25 Excellent Prepping Excuses the SHTF Won’t Care About at ALL

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If disaster was a human named SHTF, it would be that person who takes delight in dropping by unannounced and seeing you at your worst: still in your PJs, out of coffee, and taken utterly by surprise.

The kind of person who takes advantage of your unpreparedness to ask to borrow the keys to your new car while you’re still in shock at his arrival. The kind of person who acts surprised that you’re surprised and makes you feel like 12 kinds of an idiot for being surprised. The kind of person you must always plan for like an unpleasant in-law, whether you want them to come by or not.

SHTF doesn’t generally drop by at the most convenient of times, nor does SHTF care about your prepping excuses.  In fact, SHTF thrives and grows exponentially under more adverse circumstances.

25 Excuses That Won’t Matter When the SHTF

So, suck it up, put on your boots, and power through it – SHTF doesn’t care about your prepping excuses.

  1. SHTF doesn’t care about inclement weather – snow, hail, tornadoes, pouring rain, and hurricanes all just add to the party atmosphere for SHTF.
  2. SHTF doesn’t care that you sprained your ankle, broke your leg, or are otherwise less than ambulatory. If you have to bug out without a vehicle, you have to bug out, regardless of your injury status.
  3. SHTF doesn’t care that you decided to start prepping after you take that trip to Disneyworld (because how can you do it before? That trip is expensive!!!!)
  4. SHTF doesn’t care that you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean, regardless of what you paid for the luxury cruise.  (Check out recent ill-fated Carnival Cruise of the Triumph or the Viking Sky if you don’t believe me!)
  5. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get your vehicle repaired.  You have to evacuate regardless of the leak from the oil pan, the condition of the brakes, and the funny noise in the transmission.
  6. SHTF doesn’t care that the entire family is ill with the stomach flu.  The entire family will just have to pause to throw up while bugging out.
  7. SHTF doesn’t care that you need new hiking boots and that you just haven’t had time to get to the store and buy them. You’ll be walking through the apocalypse in the ratty ones with the sole half torn off.
  8. SHTF doesn’t care that you planned to buy some emergency food with your next paycheck. You’ll be dining on a can of peaches and some stale crackers.
  9. SHTF doesn’t care that you always use electronic banking. If the ATMs are down and you have no cash, you cannot buy anything.
  10. SHTF doesn’t care that you had planned to get the propane tank refilled and now the propane trucks aren’t running because of the ice storm that has turned your neighborhood into a mini Arctic Circle.
  11. SHTF doesn’t care that you used all your ammo at the range and Wal-Mart has been out for the past month.
  12. SHTF doesn’t care that both the store and Starbucks are closed because of a power outage and you are totally out of coffee because you didn’t prep for that.
  13. SHTF doesn’t care that you are wearing high heels when your car plummets to the bottom of a ravine – you still have to climb out.
  14. SHTF doesn’t care that the pharmacies are closed because of a pandemic and that you have no OTC medications or home remedies – if you catch the virus, you will suffer through it without medicine to treat it. And so will your kids.
  15. SHTF doesn’t care that your truck is almost out of gas and the local gas stations have closed because of the disaster.  If you have to bug out, you may end up walking instead of driving.
  16. SHTF doesn’t care that you are depressed because you just broke up with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. SHTF doesn’t care if you’re in a funk because you lost your job or your dog died. S happens when S happens.
  17. SHTF doesn’t care that you have made a rock-solid plan to get in shape – as soon as the weather warms up.  You’ll be sucking wind as you hurry up that hill in the cold.
  18. SHTF doesn’t care that you are visiting your in-laws, the most unprepared people on the planet, and you failed to put some emergency food, water, and supplies in the trunk of your car.
  19. SHTF doesn’t care that your wood is not dry. It’ll bring you a blizzard if it wants to bring you a blizzard.
  20. SHTF doesn’t care that you have 300 pounds of beans, wheat berries, and rice but failed to plan on a way to cook them.
  21. SHTF doesn’t care that you don’t know how to cook over an open fire without inflicting 2nd-degree burns on yourself.
  22. SHTF doesn’t care if you have only a week’s supply of toilet paper – if the crisis lasts longer than a week, things will be progressively less pleasant regardless of your intention to purchase more Charmin.
  23. SHTF doesn’t care you planned to reinforce your door frame, install a metal security door, get a ballistic shield, and build a safe room – if thugs arrive to invade your home, your hollow core doors will serve as a minor inconvenience instead of a deterrent.
  24. SHTF doesn’t care if you think guns are bad and scary. Rest assured, if you don’t have one, the people coming to take your supplies will.
  25. SHTF doesn’t care if you think “doomsday preppers” are bat crap crazy, if you don’t believe the fecal matter is headed towards the oscillating device, or whether you think it’s all an alternative media conspiracy theory.

Whatever your excuse may be, you may rest assured, it could easily be on this list.   And SHTF won’t care about that either.

You already know what you should do.

