Is Walmart Working With the Govt. to Distribute EVERYTHING When the SHTF?

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In conspiratorial circles, it’s long been rumored that Walmarts across the country would become FEMA camps after an epic disaster. Some folks even suggested that once you were in the camp, you would not be able to leave. Sort of like those old roach motel commercials.

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s the Wikipedia link for a general overview of the FEMA camp theory. And here are 16 mindblowing facts about Walmart and its arguable quest for world domination.

While the FEMA camp theory has some holes in it, a long-time employee of Walmart contacted me to tell me about a direct link between Walmart and the government. We’ll call him Frank. (I generally hate those “unnamed source” articles, but occasionally the option to reveal a source just isn’t there.)

Some people will dismiss this article because I promised not to disclose the gentleman’s name or the store where he works. That’s totally up to you.

Now, according to what Frank told me, it looks like Walmart’s world domination plan may not have anything to do with housing people after all.

The italicized text is Frank’s own words.

The connection between Walmart and the government

So where do I start? I still work for Walmart, but I’m not sure for how much longer. I’ve been employed by them for 25+ years, but may not survive the next restructuring.

I have seen many things and have witnessed a clear connection between Walmart and the government. Remember after the tragedy of September eleventh all the Walmart TVs had the “if you see something say something” commercials playing 24-7. That’s an example of those connections I was talking about.

Going back to the early to mid-1990s, the US military studied Walmart logistics system and implemented that technology in their own logistics network. Walmart is a facilitator. We’ll talk more about those logistics in a moment.

How everything came to be made in China

Why do you think everything is made in China? 

Walmart approached China in the ’90s to build products. Then they went to the vendors telling them we want you to build your items in China. That way you can make more $ and give us a cheaper price. We know people and will introduce you.

This has influenced other large American businesses.

Then other companies followed suit. The same goes for managing their employees. What Walmart does, other companies follow.

Here’s how Walmart is tied into national preparedness

Now let’s apply that philosophy to preparedness. Walmart wants more business, right? Well, if you’re the only store open after a disaster you will have business up the ying-yang.

Walmart’s logistics network is coast to coast with its own trucks, warehouses, supply networks, and retail stores. If the power goes down and Walmarts still can operate (with government help and security) how much money will they make?

I don’t buy into the Walmart FEMA camp theory.

However, I do believe Walmarts will be used as a distribution hub in local communities for essential goods like food and medicine. All of this would be under government control and protection. Need your prescription after an EMP? Stand in line at Walmart with Humvees keeping order.

Then there is the psychological aspect. After hurricanes local governments want the Walmarts to be the first businesses to reopen. Why is that? To restore a sense of normalcy to communities and get people to move on. Walmart will most certainly be part of a post-event world. Their warehouses will collect goods, their trucks will deliver under government security, and their stores will provide the distribution place for your food and medicine. All under the watchful eye of the authorities.

How Walmart could play a key role in restoring order

There is also market saturation. Many communities have a Walmart, but larger cities have several at key locations along major highways and intersections. Perfect places for checkpoints to keep things under control. There are Walmarts everywhere so they could be the face of restoring order.

Let me also touch on civil unrest. If an area is acting up, they’ll close the Walmart to force compliance.

The camera systems in stores are everywhere and those images pop up everywhere. How many times have you seen a picture of someone stealing or something and have seen this person on FB or some other platform? So that system could be used to identify trouble makers and is, therefore, an intelligence-gathering device. This system is already well known to local law enforcement as a tool of identification. The connections are already in place.

Remember, Walmart is a facilitator.

I believe the things I have mentioned are one major event from becoming a reality. The systems are in place and the planning becomes more refined every day.

What if you could only buy supplies in one store?

Imagine a world in which there was only one place you could get supplies. This store is backed and secured by the United States military. This store still has cameras everywhere, it has all the essential supplies like food, medicine, hardware, winter coats.

If Frank is right about all this, imagine the level of control that kind of monopoly could provide. If you don’t behave, you can’t get into the store to get the things your family needs. You will be surveilled constantly when you’re in the store. (Heck, you’re already surveilled constantly in Walmart.)

Maybe while everyone has been worried about Big Tech and Amazon controlling the country, what we should have been worried about is Walmart. Perhaps Walmart has been quietly positioning itself to be the only source of food, medicine, and supplies available in the aftermath of a national SHTF event.

