What Happens When the Good Are Silent?

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What happens when the good are silent

As the wicked run about

When the good just hold their tongues

While the evil scream and shout?


When the good are silent

As theft becomes the norm

Should they be surprised

When culture takes new form?


“I just don’t understand”

“Where it all went wrong”

“My country has gone crazy”

It’s the same old song


What would’ve happened

Had there been more Scholls?

Exposing all the lies

Showing Naziism’s holes?


Or if there’d been more Schindler’s

Risking all to save a few

Putting good above their fear

To save the beaten Jew

But, no, the good were silent

To save their skins they hid

As another Nazi soldier

Cremated another kid

What if Solzhenitsyn

Had refused to testify

About the horrors he had seen

When he thought that he may die?


Would more have fallen for

The soviet way of life

Where “You belong to the state!”

“Fight, and taste the knife!”

So now, let’s ask the question

One each man must ask

It’ll show your heart

And remove that sterile mask


What kind of man do you

Want your family to

Remember you as being

“We few, we happy few?”

Or would you have a coward

Sitting in their midst

Eating at their table

With a heart not more than grist


Is that the heart a wife desires?

The heart you’ve always wanted?

Or is it the slimy excuse

Of a man scared of being hunted?


What happens when the good sit down?

“It’d be best to just lay low!”

“It’s safe inside my home!”

‘Tis a heavy blow


Against these little children

The weak who need the strong.

And they were left defenseless

Is this right or wrong?

Do the good stand by and watch

As a kidnapper plies his trade

Is this the purpose of a fist

Is this why it was made?


“I can’t jump into that fray!”

“That man might hurt me too!”

“I’ll just wish it was over.”

We few, we happy few…

And so, another kid is hurt

But hey, you’re still alright!

With your hands stuck in your pockets

What’s on TV tonight?


Perhaps this is the way

That nations fin’ly fall?

Evil just runs loose

And the good? Where are they all?

Well, they’re all at home

It’s comfortable in there

A bowl of popcorn in the lap

While in the easy chair


The people they should love

Are falling left and right

But they are men no longer

Too castrated to fight


They’re scared of speaking up

And what just that may mean

Not aware you must pick a side

Neutrality? What do you mean?


What happens to the good men

When fear binds up their tongues

Evil will take over. Then

Screams escape their lungs


Because that’s the way it starts

The wolves feed on the weak

And when the lambs are missing

The pattern’s not unique

Then the wolves move up the flock

Attacking all that’s left

The comfort is then gone

And all are left bereft

So, where can the good be found

If they never make a sound?

Well, if silent for too long

They’re six feet in the ground.


Because they were silent for too long

Taking chains, when they were free

This has all happened before

“There was no one left for me.”


A lion scours the earth

Seeking to devour

And when the knights are silent

Then evil flaunts its power

And as the silent good men stand

Back to watch the innocent fall

The question must be raised

Were they ever good at all?


I realize this is something of a non-sequitur post that doesn’t really match the normal article style, and I’m not the greatest poet out there, so forgive me for my feeble attempt.

Our country is being hit hard from every angle conceivable. The things we are seeing done to our children, what we have witnessed be perpetrated against our families – it’s been a lot. There is so much going on right now that is absolutely disgusting that this felt like the best way to address it.

I hope that you found the above thought-provoking, and that today is one of the best days that you’ve had all year.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has four published books, What School Should Have Taught You, The Faithful Prepper An Arm and a Leg, The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • Have you read Revelation? Jesus mentioned the luck warm church (people)! They have made their choice. They are the greatest enemy! I loathe articles like this because they imply the silence by those silence need talked to. Presented facts. No they don’t! It’s around them daily with no need to be shown. The Bible also concretely states ALL people including the luke warm church will prefer a lie wanting their ears tickled. They chose not to see and hear. These people are dangerous. Their is no information that will awaken them! It will take the final nail in the coffin for them to deal with reality. Like the the 5 virgins in the wedding parable of the Bible it’s their fault what happens to them. You or anyone feeling obligated to save those who denied the truth is your business but I will not. Nothing in that parable obligates those who took action to save those who did not.

