasters take place on American soil, and given that there are a number of actors in the world that absolutely hate America, I find it incredibly suspicious.

We’ve already seen the food facility fires that are going up in smoke all over the place. But when you add in all of the bizarre train derailments, chemical spills, and the like, the only conclusion I believe one can come to is that America is currently under attack. The problem is that most people mistakenly fall into the trap of thinking that unless tanks, Apaches, and bazookas are involved, it’s not war.

This is a mistake.

The face of war has changed, and the more you understand 5th Generation Warfare and gray zone warfare, the better you’ll understand the happenings of today. In short:

Fifth-generation warfare (5GW) is warfare that is conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action, such as social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems. Fifth-generation warfare has been described by Daniel Abbot as a war of “information and perception.” (source)


The grey-zone is defined as “competitive interactions among and within state and non-state actors that fall between the traditional war and peace duality.” by the United States Special Operations Command.

A key element of operations within the grey-zone is that they remain below the threshold of an attack which could have a legitimate conventional military response (jus ad bellum).

One paper defined it as “coercive statecraft actions short of war”, and a “mainly non-military domain of human activity in which states use national resources to deliberately coerce other states”.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies defines the grey-zone as “the contested arena somewhere between routine statecraft and open warfare.”

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace called the grey-zone “that limbo land between peace and war.” (source)

The book Unrestricted Warfare discusses these concepts.

It’s because of this that I would really want to tighten up my security if I owned one of the following types of facilities:

Steel production

Most certainly, the components involved with steel production (such as coke) would be at risk here. I go back and forth on whether actual steel furnaces would be at risk or not as well. For somebody to sabotage coke production wouldn’t be something that would cause the bulk of the American public to say, “Well, what’s going on here?!” for the simple reason that nobody knows anything about making steel anymore.

More people would be suspicious about a steel mill going down, but whoever is doing the sabotage also doesn’t really seem to care about public perception too much here. I think they think they could probably get away with this too.

Either way, this would impact the military, your ability to buy firearms, construction, vehicles, and more.

Medical supplies

I don’t think you would have to worry about pharmaceuticals (although we’re decidedly dealing with shortages) as much as actual supplies. So if there were factories out there responsible for manufacturing difficult-to-make medical components that were commonly needed and had short lifespans, that’s what I would be concerned about.

If it can be autoclaved (sterilized and reused), such as with surgical tools, don’t worry about it. But IV bags or other sterile gear that only certified companies can make? Quite frankly, I think they’re at risk of sabotage.

Blood supplies

I go back and forth a bit on this one as well.

Hospitals use a lot of blood, and though we’re seeing an increase in desire for unvaccinated blood, the fact of the matter is that a hospital isn’t concerned about the jabbed status of the blood at all. They see a guy bleeding out in the ER, and they just hook him up to blood supplies.

If there was a severe shortage of blood supplies at all, then there would be a lot of public unrest. I think this would result in massive blood drives throughout the country, but if the power at these main blood banks went out, there’s no denying that that would cause a lot of hardship, logistically speaking.


If there were issues getting tires, there would be issues for just about all aspects of American industry. All there would need to be is enough of an issue to cause prices here to rise significantly. Tires would still be available, but they would be so expensive that people would start to limit their driving or maybe even sell off a vehicle.

This would lead to less driving, which would suspiciously coincide with the “driving is bad for the planet” narrative.

Flour mills

I think that this would follow in the bizarre accidental fire suit. This would make it so we’d be more reliant on flour imports, there would be food shortages on American soil, the flour-based foods we did have would be more expensive (hurting Americans’ wallets and assisting to render them less financially resilient), and so on.

Essential agriculture components

I don’t think that America’s tractors are going to be attacked. We’ve got a lot of those and other big pieces of agricultural gear already. I say look more at the daily needed components for those tractors, dairies, and the like.

The factories out there that manufacture the things you need to keep your milk supply clean on a daily basis for large-scale milking, to keep your tractors running, and to help Americans have food on the table are what I would look at here.

Admittedly, rubber, steel, and fuel are all going to play a direct role in American agricultural ability, but I think that we could look even deeper at that. Look at the things that a farmer would say, “If I didn’t have this, this place may not shut down, but things certainly would be more difficult.”


Attacking a nation’s livestock is an ancient strategy. In recent times, we saw it used extensively throughout World War 1 and World War 2. I think this will be a combination of bizarre animal illnesses and maybe issues at massive butcheries. This would reduce the amount of livestock we have and make it so the remnant we did have wouldn’t be able to reach the American public. (Bird flu or swine flu, anyone?)