Talk about power. They wouldn’t need FEMA camps if all the merchandise available is owned by one company and that company is in cahoots with the government.

What people can do to avoid the power play

I’ve been writing for years about the value of storing food and being producers instead of consumers. I have published articles by Selco about barter and trade. In a situation like this, the black market will almost certainly arise, and quickly.

The ability to be self-reliant will never be more important than during a time in which distribution is centralized. When you must have a certain life-saving supply, like antibiotics for your child, you will have no option but to comply with the rules of those who hold that merchandise.

It’s a chilling thought, isn’t it?

What do you think?

In a massive SHTF event, do you believe that Walmart would be the only official distributor of necessary supplies? Do you believe they’re already working with the government? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • You forgot to add:
    A card with “your” number, like Costco, or a mark, chip, identification, will be required to purchase ANYTHING from Walmart. Truth be told, Costco is linked in with this too. And you’ll be limited, allotment per person. No purchasing for others.

    • The Bible does warn us about a time coming when NOONE will be able to BUY or SELL without the MARK of the Beast. Could Walmart be affiliated with this “beast”? Well who would know but the ones who know for sure?
      If you don’t have the card, the number, then you can’t shop at that store, thus no goods for you…
      I think ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!!! Stocking up would be great for those who have the money to do that little by little and the space to store their stock…People living in campers, motor homes or trailers/mobile homes o studio, efficiency or small 1 bedroom places just simply don’t have the room to STOCK UP…
      Those in house probably do. I don’t live in a house unfortunately!!!

      • My friend, with God, ALL things are possible. As Christians we are taught to NOT lean on our own understanding. The Mercy of our Lord surpasseth all understanding. He is merciful, kind and wise always to those who are faithful. NO GOOD THING will He deny us in His Glory.

        Be of good cheer, for He is with us always!

        May God bless you and attend to your needs.

    • Um, grid down, electronic purchasing systems won’t work, Walmart isn’t like Costco club anyway, and precautions against hoarding such as rationing may be put into effect especially if FEMA is involved.

      The great danger will be people turning beastly over EBT cards not working, and the government or private actors deciding preps are fair game for confiscation, something more likely to happen if too many people go without.

      Walmart-FEMA is probably not a bad thing if they can keep a lid on looting and not burden those who don’t need help.

  • What you are talking about is a Martial Law scenario, and in my considered opinion as a former military man, it matters not whose boot is on your throat OR how it got there. All that matters is what you’re going to do about that boot on your throat.

    THAT is why sites like Daisy’s ARE so important!

    I don’t mean to downplay the Walmart angle, but in the immortal words of the execrable Hillary Clinton, “What difference, at that point, will it make?”

    We’re NOT going to drive Walmart out of business like was done to Hechinger’s when they went all gun grabby in the 1980’s. For better or worse, they are here to stay.

    They may be facilitators today, but when martial law is actually declared, Walmart will have the same boot on their throat as everyone else. The entire concept of private property will be out the window across the board…no exceptions.

    The players involved are far less important that the actual fact of tyrannical military rule. With one simple declaration this country could instantly be transformed into one giant hellish version of North Korea…and we are exactly one black swan event away from that happening at any given moment.

    Jf you’re going to be truly effective in your prepping, you need to wrap your mind around just how simply horrifying such an existence would be. And having done that, you’ll begin to realize just how screwed we all already are. As stated in the article, “it’s all already in place awaiting implementation”.

    And that’s the thing about SHTF…it comes at you with blinding speed and no mercy. Rarely does it give second chances, and even when it does, they go by just as quickly as everything else. So we can make up our minds now, or have events dictate terms TO us in the moment later. It’s an easy choice for me.

  • I agree totally. I have been saying for years, that as WM proliferated everywhere, that it made sense that WM would be the distribution centers when the SHTF.

  • While reading this I had a chilling thought. Remember when a child or teen is abducted and the authorities show a picture of them with their supposed kidnapper? It is almost ALWAYS a shot of them entering a Walmart store.

    Now I have made the connection.

  • We have a small Walmart in our community. It’s interesting to note that a few years ago, within a couple months, we had a huge ice storm & tornado that knocked out power for over 3 weeks in our community. We also had a huge flood that almost kept us totally isolated within the same period of time. I noticed that it was WALMART that was the only store open, because they had a huge generator. While our church kept a food line going on the parking lot of a local “closed” grocery store, people could still buy stuff from WALMART. And the food for our food line was from food from people’s freezers that weren’t on generators & being cooked on gas grills or in gas ovens. And pretty soon WALMART also had a “new” stock of generators available. Your article sure makes sense, especially since experiencing what our community did several years ago.