    For any hidden snowflakes reading this, Christian or not, can deal with this truth or not. Anyway I know this above written is fact. Most of these blog sites are read by those in agreement or searching for different opinions (VERY FEW). Real inight is speaking to unknown random people 1 on 1. The general response is jaw dropping. I have come to the realization it’s now a waste of time. Their are ample examples in everyone’s daily life to show them now. There is no research of EX like 14067 or WEF words or Bill Gates or event 201 needed.

    At the end of the day I’m almost done reading like minded blogs or articles because I feel like a dog returning to it’s vomit.

    God Bless everyone.

    1 last thought. The Bible doesn’t say you must help those willingly ignoring the truth. Additionally the Bible says clear the wise sees danger and hides (flees) it. Many Christians & conservatives are dangerous and you can help them once checkmate happens but consider their lack of skills and resources will drain you dry like the 5 virgins who had lamp oil would have been drained by the 5 who chose not to prepare

        • Harold Hoffman is speaking of himself. He divides in his comment, rather than bringing together. He “loathes” the poem/article and suggests sites like these are “vomit.” Then, after condemning all these readers “Most of these blog sites are read by those in agreement or searching for different opinions (VERY FEW)…” very “few” searching for different opinions, saying the majority of us can’t think for ourselves, and we just “agree” with each other.

          Harold “is” the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He uses the Bible and “5 virgins” story to criticize “christians and conservatives” at one point. He is accusing “many” of what he is doing in his comment, uttering a lot of contention.

          Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. Harold missed that boat.

          Harold should be identifying the wicked supporting the ousting of God in our Nation replacing it with the “adulteration”, even perversions of the flesh, if he is trying to warn us. And he would have been better off simply saying…if we the people of the christian churches and denominations came together in Christ and truly held to our religious laurels, and we returned God to our schools, and demanded it in our city/state gov’ts, and even practiced it in our own homes on a daily basis, not just church-day, we the people would be a force to reckon with upon this earth.

          And yes, the evil would battle with us to quell our beliefs, and a world war would probably ensue… b/c we have allowed the wicked to take over our lives and remove God… which is why after the cancer is in a late stage it invariably means… we’ll being seeing God soon… maybe.

    • Guess I am confused.

      As Christians we are supposed to have an answer for those who ask us the reason for our Hope ( which is Jesus.)
      We are also told to pray even for our enemies.

      It sounds like you have been hurt by fellow Christians, and I am sorry for your pain.
      I pray the Lord will help you to find joy and hope in Him, and give you strength to bear your cross.

      • Most of us have been hurt by fellow Christians like those in the church (Pastors or Deacons incl former Ala. gov.)or other members who take other men’s wives, entice them into having affairs, then some end up in divorce and remarriage. Kids suffer.
        This has split a church I used to attend, w/ well known pastor in area and woman in the church (both married). Other cases incl. bickering in churches over finances/ issues among deacons and members. This can make some choose sides or even split churches like some in my area (Baptists, Meth. etc.)LGBT has infiltrated churches also causing recent break off’s. We now home church since so few can be trusted anymore.

    • I get what you’re saying, I think. You’ve obviously been to a church who preaches what they do not live. I had been there for 10 years once. So I do understand the type you’re talking about. The ones quick to blame a person for their circumstances with cold & calculating answers or Scripture verses but rarely if ever show up at the door to help or offer a meal. Some unfortunately are the most ignorant to real life because they are secluded within the walls of ‘church’ because they don’t want to be ‘in the world’ to have ‘those people’ rub off on them. Quite hypocritical- which is I’m guessing what you’re saying that they are ‘dangerous’ & ‘luke warm’.

      My only suggestion is to find another church or group that IS loving & welcoming. We must be careful about that too since few churches really do preach Scripture (which we DO need to teach us & steer us on track when needed) & not the warm & too fuzzy church because they can be wolves in sheeps clothing as well.

      I’m sorry that you have been hurt & scathed. It takes awhile to deprogram the hurt & heal the calluses. Be careful not to judge the rest of us by the same measure though. There are still very wonderful Christians in the world. But only for a time per Revelations. 😉

  • Nothing to apologize for… this was the best I have seen.
    Thank you so much for posting it and I will be sharing it!!!