How many people know how to butcher a cow nowadays? And even if you do know, do you have the equipment and manpower to do so? Probably not.

This would keep a lot of food from reaching American tables.


“The church is the conscience of the state.”

I am 100% certain that you are going to see a (continued) increase in the number of attacks against churches. This will be in an attempt to cow them into silence and to create an atmosphere of fear around their gathering. This will take the form of seemingly random violent actors, massive fires, and other bizarre happenings.

Whoever is pulling the strings here wants narrative control, and that involves their attempt to silence churches one way or the other. Whether the string puller(s) is pumping out propaganda to create terrorists, is propping up patsies, or is involved in more of a hands-on process doesn’t matter. They’re going to use all of these methods to do what they’re going to do.

Private schools and homeschooling

You’re going to see increased legislation against homeschooling. That’s a given. (Incidentally, Unrestricted Warfare does explicitly mention “legislation warfare.”)

I think private schools are at risk in the sense that it would then be able to be argued, “See? You need the protection that the state can provide at the public schools with metal detectors, locks, lots of police, drug-sniffing dogs, cameras, alarm systems, and so on.”

Controlling youth causes one to control the future, and we’ve seen how college is nothing more than a communist indoctrination camp. They want to do the same thing with young kids, and getting kids out of private schools is one of the things they need to do that.

This isn’t a complete list.

There are undoubtedly other areas that you can think of, but these are what I believe are some of the more explicit areas that it would behoove you to keep your eyes on. If you’re seeing a lot of issues at these above establishments, I would be suspicious.

What are your thoughts? Are there other industries you would add here? Are there facets of this I haven’t considered? Or is everything we’re seeing just a coincidence? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has four published books, What School Should Have Taught You, The Faithful Prepper,  An Arm and a Leg, The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

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  • yeah…i am seeing this happening in the Netherlands. Livestock being forced out, car parts not being available or months of waiting…education coming to a standstill, teachers walking out of classrooms and just leaving, people agree buying something but then no more contact, health service not accessible and medication also not available….agression in traffic an in the shops is going tenfold, police agressive and rude at first contact, official offices not being avble to give an answer and their employees sometime not even speaking dutch…we live in a 5 generation situation already….we call the people who do this the 5 collumn, traitors to our own.

    It is the result of both greedy people and woke idiots.
    A lot of people in the Netherlands would love to take rope to a tree and some more…

  • We are under asymmetrial (uneven or out of whack) warfare, hitting us on all levels as mentioned. (Inflation, shortages of goods, gov. schools pushing anti family agendas, censoring, on and on) Majority people are mentally asleep and in a state of apathy, unconcerned about their future or family security on all levels (financial, prepping, security).

  • As the Allies realized late into WWII, bearings make the world go round. Or not. The most basic components can be cut off making all other processes grind to a halt (pun intended).
    We are in a grey war with the thousands of military age Chinese coming unchecked across our southern border. It is no coincidence that the Chinese have bought up farmland and manufacturing in the US and now their labor crews are slowly arriving to run them. They are preparing to supply their fighters from within the country.

    • During the Gulf War, we found out that it took only days to get our troops over there, but months to get the supplies they needed.

      Some years back and it hit only the local news, at a time when only one in 50 containers were opened to see if the contents matched the invoices, a container was opened to find 5000 AK-47s and ammo. How many containers got through and are now in storage, waiting for the men to get their supplies?

  • Don’t want to sound like a wacko but it wouldn’t surprise me if the US government is doing these things. Clown Biden and all his tyrannical cohorts want to kill us off and turn this country into their 1984 kingdom. It’s much easier for them to do it than foreign operators. If it is foreign operators they’re being helped by Biden, the DemonRats and their lackeys.

  • I didn’t see any mention of the globalist push to convert one country after another into a semi-free range Nazi prison camp where all money becomes digital, where central bank counterfeiting is virtually unlimited, where hyper-inflation is our near future, where taxation becomes electronically instant, where government can spy on and prohibit your buy or sell transactions of just about anything, where government can shut you down financially for refusing their mandated and frequently deadly medical tyrannies, and where the US Constitution’s protections are dead, buried and forcibly forgotten — just as history has always been rewritten by the victors.


  • As a prepper of 20 years I sensed something bad was coming. Having said that I NEVER thought it would be our own government releasing a BIOWEAPON and subsequent DNA altering “vaccine” on the citizens of the world.