You probably already know the things that you should be doing to prepare for a disaster.  How will you feel if you procrastinate doing them and your family suffers because of it? Most of the time, it’s an inconvenience, but in some cases, a lack of preparedness can mean the difference between life and death.

If you need help and motivation, check out this article, which was designed to boost your prepper mojo in a hurry.

The world is increasingly more dangerous. The signs couldn’t be blinking in brighter neon. It’s time to get prepared. No more excuses. Disaster won’t wait to strike until it’s convenient for you.

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  • Thank you Daisy for helping us to be better prepared. You also help to reinforce the values of what our founding fathers fought for. This country is under attack from within by those that want to take away our freedoms. I hope that you will continue to have the freedom to speak about those issues

    Stay Safe

  • Very well said. Everyone should read this and then send it to all family and friends. Who cares if they don’t believe it applies to them or they laugh – at least you tried and when the brown fecal matter hits the oscillating device maybe they will remember you tried. Maybe they will attempt to contact you for help. then whatcha gonna do?

  • And of course many of your don’t cares are the proverbial hitting the ventilation device. Good post.

  • Yah, this bit is why I sometimes come across to some people as rude, crude, rash or ill-mannered:

    “SHTF doesn’t generally drop by at the most convenient of times, nor does SHTF care about your prepping excuses. In fact, SHTF thrives and grows exponentially under more adverse circumstances.

    So, suck it up, put on your boots, and power through it – SHTF doesn’t care about your prepping excuses.”

    SHTF does Not care. It’s why I inadvertently piss some people off. I’d rather they were mad at me and prepared (and alive!) than taken by surprise.

    All I can say is, no one can say I didn’t try. Or, as they say, ‘don’t ever say you weren’t warned’.

    Heads Up, MFs. You’ve been given plenty of advance notice. Don’t come cryin’ to me that you didn’t know. I gave you my All. The rest is up to you.


  • I’m gonna read this article again and act on it accordingly: Tomorrow of course.
    Just jok’n, excellent article and thanks.

  • Another good piece Daisy,, thank you,
    People put their safety and status quo first more than not, normalcy bias or whatever,
    All i can say is its gonna be a rude awakening for folks when this comes crashing down, i have people very close who feel they will be spared either because of where they work or because they kiss the kings ring, wont they be surprised when reality comes a knockin!
    My significant other cant believe i would not turn in my AR platform rifles if ordered to do so,,,,

  • The former preppers of y2k refuse to prep for more than 2-3 weeks, because much was tossed or given to charity they told me recently. Some folks that prepped back then extensively are in the cemetery, some of the reasons people they knew refuse to prep for more than several weeks. Their heirs thought they were whacked out for wasting money on stuff they threw out. Anyway I live in a hurricane zone and common sense should rule. Extensive prepping (water filters, wood stoves, solar panels, etc.) is something few are doing. If things collapse, the freedom fighters (if are any left today) will need food and other supplies, so set some aside for them. Get with like minded for bartering and protection.

  • HI, I’m the father of SHTF. Please don’t talk about my son that way. I named him that because I realize everything about him was I sht f. Should of done this, should of done that……

  • Great article Daisy. If one thinks we are all crazy wackos well on the Canadian prairies we should all be little crazy & prep because it gets cold here in winter & sometimes the roads are icy or blocked with snow & maybe we shouldn’t be driving on them & if the power goes out at 30 below maybe we need an alternate heat. Sure good to have some groceries on hand for a few days. Also a couple of weekends ago I wanted some cash & the bank door to the ATM was locked Don’t know what happened. Maybe they were just cleaning or maybe out of cash. Lucky for me I wasn’t stuck. I always keep some buried in the orchard. A few summers ago a plow wind went through our area & the power was out for over a week in some areas. Our generator not only helped us but 2 other families keep there freezers frozen. Anyways we don’t need a complete economic meltdown to profit from a little preparedness.

    I have a daughter-in-law that doesn’t want to hear any wacko conspiracy theories but at any time you come to visit there may be 12 lg. hams in the freezer because the store was blowing them out or the laundry room may be piled high with TP, shampoo etc. because this is the time of the year it is cheapest so she buys a years supply at once. She is very frugal but would hate to be called a prepper so we don’t.

  • Those things one can do something about, one should. Those one can’t… hope for the best. Realistically, someone who can barely walk with a cane or walker due to a debilitating, degenerative disease isn’t going to be “powering through” to evac out. The best they can do is make plans to drive, get a ride, or shelter in place, and if conditions get bad enough tell their loved ones to just leave them behind. That’s reality for some people, just like it’s a reality that some people can’t afford to buy a bug out house. You do as much as you can, as best you can.

  • Your article found thru out life’s 6 P’s of life prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

  • Good article.
    Yeah, I see lots of the Rambowannabe crowd, say their are going to bug out from their sub-burbia homes to some remote bug out location that only they know!
    Somehow in their dreams, they always know when to bug out!
    Not only that, the roads are clear, the weather is good, all the gas stations are still up and running, taking CC, same with the stores.