  • Masterfully composed and thought provoking! America had better wake up before it’s too late. Perhaps, it already is. Thanks for all the articles you’ve written to prepare us for what we’re witnessing to our once great country today. God help us!

  • Two very important books related to this topic:

    Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning
    On Killing by Lt. Col Dave Grossman

    When read in tandem they provide significant insight into the present situation, ongoing events in this country. You can connect the dots from there.

    Another is The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet

  • I would just make the observation that there is a difference between, “Good men being silent”, and “Good men being silenced”.

    Many have tried, and continue to try and sound the clarion call, but they are being censored, de-platformed, marginalized, and in general shut up. Unfortunately, we have voted ourselves into a semi-fascist situation where government, MSM, and social media are in control of the narrative. As we have seen in the recent past, speaking out against the accepted narrative will very quickly get you silenced. “Good men and women” ARE speaking out, or are trying to, but their voices are not allowed to be heard. Common sense has been banned!

    There’s an old saying: “You can vote yourself into fascism/communism, but you have to shoot your way out.” I pray that we are not approaching that point, and that society will finally, miraculously, realize how close we are to the precipice, and step back.

    • Some sites had to go to Brighteon, Rumple and other platforms to get out info. We will have to fight back since so few are informed or even care.

      • The problem I see with this, Laura Ann, and I’m not being critical, is that those of us that follow to those platforms are already informed. It becomes an echo chamber, with only those of like mind being there. If mainstream platforms are not open to us, the majority never hear the message, and cannot choose to join us – because in many cases they don’t even know that we, or a different view, even exist.

        • Exactly. I can’t tell you how many deer in the headlight looks I got early on in the plandemic when I shared most of the truths we now know about it. Or about ‘that event in January’ or how/why 2020 went down. I was in a more ‘blue’ area at one of my contracted accounts (I’m self employed). Silence, baffled looks.

          This is the problem, so few people in the areas that need to know about the truth of what is now being exposed will never be told it simply because it has been & will continue to be suppressed. AND we have been labeled to be Trumpers, deplorables, conspiracy theorists, racists, rednecks, etc. It’s not the first time I’ve been called something 🙂 but the media has trained others to shut off their critical thinking skills at the moment someone is not of the same mindset.

          I remember when it was admired to ‘question authority’. Bring back the bumper stickers!

        • Unless we know them personally like co workers or friends telling friends, forwarding links to read, yet even then so few show interest or urgency. Most people are not concerned about their kids or g’kids or community. Most like in a shallow world of trivia.

    • The Lone Canadian,
      My good northern friend, as we are seeing from the Twitter Files, yes, voices have been silenced.
      And evidence thus far shows that our very own government may have colluded to silence those.
      Could it be said the 2020 election was in fact rigged? Just not in the way we would think it was, not at the polls, but on social media?

      “Common sense has been banned!”
      I could not agree more. We have a SC justice who when asked to define what a “woman” is, she replies, “I am not a biologist.”

      “You can vote yourself into fascism/communism, but you have to shoot your way out.”
      Great scott, I do hope it does not devolve into that.

      • It wouldn’t be the first time that an election was “rigged” through the use of social media. That is how, in 2015, we got our present government. I wouldn’t say that it was quite as obvious as what the Bidenista’s did to you, but i do believe that they took what the Trudeau liberals did up here, and “improved” upon it to sway the election in their favour.

        The biggest issue with what is now coming out of the “Twitter Files” is that it destroys confidence in the electoral process. When a people no longer feel that elections are fair, that there vote doesn’t count, and the political machine is actively trying to silence/influence the outcome through unfair or even illegal means, it is a very small step to either fascism or revolution. That’s kind of how your country came to be, isn’t it? Unfortunately it’s also how Castro came to power in Cuba. It can go either way.