    Because covid 1.0 was a failure my guess is now they are fervently working on “covid 2.0 that will have a whole lot higher kill rate then .003% that covid 1.0 did.

    Fauchi didnt retire, he went to work for another secret BIOWEAPONS lab. They are still doing “gain-of-function” at ALL secret bio-weapons labs that we know of. They harvested the spanish flu from a corpse that died of the same.
    Imagine combining the spanish flu with covid 2.0 and releasing that on the world.

    I would bet everything I have that they WILL release another bio-weapon very soon. See it come after or during the banking crash and run on banks. Also see it come if Trump wins. They are releasing a chip to track those that have been vaccinated and they will also get a mark on their right hand.

    Its all news you can search for online. Dont use google, bing, yahoo, startpage, duck-duck etc. They are all censored and filtered to only give specific results on the agenda. Try using Yandex. But I see it being censored too.

    • I quit duck duck long ago, it was blocking searches , others said same thing when they tried. startpage is iffy, depending on how it is typed in the search request.

  • Very Informative Aden. This is the new face of US totalitarianism. The degradation will be slow and then all at once. Plan accordingly.

  • These are at least three reliable, private, and non-censoring search systems:




    The mention above about the 1918 “Spanish Flu” calls to mind government’s lie about its origin that is still maintained to this day. In the fall of 1917 the Rockefeller organization took advantage of the 1911 US Army adopted mandatory vaccine system and sold a poorly tested meningitis vaccine to the army starting at Fort Riley, Kansas. When jabbed the GIs immediately began to get sick. Despite such pitiful results (including a couple of mutations) that vaccine was then sold to several other countries. Wartime censorship kept the ghastly news out of the newspapers in countries that were a part of the war. Spain was neutral and thus news about that sickness first appeared there. That was the perfect excuse for the corrupt Wilson administration to falsely label the malady as the “Spanish Flu” of unknown origin. Covering up the origin of that vaccine that killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people worldwide was apparently just more practice in lying by the US government that had lied to the Congress in 1898 to conceal that Spain was doing everything possible to avoid a war with the US, and lied to Americans by shutting down all but two (of about 30) newspaper ads the German government had paid for in 1915 that were intended to warn Americans not to sail on the ship Lusitania because it was illegally carrying munitions forbidden by international law. Wilson wanted to maximize the number of American casualties to sucker America into Europe’s civil war

    The falsely labeled Spanish Flu killed more Germans soldiers than did combat. After the war Germany sent investigators to this country to try to learn what had happened. Our medics explained that “our biological experiments got out of hand.” We didn’t learn of that investigation until the ex-Gestapo chief was interrogated by our CIA in the late 1940s. Records of that interrogation are preserved in books on Amazon these days.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was an assistant secretary to the navy in 1915 and apparently learned the lesson that much greater numbers of Americans (than had been killed by torpedoing the Lusitania) had to be killed in order to drag us into future wars. FDR spent two years prior to Pearl Harbor’s Dec 7, 1941 attack trying to figure out how to sucker Japan into committing a “surprise” attack of sufficient size.

    Perhaps it was no surprise that the Rockefellers were doing studies in 2010 about future pandemics. After all they had deceitful and extreme guilty experience causing them.

    In our era the government lies about Wuhan/animal origins of Covid-19 to cover up Fauci’s millions of US dollars to fund “gain of function” research there (after being outlawed domestically by the US Congress) simply fit the long-standing pattern of government lies to cover up evil doing.


  • The Biden puppet, the democrat party and the msm are definitely waging Fifth-generation warfare against the people of the United States. These globalist puppets are openly waging war against the Christian religion, families and the culture of this country by sowing division and hatred.

    Pitting gay people against non gays has resulted in the mass murder of Christians on March 27, 2023 in Nashville by a transgender person. A murder that from the Biden administration, many of the msm and many celebrities brought sympathy and concern not for the children and adults slaughtered by this person. But for the trans community. The victims are cast as villains who deserved what they got and the victimizer is cast as the victim. How any sane moral person can still trust and believe anything Joe Biden, the democrat party and the msm says is beyond me.

    While Joe Biden did express his condolences for the victims of the mass shooting on the day of the shooting, later he released this idiotic statement:
    “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul — proudly serving in the military, curing deadly diseases, holding elected office, running thriving businesses, fighting for justice, raising families, and much more.”