    Until the real SHTF arrives . . .

  • Does anyone know how long water will last? I have a 225 Gal tank that I store my water in but not sure how long I can keep it, It’s in a garage and subject to the climate but when changing it today it looked as fresh as it did 3 years ago. The tank is made for water storage. Thanks for your help

    • Hi, Dennis! It depends on a few things. Your biggest worry is that algae will grow in your water. If you are filling the tank with city water, it’s already treated and should last almost indefinitely. If you are filling it with rainwater or well water, you’d be advised to treat it yourself, using unscented plain bleach. The rule of thumb is 1/8 tsp per gallon if you’re dealing with nice clear water. If you have cloudier water, 1/4 tsp per gallon is advised. I hope this is helpful!

  • It’s gonna get bad when people realize they weren’t prepared. Couldn’t afford it? Think again. Just last weekend alone $148,010,401.00 was spent on movies. That is just ONE weekend! The numbers could double if you add in the gas to get there and the concessions. You danced and partied while ignoring the writing on the wall. Sound familiar?
    Let’s agree to one thing. I’m going to prepare and be ready. When the SHTF you stay away from me and call Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Spiderman etc… After all, that’s who you’ve invested in.

  • One of the things a list like this does is remind you to “think outside your box”. Yes, your box, not “the box”.

    One of the takeaways from a list like this is a question and it’s answer:

    Q:How many of these items can be solved with a gun and a loose sense of ethics?

    A: At least 13 by my count. More depending on if you’re willing to go a few degrees of logic out.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that we prepare to hoist the black flag, murder and pillage but the fact that one of us thinks about it means A LOT of desperate people will also think the same thing. Getting killed or robbed for something you didn’t think anyone would try to steal from you would be terrible. Worse if they say “I’ll take the rest of what you have here too” or just haul off and kill you to find out what it is that you might have.

    • This is the entire problem with “prepping”.
      Especially in urban areas where there would probably be a lot of looting and violence.
      More emphasis should be directed towards being a Survivalist, than “prepping”.
      I just love the “preppers” who talk about all the stuff they have in their refrigerators or freezers. When the power goes out , you better have a generator lots of fuel and be well versed in preserving and canning those supplies.
      Because that fuel will not last that long and those generators will attract looters.
      Either all of that will go bad or you will lose it to others.
      So thinking you are “smart” by prepping in this way, is not “prepping” at all.

      All those nay sayers who say you can’t live off the land, will be starving, but true survivalists will be thriving.
      Not that a good survivalist does not prep. They just realize that things, get stolen, rot, etc, so you better have the knowledge and skills to survive with out all of that stuff.

      Preps are for comfort, there to make life easier, not the requirement for survival.
      Many Preppers do not understand that fact.

  • This post made me laugh out loud as It is so true! Great way to look at things as I am such a procrastinator. Thanks! Cliff

  • A worthy addition to this article could be the issue of not knowing how long some human-caused SHTF might be intended to last. In the fall of 2019 the globalists ran a simulation of a plandemic. Just a few months later in the Spring of 2020 Covid-19 was released into populations. In July of 2021 they ran a simulation (called Cyber Polygon) of a widescale grid down power outage. Although the real thing involving all three US power grids has not yet happened, there are reports that replacement parts manufactured overseas could take as long as two years to solve our problem.

    Are you better off planning for an outage that might last for only a few days or weeks (during which your stockpile of propane or bleach “might” last) or is it wiser to plan for the worst case of a long term power outage in combination with the global supply linkages being broken, etc, etc.?

    One tiny example might be regarding bleach — which has a fairly short storage lifetime (I think about 6 months). In contrast pool shock remains usable as a water disinfectant indefinitely. Which do you think is wiser to store? Suppose that human-caused SHTF outlasts your supply of pool shock? Do you know how to DIY construct a Sharon Buyden’s style passive solar distiller … starting with a discarded glass door for the lid of what will look like a pool table with a slanted glass top? Families along the US border with Mexico have been relying on such devices for many years. They can last and be usable indefinitely with the only gotchas being an occasional need for a hail-proof cover and some preventatives against human vandalism. See this how-to DIY book:

    DIY: How to Build a Solar Water Distiller: Do It Yourself – Make a Solar Still to Purify H20 Without Electricity or Water Pressure, by Sharon Buydens | Sep 4, 2015


    There are many other low-tech solutions to a long-term SHTF while the eugenics-obsessed globalists are intending to wipe out much of the human population. The point is that the old expression of “plan for the worst but hope for the best” is desperately needed.

    Some possible strategies might include learning how the Amish have lived for centuries without electricity or how everyone lived, grew foods, and preserved and cooked without electricity for thousands of years. Today we know more about cheap solar solutions to many things that we didn’t know only a couple of generations ago.

    Is that a better solution instead of simply waiting until your stored fuels, supplies and foods just run out?


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