      • “Facepalm.”
        I love these kinds of input. I have such a creative/visual mind, after reading her quote, then…….Facepalm. I started busting up. B/c it’s so perfect, and a Supreme Court justice actually has that “on the record” for the rest of her life.
        I like the “amen” and “a-woman” and the end of a congress session prayer, I think. Apply the appropriate… Facepalm.

    • Well, to shoot your way out, you have to coordinate–which gives the totalitarians time and information to jail or kill the dissidents. The Soviet Union fell shortly after the 1000th Anniversary of The Baptism of Rus at the Dnieper River in Kiev was celebrated all over the Soviet Union. By millions, those people just weren’t willing to be suppressed any more. And soon, they weren’t. That big celebration united them.

      • But now they are, to a great extent, oppressed again. In many of these European countries they have had socialist or semi-socialist governments since the fall of the Soviet Union. And let’s not forget that before the Soviets, there were the Bolsheviks. And before the Bolsheviks there were the Czar’s.

        Each dynasty, in its own way, has tried to either suppress or appease the people, and it has never seemed to work out well either way, for the government or the people.

        The other thing to always consider is that there is no way to use historical comparisons with the United States. Never in history has there been a country that was established on the principles that the U.S. was founded on. Never has there been such a grand experiment in freedom, based on democratic ideas, driven by capitalism, and divinely inspired by the founding fathers.

    • Agree! We speak but are censored and elections are so fraudulent that they are meaningless. We slept too long and now not sure it can be stopped as the juggernaut is too large and corrupt. However, We have hope in Jesus and the Word. Revelations tells us what happens and it is looking more and more that we are in the End Times.

  • Thank you for your creativity and thoughtful poem. There is so much chaos it is overwhelming. And I feel the good voices are being drowned out. History proves silence doesn’t save you just prolongs your death. I pray that our voices will join together loud and strong

  • So few know about agenda 2030, WEF, WHO treaties, and related issues. Churches muzzled by the 501c3 turned into social centers for decades, refusing to stand up on vital issues (very few do). Probably 90 percent maybe more are totally in the dark abnout globalism and will put up with this or worse:https://www.theburningplatform.com/2022/12/10/the-redesign-of-our-food-system-is-a-plot-for-control/ Possible solutions: dedicated men and women in communities to lead, inform and separate themselves from friends or relatives not likeminded. Home churches or small groups meeting unaffiliated w/ denominations. Home schooling, and not complying to gov. mandates in personal matters: diet, health care, putting apps on phones for gov. tracking, buying and selling, running ranches or farms, dealing mostly in cash.

    • Exactly.
      Home churches, barter with trustworthy folks, de-program your children with home studying real history and other subjects, raise as much food as you can, support local farmers and businesses, develop alternate sources of income, prepare for the collapse of the system as much as possible.

      All through history brave people have organized themselves to withstand tyranny. We can learn much from them.

  • What a beautiful, thoughtful, and haunting poem! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Your poem strengthened and inspired me. We must not be silenced and we must find the courage to speak up no matter what the consequences may be. May you be blessed and protected every day of your life, Aiden.

  • History repeats. Generations fail to learn the lessons from their forbearers or we fail to teach them. Your poem is a harsh reminder that the USA has also failed to learn from the past. Martin Niemöller is often quoted, but people don’t seem to make the connection between the pre-WWII slide into evil and tthe present:

    “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


      • Some of us homebodies inform sending articles and links, videos. Talking on phone should not be on prepping as tracking is ongoing. Discussing local sales at stores is fine. People need to learn to copy and paste to send out info. If and when martial law hits us, or civil unrest, missles fired from offshore, then it’s all downhill.

  • Blah, blah, blah. What voice do we have? We vote for candidates who don’t win. Our voices are not represented in mainstream media. Our stories are banned on social media. Movies and tv are full of perversion. and paid for with our money by big corporations. Just what can we do? If our state is conservative it’s called a red state like the commie colors. I say we call ourselves the Red White and Blue States. No more referring to red states!

