What is China Preparing For?

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By the author of The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications and The Faithful Prepper

In January of this year, General Anthony Cotton of US Strategic Command wrote a memo stating that American lawmakers needed be forewarned about the current number of ICBM launchers in China. Why? Because the number had surpassed that of the United States.

We still have more ICBMs, many of which are very old and the staff are being fired from working at, but China has more “land-based fixed and mobile ICBM launchers.” Granted, a lot of those silos China has are empty, but China did just approve a $225 billion military budget, a lot of which is predicted to go toward nuclear weaponry. It’s presumed that within the next ten years, those silos will be filled.

This comes right about the same time that Xi Jinping has been upping the rhetoric against the United States, saying that America is working on a policy of “containment, encirclement, and suppression,” sounding very similar to German discussions for more “Lebensraum” in the 1930s.

While it’s important to pay attention to the banking crisis, Russia, Ukraine, and the blatant disregard for freedom and justice in our own government, don’t take your eye off China.

Not just nukes

As they do with any world conflict, China has been studying the Ukrainian conflict extensively. They’ve published several studies over the course of the past year looking at the use of weaponry and tactics throughout Ukraine and have come to several conclusions as a result.

For starters, they now want to develop the capability to shoot down or destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, as they state these have performed excellently in securing Ukrainian military communications and that it is likely that America will rely on Starlink satellites more in the future.

[Starlink is a constellation of satellites that are in low-earth orbit and used to give people internet access.]

Tied in with Starlink is China’s statement that Ukraine has won the information war at the moment. This is largely a result of Starlink’s granting Ukrainians internet access despite Russian attacks against Ukrainian communications infrastructure that otherwise would have shut the internet down. This access has not only allowed for videos and photographs beneficial to the Ukrainian cause to rapidly circulate around the world, but Starlink has also played vital roles in allowing the Ukrainian military to communicate amongst itself and for giving information that has helped the Ukrainians survive numerous missile attacks.

One of the ways that China seems to be looking at combatting Starlink is to create its own similar system. It is highly likely that once this is created, it will be incorporated with the Belt and Road Initiative to grant internet access – albeit highly censored internet access – to nations around the world.

They’re also looking at making improvements to their drone weaponry, stating that drones are “the door kickers” of the future. This is not surprising, as the use of drones throughout Ukraine has reached a fever pitch, with both sides using them extensively. To come to this conclusion regarding drones isn’t an act of military brilliance, but it doesn’t make the military significance of drones any less. China has already developed frightening potential with their drones, having released a video last year of autonomous drone swarms tracking a man as he walked through a jungle.

It would not be difficult for China to add facial recognition to these types of drones, using information scraped from social media either. This technology is already out there – it’s just a matter of time before somebody puts it all together. Of course, that’s if it hasn’t been done already.

Foreign influence

It’s not all weaponry, however.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative has been giving a lot of money through infrastructure to nations across the world party in order to build better relationships between China and these recipient nations. Between 2000-2017, China gave Russia $125 billion, Venezuela received $91 billion, Brazil $41 billion, Pakistan $34 billion, and Iran $17 billion.

There is a very strong Russia-China relationship that’s been built, and many of these other relationships are with nations that are suspiciously close to the United States.

In particular, China has been sending researchers throughout the Arctic, conducting “dual-use research with intelligence or military applications in the Arctic.” Both Iceland and Greenland are nations that currently have Chinese researchers present, with Greenland’s Chinese station being situated on the west side of the country. China has no Arctic land within its boundaries.

What is China preparing for?

The rhetoric of China against both Taiwan and the United States has only been growing increasingly agitated over the past year, and we’re seeing more and more warning signs that China has something up its sleeves. The pawns are being moved into position across the board.

What do you think? Are there other parts of Chinese military strength and influence that are growing of late that we didn’t mention above? What do you think about the Arctic research stations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to TheOrganicPrepper.com and TheFrugalite.com. Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has four published books, What School Should Have Taught You, The Faithful Prepper An Arm and a Leg, The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications, and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • Are you kidding? The US has encircled China with military bases and is trying to arm Taiwan to to the teeth. (Please note that almost the entire world accepts that Taiwan is part of China – even Taiwan and the US!!!) Sadly, the US is going to use Taiwan the way they used Ukraine: as a battering ram. Government officials even use the same terminology of “fighting China to the last Taiwanese” as they say about “fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian.”

    China is a threat to the US only in the economic sense. But should Beijing be destroyed and the Chinese reduced to poverty because they have a better economic engine? (Look to Germany for what destruction the US is currently doing to a competitor.) Is it fair to crush a country for being successful? Someone compared US belligerence to Tonya Harding, who paid to have someone injure her competitor’s kneecap before a skating tournament. Why can’t the US compete fairly instead of using dirty tricks to suppress competition? Maybe then the rest of the world wouldn’t hate us so much.

    • I’m sort of disagreeable with your statement that China is a threat to the U.S. only in the economic realm. If my memory serves me, China has over 1.5 billion people and not enough land to accomodate them. I’ve heard that they would love to have the United States as a place to expand a little. China has sleeper cells throughout the U.S., which are constantly upgrading in strength as they penetrate our Southern border daily in droves, and they are also sitting all along, and penetrating our Northern border. They are also in International waters off both our coasts, legally. They have the coercive abilities and the finances to pay for Iran or South Korea to execute a container-ship launch of missiles into our atmosphere to cause an EMP, which will completely destroy our electric grid, and open us up for an easy takeover by their military forces. Iran and South Korea both hate us passionately and would jump at the chance.
      I say it would be easy for them, because they have the capability, and because at the moment, we have no one in our government with the desire to protect our Electric Grid from their destructive forces. American patriot civilians wouldn’t stand a chance against their military. Our ARs and handguns won’t do much damage against a force with automatic weapons, artillery & missile commands, and a beyond weak and cowardly American government.
      Of course, it’s all in the book of Revelation… you just have to study dilligently, and associate the present condition of our nation with the fact that all nations will be at Israel’s throat in the war that occurs when The Lion of Judah sets foot on the Mount of Olives. It’s so close! Read the Word. So thankful that it is the only Truth.
      Even so, Come, Messiah Y’shua!