  • Totally agree! if you notice all walmarts are built the same/interior wise anyway. I do believe that most of them have taken out all their flooring and just have concrete flooring now with some kind of heavy wax coating. the buildings around our walmart, are made so they could make guard towers out of them.

    • Honestly, Gwen, I don’t think the “towers” will even come into play. People, “sheeple”, will willingly flock to sanctuary seeing it as a benevolent act of Government. As long as they are given food, water and shelter, I don’t think they’re going to care about anything else in those days…not even their fellow man.

      Sad;y, that is where I see the condition and level of Man has fallen to today. It only gets worse from here. As for me, I stand with the dissenting remnant with the other followers of Christ Jesus. I will not bow a knee to this Luciferian agenda for a single second.

      God Bless! And Onward Christian Soldiers! The war is already upon us.

  • I can tell you one of their locations of torture I was held in was Denver CO. Most of the Walmart’s I saw were built up on land. This was before I got some memory back. The airport was a bizarre set of stories with death worship paintings. Stuff all over the Internet. There was a bizarre large landfill operation built in the area of this bizarre airport(huge). I used to sit in one of my torture prisons and watch aircraft fly from the west over the mountains non-stop. I now believe it is an extermination facility.

  • I believe you, because a Walmart friend of mine told me about how the main office in Arkansas is guarded by federal police of some sort. He believed ( or knew?) that Walmart’s computer was also used by the government, so that was the reason for the federal officers. Elsewhere, I’d read that Sam Walton had been a kommendant of a large detention camp in Europe; hence the organization skills.
    I had intended to treat WM like Dick’s; but like someone said earlier, resistance is futile.

  • A number of years ago, I went into the newly renovated local Walmart Superstore, and sensed the Lord say, this is the brand store of the tribulation. In other word Walmart will be working closely with the New World Order. That was sometime in the early to mid 2000s before 2010. It seemed to be stretching it, but I have learned to take what He says, store it in my heart/soul and let Him do what He will do in His timing. So this article would seem to confirm to me what He told me! Maranantha!

    • The whole world lies in the hand of Satan…for now. To forget that is to deliver yourself into unnecessary torment. Claim the Power of the promises of Christ Jesus and watch those demons FLEE! Don’t just think it…SCREAM IT to the Heavens. ALL followers of Christ have power to rebuke demons through the Blood of Christ. It is our Heavenly birth Right. It can NEVER be taken…but it CAN be surrendered. Don’t be suckered into giving away your only offensive weapon in the war of the heavenlies!

      God Bless!

  • Anyone find it a little ironic Wal-Marts recent no ammo sales and the fact if something were to happen (SHTF variety) the stores would be guarded by armed military members?

  • Plausible deniability?
    What about all the plastic coffins piled up or the millions of rounds of hollow point bullets dhs have purchased?
    I always thought that the Walmart ‘camps’ were part of that

  • Here in North Ga, a few local walmarts have what appears to be guard shacks outside the tire shops in the back. I had mentioned this to someone, and a person who works in a emergency management position overheard them talking about it. He did verify that in case of a emergency, the local walmarts would indeed become shelters for those displaced by any natural disaster or other event. Check maps and you will see the shacks at some locations.

  • does not surprise me in the least. Communism is what the government is looking for in this country and will become increasingly irrational about business operations in the Nation

  • As a former employee I gave up on drinking the whole ‘you are associates and we love you’ kool aid.

    But, as someone who worked in logistics told me you ‘use what you have’. The great satan has a great logistics system. I am sure though that there are other stores capable of using their logistics systems (Home Depot, Lowes, Kroger). I would not be so alarmed if the government could utilize them as well. These home improvement stores carry merchandizing for the aftermath.

    I agree with Frank. The same logistician told me they work on ‘just enough just in time’. In other words any logistical system could be choked to control the population.

  • I have never really thought that Walmart stores would be the detention camps, I have believed for a long time that they will be the processing points for any round up of people, or more benignly, staging areas for voluntary evacuations, relocation operations, and other activities that people do want to do. Mainly, however, for forced activities.

    As was mentioned in the article, the logistics capability of Walmart, and their automated sales register and inventory systems, it would be no trouble at all for them to be used as an intake and registration facility. And it could be done in conjunction with the controlled distribution in action.