  • I feel contempt for our government and those who would follow orders to imprison fellow Americans for expressing their RIGHT protesting in DC, and every one of the FBI jerks who went out to arrest the folks expressing their opinions and letting our employees who work for us, know WE THE PEOPLE think they are wrong. I believe every federal agent who arrested a citizen and filed charges against them for expressing their first amendment rights should be arrested and put in LEAVENWORTH along with the idiot they helped unlawfully occupy the White House. Be aware this revolution will probably soon continue and those who fight against the AMERICAN PEOPLE will be imprisoned or otherwise not alive after the battles.

  • Well done, Aden, for a very timely reminder. How to not remain silent? Start with your monetary support by starving the beast. As few dollars as possible for corporations & the government. Buy local; buy used instead of new; repurpose; raise your own food/meds; create strong relationships; get to know your neighbors & trade/buy from them; become as self-sufficient, healthy, and aware as possible on worldwide, national, and local events. Stand for what you believe yet listen to other POVs in the event there is information you may not have considered. Strengthen yourself in your Faith while preparing both physically & mentally to act when action becomes necessary. As another poem goes – do not go gently into that good night.

  • This is a subject I’ve spent God only knows how long I’ve studied and cogitated on it. Sleepless nights, frenzied days and the solutions adopted/discarded.
    The problem is it will take more than a few brave individuals scattered here or there. It will take large groups, all with the common goal of defense of one is defense of all.
    What will we do if armed Federal Agents show up at a group member’s home to unlawfully the confiscate his/her guns? Will we gather to protect and defend our member? If fired upon, are you capable of firing back? Are you capable of killing if it’s required?
    There are many ⁷ and questions we must have and answers we must find. We must hang togetherh

  • Voting would be more honest if you could secretly and anonymously check how your vote was counted after you cast your vote. To make sure it wasn’t stolen. How to do: get checked in at your polling place and go to ballot dispenser. Select (you pick your selection) your ID number off the computer screen. It goes off the screen and is printed onto your ballot as it comes out the machine.

    When you vote, you get a xerox copy on counterfeit-proof paper. Then after leaving you can go to any computer and google your precinct. Today, in a week, whenever. Scroll to the area of the screen with the number you picked. Nobody knows what it is but you. Was your vote tabulated as you cast it? If not, you have proof on paper you can show friends or journalists or prosecutors.

    No longer can your vote be stolen without there being proof of the crime. You can also totalize all the votes for the precinct or county or state to see if the news media are reporting the results accurately.

    Vested interests object this method would allow voters to be bribed or blackmailed, but that is a false objection. Already a third of the voting is done absentee, and third parties can already look over people’s shoulders when they vote absentee. So, unless the system is willing to give up absentee voting there can be no objection to voters being able to inspect their own votes after the fact. The only objection comes from people who want to keep on stealing your vote.

    Why deposit money in a bank that won’t give you a receipt, e.g. with your account number on it, name not needed? Why vote if the system is so crooked it won’t let you check up on it anonymously? You can already prove the transaction with an anonymous receipt from Wal-Mart or McDonald’s. You can already prove you won the million dollars with an anonymous lottery ticket. Not letting voters do the same simply means crooks want there to be crooked elections. But with modern computers now We the People can be in charge for a change.

    • The computer software is how they control the ballot now. Do you know what remote viewing and access is on computer software (Someone can not only see what you are typing, they can control your mouse and keyboard from a location on the other side of the world)? How easy is it for them to program what is printed on your receipt? How many people over 60 even know how to protect themselves from apps that run in the background (like that weather emoji). How about autocomplete? That is the program that remembers your password and inserts the wrong spellings of words in texts. We all need to learn about these things and more if we are to survive the terms and conditions we are agreeing to in this new techno world. Knowing may help. Peace be with you.

  • It’s easy to say that good people should actively resist evil when they see it. If the evil is likely to kill them if they obviously resist, you have to take that into account when deciding what to do. If you have dependents you love and are responsible for, quietly protecting them might take precedence over making a statement that will get you tortured and killed. Sophie Scholl and her brother threw hundreds of anti-Nazi leaflets several stories down to the inner courtyard of their university, for students, professors, and Nazi guards to pick up. She and her brother were beheaded.They might otherwise have lived another sixty years. It seems unlikely that their actions saved the lives of any Jews. Of course the Holocaust was obscene. But there are many things to consider before risking your life to protect the innocent. Yes, it’s a noble thing to do, but I think that’s only one of the factors to consider.