    Donald Trump the main political opponent to the the democrat party/globalist liberal world order was arrested April 4, 2023 on trumped up charges which even legal experts on the left find pathetic and weak. This would be an example of Gray Zone Warfare. Arresting and imprisoning the political opposition is banana republic/communist party politics but that is what the democrats have done to this country.

    While the case brought against Donald Trump by New York DA Alvin Bragg whose election was funded by over a million dollars of globalist George Soros money is pathetic and weak and should be thrown out of court, it does have a clever strategy behind it which may work. If the judge Juan Merchan presiding over the case is just another democrat party globalist puppet then he will allow the case to go forward all the way to a trial by jury. This is a given. Bragg’s indictment goes all the way back to 2016 for supposed crimes. But Trump is arrested in April 2023 just months before the 2024 presidential election primaries in January. The judge has ordered Trump to appear in person in New York for a hearing in December 2023. The judge has threatened and most likely will issue a gag order on Donald Trump on some pretense of him inciting violence. A flimsy excuse but one that is supported by the msm jackals. Do you see the pattern here?

    By putting Donald Trump into what is essentially a legal straitjacket to hinder him from participating in the 2024 presidential election primaries this January they hope this will give the globalist puppets side a clear advantage in their propaganda war against him. Non stop 24/7 msm news attacks on the worthiness of Donald Trump will be the order of the day. There will be wild speculations on how may years in prison Donald Trump will face. Plus crazed testimonies by unreliable witnesses reported as actual facts. Outright lies about supposed laws being broken This will in effect be the third time Donald Trump is impeached by the globalist puppets. I am calling this strategy the smoke but no fire strategy. To my surprise there is a book by Jessica S. Henry with that title. Described as “The first book to explore a shocking yet all-too-common type of wrongful conviction—one that locks away innocent people for crimes that never actually happened.” This is exactly what they are trying to with Donald Trump. We are in a very critical period in the history of this country.

    Smoke but No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened First Edition
    by Jessica S. Henry

    A Proclamation on Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Nashville, Tennessee
    March 27, 2023

    A Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility
    March 30, 2023

    White House says ‘trans community’ is ‘under attack’ after Nashville shooting
    Jean-Pierre says White House’s ‘hearts go out to the transgender community’
    By Kyle Morris | Fox News March 30, 2023 5:48pm EDT

  • War isn’t coming, it is already here. Act accordingly. Digital currency will be their #1 objective for control. The genetic manipulations envisioned are at some point going to become an uncontrolled disaster…for everyone no matter their political persuasion. You cannot just continue to alter millions of years of evolution without the Genie deciding to take on a life of its own. Artificial Intelligence is another problem as well for the same reason. They just are not as smart as the think. Nothing ever goes as planned. The plans for “vaccination” via crops and the plan to inoculate livestock means the food chain will be compromised as well. Control the food, the energy and the money and you control everything. Thats the plan. We are soon getting to the nitty gritty of things. Best to get right with your deity of choice for a bad moon is rising.

  • As I see it, the next targets will be infrastructure – water treatment plants, electric power plants (nuclear, hydro, carbon etc.), natural gas suppliers, mass transportation. By simply hacking the computers used, production and distribution can be shut down indefinitely.

    Water can be contaminated by adding too much or too little of a particular chemical or raw sewage can be released into the supply.

    Train switches are computerized and if the switches are not employed correctly derailments and collisions can happen.

    As we saw in the gas explosions in Massachusetts a few years ago that were attributed to “human error”, the slightest change of the numbers entered into a computer can cause incredible destruction to property as well as overwhelming fire and rescue. There was only one fatality attributed to the “accident”, ( a young man killed when an explosion knocked the brick chimney off a roof, ) but there easily could have been hundreds of people hurt or killed.

    You get the point.

    About all that the majority of us can do is to try to prepare for shutdowns, blackouts, disruptions in the supply chain. As was also mentioned, if (when!) there is another “plandemic”, it’s likely to be far more deadly and contagious, so having at least a two week’s to a month’s supply on hand of everything would be ideal, but the rising cost and lack of availability for many items makes it more difficult….. perhaps it’s been planned that way?

    Stay aware and alert to anything odd or “off”, don’t panic, and have not only a plan “B” in place, but also plan “C”, “D”, etc. Mentally playing out different scenarios is also a useful exercise to plan for crisis situations.

    Stay safe, all!

  • One thing you didn’t bring up Aden, is the possibility of the State itself being behind some attacks, or more specifically, the Party in control.
    The current occupant of the Oval Office has made some threats that no President has ever, or should ever make.
    We need to watch, gather Intel and seriously consider, that our biggest threat, is right in front of us.