    Come in the ‘regular’ Walmart entrance (as opposed to the grocery/pharmacy entrance, and you would be directed to one of perhaps half a dozen registers, and enter on the normally exit side. A clerk at the bagging point would superglue or stamp (with permanent ink), or in some way affix either a bar code, QR code, or alpha/numeric code on the back of your hand, inside the wrist, on your forehead, or somewhere it can be easily scanned.

    The clerk at the register scans the newly applied code, and a data entry clerk types, or more likely scans in, your personal data from your ID, or your verbal explanation. And you are now in the system, with a unique ID that can be scanned. If it is magnetic ink, or it is a card you are required to wear at all times, it can be scanned clandestinely, such as when you enter the Walmart, or any other participating facility.

    With the fiberoptic grid now mostly in place, the information could be shared anywhere in the country, all purchases linked to your idea, whether you know it or not. Also, with a few other options they probably have, you can be tracked using that same ID system. If the 5G system is connected with fiberoptic cable and/or EMP hardened radio, then everywhere that system is in place, it can follow you from 5G location to 5G location.

    Another factor that indicates to me that Walmart stores will be used as staging centers is the airlock entries and large cart storage area at each entrance. Move out the carts, close the cart door (or place a panel in place with its own doors) and bring people into the cart area that has been partitioned off with screens of some type, and decontamination stations set up.

    Come in, strip down and place clothing into special bins, take a shower (or more likely get scrubbed down by a decon specialist, rinsed off, and don the paper coveralls provided. And into the store you go for ID check and code application, registration, and then into the store to either get your allotment, or to a holding area waiting for more people to have a full busload to be taken… well… where you will be taken.

    Just my somewhat gloomy opinion.

  • It sounds highly plausible. Considering as well the items normally stocked to sell. All that people would want/need. Total control in a SHTF event.
    NOW, they refuse to sell ammo. Adds to the equation/speculation.
    Main point here, is Daisy.
    Take her site to heart(along with Faith in God) and be prepared.
    Any amount of prep will be better then no prep at all.
    If a little prep aids in stopping you to have to resort to going to a Walmart, it opens other possibilities.

  • Not sure I buy all this craziness. Note the pun on “buy?” Not funny I guess if you have to explain it. Daisy you’ve applied a combustible discussion that could apply to most of the big box stores. The US military isn’t going to implement marshall law on the whims of any President. FEMA has agreements with all the big stores as they like Lowe’s as an example have better logistics systems.

    • BTW, FYI it’s “MARTIAL LAW” not Marshall…Marshall can be a person’s last name or the Marshall of a town like a Sheriff etc…
      So look it up it’s when the military places us under “MARTIAL LAW” that things rapidly change.

  • I’m with everyone on here, I’ve had my concerns regarding things I’ve seen on youtube, especially regarding Walmarts and what might be coming. We’ve all heard the warnings. We’ve seen what can happen to people who don’t look ahead (remember the lessons from Katrina, “emergencies”, floods, power outages, etc.) It is commonsense to think about things in advance, particularly if you have people you care about. That being said, spiritual protection is foremost as God is more powerful than all our problems but we do need to act as well. We do need to be thinking ahead about what we would need to survive without power for an extended amount of time. Power outages means no running water, no flushing toilets, no working atms, no gas stations, when cash registers in stores do not work (as no power), etc. I can’t stress this enough, Daisy is doing a great job here. We need to set aside a variety of canned foods, sea salt!, *manual*can openers, candles or other light sources, portable camping toilets (I bought Reliance luggable loo (to be used with plastic bags – read the reviews – on Amazon for $20), matches or *lighters, *water, *water, *water and blankets, good boots or shoes, warm clothing, dog/pet food, diapers, medicines if you need them, rubbing alcohol, vinegar (many uses),*colloidal silver made up ahead of time and stored ( – read testimonials for why this is important – just for ideas), having some cash in small bills and think in terms of 6 months prep if you can or how you can stretch out what you do store. Rotate your stash, and there may not be refrigeration so remember that. Look at sites like (it’s Catholic but it does have prep info and spiritual protection info on there, but it’s your choice). As well, pray and prepare – remember to store some extra to share with others as there will be those who need it and will come to you and ask. We will get through this. Read George Washington’s Vision for America (recorded in the Library of Congress) and be inspired. Also, please do look at “Padre Pio’s letter/ revelation (1950) 3 Days of Darkness” (3:21m), Youtube has it. The world is in need of a cleansing reset and it’s coming. We all feel it. Look up the six (6) priests of Hiroshima who were at ground zero where the bomb hit but all survived miraculously and were untouched (and no cancer or radiation), even their animals and grass were protected, remember God is with us too – as we remember to always turn to Him. God bless us and protect us all.