    There is nothing in the US now comparable to that time. Of course there is massive injustice and silliness which are destroying our country. But while I think the conservative position is right, many people I know are committed liberals. It is far from self-evident to say where good people should stand. No one here is rounding up people on the street or in their homes to take them to be tortured and shot. Covid was real, tragic, and killed over a million Americans. The vaccine worked well until Omicron. Since Omicron, it has become murky. Nearly all vaccine mandates have been rescinded, which has been good, but circumstances are very different now. There is nothing comparable to the Holocaust here.

    I think most Americans are constantly expressing our opinion on everything, defending the good by our lights. I regret the current persecution of Americans exercising our constutuonal rights, regret the ongoing extrajudicial imprisonment of J-6ers. I was hoping the midterms would turn that around. Now I hope that Rs will seriously address the corruption of honest elections. But I think it’s going to take efforts beyond good people saying something. But I don’t fear that we will be physically tortured or murdered when we do, unlike in Europe eighty years ago.

  • Nobody thinks they are the bad guy. Everyone is the hero in their own story.

    Fred Phelps thought he was doing good.
    Timothy McVeigh thought he was doing good.
    The terrorists who have been sabotaging power stations recently think that they are the good guys.
    Every wicked AF person in the pics above thought they were doing the right thing.

    They all thought they were good people no longer being silent.

  • No exactly sure what to say here, other than the fact that I’m disturbed on several levels.
    1. Yes, those things did happen. Have happened throughout history, but those pictures captured it in a way that shows the horror of it.
    2. Most people, are not the ‘sheep’ others appear to despise so easily in the comments here. One of the most difficult Christian traits to learn is to be meek and humble, following the example of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The ‘Great Destroyer’ knows this – and will use those disposed to take advantage of this – including those with evil intent – by oppressing those who attempt to practice this divine trait.
    3. We can, of course, defend ourselves and others by force if necessary. However, when overwhelming force is utilized by those with clear mental disabilities such as the Nazis… little can be done.
    4. It’s never to late to resist – in any way you can. Resist until you can no longer do so – is my best advice.
    5. I’d also say – it’s not exactly accurate to lump everyone into a ‘lukewarm’ category here. What was meant by lukewarm is the commitment to a relationship to Jesus Christ, not in the ability to resist overwhelming evil oppression at a given point in time.
    Just my thoughts here…

  • Think about all those people who didn’t want to get the covid jab but did it anyway because their job was on the line.

    This was a test and those who gave in failed and told the elite that they deserve to be used and abused. Same with the masks.

    Many of these people identify as christians and willingly masked up and vaxxed up. Yet many of these same people say that they would never take the mark of the beast even if it meant starvation or death. Do you see where I am going with this? It is easy to say you would never do something when you are not faced with the consequences right then and there. Everyone who didn’t want the jab and got it anyway failed the test.

    Everyone who wore a mask even when they knew that masks do not stop the spread failed. I don’t believe in the bible or the mark of the beast but this is a great learning tool to show that people will cave and most will not stand up to tyranny.

    The good are silent NO the good are chicken sh-t.

  • The only thing we can do is to come together in our belief in Jesus Christ. Let the churches of Christ, all denominations, band together. Know your neighbor. Don’t be ashamed to speak His Name and walk in His ways. You may have to move to a city, even state, that embraces “all” of His principles.

  • While your article makes good points the problem is that if you stand up one by one you will be picked off one by one. So the only solution is to join with others of like minds. Unfortunately for those on the Right they are not well organized probably due to RINOS and out right Communists posing as Republicans. The solution is for like minded to get together and demand action from the Republican party and to get better leadership.

  • As a survivalist the main goal is staying alive for your alloted time. There’s no point in being the nail that gets hammered down, your sacrifice won’t help yourself or your neighbor. Besides, you cannot defeat the Endless Foe. His craft and power are great and armed with cruel hate. On Earth is not his equal. So prepare your mighty fortress and be not afraid.

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