  • I have been saying this for at least a decade. America is under attack and has been for awhile. The only thing that really changed since I first starting saying it…is that the Deep state has become part of the attack on America. I never really saw that one coming. Yeah, I knew they were in it for themselves and were antagonistic towards citizens…but, didn’t realize they would be willing to destroy the country just to rule it.

    That and Chinese buying off nearly everyone in Govt and media. I did not think so many Americans would be that easy to buy off. Hell, I sure would never have guessed 92% of Americans would line up and open their veins to the govt. That one was a real shocker to me. “But, I had to because….” It was like watching a Twilight Zone episode. Everyone, and I mean everyone I know took it. We’re the only ones that didn’t. People that I thought were smart and always talked conservative, took it right alone with everyone else. I couldn’t believe it and it still shakes me up thinking about it. I had one view of Americans before Covid, and a totally different view of Americans after Covid…and it’s changed my view on everything.

    The “sex, drugs and rock n roll” generation was never going to be most moral and patriotic…or smartest I guess. My generation has overseen and helped destroy this country. Yeah, it was just a matter of time for a Clinton to come to power.

    So, there is no push back on China now. When you step back and look at it…it was brilliant. Both in strategy and execution. But, then again, when you only have a ruling elite in power for decades, they’ve got the time and patience. They ain’t going nowhere and can wait out someone like Trump and remove him at their convenience…which they did. China owns the US now. There is no doubting it any longer. Trump is never going to be in office again, guaranteed and there is no one else willing to fight China. No one.

    The only way to deal with this now would be a 1775 type of rebellion…which todays Americans simply are incapable of doing. The average American is an overweight, ignorant fool. They ain’t going to fight anyone for anything…unless it’s their favorite drug. And even if they did, China would have no problem killing 80% of the population. Yeah, they own the US military now as well. At least the top.

    Man, I’m depressing myself just writing this, lol. But, I’m a realist. This is where we are at. And unless Americans all of sudden start acting out of character…or rather, in the character of their forefathers…I don’t see a scenario where America as founded survives.

  • Many Americans know that the increased train derailments, food facility fires, toxic spills and other bizarre happenings is not normal. Sabotage was our instinct but hard to phantom why. Telling us about Gen 5 connects the dots. Now comes the fight. God bless America!

  • “The church is the conscience of the state.”

    No wonder the United States is under attack – both from without and within. Our conscience has been weakened.

    Gallup polling showed that during 1998-2000 religious affiliation in the United States was at 90%. By 2016-2018 it had dropped down to 77%. https://news.gallup.com/poll/248837/church-membership-down-sharply-past-two-decades.aspx

    Those numbers don’t reflect who actually attends, or what kind of “church” it is. Tragically, the church itself is much weaker than any time during my life (I’m a boomer). Even in evangelical churches, they almost won’t take a stand. On anything scriptural.

    The church has been weakened by years and years of assault from Democrats, a watered down gospel, being seeker-friendly, the name-it-and-claim-it movement, and wrongly trying to be inoffensive to the world. I’ve heard only one sermon on sin during the last several years; it was from a fallen pastor, who’d repented and was invited to speak and was excellent. Without acknowledgement of sin there is no repentance and without repentance there is no redemption and no need for the Savior.

    We attended a rural Baptist church in north Texas for 8 years. My husband was the church pianist and taught the adult Sunday School class. One Sunday he talked about how socialism is ungodly. The Democrats in the class complained to the preacher, my husband was called on the carpet about it and eventually resigned, rather than cause a church split. Ironically, after weakening that congregation, all but one of the Dems left within a year.

    Too often, the church allows the world/unbelievers to dictate to them what we can say, and even how we can say it. I no longer allow non-Christians to control me. I answer to God. Not to them.

    May God cleanse and save His church.


  • I consider us to be in a state of war, and for me the Ohio derailment marked the start of a new phase of aggression, although the line is of course blurry.
    Don’t forget the war of “woke”, a cultural war to demean, belittle, bewilder and censor.
    I try not to react but the trans sponsorship deals and constant winning of women’s sporting events, “woman of the year” titles and so on really upset me, which is of course the intent.
    These days I’m keeping only half and eye on the news and events, and turning my time and energy to preps, skills, and health. I’m effectively starting to “unplug”…

  • Funny that I’ve seen more bills promoting homeschooling and school choice than the opposite in the last few years.

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