  • SW was a commandant of a German prisoner of war camp in AK & this is how WM made it’s connection to the government. And they will still need the camps.

  • If Walmart is going to be the main distributor for food and medicine after a full-out collapse, they’ve got a long way to go.
    I live in a coastal area frequented by hurricanes and I can tell you from experience that they are frequently pretty much stripped bare for days in advance of a storm and for days afterward.
    Remember that, for the most part, most hurricanes are only one or two day events. What if the downtime was weeks or months?
    The truth is, even on a regular non-emergency Sunday evening, some Walmart shelves look like they’ve been looted.
    I am absolutely no fan of Walmart. They and Amazon are responsible for the throttling and death of traditional American retail and manufacturing businesses, not to mention employment.
    But their shortcoming in keeping the shelves stocked even in normal everyday circumstances is a good reminder that if and when things do go bad, we’re probably going to be on our own, Walmart or not, for a long time.

  • Wal-Mart has a contract with Fema to be used for a place to put people during SHTF. In Texas Wal-Mart is used to House illegals.

    In the north east during and after Sandy, people in Fema camps claimed they were held like prisoners and not allowed to leave.

    Rumors and alternative news claimed that homeless people were segregated from storm shelters in Florida and placed on Fema prison barges. The homeless did not return.

    • In Katrina fema also cut the sheriff dept radio comms coax cables, sheriff fixed em and posted armed guards, slapped femas hands.

  • I have a feeling martialawmarts will be used for apprehending those to be incarcerated in time of “national emergency”. You show up for the handouts and end up on a guarded bus or rotary wing to a place like this;
    Sure looks like a filtration point to me.

    Then its off on a train or airliner to DIA to get to view their sick artworks in person.

    Pretty sure that’s what they have planned at least, but there’s 80 million gun owners with 300 million guns and trillions of rounds in their way.

  • I try very hard not to support Walmart. We have 2 of them here. One is about 10 to 15 mins. away and the other is about 30 mins. away with a Sam’s club next to it. Walmart and Sam’s are owned and operated by the same people. We do have other stores with generators that we can buy food from. As long as they stay open that is where we buy from. Our garden helps with our groceries as well.

  • I recently retired after more than forty years in the world of logistics most people are unaware exists until the store shelf is empty. About 12% of every dollar spent covers the cost of logistics; a fact Walmart’s supply chain management system understands and squeezes increased profits through continuous improvements. Like it or not, they’re the best-run organization on the planet.

  • Walmart will be the official store of the US Government but for the rest of us, it will be smaller stores and one that will use the underground supply line. 😉

    When we need the crap we’ll go to Walmart. Coincidentally when growing up we had lots of smaller store you could get anything you want (fishing, candy, butcher shops, etc) and larger stores that had everything you could want.

    Like certain “candy” stores had stuff the larger stores never had and vice versa. Small candy store use to have my favorite lollipop I never saw anywhere else.

    I don’t think that has changed much and might even be revived during the SHTF. Yipee de yoo!

  • I could see this happen, sure. But here is something to add to it. What if Walmart begins to require people who need to buy supplies to have, oh I don’t know…a certain mark in their hand to even enter the store.

  • It make sense that FEMA would contract with private firms like Walmart to transport goods and …

    Let’s look at a bit of history. In World War I, the feds nationalized the railways. Even though the war lasted for the U.S. only two years, federal incompetence caused so much damage that it took a good amount of time and $$ to fix the damage.

    Having learned their lesson, in World War II the feds left the railways alone and just contracted with them to do their shipping. The goods got delivered.

    Unless the shadow government has forgotten this lesson, which I doubt, they will simply order Walmart to do their bidding, rather than creating their parallel systems to do the same things. The question remains, will Walmart do so willingly, or under the gun?

  • Before you become afraid, remember this.. The U.S. government is utterly incompetent and does not care about you. Neither does Walmart. Therefore, don’t expect either to come saving you. If anything, stay clear away from the two. Don’t depend on them and you’ll live longer.