  • Pretty simple to see that China wants to supplant the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower. They are forming alliances through diplomacy with former “allies” that we have managed through inept relations to alienate. They are managing to bring together countries in trade agreements that we have tried to keep apart for our own benefit (Iran/Saudi Arabia). They are gathering a following of nations with BRICS so that countries cannot be bullied out of the international financial community by the U.S. dominance of SWIFT. And they have insured our dependence on them through their manufacturing ability – which is why they have their sights set on Taiwan. If they can manage to control the majority of the worlds supply of high-end microchips they will be in an unassailable position. (Even if we wanted to go to war with them, we are dependent on them to supply the critical components that we would need for our military to function – the average missile has something like a thousand microchips in it)

    And we can’t simply blame China, or Russia, or anybody else. We have done this to ourselves. We have fermented wars and hard feelings between neighbouring countries because as opponents we could take advantage of the situation. We were always scared that if they got together that they would form alliances that would hurt our “profits”. We have committed acts of war against countries, claiming we were acting in the best interests of the international community. (Bombs and drones in Yemen). We have used our international clout to sanction and steal the money of countries that don’t do what we tell them. AND nobody, up until this point has been big enough to challenge us, or call us out as the bully that we’ve been – well that’s starting to change.

    China is accomplishing through friendship and diplomacy what we have tried to do through intimidation and military might.

    • Good post, Canadian.

      But may I disagree with this statement of yours?

      “And they have insured our dependence on them through their manufacturing ability – … .”

      It is, rather, as you say: We did THAT to ourselves.

      • Couldn’t agree more – good catch. AND why have we done it? We have offshored everything in an attempt to increase our profits. Mmmooorrrreee money!

        I believe the bible says that money (greed) is the root of all evil. Well, we have raised the chasing of that “root” to new levels…..and more than likely sown the seeds of our own demise.

        • CORRECTION: to the Lone Canadian…The Bible tells us…THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!! It’s not the actual $$$$, but the LOVE of it that is the problem.

    • Right, cygnet. And it’s more than just influence. It’s millions of acres of arable land and a Chinese air base in Djibouti, and who knows what else.

  • Aden puts out some good material; unfortunately this ain’t it. His article reads like a press release from icky Nuland’s neocon Institute for the Study of War. You’re on the wrong side of history, buddy.

    • could isolationism be the answer to our problem? i don’t know, i’m not that smart.
      we have bailed out Europe in two world wars at a cost of hundreds of thousands of our own people, that is not counting the men and women who were lost in the proxy wars since then. war is good for business but not for the people and their families who fight in them. screw those folks, let’s secure our borders, build our defenses, and bring manufacturing back to our country. take care of us, the US first, we have two oceans between us and them, not counting our undefended southern border. when they see that we are not going to bail them out every time they get into a squabble and that we don’t care what they do then they will learn to work things out among themselves or suffer the consequences. screw them.
      i am most likely wrong about this, but that’s just my opinion.

      • It´s sad learning that the American Continent never could get unified. Language barrier is not an issue. See Canada. All of our ancestors came from the Old World looking for a better life, prosperity and freedom. We have more things in common than differences.

  • The demonically inspired government in America has to keep the “threats” of China and Russia at the forefront of the MSM for three reasons. 1. It creates more power and wealth for the military industrial complex and its political lackeys. 2. It gives the government cover to decrease our liberties and to have more control of our lives in the name of “defense”. 3. It gets the ignorant shepples’ focus off of the economy and allows the can of total collapse to be kicked down the road for what they hope is a few more years. Much of the rest of the world is turning against the wanning American Empire, but most Americans don’t know or care about what is going on outside of their neighborhoods. The government thinks it will win the hearts and minds of American sheeple by “standing up” to Russia and China, when all they are really doing is making everyone less safe due to the real threat of global war that our inept globalist/progressive/socialist leaders might end up causing.

  • What do you think? The Biden Administration has done more to start World War III than any of its predecessors. The problem is not China, but the lack of statesmen in the West, who no longer possess the diplomatic acumen to negotiate in good faith and cooperate with other nations.

  • If you study Chinese history and read about the Emperors and eunuchs you will know the Chinese people (collectively) are ruthless and without honor. The second part is the worst thing about them.

    You have been warned!

  • A little OT but … Putin is up for trial in The Hague, and Trump is up for arrest in NYC on the same week. Are these two events somehow connected?

    • Yes. Both are fake charges designed to take attention away from the crumbling state of US and EU economies. In the case of Putin, he was rescuing orphans from the Donbas whose parents had been killed by incessant Ukrainian shelling AND neither Ukraine, the US, nor Russia are signatories of the ICC. In Trump’s case, this is beyond the statute of limitations (from what I’ve read).

  • Well I thought everyone knew that China is SO busy running Canada. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to infiltrate other communist countries, dicktators have to be blackmailed, politicians bribed and threatened, spies place in key areas etc.

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