  • All these ideas are palpable, however, my thinking is a EMP or a CME event. That cripples the Walmart/Government connection. With the tariffs and embargo’s our great president has levied against China, Iran and No. Korea, I believe an EMP attack has doubled in percentages. Haven’t you noticed the increase in the private sector of discussions regarding how our electrical grid is such poor repair and the push to harden the grid? That to me indicates there’s a lot of folks in the know that their antennas are “up”. Even our president signed an executive order in March this year requiring appropriate government departments take this issue seriously especially the military. Prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Bug in or bug out?

  • You can look at this positively or negatively. Positively, it is like rationing in the Great Depression/WW2. It is more high tech of course, but it sounds like a plan to handle masses of unprepared urbanites in a society that is becoming more and more lawless. Trust in God and do what you can to prepare so you can take care of your family and contribute to your community.

  • Holy Spirit laid on my heart around early 2000’s Wal-Mart is the Tribulation store, just as TBN would be the Tribulation Broadcast Network.

  • I think the base premise is plausible: Wal-Mart distributes food/supplies during a major crisis, with government support/approval/backing/repayment.

    Not going down the nefarious sub-plot rabbit holes.

    Now, the question is, what happens when the Wal-Mart supplies/warehouses deplete their stores? They are famous for their just enough, just in time model.
    Those suppliers outside of Wal-Marts control, if they to are impacted and cannot function, then the source of supply runs out.
    I think the scenario is valid, but only in the short term. How long that is? Well, studies have shown there are 3-days worth of food stuff on the shelves/stocked in grocery stores at normal consumption rates (i.e. non-crisis). Wal-Mart might be able to extend that a few more days? Maybe a week?

  • First of all I think we would have to talking about the whole country (lower 48) or all of North America (a national event). A City or regional event doesn’t make sense (Katrina, Sandy).

    For a national event the possibilities include: Economic depression/collapse, cyber attack,
    EMP or CME, failure of the electric grid, government repression, dictator, dictatorship, pandemic
    civil war, large international war or super volcano. Seems to me the government could cause all of these except a CME or super volcano.

    If the grid is down or the telephone system/Internet, then the WM logistics system won’t work. Fuel distribution would be toast too.

    Looking at the current political situation I would say that if they take away our guns, they will get the civil war.

  • I just stopped shopping at Walmart several years back. Now I know why. Listening to Holy Spirit. part of end times satanic system and not for Christians.

  • Computerized inventory systems are far from perfect. How many times have any of us been in a store, can’t find an item, managed to find an employee only to hear “the computer says we have of them”. And said item is no where to be found in the store or “in the back room”.

    Walmart does inventory per financial rules. They are not cycle counting. Seems very few big box stores want to pay for employees to keep an eye on shelves and restock as needed. But plenty of time (in wally’s case) to have cardboard boxes marked “reusing this box saves money” (not verbatim verbiage). And wally will go green anytime it thinks being green will add to the bottom line.

  • … Perhaps this is why Walmart promised to stop selling ammo at some stores.

    Many preppers get supplies from Walmart anyway. Its just the most logical place to rally, being one of the few large general retailers left with a physical presence.
    During the California wildfires, a Walmart parking lot became a tent city spontaneously. The concern was that the tent city would linger, not that people needed to be detained.

    Walmart could probably do logistics better than FEMA, as they do it all the time, whereas FEMA only acts in emergencies. If anything, the concern should be FEMA getting in Walmart’s way.

    Any prepper bad off enough to end up at a FEMA-Walmart centre will have bigger problems to worry about than not being allowed to leave.

    Worry about being trapped in a FEMA-Amazon fulfillment centre…

  • Thank you for your optimism. I apologize for this, but I feel the piece lacks insight into very real issues:
    Sam received the Medal of Freedom from which prez??? for “creating jobs in America.” However, it is difficult to think of any company with a bigger impact in taking real wealth away from middle Americans and transferring it to China, along with our manufacturing infrastructure.
    Customs Agents are troublesome, but thanks to the relationship between the prez and the AR guvnor, Mena, AR airstrip was used for the importation of narcotics without danger of customs scrutiny.
    Sam’s Bentonville headquarters and national distribution center is conveniently nearby. Trucks are continuously rolling out of AR to distribute the “product” to the street corners of America. As you stated in your article, “Walmart is a facilitator.” The Medal of Freedom was given to Sam for playing his part in the creation of the NWO which requires the destruction of the U.S. economy.

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